Faceover: Photo Face Swap

Photo & Video
4.6 (47.1K)
94.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zed Italia S.r.l.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Faceover: Photo Face Swap

4.61 out of 5
47.1K Ratings
4 years ago, spencerplays234
The newest update got fixed! USE THIS APP GUYS!
This app was so incredibly fun and awesome and Really easy to use until that stinking new update. Before I could just know what all the symbols mean and adapt to that because the symbols for the controls made sense but now not so much. Now the symbols are kinda hard to understand and even I follow the tutorial and I still don’t get it really. Also, where in the world is the save photo button? When I usually tap the Share icon on the top right of the screen it gives me 3 options, one of them being the save photo button. Now when I tap the share icon it just shows the picture inside of a white frame with no icons just the picture. I improvise to Screenshot the picture now instead of just simply tapping one button and it saving it to Camera roll. Please adjust this update to make it more like the original Faceover lite. Thanks for reading. EDIT- Sup dudes! Yeah I just used Faceover lite today and saw that part of my concerns have vanished! Keep up the good work! I RECOMMEND THIS APP! I’ve used this app for about a year and it’s never done me wrong!
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1 year ago, Mingo maven
New version is horrible-but then they fixed it. It’s
I had Faceover lite. It was perfect for what I needed. I loved it. I watched the ads. I enjoyed the ease in which you could personalize a photo. I tried your updated version. I put in a photo & the program couldn’t detect a face & kicks me off. Good job from going from perfection to unusable. I’m deleting this as soon as I finish this review. Sad sad sad. I was unhappy but I was contacted by the app creators & all the issues that upset me were fixed. It’s exactly what I had before & could operate. I’m very very happy. Thank you for your help & understanding what we wanted & listening to us. I am very impressed.
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6 months ago, Hehehagekdhsga
Not worth it.
I’ve had this app for a long time and stuck with its weird changes, and I didn’t mind when it became something that you had to pay for to get more functionality out of it. However it seems they’ve changed their pricing model multiple times, which is fine, but really scummy that so many people think they’re signing up for a free trial only to get charged for a full year anyway with no way to opt out. They didn’t catch me with it thankfully but check the recent review to see how widespread it is. It’s obvious the developers are predatory since they respond to every review complaining about it with a copy paste of the same canned response that asks people to “please consider a higher rating”. It’s not about needing to get paid for your development, it’s about predatory “free trial” practices. Frankly I can’t support a company like that. Regardless, the app stopped working for me since it’s loading indefinitely - reinstalling didn’t help, so it’s a good of a time as any to move on. Facecopy is a free app that does exactly what this app used to do.
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4 years ago, joanie horse
This app is awesome. It may not do everything a photo app might do but it’s free and has slot of cool stuff on it! It is like a selfie app! Great with selfies but also great with a regular picture. I highly recommend this app for everyone. Kids and adults this is the app for you! If your a kid and like to take pictures then download this app right now! Adults this app is great if you want to post a pic in any social media y can edit it and make it amazing! The best part is it’s free! I have looked at slit of photo apps and literally like none of them are free. None. So this is the photo app to get!
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1 year ago, Ballonman7
bring back the old app
this app uses to be the ONLY solid editor on the entire app store, which you could use to edit any photo you want. They recently decided to hop on the “funny face meme app” bandwagon and changed the whole entire app and even added a yearly subscription fee which is absolutely laughable. I used to use this app once a week, then it updated automatically and I haven’t used it in a while, then today decided to open it to get bombarded with a snapchat face filter rip off which isn’t even worth to have on your phone for free, much less PAY for. Absolutely egregious. If you’re gonna change your entire app top to bottom and complete reset the whole purpose of the app, at least make sure your users want those changes. Bring back the old app please, cause that’s something I would genuinely pay for.
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2 years ago, SR42
This app used to be amazing
I used to use this app to make beautiful family portraits. We would take 50 pictures and could I could never get a picture of my family all looking at the camera. Then I found this app and I was able to change out the faces of my kids/or husband/ self to be able to create one image with all of us looking. That is no longer possible with this new app. I couldn’t even upload a family picture because only 2 faces are allowed. Even when I tried to do a picture of just my 2 children, it did not work at all like it used to. I did not use this app to make “funny” pictures I used this to create beautiful family photos that hang on my wall. This was a game changing app for people with kids and now it is completely ruined.
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9 months ago, hotnbothered
Just don’t. Not worth downloading!!! Not a Free TRIAL. It’s “Buy it BEFORE you Try”… Subscription paywall immediately, $40 (with auto-renewal) before you can even access it! App itself is disappointing, unless you want dumb Snap Chat gimmicks. It did not recognize the faces in photos I uploaded, so was useless!! I rushed to cancel 10 minutes after I subscribed, because it didn’t offer what I wanted….and Cancelling right after is a hassle!! I had no confirmation it was indeed cancelled (I went to Settings-App-Cancel, then I also Deleted from phone. ) I only received an email confirming my subscription for $40 on auto-renewal. This tactic is sooo scammy, like you’ve been roped in then robbed. It does not bestow trust or enjoyment in the product if you force customers to immediately subscribe, only offering high cost or longterm options. If there was confidence in the product quality, a veritable Free Trial would be offered- (aka time to explore the app & then consciously decide if the full subscription fee is worth it!) ***Also a Low cost limited Basic version versus higher-priced Premium subscription should both be offered.
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3 weeks ago, The Real CoCo Butter
Restore Purchases
I’ve had Faceover Pro for years. I paid the fee necessary to have the pro version. The app was acting up, working slow and closing itself out. I checked for an update, but was only given an option to re-download it. When I opened the app, I tried to restore the purchase I made years ago, but it said there was no active subscription. I tried to contact the developer and typed out my message, but when I clicked submit, it would not submit. Over and over I tried, but it wouldn’t go through. It’s almost as if the submit button is just for show. I’ve been using this app for years and it’s been one of my favorite apps to use, but I would like to get this issue fixed because I have already paid for it.
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2 years ago, Barbara 01701
Easy, Fun, Affordable!
I feel very fortunate to find an app that allows me to cut and paste without the excessive after trial fees I can no longer afford because I am retired and on a fixed income. This app is very easy to use and it’s fun to see the results! I enjoy good comic relief and your app makes it possible for me to afford it! I hope you get a lot of followers because you deserve it. Your feature fees are very fair and affordable and I applaud you for making it available!! Barbara from RI
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1 year ago, Pannalise
I already bought the app, and when it updated it (keep in mind that they completely changed the app, making it a weird one that I hate) gave me an option to go back to the original app, which I liked better. I clicked it, and it made me pay $7.00 for it. I of course didn’t buy it, as of I already have, so I will be finding a better app that doesn’t take my money. Update: They added the old manual editor to the new Faceover, but made it even more expensive. I was happy with the old app that did exactly what I wanted it, but now it is 8 dollars and got replaced with a new app that I do not like one single bit. It is also not right to give me a whole new app and make the one that I loved 8$. App is deleted now.
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2 years ago, frujfdtuigrigz
Yay now I have to your phone and phone call and phone calls to my friends phone call and call you to get back from me and I can call and see what you think of me you need me and you are still on the list for your call at the same place and you are going on your call at your house at the end of the week so I am not going on this trip you want me you.
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4 years ago, sh00ky
Kinda redundant and needs some versatility added to balance the ad pop ups.
How this has nearly five starts with so many votes really flags as suspect to me. It is an app that saves time to give mediocre results in a rather limited capacity. If you are somebody who brings home the bacon doing headshot swaps of very specific face sha0es and angles, this app is for you and would serve you just as well as the apparent 10,000+ others like you that have high praise for this app. For the rest of you who like to research and learn—probably you if you’ve made it this far into this review—then I’d suggest watching tutorials and learning ways to do things this app can without the automation and you will get much more value return for your time investment.
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2 years ago, Anaducks8
I used to use this app all the time. This new update totally ruined this whole app. 40 BUCKS for the upgrade!! That didn’t used to be in the game! I used to make fan-made posters for upcoming movies on this app and now it’s some ugly JibJab type app that EVERY SINGLE TIME I use, it turns out blurry and gross and just to fix that is $40 dollars off of your bank account. I BEG the developer to change it into what it used to be. Please change it back, it was better before. I recommend ANYONE who wants to edit their photos to NOT GO to this app. if the developers see this, can you pretty please turn it back to was it used to be Thank You for your Kindness.
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6 months ago, Narwhaldo
Ruined my use for the app
I’ve used this face swap app for a couple months to make some fun edited memes. I accidentally updated the app and was disappointed to find out that you can no longer face swap images if the app doesn’t detect a face. Seeing as how most of my edits were using cartoons/drawings, this completely kills my interest in using the app. Furthermore, upon updating the app, I was prompted to sign up for a limited free trial whereas before there was no trial period on the app. These two changes will ensure I never come back to use this app. If you plan on using this app in a similar manner to me, find better alternatives. They exist.
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2 years ago, itsthegingerwhoisaninja
Wow….talk about doing too much
This use to be one of my favorite apps to play around with. It was easy, simple, and so much fun. It was one of the few “recreational/game/pic editor” apps I actually had on my phone. I go to get on the app today and jumping Jehoshaphats Batman! This isn’t even the original app at all. As a matter a fact one of the best parts was how much control you had as the user to crop/tilt/setup your swaps. It allowed so much more creativity compared to this app which basically takes two pics and combines them…oh and it won’t work if it doesn’t detect a face(eliminating potential for face swapping with cartoons etc)…. Needless to say they did come through for me in a big way. I notice a link telling me that it will take me to the “original app”… *don’t mind if I do* …*click*click*. OH WAIT….it’s $7.99 You guys have really done a bang up job with this app. So much banging it has banged me right on out away from any of your products.
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3 years ago, bqschWIN
Photo Fail Correction
I realize this app is advertised as a funny face swap tool. But I had some pictures of some friends and I taken yesterday, and I every photo at least one person was not looking at the camera. With this app was able to use the best photo and make it perfect for me. It was also very easy and looks really natural. Fantastic app!
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4 months ago, B217h
Everytime I try to use this app there some kind of problem. First I got charged before my free trial subscription was up. Got charged a yearly fee. So no small charge. Now that I have it everytime I try to use it. It loads to 94% and stops and freezes. It’s literally worthless. Worst part is if you cancel the subscription it doesn’t even let you in the app without selecting a new plan. Even if your old plan still has months left. Horrible problems with just about everything. Stay away. This is the 2nd review I’ve ever wrote on Apple Store. It’s gotta be pretty bad for me to waste my time writing a review
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1 year ago, Nerd Posts
Still not fixed
You claim to revert the app back to when it was good and it still is this new garbage. I still have no access to the features I purchased, even after I followed the instructions from the app developers. Mainly because if the app sees no faces or too many faces, it won’t allow you to use the photo. I don’t always use the app to move a face. Sometimes I just enjoy using it to edit photos. I’m probably gonna delete this app in a couple days. I recommend looking elsewhere for a good editing app. I will make sure to switch this to 5 stars if the app reverts back to its better version.
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3 years ago, rainbow krackens rule the sea
Is really good! But still try8ng to figure out som
Now I’m not giving it a bad review but let’s be honest here, I don’t know how to start a new one. It took me a long time to make a todoroki college for my dad and it’s really hard to figure out how to start a new one. Although it’s really fun! My dad told me about it and I haven’t used it for awhile but I started like a year ago and it’s so fun but I can’t figure out how to start new- Otherwise no Other complaints.
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4 months ago, negativereviewsthissucks
Ya’ll goofy download faceapp instead
I don’t ever write reviews but this app is so trash. The free trial didn’t even work. I had just got the free trial and u guys that is suppose to unlock all content for 3 days… yet u allowed me to make one edit, then the next one I had to watch a video for. I could not remove the watermark every time I clicked it, it took me to the free trial page just to tell me I already had the free trial. I reinstalled the app and still had the same problem. I deleted this app for good. When u do swap the face it’s so ugly and low quality with so much noise and a distorted face.
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3 years ago, jsgwhsnzowkan
Making it worse
Used to be able to draw outlines and do boxes for free. Now you want me to pay for it. That’s like being used to getting a burger for $5 and now it’s $10 if I want to add pickles. Not good business practices. You don’t raise the price on something you were already giving away.
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3 years ago, 174324
Doesn’t fully swap ↗️↙️
I saw the good reviews and decided to try it out. 👍 I liked the concept because you can swap anything in the selected picture with anything else. For me, I can crop one thing (ex. face) onto another, but not the face I put the other face on onto the other one. (I’m sorry if that didn’t make sense, I mean I can’t swap the fully) I would rate it much better if it worked properly. 🤷‍♀️😐
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1 year ago, Mariana💋😫
My review
I like this app but the thing i hate is the updates the only one I liked was where you could pick the person you want to face over and trace the face and hit copy and then you could put the other picture u wanted and then you could jus hit paste and it would paste the face and edit it where u want it I don’t like this new update bcz u can only do one person I would give it 5 starts if we could get back to the other update but for now i give it 2
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5 years ago, Frustrated exec
It was one of the best apps I have ever used for not only changing faces, but also making pictures look better, photoshopping other people in, etc. At first, it seems that it only does one thing (changing faces) but when you figure out how to use it and get the hang of it- you just gotta try it, it’s awesome!
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2 years ago, Dan Deel
With this latest update I don’t see how it still has a 4.7
This used to be a truly great app until the latest update, which evidently the developers are positive review bombing to keep their rating high. The new version demands to find a face in a photo before bringing any picture up for editing, before the app could be used for slight picture editing instead of solely facial swapping. AND NOW THEY WANT YOU TO PAY $7.99 TO GET THE OLD VERSION BACK. Totally Ridiculous. Don’t waste your time! If it’s not broken, DON’T FIX IT! I wish I could give negative stars.
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1 year ago, Makeyouratethem
Can’t believe it
This was the best app and they ruined it - it went from easy to use and perfectly simple to a mess. Not to mention i paid for the previous version and no longer have it - hoping to get my money back. Literally the only time i have ever paid for an app. Also restore purchases gives you access to the new features which are not like the old ones. I suspect rather than make a new app the developers decided to piggy backed on the high ratings of the previous app.
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2 years ago, Ryan_1337
App used to be good
The app used to be amazing. It was simple and allowed you to cut and paste a face. The new update completely took away the ability to cut and paste faces. Now all you can do is blend two faces together and it comes out looking like garbage every time. Also the developer has been replying to reviews all week promising that the original version of the app “will be released next week.” He’s been saying that since early December and I doubt it’ll ever happen. RIP to one of the best apps on the App Store.
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4 months ago, UrKillenMeSmalls
Weekly subscription!!??!
I have had this app for an incredibly long time, almost a decade maybe?!? It was always free to do basic stuff, so I used it for special occasions to make silly things for birthdays or whatever. Now all of a sudden you want me to pay $3.99 A WEEK to swap a face in a picture!? I’m super bummed, I don’t know if the app got bought out or what but this is insane and I’m sad to delete it after all this time. Im sure yall are paying or bribing people to do good reviews so no one will ever see this either but c’est la vie
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2 years ago, sandynva
Update probs
I used to love this app. I could take a bunch of pics and do very subtle edits to make truly spectacular photos. It was wonderful. With the new upgrade, this is no longer an option. It would be great if the developers could make the old version available for folks who wanted to use it to edit family photos, rather than just face swapping two for entertainment value. The new price tag is also quite a shock. Very disappointing.
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1 month ago, Sonicbbaly
I want it to be better, but I still like it
Look it’s really fun you guys, but I want all of the features. That’s just one that you have to pay and no ads please please I’m begging no adds 🙏🏿 you also make all our photos realistic with the face swapping thing
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9 months ago, Part-Time Picker
Something changed
This app used to be awesome earlier this year. Something changed the whole thing screwed up. I can't get anything to work right. It has different options and doesn't end up creating a picture after going through a bunch of selections to try and copy paste. like most other apps, there's no written set of basic instructions that someone can go to, and read. We have to guess how to use apps. What happened to the good old fashion instruction manual.
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2 years ago, Ericu19
It is now a terrible app
The old app was really good. Had some potential improvements needed for full editing but it could be worked with. I used it for work on several different occasions to help identify people. All of these new functions are terrible. The AI doesn’t even come close. Like… even as a free app it’s not usable. The swaps come out terrible and not even in a humorous way. Even if you bring back the functions that were deleted after I purchased them (I did but the cutout tool), there’s so much visual clutter at the front page it’s annoying. I’m sorry for the team that worked hard on this only to have it destroyed. I’m already looking for new apps. I’d even pay for another one but I’m so bitter about this that I’d rather pay $10 to another company than $7 to this one. Yea it’s petty but meh.
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3 years ago, WildBillMurz
A Blast! 💥
Thank you to all the peeps @ Faceover. It’s a simple application that has brought countless joy to me and my friends. I’ve produced some pretty hilarious work, endless entertainment. Although a quite basic application, it’s absolutely perfect for someone like me just looking to have a good time! 🤣🤣🤣
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2 years ago, AmyL3*
Bring the old version back!
I used to love this app. I used it frequently and it really helped me to create the perfect photo from a bunch of different ones. Especially when you have kids who don’t sit still, are always blinking or not looking in most pictures. Now, you get one, computer generated swap (which are horrible quality) and unless you pay, you don’t get any other chances. I’m really disappointed at the updates and I won’t be using it anymore.
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3 years ago, Dhockless
Face over and face swap
My dear friend I being having this app for a while I recommend this is a great great great app I had following the instructions it’s working just fine 100% the best to buyers you not going to me able to put this app down try it what you have to loses GOD BLESS YOU
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1 year ago, blueprint HOV
What happened to the regular app it was the fantastic app ever I used to make pictures with my friends and laugh but they changed it what’s going on please change it back or make another app because this is awful very awful
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3 years ago, TaurusThomas
Cool Little App Man
Yeah I mean it has ads but only like super quick and it’s after your work. You don’t gotta like use your finger to trace or anything. It has a pre set oval shape if you will and you can adjust it to fit a face like 90% good. Great simple app for hilarious swaps. Mona Lisa app photo looks dumb on my phone though so only downside IMO 😂
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1 year ago, Hoodsy7
Absolute garbage
I used to use this app all the time. It worked well and was easy to use. Now they decided to update it and make it difficult to use and take away a bunch of great features. Because why not? Every other app developer tries to fix stuff that was never broken so why wouldn’t these guys. So thanks for ruining something great with an idiotic futile arbitrary update. Do another update. As of now this app is trash and useless and those who wrote this update should be fired
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2 years ago, Wickedny5
They made this old one to a new app and now charging long time users
They made this old app into a new app and now charging long time users who used the free app. If they want to charge people then just create a new app , you don’t have to take away your old free app that’s been around for over 8 years and now all of a sudden I load the app and it’s asking to subscribe. Should’ve created a new app entirely and submit to the App Store, old loyal users are being disciplined for no reason.
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2 years ago, Depressed Man :(
Punishing Long Time Users
The Faceover creates update me there app and took away the long time free version. They replaced it with a completely different app, that isn’t similar at all. The old app now costs $7. The new app is a subscription service. Faceover has no regard for their long time users. You could just made a new application and charge money for that one. Instead I wake up to my application being gone. Thanks for taking away one of the few things I have in life
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2 years ago, Geoff2474
New update completely changes product
New update makes the app completely different, and no longer helpful for me personally. I loved the old version, but will likely delete the new one
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6 months ago, SuperrStat
Won’t Work
Every time I try to create something using my own photo it would start “PROCESSING” and never work. So, I paid for a subscription that I’ve never been able to use. Very frustrating!
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1 year ago, Killa Eaze
Subscription based now?
I used to rock with this app heavy. Lots of fun, no doubt. But the update changed a lot and now there’s a fee. I get the need to improve and that’s cool. FYI, guys…the previous version was the joint…seems a lot of people feel that way and are disappointed along with me. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Maybe recreate the Lite version for us OGs who’d prefer the previous version. 👍🏽👊🏽✌🏽
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1 year ago, Jeremy0903
Terrible update
I’ve been using this app for years. I even purchased a few of the other shapes like the rectangle so I could copy and paste other things from pictures. Aside from the fact that you basically stole my money, you ruined the app! You had a good idea and just completely threw it away. And you didn’t even do it for a unique idea! There are a dozen other apps that so this same thing. Really a shame. Deleted the app
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4 years ago, ZagReviewed
What did you guys do?
The new update is not good. Can’t open the pic to cut face(step 1)... but regardless, I’m a big fan of this app. Will not give anything less than 5 Stars. However, you guys need to fix the update bug asap... :-) Thanks guys! UPDATE: Deleted and reinstalled and it works 100%. Awesome!
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3 years ago, Goofyfuker
Now this is FUN!
Have a great day. You’ve made my day. I’m disabled and stuck in bed. This sure makes the time I’m stuck here so much more fun and gives me a reason to laugh. Thank you so much. Keep it coming and thanks again
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1 year ago, all 👆🏻👆🏻dhc--$/(7••••!.?\€
Hate the update
Before the update with all this complicated stuff I could just play around with random photos and edit things that were not faces, but when the update came out, every single photo you edit HAS to have a face in it. Even when it does have a face in it, most of the time there is “no face detected”. Horrible update.
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2 years ago, rmacpa
Very Disappointed
I just got this app and deleted it 5 minutes later. I am very disappointed because it sounded like it was what I have been looking for. One negative review complained that the app required access to the entire photo library to save an edited picture. The developer claimed it was fixed, but it was not. I refuse to grant anyone or any app to have full access to my pictures. It seems that this developer can’t be trusted.
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5 months ago, Your Actor Friend
Wanted to use two of my own photos to swap a face. Found this app impossible to use. When I wanted to upload my first image, it would not load past the “processing” screen. I then tried under the “manual” tab, and could not figure out how to use the tools beyond circling the face. Ridiculously expensive for a glitchy app that is not intuitive and doesn’t have instructions.
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11 months ago, sonic athos
Emojis blame my dad
Dear people who downloaded this app please do not download this app or request any friends from my dad who has the same name as my first and last name he has been sending fake emojis and fake video ads with emoji’s well. Let me tell you how hurtful that can be two gay teens and adults emojis are not a joke we take our Facebook policy very seriously next time that happens. That person is going to have two weeks detention.
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