FamilyAlbum - Photo Sharing

4.9 (247.8K)
136.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
MIXI, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FamilyAlbum - Photo Sharing

4.89 out of 5
247.8K Ratings
4 years ago, HIP HOP REALITY!!!!!!
Nearly perfect
This app has been such a blessing. Due to its private nature, I have been allowed to maintain my privacy while still being able to share photos of my kid with my family, many of whom have smart phones but don’t use social media. I enjoy the convenience of being able to upload to one place without having to individually text photos to my family. The app and desktop version has allowed for members of my family who aren’t so tech savvy to be apart of experiencing the memories we share as well. I haven’t used the features of being able to buy the books for the month memories yet but I appreciate the option. A big thing I enjoy as well is that the photos are grouped by month so it’s not just one large stream of photos and videos. I would give it 4.8 stars until the app allows uploads to continue even when the app is momentarily closed. I’ve been uploading and leave the app to respond to a text and it’ll pause the upload until I return which annoys me. I also wish that the comment feature had a way to tag the person you are responding to so they become aware of a response directed to them, but that’s hardly been an issue. Highly recommend for the people looking to maintain privacy and control the environment in which they share their memories without having to resort to sharing over social media or being burdened with potential forgetting to include someone in a group text of pictures.
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1 year ago, Noonefancy
My wife and I have been using this app since our daughter was born. We love that when we upload a photo, they no longer shows up as an available photo from our camera roll. This simple and intuitive feature makes it extremely hard to upload duplicates (which is fantastic). Another great feature is that all of our close family can see a photos we upload to that child’s album. We are no longer unintentionally spamming our family with cutie little baby photos of our child. They can view it are there our discretion. This app also allows the admin to grant access for family or friends to comment on photos. The admin rights gives the ability to restrict view to some of the more personal photos. We do occasionally use the free 8 printed photos a month for being a premium member. One feature we love is the monthly photo books. We purchase them and just store it away. They are great when friends and extended family visit. Someday in the future, these photos books will surely be a treasure item to flip through. I highly recommend the premium version of this app. I simply can not recommend it high enough and it’s truly a service to behold. If I could give it more then 5 stars I would. Overall a very user friendly app. The app is well coded and has extremely quick response times when navigating through the it.
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5 years ago, OhLookAChelsea
No Contest
I don’t often write reviews for apps. It’s just not something I’ve taken to doing. But this app absolutely out-classes every single thing I’ve ever seen or tried to use. It’s intuitive, it’s functional, it’s amazing across devices, the whole nine yards. I LOVE taking pictures. We’re a two-family system with the boys’ Dad and I being married while their Mother is married to someone else. This lets us share pictures with everyone without having the added pressure of Facebook or some other site. I’ve used the free version of this since 2018, but now that the boys are older and I’m even more nostalgic I’ve gotten the paid portion and it’s AMAZING. We love watching the 1-second movies. Uploading is super easy. Sharing is easy. I love that it separates by month and year and tells you how old they were. I love that it lets you comment on them. And I love that after you upload a picture it doesn’t show that same picture as an uploadable option anymore. Long story short — you’ve made an AMAZING app. I love it. And I hope it’s around for a LONG time to come.
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3 years ago, ShellME7
Room for Improvement
There are a lot of great things about this app (it auto sorts the photos in a timeline; shows the kids age, allows for comments, creates a private way to share with family, and it’s free!), but there is also room for improvement. I used LifeCake (now BackThen) for years until they decided to change their name so they could start charging $5/month to use it which I personally think is excessive. When I decided to switch to avoid the cost, Family Album checked a lot of the boxes as to what I was looking for, however once I got into using it, there were features of LifeCake that I assumed this would have but it doesn’t. The two biggest to my family and me were (1) the ability to add captions to the photos, and (2) the ability for people to add “likes”. The captions gave family members more insight into what was going on and I wrote the captions from our kids’ perspective which gave the photos and videos “personality” and an opportunity for humor. The likes just made everyone feel a little more connected because you could see people were viewing the photos together even if they didn’t have a comment. I do really appreciate that the free version of this app is still functional in a lot of ways but it has definitely been a step back from the experience my family had using LifeCake. Hope there is room for these improvements soon!
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4 years ago, Evs24
Best of them but still not amazing
I love being able to upload photos and it automatically puts it into order of date taken. And I can easily search through the months. We’ve been using this with immediate and extended family for awhile. It would be nice to have more categories than just share with partner or with entire family. I would love to be able to share the app with family but let them name themselves rather than having to assign that. We have so many aunts and uncles and grandparents I can’t tell who is who unless it’s a comment. My biggest issue is actually that you cannot upload photos in the background. The app HAS to be open and it is SLOW. I don’t always have access to great internet but even on fast internet it’s slow and I don’t have time to sit with the app open and not be able to do other things or even just turn off the screen. Anyone with a toddler knows this is near impossible and when I do have time I don’t have time to just stare at this app. You can’t even really look at other photos while you upload photos. Please let me upload in the background! I wish the “baby book” feature of being able to put stories with photos had come out earlier. I was already committed to an app that I don’t love but don’t want to switch now.
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3 years ago, A.Kettering
Love the concept some glitches need attention.
I I absolutely love the concept of this. I upload my pictures frequently for my entire family. However there is one person in my family that I do want to see pictures but I do not want them to comment or have the ability to upload pictures. Unfortunately, developers have not developed a way to only have a feature in which I can turn off commenting and uploading for one person in my group. Also,I have three kids and the pictures in the special features where it shows my three kids are always wrong. I’d like to personally be able to add pictures to their accounts and select the pictures myself not have the computer automatically generate them because the computer is always wrong and it’s super annoying to see my daughters picture with my husbands pictures on her thumbnail or her brothers she does not like that. Otherwise I think this is a great concept I hope that the developers really do fix some of these glitches or things that might’ve not been thought of when they first develop the app I really do like it and hope to continue to use it.
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2 years ago, MCV345
Best app
Okay I just had 13 reasons listed out as to why this is the best app and then my review just closed out (don’t worry the app has never crashed!) so instead of rewriting them all I’ll just say we live hours away from all family and they love this app as much as we do because they said they don’t feel like they’re missing out on our baby growing up and that’s pretty priceless (but the app is free (and no ads?!) so like … it really is priceless). So instead of me rewriting all 13 reasons just trust me you will love this app if you have kids and family/friends that want to see pictures/videos of them 😁 also just in case you’re considering using google photos, I like this better because people can comment and idk if google photos does this but once you upload a picture to the app, it won’t show up as an option to upload in the future so you’re not sitting there trying to remember the last thing you uploaded if you only upload every couple days like we do.
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5 years ago, bmast39
Love it, best of all the family sharing apps but one suggestion
I spent several hours trying a bunch of different types of these family sharing apps when our girl was born and this is the one I settled on. Although it has a cap of 3 min on videos (biggest con), it checks every other box better than all the competitors. I also love the “partner only” option, for those adorable pics that perhaps shouldn’t be circulated too widely. We’ve all been using it for four months and it’s excellent. My one suggestion (for now): When uploading pictures, i should be able to look at different folders within the photo app on my phone. For example, I often take 10 pics at a time and then favorite the one that is best. Then when I go to upload, I should be able to go to my “favorites” folder and select from there. As of now, all I can do is see my whole camera roll, which means that I have to curate the photos all over again. This should be an easy fix. Apps like Instagram have this feature.
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6 years ago, Emily Amason
Great app!
I’m loving this app so far. I love how it makes videos every few months that highlight certain pictures. I personally like that it doesn’t have the typical social media feel since I downloaded this app to get away from social media. It’s wonderful to not worry about which family members have been sent a picture or not, it’s all right there! I wish the pictures would stay where the are are not rotate through every time you open the app. Would also be nice to choose your own photo that stays at the top of the month. I don’t find it frustrating finding which pictures to upload since I don’t wait to load a bunch at one time. I like how you can see the relationship to the people who are commenting. Would be nice to have other family titles instead of “other”. Overall a great app and I’m super happy with it! I hope it stays away from social media feel because I love how it is now.
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5 years ago, jen98a
Great app to share child’s photo on non-public site
I love this app as it’s a closed group controlled by the parents. Unlike one reviewer I do wish it was a little more like social media with something to allow us to see which pictures are seen by whom and their favorites. The latter is important because it’d be nice to know which pictures they like so that I can get them printed on canvas as gifts or other gifts as a surprise. Also instead of “other” for family invited it’s be nice to be able to write in their relations as some of us have nontraditional families. On that note when seeing who’s viewed the album it’d be nice to customize the circles. I have step parents so in our family there are three sets of grandparents and all I see is “Gra”. Grandpa? Grandma? Which ones? Total my child has 3 grandfathers and 3 grandmothers so “Gra” isn’t specific enough. In the comments their full title comes up. All and all I love the app including the little movie clips generated every few months although I wish they could be redone. I hadn’t added my pregnancy pictures or some early baby pics when my movie was generated so it’s missing those. Also a plus is the browser version. Great grandparents that aren’t too phone savvy use this option. EDIT: another request - allow adding captions to the pictures once selected to upload. Waiting to “comment” due to processing can take time & then sometimes I forget then having people asking me for info.
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3 years ago, briannac33
Needs More Options, But Great for Parents
The #1 issue I have with Family Album is not being able to turn off notifications for one album without turning them off for all albums. Having multiple family members’ kids’ albums is great, except when their relatives that you don’t even know comment multiple times per day on everything posted. It is so frustrating. It would be great to be able to mute more distant family’s albums and check them periodically while still being notified about activity on my own children’s albums. I also wish I could caption photos and videos I upload rather than it being a regular comment. That being said, family album is essentially a private photo sharing app that works by invitation. It’s very handy for keeping your kids’ photos private but still sharing them with family members near or far.
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4 years ago, TheBumbliestBee
The most worthwhile app on my phone
I’ve never taken the time to write a review for an app before, but this is hands down my favorite app. It’s wonderful having all the family photos in one place and it’s easy enough to use that all three generations of our family can do it. I really love that it stores good quality videos, whereas when we text them to our family they get distorted or pixelated. It also makes us feel closer to our family because we can share stuff daily so even our family states away know how our kids are growing up. It’s also nice to be able to share as much of our photo library without bombarding everyone with texts of them. My dad, who is not very tech savvy nor a big user of smart phones, constantly brings up how much he loves this app and how much joy it brings him daily. Honestly, I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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1 year ago, jendjeifbek
Update: widget glitch has been fixed! Love the app, it’s a great way to share photos with certain people and not all of the internet. Also good for my grandparents who don’t use Facebook to see photos. Now that widget is fixed again I love seeing memories pop up on my phone screen. Original: I use to love this album but now the widget feature is frustrating me. Use to a memory would appear on the widget (I have the medium widget so not to take up as much room) and when I’d click on it it would open the app and take me to that same image it displayed as a memory. The past few weeks it has stopped doing that and just takes me to January. My husband passed away so I love to click on the pictures with him and my daughter but now I have to search for it instead of a one click like it use to be.
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2 months ago, thick_lil_skyskyyy
Best thing ever!!!!!
I can’t tell you how much this app means to me as being someone not only a mother, but going through the experience of giving my daughter up for a adoption and open adoption at that and being able to see my daughter through pictures and you know being able to upload them and see them and have them all in one spot means the world to me and I can’t tell you how many apps I’ve gone through that want you to pay and want you to subscribe to this and this app is 100% guaranteed free and keeps your photo safe. You can add family members and most importantly I get to watch my baby girl grow up and see the most important pictures in the world. I will highly recommend this to anybody who has long distance, family, or has an open adoption, thank you for putting my heart at peace
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3 years ago, Rebekah_Patterson
Great App
I LOVE this app!! I don’t like to post a lot of pictures of my baby on Facebook because of the weirdos out there. But I still want to be able to share pictures of her with our family so I downloaded this app. You have to have an invitation from me to view the pictures so it’s very secure. It’s so much easier than sending pictures to each family member separately and I’m able to choose who sees which pictures. Each family member is able to comment on the pics and they can add pics to if I allow it. I also love that it creates videos every month to look back at the month before. I haven’t ordered a photo book yet but plan to soon. I would definitely recommend this app, especially for new parents!! It’s more than worth the $5 in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Okay80
I hate apps that ask you to give them a review until you do. Nothing special about this app. I’m happy to be able to view pictures of my nephew but I don’t need this app to do that. Cut out the middle man. Nothing special about this app. Just reminds me of MySpace 15 years ago. Only difference is Tom is not my friend. I think a 10 year old can come up with a better app. This app makes me hate my life. I hate this app so much I might smash my phone with a hammer. Stuff the shards of glass in my underpants and walk a county mile! I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump created this app. Look what I did, I took someone’s idea from long ago and failed at copying it. It’s gone a be a UGE! Really I don’t hate this app...I just think it’s stupid and if people buy things off it they are dumb! I wonder if someone will read this whole review? If you do, I’ve had a long week and can’t fall asleep. I’ve been awake for about 30 hours now. The only good thing about this app is that I can write this long review, that is it. Other then that I’d like to kick senior management in the head like Walker Texas Ranger.
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3 years ago, Nan Cathie
Great App
We love this app! We use it to keep up with our twin granddaughters living in another country! The app is easy to use, there is a place to make comments, and you get to see the comments of others that have been invited to the album. An extra special feature of the app is that you can purchase albums, photos, and DVDs of the photos that are loaded onto the album! The DVD’s, photos, and albums can be custom made, or you can simply purchase an album that the app decides to build. We have decided to use the pre-chosen album, and they are fabulous!! The photos are clear, similar photos are next to each other in the album, the albums arrive quickly and are very affordable! Out of five stars I would give this a 5+ star :-).
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3 years ago, Smashlie2015
Nice idea but could be better.
Just got this app today and I’m really liking it so far. It’s nice to share photos and videos without having to blow up Instagram to do it. One thing I’m not loving is how specific it is. For instance, to create an album you choose an option to “create your own child’s album” and you have to select if you are the “mom” or “dad” to be able to make the album. I think that makes family without children feel excluded. I think you should be able to create “your family’s” album, not just “your child’s”. There are ways around it, you can name your ‘child’s’ album “Smith Family” and say you are the “mom” and put say your anniversary as the child’s birth date. But this was a very confusing process for my family members that are a little less tech savvy. I do have just the free version so maybe this is different on the paid version.
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2 months ago, Just stop.
Great app, issues with video
My family and I love this app so much. We live out of state, so my family members and in-laws love the photo updates, while my husband and I love the privacy of it. It lets us update extended family members without having to send texts everyday — this way they can check in at their leisure without the (potential) obligation of having to respond to each photo. My only complaint is with my uploaded videos. As I watch the video (or try to), the app will close out the video. It’ll do it over and over, each time I try to press play again. I’ll close out the app and re-open it to try again, the video may play a few seconds longer, but will still close. It’s been frustrating me for months. Wish that could be fixed and then I’d consider the app perfect.
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2 years ago, Gamer4life 5
Love the app but…
I absolutely love family album and have used it with my first whose almost two now. It’s a great way to share photos with family without posting to social media or sending group chats. The only big problem I’ve encountered so far is that it won’t create my new daughters page. It’s been well over a week and still says “creating”, like I get it could take a few days but this long feels really excessive. I purchased the premium to be able to post my daughter’s pics for our fam but if it won’t even create her profile (which is why I got it in the first place) I’ll probably cancel it. Another minor issue is that the help area in settings is just a bunch of questions with answers and no actual way to contact someone for help. Overall I do really like the app, but there are definitely some things that need to be fixed.
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8 months ago, MoChelle12
Love this…but I wish…
First off, I LOVE this app. It’s so nice and easy to share stuff with family. I recommend this to everyone I know. My only wish is that I could create a whole new album. I have a family album and I want to be able to have another album specifically for friends. I just wish i could click once and switch between albums. Since I don’t do social media anymore I just want a private album that my friend and I can enjoy pictures of our kids and such and have it be completely separate from the original. For instance, I don’t want to add a ton of people as admins in my family album. But if I had a friends album I would want them all to be admins. Does this make sense? Regardless, I love this app. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Tut tut tut looks like rain
a grateful grandpa
The following is a text from my dad and I think it’s a testament to this app!! My husband and I recently had our first baby, who is also the first grand baby on both sides. Unfortunately my husband and I live 6 hours away. Many of my family members including my dad are not on social media. This app has been such a blessing!! Good morning my beautiful daughter! Thank you for finding and using the album app. I have been enjoying the pictures and video clips so much! The joy of seeing my grandson during times apart is a modern technological blessing! Seeing Levi and the joy that fills my heart reminds me of how I felt with you and your sisters. (and still do) This morning’s clip was adorable and lifts my spirit. I miss you guys. I love you all!
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1 year ago, Dralyss
Great way to distribute photos selectively, somewhat limited interaction options
My family loves getting the notifications when new photos and videos are posted; it’s also so nice to have the browser as well as app option to reach those less phone-savvy relatives. Very neatly organized by month and I love the reminders about what happened 1 month ago, etc. A couple downsides are there is no way to add captions to photos you post and no way to “like” others’ comments (unlike on Tinybeans which has these features). In addition, the 3-letter preview of who has recently viewed the album is sort of annoying in that you can’t distinguish different grandma/grandpas, aunts, etc as their abbreviations look the same. This is based on the free version, so maybe premium is different.
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5 years ago, Copperheadroadmomma
I love this app!!
I was looking for a way to share photos of our newborn with the entire family- but let’s be honest who really has time to be texting the same picture over 10 times because no one likes being part of a group message? And not to mention EVERYONE asking for new pictures all the time!! This app makes it so easy to just upload your pictures and everyone gets the notification there’s new photos. I love how people can comment on them and even add their own pictures if you allow it! Such an awesome app I’m so happy it exists, we aren’t social media users and I didn’t want my baby to have a social media footprint before they are old enough to make the decision on their own. Thank you for making this app!!!!!
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1 year ago, KateSanDiego
Best app to share family photos
I tried 5 different popular apps for sharing photos with my family after I had my baby, and while some of the others have some nice features, too, this is overall the best one and my favorite by far. The main pros of this app are 1) no storage limit for a free account, 2) you can select as many photos and videos as you want to upload at one time. Other perks are the ease to order photo prints and books, nice organization of photos by month, and the ability to have some photos show to different groups of people (with free version, you can choose just for admins or for all family members). Easy to use, great quality, great app. Love it!
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2 years ago, Sisabeth
This app is great for sharing photos of my baby with my family, since we are not in the same state as any of them right now! I love that I can privately share all of my photos of her with them. Sometimes, I don’t want to share certain photos of her on social media. A couple of things I wish they would fix is the fact that it pauses my upload when you have to leave the app for any reason. I still have it open in the background, but it does not continue the upload. Also, I wish it would show more than just the first three letters of people’s nicknames. She has more than one aunt and uncle. I know it’s a premium feature, but I wish the video length was longer for non-premium. Maybe, make it up to 5 minutes.
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4 years ago, Gnikeseigailemac
I gave birth during a pandemic. The moment my son was born I sent a Family Album invite to the entire family since no one was allowed to visit. Since then, the family has been obsessed! It’s so much nicer and easier to post pictures on this app than to send them via text. I love seeing the entire family interacting in the comments and love the fact that they can now PRINT PICTURES! I’ve got a lot of family members who are not very tech savvy, so it’s really cool that everything is right there in the app if they want to print pictures for themselves or make a book! I got an ad for this while playing a silly game and boy am I glad I checked it out. It seriously has been a game changer! Thank you for this app! I & my family LOVE IT!
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3 weeks ago, Rotccadet
Must have!
This app is amazing. We don’t feel comfortable posting pictures and videos of our daughter on social media because you never know who sees that and what their intentions are. We opted for the Family Album app instead and we absolutely love it. It’s secure. We decide who can and can’t see our child. The best part? The 8 free prints every month. Absolutely cannot recommend this app enough. I mention this app to every single new parent in my life so they can use it too if they’d like. The app is easy to use. Even my and my husbands grandparents have been able to use it without issues. We use the free version right now but definitely thinking about upgrading soon.
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1 year ago, Emoji😃😄😀
Makes sharing photos easy
I don’t normally leave reviews but I was getting a little overwhelmed with sending photos to everyone in the family. My family and my partners. I am blessed to have many people love my son and want to beard him with those people. This app makes it super easy to share photos and fairly private. You send a link to a contact and that code/link is good for a few days for that specific person. They then get to enter their nickname. This is where the issue lies. I wish I could see who I sent it to when they sign up if they put grandma and we have 4 Gma’s it makes it hard. In this case my mom lost her phone and we didn’t know who had access to her phone and who signed up. Overall I really like the app I can delete the person off the album and it makes it very easy.
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1 month ago, Jennaswest
Used to be great, new update does nothing but crash
I've had this app since my daughter was a year old- she will be five this year. I love the way her story is organized by month in photo form. I love the monthly and yearly slide shows, and my daughter looks forward to watching them too! However, I have two major problems that are making me lean towards cancelling my premium membership: 1. I cannot upload more than 5 photos without the app crashing on me. I have the latest version. It is extremely frustrating and making the app much less functional. I select two, three, photos and then the screen goes black and I have to re-open the app and start all over. There is no point in paying nearly $10/month for photo sharing app that cannot share or upload photos. 2. I have since had another child. There seems to be no way to "tag" him so that his photos of him are saved in his album. The app informed me when I created his album that it was "smart" and would learn to identify him. Maybe I mis read something? Every child that is not my son is saved in his album. I used to really love this app but I won't continue to pay this much for something that has such significant issues.
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5 months ago, GGB522
Great app - hate the constant advertising
Family Album is great for sharing pictures with the whole family in a place where you aren’t relying on an algorithm to include them in your home feed and to keep them out of the feeds of complete strangers. That said, I really do hate all the in app promotions. I sometimes have to close two or three pop ups before I can actually see new content. And since you want to be notified when a new pic of the grandbaby goes up, you turn on notifications but that means you also get a notification when the app wants to sell you something. It’s disappointing when you think you’re going to see a new photo or video but you get there and all you get is an ad. Of course, the solution is to upgrade to premium - surprise, surprise.
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2 years ago, Daniellej25
Can’t get in
I’ve downloaded the app and it takes me to the page where they ask you to click the link provided from my family to view my new nephew’s album. Every time I click it the link they’ve given me (they’ve sent me the link on different medias and the result is always the same) it takes me back to the album store to download the app which I have already downloaded and when I open the app, it asks for the link….which keeps taking me to the app store and I’m in an endless loop of being taken to the app store and then being asked for the link over and over. I’m the only family member who has this issue and it’s beyond frustrating.
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3 years ago, Em
App limits you to 50 viewers
Love love love this app. BUT 6 months into using it we just found out the hard way that you can’t invite more than 50 people to view your album. This includes those of us who pay for premium. This is super disappointing because this limitation was not stated in a clear place by the app maker. Now that I’ve taught all my elderly relatives how to use this app I might have to switch photo sharing services, OR tell loved ones that I don’t have space for them — sorry cousin Judy but you just didn’t make the cut as one of our top 50 favorite relatives! Previously I would have rated this app 4-5 stars. But this really brings my rating down. I’m so bummed. Ugh.
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3 years ago, Alexis.Hemp
Love love love!!
I don’t normally write reviews but I had to! I have been using this for the past 3 months, ever since my lil man was a few weeks old. I found myself sending the same photo to multiple people or taking multiple pictures and sending them to different people because I wanted everyone able to watch him grow and hit milestones whether they were big or small. I love this app because it allows me to share things but also the family members can add the albums so I get to see pictures that I’ve never seen! Either way, if you have a split family or even family far away and would like a place to put your photos I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
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5 years ago, katikatiii
Awesome app!
All of our friends and family live across the country so when we had our newborn this app made it easy to post photos of her all in one place instead of sending out individual texts to everyone (this new mom was getting stressed with all the photo demands). This app makes it so no one feels left out and puts our little ones memories into chronological order. The memory book feature is pretty neat, I haven’t ordered one yet though but once I do I’ll update my review. I also have yet to see the 1s video but I’m excited to see that once it’s curated! The only thing I wish you were able to do is caption the photo instead of it turning into a comment. Overall, it’s a pretty solid app! 🤗
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5 years ago, SRES249
As a new mom who barely had the time to shower in the beginning this app was a wonderful find! Once you get the chance to dump your photos and videos in, it sorts them by month (it knows when they were taken) and creates a month by month album for you, that can be shared with and commented on by family and friends of your choosing. It also gives you a cute little montage video every three months. (And more if you pay but I have the free version). My parents live across the country and this album has meant the world to them. A daily peek into our little Ruby’s world, daily growth and changes. I can’t say enough good stuff about this app!!! And no, I wasn’t paid. 😂
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6 years ago, pdkcooks
Great app, here are some changes to think about!
Great app, allows our family to stay up to date with each other’s kids. Really comes in handy when making sure the grandparents get to see all the photos! No more hearing “I never saw that photo, why didn’t I get to see it!” which is a good thing I’m told. My wife and I just added our first album and thus far we’re liking it, up to know we’d only been family members. Overall a good app and easy to use maybe some minor adjustments would help it improve over time. Here are some thoughts: add a night mode, kind of like Twitter, it’s a really nice feature. Make it easier to switch between albums, it shouldn’t involve going to settings and I’m sure that is complicated for some less tech savvy users. Maybe make a drop down menu from the top of the screen like Instagram has added for multiple accounts. Allow users to organize photos from newest to oldest, scrolling down to see the newest photos in an album, especially in larger albums is annoying. Make the photo the largest part of the recents list, I don’t need to see a huge bubble explaining who commented what or who added it, make that information secondary to the most important part which is the photo itself.
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5 years ago, Thisisdorothy
Love it!
This is a wonderful app! I love that I can easily share pictures with my family who don’t often get to see our new baby since they live far away. I also love that I can share photos with them without having to post pictures of our daughter all over the Internet. One thing I don’t like is that in the “Visits” section it’s hard to see who the person actually is when they all have similar nicknames (more than one “Aunt” or “Grandma” for example), since it just abbreviates to the first 3 letters of the name. I would also like it if you could “like” or react to people’s comments as well as posts. (A lot of my family puts a “❤️” comment on EVERY picture.) And maybe be able to reply to specific comments. Other than that, it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, Awesome1234itsgreat
Love it! Just one small suggestion
I never leave reviews, but my baby just turned one and I’m so grateful for this app. My favorite thing about this app is that I can so easily go back month by month to the very first pictures we took of him in the hospital. It’s also perfect for sharing with family members that aren’t on social media and for people like me who need to take breaks from social media. I love taking pictures of him and want family to see, so this helps keep it in the family. My only critique is the inability to tag family members in the comment section. I wish I could easily respond to comments by tagging to keep the conversation going. Still worth the five stars!
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12 months ago, YT:RedReaper364
Love it
My son was born on July 4th. My wife and I recently had this downloaded prior to his birth to check it out but we didn’t want to put in the birth date just for him to arrive early or later. Overall, we have already uploaded 50 pics and I love it. One thing that’s opinionated for me is that I would love to see a filter at the Home Screen. I would love to open the app and to see July’s album then go through the pictures in order as they were uploaded. I would also love to see a separate album for “recently uploaded” so you don’t have to scroll through older pictures. Overall, worth the wait and recommend it
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9 months ago, Kolisar
Nice, but annoying ads
For what is does it is great. Very easy way for my son and daughter-in-law to share photos of my grandson. But....there needs to be a way to turn off the annoying ad notifications. I don't care that this is the 8th anniversary of Family Album, if I ever want to pay for them to print photos I can figure out how to make the purchase, I don't want notifications for things I don't care about. It can't be a complicated change. There has to be a way to create a setting like "only notify on new picture/video posts". I understand they want to try to make money from every single person who uses their app, but please give us the option to only receive notifications for the things we want to be notified about.
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12 months ago, Ravi Sutrave
Family Album is so good and great app, enjoying it so much!!
We really really like the whole concept of seeing all the pictures at a central place, and it is so easy to use it. we all see it every day and multiple times a day, and as we feel it ! highly recommend to anyone!! also like the comments section too!! keep up the great work, and keep adding more features if you think of, creative ones. Also is there a feature to download or forward a photo or two ( just a select few) to someone in the family/ friends. don’t feel like ready to/want to share the complete album .
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5 years ago, kay_kay777
Love, love, LOVE this app!!! I just had my first baby this year and I tried out a couple of different photo album apps so I could share photos with my family without posting all over social media and keep them all together in an album that’ll stay organized and I won’t lose. This one is by far the best out of all the ones I tried! It’s so easy to use and automatically saves the date and puts your photos in order so I can go back and visit specific months. And if you’re sent photos from someone else’s phone and the dates get all messed up it’s super easy to fix, keeping everything in order. I just love this app and am so thankful for it! ❤️
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4 years ago, mnc1991
I like this app but I paid for a feature I can’t use
I downloaded this app 4 days ago and upgraded to the premium feature so I could have Pages for my newborn. I want to be able to write journal entries, but it doesn’t let me? It says “creating” and I know it says it takes ‘days to create,’ but how long do I have to wait? I only have 1 baby and 4 days seems like a ridiculously long time to create 1 page. Or am I misunderstanding this app? I want to be able to update my family when my baby does something new, and from what I understand that’s what the pages does? Am I wrong? Please let me know. I don’t know how to contact support. If that’s not what this feature does then I don’t think I want to pay for the premium
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4 months ago, JaKaMoLo
Nice App but . . .
I do like the app, & the quality of the layout, however: pls add a much needed feature for those of us who are iPad users w/ bluetooth keyboards: make the app automatically adjust for landscape mode. Currently it appears to be stuck permanently in portrait mode, incapable of recognizing when an iPad is turned landscape-wise , with the only workaround being that you can click on a photo, & that individual photo will switch orientation. (I had to go into the ‘help’ to find this out, & if there’s a setting for what i am talking about, i couldn’t find it.) From there you can scroll thru photos, but it would really be so much nicer if the entire Home Screen would just automatically do landscape when needed - thank you.
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1 year ago, Kelster444
My Family LOVES this app!
I am so happy we have this app. This is my first baby and I was tired of being bombarded with multiple texts from family members daily demanding photos/videos, all while trying to balance taking care of a newborn for the first time. I sent links to each family member for this- you just add photos/videos throughout the day and they can log in whenever they like and also comment on photos. Keeps me from having to post things on social media for the entire world to see and it’s so much fun to go back and flip through his development month by month. 100% recommend!!
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5 years ago, AwkwardlyKali
I LOVE this App
I discovered this app a while ago before I even considered having a baby and put it in the back of my mind. When we finally got pregnant I downloaded it and updated it with ultrasounds of the baby as well as my pregnancy bump. Once he was finally born I added family who is scattered all over the US and it has been so helpful considering they only get to visit once every couple of years or so! Not to mention it is so much easier than sending individually, or if there’s something you didn’t want to put on Facebook but wanted to share with family it’s a great way to share them. I also love how family members can comment, save, and favorite the photos they love! It’s so helpful to them and a very easy to use interface. I am so happy that an app like this exists and I found it, I hope so many other people find it and enjoy it too! The only thing I wish it had was the ability to put a caption as well as a reply button so you can reply to a certain comment. Otherwise it’s a fantastic app! Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, EckandMick
Expand The Use Case
Why is this app limited to families with new children? I have adult children scattered and we would love to be able to create an album where each person can add pictures to it and have our own adult family photo album. While I am sure I can make it work, to create an album it says “create own child’s album”. When my children were young (more than one child), we didn’t manage a photo album for each one, we had a - family album - just as your app suggests. How about a second option that says “create a family album”. It seems like if I want to create a shared family album, but do not have small children, I am not welcomed to use the app the way it’s branded.
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2 years ago, MarciaLee21
Highly Recommended
I tell all new moms I meet and know about this album. Not only does it help to keep all my child’s pictures and memories private or rather to my select close family and friends. It also lets me keep all of my pictures and videos of her in one spot so instead of having to scroll through my own photos that I don’t want people to see. I just pop open this app and can hand someone my phone that I want to show. 🥰 This app has been a godsend - I use it daily to let family across the world see how my new baby girl is growing without inundating them with a text chain…
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4 months ago, Rowyntree
While this app is great for sharing photos with family, they also pressure you to buy photos and calendars, etc. So in Dec 2023 I chose pics and bought the calendar, even tho I could’ve had it made at Walgreens for cheaper and in a 2 day turnaround. It’s now mid-February, still don’t have the calendar. They claimed over & over it was shipped Jan 4th from Japan and there was no way for them to track it. After emailing many, many times, they finally offered a refund and I accepted it, thinking that the calendar is still en route and I’ll give the money back when I get it. NOPE. Still no calendar. They lie like crazy, because if that calendar had been shipped Jan 4th, it would’ve been here. Do not order anything from them, you will not receive it.
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