Family Feud® Live!

4.3 (51.1K)
320 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Family Feud® Live!

4.31 out of 5
51.1K Ratings
5 years ago, BeeHive29
Family do and don’t
I do like this game and I haven’t encountered too many duplicate questions, but it has happened and I’m sure it will happen more as the game goes on. The tickets take entirely too long to regenerate so only playing 5 games at a time isn’t enough. Sometimes you try to answer the question and the answer is eat something and you just write the word something and it accepts that, but it wouldn’t accept just the word eat (this exact scenario hasn’t happened, but similar things have, this is just an example of the dumb glitches). I wish the old game was still around where you go thru the 3 rounds and the winner went on to fast money because that’s the real game and it’s more fun that way. I don’t want to spend thousands of coins just to play one round of fast money. I only bet 50 coins a game. At least you get a free spin to earn coins and etc. I don’t connect to Facebook and don’t like games that try to push that on you. I love Family Feud and will continue to play but it’s in no way a perfect game.
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1 year ago, ArbitraryApples
Very little thought put into it
My main problem with this app is that there’s no accounting for a variety of phrasing… sometimes. There are times where I input “cursing” and it shows that “swearing” was the answer, but other times it thinks curses and swears are two different things. In the fast money round I put “pee” and the other person put “bathroom” and it didn’t account for the fact those are the same thing. Sometimes the answers it does accept are completely wild, like it accepting my answer of “Yoga mat” for “carpet,” when I felt like I really shouldn’t have been credited for that. It feels like the people who set this up did not account for a consistent variety of ways to say the same thing. It makes me want to be non-specific, but sometimes the answers are very specific. The fact there’s a ticketing system in place is strange too but I think I would prefer that over being shown a bajillion ads. I’d be willing to pay for the app if more work was put into making it more understanding of what you’re trying to say. I do think it’s a shame there’s no local mode to play with friends. I think it would be a lot of fun to have localized family feud tournaments. Oh well.
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3 years ago, U'll bsrry
Two hours to replenish ONE ticket? Really?
Let’s set things straight here: the game isn’t terrible. What ticks me off is that you can only play UP TO 5 games before you run out of tickets. Unless you pony up for VIP (which is a joke IMO), you MUST wait two hours for a single ticket to replenish. Not only does that increase your waiting time by 2x to start playing again after your previous relatively short session (if you just want to get a couple rounds in), it means fewer players will be actively playing at any one time, leading to matchmaking taking longer than usual. The ticket system is a joke at this point, in an attempt to get more people to pay $5/month just to get an additional ticket per two hours, with a max ticket cap of 10. I will uninstall (and encourage others to do so) because of how annoying it is to want to play another round, only to find out I ran out of tickets and either have to pay $5 a month to get one more ticket per replenish and a max of 10 at any time, or pay $5 every time you want to get your five tickets back. An absolute money grab and a subtle way to get users to cough up $5 each month or $5 every time they don’t want to wait 10 hours to get a full five tickets. Clever game development, but it won’t work on me.
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5 years ago, FreddysNotDead4115
The bad far outweighs the good
Too many duplicate answers. It only gives you 5 tickets at a time, and they take an hour each to regenerate. Sometimes ill say a vague answer and it tells me it’s wrong when they wanted a more specific answer, or vice versa, I think the game should say “be more specific” just like on the show, or recognize when answers are similar enough. It always defaults to 1,500 coins per game even when I choose 50 each turn, and sometimes I’m not paying attention and I don’t wanna lose that many coins especially when we hardly get any tickets. Also sometimes the questions aren’t specific enough. And finally, it gives you 50 seconds to guess every answer to a question, but the question doesn’t appear until 2 seconds after the clock starts, and that 2 seconds is valuable time. You also have to type at least 2 letters before it gives you suggestions, but it should be after only one letter because I spend a lot of time typing answers it doesn’t suggest. I also think it would be more fun if each person took a turn guessing an answer rather than having each of you guess all, it’s not fair that the other person gets points for an answer you guessed first. The answer should appear on the game board when one person guesses it.
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4 years ago, Doodle 2jxf10
I guess it’s ok
The main problem I have with this game is that there’s just too much. I hate the system with the tickets. Honestly, I think the tickets should just be taken out of the game, and you don’t ever have to wait. Also, why is the normal game and the fast money round two different categories. Why isn’t it like the normal show where you play the normal game and if you win, you play the fast money round. I realize if you only have one person with you, you can’t have two rounds for the fast money, but just make it so that if you get over 100 points in one round you win. Also, I don’t like how the app is set up as a one person game. I think there should be a different game mode where the timer resets after each answer so you can pass the phone to multiple people. This way it is more like the real game. My final complaint is that, as far as I can see, there is no way of playing someone you know. I haven’t logged in with Facebook, and that might fix the problem, but as far as I see there is no way to play against your friends. Please fix these problems because if you do, I will like the game a lot better, and change my review to have more stars.
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3 years ago, rufs1231
Garbage app
The app is complete garbage. The ticket system is garbage. The keyboard to type out answers is garbage why can’t we use our own phone keyboard. Some of the answers will literally be what I type and it still says I got it wrong for example, I recently did a game where it asked something about “the golden years” and I said OLD and it said I was wrong, so of course this threw me off as I was expecting it to be right. Well once the timer ended, the number one answer was OLD PEOPLE. Like wth! It caused me to lose thousands of coins. Oh and don’t get me started on the “vip” system. Every time I get a free spin it takes a good 2-3 minutes to wait for that “claim your vip subscription now” page to go away and then the extra spin you can buy for like 3 dollars also takes forever. I get it they’re trying to make money but jeez make it where we can skip if we want. Also I’m pretty sure a majority of my opponents are bots, some of them will spend the whole first 40 seconds of a round not guessing anything and then randomly just somehow guess like 2-3 answers correctly within 10 seconds. Anyways that’s my review. It’s fun for a few days but then gets old fast and very annoying.
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5 years ago, iTruth115
Fun game, but needs a new direction...
I love Family Feud, and I watch it on T.V all the time. So when I download the game, I was exited. Upon playing, I realized that you have to pay “tickets” for a round, and the game only gives you 5 tickets. To get more tickets, you have to wait for the timer, or pay money, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Some of the questions are good, some don’t make sense, and some of the answers are kinda repetitive and not what you would think. Some of the questions repeat themselves too, and if you play for a long time you’ll end up getting the exact same question, which is unfair to the other people you’re playing against who haven’t seen that question yet. The Fast Money Tournaments are fun to play, and I love playing classic all the time. I would definitely rate 4/5 stars if they would fix the ticket issue. The coin system is alright, but fix the ticket issue and the repetitiveness. Also the keyboard is horrible. I go to type and I’m consistently wasting time backspacing because it’s so different then iOS keyboard. Why doesn’t the game allow you to use your own keyboard, or at lease dictation? Huge opportunity for improvements. Hope to see better updates in the future.
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3 years ago, LockedT
Okay game!
The game is okay but there are somethings missing. The timer starts immediately, The game opens and the other player is already putting answers when I haven’t been given time to read the question. I wish the question was read to me just as it would in the game show or I had an extra 5 seconds to read the question before the timer starts. The game also counts a lot of answers wrong that should have been counted or been asked to be more specific..I answered a question with “money” and it was buzzed as incorrect. The correct word was “cash”, I don’t understand how that didn’t count if they mean the same thing. I also wish the fast money round was added to the game. The coin system is great and understandable, if you run out of money then you can’t afford to play. The ticket part doesn’t make since because even if you have coins, you can’t play without tickets and you only get 4-5 to start. I don’t want to have to wait for free tickets to play or have to pay. It would be cool if the ability to play was only based on the amount of coins you had left.
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5 years ago, Bmarie3832
Fun, but Not Worth It
This game has those dumb tickets that you have to wait a certain amount of time for them to refill. I probably wouldn’t mind it as much if it let you have more than five at a time and you didn’t have to wait an hour for it to refill ONE ticket. To play a round of any type in the game you have to spend one ticket and have the right amount of coins to “wager”. In my opinion I think as long as you have the right amount of coins you should be able to play and not even bother with the tickets. The only way to get more tickets is to pay $5 for the VIP pass, which is another thing. Sometimes when you click the button to play a round it pops up a thing trying to get you to buy the VIP package and you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can say no. Another thing with this game is that even when you type the correct answer, if it’s not the exact words or something really really close, then you get it wrong. For example, when I was playing a round one time the category was “things a doctor might ask you to do” and for my answer I typed “take off clothing” and it said I was wrong. Then at the end of the round the number one answer was “undress”. It’s a fun game but it needs work and rethinking.
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1 month ago, CurlerBoiseBlue
Good concept - poor execution
The main 2 issues I have is there is no way to play the full game and fast money together. Also, it’s ludicrous to not accept the same Fast Money answers. If someone gets an easy one first, they’re already set up to win. They get the points, the other player doesn’t get a thing and gets clock burned on them. I would get rid of the concept of you can’t give the same answer (you aren’t playing on a team together). If anything, give a 10 second bonus to retype another answer…or just boost the fast money time. Also, some of the questions are horrible, I’ve played games where both of us only maybe got like 15 points combined. Also, there should be a broader array of acceptable answers. One I answered Adults (got an X), but Parents was on the board. Edit 5/8/24 - recently they decreased the free play ti keys from 7 to 5 per day (could get more but have to wait 2 hours after spending one to get another). They have a free spin area where you can get tickets to play, but I’ve never gotten tickets from what I recall. It’s false hope and branding.
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4 years ago, Tammy😂
Frustrating and glitches
Ok this game is a great game overall the questions are fun and a little bit challenging which is great you pay some coins you pay a ticket and your in! So far so good then you play the game. so after you play the game you either lose or get the coins so you play some more times and then when you go to play again and it’s red you realize uh-oh I’m out of tickets which would be ok if you only had to wait a minute or even five minutes for the tickets to refill but no you have to wait like a whole hour!😨that is like an endless amount of time when you just want to play also why is there a limit of tickets then you would get one every hour you wait and if you come back like a day later then you should have more than just five. Also about the glitches so the Valentine’s Day version and I had the worst time ever because first I accidentally taped the play button that was the wager of 4,050 and then as soon as it picked my opponent it took me back to the home screen and I went back into the app and I found myself with 4,050 less coins and one less ticket this made me both frustrated 😡😠😖and upset😭😭😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. That is why I rated it ⭐️⭐️stars.
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3 years ago, AddEmUp10
Love the idea but definite flaws!!
At the risk of parroting what so many others have said: While I love the game & love the genuine version vs. so many other “game show apps” which tend to be cheap knock-offs, & love all of the options! It is also cool that you can do one-on-one challenges without paying tickets. However, it does take an awful long time for tickets to replenish! Which is why I do not play as often as I would like! By the time I get “into” “game mode,” the tickets are empty!! Maybe it could be made to only take tickets away if/when you lose?? Or there could be multiple ways to retrieve more tickets?!? I do also like the ability to gift someone coins to play another round!! I honestly believe if you guys make tickets more readily available, it would benefit the players and therefore benefit the developers!! People are way more likely to put time &/or money into an app that puts thought and consideration into their features and truly care about the customers happiness.. (With the exception of the ultra difficult ones who find reasons to be mad about something) ...
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5 months ago, MaskedWagon
Bye Bye
How can an app have this many problems? This is the most frustrating app, which is a shame because it doesn’t have to be this way. So many things are wrong with it. Number one, the answers are ridiculous. Asking what human foods a dog likes and their number one answer is steak tartare. I understand steak but steak tartar? Nonsense. Then there are the glitches. 1 in 10 times it will keep spinning to find an opponent and it just keeps spinning and I I don’t get an opponent but meanwhile it deducts the money that I wagered so I lose without even getting to play the game. Another glitch is I type my answer and nothing comes out so while I’m technically playing the game, I’m not playing the game. Can we talk about the wording of the answers? Many times, there is no way you’ll get the right answer if it’s not prefaced by certain words. Or why is it worded one way in a question but a totally different way in another question, Also many of the answers are just preposterous. No way any group of people could come up with some of these answers. I’m tired of pulling my hair out of my head when playing this game so in the interest of my hair line, I’m going to give this app a rest…permanently.
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4 years ago, Eric O'Keefe
Not Worth the Time
The game in itself is fun, it’s just extremely frustrating because the main mode consists of going up against pre generated computer answers disguised as real people. As you progress in level the opponents get exponentially more difficult. Half of the time they get every single answer right making it impossible to win coins. The idea is you’ll eventually run out of coins and have to spend real money. Most of the modes are the same, there’s a fast money mode which is stacked against you even more and a tournament mode as well. You can play against live players that come across the bottom of the screen on the main menu, but again you have to spend coins and matchmaking is often slow and mistimed with a pitiful attempt at notifications. Sometimes the game will give you credit for a vague answer. Sometimes you’ll hit it dead on and be wrong. There’s really no rhyme or reason to when that happens and can be frustrating in a close game. Overall this app is poorly developed, bears repeated questions regularly and is nothing more than a cash grab for the company that made it. Don’t waste your time with this one, there’s much better free content on the Apple Store.
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3 years ago, DizzyDame27
Very fun but inconsistent
This app is fun but there is no consistency to it. I’ve seen opponents guess answers wrong that I got correct. Example: “describe something as shallow”: I guessed a person and a pool, those were correct. When my opponent guessed them, they came up as wrong and were deducted points. What? It’s also really bad on specifics. If you guess something very close who freaking knows if it will logically give it to you. When in guessed cuttlery, it said it was wrong, “knives” was the answer…but when I guessed “cars” it said “Please be more specific”…limo was the answer. THEN I’ve guessed things that weren’t even in the realm of the answer that it gave to me. I could guess “Mercedes” and it GAVE me “Crane Operator”…it’s a bit chaotic. After I wrote this less than positive review it took 20k coins from me. Cute.
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3 years ago, Tauß
2 main problems with the app
1. The fast money mode is poorly worked. I find it ridiculous that the game assumes you and your opponent are working on a team and you guys CANT answer the same answer twice. This makes absolutely ZERO sense in a head to head mode since if you think of the top answer and your opponent guessed it first in the timer, you will waste time thinking of another answer. And by the time you think of that, the opponent has a chance of guessing the top answer for the next question, which makes this a lose-lose cycle based on literal milliseconds on how fast you answered the first question. Absolutely ridiculous. 2. There is no merit behind the ticket system. Your currency in the game is coins. Why is there another currency in the form of tickets that have to be used to play games. Stop being a sellout and let people casually play the game. It takes WAY TOO LONG to regenerate one ticket (2 hours!!) while one game lasts merely minutes. The random invite matchmaking does not work at all from my experience, so tickets are the only way you can actually find matches. Once again, absolutely ridiculous for a casual game.
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2 years ago, Hdfgvhzkdu
This game is terrible
I saw this game as a suggestion on the App Store and I got excited cause I thought back to the days of playing this online with friends on facebook not to mention how fun it is to watch the show. The most frustrating part is not only do you need a ticket to play you also need hella coins if you don’t have any coins you’re s.o.l unless you pay for more or wait hours for your free coins. Also once you run out of tickets it takes over AN HOUR AND A HALF for just ONE ticket to generate. So unless you want to pour hella money into the game you’re stuck only playing a game every hour and a half. Not to mention the ridiculous answers the game expects you to come up with for it’s ridiculous questions. One time one of the answers was literally the word “Nothing” how does that make any since. And multiple times in fast money I have been asked “what is something a teacher would do to embarrass a tardy student”? Which I feel is inappropriate. I wish instead of making a game that is obviously just a huge cash grab they would make the classic game we love, the game we see on tv. One that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to play.
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4 years ago, southwt
The game needs improvements
The game is good but there are some bugs that need to be fixed. I watch multiple ads in a row and don’t get the coins for them. Also sometimes when I’m playing a match with friends, I’ll get an answer correct and it’ll keep flipping and showing me that one answer until I force stop the game. Or we’ll get a question and the answers don’t match. For example, we had gotten a question we’d had before so we knew the answers already but when we tried them they didn’t work. When the answers were revealed they related to the question in no way because they were answers to a different question. Another problem I’ve been having is how particular the game is with answers. An answer to a question (ex: what do people do in the event of an economic recession?) could be “stop spending” but since I said “save money” it’s considered wrong and there have been so many more instances. One thing that I do think would add to the game and make it great is adding a fast money round after the three regular rounds when you play.
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2 years ago, Micaryyyyyy
Absolute Trash
This game is nonsense trash. You are better off never downloading it. Every “person” you play is a rigged robot, and can answer the typo-ridden completely ridiculous questions that are asked. Any normal person with common sense would never dream of the answers that you are expected to guess. Most of the answers literally make no sense to the question being asked. The “original” gameplay is at least slightly tolerable, until you get coins and have the robots take all of them from you. However, the tournament and fast money gameplays are complete trash. The tournament is completely rigged, with robots that you will beat in the first round, just for them to beat you in the second round and eliminate you completely, even though you eliminated them first? The fast money is ridiculous, as you can type as fast as you want, but it will say “already answered” for the fourth question, even though it says the other “person” has only completed one question. I am so disappointed in this game, and hope for one day it to be deleted off the app store. If I could give it zero stars, I would.
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8 months ago, dcscdcfvg un
Good but bad
So I’m playing and I put in veterinarian so I’m like ok then on so then on the answers it says that veterinarian is one of the right answers that happened twice one of the other times I put in hospital and it said that hospital was the wrong answer and then in the answers it said hospital was the right, and you need to make more ways that you can earn money because it’s kind of hard to earn money and I don’t think it’s really nice but you have to watch an ad to get more money but it is good that the game has barely any ads. Also, it shouldn’t take an hour to get one ticket. It should take more like 20 minutes, that’s my main complaint is that when I put in something that means the same thing as the other thing the actual answer it says it’s wrong and when I put in the exact right answer, it says it’s wrong and then the other person gets the points for putting in that same answer which I don’t get so fix that please and then it will be a more fun game. thanks???!!!
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9 months ago, Macie376
Fun when you can actually play, but not impressed.
I downloaded it and absolutely LOVED playing. Until… I quickly realized that the app is not at all user friendly. It’s super confusing. There is basically no way to invite a friend that I know to play against me (read on and you’ll understand why). There is no way to get tickets to play games without buying them- you either pay for them or wait for new ones to regenerate every few hours. At the bottom it tells you that you can play against these random people for free, but when I “invite” them, nothing happens. The app tries to trick you into losing your coins- I have it set to wager 150 coins per game, but it randomly resets itself to wager higher amounts of coins if I’m not paying attention. So now I have this downloaded app that I can’t even play whenever I want to unless I pay for it. I basically can play one round, and then I have to wait a few hours and then it will give me another ticket so I can play ONE more round. Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of storage space on my phone.
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2 years ago, T Settoon
Latest update crashes April 2022
The latest update, April 2022, is full of bugs. Mainly, it freezes up. I can tell when it will freeze up: it takes a long time to find an opponent, then let’s me type one answer, then freezes. The timer still counts down, I can still see the opponent’s activity, and it will still allow me to buy an answer but stays frozen until I reboot the game, losing my coins and the purchased price also. I told the support people and followed their guidelines but it still happens. I tried different wagers (6,000, 20,000, and even 60,000!) but it freezes on all levels except 50, 150, and 1500. They have reimbursed my coins a couple of times but after numerous times, I don’t even bother reporting the lost coins. I like the live aspect of this game but just deleted it because games are supposed to be fun, not the source of frustration. Also, the word match has never been good (rejects jacket, wanted coat or rejects glasses wanted eyeglasses, etc…use a thesaurus developers!!!!!
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5 years ago, BexDele
Fun but glitches and ticket regeneration is a pain
I have thoroughly enjoyed playing family feud and the first couple days was great. Unfortunately tickets take forever to regenerate and there is no way to get more tickets besides waiting and purchasing. Coins are almost always given and can be earned in different ways I.e. watching advertisement videos. Another issue I have with the game is that recently I have been having tons of glitches. The app will crash after it takes my ticket and coins and then there is no way to get it back or continue the game. It has now happened to me a total of 6 times in the course of 2 hours of play time. It seems to only occur with tournaments, however it is extremely frustrating. I have tried emailing support to get help with this with no response. The game is a lot of fun, so I think if this can be fixed and ticket regeneration had different avenues such as videos, or winning live matches it would improve the game so much.
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3 years ago, Famfeudsucks
The app should try and mirror the actual game show as much as possible. You shouldn’t have to type out the exact word to get credit. For example, if Im asked “how would you feel if you won the lottery?” and I answer “joy” it will be wrong if the correct answer is “happy”. But they are exactly the same thing and if I was on the tv game show I would get credit for either answer. If you type in the word THE, you’ll get some of correct responses, which is absurd. Eventually and if you play long enough you’ll recall correct answers because of duplicate games. I’ve played this version for only a few days and I’ve already seen duplicates. Eventually the players who have played the most games will beat you, not because they’re better than you but because they memorized the correct responses. This version is more of a memory game. Eventually I’ll probably delete this game. I play word games to have fun, not to become frustrated snd annoyed
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5 years ago, jesslynn95
Jacked up rules
If you have the correct answer or number one answer don’t plan it counting, especially if you’re competing against someone else. In regular rounds you earn less points for guessing the same answer if the other person gets it right, and during fast money if you guess the same answer as your opponent you can’t use it even though you can’t see your opponents answers, so it doesn’t matter if you have it or not, you can’t play making it almost impossible to win if you take your time to think about the question before answering. Also, even if you are quick about answering it doesn’t matter because during fast money the questions are asked in a different order than you and your opponent so even if you start typing immediately if your opponent answered the question as the first question and you got that question as your first question you don’t even get a chance. Completely unfair and a waste of coins when wagering. I don’t even bother doing more than the minimum anymore. Not worth it and nothing like the actual game.
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5 years ago, AirynBoBerin
Too bad this is the only Family Feud game now
This is the second time I’ve downloaded, and now have deleted this app. It’s pretty bad. The biggest issue I have is the keyboard is harder to type on than the normal phone keyboard so I constantly have to correct spelling and waste time. The other major issue is ill type in an answer that is on the board but won’t get the points because it’s not a letter for letter match. IE; “name something that make you tear up.” I type movies and I get a strike, the top answer: watch a movie 🤨. This has happened so many times it makes it not worth playing. The last one I played I literally got ALL STRIKES but every answer I put was on the board! “Name something a bad kisser does” I put Too wet, answer: Wet kisses. I put too messy, answer “sloppy kisses”. I mean come on. This is not an issue with the actual show, sometimes to the point where they flip answers that are really pushing it whether it’s the same thing. They really need to fix the programming that synonyms for certain words are recognized.
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6 months ago, GingerMom20
Consistently Crashes
The game is lots of fun; however, the problem is that it CONSTANTLY crashes, even when connected to Wi-Fi with a strong signal. The amount of coins I’ve lost due to glitches during play—the round ends, but the game freezes up and won’t progress; I’ll type in answers, but the game act as if I haven’t; etc.—is ridiculous. I’ve contacted customer service on multiple occasions, but most times, I just give up and close out the game because it happens so often. What others have said about the answer system is also true: sometimes, the answers are VERY specific (the answer may be “urinate, “and you specifically have to type that exact word in for it to be accepted as a correct answer). Other times, I can type in the word “bathroom” or “toilet” and the game recognizes it as similar enough to accept as correct. And yes—that is a genuine answer for multiple questions in the game.
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4 years ago, simmisimbaa
It’s You vs. Computer and the Computer will win.....
I never play games. However, I’ve always loved watching Family Feud so I decided to download the mobile version. I easily got addicted. To the point that after I ran out of tickets I would play on my boyfriends phone. But, when I was playing on my boyfriends acct I ended up vs. myself??? Which is impossible considering I was literally playing on my boyfriends account. It was a computer and not a real person and I lost. Thats funny. I don’t think all the matches are computer generated, but I’m beginning to wonder how many are.. The last couple of games I’ve played I would lose at the last second. All of a sudden they get number one within the last second? The last three games I’ve played? Moreover, I’ve entered in an answer and got it right. Then, see my opponent put the exact same answer and get it wrong. Acts like a bot, must be a bot. No fun when they are in control of how much you win.
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2 years ago, bella_apple_user
Just bad for so many reasons
Firstly, you need tickets to play. You can’t watch ads or anything but rather have to wait TWO HOURS FOR ONE TICKET TO PLAY ONE ROUND. I get waiting maybe 30 minutes, heck even an hour MAYBE but two hours for one ticket. The tickets also cap at 7 so you can’t leave it for a week to stack them up. The game also freezes up sometimes so you can’t guess anything, therefor losing the ticket you used along with the coins you put down to play. It’s honestly so very stupid. You also can’t play with your friends but can play with random strangers that pop up on your feed, doesn’t make sense. This app seems like it was written up in 30 seconds and was not discussed. Could be great if they used their brains maybe but otherwise it pisses me off. Deleting the app because it’s ficking stupid but if I hadn’t deleted it I would be currently waiting for tickets because I can’t play a game that I downloaded that’s taking up my storage because I need another 2 hours to play one 2 minute round. Absurd
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3 years ago, I'mSo(Not)Sexy
It could be better.
It seems like no one from the development team has looked to check for bugs in the game recently because there is a lot of them. I also wish that I could play more, but they only give you 5 times to play and they refill once every two hours. If the game gave me more of a chance to become addicted to it while also looking sleek and beautiful, I would probably be more willing to pay for a VIP membership or make purchases at all towards the game. For a reference, if the development team is actually looking at reviews, I would suggest taking a look at the UNO iOS app. They are really good at updating their stuff, the game looks fantastic, and they even give you rewards for taking a survey (helping them know how to improve their game). I feel I’ve wasted a lot of money playing UNO because of this lol. I would really like to see more in the future from Family Fued’s iOS app because I do enjoy playing it.
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3 years ago, flowingebony
I mean whatever
I just deleted the app. Not because the timing doesn’t leave room for “smartphone”misspellings, literally it’s like the app is programmed to scramble even the most simplest words. It’s because I don’t understand WHO is taking the survey and HOW the answers lack common sense. The better question is who, if anyone, reviews these answers. Example: name something that could be hard on A FAMILY- my answers, Death❌, divorce ❌ moving ❌… too answer, leaving friends, another answer, packing… leaving friends .. ok.. HOW are they leaving their friends??? Is it from moving??? Which includes packing, or death (hope not) but you get my drift. There were several more: whats gross with hair on it? Food- number 1 answer, other answers legs, by who women? Chest, underarms? On WHO? Women only?? Like … it’s annoying… if I’m a guy then and I think of myself, it’s not gross, as a woman, hey all women don’t think it “gross”. I’m not being whiny about being PC, I’m saying that if this were the 90s, it’s still silly. K bye.
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4 years ago, spouseinhouse
The way they accept your answers makes no sense at all. For one question I typed Appliances and it didn’t count the answer for any points... it actually takes away a few points that you do have for getting it wrong. Yet one of the correct answers was OLD APPLIANCES!! How does that even make sense that my original answer did not count? This is one of many many instances in which this happens. Another example could include a game where the question said, if you can rid the world of one thing what would it be. I typed in hunger and that answer was considered wrong and once again points were taken away. Yet one of the correct answers ended up being starvation!!! I say agitated and it’s a wrong answer yet the correct answer was get angry!! Like what? It makes no sense as to what is considered correct. Agitated, irritated, angry...same thing. Name something not prohibited doing on a bus...a say food —wrong!... correct answer is eating. Food is eating... it’s the same thing how does that not count?! Also, I say drinking... not correct, alcohol was the correct answer. Another example, what is something people would beg for? I say relationship as well as love. Nope, didn’t count! Yet friendship counted. I find this game extremely frustrating when you are giving correct answers and yet never getting credit. They really need to update what can be considered correct answers. You literally say the same thing yet do not get credit. Worse yet, you lose points!
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4 years ago, Scooter_ej6
this game is garbage and utterly set up for you to fail! Let me elaborate. Say you sign up with facebook. Not only wont you see any people you know but you CAN’T INVITE PEOPLE YOU KNOW EITHER! You’re just left with an endless scrolling of strangers, which im sure if you’re like me you only downloaded to play WITH someone you know. Next we have our micro transactions. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't shoved down my throat every second of the game, not to mention the wheel spin is rigged to not land on anything other then the couple of hundred coin prizes, never in the thousands and up without vip which is the stupidest thing I've seen in my life. and don't get me started on the overall playability of this game. I've lost 6,000 coins simply because i typed in “online” yet “internet” was on the board or another when i said “mad” and “get angry” was on the board. Ridiculous. It goes to show how little they care about your satisfaction and playability and more on how they can make return for the countless dollars wasted on the room of monkeys they label “developers.”
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6 years ago, AriMariKari
Garbage! Get ready for this longgg review.
THEY ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS! I have personally never seen any 2 family feud episodes with the same questions (and i have pretty much seen all of them). So there should be no way I have seen the same questions and i only had the app for a week. Another thing most of the questions are so stupid. Like name a weapon on the game clue. Fist of all how tf can you assume everybody has played clue to even ask such a specific question. Nevertheless, I still tried with answers like gun & knife. They said no to knife and at the end of course knife was one of the answers. That type of stuff is so annoying, basically giving away coins. You also need the fingers of a mouse to type on the keyboard. Lastly on fast money you should be able to answer a question with the same answer as your opponent. We are not on the same team like on the real feud so those rules should not apply. I feel like the people who made this didn’t even base it off of the real family feud and have never seen the show in their lives. The End
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8 months ago, kaitayy
How on earth do they come up with the answers?
Biggest issue is the answers it chooses to accept or not. I have the issue a lot with fast money. Example: asked “what is a job you would not need a resume for?” I wrote “fast food” and got 0 points, other person/bot wrote “fast food worker” and got like 63 points. “What is something a summer party should have?” My answer of “pool” got 0 while the opposing answer “a theme” got a surprising 50ish points. Not only is it super finicky on the wording, but some of the answers I’m shocked have so many points vs something I’d think would be a top answer getting 0. Curious where the “survey” answers are generated. another example “something you get delivered to your door” the answer “food” got 0 points. I get package would probably be the top, but 0 for food surprised me. Also the keyboard is SO hard to type on, constantly misspelling and wasting time. Would be helpful to integrate the actual device’s keyboard.
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6 years ago, 2forgetful
Repeat questions, can’t earn tickets
Three major complaints. 1. The questions repeat often. If you’re playing against someone who has been playing longer they have a huge advantage. I’ve only been playing for a few days (level 4) and I see the same questions constantly. It gives me a huge unfair advantage to get a perfect score on a level because I already know the answers. 2. You need tickets to play and it takes forever to get tickets. You get a new ticket every HOUR. (Much longer compared to other games I play.) There is nothing to speed this up unless you buy a MONTHLY membership. No ads you can watch or things you can do. So I basically just play once a day. There is the option to invite people on a list to play but it’s rare that they respond to the request and you don’t really win anything when you play against them. Each round costs 12 coins to play and you may only win 10 coins that round. And if you match with someone who has been playing much longer than you, then you’re wasting your coins because they will get perfect scores on all the repeat questions. 3. It randomly does or does not recognize your answer. I wrote “moon bounce” when they were looking for “bounce house” and was rejected. I wrote “clothes” when they wanted “suit” and it was accepted. There are times what I write isn’t even close to the answer they’ll use it for. Other times they reject answers that mean the exact thing on the list.
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2 years ago, balloutbarbie
Too glitchy
I never write reviews but this app is frustrating. I’ve been in many matches where I’m not able to type my answers anymore. Everything will still be going but I’m not able to type or submit anything. There are also ticket glitches. For example, I may have 2 tickets and it will say that I will receive another in 40 minutes, fine. I close the app and come back maybe hours later and it will say the same thing! This only happens sometimes but it is still very frustrating. Another thing is a lot of the times the answers won’t make sense or will be something no one would have ever guessed. It won’t even count if you give a partial answer. (I.e. saying “mirror” instead of “looking in mirror”) The coins are also pointless, you can’t even use a them, you just gain them or lose them. Tickets take forever to generate and it also takes forever to find a match sometimes.
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5 years ago, JMJohnson616
The tickets take way to long to regenerate so you can’t sit down and just play. Giving answers is difficult at best, the keyboard is difficult to use as it presses a letter 3x and then won’t register another. It offers suggested answers but this doesn’t help if you can’t type part of the word in correctly which is made harder with the fact the backspace button is separated from the keyboard. Additionally if there is a loss in service and you’re in a game, you lose the money and tickets and this happens a lot. The free spin is nice and helps get money built back up. You can also pay a monthly subscription to be apart of the VIP group. Overall, I played for about a week and though I love the game it has too many frustrations to keep playing. Additionally I’d love to play fast money after regular rounds but that isn’t an option and instead has to be played separately. Maybe if they get some bugs worked out it’d be better but for now it’s not that fun.
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9 months ago, Adefolake
Unlike the Real Show
Unlike the real Family Feud, if you have an answer that is close to the answer the app wants, you don’t get the points because you did not type, word for word, what the app wanted. For example, in one game, I typed “foul language” and got a big red “X,” but “cussing” was the number one answer, which is another way of saying “foul language.” This has happened too many times and is disappointing. Also, I don’t read fast. It would be nice if questions are read to you, just like on the real show. Most people don’t type fast either. It would be nice if the game had speech recognition so people could answer out loud, just like on the real show. I would not pay for a subscription to this game until it is made a little more fair. I particularly don’t like losing points on answers that are close. That doesn’t happen in the real game.
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6 years ago, Trivie Addict
Good Concept, Poor Execution
This game drives me nuts because you have to be very specific in your answers with very little forgiveness. For instance, I wrote “cook breakfast” for an answer and got an X, then “eat breakfast” was on the board! Another example was my opponent put “fall asleep” and got an X (because it shows you while you’re playing) and “sleep” was the answer on the board. You only have a very limited time to type in an answer and the keyboard is sensitive so I find myself having to backspace a lot which also cuts down on the window for answering. It’s also frustrating that you lose 5 points for a wrong answer. Again, the window of time is small for each round, thus you have to type quickly and try lots of random answers. The word choice for each category varies as well, especially in regards to x-rated answers (i.e. “knocking boots”, “sexy time”, and “family jewels”), thus it would be nice if a broad answer were consistently accepted for these questions.
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3 years ago, Amber 0221
This game has so much potential, but falls flat. It’s hard to play the game. The keyboard is weird and doesn’t allow for fast typing, so typing answers takes some of your time. Additionally it doesnt register similar answers. For example, “a questions was popular places to gather on public” I typed in Mall and it said I was wrong. When my time ended it said, “the mall” so I guess you need to type in what it wants specifically which makes it hard to play. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve guess an answer n it said I was wrong but then a “version” of my answer was on the board. The play style is ok, but it would be better if it went more along the lines of the actual game show on tv. From my understanding this is a very basic version and you can not play with anyone you know. It also automatically changes your bid all the time, which is annoying if you don’t want to bid so much.
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5 years ago, Samantha Ritchie
Just bad
I really love family feud so I was excited to see there was a game for it. But I was quickly disappointed. After playing one game, all of my games from then on out would crash and when I would log back onto the game my money that I had spent play would be gone. So the game was taking my coins and I wasn’t even getting to play. On top of that there are a lot of repeat questions, which makes the game sort of unfair. After playing it for a while you’ll know the answers to every question so when you were playing against players that are higher level, they will always win because they are used to those questions. I also don’t like the tickets. You never get more than three and they run out so quickly and take so long to refill. I think it would be much better if you only lost a ticket if you lost the game, that way you can play longer than five minutes. Over all too buggy and to repetitive to enjoy
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4 years ago, dallasyupthatsme
So frustrating
The game is fun when it actually works, I barely bother with it anymore because the game will constantly take your ticket (which you only get five a day or one every hour) then close out for no reason and will not give you the ticket back even tho you didn’t get to play, and will not give you the coins you wagered either, so if you bet all your coins on your last ticket and it closes out, that’s it you can’t play for another hour, and must watch ads to get coins, or it will try to connect to secured WiFi, and say server lost service, no you didn’t lose service you tried to connect to every WiFi we passed driving and the game again takes your ticket and your coins, other games that have extreme glitches in it, will reload the same tickets and coins before you lost service or the app randomly closed out on you, something they haven’t fix or tried fixing... I’d say it work 4 outta seven times you open it, which just wastes your time and frustrates you
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2 years ago, AYOLOOK!
Jesus genuinely loves you 😊❤️
“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” ‭‭2 Peter‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭NIV‬ ROMANS 10:9-11 “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame” Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭19:10‬ ‭ God wants us to believe in His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who died for our sins :D When we truly believe in our hearts that Jesus is the Son of God, who died for our sins so we could have eternal life with God, we are saved from the eternal fire and have eternal life in Christ Jesus!! 💖 May God bless you all! ❤️🕊😊
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2 years ago, elenirons
Game stealing tickets, stops working
I really enjoy this game as just a mindless thing to do. Yeah, the answers repeat, but it’s a free game so I don’t expect endless content. However, I can’t recommend this game to anyone because of the bugs. Maybe 1/3 of the time that I play a game, in the middle of a round, I will suddenly stop being able to enter any answers. They just don’t register, while my opponent keeps being able to play. If it’s a tournament, I end up losing, and if it’s a normal game, it totally stops working after that round. With the way the game refills tickets so slowly, it’s incredibly disappointing to be losing games, tickets, and coins because of this constant malfunction. I even got the VIP free trial because I wanted to be able to play more often but there’s no way I can stay subscribed when this is happening. I’ve probably lost at least 20 tickets this way in the past few days.
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2 years ago, Kennabenna228
It’s fun but..
The game glitches sometimes and makes it to where I can’t answer at all. I’ll be submitting the correct answers and it does absolutely nothing. Which wastes the tickets AND the coins that I spent to play. It would be so much more fun without the tickets. Which is why I play more on the Arkadium website than I do on the app. 2 hours to get ONE ticket? Seems a bit ridiculous to me. It’s just a money grabbing scheme to try to get you to pay for more tickets. I love Family Feud but the way it’s set up on the app makes it less fun. Plus there’s no fast money round after you win like on the show or arkadium website. It’s a whole separate category which costs tickets. Idk why I’m even leaving this review. I see others saying the same thing I am and they clearly haven’t made any changes and are not planning to.
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5 years ago, small.majority
Fun game but could be better
I have been enjoying this game, especially the special events. But the last two events have had a glitch in them and they crash every single time I try to play. At the perfect time too: after I have used coins for a new round and before I get to even see a question. Very frustrating! I don’t like that this game wants me to connect with Facebook. Why do all games push that now? I also wish the format was closer to the actual game show instead of having to choose between a question round and fast money. Only being able to play 5 games at most and then waiting for 5 hours for the tickets to refresh is annoying. I’m not going to spend money on more games. Other than that, I do like the game. I will continue to play because it’s the best option, just think it needs some improvements.
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1 year ago, Island.Yute
App inconsistencies and POOR customer support
I’ve had this app for many years, and for the most part have enjoyed playing it, despite the bugs. I’ve even recommended it to several people (I wish it would allow for us to play each other- without facebook. Yes, we have long moved passes Facebook). Over the Christmas and new year holidays, the app was a mess. Most of my coins disappears for various reasons. The worse thing, though, is the terrible customer support. For several weeks now I have been emailing support, each response asking me to explain AGAIN what happened. They told me recently that the issue was fixed, but when I logged onto the app my entire account was replace with a new one- taking me from stage 4 back to the very beginning with ONLY 200 coins. It’s been almost a week since I’ve informed them of this and no response. The app has potential, but please start treating people better.
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2 years ago, danielled1282
Needs major improvements
Game is just ok as is but could be so much better. Here are just a few of my thoughts that could improve the game: 1. I originally downloaded this game to play with my husband (like words with friends) but as far as I can tell you can’t search for people and it doesn’t connect your fb friends, making it impossible to actually play with people you know. Huge bummer, but I figured I’d still give it a chance. 2. I’m not sure where they get their answers from but sometimes they are a bit random and definitely not how normal people would answer the question. 3. Tickets system- takes 2 hours to replenish 1 ticket. This is a ridiculous amount of time! If you’re going to insist on having tickets 20-30 mins would be much better and you would have people playing more often. 4. Fix the bugs! There are many times where the game will just stall out and I have lost out on my ticket and coins. Or the game will completely just stop working for one player and not register their answers. Do the other player automatically wins because it appears like you didn’t answer any of the questions- losing out on the tickets and coins again. Unfortunately after a few weeks of trying to like it, I’m uninstalling.
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4 years ago, juicer990
Shady UX practices
Overall it’s an enjoyable game, BUT I absolutely hate its shady UX practices. It’s constantly asking me to be a VIP member. There are even times when the “x” button to close an advertisement doesn’t work forcing you to the Purchase VIP page. When you open the app, you’re set to bet with the highest amount of coins so prepare to lose everything if happen to press the play button before noticing the small print on how much you’re betting. The experience to play with other people is strange and confusing. I have gotten response from other people telling me they’re “too busy to play” with me while I’m in the middle of a game. I don’t recall requesting to play with other people, so I’m not sure what happened. Lastly, the UI looks like it hasn’t been updated in a really long time. The UI isn’t designed for an iPhone that has a notch so elements of the UI gets blocked by notch and text bleeds off the page. Sometimes it’s hard to read because of this problem.
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