Evite: Party Invitations

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Evite, Inc
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3 months ago
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14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Evite: Party Invitations

4.84 out of 5
465.3K Ratings
5 years ago, ImAg!n3r
Easy and Effective!
I hesitate to coordinate events because of the stress involved with making invitations and sending them to people's home address! Then, the thought of sending out electronic invitations to parties stresses me out even more! In my mind, I had this thought of some archaic invitation system where I had to painstakingly comb through fonts and layouts and then search out every individual person's contact information— all while being bombarded by obnoxious advertisements or enticements to upgrade to some kind of 'Pro' version. Not so with Evites! I have a gathering that I’m trying to plan and I think I made the invitation, picked the guest list and sent out every invitation (some to emails and some to cell phone numbers) ALL in about 40 minutes in my first try. The interface is easy, intuitive and graphically pleasing. It’s a great way to plan an event and I am 100% sold. THANK YOU for a great product! The only thing I would like to request is that for the Goodbye Party theme, the font of the title could be thicker and not in a color like yellow that is difficult to read on a bright blue background. Many invitations are going to those who are up in years, thus they need clear, thick font in order to see the invitation accurately. But really, all in all, this is great!
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5 years ago, GettinFit13
Issues with all functions
Just opened my app to view a new invitation and it asked me to sign in, which is weird b/c I was just on the app a week ago I was already signed into my account and could view all my invitations and account, now I have to sign in and when I do it takes me right into making a new invitation and if I choose the settings button it just brings me to the specifics for that invite, if I press the back button it takes me back to the sign in screen ... didn’t find anything about a recent issue and I have the recent version! I closed the app on my phone and reinstalled, still doing it! Super frustrating! What’s going on ? I love the app and prefer it over online version any day but just want to fix this issue
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3 months ago, discount shopp
Love content, mobile app is not user friendly
I love the content, styles, designs that evite has, so I've used it for at least a decade. The mobile app however is clunky, sometimes unresponsive and doesn’t allow you to manage invitations/guest lists like the desktop version. Please mirror the features in web version. I have to tap on alerts icon multiple times before it responds. I’d like to update guests and update RSVP’s as needed for those that spontaneously RSVP’d in person or through some other means outside of Evite. Make the app simple to use. I should be able to select any guest or multiple guests and update status quickly or all at once (like checkbox to select multiple options). Today there are also way too many clicks/layers of clicking to drill down to guests or send a message in the app. It would be nice to simply hit a button on the main page that sends an pre-populated message to guests ( like a reminder to RSVP) or even a feature that allows me to schedule frequency or a date to deliver a default or custom message. Also if can eliminate the need to select an invitation at login if i only have one upcoming?
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2 years ago, Lane KT
What happened?
It’s been a couple of years since I entertained and needed to send an invitation and in that time, the app lost helpful functions and is clunky to navigate with large amounts of screen used for nothing. A previous reviewer noted the functionality across platforms should be the same and it’s vastly different. Ex: I couldn’t change guest options in the app to show adults vs kids after the invite was created. And when I tried to log into the website from a mobile browser it repeatedly opened the app. I wanted to view the desktop version of evite so I could make the change since the app didn’t offer the function I needed. Additionally, on the app I used to be able to see when guests opened the invite - now it tells me someone opened the invite “yesterday” but I only sent the invite today-! Lastly, the app is clearly so commercialized now that it’s distracting - each time I went in to update a draft, I was given a barrage of ads - “you’ve earned $40 for wine club this and meal prep kits that” - it’s just not what I came here to do. I miss the days of simpler screens with more functionality and a more seamless mobile to desktop experience.
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3 years ago, Ellyse88
IF you plan on doing a virtual event through Evite, DON’T DO IT!!
I used their virtual video chat for my virtual baby shower and it was a disaster. It kept kicking my family and friends off the chat, some of my family and friends couldn’t sign in on the chat, and they only display 12 people at a time during the chat. The rest of your guests would have wait until someone signed off for them to get that slot (i had 75 guests trying to attend). I also had issues with audio going in and out as I’m trying tell people about my gifts which was very frustrating. I got knocked out the chat twice and when I tried to get back in the chat, i had to wait until someone turned off their camera so i could back on which doesn’t make sense since IM THE HOST smh. Overall, you would be better off using zoom. I was highly disappointed and upset because I was already bummed I couldn’t have a real shower because of COVID and this experience didn’t make it any better. I will never use their service again!
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1 year ago, DLK1981
Unable to open invitation after paying $30 upgrade
I hate to say it, but once again I am having problems with evite after paying for an upgrade. I included a cohost, spent a half hour creating the invitation, paid 30$ upgrade for desired ease, and now I can see nothing but the homepage to create an invitation. I’ve tried restarting the phone , the app, accessing instead through the email link to see who RSVP’ed… but each time I get brought to the homepage to create , which includes no other options. I click on the home icon; it brings me nowhere. I understand technical things happen sometimes, but the point remains—I can not access my responses as the party planner. For some reason my cohost can see, but not me.. the paying customer. I’ve had two other tech savvy people check it out to make sure I’m not missing anything … and I’m not. I’m hoping customer service sees this review and reaches out to me and fixes it . Or at least refunds me since I’m not receiving the services I paid for.
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6 years ago, MDZvi
App Needs Improvement
Functionality between app, desktop web access and phone web access is ALL different. It should be the same. On some platforms I can edit guests’ status, others I cannot. On one platform, I can see if it’s a phone number or email associated with the guest. On the other two I cannot. Adding the text ability for Evite is great, but you need to work out the bugs. Many of my guests could NOT rsvp to Evite with out entering email (after I invited everyone via text). This caused MAJOR problems because I ended up with multiple entries for the same person. There HAS to be a way to add phone number AND email to a guest’s profile so that you don’t get duplicates...one guest profile with phone number, duplicate guest profile with email. Not well designed from a programming point of view. You need to anticipate problems and design solutions that avoid them
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4 years ago, Turloiu
Easy to use—took my stress away
This app took my stress away from creating invitations for my baby shower. I just scrolled over the premade templates, picked one that resonated with my theme and party type and then added some basic info (party title, host names, location) then added a message and selected my guests from my phone book and hit send. Then kicked back and waited for replies to the invite. My guests had an easy time receiving and replying to the invite and its nice to see who is able to come and who may not be able to. I sent it to my husband’s phone to see what a guest receives and its a message with the name of the host and a link to the e-invite that has all the info. I’m grateful for this free app. Now i can focus on putting the rest of the party together 😅
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4 years ago, Real Leal
Baby Shower Fun
This app allowed my daughter and I the opportunity to invite and make aware of our special celebration to our friends and family around the country. It is user friendly and it does all the work at just a few clicks of a text. Amazing and free for beautiful designs of wonderful invitations and thank you cards all sent through the internet and your personal contacts. Also one may edit the information if needed, choose the design amongst many, personalize the invite or not, and interact with replies to and from your contacts! Awesome!!!
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4 years ago, $7$100
Set a reminder to cancel 30 days before expiration or be billed!
The reason I considered this app is to try it out... based on the reviews I went for it, but one can’t go by “5 star” reviews alone anymore. The app was fine in terms of having more invitation options and no advertising... but other than that which was fine for the time frame I needed the app to be advertisement free, it didn’t make much more of a difference. I’m not upset because of my results during the 3 month subscription but rather that my account was billed for another 3 months. I knew I didn’t want the app for more than three months so I never hit the auto renewal, I opted out. When I saw my email that I have approved the charges I went into my account to cancel. It was easier to subscribe than to cancel. This is how that make money, I suppose. If you choose to try the app make sure to set a reminder to check your account to avoid “auto renewal”.
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4 years ago, kagogo
Sending Evite by Text
I recently downloaded the app after using the web service for a few years. In the past, as a sender and a recipient of evites, I have been frustrated by being limited to email, since many people, including myself, tend to ignore email, or have filters to weed out the junk mail. So - I was happy to be able to send my most recent evite in the form of a text message, since text is more direct. However - most of my invitees completely missed it, since it came from a strange number (not from me, who is one of their contacts). My husband forwarded me the text he received, and honestly, it comes across like spam or phishing. One last minor comment: My friend asked me when I had sent the evite, and when I went into the app to check, I couldn’t find a record of the “sent date”.
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4 years ago, Cruiser175
Importing contacts takes some work but still a worthwhile app
Entering and importing contacts does not always work as smoothly as I would like and I have to edit the contacts because they are listed as the email is listed versus how I would like them presented, which is last name first, first name last. Once it is edited, it usually works so it is not perfect but it is a great option once the set up is in the form that I like it. I will keep using it. I tried to upgrade to an ad free version for my guests so I hope that works this time. When I was setting up my latest Evite I kept getting a pop up then I won some prize and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it so I had to keep exiting out and logging back in so I was very frustrated.
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2 years ago, Sillygardener2
Still so many bugs
I’ve been using this app weekly for 7+ yrs and I think I only stay because I can’t find a better alternate. My frustrations are with the following unfixed bugs: The app duplicates rsvps for those who reply via text and also email so you will get an error inflating the totals. This has gotten me in trouble on several occasions from sports teams to dinner reservations. The copy feature from paste events is a major time savor. However, the images get mixed up between old and new events so I’m finding it’s better to just start over. Obviously there is a reason I keep coming back. It does a great job saving all my contacts and the images and concepts are great!!!!
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4 years ago, Bec1039384756
App won’t login/ customer support is useless
This app changed recently and I am no longer able to login. I keep getting an error message. I can login via web page on my phone without a problem. I emailed customer support. I got one reply and nothing since then. They don’t answer. I’ve used this company for years, maybe it’s time for a change Update 1/1/20 Dear Evite Team, Thank you for responding to my review and your invite to email my issues to you for resolution. Unfortunately, I HAVE emailed. In fact, i have followed up several times without any further response from your Support team. Hence my reviews of your app because it does not work nor can I get help in it. I deleted the app from my phone. Hopefully, one day, you will fix it so others can use it without the same issues and with better support than I have experienced.
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4 years ago, lanarei
App isn’t great
This is a review for the app, not the evite service, which I enjoy. The app itself has very limited capabilities in terms of managing the evite. There is also no way to edit the evite contacts through the app, which is bizarre, as it would be convenient to sync them with your phone contacts. The biggest frustration of all is that there is no way to get app notifications from your evite without also getting email notifications. The whole point of an app for me would to be able to receive notifications via the app without evite blowing up my email. Or being able to fully edit and manage my evite. I can do neither of these things so this app is essentially useless.
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4 years ago, ocdboyyyyhey
great, but a few fixes
this app is great and I’ve easily been able to plan parties and get togethers and also been able to rsvp to them. The problem is that the online version allows you to add a “sign up to bring something” list, but the app version does not. I’d expect the app version to have the same and even more options than the online version, but I guess not. It would be so much more easier and better if there was the same options in the app as the online version so that it would be less frustrating. Overall this is a great app for online invitations and I would recommend this to anyone.
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2 years ago, krispyk61
Good Concept But the App Doesn’t Work
This is a good concept, but no parts of this free app work the way they’re supposed to. Many people didn’t receive the evite via text, and many couldn’t RSVP. When people did RSVP, it didn’t show up or their name would be on the YES or NO list and also still in the NO REPLY list. Impossible to know how many people are really invited or coming to my party. The invite also could be a little more flexible as to wording, etc. I would be willing to pay to make and send out an invitation, but I don’t want to subscribe to something I use every 2 years. You guys could do so much better and probably make more money to charge per invite or per party!
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5 years ago, nicole corin
Life saver!
This app is great. Free and easy to use. They have lots of great invitation layouts to choose from. If I didn’t have evite then I would have 0 guests coming to my daughters birthday party, I have handwritten all the invites and still haven’t sent them out due to not having people’s home addresses. With evite you can send them by email text or any social media platform and you get rsvp notifications right on your phone 👌🏼 Even as a back up to hand written invites it’s nice to see all the guests laid out in front of you and how many yes maybe and no’s there are.
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3 years ago, Shannette Q
Diamond’s UNLV Graduation Party
My daughter received her Bachelors Degree from UNLV and was scheduled to graduate in May of 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it didn’t happens. Therefore, I decided to give her a party at home and wanted to reach my family and friends in and out of State immediately. My daughter created the invite in minutes added the details, uploaded her photo and it was ready to be sent in multiple ways. I love this app and will continue to use it for every future event. Not to mention is saved me so money in stamps, time and addressing the envelopes😍 Evite is the only way to go❤️
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4 years ago, Happy writer
Not so happy anymore
I used to use this app and it looked nice. Now the cards are so hard to see to pick from so kind of just picking. The ads are awful and when the invite goes out its so small cheap and tacky adds all over. When I get my replies in. I'm going to look for something different. Too cheap looking ... And no preview anymore.. But I did check on my lap top after reading other reviews and yes it's much nicer there then on phone.. Unfortunately most people are reading on mobile .. I'd pay my .99 to get those adds off like other apps. I just got a credit report 2019 and my email with my password was compromised from this site. So anyone using this with a password should check your acct...
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5 years ago, Territown
Can’t even register!
I’ve never used Evite before and after reading many reviews I was excited to give it a try! Especially since I see that Evites can now be sent via text. I need to reschedule an event that we had to postpone due to hurricane Florence, so I really don’t have time to mail out new invitations. I figured using Evite would be faster. I downloaded the app, entered my first and last name, my email address and a password then hit the register button, then nothing. I keep getting a pop up window that says “Registration Error, Please try again”. So I click “ok” and try again only to get the same error message over and over again. What could I have possibly done wrong? Please get back to me with a way to fix this. I’d love to update my review with 5 stars!!
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6 years ago, MrsJohnson912
Great but having issues with rsvps
I made my evite just fine, and I love it. I wish I could have sent it to more email accounts but the fact that it synced with my contacts made it so easy to send them out via text. However, some of my family are having trouble rsvping. It won't go through is what they've told me. My husband thinks it might be the combination of using an iPhone and putting in a gmail address to rsvp. At least that was the problem with both my in-laws. I'm not sure why they need to put in an email to rsvp, but most of them have come through just fine.
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5 years ago, Hallopolloza
Better than Facebook
I’ll start by saying this invite has more functions than Facebook so already I like it. I did get more and faster responses being able to text & send via FB messenger. The only thing my guests complained about is having to enter their email in order to RSVP. This could be a nice option but should not be a requirement. The other suggestion I have is to add a feature to take the “Maybe” out of the RSVP. I mean does anyone want a maybe list piled up when they are trying to get a certain number of RSVP’s. These 2 improvements would make party planning a ton better!
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4 years ago, Bebesita_94
Really good
You can create custom invitations to parties so easily! I did it and sent it out to people in 10 mins! They have so many templates to choose from and you just add your details and boom you’re done. Oh and did I mention ITS FREE?! Best part. You can choose extremely extravagant and animated templates for some dollars but all the free stuff they have is really great. And I really like how the guests can rave and tell how many people will be coming. It makes it easy for purchasing food. I’m definitely gonna be not only using this forever but
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4 years ago, Saskik
Unbelievable Invitations via Text
I was so excited to use Evite their invitations are beautiful and easy to use. The only issue I have with this app is half of my guests didn't receive their invitations. I've contacted customer service twice and both times they responded with a generic response stating they've received an influx of tickets and they'll get back to me in a timely manner. I've checked my manage invite button, and it states I have no undeliverable items. When I know that is inaccurate as my guests have told me they never received the invitation. This is extremely distressful as I paid for the premium packet and my event is in a couple of weeks. I'll keep y'all posted if this issue gets resolved.
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1 year ago, Lavenderstrawbry
Better than another app
I’m updating my review. This app is better than my old invite app Punchbowl. It allows you to add a wish list, which guests love and will even send a party reminder. You have to remember to go into the app to allow guests to designate between children and adults, which is annoying. It’s also annoying that it cost money to use your own design for the entirety of the invite. Overall I like it for a free app, and would give it five stars if it was cheaper for a paid app or you could use your own invite for free.
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5 years ago, JD3334
Easy but useless
I’ll keep this short and to the point. I’ve used this service in the past and decided to use it again for a party. Setting up the invite and getting it out was simple enough. I like that you can use text to send invite. That’s where the usefulness of this app stops. I now have to personally call or text all the people invited because their RSVP’s are NOT COMING THROUGH. I sent out a message reminding people to RSVP and received multiple text messages back stating they responded to the Evite weeks ago. EVITE is simply not updating properly and now I have to do the work the app will not. Fortunately I’m able To fix this well before the party but I will NOT use this app again.
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3 years ago, jenweb325
Does not save progress
Really fun app that I love to use, however I switch out of the app for 2 seconds to look up my friends info and when I come back the invite I just spent 30 mins crafting is gone. That’s unbelievable. Please fix this very upsetting issue. Additionally, In the “message” section, while typing on my iPhone it does not give the option to “shift” down to a new line, to create space between paragraphs. This would be a nice feature. It’s interesting that you guys push the app so much, but in fact on the browser you are able to edit the font format a lot, where you’re not able to on the app :/
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5 years ago, NarwhalRose
This is an excellent app.
This is an amazing app. It does date, time, place (and pulls up an address for you. You can also invite people even after you’ve sent it to the big group. Always keeps you notified. I just LOVE the different cute things you can send to people as an invitation. Can be sent to emails as well as phone numbers, giving access to everyone. I would recommend always using this for parties or get-togethers. My first time using it I thought it was fabulous from the start.
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5 years ago, Hc207
Been an evite user for 20 years
I appreciate the aesthetic of some of the competitors and understand why people choose those- but I love evite. Been using since 2000 to organize social parties and now for my kids’ birthday parties- it’s the first and the all around best. Plus if people have your old email address you can link them and then select which account you want the actual notification to go to- so I never miss them even if people use a work email from ten years ago.
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2 months ago, Payl9987
Not so great anymore
I downloaded this app in 2021 in hopes it would be the perfect solution to invite friends over for house/pool parties. At first, it was great. Guests could see who all was coming, there was a What To Bring List, I could easily see who RSVP and who didn’t! But then early 2023, something changed. The What To Bring List started sporadically not working and then eventually just stopped working. Being able to manage and the list of invitees moved and was not intuitive to access. And then guests stopped receiving updates. The ads and pressure to upgrade increased. Overall, it went downhill and I not pleased with it. I do not recommend.
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4 years ago, MelanieLev
One downside
This is the invitation app I’ve been waiting for! I love being able to send invites via text from my phone and not have to import my contacts manually. The only downside I see is that in the context of inviting people to children’s bday parties, there’s no option to name the child recipient. Often I’m sending the invitation to the parent not the child. And the parent may have multiple kids and may not immediately recognize which of their children is being invited.
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4 years ago, ccmiller79
Love it...mostly
I love the customizable features. Love the ease of planning, inviting from my contacts, adding photos, thank you notes and staying in touch with my guests before and after the event. Don’t love that it gives me false reads on my number of notifications in the badge. (I panic easily and think something must be wrong that I have 13 new notifications, then I open it to see 2 unread messages out of 13.) I also don’t love that I can’t get it to open my messages without several attempts. That’s new. It didn’t used to do that.
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5 years ago, 😊💗🙃🤣😍😂😜
Nice app!
I love evite because it’s so much easier to plan and coordinate parties. I would love to be able to give evite 5 stars but I have one suggestion. So I read an article on the help page telling how to make a co-host but I couldn’t find a way to do it on the app. Also, the article said you had to have an evite account but that makes it hard for people who don’t but are working with people who are. I know they can just make an account, but it would just be easier if they didn’t have to. Thanks for making this great app and website!
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1 year ago, perciphoni
A lot of choices
I love the graphics, the choices regarding the wording, menu creation, rsvp notifications, tally for guests and the notifications of those who have not responded. However, it is difficult to make changes in the menu after it has been uploaded. I had to do much of this via message. The site is not overly helpful in finding how to make corrections. You have to be able to just get in there and delete if necessary. Once it is out, it becomes a manual effort on paper.
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2 years ago, Kachita21
If I could give this app 0 stars I would
I’ve created two accounts so far to try to gain access for my only event and both accounts have failed to work. I’ve tried to reset password for first account for over an hour and haven’t gotten a single response or confirmation email. I created a second account to manage my event and when I tried to log in with the password I WROTE DOWN MYSELF not only says the password is wrong but it also says the account DOESNT EXIST. How is that possible?? I just created it and became a co-host of my own event. The site says that customer service is from 9 to 5 so now I have to wait to make big changes to my event which messes up my schedule. On top of that I don’t think it’s necessary to have an agent on stand by to send a password reset link which I haven’t gotten for NEITHER accounts This is the last time I use this garbage website. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t remember accounts Service is awful to non existent There are many more functional sites to run an event Never again
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2 years ago, Family History the Easy Way
Great App! But one suggestion
I love this app! It’s so easy to coordinate a get together, and the invite designs are so varied and cute! And the RSVP tracking is perfect! My only suggestion is that the automated text message that is sent out with the link to the invite be in some way less “spam like”. I have so many friends who won’t even click the link because the text is too generic and looks suspicious. Perhaps allow for the personal message to be included in the text with the invite link? Thank you!
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5 years ago, Tamara Vena
Love it ❤️
I love this app it does the work for you all you have to do is send the invite from your contact list or add a number everybody responds right in the app I just wish there was a way for your guest to see your phone number show up instead of a random number because they may Be reluctant to check it due to all the soliciting text messages We get these days but other than that it’s worth it❤️ I would give the app a rating of 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Poopy loopy toopy
Evite is a blessing! It is a breeze to create a very lovely invitation and send out to friends. I no longer have to buy cards that may or may not convey the vibe I am looking for. I no longer have to hand write, address, and mail cards that use to take time and effort. This is SO much easier, faster, and cheaper!!! I created an White in 5 minutes while watching tv, saved it, and will send out to friends later! I had a “to do” and in a snap it is done. The card is SO cute!!!
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3 months ago, Kooldolphins
Use to be awesome now its just ehhh
For whatever reason they removed the detail food list where you tell everyone the menu then list all the items needed, ppl could sign up for what they were bringing or add in their own items. Without this feature u could just send a group text. Ur still going to get a ton of text messages and ppl r going to forget what they volunteered for. I throw a lot of gatherings min 30ppl. Home BBQ, dinner parties, large pot luck lunches, major formal events. Evite had a great app that needed a little more detail to make it perfect. Why would you take away amazing features you already offered?????
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8 months ago, pamcake2022
However approved this update should be fired
Why did you update the app and remove features?! There is no where in the app for me to cancel an event reminder even though you sent me an email asking me if I wanted to adjust it. I had to force my phone to not open the app and use the browser and then search forever to locate where to adjust it. Ugh Also for the love all things good, why would you remove the feature that use to give me a count at the top of my rsvps that separated adult and child rsvps? Now I have to go through and individually count the child rsvps separately. Make sure when you are updating your app that you aren’t removing features.
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4 years ago, Sana Mittal✨
amazing! 5 stars!!
this app has made my life so much easier! i am 12 years old and was planning a Christmas party for all my friends, i was not sure how i was going to get the invitation out until my sister told me to get EVITE! it’s a truly great app! it also makes me feel better because handing out paper invitations at school makes the people who weren’t invited feel bad and i don’t like doing that. so thank you so much EVITE! i hope to continue to use you in the future.
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4 years ago, Angela W. - Gaithersburg
Great Free App
This is a great free app that I have used over the years. Of course there are a lot of ads and up sells that are very distracting. And for new users that are in the older generation it was difficult to discern what to do. My 77 yr old mom wanted to send out the evites for my 50th birthday celebration but I had to log in as her as walk her through it... and she is actually pretty good at email and Facebook on her own. My only issue is with adding guests. That was confusing at first and it took many tries before I understood what the app was trying to get me to do.
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2 years ago, PhilipNTx
Doesn’t work on iPad
I set up my evite on the desktop website. After that I’ve been monitoring it on my iPad Pro, but it’s horrible. I try to view the different groups (yes, no, no response), but the list either doesn’t display any names — when there should be — or shows an incomplete list. The longer list of “no response” sometimes shows the first few, sometimes the first half, and sometimes the second half of the list. It has never shown me the entire list. With the “yes” and “no” lists, it usually displays no names, even though people have indeed responded. So for right now the app version is a waste and serves no purpose.
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4 years ago, JBFried
So far, very frustrated!
Using this app for the first time. Filled in all required fields, except a photo, and hit continue. Error message appears stating all required fields must be entered. Gggggrrrrrrr! Thought maybe it’s the photo section......nope, can’t figure out how to upload a photo! I tap the photo section, nothing! Tap the red writing that states must upload a photo, nothing! Guess I’ll find a more user friendly app for my party. Thanks for wasting my time Evite!
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1 month ago, dknyc724
The Greeting Card Function Needs Work
The invitations are very good & adding people after the fact is not an issue. Not the case for greeting/thank you cards, which is crazy & annoying. You’re also limited to 200 characters, which includes your salutation. Quite a challenge. So I sent out 60+ thank yous but when I wanted to later add someone I forgot, I had to start from scratch. Makes zero sense. It would be a much needed improvement to add that capability plus an option to edit/customize any note for various individuals.
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4 years ago, KH_SD
Glitchy app and website.
All around very frustrating to use. Apparently they don’t know what QA is. Tons of bugs and glitches, maybe limited to using on a mobile device. Tried the app and the mobile website. Terrible experience. - The add guests function does not remove guests after you’ve sent them the invite without unchecking them subsequently. - If you try to send the group a message and go back to modify the list of recipients, it’s duplicates, triplicates, the user names. - There is no way to delete a message once enough draft it. - There is no way to remove a recipient once you’ve selected them and gone let that selection screen. - When typing a message on the mobile website, if your message exceeds a couple lines, it deletes what you’ve typed and says “undefined” - the pop-up ad covers the message box and trying to close it just results in clicking the ad and launching it - When trying to delete users from Evite, I often received “an error has occurred” and couldn’t remove them.
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5 months ago, RaeMoCooks
New app version confusing for planner and invitees
The new version of this app is nearly unusable. I have been using Evite for decades and I don’t understand why it has gotten so much worse recently. Guests can only see 3-4 of the respondents and the customization I did to the web browser version (RSVP style) didn’t translate to the app. Navigating the app UI is confusing and overall a terrible experience. I suspected this was because Evite was trying to push me to a paid membership but those options are not priced for an average user and don’t seem to offer useful features. I will be switching to a new email invite service going forward.
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6 years ago, 1adventurejunkie
Google Sign In previously not Available on App
Update: Evite fixed the issue and I am now able to utilize the app. I appreciate the response letting me know it was fixed and it seems the app is actually quite useful once logged in. ;) Initial Review: Scenario goes like this: from my laptop, I go to evite and log in using the button that says to use your Google Login (just like the Facebook option). I use my gmail acct and create an invitation for an event. Next day, I download the app so I can monitor responses. There is no “Google” login button (only Facebook). I try using google email anyway to log into app. No dice. I try to reset password, it redirects to an incorrect webpage. The app is completely useless if you can’t login the same way you logged in on the website. Please fix. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Lurchich
Have had nothing but issues
This was my second attempt at using the app. 0/2 on success with the app. First time I used it because of the text feature...which was great...until it made me log in through the website and would crash on the app. Fast forward to today trying to create an Evite for Thanksgiving...create it...enter all the details...hit “continue” and get “Could Not Create Event - Sorry there was a problem and we could not create your event. Please try again later” Very disappointing. If you can’t create a seamless app, don’t release it until the bugs are worked out! Back to the internet to start over on the website! 😒
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