eZy Watermark Photos Lite

Photo & Video
4.8 (31.6K)
307.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for eZy Watermark Photos Lite

4.78 out of 5
31.6K Ratings
6 years ago, ZuryC
Perfect App for Watermarking
This app does allow you to create your own watermark, however, that is not what I was looking for. I already have a logo created and so I just needed to use my own custom made logo to be placed on photos I take on my phone for social media. This app works PERFECTLY. If this is what you are trying to do as well, then just save your logo on the computer as a PNG with a transparent background. Upload it/save it to your phone (you can use a cloud drive service to transfer or even by email), then create a template of your logo in the app and voila! This app does not degrade the resolution of your photo either. You can upload to your gallery or to any social media accounts after the watermark has been added. And yes I do all of this on a free version. Perfect app. Get it!! Huge help for designers and photographers alike.
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5 years ago, Sommer Lilja
Great App but needs fixing
I like this app very much and I’ve been using it for awhile now but just recently ( today ) I tried to do one of photos and trying to add my own signature logo to the template but it was just a black screen. My phone is up to date ( iPhone xs Max ). I even went to the point of deleting the app and reinstalling it back and it’s still going into a black screen. Please fix this issue as I wanted to upgrade to your $3.99 version where you have both video and photos but I’m hesitant on putting money into if it’s not going to work.
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5 years ago, Mr. Reveiwer
Great app but has bugs
I just need a simple text watermark, and this does the job perfectly. I found a great font and the opacity control is nice. However I’ve only been able to watermark a few photos before an issue came up. For a reason I can’t figure out, sometimes when I watermark a photo when I save it, the saved photo has a weirdly low quality and jumbled up looking watermark. I tried redownloading the app and remaking the watermark but the same issue occurs. Aside from this issue, the app works pretty well, although the adjusting of size and angle of the watermark is kinda weird and finicky and hard to control.
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3 years ago, Gman1007
Incredibly frustrating...
I nearly rage quitted this app because of how frustrating the format/design is. All of the good features require you to pay the $6 dollar premium version and sometimes ~4 dollars for other potentially helpful features. I once had an ad that to X out of it you had to press a small little button at the top left corner that had been CUT OFF by my screen so I had to close out of the app and forget my progress because the button didn’t let me tap it. Lastly most ads cover some of the screen while I’m designing a template and it makes it so much more frustrating to guess where the frame of the picture is. Please. Fix. Your. App
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6 years ago, Trulyfrustratedwithaliexpress
Actually has free features
Personally I am tired of downloading apps and doing project work only to finish my product and find out I can’t save my work without paying for it! I tried several other apps that were “free” but didnt allow you to use any functions of the app without paying... this app is actually free!! It has great basic features and you are able to use these features for free. The app also has great pro features for an additional fee but it is not deceitful about it. 10/10 would recommend this app!
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4 years ago, m3twin
Purchased and Multiple Photo Edit Doesn’t Work
I purchased the standard version since multiple photo watermarking wasn’t working. Turns out it’s not working on the standard version either. It makes me pick my templates for portrait, landscape and square and then kicks me out without letting me pick photos to add the watermark to. So frustrating that I paid for the app and it’s useless for the main reason I purchased it: bulk watermarking. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, tw&c
Great app!
I’ve been using this app for almost a year now to watermark my products on my IG account. I tried several watermark apps before but this is the best one I found so far. So easy to use and they keep the quality of my photos. Some watermark apps I used in the past caused some degradation of the photos that they don’t look as sharp with the watermark compared to the original photo. But with this app, quality of my photos with the watermark are as sharp as the original file. Loved it!
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5 years ago, Sleepygiants
great for individual photos
i do love this app! i had 70+ photos i needed watermarked on the free version, was notified i had to purchase the app to edit more than 5 at a time, so i purchased the app. but when i try to watermark all of the photos at one time with the same template, it pastes the template on the grid and not on the photo at all? so i’m back to individually watermarking all 70+ photos. very painstaking work, but i haven’t found an app easier or better for watermarking period. there’s also STILL a video after every single edit i make even after i’ve purchased the full version of the app. kind of a waste of money.
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3 years ago, 3dogsandabird
I’ve been successfully using this app for a couple years, but don’t care for the way photos are chosen and added now. It appears to be frozen and won’t allow me to have more than 20 recent photos available to watermark. Is there a way to delete the photos that I don’t want to watermark? I tried to write a review on the app itself, and couldn’t access the keyboard. The app kept crashing.
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6 years ago, Cakelady313
Stopped Working Out of the Blue
I have been using this app to watermark my photos for my business for a good while now. Used to love it. It now every time I add the watermark and proceed to save it cuts off completely. I’ve rebooted my iPad...nothing...I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled...nothing....and this is on all of my devices...what’s going on????? Thank you for listening to my issue and fixing the problem. Everything is back on track. Now back to work! Once again....THANKS😉
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4 years ago, Tinadino3677
Works great but has one main problem
I paid to remove the ads a LONG time ago. The recently did an update this year where they tried to make people pay to batch watermark. This feature for up to 5 images at once was already free. I feel like many complained about this when they took this free feature away and now they have added it back. But the problem left behind after that is the ads. I paid to have them removed and now i get ads. Their area for feedback is a FAQ page that tells you nothing. It says to restore purchases but there is no such option available through their app. FIX THE APP
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2 years ago, That name is taken, try again.
After your latest download when I open single image and click on the photo, then click the black arrow m, the app crashes over and over. I reinstalled it and same thing. Now it’s completely unusable. I’ve never had this problem until the latest download. So I have to give it one star rating. I’d give it a negative rating if I could. Useless the way it is.
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3 years ago, MsNykee22
Great app for Watermarking
I’m a crafter and wanted to watermark my photos before posting on social media. This works perfectly!!! I can change the color of the font to match the designs of my products that I post. It doesn’t change the quality of the photos or videos. Oh by the way they have a app for watermarking videos as well. Glad I found this app. Please don’t change a thing about it.
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3 years ago, ddmitch1111
No Square Photo Template
Very appreciative of this app, but I was disappointed that there is not an option to create a square photo template. I think that since most social media platforms allow for square photos, there should be a option to create a square photo template - not just a portrait and landscape template. Fortunately, I was able to figure out a way to manipulate my watermark to fall appropriately with the portrait templates but it took a few tries. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app.
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5 years ago, Ms. Brit Nic
Good app but keeps closing
I really like that app and being able to add a watermark to my work but there are times when it is loading and the whole app will close down. I paid $4.99 to do the batch download, my payment was accepted but the app never finished downloading my pictures with the watermark. Although I like the app, that was very disappointing because I thought it was going to be a major help but instead took my money and I still had to go back and do the work myself.
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3 years ago, Tink_Ink
Just downloaded app
I’ve just downloaded this app. I’m now t extremely tech savvy so I’m having some trouble figuring out exactly how to get my watermark added to my photos - I REALLY need some instructions. I am slowly figuring things out - I think. But it’s painful & slow, a lot of clicking & canceling then trying again (& again). I sure do wish there was a brief tutorial option when you first open the app. Or at least a FAQ section.
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3 years ago, PURVOTONE
Great App
I love being able to add a watermark to my photos! With this app it’s amazingly simple. I selected a beautiful script font from the large selection. I also love how you can even select the color of your watermark to fit in with the colors in your pictures. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a top notch watermark! I wouldn’t change a thing!
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4 years ago, JoeR91
Lending tree ad - updated
You have an ad form lending tree that doesn’t disappear. I don’t mind waiting for ads to take a second but when I have to close the app and restart again is very frustrating. I’m moving on to another app. *** they reached out promptly and are working on the issue at hand. I can always appreciate the ones that work with their users to create a better experience.
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3 years ago, Bohamom
Great for small business folks
I use this app everyday~ I just started my own medical spa and found this app to put our company logo and texts onto before and after photos to put on our social media. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to use. I only use this app and have gotten good with the details and options it has from playing around with it too. Thank you!
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3 years ago, eda942112
Too many things wrong
The pictures hardly ever save to my camera roll. I always have to take a screenshot and use that instead. I tried emailing the finished photo to myself but the quality was ruined. I run a business where I need to use this app at least once a day and it’s very frustrating when pictures won’t save to the camera roll. Please get this fixed asap!!
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3 years ago, poppyparker
Fix your game ads cos they won’t close.
I liked this app. It was super basic, very simple to use, and I can protect my art. But the new advertising of games, where you cannot close the screen, is the most frustrating and annoying thing I’ve ever experienced. It took 4 tries to save 1 photo, I had to close out and start again. I am willing to sit through 15 seconds of some rubbish ad but to make me have to open and close and delete and delete and repeat it’s just plain wrong. And I’m never gonna buy the app you advertise cos it’s just passed me off 4 times. You get paid for your ads so fix this crap!
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3 years ago, háromkefetemacska
Fast tech support
After the latest Apple update I found that my Watermark app wasn’t showing any of my photos. Very frustrating as it had worked perfectly before. So I emailed tech support and I was honestly surprised how fast they responded to my problem, and following their instructions they fixed the problem super fast. Thanks guys for being on the ball.
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1 year ago, Photoflea
Non- English ads
I do not use this app that much, however, when trying to export my photo I am beseiged with foreign language ads that do not let me “accept or skip” because those instructions are NOT in English. I am forced to constantly close the app and try 3-5 more times before successfully exporting my photo. I can deal with ads, but a language choice should be offered. And no, I do NOT want to purchase the ad-free app for as little as I use it.
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5 years ago, Funkybluesgirl
I have used, and loved, this for years. Now when I try to save an image it ALWAYS goes to ad that won’t ‘count down’ from 5 and allow me to exit. It freezes on the ad and my picture is never saved. Even after reloading the app, restoring purchases (that are useless to me!) it will not let me save anything! Disappointed and feeling cheated.
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5 years ago, Sharkys-Customs
It was great but then I updated it.
I loved this app so much as it makes it really easy to add your logo/watermark to a bunch of pictures at once instead of doing it individually. It saves a lot of time. But now I have updated the app and every single time I save pictures, they are sideways in my photo gallery. It's very annoying and it Definitely needs to be fixed. I would highly recommend if the app is working perfectly for you then DO NOT UPDATE IT! There are other people in these reviews having other issues as well. Not just me.
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6 years ago, RealDigzz
Great & Simple
I was looking for a watermark app I could use completely free, that worked as described, and this is it. I am an iOS developer and starting photographer who approves of this app from both perspectives. The day I really start my photography business, the first app I’ll consider professionally will be this one. I can’t imagine what the advanced features are like. Thank you for a great app.
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3 years ago, _Doll97
I love this app
So I’ve been using this app for free to put watermarks on my nail creations so no one will steal them. They let you put one watermark on each photo. It’s a easy to use app. It’s straight forward. Not a million ads. And it will upload it to whatever platform you want without having to open another app yourself. I love it. Will keep using it for my photos.
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4 years ago, Shortstaq20
Unskipable add
This app works great and I love to use it, but there are two different lending tree adds that force me to exit the app because I cannot skip them and they don’t go away. I’ll finish watermarking a photo and I won’t even be able to save it because that add won’t let me continue.
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4 years ago, dinglemcfluffin
Easy and does what I need
I needed to make a quick and simple watermark and apply it to some pictures, this program did exactly that for me. I just wish the batch mode would let you move the watermark but that’s not a big deal and probably a paid option. Will buy once I process lots.
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4 years ago, Tempest78
I tried the free version and it worked for what I needed it to so then I decided to buy the app that way I could unlock soMe of the other features. Here’s the thing though, when I bought the app it didn’t unlock. Got told to redownload the non free version which would be great...if I could find it. I still have ads and locked features that I can not use which makes watermarking multiple photos a pain.
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6 years ago, Littleirishtroll
Just starting to post some of my photography and I wanted to put a watermark on it and I really didn’t know where to start someone recommended this app, and I tried it. It’s been a lot of fun to work with an experiment with it it’s really easy for someone who doesn’t know anything and I’m sure it’s quite useful for someone who does
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4 years ago, delaneymd
Super impressed with this app! I’ve downloaded and used countless other watermark apps, and they’re all impossible to use unless you spend money. This app allows you to do so much without paying additional money (yes, you have to watch some ads, but to me it’s worth it!). Very grateful to have found it! Thank you!
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3 years ago, .g.74.gm
Amazing app for watermark
I really like this app because it let’s me watermark my pictures in anyway that I want to and they don’t add an extra watermark like other apps do so it makes it very helpful and also is really easy to understand.I really love this app for all my pictures😍😍😍
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4 years ago, Xyzyx12321jkseithvdssedb
Buggy Ads
Overall I’m happy with the app but am thinking of switching because some the ads are so glitchy that you cannot retrieve and export your watermarked picture even after multiple attempts. Lending Tree ad is case in point.
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6 years ago, DannyCarphoto
The best Watermark app out there!!
Other apps I’ve downloaded, and they don’t offer the same as this one. I’m a car photographer and my photos get passed along a lot. And I never get credit, I needed something that can help me spread my name and pictures. And this is the app to use! Highly recommend 10/10
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3 years ago, ErasableMedSpa
Review of the free version
We use this for our business all of the time. Great way to watermark quickly. I am sure I would get more functionality with the paid version...but this works just fine for what we need right now.
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6 years ago, Therealmiamore
Very simple and does what it's suppose to do
Very easy to use, I went through so many apps trying to find a way to simply put my name on my pictures. You're able to adjust color, size, font and opacity and more with ease. Yes it has occasional pop up ads but the app is free, love it
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3 years ago, JLCrane82
Good app until recently
I’ve been using, and happy, with this app for four years now. However, I recently ran into a problem. For a reason which I can’t figure out, the app will not save a watermarked photo to my camera roll. I haven’t changed any settings and the app was working just fine two days ago. Please help.
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5 years ago, Da Main_Event
Works Great
This app works if you just want to simply watermark your photos... I had my own logo already and I was able to make a template and apply it to pics free of cost. Other apps wanted to charge for this, I don’t mind the short ads, they have to monetize the app one way or another
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4 years ago, grizzleyadams1
Upgraded within the Lite App and Still Have Ads
So this seems to be a decent tool for my needs, however I upgraded for (4.99 or 5.99) to allow me to watermark more than 5 images and it’s works great, however when I watermark a single image I get ads. Considering the paid app is the same price I’m thinking ads should go away from the upgrade or at the very least explained to upgrade to the full version to remove ads completely.
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3 years ago, ResaB76
Life Changing
So I downloaded multiple watermark apps and hated them until I found this one! I can’t even begin to say how easy the app is to use and the functionality of the app without having to subscribe. Totally worth the ads- thanks for a great app!
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3 years ago, Flybutta
Great App
The app does what I need it to do. I’m able to watermark with my logo or text with my business name. I would love if I could easily change position of my watermark when doing multiple photos though. I imagine there are other tools in the paid version that I may like but this version works just fine.
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5 years ago, Mick-00
Limited edits before it makes you pay
I’ve used the Lite version a few times to add a Logo to some photos. Maybe 5 so far? Very straightforward, just adding a png logo to a single image. Was working fine til today. Now, the png file is inaccessible unless I ante up payment for the Pro version. It’s not expensive, that’s not the issue. I just didn’t read anywhere that they only let you use the most basic function of the app before they demanded money. Maybe it’s hidden in small print. Not cool.
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6 years ago, RedBushDelight
Great app when it’s not crashing
I really like using this watermark app. I like how user friendly it is, however it’s constantly crashing. Maybe they need to do an update and it will work itself out. But for now, I have to open it up at least 2-3 times before it stops closing down while I’m working.
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3 weeks ago, 1/4 mile champ
Good. BUT.
Great app that is easy to use to add your watermark to photos. However, after adding my watermark to my photos, I noticed a dramatic drop in photo quality. The original was 14 megapixels, but after adding the watermark, it dropped to 1 or 2 megapixels. Its great for adding the watermark for social media purposes, just not using it for printing your photos out.
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3 years ago, LAcoloring
I’ve been thinking about getting an app to watermark my photos. Some are my art and others are for my travel business. I do a lot of social media posting and people keep stealing my images and using them as their own. Not cool. This is a winner for sure!
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3 years ago, Mkubicz
Super simple
I love this app because it’s super simple for me to add my watermark on to my photos. I can get it done quickly and get my photos posted. For a long time I wasn’t using. Watermark because I struggled but a friend recommended this app so now I do with all my photos.
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5 years ago, Karma2316
Needs work
First I want to say there is no help option anywhere on the app so I found myself playing around trying to figure it out. After figuring out where to go to create a template it doesn’t give an option to select font size! I wanted to use this app to add a signature to pics I’ve already posted on the web and to do this I’d have to repost as new pics. It’s not helpful when you have tons of pics.
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6 years ago, auntrocky1
I love this Watermark app because it’s so easy to use. Many colors and fonts available. Watermark can be stretched, shrunk or rotated easily with fingers. It remembers your last use text style/color. I wish it would also remember opacity. If it did that I would give it 5 stars. But at least opacity can be changed.
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6 years ago, Honkysdream
Love this app
I love this app and have used it quite often, but lately when I try to add my watermark to it and then save it to my library it closes the app out. I’ve tried adding my watermark about 10 times and it keeps booting me off. I hope this is fixed soon. Is there a full version?
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