Factory Balls

4.8 (102)
25.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Factory Balls

4.82 out of 5
102 Ratings
7 years ago, Opus81a
Unique, appealing and addictive
Well I see my original review was 4 yrs ago and I still love this game. Thanks for the new levels!!! -------------- If you like a good puzzle, this will exercise your brain in a captivating way. The concept is simple: on each level you start with a plain white ball and get different tools (paint, a scraper, etc) to use to make the ball duplicate the one in the picture. Experimenting with the creative tools is fun since the design is crisp, sleek and colorful. The difficulty increases at a good rate that builds on skills and techniques from previous levels. The background music is unobtrusive. I was completely hooked and never got bored or frustrated. I did get stuck a few times but was always able to come back later and solve them. I'm guessing it took me 6-8 hours or so over several days to solve all 44 levels, and since I enjoyed every minute of it I absolutely felt I got my money's worth. Re-playability factor isn't huge, but I'm guessing I'll come back to it now and again. My 2 suggestions would be: a save feature - in the more complex levels, having to start from scratch if you have to stop mid-level is mildly annoying. Also, it would be cool to have a level generator so that once you finish the 44 puzzles you could continue to create, for instance, easy to medium randomly generated balls using the existing tools. Loved it!
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2 years ago, Jerome10
A microcosm in developing mastery of a skill
This came straight from the manufacturing line!! It’s so cool… maybe just because I’m an operations guy, the the discovery of the process is amazing. After about the first 100+ levels, it was so rewarding to know how to create every possible combination with the tools provided. It’s a microcosm of acquiring mastery. At first, it’s all trial-and-error, but as I paid attention to the patterns, I quickly figured out exactly which color “segment” to begin coloring. I’d love to see more flower levels… those were too few and far between to flow through, mainly because it introduced a progressive mechanic. I’d also love to see some new additional mechanics… I also felt the “creature creation” mechanic was too little, there could’ve been more with chopping out mouths, pulling out noses, ears, etc. but! Best paid puzzle app out there by a landslide.
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9 months ago, Shut Up I'm Playing
Forever Engaging
As a sucker for patterns and puzzles, I’ve been head over heels for Factory Balls since playing the online versions on Cool Math Games years ago. I intended to play for a bit of nostalgia, but was incredibly happy finding that it holds up as a fun and rewarding experience. Being stumped by a level of any game can stop being fun if there’s no way to explore possible solutions. I think Factory Balls harnesses that balance of a simplistic puzzle system and tough levels that makes the effort actually fun. Definitely not a game to get TOO excited about while playing, only because I chewed through all 200+ levels in under a week. I gotta say, I guess I’m still head over heels for Factory Balls, and for good reason! I’m glad it wasn’t simply mind blowing to me years ago because I was a fourth grader. Definitely a game made with thought and care. :)
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3 years ago, BrandoBalls
I was expecting this to be dumb…but it’s awesome!
I’m a fan of Bart’s other games so decided to pick this one up. At first I thought it was going to be kinda lame and silly, but I think it’s actually my favorite out of them all! It’s a unique pattern matching type game. It’s different than any other iOS game I’ve played, and I’ve played most every puzzle game that exists on iOS. It’s the perfect level of challenge for me - not so easy that you immediately figure everything out with no challenge, but not so difficult or arbitrary that you end up guessing at things until you get it right. It’s always logical and requires thinking through things to find the solution. It’s really fantastic and kept me entertained until the very end. It did seem like the existing levels were about as far as he could take this idea - by the end I felt I had figured everything unique out and it was just a matter of finishing the levels. I would have appreciated some extra EXTRA difficult levels at the end to really challenge me since I was having so much fun with the game. If there was a sequel with some expanded puzzles I’d buy it in a heartbeat (I buy all Bart’s games because they’re definitely all worth it for $2, haven’t run into a bad one yet, but this one is my surprise fave so far).
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4 years ago, Pukers58
Factory Balls
And every other game made by Bart you are puzzler gamer”s dream come true. Your games are challenging, fun, and intuitive. Never stop making games for us. I believe I have everyone except sugar. Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue I’ve played many times. Your amazing. We love you, keep em coming!!!!!
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5 years ago, tiggerjar
Whole family enjoys Factory Balls
After trying Boo, we were delighted to buy this game. My granddaughters (ages 5 & 7) work together on the puzzles. Great grandma (86) has fun with it, too. I only get my turn after their bedtime. I would recommend any of the BB games.
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3 years ago, Ameshet
Amazing as always!
I got this game because I fell in love with the pumpkin version “Boo!” This is just as great but since Halloween is my favorite this can’t really compare. Still a wonderfully fun puzzle game. Please keep them coming!
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4 years ago, lilhuddys left nut
10/10!! hopefully there’s more to come
I love this game! It’s so fun and challenging but I finished all the levels. I hope they come out with more levels soon. Definitely recommend to anyone!
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5 years ago, Tosh33b4h
Very nice!
I really like this game. The puzzles progress enough to keep me challenged and interested, but without being frustrated to the point of abandoning it. I like the look, game play is simple. They keep adding levels which is awesome!!
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2 years ago, figstir
Great thinking game!
I use to play this game on cool math games back in school and it was the best! I was so excited to see that it was on here and I beat the game in less then two days. Helps make your brain think!f
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5 years ago, Kdupes
Great concept, love this game !
If you’re the puzzle type and like to figure things out, then you’ll love this game. I have played it through twice. Boo! Is the Halloween version, same concept but on pumpkins, also very fun.
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7 years ago, Eannod
Engaging and addictive
Yippie!!! Thank you for adding new levels!! I've been waiting so long. Soon I will be wanting more though because this is a great puzzle game that I play often. Thx again!!!
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2 years ago, Myaphel
This game is just as good as I remember. I loved playing this class, so fun and challenging. I see there is a bit of a difference but it is still the same.
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3 years ago, MsChupon
Factory Balls is an OG fave
I remember playing the flash version of this way back in the day. I was stoked to find it on the App Store with added levels! One of the best puzzle games out there my far! 🎾
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6 years ago, Toxicreeper
I really really REALLY like this game REALLY 🤩
Although some tools and levels from factory balls 2, 3, & 4 on cool math games would be nice. Like the thin up and down striping tool, the fish bowl effect, and other things like that.
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4 years ago, Librarianista
New levels
Hello! Love this game. Purchased it three days ago and I have already finished all of the levels. When will new challenges be added? Thanks!!
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3 years ago, Mt bubz
Very good game BUT
Could you guys make a walkthrough on all of the levels because some of them are really hard
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6 years ago, EonDivad
Thanks Bart!
Your games are are always bright and imaginative. Factory Balls is one of my faves. Thanks for all your hard work and willingness to share your talents.
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4 years ago, Ladylumpsss
Fun and unique layering puzzle -addicting and cathartic <3
Will definitely play through again, but hoping for an update or new batch of “ball orders” soon!!
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3 years ago, tinypig23
More levels please
I completely every level in less 5 days...would really love more levels.
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5 years ago, 🐲DragonMage🐲
More levels!!!
Please add more levels, I got this game yesterday and beat all the levels already. Plz add more
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2 years ago, Boo nany
A34 🥲
Ok so it’s really good but how do i get past a34?? Edit: I got it before you responded- Thanks though!
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3 years ago, there isnt this nickname
Super fun
Very fun and challenging to a good extent, so its not so hard that you want to delete the game but still presents a good challenge.
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5 years ago, Oleanderbush
Repeatable fun
Actually enjoy replaying this. Except maybe for the grass and flowers... they are a bit difficult. Well, tricky anyway. Finally CONQUERED B30!
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4 years ago, miaakablo54
love love love
i always played bart bonte games with my dad, and it makes me so happy to play on my phone! it requires thinking and focus (wait that’s the same thing oops) and i definitely recommend! the graphics are smoooth and it’s also such a minimalist/aesthetically pleasing game. thank you!
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4 years ago, Dawlface
More more more!
I loved this game so much. Would gladly pay for more.
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8 months ago, Aws dud
Pro: great throwback to the flashgame Con: not great for even slight color blindness
Pro: great throwback to the flash game from my childhood Con: not great for even slight color blindness
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6 years ago, djl18181818
More levels please
Please add more levels!!!
Show more
5 years ago, 4biga1e
When’s the next update?
I love this app sooo much!!! But, I’m wondering how often updates come... I can’t wait for the next update!!! It’ll be so much fun!!!
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4 years ago, veganpudding
Easily the best game on the App Store.
Perfect puzzle game and completely devoid of IAP.
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3 years ago, Niah881
It’s that good
I- I can’t get past A38..
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3 years ago, ddndmgdjjrjdhhdjdbbsjshhgGfF
Show more
5 years ago, Uncoolcentral
User experience problems
I’m tempted to rate this game only one star but the core concept of the game is good enough that I can see past my UX frustration. It takes almost 20 seconds to load the game (To get to the point where you were actually playing) every time you play it. Several unnecessary touches/clicks, animations and other worthless-at-best fluff between you and the action. Contrary to the developer’s response, this almost-20-second wait happens WHEN you touch the fast forward icon. (The wait is even longer when you don’t.) 1. Touch the app icon to start the app. Wait several seconds. 2. Touch fast forward icon. Wait a couple seconds for unnecessary animation. 3. Press play icon. Wait for more unnecessary animation. 4. Press letter icon. Wait for more unnecessary animation. 5. Press number icon. Wait for even more unnecessary animation. … How about a continue button when you start the app to just play the next level? Or make a Settings toggle to turn all of that time wasting animation off. But more importantly, why does the app need so many steps (and lengthy animations) to get to the point where one plays a game. It’s not normal. It’s not good. Furthermore several of these unnecessary steps appear again every time you want to navigate menus. The crux of the game is to duplicate an example ball but the example ball is far smaller than it needs to be. The box in which it comes is larger than the ball itself. On small screens it’s sometimes hard to figure out what’s on the bottom of the ball. Though on one hand it makes sense that you can’t put the belt over the hat for example, it’s neither clever nor cute that we have to both put elements on and take them off in the “correct“ order. This adds nothing to the game experience nor does it affect the difficulty. It’s just annoying. Developers response clued me in to the notion of tapping on the ball to remove items, but this wasn’t intuitive to me. If you don’t value your time, user experience, and you think several easy-to-fix, needling elements won’t bother you, this game is closer to four stars than the 1.5 I give it. Even more frustrating because after looking at other apps by this developer (like the Halloween version of this game, his game “yellow“) some of these UX-killing ‘features’ aren’t there. Dear developer, If you fix these things or even most of them I will absolutely crank up the stars and edit this review. I think you’ll find that improving UX will improve your sales.
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11 years ago, Tonya41269
Factory Balls
I have enjoyed Bart Bonte's games for many years, and immediately bought both of his apps. I would like to make two suggestions: 1) Make the sound options permanent. Even with my phone ringer turned to silent mode, this app is audible upon startup, even after choosing "off" on prior runs. 2) At the end of the game, give us a "start over" option, instead of having to scroll through all levels. And if course, more levels!!! :) I didn't deduct stars for these oversights, because your games are all so wonderful. I can't wait to see your other games come to iPhone!
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9 years ago, squawky
Fun, challenging, can't wait for more
Edit - loved the new levels, similar but still challenging. Hoping to see more soon! Loved the Flash Factory Balls games - the app continues where those left off... basically, the goal is to recreate a pattern on a ball using the tools provided (paint, grass seeds, different belts/hats/etc. to block places where you don't want the new effect). Can't wait to see additional levels - have been savoring the ones in the app like hoarding chocolates from the Valentines candy box...
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8 years ago, jperalez
Love this game!
I saw my daughter playing this game on her iPad. It looked fun so I grounded her so I could use her iPad to play this game. At first it was hard on me because of her crying, all the tears. I couldn't even concentrate on the game so I quickly went to the bathroom where I was able to finally have some peace from all that noise. Anyways, once I was done I gave her back the iPad but of course then she started to cry again because I completed all of the levels. So yeah this game is fun. Really brings families closer!
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10 years ago, Berkshiregal
Addictive and challenging
Highly recommended, get this game! I went through all the levels that were available because this game is so much fun. It's challenging but not so much that I couldn't complete it. Perfect way to unwind at the end of the day or get your brain going in the morning. I can't wait for more levels, definitely would be willing to pay for them.
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9 years ago, maxman214
Need more levels please!
My grandson started playing this on his own (he's 7) and when he reached a level he couldn't get, got me involved. We ended up playing together on separate devices, trying to beat the other!! We just finished the bonus levels (I won) and are eager for more!! Different shapes, colors or tools would add to the fun. Please hurry, we need more!!
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10 years ago, Ania J
Excellent brain twister for kids.
I was able to go through all the levels in less than an hour but my 7-year-old nephew has to work really hard to figure out how to get through each level. I think its a great game to teach kids logical thinking. I hope new levels will be added soon.
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10 years ago, McVau1ap
Great game; but needs more levels!!
This game is fun and makes you think. It can be hard but not impossible. Would of had a five star rating if there where more levels. I downloaded it this morning and beat it in a couple hours. Based in the amount of time it took me to beat it I'm not sure it is worth .99. But hopefully an update will come soon with many more levels!!
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10 years ago, Lala Babushka
Bart bonte is fantastic
You could get any of his apps and be extremely satisfied. Factory balls is great, and I personally enjoy it more on my phone than online. I haven't encountered any problems with this app and it's challenging, intuitive, and very clean-cut. Also, no annoying ads! Five stars, two thumbs up, 10/10.
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9 years ago, Bvidal09
Great game
The game is a fun game but I hadn't played it in a while until today because I finished all the levels. I finished all the levels again just now, and was disappointed because again I have no new levels to play. Great game though! I love having to critically think
Show more
9 years ago, Eat My Hippo
Lvl 42 is impossible
I really like this game, but level 42 is literally impossible. The lines and the black square at the bottom have no possible way to be done. Otherwise this is an amazing game that's great for passing the time or just having fun. Great brain trainer too. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a good fun game.
Show more
9 years ago, UglyMonkeyBrain
Wow this game is amazing.
This game is so much fun and makes me feel really good. It's a very challenging game and it makes me really think. I just wish there were more levels because they don't last long. I just can't put it down. Add more levels!
Show more
8 years ago, Madskullz96
Please, more levels...
I have loved this game since I first played it as a flash game! I beat every level and I just wanna play more! I hope more levels become available... I'd pay the price again for more levels! It's so much fun.
Show more
8 years ago, ACLoki
Unique and good for the brain!
With so many goofy games out there, it's hard to find something that genuinely challenges the mind. There's no fluff here, no gimmicks for gems or harassment to spend more money. Thrilled to have this and looking forward to more!
Show more
8 years ago, Jabshxhbxns
I love the challenge of this game! I love to critically think, and love the challenge this game presents! My kids love it too...make more levels! I wish that it wouldn't reset if you leave for a minute to read an email or text. That's my only negative comment...
Show more
9 years ago, iheartbananapancakes
Love this game
Pls pls pls can you rea lease the 2,3,4 I love this game I first played it on a website then my computer broke and then I found it on here I was SOO excited because that was my absolute favorite and I haven't played it in about 6 years!
Show more
7 years ago, Neplachick
Please more levels..... I have played this 100 times and can do it in my sleep now! This is a better brain trainer than the other subscription app.
Show more
10 years ago, Chick4ever
Great game!
Used to play this game years ago online with my children. I was happy to see it as an app, so I immediately bought it. The whole family enjoyed it all over again. Can't wait for more levels!
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