Evernote Scannable

4.9 (417.6K)
44.7 MB
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Current version
Evernote Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Evernote Scannable

4.86 out of 5
417.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Forest White
Goodbye scanners and fax machines
Love this app. Use it a few times a week to "scan" my documents, receipts, book excerpts - whatever I want to keep as a digital file. Then I "share" to my Google Drive to store in the cloud, "share" to iBooks or GoodReader to have on my phone, "share" to CudaSign if I need to sign it first, and/or "send" as an email attachment, and I love that I can do all of the above. It would be nice to be able to select all the options you want to do from one screen, rather than go back and select a new option each time. It does sometimes (rarely) crash, but I have never lost any images. I like that it keeps copies of prior scans in case I need to go back. The cropping is pretty good, especially if you put a dark background behind what you are scanning. I like the "enhance" feature to optimize the printed text, and the ability to toggle easily between the enhanced version and the original. The quick toggle between PDF and image is also great. One minor annoyance is that, for some reason, the app will occasionally show the tutorial even when I haven't updated it and have been using it for months. All in all, a must-have app for me. I used to carry around docs, waiting for a time I was near a scanner or fax. Now, combined with cloud storage, a signing app like CudaSign, and email, it has allowed me to recycle paperwork immediately and free myself from clutter, scanners, and fax machines. Why do companies even use fax machines anymore?
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11 months ago, Bo67268
A true time saver for scanning things on the go!
This app has truly been a blessing, as I own and operate an IT managed services/consulting business, and am often visiting clients or managing projects onsite. Unlike the plethora of other PDF-generating scan apps out there, this one creates the cleanest and clearest images, especially if the document or photo has folds or other imperfections. I also find the ability to easily switch output format between PDF and Image file type to be extremely convenient. Last but certainly not least, once I have all my scans ready to go, I usually need to email or text them to someone quickly. This app seamlessly flows into the Apple’s native Mail app, invokes a new message, and automatically attaches the file(s). I work with many different applications and software, especially mobile versions, so if you are a “road warrior” like myself, I strongly recommend this app. Time is money, and Scannable has saved me quite a lot of both! Thank you to the developers, and please keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, pleaseallownicknamegenerator
Great product, but still some problems
I honestly like this scanning app a lot; the scans are super fast, the auto detected borders are fairly accurate, and the end product is a great balance between quality and file size. That said, there are some problems I’d like to see fixed. I use this app predominantly for scanning books for research, but the app gets overwhelmed and is liable to crash the larger the file size gets. I’ve lost so many scanned books this way. It also stops being able to detect borders as the scanning continues. A simple fix could be to automatically save after a certain number of pages and start a new file. Also, having an adjustable colored border option would remove the need to auto detect borders every time a page is turned; the user would just need to fit the text within the confines of border (as a bonus, it would cut out any background - including fingers - that would fall within that frame). I’d like to see more options for adjusting size and quality as well. All that aside, Scannable is still one of the best scanning apps I’ve found so far, and having these few added improvements (even as a paid add-on) would make it ideal.
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3 weeks ago, Ombret
They’ve killed it
I’ve used this app for years. It does a great job of finding a document in the field of view and correcting camera and lighting artifacts. Of course, scanning a document implies that you want to do something with it. In the past, the app was great at letting you immediately share the scan via text, email or AirDrop; basically any sharing method that was enabled on your phone. In the past couple weeks, they have changed it so that now the only way to get a document out of Scannable is to add it to your Evernote account. Then from Evernote (a separate app), you can export the document. Evernote uses a freemium model where without a subscription you can only be logged in onto two devices. it also shows numerous advertisements/prompts to upgrade to a subscription and the app is somewhat bloated and slow on my phone. needing to use two apps to accomplish one task is obviously undesirable. So, from my perspective, they’ve killed this app. It’s their right to decide they don’t want any more unpaid users. just a different philosophy. I actually would probably pay a couple bucks to use Scannable, but I don’t need to subscribe to a full notetaking ecosystem with a monthly subscription fee.
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5 years ago, Belaphabet
A Must Have for College Students
Scannable is maybe my most used app ever. I’ve used it every single night for the past year, scanning homework assignments. No professor wants physical papers anymore, it’s all about uploading scans. I’ve had classes where people get no credit on assignments because their scans were poor. Not me. Scannable is super easy to make sure your papers are crisp and readable. It automatically takes the picture but lets you adjust the edges afterwards??? And not just edge by edge, you can move each individual corner so you get the best view of your page. I have literally never seen another app that lets you do that. I normally email them to myself so I can submit on my computer but that is an easy built in function. I know this review sounds like a marketing campaign but I was just talking with a friend about how idk what I’d do without Scannable. It’s WILD that this is free to use with no ads????? Like the reason I am back on the app store to write this is bc I was sure I must have paid for it at some point but NOPE. Every college students dream app tbh
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4 years ago, Anxious&Obsessed
The Must-Have Student Scanner
As a student, and especially during remote learning, I find Scannable to be exactly what I need. It works well and efficiently and allows me to give my teachers PDFs made of multiple pages instead of taking a picture of every page. This is the ONLY scanning app I have found on the Store that is able to recognize spiral bound pages. Microsoft Lens, Genius Scan, and others simply cannot ‘find’ the page. As long as there is nothing in the background, Scannable can. I also love the integration with Evernote and the ability to organize scans so easily. I can go back in my many notebooks and find whatever I’m looking for. Not to mention, you can import Scannable documents from Evernote directly into Google Classroom! What a life saver. I will ask, however, that the Google Classroom integration be fixed a bit. There is an option to export documents to the app but it is extremely buggy and rarely works. Usually, I have to save the document to my Files from within Evernote and then submit it to Classroom manually. If you could fix up this feature, I’d give 5 stars in a heartbeat!
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5 years ago, Elon Tim
Scan is good but post scan is confusing and weird.
Scan quality is good. Big issue is that when we have to forward or send the document it takes default previous document name. Who designs such a way! Second if I have to access the recent document there could be simple way to do so from camera scan screen but only thing one can do is to select and delete option. Really? No way to access through app? Evernote is the parent company and they are living with such flawed features. I mean when sending someone any scanned doc. It default select all the history document and default previous doc name. Really pls fix it otherwise I would go for scanbot app. I know that won’t bother you guys to lose one user and apple wouldn’t show my review to the world. But I wish this app could have better posts an design features and weird default all select and name from previous document. Rather put name like scan001 and so on. At least when we forget it won’t go with some weird previous doc name in emails etc. or give a prompt to change the name with highlight. Definitely remove all the default select. You know why because in case I sent default all selected scan in email and reach to someone then can be security issue. I would neither anyone would prefer that!
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5 years ago, kkarin
Magical App
This really is magic to use. I've used many of the other scanning apps in the App Store and all are so much more difficult to use than this one. I love how it takes the scans without even pressing a button and I also like the option to do things manually. I send everything to Evernote and the integration is so simple. The only thing I wish for is the ability to do my own color correction. Sometimes the app corrects colors on pieces of artwork like it was a text document and that doesn't work for all things. Also, I would like to add tags to the documents before I send them to Evernote. I wrote this review a long time ago and still love the app. I love how automatic it is, but sometimes wish there were more manual options especially when I am scanning something with very light text and I’d like it to be more legible or a photo with glare. There are other scanning apps that can do that and it would be nice if this one could too. Despite that, for most purposes, this is my go to scanning program.
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7 years ago, Ferguncio Reyes
Overall better than what is out there.
If you're a die-hard Evernote user, Scannable may be the best option for you...assuming you use an iOS device, that is. Scannable on the iPhone and iPad allows you to instantly scan business cards, sketches, receipts, paper documents, and even multi-page documents with ease, and automatically file and organize the resulting images and files in your Evernote account. Your scans are automatically cropped to remove backgrounds (like the table behind the reciept, for example) and enhanced so the text is readable. If you scan a business card, the contact information from the card is automatically lifted and added to a contact card, so you can call the person, email them, or visit their website or social presence with a single tap. It's relatively new, and while it works best with Evernote, it also allows you to share your resulting scan with other apps on your iOS device, so you can upload it to Dropbox, email it, or save it to your camera roll. Best of all, it's completely and totally free—no unlocks, no premium version, although it definitely works best if you also use Evernote.
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6 years ago, TThibs
Changed my life!
I love sharing this app with anyone that will listen! I have saved medical forms, school forms, flyers, schoolwork, kids artwork (excellent for this because it scans just the artwork!), birthday invitations, any form that I may need to easily access, and even yard sale items (it “scans” the item in so that there is no busy background - I do put item against a solid background to help with scanning). It scans in pdf or pictures. Paired with Evernote, this has made putting my hands on “that paper” so much easier! I have used it for everything. My husband and I were closing on a piece of land and the seller needed another signature from his partner and instead of having to wait, I scanned it in quickly from my phone and forwarded for the seller and within minutes, we had the form back and could finish the closing! Love, love, love this app! And I NEVER take the time to write reviews, but again, I share this one with everyone.
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2 years ago, NJS18094
App Intentionally Ruins Handwritten Documents.
I’ve spent the past week and a half trying and failing to get this horrid excuse of a scanner to work. This app has, since the beginning, intentionally blurred, skewed and blanked out major sections of hand written documents I’ve attempted to scan. There is no amount of light, bright or dark, that can prevent this app from effectively deleting half of the document, and what little is left afterwards is blurred beyond all recognition. I know for a FACT that the app intentionally tampers with your scans because I have pinned my phone to a desk and just watched it try to focus on an unmoving, well lit document laying on a chair directly below it and for five minutes it never once managed to settle into a decent focus on the page or stopped shaking the camera. This app deliberately creates random visual noise to deliberately prevent you from taking even remotely comprehensible scans. Absolutely stay away from this app unless you want to pay the developers their extortionate fees for the “premium” service to the get basic functionality out of the app that should be expected. And they have the gall to put this app under “productivity”, it fits better under “inexcusable waste of time and money”.
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5 years ago, stanwgg
Best scanning app
I’ve used all the scanning apps and for clarity this is the best. For ease-of-use this is the best. To make this app better it would be nice if you could save directly to your OneDrive or iCloud. I paid the fee for Evernote and Scannable for a year I thought it would open the ability to save to OneDrive, but this is the drawback that I found. I’d like to be able to scan & save directly to one of my cloud services. I usually email it to myself and then Open the PDF with adobe then save it to one of my drives. It would be nice if I didn’t have to do that. However, it’s still the best scanning app out there and I continue to use the free Scannable app. I liked being able to save documents in my Scannable app for more than 30 days, (which when you pay the monthly service fee, you can). However, if I could save it directly to my OneDrive I wouldn’t need to save it in my Scannable app. Add this one thing & I’m a paying customer again. If this is not important for you I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, MK Seattle
Use it many times each day - a must have tool
I am required to submit completed and signed work orders to my employer after each job is completed. The app allows me to sit in my car, place the completed forms on my car seat, take a snapshot of each page, title the PDF form with the work order number and the client’s name, hit send and “whoosh”...it is sent via email, or to the fax number designated by my employer. And a few minutes later I receive an email receipt stating that the tax has been received by the specific fax number for the department I had sent it to. The app also can send PDF files directly to an email address as well. This app allowed me submit my daily work results in real time rather than waiting till I arrived home and copied each page to a thumb drive and then transferring the PDF’s onto emails. A great tool for all of us who work in the field each day in our “mobile office”.
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1 year ago, DLR.12
Simple, fast, useful… but why is it so buggy?
I really enjoy using this app to digitize paper documents and get them into Evernote or my camera roll. I appreciate the app’s simple interface and find it to be intuitive. However, I always seem to encounter bugs when using it. Reviewing a scanned document, the “Reorder” bar button item was completely out of place. When adjusting the corners of a crop, I love the idea of showing a magnification of the point I’m cropping, but 60% of the magnification is blocked with a black background for some reason making the feature completely useless. Another time when reviewing a scan the one page of the group completely disappeared. I tapped “Reorder” and then went back to the scan and was able to see the “missing” document. Thankfully when confirming afterwards I was able to see that all pages made it, but what good is this app when I don’t have confidence that all of the data is being captured and saved? Please fix these frustrating bugs and improve the reliability of the app.
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6 years ago, Better than any journal
Needs an update!
I’ve been using scannable for a couple of years now and have had no complaints. I use an iPad Pro and have loved it; the last several months have left me irritated, though. For some reason, now the app is very laggy when I try to edit the scanned picture. Even more frustrating is that when I scan several pages, when i go to edit them, the “thumbnails” are TINY. There is no possible way for me to see the scanned image without clicking on it to edit it, in which it blows up to full size but of the actual document picture, not the automated scanned product, so it defeats the purpose for me. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s come to the point that I don’t even want to use this app anymore because those two items are so frustrating, which is a huge let down because I loved this app so much.
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3 years ago, AncientGeek
Replaced my physical scanner
I have used scannable for quite a few years now. Originally, I used it when I needed to scan items when I was away from home and my document scanner. At some point the scans became so good and so easy, I stopped using my physical document scanner. I have one wish and one complaint. I withheld only one star, though both are highly annoying. My wish is that I did not have to make so many keystrokes to file my scanned documents using Apple’s native Files functionality. It appears the developers are focused on directing me to their own cloud storage, in which I have zero interest. I want to scan and file the document on iCloud. I should not have to navigate around Cape Horn to do this! My complaint is that the font color (white) used in several areas of the program offers almost zero contrast with the white background color. I even had to write this review in Notes because I couldn’t see what I was typing in the review text window provided by Scannable. In normal use, when I am trying to file a scan using the Files functionality, I can’t see the “cancel” or little file folder on the top line of the display. I just go from memory as to where they are. This started a perhaps two years ago. I’ve had two new iPhones and upgraded to several versions iOS and iPadOS, but the problem persists.
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4 weeks ago, Kit - Kat Kate
A functional and wonderful productivity tool
EDIT: It seems like you now need to download Evernote and make an account with it to do anything with your scans. Ugh. I’m tired of being coerced into subscriptions. I have since switched over to another free scanning app. By far, this is probably the best scanning app out there. They are crisp, can be saved in either image or pdf format, and don’t take up too much space. I find it very convenient that the app automatically turns on your flash, selects an export format, saves your recent scans, and makes the cropping and approval process of your scans convenient and easy. The only complaint I have is that the app runs its slow introduction/tutorial every time you re-start it. No, I don’t need a tutorial on how to use the app after closing it for a few days. The app is connected to Evernote, and if you don’t happen to have an account with them, Scannable will essentially harass you to connect it to Evernote. I find these pop-up messages slow and irritating, but the functionality of the app itself is stellar.
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5 years ago, HappyGirl33
Best and easiest scanner app, must have for any Evernote user!
I LOVE this app, it’s ease of use is unmatched! I am a devoted Evernote user and this app helps me stay “paperless” almost effortlessly. Evernote - please, please don’t ever discontinue this app unless you replace it with something better! One enhancement that would be an incredible gift to us Evernote power users... please allow us to add tags to items as we upload them to Evernote (pretty please) -ie: I like to file medical receipts in a healthcare file but I’d love to be able to tag them as ‘receipts’ (or even ‘receipts’ and ‘tax related’) when I’m uploading them so later I can easily find them more readily by their tag. Also I often tag items as ‘temp’ that I will want to delete down the road and searching by this tag really helps me do regular maintenance on my filing system in a flash!
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6 years ago, VB 123
Love the app! Some suggestions to the developer.
Quality of the scans in PDF form is surprisingly good and the file output size is quite small and text searchable. Slightly frustrating things I’d love to see the developer improve: If you scan in PDF format and upload to Evernote, it does not give you a chance to name the file. You can’t quickly identify the file in any of the Evernote interfaces because it just shows as as a PDF that needs to be downloaded, not a preview of the PDF. I’d love it if either or both of these can be changed. I’d like to be able to name my files that I save to Evernote as I scan them. I’d also like me ability to preview the files that are PDF when they are in the Evernote explorer apps (PC, OSX, iOS) without having to click the pdf icon and wait through the download.
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6 years ago, 12.12.MB.123
Got it for work, but it’s a must for all moms!
Looking for a free app for scanning, I came across Scannable. It’s great for my work needs, but I use it for so many other things. My daughter calls and asks if I can drive a permission slip to school that she forgot. Instead of driving all the way over there, I scan it, email it to a teachers and then text it to my daughter as an extra measure. My sister-in-law needs a picture of my husband for something. I can scan an old picture in a collage and email it to her immediately. Another daughter was going on an international school trip, teacher needed a copy of her passport, instantly it’s there. Not to mention it’s great for work where’re I use it primarily to archive receipts that need to be billed to specific clients. I have immediate access to a scanner! No lost receipts!
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1 year ago, Spacebuff
Buggy and Unreliable, even w/Updates
I’ve had this for years. The interface has always been buggy with missing icons. Luckily, I know where to tap from past use. Every handful of uses it makes you click through all the “intro” pages which is annoying. The preview of your scans are missing occasionally - another bug that has not been addressed despite numerous updates over the years. I once had a few important scans in the app I hadn’t transferred to my computer yet (as is my normal workflow). When I went to transfer them, the app crashed and I lost all my scans. That was maybe a year ago. I just had the missing preview issue so I quit the app to restart it and hope it’s reappear and I just got the missing scans problem again. I have looked for competitive products in the past, but stuck with this because nothing else seemed compelling enough. After this latest issue, I am done. I will be deleting this for good and trying out another app.
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1 year ago, Surjay8
Poor camera performance with latest iPhones
I have been using Scannable for the last 10 years, on and off. The app was always great, but with the recent camera system changes in iPhone, it has become almost impossible to scan my handwritten notes reliably. At close range, the notes are blurred. At longer range, the app fails to detect the edges of the notes consistently and I end up having to take the picture manually. Business cards have become almost impossible to scan. I would love to be able to provide feedback, but there is no easy way from the app to do so. Therefore, I’m leaving a one star review to hope that the developer will pay attention, and fix these issues.
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6 years ago, Ppaquin
I’ve used several of these types of apps, but I always return to Scannable. The feature which I like the most is the following one. When you scan something like a news article and it is not perfectly flat and square, the program allows you to crop the image by first setting the corners such that you are outlining a non-rectangular shape. You can then move the edges, which are lined up parallel to the text, to remove the extraneous material. You end up with a trapezoid surrounding the image that you want to save. When you click on done, it stretches they selected image into a rectangular shape, an option which none of the other apps I’ve tried will do. It is really pretty slick, and easy to use.
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3 years ago, mllehunt
Great! (except for one issue)
I couldn’t find a way to contact the developer without becoming a premium Evernote user (and I don’t use Evernote currently), so I’m leaving my feedback here. I’ve been using Scannable since before it was Evernote (years and years). I mostly really like it and find it convenient to use. The issue I think needs fixed has to do with sharing to other apps. When I share to Dropbox or Files, the “Save” button is nowhere to be seen. I’m not 100% sure it even says “Save” since I can’t see it. I just know from experience to tap the top righthand corner of the screen to finish exporting. There must be a button there, but I’m guessing it’s white text on a white background, and that definitely makes for an accessibility/user-friendliness issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!
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4 weeks ago, Gonsplode
-2 stars, troubling.. Update: ZERO Stars
App now requires paid subscription or an evernote account to ‘use for free’!? I’ve had this app for over nine years (before evernote association). It’s the scanning app I use most of all for simple tasks. Creating an evernote account allowed me to send my latest scans, but if this app moves to a subscription model, I’ll use one of the other scanning apps on my device. - - update - - Can no longer save to phone or send scans via iMessage/email/etc. Scannable wants me to now download Evernote where reviewers say you can continue to save & share scans for a fee (likely subscription which I never do). Not dealing with subscriptions & multiple apps for something I use maybe five times a month. If someone knows of a good paid/free alternative please mention in your reviews. I have two other scanning apps on phone, but sadly, Scannable was easiest to use. *WAS* easiest to use.. After a decade, it’s goodbye. 😾
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7 years ago, cCdebaca
Perfect Evernote Companion
... almost, consider the rating 4-1/2 (will explain at the bottom). I have been an Evernote fan for a number of years. I benefit so much that for the past 3 years I've been a premium member as well. One challenge to going paperless is the transition between paper to digital image, generally PDF file. This was COMPLETELY resolved with Scannable. Scannable has rendered my traditional scanner almost obsolete. With a few exceptions (primarily archiving old family photos) I don't use it anymore and completely rely upon my iPhone's camera, Scannable and Evernote to keep my life paper AND clutter free. This got four and a half instead of five because of the 'connection requirement' (rating it four would have been a disservice and the reason for the connection may have to do with how documents are converted). I RV a great deal and often find myself in places where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connections. It would be nice to be able to back up my journals when in these places but Scannable doesn't function unless it has is 'on the grid'. Bottom Line: I find great value in it.
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1 year ago, Kylecan.com
Business APP Ready - Scan Quickly & Easily
I have been using this app for over three years now, and has facilitated many transactions with my business. The recognition software is incredible, and does a great job of scanning, and the simplicity of how it just adds to the stack of scans allows For flawless interaction. I even have clients download this app to send me copies of documents when they do not have access to a scanner which is most people today. Even for people without a tech background this is an easy app to understand and improves their daily life. Thank you again for keeping this software, simple and efficient. Best, KyleCan
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7 years ago, D. Hill
Evernote Scannable
Evernote Scannable is a very useful productivity application that makes it simple to scan various types of documents and add it to your Evernote notes. Users can modify their settings to control which notebook scans go to as well as if all notes should automatically be placed in Evernote itself. Scans of documents are of good quality with automatic cropping and adjustments making it easy to tell what was scanned in case you want to reference it later. Scanned documents can also be shared easily with others or sported in multiple formats. The app is even more useful for those with a Scansnap Scanner allowing for captured documents to be scanned. Evernote Scannable is a worthwhile download for those invested in the Evernote family of products.
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7 years ago, LoMarilyn
After taking my first scan with this app immediately got rid of my big bulky scanner which is such a hassle to place photos or documents inside. The app converts the photos of documents and to clean and slick digital scans as well as crops them which is really nice. I would highly recommend this app for anyone who needs to scan multiple documents. It is a lot faster than placing the documents and a scanner one by one and waiting for the scanner to do it's thing. This app is really fast and does a great job of combining documents together. It is the next best thing to the very expensive multi document scanners in the office. For personal and small business use, this app perfect!
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4 years ago, Former Employee
Excellent App, but Needs more Save Options
I really like this app and use it constantly. From scanning papers that need to be signed and sent somewhere to logging receipts etc etc I definitely get great use from this awesome app. My only request would be to offer more locations to “save” to. The app gives me the option to save to Evernote or my Picture folder. How about saving to iCloud Drive or Google Drive or my downloads folder now that Apple has made that available. I rarely use Evernote and saving a PDF in my picture folder doesn’t make sense to me. So please add more “save locations.” Otherwise, really great app that gets a ton of use.
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5 years ago, Cbrk1009
Good idea not implemented well - back to the scanner
The idea of being able to scan receipts during a trip and then not have to scan them all for reimbursement is a great one and so needed. Unfortunately this application does not make life easier. With some basic upgrades this app could be good but not ready for prime time yet. The application take the pictures but if you want to scan receipts ever day then you end up with every day being recovered and duplicates every day. The worst part is that our expense system needs pdf files but this application sends png images and it send each image as its own file so I ended up with 10 separate files in the wrong format. In essence it remains easier to just scan them into a common file and then into th correct format. Plus after sending the files all of the pictures and receipts were gone off the Evernote drive so I could no longer make changes and try again. I really this application worked but until it does will need to stick to copies and the scanner.
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3 years ago, Shawn6107
Used to be the best app out there by far
I’ve been a scannable user since the week they launched on the app store. It used to be by far the best scanning app on the market. It is still the best I’ve found as far as function while scanning. However, they now have some kind of crazy bug that causes me to have to set it up from scratch every time I use it. If I use it 3 times in the same day, every time I have to go through the setup sequence, log into evernote, set my preferences, etc.. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it still does the same thing. If they can fix this, it will once again be the best scanning app out there but if it’s not fixed soon, I’ll be moving to one of the other apps to do all my scanning.
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2 years ago, Ariel today
Great but needs minor update
I love this app for scanning. It auto selects the page area and I can save multiple pages under one PDF. My only complaint is when I’m saving the file to my phone files, rather than emailing immediately. I have to use the “send” rather than “save” button, which is counter intuitive. And then when you’ve selected the location, the buttons to save, start a new folder, or cancel are all white…on a very light background. I couldn’t see the words and it was pure chance I hit the right thing after tapping all around my phone. It would seem an easy fix just to have the font color be darker to contrast the light background.
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4 weeks ago, Rutgers U student
great… until now
I used this app for years and loved it. It’s simple to use and works great. But a few months ago they started requiring that you have an Evernote account, and if you don’t log in you cant save scans. They also introduced this setting where you automatically save scans to Evernote, and that’s the default! But I don’t use Evernote and I don’t want to use Evernote. It’s really frustrating that I now have to make an Evernote account to use the same features that I’ve used to years. (saving/exporting scans to camera roll & pdf). I don’t want to make an evernote account, I don’t want evernote to save my scans automatically, and i’m sick of needing to make a log-in for every single website and app I use. I’m deleting this app and never coming back.
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2 years ago, Tall Tom San Diego
Works perfectly…sometimes
This is great idea. I keep my records digital. And my phone is my office. So in theory this is the perfect app to have since I can convert live documents simply using my iphone camera. But oddly it doesn’t work very well. Sometimes. For example, many times the picture isn’t quite right so I retake the picture. But I can’t delete the old picture. (It should be quite simple as the App is set up to do this. There are in fact two ways to delete. But neither work. Sometimes.) This means I generate a PDF with an extra junk page(s). Very unprofessional. Very frustrating. I will have to start looking for a different app… PS It would be helpful If I could load prior pictures into this app to create a PDF. BUT I CANT.
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4 weeks ago, ricky w
What in the name of all things holy have you done???
The new update is a nightmare. This was the absolute best app—bordering on magic. But the new update hides the top of scans in review mode—you have to tap ‘crop’ to resize the image to make sure the whole page is there. And now there are no share options? Everything has to be funneled through Evernote instead of saving the things you want to keep to Evernote and air-dropping things you only need temporarily to your computer to work with immediately. I’ve used this app almost daily for years now and have recommended it to tons of people. I guess our good years are over—time for a divorce. I just hope I can find something that works as well as pre-last-update Scannable/Evernote. This really is a nightmare.
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4 years ago, kateon56
Where has this been all my life?
I collect social security, but I’m not hopeless with technology—I rid computers of ransomware, swap memory and SIMS cards on laptops and phones—but I’ve never managed to scan a document successfully on a mobile device. This did the work for me, and let’s me know exactly where I’ll be able to find the pages. To say it’s going to be life changing might sound extreme, but for someone who is paperwork and filing challenged, it will mean hours saved looking through folders, boxes, the trunk of my car, and out of season bags. It will also be handy for all those receipts on which the print fades before the return window closes.
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7 years ago, Rtalbert
For Evernote users, simply the best
As an Evernote user, there's no scanning app out there that compares with Scannable in terms of simplicity and accuracy. It's literally point-and-shoot, and it gets scans into Evernote with almost zero friction. The OCR is excellent as well. This app is an indispensable part of my productivity workflow. If you are not an Evernote user, this would be a four-star app because once you scan, you have to fiddle with some buttons to get the scan to go where you want it. It's set up for Evernote use and getting it to work with anything else requires a few extra steps. That's the only downside I can see, however.
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4 months ago, discgolf36557
Great fast product
Considering the price, this seems to be a very good scanner app. I use it for a small business, to save receipts and documents for tax purposes. Scans very quickly, allows consecutive scans without pushing multiple buttons. I just scanned over 200 documents in less than 10 minutes and sent pdf to my email. It won’t store data in the app longer than 30 days, but that’s easy to work around (and I understand that storage would costs $.) Glad to have found this as an easy solution to saving hard copies of everything.
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3 days ago, JiminiMs
The magic is gone 💔
I used to loooove this app, and I always recommended it to everyone. I love how practical it was to scan whatever document you needed, choose either PDF or image format and save it in your camera roll or files, or share it via mail, messages, airdrop, or other apps. It was so easy and quick. Optimization at its best. However, they’ve just integrated Evernote and now, downloading a second app and going through all their ads it’s the only way you can get your scans. It takes forever and there's one point where you have to pay to use Evernote. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep using this app. At this point, even a photo would be better than going from one app to another and then skipping all the ads and paywalls.
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4 years ago, BrianW2012
Very useful app on first try
Chose app to scan 6 legal size documents of 4 pages each. Started with learning curve of placement of phone over document. First there is a scan box over the document, when ready picture will be taken and placed in the done box. Sometimes I would note a poor scan. Learned to take multiple scans if the completed scan didn’t look good. After multiple attempts learned there is a way to edit the scans and delete bad scans. Also one can reorder the scans positions. Ultimately emailed 6 completed pdf files to myself and printed them, my main first try goal. This was a little trial and error learning curve. At this time I’m not aware of a help file.
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4 years ago, Manbot2020
What do you get when you combine an unstable scanning app, 100 pages of source material, and a deceptive “recents” tab that doesn’t do it’s only job? A recipe for disaster. Due to my limited access to a local university’s library, I chose to use scannable to secure the source information I would need for a paper I would be writing in the future. Little did I know, scannable offers anything but security. When I returned to the app 20-21 days after scanning the necessary pages, I found that all of my scans had been deleted. Mind you, not one time had I received a warning that these all-important scans would be deleted. Only once they were deleted and I began to dive into the deeper mechanics of the app did I realize that the app contains a “recents” tab. I thought, “Great, they’ll surely be in there. There’s no way this app just deleted my scans out of the blue!” I was wrong. The “recents” window claims to save recent scans for 30 days before deleting them. Unexplainably, though, my scans were nowhere to be found after only 20. This horribly unintuitive and deceptive design has now caused me to scramble to find the information I so desperately need, and I may have to spend over a hundred dollars to buy the books I found at the library. Do NOT use this app.
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5 years ago, jdouglasj
Excellent app that has stopped working on my iPhone
Scannable is the quickest, easiest way to transfer paper documents into OCR. I use it every day. However, the most recent version has acted squirrelly on my iPhone. After I send a document to Evernote, it tells me the documents have not been saved and asks me if I really want to delete them. But I just saved them to Evernote, so what is it talking about? This is a new step that I don’t understand. Also, it now sometimes gets hung up. After I click save I go to a screen that asks me to select Camera Roll or Evernote. I tap on Evernote but nothing happens. I’m stuck. So I have to quit the app, start it up again, go back to the same screen, and then it usually completes the process.
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3 years ago, yzayv
Good app, but resets sometimes. Would like default option.
I use this app often, it's the scanning app I prefer. I do have two issues. One is that regularly the app resets, and acts as if I've never used it. I'll need to scan something quickly, and it'll go through the whole animated icon, this is how this works routine. I know how it works, I've been using it for awhile. I don't need the tutorial. I don't know if this is related to updates, but the app data should say "this user had the app installed already, no need for the introduction every time an update is done." Also, I'd like to see a default option to save to camera roll. I don't use Evernote. Every time I have to choose whether I want the scan in my camera roll, or in Evernote. I *always* save to my camera roll. I'd like this to be a saved preference.
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4 years ago, CommanderToad
This teacher LOVES this app!
This app has changed my life and made what I give to students (1) higher quality and (2) faster to create. I’d estimate that it saves me more than an hour a week, and some weeks much more. It does a great job scanning a workbook or textbook page and adjusting for the binding... something copy machines are terrible at. Cropping any lingering issues and sending the pdf to myself is downright simple. In a world where students and parents expect every worksheet to be digitized and posted, this is a life saver. It’s powerful AND easy to use - a pairing seldom seen in education circles. =) Thank you so so much, Scannable team!
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5 years ago, Iorek1984
This is the scanner app that works
This scanner app works the best out of all of them. Period. Especially for packets of docs with lots of staples and clips you don’t want to remove. I tried most of the other apps and they’re just not as fast or efficient as this one. Rarely do I ever have to rescan a page that didn’t quite scan correctly. I do a lot of document reviews for my job and I have to scan odd size pages and combinations of pages and document packets full of staples and gem clips. This app does the job without having to remove them. I’ve tried other apps and I’ve always come back to this one.
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2 weeks ago, KB3KZ
Used to be the best
This used to be my favorite app for work. Super user friendly, fast, free to scan and send documents…. I recommended it to clients and coworkers and everyone’s been so elated with how helpful and nice this is… now on top of the scanning becoming more glitchy and less likely to get me a proper image, all of a sudden I cannot send anymore scans as we’re now expected to pay to use another app to just send the scans to and from that app, and I guess if I paid the premium subscription I could have more access to work with those scans through another app? What was wrong with the original scannable app? In this economy you are not convincing me to pay monthly to scan a document… Won't recommend this app again. I’m so disappointed.
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5 years ago, VoyagerOne
Best ever!
Can it be any easier to capture all your receipts for an expense report? I think not! Maybe if it could find the receipts I lost for me! This tool has simplified my life 200 fold. Docs get signed and sent, receipts captured so they don’t get lost or run through the wash in my back pockets, plus, I look like a pro doing my expense report while on the road instead of like all the poor shlubs back at the office taping their receipts on paper and waiting en masse for the one working copier/ scanner to get their reports in on time. Be a winner- use scannable! I do and love it. And with all the time I save, I sleep in instead of going in early on Fridays!
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6 years ago, Lynn Sann
This app compliments my BOX file system like no other . This makes all my files accessible at my fingertips all the time. I took my 19 y.o. son on a cruise who’s last name is different than mine. The port actually ask me to produce something that proves he is my son and that I’m not kidnapping an 18 year old boy , 10 inches taller than me. That would be a birth certificate?!!!. What? Why he is 18?! Well 21 is the cut off in the seaport. No sweat , my diligence in scanning documents and this amazing scannable app. Saved me at the port. The person in the counter was wowed ! With how I uncomplicate what would have been a complicated check in. Thank you Scannable and BOX!
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3 weeks ago, newebsitebad
Disappointed with new update. Too cumbersome
I have used and Loved Scannable for years. I currently Hate it, because of the new upgrade. Having to download a second app leaves me feeling very vulnerable. It is also very difficult to figure out, how to print or save what you have scanned. And heaven forbid you try to figure out how to print it. I scanned one piece of paper, it took me over 20 minutes to figure out where I needed to go to be able to either print it or save it. THEN! Try to erase it. I find this “New” update extremely difficult especially with absolutely no directions. The prior version was very simple, direct and easy to use. Having to use 2 apps, is not simple. I do not like the idea of having to use two apps. Very sad. Time to find another Scanner App
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