EXTRA: Build Credit with Debit

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User Reviews for EXTRA: Build Credit with Debit

4.63 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Iudez
Extra Credit
I rarely leave reviews even for apps that I enjoy, but for Extra I will. I’d start by saying Extra has one of the best, if not the best support systems out of any company I’ve interacted with which is of course probably hundreds. It kind of feels out of a sci fi movie occasionally with how swift and convenient it is. I also dislike the general concept of credit, and I’ve heard too many a cautionary tale to be using credit for things that I can’t buy with cash or debit. This has led to a history of little credit usage, which unfortunately with capitalism makes it difficult to get things like low rate mortgages or other credit cards with plenty of rewards for specific things. This means that Extra is perfect for building credit history for the frugal. Unfortunately, I’m not too sure of the rewards points system and how it stacks up versus using debit cards with cash back. I have a debit card I primarily use for large purchases because it offers decent cash back and other discounts on businesses. I use my Extra card primarily for recurring purchases so that I don’t expect the cost to change much. The rewards system might be worth taking another look at, but could maybe also use improvement to make Extra more enticing than other cards with rewards. I might use it more! All that being said, the app and the card get a 5/5 from me.
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3 years ago, abs b.
i'm 19 and this is a great thing.
first of all, just wanna say they have the BEST support system i have ever had the experience of talking to based on a company. they really do make it so much easier. this really does help me out when building my credit. the app itself has a few bugs when it comes to the rewards page but the member concierge are absolutely helpful for getting anything fixed or even to check on anything. i love their support team. i'm young and this is all so confusing and new to me. credit scared me and the fact that credit is the basis of this economy to have a "nice" life, frustrated me. i'm an adult now and starting my life. i wish i had tried harder to understand it, but this Extra Card has already made me lose my doubt about screwing up and being in debt. i love this company, and this card. i would love this even more so if the spend power was closer to your actual account balance. having a bit of trouble managing all the bills i have that keep getting declined because my spend power is $2 less than a bill. ticks me off but that's just because i'm broke. 😭🤚🏽 all in all, this company and their mission really do fit with us not rich folks. that's more than i can say for a lot of these credit cards. thanks Extra.
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3 years ago, 89WMatty
Great concept, really works!
From the moment I read their business model, I knew this card would work. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was right. I’ve been using my Extra Card for only 3 weeks (app only, card is in mail), the first transaction report has already been filed and my credit has shot up 51 points! I understand the reasons to be skeptical, I considered them all before allowing Extra access to my bank account. But this is the real deal, guys. everything has been great so far. The app is easy to navigate, you’ll like the interface, everything is in big lettering, easy to understand and operate. SO SIMPLE. It sends little reminders for things like balance alerts, spend power increases, and, if you’re like me, accidentally leaving your card on FREEZE (another cool feature of the Extra Card is an on/off “freeze card” option found in the app), the support staff are very friendly and helpful, there is a messaging service in the app, it connects you to them pretty quickly and they work FAST to resolve any issue that may come up. If your goal is to build credit, give this a try. For me, I pretty much had nothing to lose, which means everything to gain! Thank you, Extra Card, you guys are great!
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3 months ago, TyD_76
Always Great Service
I use my Extra Debit Card as a budgeting tool. I feel it’s a great card to help you maintain a good awareness of spending to save and provides the benefit of increasing your “credit” score if that’s your thing. It’s just a great multipurpose card depending on what you are trying to improve on in your financial wellness. Which all has a nexus to financial peace, integrity, security, and wellness. I would estimate my score has increased about 15-20 points with Experian amf Equifax. At the moment, for some reason, TransUnion is not included which would definitely be a great improvement and benefit to Extra Debit Cards already excellent customer service, support, and product. I have reached out to their customer support a few times and so far my experience has been excellent. They are always responsive, patient, informative, and professional. I never feel like I’m inconveniencing them with a concern, question, or just in need of general information. The vibe is great. The card is lowkey, sleek, and classy. The app IMHO is user friendly and not all busy. The Extra app does lack frequent updates. They could enhance in this area. To sum up…great product, excellent service, good vibes. Stay safe, blessed, and be well. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Avinash Chilaka
Best Option to Build your credit.
I have been using Extra Card for 2 months so far, they reported to my credit companies as my credit score went up almost 100 points, they way the card works is depending on the available balance in your checking account, they would change how much you can spend on a transaction. First they would give you a 100$ spend power and once we finish 5 daily bank transfers which I think is per transaction they would bump you up to a spend power of 300 and then to 500 and then to 800, after that they would give you a spend power of 80% of your checking account balance. If your checking account has a balance of 3000$ then your spend power on your extra card would be 2400$. They transfer money from your checking account after each transaction but it would take at least 3 days to complete that transfer and by the time they report it to the credit companies they it would always show as paid on time and are in good standards which helps building your credit score a lot. They would charge you a subscription charge which is worthy to pay account to my usage so far.
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2 years ago, MissHotchic1
It’s better than some of these other Credit Cards out here
I got the Extra Credit card to build credit. I’m not too concerned about the Extra Rewards points you get because this credit card strictly allows you to spend whatever you have available in your bank account only. That’s a good thing because you don’t have to worry about paying the fees and interest that a credit card comes with. The down side of this Credit card is you get only what you give to it. It’s like you’re using the Extra card instead of your debit card and there’s no overdraft on it or anything if it ain’t in your bank account then you can’t spend it off this credit card I guess that’s a good thing too and the card is supposedly to pay itself back by using your money that you put on the credit card and reports your activity to the credit bureaus that’s not too bad but the problem I’m having is that I’m always low on cash so I don’t use it often. I forget to use it instead of my debit card and I never earned enough rewards points to buy anything from the Extra Rewards store anyway so I just pay the $8 monthly subscription fee and hopefully I will start to see some change in my credit score Change for the better. Thanks Extra
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2 years ago, smorgborg
Finally something to pull me out of this credit rut!
A young 18 year old me didnt quite understand credit and made some financial mistakes that plummeted my credit score quickly. At 25 I am still recovering and it hasnt been easy to make it past a certain score because even after paying off all my debts, I get denied for every single credit card. How is a person supposed to get anywhere if they dont make it feasible to do the things that improve your score? Extra is the answer. It has been so seamless since signing up. Ive been using Extra for a little over a month and just had my first report to the credit bureaus and my score went up 50 points!! Im not sure how much more my score will keep going up with using Extra but even if it doesn’t change much from here, Im super happy with even just the 50 point increase! Extra isnt going to fix all your credit issues but its a big help to people like me who seem to have got themselves in a credit rut and dont have a lot of extra money to take on credit cards, loans, etc.
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2 years ago, ICandy 676767
It’s works
From the moment I read their business model, I knew this card would work. And it didn't take long for me to realize that I was right. I've been using my Extra Card for only 3 weeks (app only, card is in mail), the first transaction report has already been filed and my credit has shot up 51 points! I understand the reasons to be skeptical, I considered them all before allowing Extra access to my bank account. But this is the real deal, guys. everything has been great so far. The app is easy to navigate, you'll like the interface, everything is in big lettering, easy to understand and operate. SO SIMPLE. It sends little reminders for things like balance alerts, spend power increases, and, if you're like me, accidentally leaving your card on FREEZE (another cool feature of the Extra Card is an on/off "freeze card" option found in the app), the support staff are very friendly and helpful, there is a messaging service in the app, it connects you to them pretty quickly and they work FAST to resolve any issue that may come up. If your goal is to build credit, give this a try. For me, I pretty much had nothing to lose, which means everything to gain! Thank you, Extra Card, you guys are great!
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5 months ago, Betsyevermore
I Love extra !
I spend so much online and I love that I can use this on some payment plans of pay in 4 helping me build credit along side those pay in 4 apps without interest . I’ve noticed better credit health . The only thing that sometimes bothers me is the bank and extra connection isn’t always as fast as I’m spending on accuracy especially on weekends I’m left feeling in doubt what I can spend or have spent sometimes all the way up to Tuesday. But when I need an accurate spending power I just message them and they are quick to respond and resolve the issue everytime as long as I message within their working hours east and pacific times during the week. Sometimes even after the stated hours !!! Which is awesome , Like I said sometimes my trouble comes after that mark where the weekend starts but they get back to you asap. I’m overall happy w the app and I just try to update my spend power as much as I can and put as much money in the bank ahead of time to avoid spending my cash or using my debit .
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1 year ago, Amym456
Improve your credit + earn points towards free stuff
I liked the premise of Extra from the outset. Basically it’s a debit card that functions (and reports!) like a credit card. It will not let you overspend, because it’s linked to your checking account. If you use it as recommended—instead of your debit card, you build credit without incurring risk. And if you’re low on cash, as I’ve been while unemployed for several months, you’re not building up a huge debt you can’t repay because it’s pay as you go. Even if you DO overdraw your checking account or your “daily spend payment” fails, all that happens to your Extra card is it gets temporarily frozen until you have sufficient funds available again. Plus the rewards section is pretty cool! They have a quirky selection of merch that changes Monthly. I’ve gotten some unique gifts and items I wouldn’t ordinarily seek out to buy for myself, but they’re free, just for using my card normally. It’s fairly quick to accumulate enough points and shipping has been quick.
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2 years ago, Elisabella26
Extra Card has been a Credit Score life saver !!!
Thanks to the Extra card I’ve been able to raise my score by 141 points . It took me from a poor credit score to a fair one and soon I’ll be in the good category. This card is especially good for me as I have a hard time with executing tasks like remembering to pay things on time which is crucial to building credit with regular credit cards(which I fumbled the bag on several of those in the past 😬😅).I like how extra starts you off with a small amount and gives you more of a “credit line” so to speak as you’re able to make good on paying back your purchases through your debit account . The fact that they pull what you owe automatically and remind you takes the headache out of credit building . Whoever came up with this is a Godsend and understands people like me who truly want to be financially responsible but struggle with some aspects of that . I truly thank the Extra team and all who were involved in creating this debit credit building card . God Bless
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2 years ago, MisaMisaMay
Great app. Does exactly as it says
I’ve only been using extra for about 2 weeks. I’ve gotten my first report of my account opening and it helped my credit raise a few scores. It does exactly like advertised where to have 80% of your banks available balance up to a certain amount (with limits and restrictions at first) so you can make purchases like a credit card. Then the next day they deduct the funds which reflects in your bank in 1-3 days after the purchase. It’s great. Support always answers in like 5 minutes if you’re like me and keep your funds in your savings and transfer to your checking to make a purchase, so I’m always contacting support to manually updated my balance to use the card and it’s never a hassle. I do wish some of the points went a longer way with the rewards/deals or if we could cash them out to gift cards, but that’s just complaining about free stuff I should be appreciative of, because they didn’t have to provide it.
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2 years ago, budiman extr
Horrible to cancel they bounce you around
When trying to cancel through the app there isn’t a way. When I spoke to the concierge they had to “transfer” to cancellation specialist. Now I’m waiting to hear back and even though they have written notice I want to cancel this are still making me jump through hoops. Now the reason I want to cancel is completely different. I spent months building up my buying power to $1,500 and the for no reason they dropped me down to $100 again. I spoke to the “concierge “ and they said “I need to complete 5 transactions to increase spending limit “ a generic response even though I had already completed $10,000 and over 50 transactions. After wasting 30 minutes of my life they said they would take care of it. They did raise it to $500 but not to were I had worked to get. Seems like their software is not that great and the customer service ability to correct it is even worse. I’m still waiting for “a cancellation specialist “ because they work hard to keep on taking my monthly charge by trying to delay the process. Why should I have to wait to cancel? Why isn’t there a way to stop being charged for a service that you are not providing? Extra is not worth the time or investment
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3 years ago, Leighton Butler
The Best Thing to Happen to My Credit in 3 Years
I’ll preface this by saying, I wasn’t raised in the US and didn’t fully understand the importance of credit when I came here. As a result, I made a series of bad decisions when in college as well as when starting my consulting business that resulted in my having a low credit score. This year, one of my goals was to make a concerted effort to pay off debt as well as significantly increase my credit score so I could get a better vehicle as well as more funding for my business. Thats when I came across Extra. At first, I was a little skeptical but it had good reviews and the concept made perfect sense. It’s a very smart way to build credit, by just spending like I was going to anyway at least on daily stuff like food or a couple software subscriptions. I didn’t expect it to make such a huge impact in such a short time, in fact, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it, but in using Extra alone, I’ve not paid off anything since starting, haven’t opened any more lines of credit, nothing apart from getting Extra, I’ve went up 94 points in the past 30 days alone. Im almost at 600 again for the first time in about 3 years. Ive pretty much been just using debit for every single purchase or rent or having to putdown ridiculous down payments or security deposits. Im super super glad I decided to use it and I promise you wont be disappointed by it. Give it a shot and get your credit up!
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2 years ago, whereswaldo???????
It works
I know it may seem strange how everyone is giving it 5 stars or so (although i’m giving it a 4), but this thing really does what it claims: it really boosts you’re scores, i’ve had it for about a week now and my transunion score has gone up a WHOPPING 66 points!! In just a fricken weak? Thats amazing! the $8 membership really pays for itself! The only issue i have with it so far is the fact that it doesn't stay concurrent with my actual bank balance or it doesn't update how much i actually have in my bank and i have to speak with concierge (which is basically customer support) for about 4-5 minutes every day or so before a purchase so that the app actually reflects how much is in my bank account and doesn't lag behind. Another problem i have with it is the fact that it doesn't allow me to use 100% of whats in my bank. Basically: of the money you have in your bank right now, you only get to use 80% of that with this card, and i’m not sure why, maybe security reasons? Definitely worth the $8 monthly membership!
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2 years ago, ᵛᴵᶜᴬᴿᴵᴼᵁˢ•vιewpoιɴт
a lιттle +66 ѕoмeтнιng "eхтra"
After the rude awakening that my cognitive decision to avoid credit cards sunk in, I knew I had to start damage control. Problem with that is, unless you have “established credit” either good OR bad, you are at a stalemate for progress. I was moving at a snails pace with Experian (and took an 8 point hit when I applied for a SECURED card) with TransUnion barely in the lead. I can admit I was starting to feel a bit defeated when Fate struck as luck would have it. I ran across an ad for Extra. I was intrigued, as I had Just Been Discussing this exact concept with a friend while venting about the Point Loss. I was impressed and appreciated the omission of a credit check, and the money you already “own” being used for your advantage. Within 1 calendar month (Nov 1, 2021 -to- Nov 30, 2021) my Experian score jumped up ^66 points!!!! Sixty-Six!!!! I can’t wait to update the continued progress after January is completed! THIS IS THE SMARTEST & MOST MODERN EDGE way of Credit Repair/Building!!!!
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3 years ago, Panther Predator
Definitely helped my credit
I was skeptical at first and I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy. But I have had it for about 5 weeks. My spending power went up very quickly. I used it on smaller purchases like mobile game transactions and then increased to bigger transactions as my spending power increased. Today I got an email from my credit telling me I got a 22 point increase today from the extra card being added to my account. In just one month it’s went up 22 point. If you use your normal bank debit card often I would definitely recommend getting an Extra debit card so it can report to your credit . Also it takes a few weeks to get your physical card but they give you the virtual card with in 2 days . I definitely recommend giving it a try , especially if your already using a normal debit bank card that does not report to the credit bureau’s.
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2 years ago, flockstofeather
Great Card, Outstanding Customer Service
My boyfriend recommended this card to me and I love it so far. It really does as it says and helps improve your credit score. It works like a debit card by taking money out of an existing account, but every time you make a purchase, it’s marked as if you paid it off, like if you were to pay off every credit card transaction immediately after making it. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I hope it does. Bottom line, just get it! If you don’t like it, you can always close the account. $8/mo for the regular card and $12/mo for the rewards program. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Also, the customer service is great! You can call and speak to a representative or contact them via their chat option directly from the app. The representatives are all super nice and getting problems solved is so easy. I 100% recommend getting this card if you need a little credit boost.
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3 years ago, BattleBorn_82
Generally good app… could use some improvement
I signed up for the app in August and decided to go with the one year plan. The app promises to help improve your score and the marketing implies you can pay anything with it. However- due to some risk mitigation measures the app actually limits what you can purchase- generally through a maximum spend, which slowly…. and I mean slowly increases with time. It promises daily withdrawals and regular updates to your account- but in general I found that a week was about the average time it took for my daily expenses to clear my bank, and then reflect on the app. This meant that the increases to my max spend were really really slow. Once you hit your max spend- you can’t use the app. Another downfall of the app- is that it doesn’t work all banks. I recently closed my Bank of America account and switched to a credit union- which did not work on Extra. After nearly three months of waiting for an update I finally quit the app. HOWEVER…. in the short time that I used it, there was a noticeable improvement on my credit score of about 18 points. I imagine with consistent reporting and longer term use, My score would have improved even greater. It’s a great concept, and I think once they figure out all the kinks with the app, and are able to improve transfers it would be even better. I have fairly good credit and was hoping to use it to get into the top tier- but alas I’ll have to try another service.
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1 year ago, princess_giggles97
This is a great card to have
I’ve been using my Extra Card for about a year and my credit has shot up drastically ! I understand the reasons to be skeptical, I considered them all before allowing Extra access to my bank account. But this is the real deal, guys. everything has been great so far. The app is easy to navigate, you'll like the interface, everything is in big lettering, easy to understand and operate. SO SIMPLE. It sends little reminders for things like balance alerts, spend power increases, and, if you're like me, accidentally leaving your card on FREEZE (another cool feature of the Extra Card is an on/off "freeze card" option found in the app), the support staff are very friendly and helpful, there is a messaging service in the app, it connects you to them pretty quickly and they work FAST to resolve any issue that may come up. If your goal is to build credit, give this a try.
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1 year ago, Taimur23
Best Way To Build Your Credit!
I have been struggling for a long while to build my credit back up for a while. I have finally got a handle on my finances and have been making payments on time with the credit cards I have. That said, I have been looking for other card options to bring my credit score up and found out about this card. I did not think twice about signing up with EXTRA! What better way to control your credit spending than having your bank linked so you can keep track and make the payments to back it up. The best part is that EXTRA will automatically take funds out of your account which you will see under the “Funds In Transit” section and it will accumulate according to the total amount of the transactions you make for the day. Signup right away to find out all the benefits you can get by having this card as the “top card” in your wallet!
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1 year ago, Jack3570284
Great concept
I downloaded this app immediately after understanding it is a credit card quote on quote that works like a debit card. Basically no chance of interest payments etc. That sounds like a win win for me. You get to also report the debit purchases to the credit bureaus for added points on your credit score. I think this is a perfect credit card for beginners on building credit. It teaches that we should spend on credit cards what we already have in our debit cards to pay off debt faster. I love this concept and will continue using the app as long as the monthly payment does not increase again 😂 As for the rewards program, if you are not patiently waiting for those rewards points to build up, you might not be happy with how long it takes to get enough points to get a product offered for only points. Most times you would pay a lower price in addition to your points for a rewards product. Overall great app, awesome concept! 😊
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2 years ago, hannahleenance
Great Idea for Building Credit
I have had the Extra card for quite some time now. Unfortunately, remembering to actually use the card has been somewhat of a task 😬. I contacted support to cancel my subscription since I was paying for something each month that I wasn’t using. Instead of just cancelling my subscription, support gave me the option to keep my subscription going, refund me for the month I was just charged, and give me an extra month for free so I could really think about if I wanted to cancel or not. If that isn’t A+ customer service, then I don’t know what is! 💯 This is definitely a wonderful concept and I feel it would help my credit drastically, especially in its current state. I just have to remember to use the dang card! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I would like to thank the many customer support agents who helped me with my account and, ultimately, persuaded me to stick with it!! Y’all are the real MVPs!! 💯💯
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3 years ago, JPendi2291
1 month usage!
So when I saw this, Extra Debit/ Credit card ad on Instagram I was a little hesitant. I did my research. Ordered it, gave it a shot. Today, it hit my credit report for Equifax and Experian. I only got a 2 point increase in the first month but honestly, I’m happy with it thus far. It’s easy to use. It’s directly linked to my checking account. I earn points. I’m not a point guy, I’d rather cash back but hey it’s a plus and it’s a way of learning this credit and how to use them. This card honestly is what opened my eyes to credit and diving deep into understand how things are reported, what to dispute and where to put your money. I’m glad I have it. I’ll use it for little things now like my subscriptions. Order yours, I highly recommend it. I’ll do more reviews on this card every month stating my increase. So 1 month in, I used it everyday. 2 point increase. Let’s see what I can do next month.
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1 year ago, salmonpinkwoosah
If you get Lenin as your Rep, you’re in excellent hands!!
I started off with a bad experience a rep named Sajid who was very rude and not willing to help at all. This was my first terrible experience with this company. Sajid was so rude, careless, and couldn’t answer any of my questions. This pushed me to wanting to cancel my entire account with the company. I was then redirected to the cancellation department where I began working with Lenin. I explained to Lenin my issue and Lenin went above and beyond to help me. Lenin gave me all the information I needed and more! Lenin reassured me of everything and was so understanding and professional! Because of Lenin I decided to keep my account. Lenin was so great that I had to come here and leave a review for not only EXTRA but LENIN! Thank you soooo much Lenin!! The company needs people like you and us as customers greatly appreciate you and going above and beyond! If you get Lenin you’re in excellent hands!!
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3 years ago, Jaysen Dante
So far, so good…
I have to say that I didn’t think that something like this would be available for someone like me, but low and behold, Extra is doing big things here. With the Spend Limits, you get to keep yourself in a budget while also building (or rebuilding) your credit. If you get the Premium membership, in addition to all the benefits, you get access to a huge assortment of rewards and you’re able to build points based on your transactions and activity. My only concern that I have is the timing it takes for your transactions to send from your bank seem like they take forever, but I’m sure they are working on enhancing that in the future. Between Extra, Grain, and a few other services out there, you can guarantee that you can build or rebuild your credit based on your everyday activity…and it helps you develop way better for your future!
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3 years ago, anthony0826
It’s real lol !!! Best chance I’ve taken 😊😊
Ive had the card about 3-4 weeks now , and I gotta say I was skeptical as everyone I’ve spoke to was aswell , but what has calm me down and made me really trust this new card company is that literaly they reply personally in love to my every single one question within seconds !!!! Every single time ! Everyone I have spoken to which have been a few people have been like ridiculously nice to me ! And they are so knowledgeable which has made me a super happy customer ! I think the 12$ option I chose is extremely well worth it because I noticed I spend 15-20$ daily on fast food at lunch at work and I thought 12 a month was bad but it’s actually like 40 cents a day to help my credit get better , the transactions have cleared perfectly ,it’s just such a different but modern way to help me out . I definitely!!!! Recommend it . 💯
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3 years ago, Micahs Mommy
Scam artists at their best.
Used my account for 3 months with no reporting to any credit bureau. When I contacted customer service they told me to “check again I was probably looking at Trans Union and they only report to Equifax.” I sent them screenshots of my new tire Equifax report with no reporting. They said they would look I to it and get back to me. Instead they deleted the conversation. I contacted them a week later and was told again that I must be stupid and looking at the wrong report. Sent screenshots again. They gave me the same “I’ll look into it and get back with you.” I refused and told them to cancel my account. It took 5 requests over and hour long chat for them finally to agree to close my account but they still will not address the fees they charged for a service never provided. Purposely scamming people out of money every month with the promise of better credit when all it does is cost you a fee to use your own bank account. Stay far away. Get a debit card from Credit Karma or anyone with a real company. I shouldn’t have looked closer at their parent name “Thing Thingy Inc.” obviously a scam.
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3 years ago, Solarsprout
Cool idea, poor support.
“Member concierge” is fancy for let me “escalate” something I should be able to fix right here. I was requested a bank statement, provided it. Waited as it was “being reviewed” which takes multiple business days. And then would just get another “we need additional documents…a bank statement.” This loop went on 4-5 times. Each time they’d request the same document, they would never tell me what was wrong with the last one I gave them. It’s pretty simple: bank statement with your name. I asked “member concierge” and was told, oh were having an issue I’ll contact you later. To then be sent an email which said “I see where you are asked for the documents to be uploaded. This may be an error on our part. I will have to escalate the issue to our verification team to review it for you. It may take 1-2 business days.” Verification team did not leave any indication as to why this document I’ve provided 5 times (diff bank statements, different manners of upload etc) was not adequate? Probably a waste of money unfortunately..
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2 years ago, McAbra Kadabra
Easiest App ever to build credit with!
I could not be happier with Extra! My finances are a bit limited and I can’t hardly afford to do major things to improve my credit like pay off my debt in lump sums or risk taking out loans that could just put me further behind. So the idea that I can use my small, every day debit purchases to improve my credit is just a total no-brainer. The concierge service has always been very fast and efficient and responded within minutes, and the points system is a really cool way to save money and get some truly great, original products at very discounted prices. Everyone should be using this app no matter if it’s to improve their credit score or just further bolster an already good one. It’s only a matter of time before everyone catches on lol I wish I would have thought of this idea first! 5 stars all the way!
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3 months ago, Anissa_Eylene555
Love it
I’ve been using Extra for a little under a year now and haven’t even used it very often (I forgot I had it for a while) and my credit still went up several points, just from using it a handful of times. It helps me keep my spending on track and lets me know how much I have spent which is an eye opener. You get reward points with every transaction which can then go towards the Extra rewards store. I haven’t used the feature just yet because I’m saving up my points. I use it to build credit not points anyway. I love that I can finally build my credit without needing a credit card. Support was fast and easy, I’ve only needed to contact them twice. Once for an address change (wish I could do that myself without needing to contact them first) and for a new card (the chip went out pretty fast).
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2 years ago, cgsfeed
Extra card
I’ve been loving this card it has built my credit tremendously I had it for less than a week and my credit had jumped almost 121 points I continue to use it often on I have a connect through the Chime app you can connect your major bank pretty easy once you get the hang of it just got a remember that it does take 1 to 2 days for transfers it’s always keep a eye on your spend power that’s the key to understanding how much you have and to always check the EXTRA app and not your actual live bank account to get an accurate balance I hope to continue to use this card to build my credit I’m at seven something now I would hope to get to 850 if possible I am so thankful I found this card if you get confused and need answers you could always message or chat with customer service is very fast and answer all your questions to the best of there ability
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2 years ago, DEOsborn
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced
If you value customer service and fast response to your issues with a product or service, avoid this company like the plague. There was a fraudulent charge on my card and it took over three weeks to even get anyone to respond to me and do anything and another two weeks for them to actually resolve the issue after practically begging for help for weeks. The only way to contact the company is through their chat and I’m thoroughly convinced that those are just bots because the only responses I ever received was a verbatim block of texts that say to wait while they ‘work on your issue’ and how they understand the problem ‘is frustrating’. I had to reset my Mac and reconnect my credit cards to Apple Pay after now after a month of trying I’m still unable to connect the card to Apple Pay and I have yet to get ANYONE to help me. The phone number published for customer service is never answered and asks you to leave a message. It’s amazing a company that treats it’s customers like this is still in business.
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2 years ago, Ninja5544332211
Great app and company thus far
Being a 20 year old college student trying to build credit, even just a little bit; this app seems to be an answer. I’ve got to say, their customer service is really the best that I’ve seen. You always have the option to get in contact with a real person. You don’t have to fill out a survey or be in a waitlist. You don’t have to justify your need to talk with a real person! That’s something very special. I’ve been in contact with a few people during my usage of extra, all nice, welcoming, and extremely helpful. Mar and Jodie were able to help me finish up my registration process and am now awaiting my extra card! This review is 4 stars. Only because I have not actually been able to use their service just yet. With my experience so far it’s a solid 11/10. I have no doubt that they will earn that 5th star once I truly experience their innovative service.
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3 years ago, MusetotheKing
The best of the best and beyond to help rebuild credit.
I am definitely loving my extra credit builder app, account, and card. It is putting me on the pathway of a higher and better credit score. In addition, I love how my spending power increases and makes my credit score better on a month to month basis. Not to mention, I can purchase items through their apps as well, and it”ll also help me improve my credit score. I am so elated about EXTRA. Their customer service is excellent as well. Today, I needed some information about my spending power and transfer. It only took them less than a minute to respond. The customer service agent that I chatted with was professional, empathetic, patient, and very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone that’s wanting to rebuild their credit and acquire a higher credit score. Sincerely, Don from San Antonio, TX
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5 months ago, ClairrialC
Extra is the card to get!!!!!!
I absolutely love my extra card. There is no failing with this card. If you use it, your credit will go up and there is no credit card, bills, interest rates, etc. Since I have been using the extra card, my credit has went up almost 100 points, wow, let me say that again, 100 points. That is the difference between renting a home and owning a home. An old used car or a brand new car stop what you’re doing now ,download the app and change your whole game. Did I mention the Customer service is excellent? They are right there when you need them, very friendly and helpful, believe they will take care of whatever situation you have. Oh, and let’s not forget the new card. It looks like a card from the future. It is my favorite credit card.
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3 years ago, SchnetzMeister
Great concept, though there are some things to improve
I love the idea of Extra and it really does work. However, the spend power system is really vague when you are signing up. In a nutshell, Extra gives the impression that you will be able to spend up to your bank balance, but this is not the case. My initial cap was $100 until I completed 5 transactions on 5 separate days (including transfer from bank, which takes several days for each one). Then the balance went to $300 until I completed 15 transactions in 15 different days, then it went to $500 and apparently that was my highest possible amount until I am a member for an unspecified period and spend an unspecified amount through the card. All this to say, Extra needs to be more transparent about how you can increase your spend power instead of giving the impression that you will have access to the amount that is in your bank account.
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3 years ago, Imagineptah
The best customer service I’ve ever had
First off the way the card works is that it builds your credit based on what you already have available in your bank account. It’s been about 2 months of me using the card (and mind you I haven’t even used my card all that much) and I’ve seen about a 25 point increase in that short amount of time. Minus the benefits of the credit and the fact that the card they send you looks really cool THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BOY! EXTRA’s live customer service concierge is some of the. Eat customer service I’ve ever received. Very helpful, friendly and personable and have been able to give me detailed and in depth responses to every question no matter how trivial or complex. Love this app and this company and hope they continue to grow because if they do they’ll have a life long customer.
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3 years ago, TXCD13
Exceptional customer service!
I was supposed to receive my extra card on Monday and had scanned proof from USPS that it would arrive in my mailbox. When I didn’t receive it that day, I knew something was wrong. I patiently waited two days to ensure that perhaps the mail was scanned and possibly not delivered. Unfortunately, it was delivered to the wrong recipient and that person was not honest enough to return it to its proper owner. I immediately reached out to customer service without any high expectations. I was extremely pleased that I received a swift response and remedy within a few minutes! I have yet to experience this with any other agency. I highly recommend this card service; it’s more than apparent that they place emphasis on the customer and resolving their issue rather than bickering back and forth with you.
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1 year ago, Pat27937
100 point Improvement
No lie extra brought my score from the mid 500’s to the mid 600’s in less than two months. I battled cancer for years and meanwhile my credit hit rock bottom, lost my credit cards, etc. For years after I didn’t even want to look at my score or bother applying for a credit card. I paid cash or used my debit card for everything. I came across Extra and figured I’d give it a shot. Within months I had not 1 but 2 credit cards with major banks and didn’t even need to put down a deposit. Honestly I don’t use the extra card much any more but I still keep it handy. Recently my debit card was compromised but I could still access my bank funds through the extra card while I waited for my new card in the mail. I could not recommend Extra enough!!!
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2 years ago, lm1099117
The best way to build your credit
First of all, just wanna say they have the BEST support system i have ever had the experience of talking to based on a company. they really do make it so much easier. this really does help me out when building my credit. the app itself has a few bugs when it comes to the rewards page but the member concierge are absolutely helpful for getting anything fixed or even to check on anything. i love their support team. i'm young and this is all so confusing and new to me. credit scared me and the fact that credit is the basis of this economy to have a "nice" life, frustrated me. I'm an adult now and starting my life. i wish i had tried harder to understand it, but this Extra Card has already made me lose my doubt about screwing up and being in debt.
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1 year ago, CoastCentral
Satisfied with my Extra Card
The only thing keeping me from giving a 5-star review is that extra doesn’t report to Transunion or Equifax, but I will say my Experian FICO score is the highest I’ve ever seen it! All in all, I’ve just been wracking up reward points and paying for pretty much everything using Extra, and after almost a year, I am satisfied with the entire process. I think it could definitely offer up more incentives and have some upgrades to their reward system functionalities. I’d also like to be able to look at my reward options on a desktop and not just a phone. Customer service is pretty awesome as well. If you’re hurting for good credit points, grab yourself a secure credit card from your local credit union and pair it up with using an Extra debit card for a year and see how you go. I don’t think you’ll be sorry!
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2 years ago, DannDomino
Bad Policies
I had my Checking account to close by the bank and it was what this account was associated with. I was charged for the 6 months of service and they’ve tried to convince me that it’s valid for the time I wasn’t using the account. My checking account closed and they wasn’t able to get payment since October so now that I signed up again with a new checking account and bank so now they charged me $72 for the 6 months of service for the previous months that I didn’t use the services due to me going to jail so no I wasn't able to use the account. I am disputing the charge because if I just signed up for services then I should be charged the month that I’m using not what I had before and the account has to be linked to an active checking account so why does the fees roll on if the payment fails? If you miss a membership payment then it should cancel until you pay again or maybe roll into the next month but 6 months that’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, chs0712022
DO NOT Bother
I got this card thinking it would help my credit. After a few months it has not changed much but that’s really not my issue. My issue is my card got hacked into. I contacted their customer service department right away and the first rep assured me it was nothing. So two days later $29 charges come out 12 of them. I did frees my card and contact customer service and they said they could not stop the transactions, they could not stop the money from transferring the money out of my account and their fraud department would be in contact with in 24 hours. Every 24 hours I reach out and nothing. Their customer service is not great and they really don’t care about protecting the consumer. If you want a SAFE way to protect your money go to capital one and pay $75 a year to build your credit. They are fantastic in their customer service department and if something like this happens they take care of it. I had cards hacked into before and this company is the only one I have ever had not care and not do anything.
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2 years ago, Unkewl
Just started and already +16 points
It can take a lot of time to start getting back on track. We have to overcome the impact of any and all hardships in the past 24 months or more. The road back can be costly with higher APRs and payments. Having a true low cost answer that can give us the leg up we need when we’re getting back on our feet is important, not an expensive debt solution. That’s where Extra comes in. Use it as a debit card the way you already do with your bank card. Since they take it out the next day you’re not in debt! And they report your payments monthly! There’s a small monthly fee depending on the option you choose, but it costs less that most Streaming services so I’m on board. Thanks Extra for providing the kind of help that we need!
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3 years ago, River052497
Great opportunity for credit building!
I have only been using this app for a couple of days so far. My Extra card came sooner than expected. I am excited for the opportunity to build my credit with just simple transactions I’d be making regardless! The reward points are awesome as well. The app is simple and convenient. The only thing I would give feedback on, is that I feel we should not be charged the monthly membership fee until we actually activate the card. It took about 2 weeks to receive mine and I was charged from the moment I signed up and ordered the card, and was not able to utilize the benefits until I actually received it. This meant that only 2 weeks after receiving the card would I have to pay for the next months fee. Apart from that, this is a great idea and awesome innovation on credit building.
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2 years ago, Kona-Z
It’s helping
I struggled with credit in my late teens and it’s affected everything since. I couldn’t find much of anything to help me repair it but this has actually steadily been fixing my problem, and I didn’t have to change my spending at all. It automatically does everything in its own, as long as I keep depositing in my bank account, I use this card for my normal everyday spending and it repairs my credit slowly but surely with very little effort on my part. I don’t have to go out of my way to pay a bill, and it even reminds me when payments are upcoming so I have time to make sure there’s enough in the account. The member concierge service is also great, I don’t get stuck talking to a bot for hours, I get an actual human being that’s helpful and patient.
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3 months ago, JenZero21
A Second Chance - Had to give 4 in due no score changes
I am sure that Extra is only a way to prevent the overspending, I mean, if you use the credit cards and barely to cover it, that’s no joke anymore. If you get credit cards and cannot afford to pay by next month to pay the bill due, then do not try to use or open. Nobody wants have credit cards with unnecessary high rate interests. That is only way to use this Extra Card to relief your budget and needs. Do not think Extra card as free money, but improve the credit score. That is called the responsibility to use the cards. The Credit cards would might only best for emergency situations. Extra Card helps to pay the daily life needs, which I do have that my life. I could only give 5 star-rating stars if my credit score boost faster than usual. 😶
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1 year ago, Whaaaat??!
Paying your balance
The app and the customer support has been the best in resolving my issues that have come up but the only reason I have rated it one less star is because some transactions that l've made have taken a bit longer to process, there’s an another app that works similar how this one does that’s called Atlas and they recently introduced a feature from a company called Astra Finance, where you can pay off your owed balance instantly with a debit card for a 1.5% fee of the payment amount which I really don’t mind since I know it’s paid off in that moment instead of waiting for it to transfer from your bank account. That’s the only thing in my perspective that would help make the Extra app even better all around. Other than that I’ve loved the app and the customer support so much. 🫶🏼
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2 years ago, THELOVEONE1
Best banking app !!!
I absolutely LOVE my extra card ! Not to mention the actual card itself is sure stylish and chic . They really put thought into the design and it’s not super girly it’s actually unisex in my opinion , it makes you want to pull it out and swipe it lol !!! Not only that I love the in app purchases and what you can buy with your points accumulated and it’s some good stuff ! The staff is AMAZING EVERYTIME AND HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I NEVER HAVE A COMPLAINT AND THEY ARE SUPER QUICK TO RESOLVE ANY ISSUES OR CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE ! The best ever ! No long waits and they always take care of me ! I feel the energy ! Definitely recommend getting this card along with the BIGGEST BONUS - CREDIT , the boost it gives your credit is a PLUS ! My score went up 30+ points since joining ! Thanks to the Extra team for taking care of me ! Blessings :)
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