Fallout Shelter

4.8 (483.1K)
453.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fallout Shelter

4.77 out of 5
483.1K Ratings
1 week ago, M. Madisob
W Game
I’m a big fan of the Fallout game series and I love how they added T-60 Power Armor to Fortnite (Grinding to get it). But how did I not know about this? At first it looked like Idle Mining Simulator or Adcap (don’t know why it reminded me of these but it did). But it was nothing like that. I’m surprised this game is free. It’s like a whole other Fallout game. Even tho it is but like it’s so good! Basically you make shelter, repopulate the earth by grouping two people together to..well..adults up you know. You can send your people out to collect items and gain XP. It’s fun and simple and new stuff happens everytime you play! A room May catch of fire or raiders May come. Even radroaches! FROM THE GAME invade your base. If it seems hard it’s really not. You don’t have to be a die hard fan of Fallout to play this game. Obviously you can notice Easter eggs and references to the original games like the radroaches, pip boy styled designs and CODSWORTH!!!! Also the game is nothing like the actual game. This is designed to be more friendly and less gore and blood. Obviously kids may be scared of the monsters or the raiders. And there is guns, death, fire and references of..”the thing” as I mentioned earlier. Honestly it’s a really fun game that you can play anywhere! Ad’s don’t pop up every 1 milisecond and you instead have the choice of watching ads to get stuff! No “HOT DEALS” or anything to bother you. It’s fun, free and basically no ads! Download it now! Now. DO IT NOW
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7 months ago, Demon slayer 5000z we
Best game ever
So this game you should make another one of it but like a more upgraded version of it like more realistic and you should make him the main guy actually able to walk around to see what’s going on and you should put it in first person. Mode and let the vault guy go out and explore but then it’s real list of legends realistic so that he can find more dyes to help him make his vault bigger and you should also make sure when he comes back. He should have to be able to let the man say go in and then go say I’m gonna go back you keep this place running again or just let him have the option to come back in and check on it and then go back and find more people to get his ball bigger, so yeah that’s what I think. I think it should be called staying down here for 50 years or fall out shelter for or one or two but yes I do love this series. You should keep it going and I’m gonna give you a five star so keep it going, it’s the best game ever so that’s all I think what you should do but please send her my request as a as a notice like what you should do so yes that’s all I think in the Bible that the mother is it the next song no show you show me that add this little smiley face thing has to say you’re people are getting a Saadi satyr happy and you know oh so bye have a good day please consider doing this again. Please consider all my things what I’m saying.
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7 years ago, Keptric
Great game, BUT...
Why the 4/5 stars? The game is great, but, it doesn’t hit the key points it should’ve. I see many people complaining about the 200 cap and how it crashes because of so much going on. Although annoying, it was expected. It’s a mobile game, it’s not going to be perfect. Something they can add that will be PERFECT, is a rebuild mode where you can rearrange everything that you already have built, like in Clash of Clans, where you can rearrange your base all over again like it’s nothing. This problem is becoming bigger because we might not like how our layout is because of some stupid placement we did when we first started. For the love of god I don’t know if anyone else has this problem or if there is a fix but I don’t know it, but dragging dwellers from outside to the bottom is extremely annoying because it glitches so hard, if I can have the option to just click them from room to room instead of dragging that’d be great. Quests, the only part that keeps me going, add more, that’s it, just add more. Other than that we’ll see where it goes. And hopefully, if ever, some type of multiplayer, maybe to quest, maybe to trade, give limited amounts of supplies or whatever. Multiplayer isn’t fallout it but he got mobile why not or at least be able to do that between your own vaults would be nice too, just like settlements in Fallout. Great game overall, just keep adding things for us to come back too. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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3 years ago, MrOBrian
Fun game, but…
I’ve been playing this game off an on for years, and really enjoy it. They’ve made some good updates to the game that make it even more enjoyable and give you more to do. However, there is one major issue that has existed for a very long time, and that is the incident rate when rushing a room. It will give you a percentage chance of an incident happening if you were to rush the room. If that percentage is 30% or higher, you are basically guaranteed to have an incident, every single time. It seems to be about 50/50 when the incident percentage is around 25%, and anything under 20% is usually pretty safe. The ONLY time I’ve had a rush succeed when the chance of incident was over 35% was during the tutorial when it makes you do a rush and it’s always successful. To make matters worse, failing a rush increases the chance of incident, which makes it to where I never want to even attempt to rush a room. I did an experiment once with a room that was at 27%. The rush failed, of course, so I tried again, and again, and again. Each one failed and I stopped when it approached 50%. I either have extremely bad luck in this game, or that incident calculation is incorrect. Now, the only time I rush a room is if the option to watch an ad to guarantee the rush is up, but often that will be disabled and counting down into negative seconds, so I mostly just ignore the rush feature unless I need to do it for an objective.
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4 years ago, KialoEire
Needs alittle TLC
Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game but it’s pretty easy most of the time. As soon as you’ve unlocked all the rooms there’s not much else to do apart from finishing quests and getting recipes. I know the devs are busy on other projects but there’s so much potential for this game to be bigger. Such as adding in new rooms like a pet daycare to train pets and raise their stats, different types of production rooms that utilize some stats like Endurance and Charisma for producing crafting materials, maybe even a monitoring room where you can designate and create specific teams of dwellers. Adding new dialogue or even giving the overseer the ability to interact personally with dwellers to raise happiness. Adding more variety to incidents and attacks like radiation leaks or bloatfly infestations. Even giving fun seasonal events and limited time weapons/outfits. It’s a great game to begin with but not a whole lot of work has been keeping it up to date. Even if it means whole new sequel like Fallout settlement where you can build different houses and buildings would be amazing, y’all have a great thing going here. Don’t let time and lack of care reduce this game to just another app taking up space. I have had a few problems with trying to move dwellers and the camera/movement wigs out making it difficult to swap them around, heck even adding to where we can search items and dwellers by name would be fantastic
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6 years ago, updates, please
Halloween! And what I can look forward to
(First of all I love this game and appreciate all the challenges it poses- it truly requires vault management and strategy to strive in this game, and just annoys me when people bash the game for over building and overpopulating only to complain about the over-inflated difficulty they themselves caused) HALLOWEEN, hopefully new things come from this, I’ve had this game for a while but I haven’t really picked it up since this month. I am heading for end game and I’m already feeling the end of things to do, my mission lists are becoming increasingly smaller and I hope this update comes with new missions like the previous years brought, but hopefully there are future updates to retain some freshness to the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue playing no matter what, but maybe new “off-holiday” missions, new wasteland events, and if we are lucky new weapons enemies or dwellers.. (but I most care about the first 2 things I mentioned) Hopefully bathesda can try to revive this game, but with the coming of 76 I can imagine this game only becoming more dead, or even possibly being bombarded with 76 weapons characters, enemies, events, clothes, missions... something I can look forward to if it ever happens. (Most likely after 76 has been out for a couple years) but non the less this game is great and anything that ever is pushed out into fallout shelter is a win in my book.
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5 years ago, RickyS.🇺🇸
Fun, but there are things I would love to see in game
I love this game, I love the fact you can spy on your vault dwellers and see what they’re saying. And how now you can find places in the wasteland and explore them. And how there’s quests. But there are things that I would love to see in game, and if by any chance the developers see this review would take into consideration. The setting for one has been the same since day one, well, not exactly the same, but still same. I would love to be a different place the vault is located, like in fallout 4 how vault 111 goes straight down instead inside a mountain, and the outside be in the woods, or near water. And I would love it if u could make your choices in the wasteland, for instance. If your exploring dweller says there are raiders near but they go away, I would like the choice to attack, or if there was an abandoned building you can explore like a quest, or if you find a friendly ghoul you can bring the along with you and receive a quest, and maybe bring them to the vault. But with consequences. Maybe they’re a traitor and have constant attacks, or they’re friends but bring radiation, but can fix that. Finally, armor. With the armored vault suit I think it would be cool to have different levels of it, like level one is leather, level two is raider armor, level 3 meter, level four is synth armor. Again if you see this please take into consideration.
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4 years ago, supersonic156
Mostly Amazing..some suggestions
This game is great. I love the fallout series and I feel they have done it great justice. I have Dogmeat in my vault and that makes me smile. Micromanaging you’re vault is pretty satisfying generally with some issues maybe if you try to expand too quickly. But a great game overall. I wish there were more/new cosmetic options added for the barbershop and armor/clothing options occasionally or acquired via quest or something, since at a certain point making your dwellers look interesting and acquiring new named characters from the game are mostly what there is left to do once you hit the vault cap. Above all I wish the population cap was higher in general. I’ve run into problems when the line outside the vault gets too long where I must evict dwellers to let my dwellers return to the vault. If you are at max capacity and lose one of your dwellers to a pregnancy she is stuck that way indefinitely until space is made for the child. These conflicts are my biggest complaints at the moment. Some birth control options would be good to deal with the population cap issue. Being able to send dwellers between vaults to trade with other players or something would be a cool addition also I have several vaults for different family members it would be cool to be able to send dwellers to other vaults. Definitely worth playing
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5 years ago, PitiphulMe
Major Annoyance
The game is a good time crunch; not incredibly involved, not incredibly deep, but a good place to tinker around trying to make every detail perfect. I only have one major annoyance that leads me to turn off the game immediately... I hate bottle and happy. I need a way to throttle them off; they come at the worst times. You just successfully rushed a group to bring up their happiness? Oh wait, whats this?! Nope, no you didn’t... Bottle and Cappy have come to ruin your work, guess you will have to wait three annoying minutes for them to go away. Make them turn off-able PLEASE, we are being punished for playing your game and saving your mascot dudes. Also; the chances are never correct. You have like a 14% chance to have an incident, but you still have an incident. So you wait till next log in, back to 14%, guess what, another incident. I could understand failing 1/3 - 1/2 of the time if I was rushing with a 30-50% incident rate, but I only rush with like a 10-14% incident rate and they fail all the dang time, often several times in a row for one room, making me bring the whole room down to 75% happiness when I wS just trying to top of one of the dwellers by 5%. I don’t think they are correct at all on failure rates, or there is another factor that I have not considered. I have tried making sure they only have a short time left, that each dweller has 7+ on all stats, etc... but none of it works, fail very consistently when rushing.
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6 years ago, Hegsgdhudbehsiabscgs
Pretty good but...(additions)
I just want to start off by stating that I love this game and I hope that I can continue playing it for much longer but I do have one issue. When rushing rooms even with the incident probability at 27% and all 6 dwellers in the room having formal clothing on an incident will be caused on my game. The reason I bring that up is because when I'm low on resources due to a deathclaw attack or ghoul attack it's hard to recover over time so when I rush a room and a single radscorpion comes out but goes through my whole vault with every dweller armed with weapons that do between 8 and 17 damage and with almost every room other than my hospitals and science centers having 6 dwellers it is a bit annoying due to how much power the scorpion saps from the vault. It's especially annoying when in a mission it takes three dwellers only about three shots(attacks) each to bring one down doing between 12 and 17 damage it doesn't make sense how a room of six armed dwellers with a high level and high health to not only not be able to beat a single radscorpion but also almost everyone in that room nearly dying I think that's a bit overpowered. Highest level dweller is lvl. 33. (Additions) Future updates should allow for more than one vault/settlement per game so that the maximum for dwellers can grow.
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3 years ago, bigzaddylongleg69
I saw what someone else wrote
I’ve been playing this game for about 3 1/2 to 4 years now on and off because I’ll get to a point where there’s nothing to do and it’s just the same repetitive game over and over NOTHING has changed I understand you guys have these big games your working on but those games are for people who have money and can buy a good PC,Xbox one or whatever the new one is, or PS4/5 then you guys got this game it’s an awesome little ideas you guys came up with but it feels like it was just a trophy u guys wanted for 2015 I think it was and then put it in the old used toy box we the gamers like it still if only there was just some new weapons,suits,dwellers,rooms, even if you don’t want that just add more upgrades for the ones already in place. Irk I’m not a programmer or anything but I haven’t spent a decent ammount of money on it and every time it’s a waste cause I end up just forgetting about it. Also if there is a way you can let’s us connect a profile to Facebook or to an email or just to the play store or AppStore so if we do end up uninstalling it later on if someone wants to recover their progress and money from that original vault they could cause right now it doesn’t have one or at least I haven’t found it. Thank you for your time if you did end up ready this 4 stars from me but it’s def top 3 games. P.s number one is clash of clans lol
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6 years ago, Sam Wesson
Outstanding game but there isn’t enough variety outside the vault
Needs some new areas to explore I loved the scenery in the fallout games and on fallout shelter. However every quest is either (1) Building or (2) Cave. Now those are fine but more variety would be good I’ve played it until I got bored a year ago and I’m playing it again because it’s such a good game. I just feel like it loses something after a while, new scenery and fight mechanics maybe would help save the game. Have some open areas, explore towns, meet more characters. And Definately new villains, mutants, bloatflys and ants, perhaps brotherhood outcasts. And I know this is a lot but what I enjoyed most about the fallout games was finding different areas most of which were open. This game the only thing that really changes is the rewards on missions and with the exception of the horsemen quest which was well done by the way are basically the same. All in all it’s an outstanding game but it needs more to keep me playing. Also a story missions, they leave much to be desired I like the goofy take on fallout it is different from the main games but please Bethesda has made my favorite games and this one could use more updates and new content. Also change up the dwellers grind, more conversations and maybe different movements and interactions.
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3 years ago, MobileGameVeteranUwU
Best Mobile Game 10/10
I have played MANY MANY mobile games, I’ve been a whale in most of them spending thousands and thousands of dollars. The most I spent on a game was $14,000+ and I quit every single one of those games. However, the one game I keep coming back to is this game. This is NOT a money grabbing game. The thing I love the most about this game is that you can have fun all you want and play with ALL the contents in this game without spending a single dime and it won’t take you years or months to get to it. I have not found another mobile game like Fallout Shelter... I did spend around $100 on this game because I love spending money on mobile games.. but that’s the thing. I only spent $100 and got SO MUCH for it. This game is so generous and the sales are amazing. 40 boxes for only $10 when it’s on sale!!!! That’s amazing!!! In every mobile game I’ve played other than this one, it’s $10 for 10 rolls and most of the time you don’t even get the best rarity in all ten rolls. But in this game, it’s a 50/50 chance or better! I absolutely love this game and the devs. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful game and please please please keep updating it. You guys are doing amazing and I really hope you are getting the support you deserve and even more.
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5 years ago, VertigoFury111
I Love This Game, But..
I’ve been playing this game for about half a year, and I adore it. It’s something that I keep coming back to when I have nothing better to do, and the Quests are great. I have a few suggestions for it: First, could we get some kind of Online mode? A few of my friends play this game, and it’d be great to be able to send food and water when they’re running low, as well as weapons or armor, or maybe even caps. Plus, you could add Quests where several Vaults send dwellers to get a lot of loot. It’d be a great addition to the game. Another thing I’d love, and I mean LOVE, would be some New Vegas items added to the game. Most of my favorite characters and items come from it, and it would add a ton of new content. You could have Quests going to Vault 22, add some of my favorites like Arcade Gannon and Ulysses as Legendary Dwellers, and even bring in some new Room Themes. Finally, and this is the one I want most, PLEASE add a layout editor. I’ve got a bit over a hundred Dwellers, and I want to move a few rooms around, but it costs THOUSANDS of caps to move the elevators and rooms, and it takes forever to move all the Dwellers around to get to the new place. We need a layout mode to fix these little issues that turn into massive problems. Anyway, thanks for listening to my thoughts, bye
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4 years ago, Zmagiman64
Really enjoyable game
Perfect game to play whenever whether it be just to check up on your vault, or send your dwellers on some quest. Very enjoyable! But, I would like to offer a suggestion to improve the game if Bethesda would like to take this into consideration. What if you were to have a variety of different conflicts or disputes within the vault that could be solved and each one could pop up when you reach a certain amount of dwellers (for example every ten or so) and will say something like, “Jimmy wanted a comic that Brian had, Grognak Issue 14, but didn’t want to trade anything and instead stole it from Brian. What should you do to reprimand Jimmy?” And will have options like “Blame Brian for not giving it to him, Do nothing, limit his rations, or Exile him from the vault”. And certain actions will have consequences like for example if you exile him a diner might refuse to work in protest of his unfair treatment and you would need to pass a speech check which would be kind of like rushing a room or, wait 24 hours for them to start working again. I know this is a lot and would be a lot of work, I just thought it might add another dimension to the game and make it even more enjoyable than the already enjoyable game it is. Thank you!!
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2 weeks ago, Tomboy5510
Love this game so much but..
this game has been so fun to play. i love most things about it but there are a few things that just don’t work well. first off when you play the game for a while and get a good amount of energy and stuff then get off of the game. when you come back the levels are so low and everyone in the base has low health and are sick from low water. it seems that it keeps playing in real time once you’re off the game which doesn’t seem fair. i think the amounts of energy food and water should stay the same and if there’s like a weapon being made or you’re trying to get in contact with dwellers in the wasteland that should keep counting down. they are set to take hours usually so they should keep going. second i dislike the fact that once you place a room down and it’s soon connected to another room you can’t move it or replace it. something beneficial would be to have a mode where you can move your rooms around and organize them the way you want. having to stick with the same layout that i started the with is frustrating. overall i love this game so much and it’s one of my favorites now. i play it all of the time and i enjoy it so much.
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2 years ago, zhokue
A good abandoned mess…
I’ve been playing this game for years, and restarted it plenty of times. It cures my boredom’s and sparks my mind to wonder in a creative way of thought like “what are my dwellers like?” Or “What food are they serving at the cafè today?” I find myself playing it CONSTANTLY and it’s also perfect for when you need to relax and sit down for a minute. But…I noticed something is lacking. There hasn’t been any MAJOR updates, at least that I know of, for a good while now. Bethesda abandoned us worse than they did with Fallout: 76 (I take that I still enjoy’d heavily apon release and still do😅) and it’s just…weird. I get they’re working on other projects and this game 8 years old but it still has a lot of fans. I just think we need content, like we aren’t getting getting Fallout Shelter: Online (atleast not in the U.S) soooo maybe take that game and add the online features here? Or release the whole game here? I get it’s a bit to ask but I’m not the only one who thinks this, half of these reviews are the same opinion as mine. All in all it’s a game with potential that the devs ignore. May I wish YOU (whoever’s reading this) a good day/night, and enjoy what we have now. It might be what all we get…
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2 months ago, Confusedlemon
Power armor helmets and ideas
I’ve played this game on and off for years and I just picked it back up recently and I have gotten power armor for the first time recently and when I got it equipped to a dweller I was disappointed to see there was no helmet so I just accepted it and then did other stuff for my vault. Then I got a lunchbox that had a lady in power armor and when she came she was wearing the helmet. So when she came inside I got the power armor from her to see if the helmet would appear on somebody else with the new suit and it didn’t and then when I put it back on her the helmet was missing. So I googled it to see if there was a way to equip it and I found that the helmets used to stay on but after an update they started coming off. So Bethesda could you please make it to where we can toggle the helmet on and off whenever we choose. And also it would be very cool if a power armor workshop could be added where you can find recipes for power armor paint jobs and add them to the power armor. Bethesda if you read this far please add this stuff because it would be very cool and maybe bring back a few people to spend money on the game to buy caps or nuka cola quantum’s.
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4 years ago, goldminer127
A good game but can use some variation
I have played the game back in 2017 and have seen this game progress in development. It is a pretty decent management game that requires some future planning and understanding of how to manage people. It has added some exploration to it along with a good amount of quests. The game throws some challenges at you with random events happening such as raiders, fires or creature invasions to keep you on your toes. While the game itself is good and the concept is fun, I believe the game needs some variation in the designs for the rooms. Each room looks the same and seeing the same design for every room can get a bit stale. The room may change designs as you add more room tiles to each room and as you upgrade them but they all end up the same when you max them out. Some randomization in how they look can add some flavor into the game graphical wise just like how the dwellers all have different models and customizations for their clothing through outfits. Personally I also think the food room shouldn’t be a restaurant or diner since it makes no sense how they would generate food from just having a diner. Farms or greenhouses to me would make more sense. Otherwise in general this is a pretty good game and I look forward to seeing what more is in store for this game!
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5 years ago, Djkrownz
Amazing but some thoughts for updates
I love this game don’t get me wrong but after I put so much time into I kind of got bored of the game. I like the quest and all that but what I was really looking for was a more rooms and more things you could do at your base. Maybe add some fallout 4 and fallout 76 things into the game. I mean why not all the players would love it and there’s nothing saying you can’t do that lol. Or maybe surprise us with something else big added to the game that will keep us busy for a while. If not that’s cool it’s still an amazing game. What if there where factions you could partake in like certain quest in like there is in all the other fallouts. Or caravans that came and stopped by every now n then you could trade with and they could bring you some cool stuff. Orrr like maybe a way we could tame a horse or like find some mad max looking car to make traveling faster and have better defenses while traveling. How about a alien abduction side quest where your on the zeata space ship. We also love references to the older games lol those are fun. I have a lot more ideas but I don’t want to be rambling I don’t even know if you guys are updating the game anymore but if you are takes these into thought and if you like my ideas contact me and I’ll tell them all to you 👍
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5 years ago, This Z kid
Great edition to the Fallout series
This game is awesome. In my opinion, getting five stars is great, and it means that more could be added to something to make it better, and there are few changes that need being made. That is the case with this game especially. Fallout shelter was a great idea but has a couple of problems. At least with my iPhone, when I am looking around in my vault I accidentally pick dwellers up. I have IPhone X and everything seems to work well, and the enemies need no changing at all. Although I would like a mode where you can rearrange your vault, it is not needed. I think all around a genius idea, and I do not feel like I need to purchase anything at all, (although I have,) definitely a fantastic game. Truly the Culver’s of the IPhone edition games. Disclaimer: this game is more enjoyable when you buy in app purchases!Anyone who says that you do need to pay to get far on this game, I will say, instead of just complaining, be a little more specific and helpful. If you really thought that, you could say, this game should be pay to get but you start off with more stuff. That is what I think of Fallout shelter, I hope anyone planning on getting should definitely get it.
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2 years ago, Madma0146
Still a little buggy
Over the past few days, after watching an ad, it doesn’t close or let you exit without crashing the game. After restarting, the button to watch an ad and gain a bonus is still usable. No bonus is paid. There are still bugs with dwellers dying while exploring when they use a Radaway, and it kills them instead of removing radiation. A dweller shouldn’t die while exploring while they still have Radaways AND Stimpacks. They should also use Radaways a little sooner, maybe around 40% radiation. They also return to the vault with increased radiation levels, higher than the level they had when they started back to the vault. The tooltip says they do not gain levels while returning. In some cases, after collecting loot from a returned dweller, their health immediately drops to zero and their portrait switches to “dead”. I can immediately spam a Stimpack to keep them from actually dying, but this shouldn’t happen at all. The 11 Perception bug still exists, where a dweller with 10 P has a certain pulse rate on the crit animation while on a mission, and 12+ is slower, as expected, but 11 is as fast as having 1 P.
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2 years ago, Bfjgyh
Op creatures in missions or highly underrated missions.
Been playing this game almost since release if i remember correctly tho i could be wrong but i have been playing it for a while and honestly it was funner back then there were no ads or anything especially when those ads weren't the same rewards over n over, but i was able to put up with them. But after getting back into the game for the fall and thanksgiving events this time around ive noticed the missions are severely underrated. I would send dwellers with decent amount of good gear and health and stuff with lvls 5-10 higher than the recommended and decent stats but each time and they get one shotted by all the creature type enemies in a mission that u wouldn't expect creatures in. I literally could barely even completely the vault birthday quests let alone some of the tg or the bot missions cuz I kept getting slaughtered! It would be a lvl 9 missions with no gun requirements i would send 3 lvl 15-25 dwellers with outfits to boost their stats and guns at least 10+ and still getting slaughtered. Idk whats going on but seriously need to reevaluate ur missions and play test them plz. These creatures are literally 2 shotting my dwellers and mowing them down within a few turns on the first room. By the time i get the the actual objective im all out of stims and barely get any back.
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6 years ago, aejay97
A great game but need some little improvements
My shelter is already maxed in rooms and has 200 dwellers but I want to propose some improvments. As I said I have 200 dwellers but time to time I get dwellers from the lunchboxes. I cant get them to leave and I dont want to kick any of my dwellers because all of them are high levels already. I also propose a fireteam mechanic. When there is an incident: for example, deathclaws. I dont want to assign my dwellers one by one into a room, there should be atleast 3 fireteam options where we can group 2-6 dwellers and we can just select the whole group to a certain room. Another one is the dwellers on the wasteland, we should be able to command them to use stimpaks and rad-aways even if they are not in those special areas like the okd cabin or nuka cola factory. Lastly selling or recycling. I have alot of junks that needs to be sold or recycled, but the only option is to do it one by one or just sell or recycle all of it. We should be able to input how many we want to sell or recycle to prevent that exhausting tapping by selling it one at a time just because you want to clear space but dont exactly want to lose all of it. That would be all. I would appreciate it if th developers would atleast read this. Thankyou.
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1 year ago, andrew blockee
Amazing game but needs some changes
Alright I’ve been playing this game ever since I was like 5 and I loved it it was just a blast of fun and always kept me entertained now that I’m 15 I can say the game is still as amazing as it was back then but now I realize there could be so much more potential in this one idea I have for it is a kinda multiplayer mode where you can raid other vaults and such you don’t have to do it but it’s an option and on top of that I think it would be fun to be able to do a thing I call a adventure which is kinda like a co-op version of a quest where you take two dwellers and then go on a big quest or do something like a battle mode where two people pick out 3 dwellers to fight each other for a reward of some kind I think it would be really cool to have that.I guess that’s all I have to say I have no problem with the game on how it is now but I’m just saying it would be a cool addition anyways developers if you see this please take into thought what I said you don’t need to do what I just said any kinda fun update will do and I hope you have a splendid day because your games made my childhood
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4 years ago, ZazilT
Let me just tell you this, this game has everything it needs to be the best. You have to build production systems like, water treatment plants, diners, and obviously a power generator. If you build more of the same thing the production goal drops. You have to put dwellers inside them to work, and they level up which make them better and you collect the money. Every once and a while a mysterious man appears and if you tap on him he gives you pretty much my lifetime of money. You can build living quarters and put men and women in them. After about five minutes the woman is pregnant and she still can do her job. Sometimes there will be disasters and you have to solve them. There can be raiders, fire, radroaches, or deathclaws. This game is packed with lots of fun. I recommend it!!! Note: You cannot move rooms, you have to destroy them 😢 Other note: Radiation spreads and is killing all my dwellers like flys, I can't do much of anything in this game anymore then just staring at extremely depressed dwellers that are dying by the second, This game was fun at first, but... now it's making me depressed like my dwellers.
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3 years ago, MCPOHitman
Great game.
As most people claim, no, it is not P2W. I have had this for 2 days and have over 20 dwellers and Weapon Workshop. Everyone in my vault is armed, I have done 3 quests, and gotten a rare dweller (His name was I think Richard Price). This is a great app and if your dwellers die from raiders, stop whining. It's a FALLOUT GAME. I have not paid for a single thing and have a few dwellers with high stats. Not a single person has died (one did on a quest, revived) in my vault. Don't listen to people who rate it 1 star and say "you have to pay to win this is so bad it's too hard!" Like I said, it's a fallout game. It doesn't have to be easy, does it? In conclusion this game is good to fill in time, enjoyable, and at its best, moderately hard! Another thing, if dwellers don't come, use the LIVING QUARTERS. And if you make it far enough, you will get the radio station. They come every 2 hours unlike naturally, and it literally takes a few hours for the mating technique for dwellers. So yes, this is a good game, don't listen to the 1 star complainers. There is one bug but might be easy to resolve. Sometimes it will tell me someone is in the wasteland when they aren't, but yes, it's a good game.
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4 years ago, FriendlyNeighborhoosSpiderman
Radscorpions are a pan and some thing you might be able to add
So I’m having this issue we’re I fail a rush or it’s just random but I repeatedly get radscorpion attacks. It gets so repetitive that I don’t play it much anymore. I stay on to long I get a radscorpion I rush a room and a radscorpion comes in. Then they keep moving around and I can’t focus on killing it since I have a ton of rooms and I send a dude to defend and the radscorpion moves. They also take power away instantly like 30 seconds I’m down to like no power I can fill it up pretty easy but another one will come in and I will have to get my power up again. It’s so annoying to defend to the point I just leave the game. Thats why I give a three star rating it would also be nice to be able to move the rooms around because it starts to cost a lot of caps to destroy them rebuild them. This ones a little stupid but I think it would be nice to have a nuke quantum maker that takes like a day to get one and you have to find a recipe from the wasteland or something. I loved this game to death till I had the radscorpion attacks constantly but I still love it. Thanks for your time if you read this I would appreciate if you could look into some of these. Have a good day!!!!
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4 years ago, Christina628
This game is very well designed... BUT
This game is so well designed with the art and activities... BUT I gotta say... this is the most STRESSFUL game I have ever played. I was constantly low on food and water causing my dwellers to have low health and then I was bombarded by high level monsters, especially the Deathclaws. With my food and water almost always being at 0 or close to 0, I had to rush a lot but even if my risk level was 28%, almost all of the time my rushes would fail, resulting in a high level monster attack. (Also, it wasn’t like I had bad dwellers or anything. All of my dwellers were assigned to the correct places and given good clothing and good guns). Since my dwellers were already low health, the high level monsters basically took them out in one hit. In my experience, the Deathclaws are impossible to kill. I’ve always had to move my dwellers to a different part of the shelter to escape them but the Deathclaws always ended killing off a good majority of my dwellers. In the end I couldn’t take the stress anymore and deleted the app after a huge Mole Rat infestation killed off almost all of my dwellers. So, in conclusion, I think that this is a very well made game BUT it is not for people who cannot handle the large amount of stress and frustration.
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4 years ago, Mw3danko
Good game but profound late game flaws
I really like the game, it does a lot right with balancing and mechanics but certain things make the game unenjoyable. The game operates well, but one reoccurring mechanic seems to dulls things. Certain disasters can happen that require an immediate response or the problem and consequences will worsen. It could be a fire, a raider attack, ghouls... I’m at population 60 so I’m getting deathclaws now. It’s not bad, but the problem is, consistently, I get deathclaws everytime I log in. I can’t take it. I deal with them but the punishment is severe and repetitive. I get through after waiting a couple of minutes for my dwellers throughout the vault to shoot them as I heal the injuries, but when this happens everytime I log in, it becomes a nuisance. It seems to just be on a timer, which is ok if it’s spaced out more, but it isn’t. I log in every couple of hours throughout the day (3 times) and 90% of the time there’s an attack I have to deal with. It’s too much, it’s too inconvenient. I can’t enjoy this really good game. It’s a shame but I might just stop playing because of it. It’s just so TEDIOUS. The very least they could do is switch up the disaster, but it’s always deathclaws. I have them attacking me right now. I’m just so fed up that I decided to write about it instead, so that the developers may hear my plight.
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6 years ago, Bashayer.B
Dwellers Not Grateful
I want to say that, I first played this game four years ago.. so addicted and spent quality time in taking care of each dweller and listening to their needs. Raiders attack’s kept killing dwellers, and regardless of all efforts, you reach to a point where you can’t revive them and you loose hope. 2 weeks ago I decided to give it another try, download it and start new. Same old habits, roaches and raiders kill almost half of the population. You quickly run low in water and power supply, everyone gets sick. I provide shelter and upgrade rooms so these dwellers can have cozy bed rooms, full equipped dinners, game rooms, fun places, yet the moment you can’t control water supply they say things like “my skin is glowing” “ my fingers are falling” “I feel a hand is growing from my stomach” really?! After every thing I have been doing to make this a dream shelter. They are just demanding! I hate the fact that rats fill empty rooms, that’s is just disgusting and ruin the idea of a perfect shelter where I am spending so much caps in upgrading rooms and stuff ... I saved a lot of caps to upgrade vault door and yet raiders can break in.. what on earth you are taking my caps then?? I wish all these dwellers can find another vault and end up with a villain who watches them burn alive
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5 years ago, FM_M
Loved it for a long time, but....
I loved this game for a very long time, working my way through the missions and up my stats. The problem is that once you finally get to a point where you have some really good weapons and some all-10... there’s nothing to do. There’s no higher challenge that actually makes all that work meaningful. All assaults are reliably stopped - you don’t even have to pay much attention. You can’t build past limits on rooms. Your population is capped, and you can’t turn survivors away, so you have to either kick one of your good people out into the wasteland, or else leave this sad line of refused refugees (which, in today’s world, has become a triggerey concept). I mean, at least be able to turn them away vs sacrificing one of your own! I haven’t touched the game in over a year. I have other idle games I’ve been playing for longer, and I’m still playing them, because they’re truly endless. I wish the devs would add more at the top end. Let us build proactive external defenses. Multiplayer. Alliances. Attack other Vaults. Or best: find a way to achieve peace and win by good lasting alliances, feeding the mutants, and divesting all weapons. (Ok, that’s a hippy pipe dream, but the rest!)
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3 years ago, AvengedTurtle
I downloaded this game because I heard of fallout 4, and I don’t have a console or pc. So I found this, and this is a AWESOME GAME, it has an afk element, so you can collect stuff when you’re not playing, PLUS an adventure element with the quests you can complete, It’s the all in one party pack, it has tower defense (when you’re defending from RadRoaches, Raiders etc), and some adventure and role playing when you go on quests, PLUS tycoon and resource management (for obvious reasons), an all around good game, plus some NON mandatory pay to win, if you’re into that sort of thing, ONE drawback would be it can be hard to start for the first time, some beginner tips- Don’t build to many rooms, you will lose power quickly, and water is important, or else people will get radiation and die ☢️, and if an accident happens and you drop your device in a toilet, your vault will be on the cloud, so if you log in from another device, your vault will be there, and if you delete your vault, it will be there when you re download it, love this game, and if you say it’s bad, you are bad at the game, and didn’t play it through properly
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6 years ago, LemonTopia
Love it but some things should be added
I love playing Fallout Shelter but there are many things that would be great to have. Perhaps a info panel to see dwellers relationships so you don’t have to write it down and get lost. It would also be nice to move rooms to different spots when you want to change your vault up a bit. It would be cool when you have a female and a male in a living room to be able to choose different choices to make them fall in love and if you choose the wrong choice there’s a chance they can’t fall in love. Although, it is not a necessity it would be cool to do when your waiting for time to pass. Maybe different things could pop up where you are asked a question and which ever one you choose could end badly or good. I am unsure if the institute is in the game but if it isn’t it would be cool if the institute can take your dwellers after completing a certain quest also it would be cool if the vault door can have an update to keep the institute out perhaps the radiation detectors or metal detectors would be really cool to have on an upgraded version of the vault door. I hope you take these thoughts into consideration and maybe add them in the future.
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4 years ago, JoeyBoi93
I can’t do anything
I have had problems with this game on 2 platforms,Xbox and noble. First it starts with idiotically strong mole rats wiping out half my vault, and now I’ve had the same problem. I got rad roaches in 1 room,ONE, and I gave every dweller in that room a powerful gun. The roaches still spread, and they’re not supposed to spread in a room with dwellers. It took about a minute to get rid of the roaches in the ONE room with weapons doing 7 to 22 or more damage, there was maybe 4 dwellers in there with really good weapons. It spread to many other rooms and eventually I killed them all. Right after I killed them all another group of rad roaches appeared. After it all went down, about 3 or 4 dwellers died, in which I had to exploit a glitch to get the caps to revive them. The glitch got me a bunch of caps and lunchboxes, but even after getting several power plants, diners, and water plants, i was still struggling to get enough supplies. I was getting supplies left and right from lunchboxes yet I still didn’t have enough. There is no way 40 dwellers need almost 300 or 400 food, and about 20 rooms shouldn’t need almost the whole bar of power, nor does 40 dwellers also need 300 or 400 water. It is very difficult to get the supplies I need and to fend off attacks, in which that is why I am rating this game 1 star. I loved fallout 4 Bethesda, I know you can do better.
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6 years ago, ÆGĮMĀ GHŒŪŁ
Me hating when:
I like the game, but I hate the broken stuff like the mysterious stranger in a elevator and also this: RADSCORPIONS! They consume way to much power then I don’t have enough like why. I understand that the more power and the more rooms you have, the more power is consumed, but having 1800 power to 500 makes no sense. Plus, three deathclaws, that doesn’t even make sense in any fallout games and I had 6 dwellers die and have average happiness go to 48% and the vault failed cause of radscorpion and deathclaw. So please just make the radscorpion easier to kill, I understand, the radscorpion is a tough one but them making your dwellers really unhappy by giving them radiation then having no stimpaks and RadAway is like plague inc where greenland is fully healthy and Iceland closed their seaports. So that’s why I give it 4/5 experience and also, I want build mode like clash of clans like please, build mode will bring back your fans of fallout shelter and add more quests please like do you not want your only mobile game to die; then I probably suggest you giving them what they really want.
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6 years ago, cookiemonster205218
Great game, but...
This game is a great, addicting, and skillful game. It also requires lots of patience. But one annoying issue with the game is that you can not replace the rooms of where you put them, because, in the beginning, you put everything everywhere because you have no clue what you are doing. But as your vault becomes bigger and greater, you realize you need to move the rooms, but sadly you can not. To avoid that please read this: try to have every level be it’s own level, and have its own certain rooms, but only one room per level. To make that more clear, here is a example: have one floor be only living quarters, another only power generator, another diner, and so one. But make sure those are the only things on the floor. I recommend not to have 2 or more different rooms on a floor because you can expand a room if you put the same room next to each other. If you listen to that advice, I think your good and the game will be a spectacular ride to go through, challenging you and letting you have lots of fun! I strongly recommend on getting this game!
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2 months ago, candycigsarethebest
I really wish I could put this game at 4 or 5 stars but I’ve been playing on and off this game for about 3-4 years and with the new fallout show release I was wanting to get back into it but the lack of updates over time are very disappointing. I KNOW they just got a new content update recently but besides that everything else is just repeating holiday updates with little to no context besides the occasional crappy armor or bland quest. And knowing that this game has so much more potential and is Bethesda’s top money maker I feel that they could at least fix more bugs and add more things over time and if it weren’t for the TV show I feel that this game would stay the exact same until a new update 2 years later and I also want to include fallout 76!!! That is a whole different game that they could implement some quest, items, armor, creatures and plenty more, imagine having that size of an update. In conclusion this game is a very decent game and is way better than what games are being made today but I feel that there is so much more potential for this game for the benefit of Bethesda making more money and the fans having more fun experience
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4 years ago, pheas4pres
Survival mode
It’s broken. Attempted three separate vaults and all of them resulted in either fire, radroach or raiders wiping out everyone. It’s primarily due to the rate in which these catastrophes occur. Fleeing from fires is one route, pregnant woman tend to survive in that aspect, but doesn’t protect your resources. I’ve found the ONLY way to manage is to keep the game closed and intermittently open the app to collect stims. Ergo avoiding playing to be able to heal and survive seems extremely counterproductive to encourage people to attempt survival mode. I’ve played this game some time ago, but without survival and didn’t run into many issues. Most I noticed was the frequent deathclaw attacks. My biggest complaint and honestly the best fix for this issue is simply by just decreasing the rate in which your vault is potentially in peril. Between collecting resources, I spent most of the time clicking on each dweller and checking their life, weapons and armor trying to strategize who can be utilized in response to the disasters. Basically just anxiously waiting for the alarm to sound. I can understand making the mode harder, but not on the verge of being completely impossible..
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5 years ago, Buy if you like games
Very quality but needs improvement
This game is amazing! Me and my friend are in a competition right now for the game. I play the game all of the time and I may be addicted. The game does need some improvement in a few fields though. First of all, I hate the fact that you never ding legendary weapons in the wild. Exploring is one of the most important parts of the game but one of the most dangerous and unpredictable. If I have my dweller out for 3 days, I expect him to pick up other things then legendary junk. My idea is that you can find legendary weapons and cloths out in the wild but also when you pick up an item you don’t like, you can tell your guy to drop that item. You can do this by looking at the hotbar and taping the item he should drop and having it say do you really want to drop this item. This makes it so you can have them out longer and not bring home useless crap. And the deathclaw raids are too much. Make them more rare so we don’t end up suffering. Otherwise this game is amazing, that’s only two things. I 100% recommend this app. Thank you for reading. Please list as helpful so it can get noticed and these problems can get fixed!!
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5 years ago, Sibelius-DLG
Good game; low intelligence
This is a really good game. Maybe one of the best ‘pay to play’ games around — because you’re not really hindered if you don’t purchase advancements. One thing I hate, however, is the unintelligent movement of the vault dwellers. If, for example, you have two training rooms and one dweller maxes out in one of the rooms, moving him to the other room forces one of the dwellers to trade places with the newcomer. But you would think that it would swap with a dweller that could USE the training in the new room. Instead, it usually chooses someone who might already be maxed out in that room — meaning after the swap you’re right back in the same situation as when you began... with a maxed out dweller that needs to be moved to a different training room. So to work around this endless loop, you have to first choose someone from the second room and manually remove them so that the dweller who is maxed out in the first room can go to the new training room. You can then manually move the previous guy into the first room since it now has an available slot. If they would just fix that one AI issue and allow the auto-swap to be useful for once, it would make the game much more enjoyable.
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6 years ago, Jollybee2005
Amazing, 1 problem that happened
This game IS amazing. Just started playing 2 days ago! I had a very annoying thing that happened to me. Since I haven’t made the overseer’s office, I couldn’t go to quests. I build it today and it the the thing. It guided me to what to do and all but it chose a character that somewhat sucked and his armor was bad and he also had no weapon. I couldn’t interact with anything except for the begin quest button. So I basically wasted the 20 colas it gave me and I had to bring the character back so I can redo the quest. I then used another 5 colas and another cola to bring my BEST character back from exploring, And I had 9 colas left. This was annoying. The game chose a character that sucked at the quest. Finally, I sent my best guy and the other sucky character with PROPER equipment and sent them back to the quest. Problem is I couldn’t rush them to the quest like when I was forced to just sent my guy with nothing special in the beginning, and I needed 10 colas to rush them to the quest! So yeah..... That aside, keep up the good work with the game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, SamLad122
Great Game but Here are Some Suggestions
This is a fantastic game! I just recently got into it again, after I deleted it a while ago. It would not be an understatement to say that I’m addicted to playing! It’s that fun! But there are some improvements, more like suggestions, that I would love to see implemented in the future. For one, I think the dweller max should be higher than 200. My vault is rapidly growing and I would love to keep it that way; relentless. That said, another thing that would be cool is more building room, both down and wide. Although tedious, it would create space for 200+ dwellers (*wink wink*). Summing up my first two points, just add more space. Thirdly, I think there should be a multiplayer aspect of the game. Right now, my friends and I are totally into this game. We are each growing our vaults at a fast rate. I think that somehow fallout shelter should implement some online or multiplayer thing, like vault wars or something. Just something to connect us to the other fans of the game. That’s it, if you read this far I would TOTALLY RECOMMEND!
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2 years ago, LolSmeat
Great game however…
The game is otherwise very great its a fun game its not too time consuming considering how you have to wait for dwellers to grow up wait for dwellers to go and come back from the wasteland and etc. The only bad thing i really don't like about the game is how stressful it is the more dwellers you have and the bigger your vault becomes the more problems come like outsiders attacking your vault or rad roach infestations etc. Things like this can easily kill everyone in your vault if you not throughly prepared and most of the time you dint encounter such problems so they catch you off guard it can be a real killer to your vault. Because if everyone in your vault dies then you basically F’ed if you don't have enough money to revive your good dwellers then your gonna be in a jam for a long time lets say you have 70 dwellers and 60 of em die and you only have 1500 caps its gonna take so long for all your dwellers to be revived and not only that you wont have any dwellers to work so your vault goes under. Thats the only problem that occurred to me and it was hard to handle!
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2 years ago, Poi's Boy
Curb Your Expectations; it's a game
For what it's intended to be, it's a pretty good little game. If your woke sensibilities get all offended because of gender roles in a game like this, then you probably have bigger issues than writing game reviews. Unlike real life, it's just a game. Grow up. Minor beefs that I have are with the game mechanics, which just seem to make it easier to get slaughtered. When you direct a dweller to a new room, usually to stem some ridiculous emergency, they always--ALWAYS--run to the wrong end of the room they are in before running in the right direction. This wastes critical seconds of response time. It's stupid and aggravating. Also, while in fights on quests, the dwellers will arbitrarily stop fighting to run around the room Willy Nilly. In a close fight, this can be fatal. It too is stupid and aggravating. If the dwellers would just stop running around like extras in a Spongebob episode, things would get done better with less carnage. It's not cute or funny--it's just annoying. It doesn't make me want to buy bundles; it makes me want to quit and go read a book.
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7 years ago, MNTmaster
First of all, this is an addicting game. It is great. There is just one major problem that resulted in me giving this game four stars. Whenever you leaver, your dwellers still use up supplies such as water, food, power, etc. Therefore, you have to play it about every 30 minutes. For people who have to sleep, go to school, do homework, etc., it is extremely frustrating to come back to a vault depleted of supplies. There are two ways to fix this problem. 1. Your dwellers don't use resources while you are absent. 2. There is someway to collect resources while you are gone. If this problem gets fixed then it will be an automatic five stars, because like I said this game is great besides for that one big problem. This is my second review. Once you get a lot of the supply rooms, you don't have to worry about not having supplies. It is much easier to get supplies. Plus BIG HINT. LUCK INCREASES CHANCE OF GOOD RUSH!!! For people who have not started, REMEMBER THIS HINT. It is crucial to the progression of this game. Well good job Bethesda. This game is a one of a kind.
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5 years ago, Wild_cat_59
Please add the following
It would be AWESOME and make the game more challenging... but mostly challenging... if you added room durability so during disasters the rooms durability lowers. When a room’s durability drains completely the dwellers will run out of the room and become on “coffee break”. When all dwellers are out the room will start to collapse and the room with fill with dirt and it cost a small amount of caps depending on the rooms level (like dwellers). Here’s how the durability deplete will be for these rooms: power: the generator explodes and destroys the entire room. Water: the water tanks break causing the room to flood and blast doors close to prevent vault flood. Food: room collapses under all the dirt and gets crushed by dirt. Vault door: the vault door starts to fill with radiation and a blasted door closes to prevent radiation spread, 1 Minute later the door breaks und pressure from radiation (a breaks like it was under attack and broke open) when the door breaks dwellers can’t: explore, do quests, and guard the door. Thanks for reading this (if u did) and I hope you add the list. Thanks
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6 years ago, Breeezy357
An Honest Opinion
This game is a very well produced byte-sized version of the ever astonishing FALLOUT series. The first time I played this game I didn't really seem to fall directly in love with it... much like the first time I played fallout in general... It seemed too drawn out and lengthy to enjoy right off... but I was very much mistaken... With the regular Fallout, and again with this tidbit from Bethesda,.. It is Astonishing and Magnificent. I encourage everyone to give this game a chance (not just the fallout fans) and once you find yourself on that first in-depth quest, you will surely agree that this is a masterpiece of great proportions, micro-sized. I'm giving this my full fallout approval of 5/5 stars! Whenever there's a time to wait in the real world.... that is the perfect time to launch a quick fallout mission to leave you wishing... your ride took just a bit longer to arrive! A must have for all fans of vibrant graphics and hilarious fallout classic humor. Thanks for reading and just don't take my word for it!!! Make this adaption apart of your permanent mobile collection. I Did.
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5 years ago, gjfvhhgvkg
Favorite game! Except when moving a dweller
I love this game. It’s a great time waster. Very fun to build your own vault layout and build your dweller special levels with different jobs. I enjoy it tremendously. However every time I go to move a dweller to another station whether for different work or a raider attack, I run into a glitch. The dwellers little silhouette will disappear and the dweller won’t move or the silhouette will get huge and go to the right of the screen causing me to scramble to find another dweller to double tap so the huge silhouette disappears. Then I’ll go back to the original dweller to try again but have to go through the same process again because of the silhouette. I thought it would make things easier if we could just double tap the dweller to highlight them then double tap the station we want them to move to, might be an easier way to move them? But still, this game is great. It’s the first game I start my days with and it’s the one I end my day with. I truly enjoy fallout on my phone and my Xbox. You guys still did a great job with it. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Shellen Mirren
Not for a casual player. This game makes it so difficult to not only get ahead, but stay in the green with your resources. You can build more and more resource generating rooms and fully upgrade everything, but you never have enough. Unless you want to dedicate a lot of time researching strategy and building rooms just to tear them down to rebuild them later in the “ideal” way which takes A TON of game money. Just when you think you might be getting to a place where you can expand, a creature comes and kills your people even though they have guns and armor. And if you do expand, your resources go back to being in the red even though you added more power stations and restaurants to accommodate the expansion and births. Oh! And I have an upgraded radio broadcasting for more people, but they are too few and far between. Having babies to replace the dead dwellers becomes increasingly difficult bc your dwellers are all related. Like most games, this is designed to make you fail so you’ll stay in it longer and spend real world money. No, thanks. I’d be more inclined to financially support a game that was fun. This is just frustrating.
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