Face Filters

Photo & Video
4.2 (2K)
156.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunny Side Hurricane LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Face Filters

4.19 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, uhhh game
Love the app but
I love this app but you can only get one filter you have to pay or subscribe to get more filters one reason this app is cause when you move the filter it stays on pretty well if you want to subscribe or pay then I definitely get this app and it will not let you get photos you already took and it offers it to you this app would be fine if you get all the filters without subscribe or paying this is why I rate this a 4 and a half
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2 years ago, what up .com
Please fix
This app is not my favorite I gave it one star because I saying it’s just like the filters are not the cutest so if you can change your filters and make it a little different and make him look more realistic, I think this app would be awesome but please try to fix the app so if you can make your filters a little more cuter I can change my review. I will go back and change my review but plays with make them look more realistic like the other apps I am sorry I’m giving this bad of a rating, but I’ll think that the filters on this app does not look realistic and it does not look good on my face. Elise people might have other comments and say this is the best app ever had but this is not my favorite app. for reading my letter or about my rating. Whatever you wanna call it. I’m sorry for this reading that I am giving you please just make this app, a little more realistic change my review am so sorry. I hope you’re not mad at me. But this is what I think. I hope other people think this app is awesome. But it’s not my awesome sauce. I think this app can do better.
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4 years ago, -Ehiru kiri-
Pretty sweet. -only pop ups once in a while-
So I just got the app... and umm... if you don’t get it your going to regret it! This app is really good. Tons and tons of free things. You can put in filters and add filters to existing photos! I really like the animal filters and it reminds me of Snapchat so I love it lots. Really good. I’ll give the creators credit for this. If your annoyed by pop ups then that’s what your going to see. There arnt a lot. But there is like once in a while. And it’s really not that annoying. I recommend this. Thanks for the app! Never found anything like it. Lol. ❤️👌
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2 years ago, pandalov13
It’s ok
Just wrote a did review earlier but forgot to say you should take the subscription off to pay bc some people love this app it’s all they have sometime but they can’t play bc the pay thing so take that offf please and all those pop up are just no but it’s super great and it’s so fun just to edit and laugh
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3 years ago, cwoell
Great games
I LOVE this app so much but it does have a lot of in app purchases which is a problem for me. I really with they could give more stuff for free. But besides that I like this game a lot! I give it a four out of five
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2 years ago, cool job G
Great for little kids
It has a bunch of good stuff at first there is not many options but after you take the picture you get a lot of options I highly recommend it if you has a little kid
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3 years ago, vgvghjytf
So y’all It’s OK
It did not stop asking me to keep giving notifications so please read I would suggest it it’s pretty great filters but yeah I really suggest it but it keeps giving notifications you know there’s not many as I have had one ad yet so yeah get that it’s pretty good but first time it says notifications just get it and then put five star it’s 👍🏻
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2 years ago, marjoriegso
This is the best try it!
When I first saw this app i was like, I think this app doesn’t work but then I took a look at it and I truly loved it and I think you will too
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3 years ago, DJCJGREG23
Carolyn Gregoire
Hi I really like the app but there are 2 things that I want to change 1. I want to be able to make a video on it but I can’t 2. The filters are too small for your face I have one more I forgot to tell you about PLEASE TAKE OFF THE VIP
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3 weeks ago, I’m just slay
I like the filters where it doesn’t give u anything just the lighting
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2 years ago, spãnîsh
Keeps making me rate
I like it but every five seconds it makes me rate the game and I’ve read it 10 times
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3 months ago, Cadburypaws
Like alll the it has to offer wish it was more user friendly for older people
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6 months ago, bj pea jr
Best photo thing ever
It is amazing because it has a thing we’re you can costume yourself
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2 years ago, Jackiefroberg65
Too many times just downloaded app
A suggestion
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2 years ago, denisej
It’s ok
It says in the description of the app that there is cute and funny face filters. There is only weird ones that aren’t even funny and look super fake. The only thing I like about this app is how you can change the lighting and those r good. But overall I don’t like the app and I don’t recommend it to you.
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Great App!
I Don’t need to say much about this app but it is amazing :)!!!! U can look and edit these amazing photographs! It’s amazing ! Recommend! Can’t believe this app is free))
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2 years ago, jendhehekdb
I love cats so so much. I gust love them because I love them so much I love them and I love them because they are so cute and nice and they look great in little clothes.
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2 months ago, The best games of all times
I’m going to love this game and I’m so excited to play it again
The first time was the best time
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3 years ago, Jose🦄🦋🐩🐢🦚
You need more filters I’m very disappointed because I’m l eight and it just has three things that you can pick from from the section and it needs more quality
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3 years ago, mal285😜
Love it thank you for making it
Love it thank you for making it
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2 years ago, heiiwiizuusjj
It’s alright you can’t use many filters but I don’t mind I like their app it’s pretty cool you can turn boring photos to cool photos
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3 years ago, Dream A Little Nightmare
Begging for rating
Begging for a rating from the start so I give it one star for constant interruptions to rate. I’m not sure what’s going on with the whole mustache and top hat that keeps popping up because I haven’t been able to get the app to do anything due to the Like the app rate us in the App Store window popping up every 5 seconds.
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2 years ago, allisonwright44
Face editor
This app work magnificently amazing who ever made this app is a smart person
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5 months ago, Mendy's Banya
Seems ez and fun.
I’m older and wanted to decorate my niece’s pic but my camera ended up making me the funny joke. We’ll see how it ends up lol
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4 years ago, luazy112
Great but..
This game is fun and amazing but most things are just for the people who want to pay to get better things but other than that it’s great and the stuff that’s free is awesome
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2 years ago, andreah009
Off brand Snapchat
When I got it I was looking for Snapchat it showed this so I clicked on and put my Apple ID in and I went on it and then it showed this filter I didn’t like so I tried getting another filter and it did not let me do so that why I gave it a one star
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2 months ago, Giovanni hogan
Love it
Needs to have more hair that you don’t have to pay for
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4 years ago, flower mis kid and you
It’s so fun you can do whatever you want with the picture
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12 months ago, Better than sleep 😴
Lovin it
Snap face is the best filter app ever!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait to do more on it and hope you like it to Sincerely Madelyn
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2 years ago, 669047575858
This game is a very good game for my sister and lilttle kids so who every made this thank you 😁👋😊
Very good job
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2 years ago, Oceandream2019
I wish I didn’t have to buy the stickers for money!
I wish they’re were more filters please add more
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2 years ago, KeymaLM
I like this! But it is all funny no cute! If that would just be fixed it would be perfect!
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11 months ago, im cool ya
It’s okay
It’s fun for like little kids which I’m nine and I think it’s a little kid ish but it is still fun =) it keeps asking me to rate a bunch
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3 years ago, hdyjidrjogryofehi
Really recommend
Do you
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4 years ago, Country bunny girl
Love it!
I love this app it is like Snapchat thank you for making it
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2 years ago, nhvmhgh
Awesome but
I love this app but I wish you could have Snapchat filters on it
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3 years ago, sammyb4201
It would be great if it didn’t have a pop up every two seconds asking for a review. I can’t even use it to review because of the stupid pop up
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8 months ago, Miss Flossy Flying High
Miss Do Better ✌🏼
Awesome!! Fun playing around with all the different filters!! Flying High and thanking the man above daily!! 💕
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10 months ago, Juliunicorn14_ me
Good trying it out right now
Let’s find out
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5 years ago, countrymom80
Nice filters
They have nice filters and easy to use
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2 years ago, rainbow sar nyan cat
Thank you
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2 years ago, 🍔✨🎶🥑🐼🐻‍❄️
I was fine
It wouldn’t let me edit from my photo library and some of the pics are inappropriate
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2 years ago, hgdjhgjgctjdmhckhg
I was forced to do this reveiew
I like this app. That’s all I’m gonna say.
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1 year ago, bhudn
This is a nice game
I love it and I like the filters I say you shall get this game!
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2 years ago, mommaplz
Love the amount to pick from
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3 years ago, Brookelyn Wilson
Lot’s of fun
First off I love this it’s actually very fun ya’ll need to get and it’s free too
Show more
2 years ago, savannah M I evans
Love this app
5\5 it’s free the app has no lagging at all over all amazing game
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1 year ago, alex6482
I don’t like this game at all because u guys are making me buy it .I’m not buying the game but it’s a nice game if u want to take a funny photo to send to Familly and friends .but other than that I don’t like this game!!!
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5 years ago, Cami (kid)
You have to get this game
This game is awesome because everything is free
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2 years ago, supermstar 🥹
Face filters
This app is so much fun! No free trial and so many fun filters!
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