Photo & Video
4.9 (12.5K)
22.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lisbon Labs
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FACEinHOLE®

4.85 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Hillich
Endless fun
Just get a bunch of pictures of your friends , pay the extra money to make your own scenarios and get rid of watermarks and you are looking at hours of fun ! I kid you not.. and no, I’m not paid for this endorsement, I’ve been doing FIH for a couple years now. Sure your friends get tired of you putting their faces in funny pics but I don’t and that’s what’s important ! Right?
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2 years ago, SienaJackson
Face In Hole app
I would give 5 stars but for 4 reasons, one you can’t adjust skin tone that I find, unless I’m wrong, and you can’t zoom in while trying to adjust your face to the hole, If you could make the picture bigger so you could get the adjustment of your Head right, that would help. Also, an awful lot of huge “fat people” backgrounds. Kind of upsetting, just a thought. But also, the website (not the app) is also hard to use when I’m using it my iPad it won’t let me bring up the whole,picture, it won’t let me move the picture I choose to use in the hole and you can’t move the pic you choose. Just some thoughts and observations.
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7 years ago, bookreader77
Used to be great
Now it's not. I'm not paying $1.99 per photo to make my own. What happened to a formerly great app? I used it all the time, paired to upgrade since old version doesn't work with no warning. Sorry but I'll delete it and find something else. Too bad because it was good before they got greedy.
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4 years ago, Stlboiler
I will likely be deleting this app. I used it quite often but now that I have to pay to create my own pictures, I’m very unhappy. I understand the need to generate funds, but it shouldn’t take steps back. SELL ADS!
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8 months ago, 1evilbstrd
One of the best
I’ve been using this app since it was first released and have had no problems or issues with the app whatsoever. I highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, Phil Horton
This app's description boasts that you can upload your own picture and edit it! What they don't reveal is that it costs an additional $1.99 per picture you want to upload! The Buyer does not find this out until after you've purchased the app for $.99, open the app and then select to upload your picture! These additional charges should be mentioned in the apps description before the Buyer commits to the purchase of the app! Very deceiving!
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1 year ago, Pete OBrien
Excellent app, all kinds of fun!
This is a great app to use with pictures of your family or your friends. I just have a great time putting their head in different scenes. Worth 1 million laughs!!!
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3 years ago, Georgie pieeeee
Best app I’ve ever purchased
I’m not usually a fan of paying for apps but this was the best 3 dollars I’ve ever spent. All my friends think I have incredible photoshop skills but in actuality this app makes it so easy for anyone to roast their friends.
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3 years ago, N0GREY
Fun but flakey...
I enjoy the app, just not on the ipad, which is where I use it. Crashes, displays sideways, has issues when opening photos....the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be writing this review except another feature is that it asks you with a pop-up nearly every time I use it if I’m enjoying it.
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4 years ago, Randalecious
Love this site
Always up to date and easy to use. No one is safe in my family or circle of friends!
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5 years ago, Pugs the man
I enjoy your app its a lot of fun and its the best app on my phone thank you Also I’ve had this app probably since it came out some time ago Thanks😄
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3 months ago, zchara
Face in the Hole
This is absolutely the most fun I've had, I love playing around with all the different photos and adding my peeps its my favorite app
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6 months ago, Paddyallthetime
Glitch fixed
Glitched fixed with update, and we are back up and running, thanks
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7 months ago, alderete73
Erasure feature not working. Makes screen. All white When picture is touched
Not working
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2 months ago, JoseitoMCH
Great app creating lots of fun
I have a WhatsApp group with a bunch of guys and I use this app to create photos of them and we all laugh all the time!
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6 years ago, PeteLINY
Needs work
I give this app 4 stars it would get 5 if 1-Skin tones are hard to match on many pics comes very close at times but not always very noticeable 2-would love to change hair color and tint 3-while some faces match pretty close others need adjustments 4-many completed pics are set too high and heads get cut off or top of head is flat Would gladly pay if these could be corrected
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6 months ago, Knightrei
Amusing App
It is fun to create silly pictures for my friends & family especially around the holidays . The kids really find them funny. Simple concept but it works well.
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4 years ago, Katienpdx
I love it!
This app has given me hours of fun! I’ve used it with family, friends an coworkers. Everyone gets a big kick out of the results.
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4 years ago, patches clemente
2.99 for an app that comes with no pictures or scenarios, those have to purchased separate. If I could give it zero stars I would. Update: developer said it was network issues. Downloaded again, still no available pictures or scenarios without purchasing them separate. Complete scam. Hopefully Apple will refund the purchase price.
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3 years ago, lec3s
Used To Be Great
I used to LOVE using this app. So quick and easy! But since its last update, everything is saving in super blurry format. I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s like the quality of the photo is one you would take on a flip phone. Please fix this!
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5 years ago, purplepride69
NOW a must have app!!!
What are you waiting for??? You can now create your OWN HOLES ON ANY PIC FROM YOUR CAMERA ROLL!! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!! Erotic, NAUGHTY fun for GROWN-UPS!! you can even film your own videos!! ONE OF THE MOST FUN APPS EVER JUST GOT EVEN BETTER!! GET IT!! A MUST HAVE!! I use this app more than I use ANY of my other apps!
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1 year ago, Nans of Five
Face in the Hole
I use this when we like to challenge each other✅so easy to use and lots of fun!!!
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5 years ago, no longer my #1
I absolutely love this app! It is super fun and you can create your own images from your own photos or a picture you found. It’s the best
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4 years ago, john wayne duke
Not all my purchases are being credited
I’m not getting all the photos I purchased even tho it says the video sample was saved I bet I spent $$$ extra. Keith
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4 years ago, Mattl121212
No Compatibility with Photo’s ‘People’??
Why not let users access the ‘people’ section of their photo library? Seems like it would be a much more efficient way to find a photo of a particular person...
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7 months ago, jac e oh
Can’t get all the choices of photos. Only what I have history of using.
How do I get all choices of catagories?
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6 months ago, AbednegoGreene
Can you PLEASE fix this app??
Since the last iPhone upgrade this app has a MAJOR glitch. Can you PLEASE fix this???
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4 years ago, Roadrescuer
Ripped off
I purchase this app years ago and bought several of the in-app purchases, but now when I try to restore those purchases it won’t let me, though it takes me through the process of doing so. It’ll gladly take my money to repurchase them, though. No thanks 👎🏾👎🏾
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7 years ago, Izzy_gr
Offensive backgrounds and unintuitive user interface
DON'T get this app. The backgrounds provided are entirely offensive--fatphobic and racist in particular. Also they don't make it clear in advance, but you have to pay $1.99 in-app to create your own backgrounds, and when you do so the interface is clumsy and unintuitive. I regret every moment I spent using and supporting this app.
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5 years ago, Seannycams
Best money I’ve ever spent
Great app. Wish there was a better options for gifs but it just being lame and complaining
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5 years ago, Marife Bryan
Easy to use apps
I have used this application since 2011 and become an expert on it. Thanks again.?!
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4 years ago, Ziggy911
They charge you $1.99 each time to use your own pics
This was a rip off. You can only use their pics. If you want to use your own its $1.99 each. I’d like to get my money back but I don’t want a protracted fight over $2.99. An inexpensive lesson to be more careful about buying apps. Live and learn.
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4 years ago, Pete white pdq
So much fun
I have so much fun with this app It’s the best Many of my friends have it now because of Seeing my fun creations
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3 years ago, Sttigma
Great app but they should put more videos
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6 years ago, Kelainee
12 and up?!?
Disgusted by the naked photos as soon as I open the ap. Please put them in a more discreet location.
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6 years ago, beatle169
Best Face App Barr None
Easiest & best face cut app out there. Controls are straightforward and so easy to use, even a child could do it with fantastic results.
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6 years ago, Kelly Hardin
Unable to create my own scenarios
Face in Hole used to work great up until a few months ago, now it won’t let me create my own scenarios. The “add a hole” function is completely disabled, I figured they would fix this in an update but months have gone by and I wasted money and got nothing in return.
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3 years ago, DWgrooves
Excellent. Wish it included gifs.
My friends and I laugh so hard using this app! It’s awesome!
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4 years ago, JonnyFNbenson
Hours Of Fun for everyone!
I put all my friends faces in a hole daily
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2 months ago, LarryLarynx
It’s fine
Would be better but they force you to write a review so you can access certain features.
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1 year ago, drewsgirlrhonda2
Won’t pay
It was one of my go to but there are free apps that do the same thing . It’s to bad , I see your loosing ppl that lived this app
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4 years ago, bmwmik
Love the app
It’s so funny I get carried away with silly stuff anyone that can’t laugh at themselves theirs something wrong
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4 years ago, w.woodrow
Love this app.
I’ve been able to use this app for a long time. It’s easy to use to get great results.
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5 years ago, garyp30918
Transfer to new iPhone
Is there any way to transfer the templates I made on my iPhone 7 to my iPhone X?
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6 years ago, Rantyraid
This app is so great – I’ve been using it for years. So fun – so easy – brought joy over and over again to countless friends!
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3 years ago, BluHeffner11
Best photo app ever and you can get really creative while using it.
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4 years ago, MichaelLeeuhm
This app is garbage. They charge you the original $.99 to use their stock photos you can put your own face in. If you want to use your own photos you have to pay an extra $1.99. You can’t change the hue of the face or anything. There are no special features to this app.
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9 months ago, sellandrecruit
WAS awesome
It was awesome for scenario’s, but now there’s an “ internal error 500” unless I want to buy the videos and Giffs
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6 years ago, Durzø
Does what you want it to. Only issue is that there are A LOT of different backgrounds and there’s currently no way to look through your “favorites”.
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4 years ago, jaiboogie24
Cheap fun and easy! Worth the money
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