Face Symmetry:nobody's perfect

Photo & Video
3.8 (285)
18.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gaetano La Delfa
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Face Symmetry:nobody's perfect

3.84 out of 5
285 Ratings
4 years ago, Sammy1121
Fun app
Great concept but a little difficult to line your face up just right. I am having a hard time taking the picture perfectly straight on. (Maybe my phone is to large or my hands are a little shaky) so I can’t quite get it directly on. The closest I came was really cool. The other times were pretty scary.
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10 months ago, Laurenllama6438
Great app!
It really helped me look at my asymmetrical face differently. No matter how much I thought my face looked weird before now it looks waaayyyyy weirder if it were as symmetrical as it could be ☺️
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7 years ago, A1B2Y8Z9
Great App!
Simple to use. Just be sure to aim the center of your face directly at the camera, and hold the device straight. If your head is slightly turned or if your device is not straight, the mirrored images come out a little wonky.
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4 years ago, EricC77
Tried to use it with the camera option (ie it takes one photo to specifically use instead of you giving it access to your entire photo library) pops up w a “downloading mini game” advert screen thing & gets stuck “loading”. X out / reopen app & now says it won’t work without full library access. Hence this thing is either broken or a ploy to get all your photos 👎🏼👎🏼
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7 months ago, Adam00000000000000000000000000
No longer free with ads
It now says “you selected remove ads” when doing anything in the app and tries to get you to pay to remove ads. Free version no longer works at all. Either this was strategic or the latest release wasn’t tested. No matter the case it’s worthless now so gotta delete.
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8 months ago, como buscar canciones lol
Good for its purpose
It’s easy to use, has no adds that are too long and it serves its purpose with easy interfaces.
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11 months ago, raudmusic
Doug face
Cool to see the difference, however you have the sides switched. My right side has certain marks, yet you say it’s the left side.
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4 years ago, jfojsjdd
It works!
Shows you what your face would look like if it was perfectly symmetrical
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5 years ago, BombyAndClyde
Pretty good app
It works well to make a symmetrical face. But the app should let you edit the center of the picture without uploading it again. It’s hard to get the face perfectly in the center, without a tilt, so it’s hard to get a good final result.
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7 years ago, Meghandingdong
I'd always known my face wasn't very symmetrical but this was a fun and easy way to see how different the two sides of my face are. Only four stars because it was difficult to figure out how to add new pictures.
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6 years ago, Mely a
For some reason this was super freaky to me. Like it was really awkward and uncomfortable for me to see the different angles. I mean it was cool but just hard to look at. I wonder why lol
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3 months ago, Mflo12!
Don’t waste your money
This app failed to provide the service it claims to provide. It is challenging to use & flooded with ads. This is my first-ever app review. I wouldn’t write anything, but this app is so bad I wanted to warn you. In my opinion and experience, this app is not worth it! I wish I could get a refund.
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6 years ago, louloupre
Not what I expected.
I thought it was an app that showed the symmetry of my face, however the app doesn’t help find ones face symmetry and the comment that followed was” nobody is perfect” didn’t appreciate the comment at all. I don’t need an app to tell me, nobody is perfect. Change your comments. I would like to cancel the app and get my money back.
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6 years ago, Drhrjh
Great app
Pretty cool app to say the least. It tests your face symmetric with a few taps. It shows my face the exact same, so I think my face has perfect symmetry.
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4 years ago, Isabell R
Annoying adds
So many adds you can’t skip, not bad otherwise
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6 months ago, Iomoon
Eyebrow symmetry
Honestly, I just use this to perfect my eyebrows.
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6 years ago, JelloOut
It purposely distorts your face
It literally distorts your face when you take the picture. Response: when I look at my face in the camera it looks fine but the second I clicked the bottom to take the photo it distorted my face.
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3 years ago, stop updating so frequently
Too hard to use
Not easy to figure out how to load a second picture. I still haven’t figured it out.
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5 years ago, CursingMyGoverment
wow!! this app is so cool. made me realize how ugly i am!!!
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7 years ago, Nora's mom
Full of pop up ads… Do not download!!
Full of ads, not user-friendly, would not recommend… Edit in response to App developer comments – Yes, full of pop up ads. Cannot even use app. Deleted after the first use… No need to put a nasty comment! The point is to write a review, I wrote my opinion, if you have a different opinion, that is fine. No need to be nasty!
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7 years ago, TooSoon20169
Too many ads
Too many ads. Not enough value.
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3 months ago, Schmoo06
This app is pointless.
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2 years ago, i hate you liar
Doesn’t work click bait
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10 years ago, Kukytamiau:3
Me sorprendio mucho 😳
La recomiendo 👸👍
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6 years ago, daimondsry
Terrible!! Does not work
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6 months ago, Photo book fan
Bad app
Wouldn’t work on first try.Not going to spend time trying to get it to work.
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