FAIRWINDS Mobile Banking

4.8 (17.7K)
74.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
FAIRWINDS Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FAIRWINDS Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
17.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Nlkflint
I have updated my review. I used to have problems with the limits on mobile deposits. However recently, I was able to deposit more than previous in a 30d period, and was surprised to find that it went through without my having to call and get a special exception. Transfers are easy. Bill pays easy. You can also click and go to the main site from this app when you want to do something that’s not on the app. I live out of town, no local drive ups or ATMs. But I now have no difficulty with the mobile deposits. There are enough ATMs that I’m not charged to use that I have no other checking accounts now and I’m happy with my access.
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4 years ago, ArchShepp
Everything’s good but the messages
Great app, simple means less is more in this case. I’m not a fan of the message center. Honestly, I don’t ever expect to receive an important message in this app but I do still get lame messages that require me to open them to get rid of the notification. Just allow me to use the app for what I need and stop demanding I click cash back rewards for merchandise I’m never going to buy. I really like how simple it is to find important information like the routing numbers. Most apps make me search for it while you add it as a feature in the list of settings. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Lmh4cars
Metrowest Location
I have been with Fairwinds since I moved to Florida just over 5 years ago. The service I get in the Metrowest location is second to none. I can honestly say they make me feel more than just another customer. They have always gone above and beyond my expectations. If you want to know how good the service is, I drive 27 miles 1 way, go past multiple Fairwinds branches just to go to the Metrowest branch. It would be nice if all locations could get to that level of customer service so I did not have to put up with the Orlando traffic but until they do I will gladly make the 54 mile round trip.
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4 years ago, Izabella Black(:
Works fine usually, but
I’ve been a Fairwinds user for more than 8 years now and have had the app about the same amount of time. I’m used to the app having issues from time to time, it’s nothing a little “exit and try again” can’t fix. But since the last update, everything all blends together. I use a separate budgeting app where I track my transactions and it is SO difficult to tell what day transactions went through and where I was at in the bank app, not to mention which transactions are pending. PLEASE put the dividers back in the next update, or have an option for users to choose whether or not they want dividers. Sincerely considering deleting the app so I can just use the browser version instead.
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1 year ago, Jumpinjoey
I love this app.
I have other banking apps and finance apps and the Fairwinds app is the best of the best. I am a bit compulsive when it comes to checking my accounts and the app is always very quick, very accurate, and very easy to use. From seeing my balances quickly to depositing a check, this app is fantastic. I’m sure there could always be improvements, but after slogging my way onto other apps to check other account information or current and past bills, returning to the Fairwinds app, it seems nearly perfect.
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6 years ago, ajarborn
Not perfect; but close
The app is very sophisticated but there are a few minor issues. Biggest is items clearing. For example, I’ll pay a bill from checking. I almost immediately get a message from the credit card they received my payment and then I wait for Fairwinds to “acknowledge” it as a cleared item. Sometimes for days. Don’t remember having a similar delay when I was using the 5/3 app. Very impressed with the check deposit process and typically customer service is quick to respond if I screw something up.
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6 years ago, JMaryS
App Use
So far, I’ve had exceptional experiences with this app. It’s easy to use and I’ve really never had an issue with speed and quality of the app. I use another bank app for an account my parent’s set up for me when I was a teenager and this is by far better!! Another side note — I also love this bank!!! The people are always very friendly and personable, and they’re always able to help when I need it! This is no matter which branch I go to and I’ve been to at least three different ones around the central Florida area!
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5 years ago, Ceasar Lee
Leon’s Management of total Earnings
Hi. I do appreciate your confidence in me as a person to pay for me and my mom’s bills. I have the power of “Attorney”, for my mom. Since, then , I have paid our house off and still able to pay my car off as well this year. That’ll be a big accomplishment for me because, then I can concentrate on the credit cards, in and around November of this year. So I do thank you very much for being there for me, while I paid my elderly mom’s debts off. So in a couple of months; we should be ok. Thank you
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7 years ago, User1122335
Great App but...
I love the convenience of this app! Checking my balance, transfers, even mobile check deposits!!! Seriously adds Hours to my life... But, and here comes the first world problems, I'd like to see real-time credit card transaction updates!!! PLEASE!! Transactions and payments tend to LAG for days!! I will make a payment and it literally takes days to post! Transactions take DAYS to post from "pending" status. Again, first world problems, but annoying nonetheless! 10 starts if fixed!!
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6 years ago, Iasim
I have been with FAIRWINDS for 15 years but lately the customer service is being awful my debit card is being compromised twice last year and once this year. I had to fight for them to put all the over draft charges back to my account that clearly wasn’t my fault and still didn’t get all my money back I have so many things to say I’m very disappointed. Closing all my accounts and taking my business somewhere else!!
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5 years ago, Truth Tella 1983
The Worst Bank Ever!!!!
Everytime you try to log in to check your balance there is always an issue and some error message comes up. Don’t waste your time people. I have Navy Fed and I can’t wait to pull my taxes from this bank and put it all over there. Never did I think I would have this much trouble with a bank. Lost my card and I called customer service and reported it lost. Told me I would get another card in the mail! Waited and waited....finally I called just to check on it as I was super busy during this time. No idea what I was talking about and didn’t tell me I could go to a branch and get a new card. Like I mentioned stay with your bank or research good banks in your area. See ya later Fairwinds.
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4 years ago, Lighteyed_diva
Application error
All of a sudden for the past two days i can not access my account through the app. Says unable to display your information. I deleted the app and re-downloaded and i get the same error. I am only able to access in the actual website. Which i had to change my password as well. What’s going on with this app now. Please fix!
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4 years ago, LeConte8808
To the developers
Can you please disable the app icon badge notification for the cash back offers. It’s incredibly annoying that my FAIRWINDS app near constantly has a badge on it since updating for something so unimportant. I don’t wish to disable the badge notification entirely for fear of missing some actual important information about my account. Such a notification should IMHO only be for important account communication.
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6 years ago, frustratedwFairwinds
Great app. The Deposit Check Feature needs work. Their needs to be a feature that snaps the picture more quickly. On Multiple occasions I have had to take 15 pictures of the same check, and my phone invariably moves slightly, as it is in my hands. If you had a faster shutter, much of this would be alleviated.
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2 years ago, NalaniV
Time Concerns
Hi. Although I have been with Fairwinds for many years. I am often tempted to switch banks because it is so inconvenient to not be able to speak with someone after hours, or on the weekends; I am not able to use the zill app, and therefore not able to use Zell to send money, and Pop money no longer delivers the next day. The only reason I haven’t closed the account yet and just use my other accounts is that I have so many automatic debits.
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3 years ago, ThisAppIsHorrendous
Be careful! Duplicate charges!
I tried using this app to pay my Fairwinds Visa card. Unfortunately it had an issue. (I did not write down the exact error.) No problem. I logged out, logged back in, and checked my balance. No charge. Ok, so I went back and tried the transfer again. Success! Checked my account: Now I have 2 charges?! Not good. Called the 24 hour line. In short, they can’t help. Called the branch per their request the next morning (thank goodness for Saturday hours.) According to the branch, I am out a substantial amount of money for the next 3 days because their app failed. Wait... because it happened on a Friday night (you know, pay day) it’ll probably be more like a week. So I’m out a large chunk of my account for the next week because this app failed and no one at Fairwinds or Visa can do anything about it. Be very careful using this app... it better yet: Don’t use it at all.
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4 years ago, R'land
Not happy!
I’ve been with fairwinds for nearly 6 years. They started me off with a credit that only carried a balance of 279 or something like that. And I’ve used this card with no issues. Now, when I’m finally ready for a credit increase they are only offering a thousand in credit, despite me having a high credit score. All these years I waited n build my credit only to be denied the credit increase I asked for... amazing bank, but selfish with their customers at times. Not happy with them right now. They did the same thing when I wanted to purchase a car, they were no help.
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5 years ago, Sabrina Muñeca
Page won’t open
For the past two weeks the application states I’m logged in but can not display any information and to try back another time. I love the app. Access it multiple times a day and this is just madness. Have to log in via webpage and refuse to do that under an unsecured network. Please fix it!
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5 years ago, Coolestman335
I like it...seems a little dated and maybe needs an update. I get done what I need to get done generally, the main complaint I have is it VERY slow. Takes 15-20 seconds to load on my iPhone 8 almost every time I log in. I’ve used other “big bank” apps and they are much faster and smoother for sure. Step it up Fairwinds!
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3 years ago, ????cat
40 years!! With Fairwinds Credit Union!!
Thank you for all your years of service in Sanford Fl. I have never had any problems with my accounts. You all have been so professional to me and my co- workers . I keep moving on and you’ll keep up with me. Thank you Happy Holidays 2021. T. Miller.
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4 years ago, DCutty
Last update is awful
Since the last update or even the one before that, the Quick view no longer displays the name of the account...just an amount. I guess this would work for some but if you have multiple accounts you are clueless to which account is which. It just list the available and current balance on a white background. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Leilo 💕
Love it!
It’s the best app and the best bank 👌🏽 it truly is the way it’s set up and how fast u can see what you spend is pretty amazing thanks to this app and bank I’m not over spending because it shows you what’s pending but it shows you the true amount you have even if it hasn’t been cleared yet!
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3 years ago, jk1ngQ
Application error
So I’ve been patient for months now BUT I have grown frustrated with an issue when trying to open the app, a prompt pops ups more than half the time that says “APPLICATION ERROR , WE ARE UNABLE TO DISPLAY YOUR INFORMATION AT THIS TIME, TRY AGAIN LATER” I have tried deleting the app off my phone numerous times and even updating the app when needed with no luck in fixing this issue, I would love some help if it were possible, thank you in advance.
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3 years ago, zary72
The app stop working... it’s frustrating!
The app stop working two months ago approximately and now the only way I can access my account is by using regular browser. It’s frustrating... FAIRWINDS needs to gets this fix ASAP.
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3 years ago, Rbis30
Poor Service
Very poor service on the app. I locked my card when I’m not using it for safety reasons. Now I have a very important bill to pay and it’s telling my there’s no cards found. I am so upset I called and of course they cannot help me to unlock the card, so I’m having to pay $100 in late fees for my debit card not being able to be unlocked. I am withdrawing all of my funds and closing that account it’s a waste of time. Not happy at all with their services.
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4 years ago, livefreeordie420
Mobil App Constantly Down
The app is constantly giving an application error. As far as I can see I can’t give feedback through the app without logging in which it doesn’t let me do because of the “application error”. This time I was trying to deposit a business check which I already wrote for mobile deposit. I set an alarm for 1 hour thinking there’s no way a multi billion dollar “non profit “ could possibly let their app go a full hour without being fixed but I was wrong
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6 years ago, SgrKpKl
Horrible Mobil check deposit system
If all you need is to look at your account then it’s fine. I need to deposit checks several times a week and it’s horrible. It makes you submit them over and over and does not accept the image. I end depositing everything to my other bank account. I was hoping to be able to move all of my funds to this account but I can see that I will probably be shutting this account down and returning to my old bank.
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5 years ago, gina-humphries77
Re: check deposit
Just having a little bit of issues with the back of the check saying missing endorsement when the check is signed with endorsement.
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5 years ago, Thette1
Works inconsistently
This app is fails too often. A few months ago, it was constant incorrect password messages, even though I was using Touch ID. Now I’ve been getting application errors for several hours. It’s more than a bit irritating that I can’t reliably access my accounts via the app.
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1 year ago, TravoLefko
Poor performance
Notification badges for general notifications like scheduled system updates are extremely annoying to clear if you use Face ID. Trying to open new accounts in the mobile app puts you in an endless circle of trying to log in but being sent to a “you have successfully logged out of your account” page.
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5 years ago, Ev5119
Application error
I’ve been getting app error since Friday. Anyone else? Called bank and said no issues on their end. I’ve deleted app twice. Shut my phone off and still not working. Suggestions?
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5 years ago, whitefenril
Very convenient
This app is very easy to use and very clear for both personal and business accounts. I saved countless hours with the remote deposit feature, I would strongly recommend this app with FAIRWINDS.
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1 year ago, Bromo1101
Alright, depositing a check is horrendous
The app is mostly great - straight forward, functional, etc. However, the app is TERRIBLE at depositing a check. Taking an “acceptable” photo of the back of my paycheck takes at least 10 tries every single time. Needs fixing big time.
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7 years ago, Ixionz
Simple yet powerful app
I have to say, I like the implementations being done to the app, extremely user friendly which helps when you are on the road or can't make it to the bank Keep It up fairwinds!
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5 years ago, kiki-bori
I have never had problems with this app up until I tried installing in on an iPhone XR. Can’t access my account & the app won’t call or text me like it should.
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2 years ago, hollsmariec
Can’t deposit a check!!!
This stupid app won’t let me deposit a check no matter what I do. The stupid camera isn’t working on the app. I will get a perfect photo and it says error and won’t let me keep it or move forward. All they tell me to do is uninstall the app. It’s not working!!!
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7 years ago, Spin1980
Easy to use
This app is very easy to use and also read. I don't need an app with all the bells and whistles that at times cane confuse people, this one gets me to my accounts, tells me how much I have and also any pending charges.
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5 years ago, FtaDrill0705
Never works anymore!
I’m constantly unable to log in to check my account both through this app and online. It’s extremely frustrating that I can never seem to have access to my account for no reason in particular. On top of that, those cash back bonuses that are offered to add onto your card never work for me! Main concern is just not being able to so much as sign in in the first place. 👎🏼
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2 years ago, johnny "pay"
Greatest people!!!
Excellent services and employees are vey professional… we are customers for more than 7 years….. the best …. We like the way that they always make feel us like a family …. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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4 years ago, Dmaldo1
I’ve been a member for several years and I’ve seen the improvements and outstanding customer service. Thank you FW Team
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6 years ago, pmdb1
Fairwinds review
Thank you very much, for having such a great, informative and easy to use website and app. The app is used frequently from me for all kinds of details from savings, checking and investments!!
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6 years ago, Everynicknamewastaken1212
Pretty great!
For a small bank, the app is pretty amazing. They’ve spend some time strong the user Experience right (UX). It’s as good if not better than some of the biggest bank app. I have nothing to complain about.
Show more
6 years ago, Shanel38
User friendly
Makes life easier, especially with always being on the go! 😎👍🏼
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2 years ago, Thatonemomkj
App barley works
Not sure if it’s just my phone, I’ve deleted & reinstalled the app multiple times, it rarely works. I’ll sign in, & it try’s to take me to my home page but it won’t stop loading, I’ll have to close out of my app completely & re-sign in, multiple times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Little frustrating but it’s not a huge deal.
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2 years ago, Jamerican
5 star rating
I’ve been a member for over 20 years and can nothing negative about FAIRWINDS. They’ve handle my accounts as if I was a million year at a 4 branches I’ve used.
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6 years ago, Da G Mann
Best ever
I’ve had this app for over a year now , it’s nice to be able to check my $$ situation as easy as 123 . I’ve been banking here for well over 15 years and honestly believe you are the best .
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4 years ago, ctoral
Piece of Junk
This app only works sometimes, in fact for the past two weeks there has been errors each time I open it and I’m unable to check my account. This credit union charges you all kinds of random fees and then can’t even make sure their mobile app works properly. Put funding into the things that count and stop funding your pockets and stealing from us!
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7 months ago, Kg12341134
Lacking compared to other banking Apps
This app is frequently buggy, down today as a matter of fact. I think they try to do too frequent bug fixes and don’t do good enough UAT testing prior to release. Seeing your bank balances is a must and often not able to.
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5 years ago, Dhhteach
Mobile deposit issues
Mobile deposit back of check problems. It won’t accept the pictures and the pictures are extremely different than what was actually taken.
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6 years ago, #1dingy
Jim Bloodgood
I recently financed a car from your credit union and I had a great experience thanks to Sharon Kern and the great staff she works with I’ve been a member for over 20 years and plan to be one for the next 20.
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