Fan Trivia for Harry Potter

4.5 (2.4K)
18.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peekaboo Studios LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fan Trivia for Harry Potter

4.51 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, dysgckfhgn
Ok, so yo may be wondering if this is a good quiz. I am just going to get straight to the point and say it is. In fact, this is a GREAT game! With all though respect, for the people who said that the game says it ou got it wrong even if you got the answer right, I really just don’t think that is accurate. Of course, it is 100% possible that it is true and that your game was glitching. I am just saying that for me, the game was GREAT. I did it with my sister and we had SO much fun 🤩! I definitely recommend getting this game , it will teach you about Harry Potter, test your knowledge on Harry Potter, and even make you question how much you really know about Harry Potter! Oh! And for the people who said that the game was not working, you should try deleting the game and then getting it again. I hope it works and you get your game to work so you can have the full Harry Potter fan experience! Have fun, and Good Luck! P.S I am not a robot of some guy who made the game just trying to body marketing. I PROMISE!!! I hate robots as much as the next person. They are feaky. Peace out and god bless you!
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4 years ago, meemeres
Way better
When I first got the app I was a little disappointed because it would kick me out every time I tried to use it so I wrote a earlier review. Mind you this was a few months ago but the developer got back to me and fixed it so I was able to use it. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who loves Harry Potter it has 3 categories the books spells and magical creatures. Another really grate factor is the adds aren’t overwhelming at all. Another great thing about the app is that you don’t have to pay for anything! Hi That’s right no in app purchases what so ever! One last thing is that you can chose the amount of questions that you have NOT CUSTOMIZE but chose from the options they give you. I’m so glad that I reached out and was answered .………................................................................ WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GET THE APP!!!
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3 years ago, Horse and Harry Potter
It’s pretty good
Well, I am a HHHHUUUUGGGGEEE Harry Potter fan. I like this app pretty good, but it does repeat the same questions a lot. It does help you learn them better, but I do wish that they would make them harder. I have wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and everybody says I speak in a really good British accent. I like to be Hermione a lot. Me and my friends play Harry Potter a lot. I actually have a whole notebook dedicated to Harry Potter. I know that this is hardly even about the app, but I just wanted to let you know about how much I like it. Anyways, back to the app, I got it a couple minutes ago. And it lets you select three different types of questions. You can answer questions about spells, fantastic beasts and where to find them, or just questions from the books. Id get this app if I were you 🧑🏻+⚡️ 👩🏽+⏳ 👨🏻‍🦰+🗡(the sword bc Ron destroyed the horcruxes, and the hourglass bc of the timeturner, and the lightning bolt... well, you know why 😉😉)
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6 years ago, KENDRA TAUL
This game is great! I love how there are some hard questions and easy ones. I just got this game like five minutes ago and I have not gotten any adds. I gave it five stars cause I love it and to get more questions,I do hope I get more. I got a few of the same questions over again but this game is great. For Harry Potter fans I think it is awesome. You might have to check in the books a few times because not all the details are in the movie. Put a few more questions on it and it would be prefect, please. Thanks a lot for making the game it is a great story. I’d advise to read all the books like I did before getting the game so that you can answer the questions faster. Again, thank you so much I just love the game. Harry Potter lives on!
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5 years ago, Stranoodles
A Few questions wrong. Please fix them.
I’m only here complaining because these are not 100 percent accurate answers. One question says “Who is Lily and James’s secret keeper?” Simple right? Wrong. I chose Sirius because he is the first keeper then Peter Pettigrew because he begged them to choose him instead. The second is that when it asks “What does Sirius black turn into?” I chose dog but the correct answer is something else. If you read the books you will find the answer. Something people complain about is when Harry Potter meets the centaur. They are wrong it is not Ronan. Two more things is that when one of the twins notices Harry’s scar, that is incorrect. The answer is Hermione. The last thing is that when it asks you who went to the Yule Ball with Hermione, it says Victor CRUMB. If you are going to ask these questions at least get the answers to the questions right. Thank you for your valuable time, and thanks for the wonderful game.
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5 years ago, Flying high Lucy
WOW, This game is amazing but...
I love this game SO much. It’s amazing. I have been looking and looking for some Harry Potter quiz that I do not have to look up on google. And this is perfect! I have read ALL of the Harry Potter books. I even have read some more than once. There is a problem that like, when I know something and I press on it’s the wrong answer. For example there was a question that said: Which professor did Harry see in the Leaky Cauldron? And the options were: Mcgonnal Sprout, Flitwick, and Fudge, they were all there! Also, a question is: Who was the first to see Harry’s Scar on the way to Hogwarts? I clicked on Ron but it says its one of the twins. That’s NOT true. It’s Ron. I HAVE READ THE BOOKS! By the way, Snape did not switch the sword. Half of the answers are wrong. I would knowAnother thing is adds. Every time you finish an quiz there’s an add. But I really don’t mind it because this GOOD!
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7 years ago, dark orincess
Big fan
I disagree with everyone that says that the answers are wrong because the Q:wat was Harry's FIRST child's name?his name is James Sirius it asks for his first child albus is his second and also people that say the one where the Q: is:what is draco malfoys kids name it's scourpius and was never Lucius P.s princess warrior and uhh okay mr crouch was the first to break out no one knew he used polyjiuce potion to switch with his mom who was close to death so people thought him dead but he was living under the invisibility cloak that's why winky was "saving"a seat for her master but her master was already there just invisible read the fourth book cuz I'm not going to tell the story
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1 year ago, harrypotternerdx1000
Pretty good
To start, I am a HUUUUUUGE Harry Potter fan, and I think this game was really good. One issue with it is that it repeats the same questions over and over again. I would like to see their being more and different questions. Another thing is that some of the questions are to easy. Like, “how old is Harry in the forth movie?” It is really obvious to Harry Potter fans like me. And some of the questions are WAY to hard. Like the question where it is asking what school uncle Vernon says Harry is going to, and it gives the same answers and only change one of the words so there is such a low chance of anyone knowing the exact phrase. Thank you for reading my comment and I hope you consider some of my changes.
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5 years ago, Vulpixrare
Do not ever play this game...terrible.
First of all, I am. Huuuuuge harry potter fan but there are several things wrong with this game. 1. Some of the questions are wrong or fake. 2. When you click the right answer, sometimes, it tells you that you are wrong even when you are absoluly sure that you are right. 3. Some things are spelled wrong. 4. Some things even SUPER HUGE Harry Potter fans wouldn’t even know. It’s like J.K Rowling made this using all of her unused plans and notes :\ 5. All of these things need fixing and i would say this game isn’t fun AT ALL. Sorry but it just isn’t. For all the major harry potter fans just make your own quiz and it will be LOADS more brilliant than this app. If you made it this far, i’m suprized, thank you for accepting my opinion. Have fun and keep loving Harry Potter!!!!!
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4 years ago, westpark average girl
Pretty good game
I’m really learning new stuff that I didn’t pay attention in the movies and books! I think you guys should add some more question options and settings like questions only from the deathly hallows or something like that. I also want to thank the developer for letting this game be in my phone. At first every time I tapped on it it would just go back to my home screen. It was reeeeaaalllyyyy frustrating 😡😡😡😡 but now it’s a really fun game. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan like me you should totally get this app to quiz you on your knowledge! Thanks for reading my review and have fun!🤨🙂🤪🥰😇🤨😏🤣🙃🙂🧐
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7 years ago, harrypotterhead⚡️
Great Game!!!
I love this game. All those people that say that the first person to break out of Azkaban was Sirius Black is wrong. Barty crouch Jr. because he traded places with his mother before Sirius did. Also, Harry’s first son is actually James Sirius. It’s in the book. The answers are all right. I spend hours on this app!!! Please, please, please add more questions!! I love how you can choose how many questions you do. This app is better than a lot of the other Harry Potter trivia apps. I only wish they didn't randomly place adds so you had to watch it to continue playing. Overall great game.
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5 years ago, code-ttt
Please read!!
I love it but there are some questions that are wrong, please check the books for the facts. Otherwise it is a great game I am a huge Harry Potter fan I’ve read the first 5 books so far not many spoilers but a few. Some people say that the fact “Who is the Potter’s secret keeper?” Is wrong but I’ve read that book and Sirius said that they changed to Peter at the last minute, anyone who actually read the books would know that, it’s a huge part of the plot!
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7 years ago, markjulmar
This game is awesome but could use some changes. I downloaded a game before this that was HORRIBLE with adds every second. This game scatters the adds perfectly, and doesn’t put to many! It is simply the bes5 Harry Potter trivia you can find... but there are a few things that aren’t as managed as I hoped when I bought the app. First, it uses the same questions quite frankly and so once you play it a few times you ace it, and it’s kind of boring. Second, it isn’t as accurate or simple, but still simple enough to understand... sort of. But over all the game is GREAT compared to all the others!!!
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2 years ago, MOLLY MOO 22
I really think this would be a good game If I was able to play it. Some people just can’t get in and the creator should be aware of this and update it. I’ve gotten into it about 1 or 2 times, but as you probably know that’s not a lot. And the couple of times I did get it, some of the answers were wrong! I guessed an answer once, and it said I was wrong, so I looked it up and I was right! It has a some cool features but a lot of flaws. I wouldn’t recommend this game mainly because I don’t want people wasting their money on a game that they can’t even get into. Sure you might take your chances and get the game because you want to see if your a Hufflepuff of Slytherin, but then you can’t even play the game.
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6 years ago, bookworm📕📗📘📙
Love this HP trivia!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️
Love this app! There are a few typos and I have been through all the questions but otherwise I love it. And just to put out there.... just because it happened in the book doesn’t mean it happened in the movie and just because it happened in the movie it doesn’t mean it happened in the book. So be careful when saying answers are wrong because they might have been different in the movies or the books! 😉😁😁 Ps I only gave it four stars because I have been through all the questions and hope more are added👍
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5 years ago, Silvera Pearlita
You need to hit the books for a while. The secret keeper IS Peter, in the books Black says he convinced them to switch at the last moment. Barty Crouch Jr. escaped before the series started, but the story is told in the fourth book. One of the twins notice Harry’s scar first because they help him with his luggage and one of them sees it. The first child of Harry is James. It says so in the epilogue of the 7th book. The epilogue doesn’t say his middle name for some reason but when you see the first name you should know. THE FOLLOWING IS FOR THE DEVELOPER ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like it if you could make your own quiz and post it. I know it would take a lot of code-changing but I would absolutely LOVE it if you did. Also, if you're gonna do something with spelling and grammar, do it right! On the one where it asked who was offended by Lovegood’s sign, it said LoveGood and the answer choice said Victor Krum. - SilverSeaWolf
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4 years ago, makitkat1107
👍this potterhead full heartedly approves
I love this app! It’s very good for car trips when you need something that doesn’t need WiFi! I honestly can’t even think of any downsides other than maybe the repetition of some of the questions but other than that it’s great! Not even any ads that I know of and nothing you have to pay for!!! This is great!! I even love how there’s different categories (ex: fantastic beasts, spells, books) what are you doing down here?!?!? Download already!!!!!
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5 years ago, Queen Dia of Snowville
Please Read
Love this game! So fun, even if you haven’t read the 8th book. Double thumbs up. I play this with my brother because he hasn’t read all the books. I just turn my iPad away when there is a spoiler question! This app is the best! Maybe you could add updates for more question though... I’ve tried Harry Potter spells, and I haven’t read Fantastic beasts. Please read this. And thank you so much for replying to my email. I love you guys! Thank you so much. 😍😍😍 😁😁😁
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4 years ago, uhhh good game
Needs improvement
I’m happy because I love Harry Potter and I’ve read all the books! My problem with the game is that it let me play 2 or 3 times and now every time I try to play it shows the loading screen and kicks me off back to the home screen! I have no idea if it’s my phone or the game. Also, I’d like the questions to be a little harder. Thank you for listening to my request! Also everyone who said black is they’re secret keeper is WRONG. It’s Peter Petigru because he knew where they lived and showed Voldemort they’re place to kill them. :( I know this cause I read the books:)
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6 years ago, DolphinSparkle9,000
Harry Potter For Ever!
If you are the ultimate Harry Potter fan, Get This! Although, you have to read the books to answer some of the questions, though, because some parts of the book are not in the movie. The app did tell me to rate it five stars so I could get more questions (I hope it actually does), though. I rated the app because I liked it not because it asked me to. Some of these questions are easy, some are hard, but anyway Harry Potter For Ever!
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2 years ago, gess who lover
I like the game, some of the questions are harder and some are easy, but the only thing that I don’t like is they ask a question like say “who was there when Harry got of the night bus” well he went on it and got off multiple times, so what one do I pick? I think that they need to add what book it is from (or movie.) But if you don’t mind that small detail I would get it!
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6 years ago, 21fuzzyMittens
Really great but they got one question wrong...
But there is one question that is wrong sorry to say... when it asked “what is the name of the first centaur Harry meets” it’s not Ronan actually he meets Firenze first and Ronan second.... I went back to the books and read it over.. they even state in the fifth book that Firenze was kicked out for letting Harry ride on his back like a “common mule” and helping Dumbledore.... you may think I’m wrong but go ahead a take a look for your self....
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5 years ago, potter367
So Awsome
This game is epic I just wish there were more questions!!😢😢And to all the people who say some of the questions are wrong well sorry but there right. I know from experience because I’ve read every single book and watched every single movie (even if some of the info is wrong). Well to anyone who wants to get this game make sure to rate it because it says you get more questions. Hopefully it does. Well see yu
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2 years ago, kelly O ⚾️⚡️😃
Harry Potter ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
I love Harry Potter I love the movies books the actors and actresses even the apps I like this app a lot I just wish that it would have more questions I play the game a lot and the categories I did each like 100 times I’m getting bored of the same question but I love the game tonzzzzz but can u plz try to come out w/ more questions thanks Love a Harry Potter fan ⚡️⚡️:)
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3 years ago, Fijiitmasrk12346
Repeats, but good…
This app is not horrible, I would say that it’s good, not amazing. First of all, it does repeat the questions, so when I choose to play again, you will notice some questions that you have just answered before. This game is NOT the best for the Harry Potter movies. If you follow Harry Potter only by the books, then this might just be the game for you. If you have watched the movies only, and not the books, you may find that you will develop a hard time playing. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, elysefuruiye
Wow! Ads!
I played the game for about a minute and immediately got an ad. The questions are fun and have good variety but this was very frustrating. Plus, while I was playing the game there was a small ad in the top of the screen the whole time taking up plenty of screen space. I was hoping for better from an app that seemed so fun and great in the beginning.
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7 years ago, Home Librarian
Very enjoyable!
This is a fun and easy way to get a little HP in your day. Most of the questions are very easy if you've read the books, (although I disagree with an answer or two.) The only thing I don't like is the ads, but it's a free game, so I can deal with it. Hopefully they'll add more new questions soon. I've been through these several times.
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5 years ago, Baller B7769
Harry-Potter mazing
This is the trivia game ever known to 🌏! But there are a few cons. One of the cons is that you might get the same answer over and over again. Another con is that some of the questions are from the latter 🎥. I 🤔 that you should let people choose the episode they want and answer the questions the game gives you. Other than that, this is the BEST GAME EVER! #Harry Potter.
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4 years ago, fkfidgngkdjc
Good but
Hi there so I only like da movies so I only watch da movies witch means some answers r different for me so can there also be movie questions bc sometimes the answer r not the important part of the movie so that means that the answer is sometimes different for the movie than the books now I’m not doing this just for me a lot of people watch the movies like I do to so of u could it would help with a lot of people also another reason why is bc RON WAS DA ONE WHO SAW HARRYS SCAR FIRST (in movies at least) so yea thx for reading
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6 years ago, Singing siren
Outstanding- The singing siren
This game really puts your knowledge to the test , and has so many different questions. I enjoy playing this game a lot. A small suggestion though I think the game would really be complete if the Harry Potter theme song was playing in the background as you take the quiz, I think it would really make this game stand out
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1 year ago, HPITB
Harry Potter Trivia
I chose this awesome app because I am a big fan of Harry Potter. This app tests your knowledge on Harry Potter and tells you more information about him. If your a Harry Potter fan then this is the app for you! ‘Cause I’m obsessed with it!🤩😍 P.S I’m not just a robot trying to get people to download this app. BELIEVE ME! I hate those things. They’re SUPER annoying!
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5 years ago, gdgeyebetuahegdtdgr
This game is awesome.
I am the biggest harry potter there could be and to be fair I hope is awesome I just started reading the series and I already got through the first book yesterday and I’m onto the second book right now for the chamber secrets is the second book in the Derby adobe I don’t remember his name but OK so let’s try to be nice here Harry Potter is one of the best sayings
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7 years ago, Z;~)
Awesome but...
It's a really awesome trivia game and I recommend it - my only issue is that it's asking me the same questions over and over, but other than that it's amazing. Also, all of the questions are correct I've read the books a ton of times each and every one of them is right including this one: who is there when Harry gets off the night bus? It's Fudge
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6 years ago, OT3xenu
Fun game but...
This game is really fun to play and I love how you can pick how many questions you want to do, but i wish the questions would change up every so often. You would think there would be a lot of questions to choose from of the 7 books/movies. Overall, I really enjoy this game.
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4 years ago, fully amazing
Meh. Too easy.
Iv read the books and watched the movies. This app is wayyy too easy. What did Neville turn the boggart into? What was the first book of the series? What did Sirius turn into? These were are things you could know even if you had only watched the movie. If the questions were harder it would have ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. But I’ll love the quality of the app. I like the way it works. To the maker: HARDER QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, jxjbjfjejxy
Won’t let me open the app
When I was looking for a harry potter app that would keep me entertained, I stumbled on this and thought I would give it a go,(biggest mistake of my life and I have made plenty of mistakes) it would’t let me open up the app it just went black. I decided I wanted to look up a little information on the app to see if I was the only one that this was happening too. And saw that I wan’t the only one with this problem, this could be a really good app if they just fix this problem then this would probably be a decent app.
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5 years ago, battery 23
You Have To Read This
Everyone says it has answers wrong but really the people who write the reviews are wrong. There secret keeper actually is Peter. I love this game all the questions are right I’ve watched the movies 100 times and read all the books twice you should get this app I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, IndyCatholic317
I love this game!!!
I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so of course this will be fun for people like me. The questions are challenging other than easy. I also like how they give you a Choice of how many questions. It’s also uses questions from the books and not the movies. I really love this game and I would recommend it to any Harry Potter fans!
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6 years ago, Leah/ leana mulvey
This game is amazing but I really wish that there was less questions I was looking for Harry Potter games and I found this one and another this game is really fun but as I said before I wish there was less questions but I like how you can pick how you can pick how many questions you are going to do👍👍👍👍👍🦉🦉🦉🦉
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5 years ago, Hannahbanana814
Mistake in your game
One of the questions asked “who is Lily and James Potter secret keeper?” I know for certain it was Sirius Black which was one of the options. When I clicked on Sirius it said it was false and it was Peter Pettigrew. After that I was very concerned because I knew it was in fact Sirius Black, so to make sure it was true or not I got the third books and looked it up. I was correct! On exactly page 205 in chapter ten The Marauders Map it says exactly, “So is Black the Potters’ Secret-Keeper himself? whispered Madam Rosmerta. Naturally, said Professor McGonagall. “ Now I know that I’m correct. Signed, A Harry Potter Superfan, age 10.
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6 years ago, TheAlien👽
Add a few more features
I really like this game because it gives you a fun good quiz. But it would be cool if there were other quizzes too. It would be really fun if you added a sorting quiz that could put you in your houses. You could also add a quiz that tells you what your patronus is. If you don't want to create one, you could jjsf put a link to fhe pottermore one or something. Thanks!
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5 years ago, pet palace🐶👑
Great Game
First just let me say what a fantastic app this is! Second I completely disagree with one of the reviews on this thing! Either the person who wrote it has never read a Harry Potter book or they just wanted to write a review and happened to pick this app to do it (probably both).
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5 years ago, Bookwormains17
Your wrong
I think that this only works if you’ve read all of the books and Peter petigrew was the secret keeper not Sirius black. Also in the movies the first centaur Harry meets is Firenze but in the books it’s Ronan. And Harry’s first child is James Sirius his second is Albus servrous(I know I spelled this wrong) and his third is Lily Luna all with Ginny.
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7 years ago, the ravenclaw of 1776
Shut Down
On my iPod this app would not load in. Ok it might need WiFi I had full bars and all other apps were closed. There was no reason for this app to not open. All I wanted was an app to brush up on my beloved Harry Potter trivia and this app did not provide. It promises 100 questions I got none because this app didn’t load. I tried at least 20 times and nothing. I don’t know what to do except delete it and warn possible other users about this horrible problem with the game.
Show more
7 years ago, MickeyBroo
Great App I play it all the time to keep my HP knowledge fresh. To all those out there who say that there is a wrong answer on here need to reread the books!!! Peter was secret keep, and James Sirius was Harry's oldest son then Albus then Lily. You guys should check your facts before you say that something it wrong.
Show more
5 years ago, code lazar yeet
5 stars
Some questions are hard and some are easy there is a wide variety of questions might want to watch all the movies and read all the books to get a-lot right
Show more
7 years ago, -obsessed mine crafter
Love it !
The questions test every single bit of detail that could be picked up in the books ! They made me realize how much I remember from the books... Which is to say a lot more then I thought😊
Show more
7 years ago, Liv love laugh
I am a Harry Potter girl
I love it! So many tricky questions. What I would change... ask what books to test over. My brother has only read one and two, but he wants the app. Of course, he can't have it because of spoilers. That doesn't affect me though so LOVE IT!!!😜⚡️
Show more
7 years ago, HP expert
Some people say that the answers for some of the questions are wrong but they just don't know anything about hp and probably have only watched the movies. All of the answers in this trivia game are correct and I strongly recommend it!!
Show more
4 years ago, alex212089
Ok so this game is good and fun especially since the update when it got ALOT better but I’m stuck on a problem and can’t figure it out so it says How many Weasley children are there so I count bill,Charlie, Fred ,George, Ron, and Ginny which is 6 peeps but when I put that it says it’s wrong and tells me it’s 7 but who is the 7th person PLS TELL MEH
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