Fallout Pip-Boy

3.5 (1.8K)
89.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fallout Pip-Boy

3.52 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Bruskyp
Fallout 4 Ps4 Technical issue
My pip boy for some reason in game will not display a screen, no clue why. But the mods i had downloaded never caused this problem, i only started noticing this when i downloaded this app, the app actually freezes anytime im outside of power(which thank god i always use power armor) and therefore my in game pip boy screen doesnt display when im out of power armor, but does when i am in power armor. Im able to leave and go back to the pip boy without issue, but it just shows up as a blank screen besides the very bottom row, to drop, favorite, etc. Im sometimes able to use the app to change gear out of power armor but that usually doesn't last for long. I’ll submit a ticket to Bethesda's website, so this has a greater chance of getting solved but anything you guys could do would be appreciated!
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8 years ago, GreatGizzards
Can't connect
I was really excited to use this app but just like most things these days it doesn't work. I have tried everything. In fallout 4 settings I have the pip boy enabled. In the Xbox settings I have SmartGlass enabled for anybody. I checked the account that I'm logged into in the Xbox settings. I tested that my password was correct by logging into SmartGlass. I am able to connect to my Xbox using the SmartGlass app. When I try to connect on the pip boy app I select "Xbox one" and my Xbox appears with the correct IP address. I select it and login but it says it's unable to connect. I tried restarting the game like it suggests. I tried restarting the app. I tried restarting the Xbox. Unfortunately the troubleshooting is SmartGlass troubleshooting, not pip boy app troubleshooting. It only suggests to restart the router and if that doesn't work to default to factory settings on the router. I know it isn't the router because I am able to connect on SmartGlass, the networks are the same (my 5ghz ssid is different than my 2.4ghz ssid), and the IP address is correct. I really wish it worked but it doesn't so I can't give it more than one star. Please fix it Bethesda before I have moved on from this game.
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2 months ago, Bieberfever103
Really cool app that just needs some updates
This app is really cool, but it definitely needs updating. From my understanding, you will not be able to connect to ANY xbox type since it requires smartglass, which no longer exists. Not only that, but you cant connect to any newer consoles such as the xbox X series and the PS5. Also, I think the demo should have a few extra touches. Such as the rest of the holotape games and at least one of the radio stations. Just a thought Please update this app!!! With fallout 4 regrowing in popularity im sure more users will want to play around with this app.
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8 years ago, polyKid2015
Works amazing!!!
I was a little unsure at first but holy crap! It was an easy setup and everything is in real time. I never have to open my pip boy anymore because I just have this app open next to me on my iPad as I play and I have full control of everything in it. When I wanna change outfits and just wanna see what it looks like I just push it on my iPad while being zoomed out all the way out and watch what the changes look like instantly. Same goes for weapons or quest or even fast travel. This app is awesome. I never leave reviews but this is way to freaking awesome to only be 3 stars. With what I know now of how this app works I would pay for it if it had a cost behind it.
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6 years ago, Me the be
Amazing app
I just learned of this app last night and downloaded it today. Holy crap is it amazing. You can manage everything that’s in game right on your phone. I dont have the collectors edition, so I don’t have the pip boy. But I still love this app. I have it propped up in front of me while I play. The best part of this app? Real-time movement of the map. Yes, while your moving on the game, the arrow on the map moves along with your character. This is so helpful as it almost erases the need for constant pauses in the game for checking your map. It’s all right in front of you. This app has changed so much, especially since I’m pretty far in survival mode.
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3 weeks ago, Coolguy20617484
Works on next gen consoles but is difficult to set up
Here is an easy tutorial for specifically ps5 users. Download both the ps4 and ps5 versions of fallout 4. Play one the ps4 version until you leave the vault, and then set up the app by selecting ps4 and it should give you the ip address of your ps5. If it does not, close out of the game completely and go back in and it should reconnect. Once the app is connected, go on to the ps5 version and make sure the app is enabled. Then, once you pick up the pip-boy, you should be able to use the app just fine. Hope this helps
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5 years ago, rec Fan
U should make a new game
U should make a new like this but where ur character moves it’s self and it saids like “U have found a adanded house do u what to explore.” And say yes u can find something like “ u have found a pistol some ammo and a baseball cap. And u can loot it and u can go to ur pip boy and equip them. And fighting something it shows the thing that shows the damage and u can tap the body part with the equipped weapon. And the pip boy looks the same as usual and to move go to the pip boy and tap to move to the location. I HOPE U READ THIS BETHESDA BECAUSE I WOULD WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MY IDEA FOR A GAME AND IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO RIGHT THIS. P.S I love ur games!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Vricow
One more thing for perfection
This is in my opinion hands down the best companion app there is. However there would be one more thing that would make it perfect. Since there is an option to build an Eyebot Pod in game to search for crafting components, ammunition and explosives, it would be amazing if you could send Eyebots in the companion app while away from the game and collect items to use in-game. There are other games that utilize this feature and it would be great for Fallout 4. I know you manually have to send them through the pod and not through the pip boy but still... maybe?
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7 years ago, KylieFawkes
Not for 360???
I was very very disappointed to know I couldn’t use this app with fallout 3 on my 360, is there any chance you can release a legacy edition of this app compatible with the Xbox 360 console?? Thank you :) aside from that the app is awesome. Also I think you could make a lot of money if you made a pip boy that interacts with your surroundings like Ingress or Pokemon go, and then the point is find “settlemts” but you can battle creatures and raiders on the way there and stuff, and you can even feature some of the radios and stuff! I would by that app in a heart beat!
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8 years ago, Disney Runner
I had a challenge connecting and as it turns out, the Windows firewall permissions appeared *under* all other windows, so I didn't see it for a while. So please look for the firewall dialog (Bethesda, please update your documentation to point this out). With that out of the way, the Pip Boy App is *brilliant*. It gave my old iPad mini new life. I encountered this app by chance, and it makes it so much easier tromping through the wilderness seeing your progress on the maps, and quickly allowing you to change outfit. THANK YOU BETHESDA!
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6 years ago, josh.case91
Used to be Great
Like the others I’ve seen posted, it won’t connect. Last night, worked just fine, got up and hopped on a few minutes ago, and kaput. I get that you at Bethesda have other projects, and haven’t done update for this app in about 2 years, because ya think “Who even still uses this? It’s obsolete.” You’re wrong. I myself know of at least 20 other people who use it frequently, only 3 of which have had this issue. Please give an update. Makes our Fallout 4 experience so much fun and immersive.
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7 years ago, 5616546521
Great but feel like has more potential
I feel the app is great but if you play with the in game pip-boy before you will completely forget about this app. If you do it just doesn't seem practical for switching weapons since you are irl choosing a weapon and if you need to switch to a weapon fast then it doesn't really work. But I guess that is why you hot key a weapon. Personally I use the app as my map since I don't like to use a hud in a game if I don't need to. Again great game just not what you might expect.
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6 years ago, Dude named Ben
One star rank to help people who cannot connect find the fix
It’s. a 5 star app but hitting 1 so disgruntled can know the fix. I also couldn’t connect and thought it was because. I have 100+ mods and run the script extender in Modmanager 2. What fixed it was the latest update on the steam version. F4SE (script extender) couldn’t be used so I waited 3 days for the update to be made to it. Once It was updated I ran it and on the first run Windows 10s firewall asked me for permission to run it on either a home or public network. Choose HOME Network. All of a sudden the app worked! I had made it more “secure” earlier which prevented the app connecting properly. Also ensure it is enabled in the Fallout game menu and restart the game. I hope this helps you
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7 years ago, MrDylanyay
No Nuka-World or Far Harbor
This app is great, I seat my iPad right by my mouse, so I can easily switch from shooting raiders, ghouls, etc and choose what weapon I want to use. I usually have the map open, change screens to change weapons, quests, etc and change back to the map. But I noticed as I was playing Nuka-World,that the map was just the Commonwealth with NW icons on it. I have the season pass, too lazy to get my iPad 3 to play Far Harbor, but by other reviews, Far Harbor doesn't work. I would really like it if Bethesda would put in the work to add the NW and FH maps to this great app.
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6 years ago, svartrbrisingr
I downloaded this thinking it would be just something to see what was in my inventory and after i connected it it turned to the red i use on my pip-boy and that shocked me and then i went to inventory and it showed the modded weapon i had(im on ps4 and i have the skillzerk weapon pack mod) and i saw drop. So i clicked it and the weapon dropped. I was extremly shocked but happy. This one app is going to make my fallout 4 gameplay so much more immersive. 10/10 will recommend this to others
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5 years ago, The mysterious object shipper
Good but I have three suggestions
First, after saying what device you are using, it should ask what fallout game you are playing (unless it knows what fallout game you are playing). Second, if your dead, the Pip-Boy app should said you are dead until the loading screen is there. Third, if you are in offline mode you should be enable to do some things (things should be changing clothes, Changing radio stations, plying stimpax etc), not all things.
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3 years ago, ImmortalBuilder
Works perfectly
I’ve used many of these “remote” apps before, but they all have the problem of setting them up never working. However, this takes seconds. All you have to do is open fallout 4 and click connect on the app. You can do anything on your phone, instead of the game, and it helps make it a much more immersive experience. Five stars
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6 years ago, Five Stars Reviewer
Amazing! ... when it connects that is
Wow, this is the kind of features you’d like to see on most of modern games. The Pip boy app is an excellent companion for your console game, making it easy to follow your progress on the map and scrolling through your inventory. The only problem is that most of the times I have problems syncing the iPad with the Xbox. I don’t know if it’s fare to blame the app (it might be the Xbox’s it my network’s fault) but if it wasn’t for this issue, I’d give it 5 stars. Keep up the good work developers!
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8 years ago, oerhi
For all the Xbox users, confirmed fix.
So I had all the same issues, first, join your Xbox and iDevice to same wireless network. Change Smartglass to accept all on Xbox One connections after that (very important). Then I found the missing link. Do the following per some Google-fu and Reddit and the app came right up on my iPad: [SOLVED] I was having the same issues. I talked with Microsoft. This is for the Xbox One but may work with other systems. Just have to find the way to do it. Go to settings > network > advanced settings > alternate MAC address > clear > restart Open the game. Make sure pipboy app on the game is turned on. Press B to open pipboy and connect with app. I did change from LAN to a wireless signal that was not 5G on my router. Don't know if that had anything to do with it.
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8 years ago, SalsaAqua
Works well for me
To me, this is a five star app because it works flawlessly for what I need. It turns my old iPad mini into a touch screen PipBoy which is great at some things, and not so great at others. Either way, for free, it's a great feature. Plus it's nice to see a controlling extension for PS4 that includes iOS. This is my first go-around with anything like this for the ps4 and I have to say, it's worth 5 stars just for allowing me to live-view the map on my iPad.
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5 years ago, Anonymous derper
Pretty good
I would rate this app a 5, in fact my whole family loves Fallout 4, but I’ve decided to do 4 stars because of some things that need to be added. My suggestions are to add a rad counter, perk chart (you would be able to customize it for certain fallout games), and a thing that lets you customize what the pip-boy does for fallout 1, 2, 3, 4, and 76. P.S. WHY DOES FALLOUT 76 EXIST!? I’m sorry if I’m being rude to people who like it, but I probably would say I hate it. I love Fallout 4 though. My family almost plays it every day.
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7 years ago, Lizardorb
On PC, app needs volume control
This works perfectly with the PC version. I mostly messed around a bit with turning diamond city radio on and off faster, but I was very impressed overall. My only complaint would be that the app has no independent volume control so clicking around was obnoxiously loud. I had to turn down the volume for my phone or just set it to vibrate. Audio controls should be a given in anything with audio. Add controls for that and I'd up this to five stars.
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6 years ago, oak tree 76
Radio Feature
This is an awesome app and has great compatibility with the real pip-boy. It’s easy and cool to navigate through the menu in real time and interact with the game. The Diamond City radio of fallout 4 is one of my favorite parts of the game and was upset to see my phone couldn’t play any of the songs. I thought if that could be an option whether you were in the fallout 4 game or not, it would be really cool to listen to the radio with the app.
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6 years ago, thereaper59
It’s awesome
I was thinking u could make it a way to where it’s not on demo mode but u can still connect it to the pc xbox or ps4 but there could be a mode where it’s shows your personal stuff like what your wearing what skills and perks u have and what u are carrying like caps how much u are carrying if u put a book bag or anything on it will show what’s in it and how much it all weights and where u are at on the real world map that would be even more awesome
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2 months ago, Knight Saxon
So me personally I love this the fact you can use your phone for the pip boy but my question is that is this app gonna get an update with the new update coming out for new gen consoles cause with this app currently it doesn’t connect to the game I think it’s cause of the app and the game are so old but if it’s possible could this app be updated to work with the game again
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6 years ago, Richard_13
I really like this, buuut problem. Me not able to buy fallout or fallout 4 to connect to the pip boy, I’m stuck with the demo. But the demo is very limited :/ one game, the radio has no music, very little interaction. I get it that the apps mainly for those who have the game and the pip boy and want their game character irl, but there’s still people that don’t have the game and still want that kinda thing. It’d be cool if we could connect to fallout shelter and connect to our inventory, items, and one of our vault characters.
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7 years ago, Jesternario
Works great: when it feels like working
I have Fallout 4 for the PC and I use a controller. For some reason, that means you can’t use the map to fast travel because the PC version expects a keyboard and mouse and screw you if you don’t. So I got the app to allow for fast travel. The only issue is that the pip-boy app disconnects from the computer ALL THE TIME. And for no readily apparent reason! Trying to check your inventory, disconnect. Trying to fast travel? Yup it’ll disconnect just as you are about to confirm the fast travel. And since my modem is right next to the computer, I can only conclude that the app is to blame.
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2 months ago, Nathanlu012
New gen
Im unaware if Bethesda made a new gen update for it, but I was able to sync the app to my ps5. I went to my game settings and turned on app functions, then closed the game. I restarted the game and loaded my save, then I turned on the pipboy app and clicked search for ps4. It pulled up a “ps4” and some IP but when I clicked it, it linked to my PS5. Not sure if this will work for everyone but it worked for me.
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7 years ago, (why no update)
Is this App even supported anymore?
Hello. Im not here to write a review (though it is a pretty sweet app with some issues), I'm still wondering if bethesda is still supporting this app, since its last update was a year ago. I mean, this was one of Fallout 4's best gimicks for iOS usage that was hyped at Beth's first E3 Event, back in 2015. Now, I feel as if Bethesda stopped caring about the app, and it shows. I doubt anyone would read this (either affiliated with Bethesda or not), but I would like to know if this is a dead app.
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4 years ago, Obsolete Titan
Does not work with dlc maps
I use this app for the map and sometimes the inventory but sense the map in game as messed up because of so mod I downloaded and I can’t find the one that is doing it so I use this app but I want to far harbor and it didn’t work the map doesn’t switch over to the far harbor map it made me sad but I still really like the app it as helped me out a few times.
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7 years ago, Blackscorpio17
Pip-Boy App Not WORKING!!!!
I saw reviews about this app and it looks amazing but there is a big issue when trying to connect to my Xbox One. The app recognizes my Xbox but it won’t connect. It tells me to turn on Pip-Boy App Enabled and its on. I turned it off then back on I restarted my game. I checked to see if it’s connected to the WiFi which it is. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it. I tried everything I can think of and it won’t work. This app is screwed up and needs to be UPDATED. this app is like complete garbage. I’m very disappointed in this app. I was looking forward to it and it doesn’t even work. Please fix this app
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2 months ago, Idk5620
Not connecting
I downloaded this app because I thought it would be nice to have the Pip-Boy screen on my phone. After attempting to connect it to my PS4 (I have followed all of the instructions) it doesn’t connect and continues attempting to connect/load (scanning for devices). I understand that this is a rather old app, but I still think it would be nice to actually have it work.
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8 years ago, Pemigewasset & Granite
Poorly defined, explained, far from intuitive
I'm not even entirely sure what this is supposed to do but having played assassins creed pirates I assumed it was similar to the app associated with that game. Perhaps it is but I'll never know. Downloaded and assumed it needed to connect via Wi-Fi. Nothing obvious happens. I investigated the help and got some instructions. Now I've spent 40 minutes fooling about with this rather than playing the game. Reminds me of a scene from forever young where thepilot crashes the plane and an instrument falls out. He tosses it to an engineer and says "apparently it doesn't need that." That's the way I feel about this app.
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5 years ago, YEEET!
SO GOOD!!!!!!!! Except for one thing.......
I was just expecting a pip boy app that wouldn’t work even if u paid it 2. Not only does it have an actual Geiger counter but u can also fast travel with it 2! U can use it in real life as u can in the game. But it doesn’t always connect to my xbox one. In fact.... like a quarter of the time it doesn’t even work! But, it’s still an awesome app. A must have for any fallout player and fan. Like Sierra petrinova and her Nuka Cola obsession!
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6 years ago, Elite_Zaur01
Fallout 76
I didnt use this app too much during 4, primarily because it was kindof useless since opening the pipboy gives you a second to manage thoughts and inventory mid battle. My first deathclaw taught me not to use this app. Also I didnt have the accompanying pipboy phone mount. However I think this app would be a great addition to fallout 76 since the game doesn't pause on pipboy. Just a thought.
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7 years ago, Mysteryonion
This is great!
Connected fine when I read up on possible issues...all check out as correct and connected with no issues. This makes things a little more manageable for a slow player like me (took me a while to level up to 15 since I don't play regularly). It connects up and works just fine every time.
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2 months ago, TrappolaMusic
Read this to get it to work on PS5!
Open up the game on your PS5, go to gameplay settings and make sure the pip boy app is enabled. After that, restart the game. Once the game boots up, open the app and press on the PS4 option, it should recognize it almost instantly and you’ll be able to use the app with the game. Worked for me!
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8 years ago, Mc_Cauley
Great idea, poor execution
When I first downloaded this app I was not able to connect at all. I had all the settings correct but I was not able to connect. Now, Months later, I downloaded the app again and could finally connect. The problem is that I don't stay connected very long. I can use the pip in the app and it works in game, but it always comes up with a connection error 30-60 seconds after connection is made. If Bethesda can fix the bugs, then I would rate this app a 5/5 instead of a 2/5
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8 years ago, EMans247
Basically perfection, but big map error
This app is simply amazing. It's executed extremely well, connects with ease and the real time changes are incredibly snappy. My only complaint is that the map is displayed incorrectly since the dlcs. When I am in Far Harbor for example and bring up the map on this app in my iPad 2, it displays the correct icons for Far Harbor places, but the back ground map shown is that of the Commonwealth. PLEASE FIX FOR 5 stars!!
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7 years ago, Link_68
Very useful
Very useful for fallout 4 but it does have some bugs like freezing up and loss of connection with the XBOX ONE via smartglass hopefully they will have an update to this application that fixes the issue of connection and freezing by the way I have it on my iPad air because I don't have the iPhone and PIPBOY EDITION OF FALLOUT 4 I just got base game pre owned from GAMESTOP which was the best option for me.
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6 years ago, Dragons?
Great app with game
This app is a pretty cool add on that I like to use with Fallout 4. It gives a sense of immersion and actually affects the way you play the game as a whole. You can keep on playing the game and can switch weapons or use stimpaks without halting the gameplay and you can keep on playing. The only issue i’d have is that it can sometimes be slow and unresponsive but this barely ever happens. Overall great to use
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4 years ago, Lone wanderer one
Lost opportunity
If only Bethesda would get together with Fitbit or some other exercise application. You could literally take the pit boy and skyrocketed to the moon. It would be amazing if I could keep track and how strong I’m getting. By the exercise that I put in. 🤣😂🤣Or if your social skills experience went up by visiting public places. O it would be awesome
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5 years ago, Bax724
This is Awesome!
I was looking for a app that could do this. Then I find this one. I had a little trouble setting it up but I learned that you enable it in the settings of the game. Then you close it out and restart it. When your at the main screen of the game connect with the app. After I had no problems in the game with the app.
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8 years ago, Ray Blackhart
Bethesda's TES & Fallout fan
A cute handy little prop great for cosplayers and Fallout geeks like myself. Great to have especially when linked to a save that has all the halotape games and the entire map revealed in Fallout 4 to share with a friend or use for a 2nd character game save. I regularly use this to play one of a few fun free halotape game when I'm trying to kill time before a schedule.
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1 month ago, ScareCRow5047
Can’t log in at all
This was a good app, but I can’t log in now, it keeps crashing as soon as I connect my account, app doesn’t work at all anymore I’m not on the newest version of Xbox one but its not the oldest either, use to work great before the new fallout 4 update. There is nowhere I can even report that the app’s not working it just redirects you to a page that says page not found, very infuriating I’ve been trying for weeks now...
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5 years ago, MasterPlan77
Update for iOS 13
I like this app so far. It connects to my PS4 with no problem. In fact, this app is why I got the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition in the first place. Please update it for the latest version of iOS, so it won’t be pulled from the App Store in the near future. Or, release a brand new app that is compatible with Fallout 76 or something. It would be a shame if my Pip-Boy replica wasn’t compatible with iPhone 7 and above anymore.
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3 years ago, chili_palmero
Needs update. Won’t pair with game on latest iOS
Fallout 4 was a great game but it’s been abandoned by Bethesda. I understand it’s pushing half a decade in age but it’s the strongest most talked about title they ever made and frankly it deserves some life support. It’s unplayable on PC unless you own a machine with 2015 specs. Anything newer will crash and glitch due to how it was coded. If you never got around to playing it get it on PS4. It’s still a better game than 90% of the garbage on the market. This feature was ahead of its time and useful as an accessory to the game. Unfortunately it’s dead now...
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7 years ago, Everfrost316
Great companion app
Personally, just the fact that I can play my holotape games offline makes this app awesome. But the map being available just by looking down helps a lot while playing the game. Reading other reviews, people have said they have trouble connecting but I connected with no issues.
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2 months ago, Kj4xxbw
X/S update required
So app does not recognize Xbox X/S new gen consoles. I think author is Bethesda but certainly in two years they would have updated it? It is fun to have in front of you as you play, but not enough to hook up Xbox one where I currently play. Plus the lag, crashes of Xbox one….you get it.
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2 years ago, merge and destroy
Not about the app, this is just a request.
You guys are amazing at making games right? Well, do you think you can make a mobile version of Fallout 4 or Fallout 76? That would be amazing seeming how I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a few years. Please do this, if you can.
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