European Wax Center

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EWC Franchise, LLC
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for European Wax Center

4.42 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
4 years ago, robesbrit
Great job
This was my first time going to EWC and Zi was amazing. She was super fast and very cool to talk to. She made the experience good and was able to recommend product for me. I can’t wait to see how the product works. The only complaint I would have is that it is very hard to get a hold of them. I had to schedule three different appointments on the app, because anytime I would call, nobody would answer or call back. I don’t know if it even went to their direct line, but I wasn’t able to communicate with them and you can’t cancel your appointments through the app. Other than that, everyone was super friendly when I got there and I definitely will be going back
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3 years ago, Ladherstar
Scheduling issues and logging of appointments on app
This app doesn’t show the reservations that are made for you at the EWC location. So at the end of each appointment they ask me if I would like to schedule my follow up and I say yes. It’s a Brazilian so I don’t come back for 4-5 weeks. I try referencing the app to confirm the date and time and there’s no indication that I have a reservation. I try checking my emails to confirm and I don’t see any confirmation emails confirming The appointment I just made at the location. When you make an appointment in the app it sends you a confirmation email. The app doesn’t register any reservations that you have made in person and even when you go through the website it shows as though you don’t have anything booked... the app doesn’t track your last visits or who was your sever so if you don’t remember their name you can’t book your follow up with them. When it sends out the confirmation email it doesn’t include the servers name.... Also the app makes you book an appointment through the website so it’s kind of like what’s the point of having an app? In short, it would help if the app tracked all your prior visits at least the date, location, and name of server. It would also help if the app displayed appointments made through the app as well as those made on site in one of the many EWC locations.
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2 years ago, carrieisabear
a miserable, broken app
i’ve been using the app in its different iterations since about 2018 or so. it’s always been broken. at one point in 2019 or 2020 it completely stopped working and it seems they gave up on it and the website, so scheduling an appointment was frustrating. this new app doesn’t seem to be much better. the design is slightly more appealing to look at but the UX has not improved. the scheduling feature almost always has something wrong with it - once i went to reschedule an appointment and it was showing me that there were no availabilities at all for the rest of time. had to cancel and rebook completely. after one particularly bad appointment, i was prompted to rate my experience, but then that pop up went away before i could do anything and i have not been able to find it since. currently, im stuck with a loading screen that is preventing me from selecting anything at all and it won’t go away, even when i close the app and restart it. it’s genuinely one of the worst apps i’ve still felt compelled to use because i hate making phone calls and almost always have to reschedule my appointments due to work.
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5 years ago, jade225
A decent app, but could be much better
I’ve been a customer since October 2018 and have several different types of waxing services at my local EWC. I love my local EWC and I use the same wax specialist each time as she’s the best. My issue is the app could be much, much better. It’s great for scheduling a new appointment, keeping track of your upcoming appointments, and keeping track of your wax packages. However, it could be much better. The app should have the prices listed. If the prices are on there, they must be buried so deep I’ve not been able to find them. I have to do a google search to find prices. Also the app should allow you to cancel/reschedule appointments. This is a pretty basic thing. If I make an appointment while at my local EWC, that appointment hits the app within 15-20 minutes. Why shouldn’t I be able to cancel/reschedule thru the app? It’s annoying to have to call and speak to someone if I need to reschedule. Also I love some of EWC’s post-wax products and you should be able to order the products through the app. Otherwise, I love getting waxed at my local EWC.
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5 years ago, jaclyn710
Disappointing first time
Saturday was my first time going to the EWC in Fort Worth which was my second Brazilian ever. With that said, the lady was very nice through the whole process but did mention that she had only been waxing a couple months. Toward the end, i asked her if she got everything and she said yes other than a few stragglers that is just due to still being new to waxing and the hairs haven’t grown out enough. Once i got home, i was extremely disappointed to find that there was much more than just a few very short hairs that hadn’t been removed. Even the very first time ever getting a wax, more hair was removed and it was much smoother. This time, i thought it would be even better than the last since i had more time for some of the hairs to grow longer. Well unfortunately and disappointingly enough, i already feel like i need to get another wax already and it’s only been a couple days. That said, I’m not sure that i will ever go back and it’s frustrating to know how much money was spent to have hair removed yet there is still hair that is very visible.
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4 years ago, Naniebee
First time
This is my first time and I saw EWC had promos going to I booked according to that. The promo stated a first time wax for free, underarms, eyebrows etc. and 50% off first time Brazilian. So with that being said I ordered a free underarm, full Brazilian and legs. I went all out because my best friend wedding is approaching. I called before booking to see how much it will be with promos and I was told 70$. Which is Great, once I got finished waxing the receptionist tried to charge me $90+. I expressed to her that I was told it would be this and my discounts, she argues and that I could only choose one offer. Which is doesn’t say on the app and lets you choose more than one. And even so that’s why I called and the employer told me it would be 70$. People need to make sure they’re accurately expressing services correctly.... now onto the service the waxing lady was very nice. However I still have a lot of hair on my armpits and Brazilian isn’t smooth either. I feel disappointed cause I could’ve just saved my money and shaved and I would’ve avoided the pain, hassle, and arguing.
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3 years ago, ms92695
My Last Waxing
I love the European Wax Center! I have been going there for about 10 years and never have I encountered a problem like I did with my last wax, that’s the reason for the rating. I usually go to one person and one person only but she just recently got promoted and is only working one day a month and only waxing a select number of people and I missed my last appointment due to having to fly out because my sister went into labor early and I couldn’t get into see her before my flight! So when I came back my next reservation was still 6 weeks away and I hadn’t been waxed 6 weeks. I get my eyebrows and Brazilian done. I said to my self okay one isn’t going to kill me it’s going to be fine. Well I was wrong the girl whom waxed me, tore a chunk of skin off of my vagina leaving a hole I had to go to my obgyn because I was in severe pain and she had to put me on antibiotics because she didn’t want it to get an infection due to it being an open sore. I love the European wax center but my last visit left me scared literally!
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5 years ago, Typical Millenial
The App is as awesome as the Wax
I usually don't download apps for services because who needs the extra hassle? But this app was super simple! My newly created account integrated smoothly with my existing information from just calling to set up my appointments, including my upcoming appointment and wax pass information. I was able to reschedule easily -- they even made it so it automatically selected my usual technician and I didn't have to search for her work days & times. My only recommendation for making this app better is to remove some of the graphics to allow it to run a little faster. It's not SLOW, but does seem to glitch a little when loading a new page before it fixes itself.
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3 years ago, BurnedPsychoSwiftie
I have been going to EWC for years; it’s convenient, the wax is great for my sensitive skin (other waxes have left me irritated), and the wax pass and rewards system means I can book an appointment anytime, anywhere. HOWEVER, the new app version has been giving me nothing but issues. I have had problems with logging in, sometimes the home page does not load, and when I try to look at multiple locations for a convenient time or adjust the services I want to book, it throws me out of the system with an error message saying “account quota exceeded”. I also cannot seem to change my location to look at centers in another area, which is super inconvenient if I’m traveling and want to pre-book at a location in another state. The new interface is nice but there are so many bugs with this new app version :(
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3 years ago, rarely write reviews 21
Last six months terrible
I never write app reviews, but the frustration of this one is killing me. This app was good - aka working - but then about six months ago it stopped. I was told corporate was doing an overhaul to it. I couldn’t login, access reservations or anything. A few weeks ago I was finally able to login but none of the information related to my wax passes are showing correctly and no past or future reservations show up on the app. The reason I loved this app was because I could easily track my wax passes and reschedule my appointment if need be. I can no longer do that rendering the app useless. Please fix or go back to the prior version. Also, if you’re going to do an overhaul of the app where it’s inaccessible for months, you should inform your customers. I’m constantly asking my local store if they have any info and they tell me it’s all corporate. Communicate with us: we will appreciate it and respect you for it.
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5 years ago, ARDem2
Today’s Appointment
Very disappointed in my experience today. Arrived for my 1215 appt at 1208. Two women were behind the desk. One was working with a customer and one wasn’t but she did not make eye contact or say hello. After I checked in the desk person began to tell me about the late policy but then realized she was mistaken and I wasn’t late. Nothing else was said - except for her conversation with her colleague about her personal health problems. After 10 minutes (at about 1220) I realized that most likely the person before me was late and that there was additionally another person scheduled for 1230 right after me. I asked the desk person about this and she confirmed. I was very disappointed that this was not discussed with me upon my arrival. Since I was at the appt on my lunch break I had to leave without completing my service. The desk person simply uttered “sorry” and I left. I was again disappointed that I was not asked to reschedule.
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4 years ago, TriniliciousDiva
First time
Today was my first time waxing the Netherlands as I’ve always been too scared of waxing. I don’t like hair so I’ve been shaving for many years. I finally decided to try waxing on the recommendation of a friend and I’m sold! Samantha at the Dorchester location was amazing! I thought it would be an uncomfortable experience, but we chatted and felt at ease the entire time. I’ve already scheduled my next appointment. If you are in the Dorchester area, or not, please schedule an appointment with Samantha! She is VERY thorough and you will not be disappointed! Veronica at the front desk was also very pleasant. She was very personable and made me feel welcomed. Overall, my experience was more than I expected! Thank you ladies!
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4 years ago, Dee dee doodlebug
Mary is wonderful
FINALLY I feel like I found the PERFECT person for my waxing needs. Mary took her time to explain her technique, she asked about any preferences and any bad prior experiences I may have had with waxing. She worked systematically and let me know why she uses this technique. When she waxed my nostrils she was soo quick that it was near painless! I feel that I was truly blessed to have been placed with Mary especially with no appointment and being a walk in! She even told me to try and wait the same amount of time before I came back because I waited around 13 weeks but the results r better the longer u wait between visits, when I tipped her, Mary was soo humble!! Thanks Mary for the best waxing experience EVER!!!💜
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4 years ago, Oooooommmmmggggggg
Ask for Zyn
I got waxed from Zyn, was my first experience not bad at all. She explained I needed to exfoliate 3 times a week, and make sure to put lotion and light oils on my private and between my crack lol. I got the Brazilian wax. Didn’t hurt much I would say a 4 and maybe because my hair was long and I wasn’t moisturized so other than that probably would’ve hurt at a 2 out of 10, with 10 being the worse, so not too bad. Go for it ! Ask for Zyn, she’s nice, and talked to me the whole time, explaining eveything, and why I should do this and that. Also not judgmental so I recommend her to new comers or anyone whose been going but never got a Brazilian, she’s the one you should request ! Tell her Tiara Ford went you!
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5 years ago, Life blogger
Best wax I ever had!
It was my first time getting a Brazilian wax. I was so unsure about it but at the same time I didn’t know what to think of it. I usually just get a regular full leg, under arms and eyebrows waxed only. When my wax specialist Katlyn took me back, she explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I was very impressed and pleased. Definitely ask for Katelyn when you go to the Glen Ellyn EWC! You will not be disappointed and I’m sure her coworkers are the same when it comes to making their customers feel this good. So everyone there gets highly rated too! On top of the great service everything was clean, it was efficient and I was very satisfied that every little hair was gone!
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5 years ago, Daisey EP
Eurpoean Wax Center
I am very pleased with European Wax Center. Super friendly staff all around. I’ll share my first experience was of course, nervous but excited for my wax. I had Melissa, who does a great job, great conversation and her waxing is all around painless. Highly recommend her for your services. Towards the end of my waxing, I was shown the products that need to be applied and bought the products along with VIP package totally worth it. I would definitely ask the friendly staff there for pricing and more information. I booked for the second time, and received the same professional treatment as the first, along with that it came free and I have two passes left for a free waxing! Thank-you European Wax Center.
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5 years ago, andzia92
A great experience
I’ve been to a couple different places in my wax lifetime. Some places great, other places horrendous. I went to EWC recently and had a great experience. Let’s be honest the pain of waxing is never pleasant. But my specialist had me in and out faster than I have ever been. I hadn’t plan on purchasing a package. But when I looked at the clock on how quick it was bought it instantly!! The app has a few kinks to work out for sure but it’s convenient enough to make it work. I would highly recommend, tho I don’t think the girl down the hall would by the screams going thru the office LOL. 😂
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4 years ago, RieRie1325
Full Access for Deaf Client!!
Destiny did awesome job with full bikini wax. What even more better is that she is able to sign ASL which mean full accessibility for me to have communication with staff! She was able to interpret for front desk staff in order to receive information and questions to ask me. Destiny made everything so comfortable and able to communicate with me via ASL to explain in details of what she is doing with me regarding to have bikini wax. It is nice to be able to talk with her at ease without frustrating and communication barrier. I highly recommend you who are deaf clients to book appointment with her . Her name is Destiny Borrero and it is in Fresh Meadows, NY.
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6 years ago, Cocobean02
Great place, bad app
i’ve used this app in the pass to make reservations quick and easy, but one day I went back in and I was logged out so I log back in and I have so select my location again and before I could even type anything in it says that there is no location near me when it wouldn’t even let me search my location. I tried logging out and back in again, restarting my phone, trying a different day, nothing worked.. super annoying. So i deleted the app for a while and i just downloaded it again and now it won’t even let me log in and you can’t make reservations on the app as a guest user. I clicked the area where you are supposed to log in and every-time it just turns grey and does nothing so the app is basically useless at this point.
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4 years ago, mustangniki
Bring back Reservation modifications!!
This app was my go to when needing to quickly reschedule my wax appointments. I’m a regular, I go weekly to keep up with my brows. It was super easy & so convenient to make reservation changes on the app without having to call the location and wait on hold to make a change without knowing what any availability may be. Unfortunately now, I have to sit on hold 15-20 minutes in hopes of making a change that may or may not be available. It’s made the ease of rescheduling so very frustrating and annoying. I’m told it’ll be updated “soon” but it’s been months now and it’s not looking promising. I’ll give the app 5 stars once that is updated. Until then, at least I can check & verify my current schedules appointments. So that’s worth 2 stars.
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1 year ago, gene420sis
more of a suggestion
I've been a long time user of the app. I don't have complaints as it works smoothly! But there is an idea that should be considered: Often times I choose "any specialist" since my schedule is crazy. Sometimes, the last specialist I had turns out to be very good, so of course I'd want to book them again. The issue is, I'm bad with names and sometimes they will have the same name! And there's no real difference on the app since they do not share info on the employee (which is right to do). This leads me to call the location itself to ask who it was and if they can book me again. I would be grateful if the app had a way of telling me who my last specialist was when I go to book another appointment. TLDR: would it be possible to show who your last stylist was when you go to book another reservation? To book another appointment with them without having to call? Thanks!
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5 years ago, SLH101482
Very happy
It was my first time ever at EWC and I loved it. The were very friendly when I walked in. From the time I got there and during the waxing may have taken 25 mins. The receptionist was very nice she explained her part very throughly and then my specialist Paige come and got me she was very nice, she explained her part. Then I told her the issues I have when I get my eyebrows done. She went over some tips and when she finished my eyebrows they were amazing. Just the way I wanted, and the issues that I normally have were none existent. I love EWC in Greensboro on Friendly avenue if your near the area check Paige out. You will love her
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4 years ago, MisMaui
I can’t say enough nice things about EWC and my local salon. The front staff is always friendly and helpful in product information. The salon is immaculate. My wax specialist Amanda is a dream. We talk, laugh and really connected from day one. And she’s very knowledgeable in what products work best for my skin and issues. Which brings me to EWC products: absolutely love them. Having sensitive skin I find using products for even sensitive skin can cause issues. Not one time did I experience that with EWC products. And the products actually deliver with their claims. My only regret??? Not having taken the plunge sooner.
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3 years ago, Red_riding_hood
I uninstalled & deleted this app because 1) it signed me out by itself for no reason 2) then it stated my password was no longer correct (I keep impeccable records of all my password, and I KNOW it’s correct). Bottom line, I know why it did this; it wants me to change my password to something even longer and even more complicated. I already had one upper case letter, one lower case letter, numbers, and it was over 8 characters long. But it now requires a special character too. Well, this isn’t a bank account, this is just a stinking measly wax salon. And I’m not going to create complicated vault-standard passwords for some wax salon. God forbid someone got a wax in my name! Oh the humanity! So since EWC wants to be a pain in the read about this, I’m just simply gonna delete the app and start going somewhere else. Problem solved.
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5 years ago, LWMJDM
Love Megan K at south Park in Charlotte NC but...
If it were not for Megan I would give this a 1, I have never, not one time called this location and actually gotten a live person to answer the phone, not one time! It always goes to the prompt music and I sit on hold one time for 15 plus minutes and decided to call back and waited just as long to change an appointment, by the time Alex answered I just canceled and said I would have to call back to reschedule, which again was a crazy long wait to make a new appointment, same thing happened today, can someone answer the phone! I may have to leave Megan just because I don't have 30 mins to wait on hold to get an appointment...please do something!
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5 years ago, GenuinelyJade
App is Garbage 🗑 - Doesn’t allow you to book a reservation
1. Why don’t people realize this is supposed to be a review for the APP, not the services at any given location? 🤦🏽‍♀️ 2. I never write reviews but I must say this is worth reporting. What’s the point in having an app that takes you all the way through the process to book your appointment only to get an error message that it’s not working? I deleted it, re-downloaded, was on WiFi and off of it, used someone else’s phone and waited months for an update that would resolve this issue. STILL NOTHING! My first graders could build a better app than this! For the amount of money that I spend at EWC I EXPECT better quality than this foolishness. Not everyone has time to call and book/re-book appointments during business hours.
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5 years ago, ELLABB567
I really really like the customer service and the actual waxing experience, painless and easy . Little pricey but that’s waxing for you. The only complaint is that their advertisements are a little confusing and or just wrong. I saw Both online AND on the app that your first wax is free but limited to only a few things like upper lip, bikini line. Eyebrows, etc. So I booked it along with another and come to find out it’s not free but 50% off. Better then nothing but definitely misleading. The receptionist was nice but couldn’t actually explain why it was different then advertised and that’s what upset me. Just work on being upfront with customers. Wether it’s your fault or not you are responsible.
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3 years ago, Herekittykitkat
Update is terrible
I’ve been a long time customer of EWC (going on almost 5 years) and I have enjoyed using their app in the past. However, this recent update I am now not able to cancel or reschedule my appointment through the app even though I can schedule. I don’t know about you but stopping what I’m doing and having to call to reschedule is a pain. And more often than not these days the phones aren’t answered as quick as they once were. With the downsizing of employees I’m sure but that would make even more sense to have the app working tip top shape and doing all the work for the appointments. I can say with this pain, I’m not going as often and don’t see myself staying loyal like I have in the past.
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1 year ago, SpookyAngel230
Rebooking and rescheduling
I’ve been using this app for a while now and for the past few months I can’t reschedule or rebook my appointments. It says that I’m blocked. When I went to wax center they said I’m not blocked on their end so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been rescheduling and rebooking on this app when needed and now I can’t. I don’t know if you guys are having this problem with this app or it’s just me because I would like to know. I just wanna be able to rebook or reschedule when I need to in case something happens or changes.
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6 years ago, melpo_
I thought this would be fixed by now
When I first downloaded this app in January, I was unable to make reservations. I’d get all the way through the reservation process and then it’d say something along the lines of “not working at this time” but it NEVER worked. So I deleted it and made them by phone call thinking it was because my location was brand new. Now? It won’t even let me search for a location. As soon as I pull up the location screen it immediately pops up saying can’t be found in that location. What location? I haven’t typed anything in!! When I do type in my city/state or zip, I get the same message. This city has 3 that I know of in the area so now I’m just frustrated as all hell. Why both having an app of it never works??
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4 years ago, Liss6491
Pretty convenient
I find scheduling appointment(s) easy and quick. I do see a few hiccups: I used to have just my inner thigh waxed and I do not see that on the list unless it was removed or otherwise. I would prefer to cancel a reservation through the app as opposed to calling. I think the option to pay for product(s) and pick up in store would be very beneficial. If suddenly there’s a need, this would be convenient for everyone who needs a quick restock without having to linger in the salon with other customers. Overall, great app.
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5 years ago, GellyBooo
Love getting WAXED
I started getting waxed in 2014 and I was afraid that it wasn’t for me! But I was wrong! I love it and I go faithfully every month to get my usual wax. I started off in Houston with EWC and now I have relocated back home to New Orleans. My Wax Specialist is amazing!!!!!! I really love her, her bubbly personality and just being very genuine every time she sees me. I have all my friends hooked on EWC now and they go to the same person I go to. Don’t knock until you try it. Also, if you don’t have a good specialist try another one or a different location. Enjoy
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5 years ago, salazar1
This was my first time at this location. Before coming here I did my research and reviewed others comments, complaints, and recommendations. As I was reading through the feeds Michelle and Natalie had the most and best reviews. I decided to go with Michelle and I lucked out. Every good thing that was said about her was spot on. She makes you feel comfortable and walks you through it. She is quick where the process isn’t painful. I was very pleased with my visit. I recommend her especially if it’s your first time.
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5 years ago, Camerreel
Terrrrrible customer service
As someone who was getting waxed for the first time, I would (at the very least) like to be introduced to the women who was about to wax the most private part of my body. The waxer met me with an exasperated look and called me into a room as if I was a patient at a doctors office. She didn’t smile and introduce herself. She merely told me to drop my panties, take off my shirt and lay down. When I asked her any questions and told her I was nervous, she looked at me like I had 3 eyes on my head. The wax was painful, I bled, she immediately RUBBED her gloves over area to wipe the blood away. The only time she had ANY enthusiasm was when she was trying to sell me a product. Such a rude woman. I was SO excited for this experience but unfortunately won’t be returning. It was a nightmare.
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5 years ago, Peopa045
Great Service
When I came into this EWC I wasn’t expected such a clean crisp environment when you walk in it’s clean and staff is at the desk very welcoming. When you get to the back for your waxing smells clean and is clean. This is by far the best waxing experiences I have had in all my waxing days I will never go to another shop unless it’s a EWC the wax is absolutely the best product I’ve got to experience w/out any break out, my Brazilian was not as tender as I’ve experienced in the past w/other waters. This wax you def get a very clean and smooth skin!
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3 years ago, ACD in WDC
UPDATED: New version = what we were waiting for
I’m back to update this review from one star to five! After a year of living with the stripped-down app that had all our favorite functionality taken away, EWC finally truly upgraded the app experience to what it should be. It’s a good thing, too, because if these reviews are any indication, the entire user base was furious and frustrated. Thanks for making good on the promise to deliver a better app...maybe just don’t make us wait so long next time?
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5 years ago, Research before you go
Mixed review
The first time I went I had my eyebrows done and she did amazing. Second time I went to a different girl due to my schedule and she ruined my eyebrows but did an amazing job on my chin. This last time was my last. You spend a lot of money to go and she mostly plucked which I could do at home. Within a day and a half it looked as though I hadn’t been at all. She was nice when I cancelled but did absolutely nothing to try to keep me as a customer. Make sure you research before you go in. I normally like to write good reviews unless something is really bad but I’ve wasted too much money here and barely satisfied.
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5 years ago, DingDongDon't
What’s the point?
So, I’m struggling to understand the purpose of this app. Is it just to locate the closest salon and schedule? If so, then you nailed it. I personally look for a total experience. I’d like to cancel an appt rather than just schedule. I would also really like to see the packages I have and what’s left on them. Points would also be great to track along with what I could use them on. Why can’t I pay for services through there? Link a card and do gratuities with a simple touch. EWC provides a great experience and service. Unfortunately, your app is polar opposite. The frustration of having to call (when I work nights and sleep during the day) has made me reconsider continuing my services. When my packages are depleted, I’m gone.
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9 months ago, Macamarillo
Great for scheduling; improvement needed on pass info
The app is easy to use for scheduling; however, a big improvement would be allowing for the removal passes on the active screen that are all used. Even though passes don’t expire, it doesn’t make sense to still list “active” passes with 0 (zero) passes left to use on this screen. It’s a bit confusing to have to scroll to find the pass that is truly active and has passes available for use.
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5 years ago, kristiantamara
Looooove it
I’ve been getting Brazilians for about 7 years now. And the only time I’ve EVER been at another establishment, was my very first time. I love it at EWC. Ive only had a few occasions where I felt that they missed too many hairs. But find you an esthetician you like and you’re set. Overall this place meets all my needs. Discounts for recommendations. Products that actual work. If you can’t find A reservation on the app, try calling. More often than not they can get you in. Raleigh / Durham / Morrisville, North Carolina
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5 years ago, CO.13
App needs improvement
Each specialist has a different technique and you have to find the one that works for you. I have tried several different specialists and some I like better than others, but when I go to book my next appointment 6-8 weeks later sometimes I forget their names. It would be helpful if the app/website had profiles on each specialist with their pictures that gave you some info on their training and background.
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4 years ago, Scarbar14
Today’s appointment
With all that has been going on the world, it was a pleasant surprise to finally see EWC slowly start to open again. It has been over a month since I have been able to get a wax and I knew because of this, it was not going to be as smooth sailing as usual. To my surprise, Cody did an excellent job making it as painless as possible. She made my experience all the more enjoyable and I will definitely be going back to her in the future.
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5 years ago, EKPhan
Fix this, please!
I’ve been a loyal customer for 6 years. I haven’t had many issues (not enough for me to complain or write a review about) but all this year, the app has given me problems. I have scheduled waxes through the app, then I’ll show up at the location on the scheduled day and time but they don’t have my reservation. This has happened 3 times now at 2 separate locations. This is very frustrating, a waste of time, and a quite the customer dissatisfier. The associates at the front desk state they will relay the issue to management but this still hasn’t been fixed as of my alleged appointment on 9/24. Please resolve this issue!
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3 years ago, StephPlesh
My first app review aka a warning
Don’t download it. It only causes more stress. I’d like to mirror the sentiments that the app was great and now it’s just taking up space on my home screen. It doesn’t let you log in, if you do reset your password enough times where it will let you get in- it isn’t up to date with reservations or wax passes. Then if you click your home button or exit out of the app in any way, you have to start the reset password process all over again. My heart hurts for the entire web/development team that was apparently furloughed or laid off during COVID because it’s very clear the department no longer exists.
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6 years ago, Zoe8143
Needs a lot of work
I like that I can make appointments at my chosen location with who I’d like, and that I can see prices. That’s it. Nothing else about this app works. Not even it’s customer service (that I’ve emailed several times with no response). I can’t see appointments I make in the store, I can’t see my packages I’ve purchased. It’s annoying and makes the app next to useless. Step up your game customer service and at least respond to your customers! In response to the app developers response: I wrote the above review when I had the latest version of the app on my phone, and just like before, nothing works as it should. Still no response from the customer service either.
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5 years ago, AndromedaJune
Incredible customer service
Larissa at the Rio Salado location in Tempe has model customer service. She has makes light conversation and makes waxing a very easy process. She’s professional and she’s FAST. No one wants to have a slow waxing experience so I can tell you that she is fast and seamless. She is also detail oriented to ensure for smooth surfaces. I believe this is my 3rd summer of seeing her and all I can say is I hope I don’t have to find a new wax master any time soon.
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5 years ago, _Cynthia
Great Experience!
I had my first Brazilian and they made me so comfortable even with my 1 year old in her stroller next to me. I went back for my second appointment and it was a different lady and she wasn’t quite as thorough, so to speak. When I called and voiced my concern the lady apologized made me an appointment the next day with a different lady and gave me a $15 credit. She did amazing in fixing me up and it looked great. They honestly care about their clients. I can say that for a fact. 👌🏼
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5 years ago, lardgal
Love, Love but have a suggestion..
i have been a customer for a few years now. The service has always been great. At first the heavy sales tactics by the front desk was over the top. They seem to have backed down, but I wish they had a loyalty program instead of discount for “packages”. I also think the uniform of a white button down for the girls at the front desk looks dingy and worn out. If the company wants clients to feel good, they need to help the employees looks good.
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5 years ago, NY2LARN
First visit and probably ....
Rushed to make it to my appointment on time , only to be told “ oh the person you had scheduled had a family emergency, didn’t you get a call ?” No , I did not get a call , I chose the particular person because of reviews being positive for the person and given this was my first Brazilian , I wanted to be comfortable with the person . The gal that did the waxing was pleasant, but it was an incomplete job , when I got home there were pieces of wax on my skin and areas that were missed . There are times when you go to a place and things just click and you feel “ like you found your place” sadly this place didn’t work for me .
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5 years ago, Bgrueter
Inconsistent results
I just had my 3rd Brazilian was experience with European Wax Center. Each time was at a different location and each time resulted in entirely different results and experiences. My first time was in Folsom, CA. The girl was extremely professional and it was the most painless experience I had ever had. I left with zero hair. The next time was in Shrewsbury, MA and it was an okay experience. A little more painful, but that results were decent. My most recent experience left me with a ton of hair still left on my bikini area and hurt a lot. I’m debating if I would go back again.
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