Excite Mobile Banking

4.8 (2K)
41.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Excite Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Excite Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
2K Ratings
6 years ago, danperetto
Always has problems
The bank is constantly doing updates and they don’t inform the clients that the app will be down for long periods of time I have had this problem on at least 4 occasions. They said the app was going to make it easier for clients to pay bills and check balance but if it is down and the client doesn’t know until they try to use it how is that helping. This is a joke when you call them they don’t have any supervisors available to speak to you
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2 years ago, stonexoxo
I recently opened an account at Excite! I’ve been completely satisfied with in-person and mobile banking! Thanks Excite!
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2 years ago, outer space man
Unable to deposit checks
I have been using the check deposit feature for years with no problems. Five days ago I can no longer deposit checks. After entering the amount of the check and selecting “camera” a message appears to “rotate your phone” but then the feature is frozen and the user cannot continue on the app. Only thing left to do is to close the app by sliding it up. I have visited the bank in person and reported this problem to the bank about 4 days ago and the problem still persists.
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2 years ago, OnlinetoyZ
Check deposit is broken
As reported by many users since mid-September — the check deposit functionality is broken. Should it take over a month to fix that?
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2 years ago, Bkb1967
Excited App User
Love the new colors looks slick. The app is reliable and the functionality has improved significantly!
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5 years ago, wendyhg
I feel as if the fraud dept is lacking and not notifying customers of same. I recently found 6 fraudulent transactions and never once did Alliance contact me about it.
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3 years ago, Money bags 2.0
It’s easy, I love it!
Love the ease of online banking via the app especially, making deposits! :-)
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2 years ago, Vlara99*
Can’t mobile deposit check
So annoying that I’m only to deposit checks sometimes. Most of the time I can’t because it says to rotate. Sometimes the rotate works & other times it doesn’t. Very inconvenient ‘
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6 years ago, Tyree C Coggins
There’s always something goodbye
I need to transfer my money so I can pay people there money and I can’t because there’s always problems with this app and most of the time I am out of town and not able to go to the bank, so they are forced to wait there payment I’m done with this bank and going to Wells Fargo goodbye.
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7 years ago, Atcloudwalker
Easy to use, perfect amount of information
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2 years ago, CydeWeyz
Only primary cardholders allowed to use the app?
I can log into the web browser, but I cannot log into the app. Customer service says only primary account users can access the app not additional users
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2 years ago, Shanemansnake
Unable to deposit checks
The check deposit feature is no longer working. Stuck on message to rotate device.
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7 months ago, Unhappy with bank
I can pay my own car payment
The bank is constantly doing things without authorization with my money in account and going to stop using this bank if this continues
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3 years ago, Jlonurse
Union doesn’t work for credit boost
This credit union doesn’t participate in capital ones credit boost. Really annoying it’s how I pay all my bills
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2 years ago, Eimaha
32 + years
32 years, never a problem when you have to go into a branch that’s always good, can’t complain about anything
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2 years ago, Dee7125
Camera for check deposit doesn’t work
With the new ios 16.0 release, the app doesn’t work with the camera for check deposit image capture.
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6 years ago, JimsTrophyWife
Iphone X
Love the app- but wish I didn’t have to type in my password each time. Facial recognition coming anytime soon??
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1 year ago, TroopersGirl
Not working
I’ve tried depositing a check for 2 days now, it keeps saying application error. This is unacceptable for a banking app
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2 years ago, pantroxx
Camera issue
Camera for deposits stuck on one position
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6 years ago, Brandirey
Easy and convenient 👍
So convenient!
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7 years ago, Twins2007
I am very happy with this App very easy to use.
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5 years ago, snesbitt
The app doesn’t work properly at all
The old Alliance Credit Union app worked well, but I only receive Error messages from this Excite app. Incredibly annoying and inconvenient!
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7 years ago, Clinchah
Great app
Intuitive design, great functional
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2 years ago, uuctc
Nice service
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4 years ago, AnnoyedByCrapSW
Fewest clicks imaginable - so fast and easy
Hire that SW engineer for ever.
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2 years ago, Yamile25
Most of the time down
Lots of problems. Most of the time I get errors or the app is not working.
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2 years ago, deathspared
Can’t take pic of checks
Can’t take picture of checks
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2 weeks ago, oiuuu123
Don’t even bank with these people
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7 years ago, Dr. K-Space
Great App
No complaints!!
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2 months ago, Tajinderpsingh
Love it
Great app
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12 years ago, Pain for days
Perfectly Pleased
I am so very pleased with this App ... I check my balances daily and my balance history is usually right on the dime. Since I started using this app I am not having any more NSF fees, because I am in complete control. I find the only delay is when i use my card for gas, so I just calculate myself the amount used. App wasn't working properly a few months back, there was swift action from the Credit Union once I brought it to their attention. I was told was a programming glitch and was fixed within a couple days!
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10 years ago, Gloria n
My credit union app
I really like this app. Easy to use, helpful with the right things. I wish the phone number was highlighted and noticeable. Sometimes I have questions and need to talk to a live person so having the number bigger or a different color would help.
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12 years ago, Da Bo$$
Has a few bugs, other than that great
I've had this app since it came out and it has worked pretty well for me, at times it doesn't show me my account. It says to try again later and its frustrating especially when you're traveling and need to check balances etc. The app when it allows you to do everything normally works great, but its not solid-- either that or the bank does a lot of maintenance work and doesn't allow you to access your accounts. No iPhone 5 screen stretch yet :(
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12 years ago, Taiyay
Convenient banking.
I love it! Really accessible and easy to use. It helps me manage my account at all times! My one suggestion would be on the ATM locater page, if the screen would refresh and load new locations if you move the map in that new area.
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11 years ago, redneck button fan
Couldn't be happier!
I can do everything I need and want to! It never crashes, never lags, never ever gives me any reason to get frustrated! Alliance has done great! It's very secure, all I need now is to get my estatments via Alliance Credit Union Application. Never hesitate on getting it.
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12 years ago, wndrwmm17
It's Money!
Was very excited when the app became available. There are still some features that I'm anxiously awaiting, but I know it takes some time! Thank you for making account view and transfers available right now. Can't wait to see more :)
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8 years ago, Noface2
It's very convenient to be able to bank from mobile with simple but functional interface. I find myself using it more often than a PC browser.
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9 years ago, Mrs. choo choo
Helps me get what I need done
This app has all the usual functions of a bank. Mobile deposit, transfers, balances... It's perfect to handle all of your on-the-go needs. Love being able to monitor my money. This app makes it easy.
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8 years ago, Viicktourea
It made a lot easier being away from home. There is not an alliance where my school. So the App comes in handy. I love how I can take a picture of my checks and it sends directly into my account.
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13 years ago, apolomaz
Well done tis is it.
Tis app is one of the best for all Alliance costumers. We bing all wetting for it came great. Can you please update so we can all deposit check thru the camera from the iPhone. Thanks Alliance
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11 years ago, Lt451
Lacking one feature
I am a member of another credit union that uses what appears to be the same basic webpage and app and they offer a photo check deposit. Come on alliance, time to step up. Other than that, it's a great app.
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12 years ago, Mcraftdriver
Get it you will use it
Two words you usually do not see at the same time greatly USEABLE and APP. Nothing you would want to do you can do it from this app with a couple of finger strokes
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8 years ago, Rinji~
Good for Distance Banking
Alliance has been my bank for a long time, but I've moved around a lot, so as someone that does a lot of remote banking, this app is great! Love how they keep adding new features.
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10 years ago, Buster-Chloe
Great App!
Love this app. Can do most everything I need to do. It would be nice to have a specific iPad app, however, I've been able to use the iPhone app with absolutely no issues.
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11 years ago, scrablle dude
Great app!
Great app. Love the new update that allows you to deposit checks from home! Now if you would just allow me to deposit cash from this app it would be "doubly" great!!
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13 years ago, Jaywuro910
Account history
Needs to allow me to access my account history. Dont have any problems otherwise! Great app.
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10 years ago, Saratoga Bernie
Alliance Mobile App
The deposit feature is easy to use. Excellent app! Thank you for the Ability to deposit checks remotely.
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8 years ago, Kianna of CA
Saves lots of time
Love the app. Can check balances very quickly and can make check deposits through app. ++. Only negative is that I can't pay my Visa that is issued by Alliance on the app. I can view balance, but that's it.
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9 years ago, ThottyK
Excellent app
Love it, didn't feel like going all the way to the bank to deposit my check..and this app saved the day
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10 years ago, Doogiemom
Good app
Would like to be able to pay credit card from this app, but have to go online to the webpage- otherwise very functional.
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