Export Audio

4.8 (241)
9.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nobutaka Yuasa
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Export Audio

4.83 out of 5
241 Ratings
3 years ago, MsJackieG
After quite a search, I found this tool and it was so easy to download and use! I highly recommend using this to extract out the audio from your videos!!!!! it’s so much simpler than all of the suggestions written about out there. I kept reading through all of the log Posts and kept trying the suggestions to figure out what tool I could easily use WHEN I stumbled on this one!!! I needed something simple easy for my mobile phone and guess what this is the tool!! Jackie Gauthier
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4 years ago, GtrGeorgeDC
Works Great, BUT...
This is an excellent little app; I’ve needed something like this for awhile to be able to extract and process the sound track from my video clips, and this does the job beautifully. My only complaint, and it is a big one, is the ads. They are not terribly offensive or distracting; they don’t really interfere with the operation of the app, but I would like the option to pay a one-time fee for the app, which I would be happy to do! There is no good reason for this developer to not include this option. As soon as you include an IAP to upgrade to 100% ad-free, I will gladly pay, and will increase my rating to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, TW Smith
Really Puzzling!! Wow
So many apps leave so much to be desired, this one does more than it seems, it is seamless, simple and within minutes I had extracted audio from a video, and was editing on my ipad. I was puzzled because I was looking on how to pay, and there isn't one.. there is an ad or two.. but nothing annoying, but it is totally free. TO THE Developer : Put a $.99 ad remover and I will pay you.. or donate button.. You deserve it. Thank you
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4 years ago, RadicalDelusion
Simple and functional
These days, it is getting more and more rare to find a free app that does what it claims to do without really annoying ads, or the need to make an in app purchase. This app does exactly what it says. It extracts audio from video, and converts it to formats compatible with iTunes. I just wish it had an import to music library feature. For that I would be willing to pay a few dollars.
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2 years ago, GiovaniAlpha3268
Good app for free, but one problem
This is a good app and it has helped me a lot because I am a musician and I used it to get audio samples from videos. The only problem is that when I am choosing videos it doesn’t give me access to the different albums I created in my photo gallery. It only allows access to my “recent”, which makes it harder to find the videos I want to sample because they are not organized.
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1 year ago, denise.yourbeautyexpert
Simple and Easy to use!
So far this has been the easiest most straightforward app i’ve used- it does exactly what it says- and i gives you the option to store them nicely in organized folders, etc. It’s just a great app
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2 years ago, hulahips77
Great App!!
I was looking for a way to extract music from an audio file and this app made it EXTREMELY easy! Select the video, you can save/add cover art to the file, save in different formats, and voila! Audio file created and sounds great!! What a quality app!! Thank you!
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10 months ago, DisappointingUpdate
Very good app just needs one added feature
I would like to be able to select multiple files (extracted audio files) in order to upload them to a cloud drive all together. Having to upload files one at a time is a pain.
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3 years ago, The Navarro
Great job
Does the job nicely and you can share the sounds with other apps. Great. I recommend you get the pro version if you don’t like to put up with the commercials.
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6 years ago, nye_w
Awesome app it does its job and can easily take audio from videos on camera roll and puts the audio to something else, even music.
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1 year ago, VAETech1
Easy App
Great app it does what it says it can do and that is rare in current apps out there. Works for me
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4 years ago, Chris Desatoff
I love it BUT...
This app does a great job stripping audio from videos. It can also save and play back the audio. BUT... It has no repeat function (to play a file over and over) or playlist function (to play one file after another). So I have to use ANOTHER APP to listen to the files because I like to listen to content over and over to REALLY learn it =( Oh well. I’m grateful for what it can do, but it could be improved.
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6 months ago, !SK8!
Good but can be better
Please add a copy link button
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1 year ago, dannyboy131
I like this app
I like this app and I hope you guys keep up the awesome work
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2 years ago, 1,?(4:?)
Okay but
I can’t seem to find the video on my phone once I extract it. It doesn’t show up in music. I have an iPhone so is that the issue?
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6 years ago, dragon sure
Pretty dang good!
This is pretty useful when iMovie or your editing app breaks down because of music or audio issues. I find it easy to transport to iMovie or Video Star
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6 years ago, The divine gamer Kobe Bryant
Had absolutely no problem , easy to use and simple . Good job !
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11 months ago, aming us in real life SUS SuS
This is great!!!! It doesn’t take long and it’s freeee. Please keep it that way 😂. I love this app thanks.
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4 years ago, Marxez
Exactly what I was looking for
Zero complaints
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3 years ago, manotoevent
You are The best
You are great, it would only be great if you added an equalizer 🍃🌹🍂🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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4 years ago, AmarieKC
Works well
Works well for intended purpose
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4 years ago, Rok Silmari
Simple to use, fast, free
Simple to use and it is really fast... free...
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2 years ago, singerLP267
It doesn’t work
I keep getting error while trying to extract from video to audio
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3 years ago, Manasa Boyapati
Gud but it is not showing recent vedios in gallery
App is good but not showing recently added vedios
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3 years ago, Essentara
please add functionality for long videos
i will straight up pay you to have a function for extracting audio from videos that are 3+ hours long!!!
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4 years ago, Black Crow
Great Ap!
Works wonderfully!
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4 years ago, chilooo agtrs
Chiloo has
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6 years ago, **Mr. Bean**l
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t convert. Just makes it look like it does but still has “img” at the front of the file name.
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2 years ago, Runn_🍑
Amazing and convenient
I just reverse my 30 mins long recording video song to audio with this app in less than a minute.Omg I can’t believe this u can even continue listening to your audio with screen off. Sir💓 yes it is u that i have been looking for💕
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