4.3 (700)
74.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Martin Magni
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fancade

4.3 out of 5
700 Ratings
4 years ago, Zzzoie
I don’t like a game that tells me when I can play & not...I really started liking this game till it told me I’d have to wait 2 hrs before I could continue...& I’m not liking that if I HAVE to buy this game is it going to be the same way where your only able to play for a little while than stop for a few hrs...I like the different cute games it has in it....but the other problem is that I have to wait another ..5 sec..for the one who made the game wants me to sign up for adds NOOO..NO...I do not want anything else...I love the games but forcing me to buy this game is NOT going to work... put price up at least we know what we’re getting into
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4 years ago, Eli 08146 :p
One of the best puzzle games
This game is VERY good and I mean very good. It’s good because the amount of mini-games there are. When you get bored of a game you can just go to another one in 3 taps. Also, when you go to other games like this you don’t really have a challenge and I personally think that I want challenges because I nail every game from the start, but this one I didn’t. It started to get harder and harder and that made it more exciting. It’s also a different puzzle game unlike any other puzzle game. Like Word Cookies. It’s plain and basic and boring. Candy Crush is okay but when you get to hard levels you almost have to buy power-ups to win, but this game you don’t have to constantly be said to buy something. You can also build your own levels and I’ve gotten pretty creative with that. I also like the aesthetic and levels to the game. Each level has different challenges and it’s not the same topic every game. There is over 10 different types of games and that might not seem like a lot but when you play the game it is. All in all this game is super duper fun and if you like puzzles and challenges I would definitely recommend this game.
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4 years ago, ForkKnife101
Just Amazing!
Unlike many other mobile games, Fancade clearly has lots of effort put into it, by not just the developer (who has produced some other great games btw) but also the users. Fancade gives you the ability to not only play a variety pf games, but also to create your own in an easy and intuitive manner. Another big plus of Fancade is its small amount of in app purchase. In Fancade, you can pay for a membership that is only a dollar a month or ten dollars for the whole year (really cheap compared to other games). To play the full game, the membership isn’t required, but it will remove ads (of which rarely occur) and speed up the wait time on the progression side of things. It is not pay to win, and you can play at your own pace. While I currently don’t pay for the subscription, I am considering it to help out the developer. Overall, Fancade is a great game that doesn’t require any money and will always offer something new to do the ever growing catalogue of games.
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4 years ago, ScribeList
So creative and fun
Like others I usually never write out an actual review for a game, but I just had to for this one. I love the aesthetic and look of the game, and the app runs smoothly overall. Ads aren’t too disruptive or obnoxious if you don’t wish to spend money for the premium, which I think is quite reasonable, especially with how much effort that was clearly put into this app. There are many official levels presumably made or designed by the app owner, and then there is an arcade tab which appear to have levels made by other players. It’s pretty clear there’s almost an endless amount of fun to be had with this app, I’ve only been playing for twenty or thirty minutes and I’d definitely recommend you download this game. I’ve enjoyed every minute so far, and I expect to enjoy the rest of what this awesomely crafted app has to offer.
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3 years ago, Average Guy Bob
Incredibly Enjoyable
I love this game because there is a little something for everyone. You want to play a puzzle game? You can! You want to play a physics game? You can! You want to play about shooting aliens? You can! And if you don't want to do any of that, then you can make your own game. What it lacks in 3d it makes up for in its wide variety of micro games. Personally, I think a two player mode would be a good addition. And I cant forget the offline functionality. You can play the entire game offline. Yes, you heard me right. This game is perfect and I hope it doesn't change too much. If you looking for a Mario Maker for your phone, then this is for you. And it’s not a clone. It’s better.
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2 years ago, TheReviewingPerson:)
First, this is a puzzle game. You can make platformers and mini games. Then, you can make your own games. Then, you can make ur own shop economy! It’s insane how many things you can do. There are people that play the games, and people that compete for the spotlight. And just the game run itself and let the makers make games, and the player play them! The game runs itself withought relying heavily on mods etc. the game also is insanely amazing offline. I love how Awsome and challenging the coding is too! There is literally no limit on what you can make! And the player base is a steadily large amount which allows you to destribute your game in make in game money for your work! Just genuinely amazing!
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4 years ago, #Loloud
Best Game Ever!
This game is awesome! It has a quest mode, where you play games to progress through worlds. Then there is the Featured and Popular games, which are awesome games made by other players. And finally, the Build mode, where you can create your own game with the best and easiest game maker I have EVER seen on mobile. Some people are mad you have to wait between worlds, but I don’t find it a problem considering you can just play player-made games. And the premium mode isn’t necessary like most mobile games. The ads aren’t really a problem, they don’t appear often. Overall, probably the best free game on the App Store!
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4 years ago, BruhMoment#56
Good game, but has issues
I have been playing this game for a couple days now, and I am really enjoying it, but I do have my grievances with it. First of all, I don’t like how I have to wait 3 hours for the next world to be available, it just ruins the experience for me at least. Another issue I have with the game is the Popix mini game. I have enjoyed pretty much all of the mini games, but the Popix game is so awful. I have so much trouble with it, and there are way too many levels. I just wish it was shorter, or gone altogether. Other than that, I really do enjoy this game, and hope you can continue to update it.
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3 years ago, M.Kuhl
Actually 100% Free
Every so often you’ll see an app that claims to be a collection of a bunch of different puzzle apps strewn together… with a crap load of ads. This app has nearly every game you can think of and a fan made section that’s somehow just as fantastic and its all actually free! There is a currency you can pay for but you will never need it ever. This feels like an app where the devs cared more about the customer than the money and it shows. I cannot recommend enough, it definitely earned its 5 stars for me.
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3 years ago, Review12345678900
Endless hours of fun!
This game is the perfect pandemic challenge and distraction. Tons of variety of content with difficulty levels for all players, and it feels like you could keep going endlessly. The best part is if you can’t finish all of the levels of a mini game, you can get enough stars to move on from the others and come back later (or just skip it forever). Another great feature is I’ve gotten to world 61 and the game still only takes up 39MB of storage, as of mid-FEB 2021. (That’s less than some of my offloaded apps!) Knowing we’re playing well-developed user content is great too. And I haven't even tried the editor, but the output from users seems terrific. Only one drawback right now: the same repeated ads are slightly maddening. Overall great game. Keep the content coming! Martin, thanks for using my other suggestion about the confetti. I doubt I was the only one to mention it, but it’s appreciated.
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2 years ago, bobinny1
Pretty cool but…
This game is very nice. But before it was all pixelated and great. I don’t like that in one of the updates that you made the ui round. The features are great, but please change the ui back. I love how you can play other games made by you, games made by users and make your own too! I would give this a 5, but the rounding of buttons just ruins a lot of stuff. I would give this a 4.5 if I could. Overall, great but you need to change up.
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3 years ago, FakeBeanBurrito
A vastly underrated puzzle game
If you are into puzzle games and have a very short attention span then this is the game for you. You can select from preset games, games made by other people, or even your own creation, usually consisting of fun puzzles that really make you think and have a great time. I have been playing this game for around a month and have not been bored. I would definitely suggest this to a friend or anyone who hasn’t played this game in general.
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7 months ago, gko
Things that make no sense
Watching an ad to double your coins in a minigame that only awards a handful, and the next power up costs tens of thousands. (Ads used to reward a flat 100.) Decisively winning a battle and only gaining a few percentage points. But narrowly losing and dropping 20-30. Minigames with no instructions, and have no tutorial levels. I’m glad Aiming Game is gone from battle mode as it offers no clue on how to play nor gives any discernible feedback to your taps and swipes. And and while I can confidently win Parriez Clever battles, I can not make head or tail of its mechanics.
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3 years ago, Emilou37
Fantastic puzzle game for anyone
Very innovative and unique! Lots of content. Lots of different kinds of puzzles at different skill levels. Almost anyone will find something they enjoy. One of the things I like the most is that you can pick and choose which games you are good at to earn stars to unlock the next world. If a puzzle is not in my wheelhouse of strengths, I can skip it if I want to. Please keep adding to the game :)
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8 months ago, CryoDenYT
Very good overall
I really like this game. I don’t have any issues with the ads (as they’re quite short), but the ad free price is too much. You can pay a reasonable amount of cash for 30 days, 6 months, a year, but it wants $25 for no ads forever? I would pay that price for a console game, but at the end of the day, this is a mobile game meant to be played in short spurts and thrown away. But I still think it’s great
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3 years ago, Charcoalwharf88
Best Downtime App
This game is beyond any expectations for a mobile app game. It includes just about anything you would want in a game on your phone. Any other mobile game just seems to get boring in repetitive, but the endless amount of mini games makes it perfect to fit any desires I have to play on my phone. This is the only app I have actually written a review for because I think it truly deserves it.
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4 years ago, Dantm what
Good game
This is a really good game so far (way better than blocksworld) but there is some features I wish were in the game. One is that you can’t invert or turn blocks, like if I wanted to make a street turn I would have to make a new street that was sideways, also there needs to be a search button for games where instead of being limited to the genre buttons you can easily find some stuff. That’s basically all.
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1 year ago, A2thelx
Really good, but the ads take away the good feel of the game.
The graphics are really good a well put together. And when you finish a world you have to rebuild, it takes time but then you can go to the arcade and play so many games! The ads are really annoying and I think if you wanted a arcade feel, get rid of them. Other than that really good!
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3 years ago, justaballag
Laughably easy built in games
I’m already on World 10 and I keep coming back after each repair to see if (for some reason) maybe the games are getting harder, they aren’t. The main game is just a tutorial made to entice you into making your own games, which would be okay if it actually treated you like someone who is smart enough to do that. I don’t get the game design decision where your entire app is built around learning a fairly complicated game creating program, but here are baby games for babies in the main game.
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3 years ago, ArminThDemiGod
Never have I seen a game like this not only will u never get bored of playing the game but you can make your own. I love that you can publish your games and share them it makes the game so fun. The quest thing is amazing. Plus premium cost 9 bucks PER YEAR. Pay 9 bucks once and you get one year of it. Amazing and cheap. Plus you don’t need to buy premium but I definitely did anything to support a game as good as this.
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4 years ago, Schmuncky
This is a PERFECT game studio for begginers!
I can’t believe how great this app is. When I saw it I though it might have tons of ads or be laggy. But no, this app is actually really great! It’s perfect for beginner game makers (or even just people who like to mess around). It also has a great arcade of fun games, that I think many people would love. I rate this game 10/10 and 5 stars. Thanks for showing me an app that I have been waiting for forever.
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4 years ago, Hefrewb
One of the best mobile games I’ve played
This one of the few mobile games that isn’t boring after 10 minutes and the adds don’t lie about the game so that’s great. Very unique from my experiences and has never seen a game like it until now. This game hasn’t wasted my time once. Love it. Keep doing what you’re doing developer cuz you doing a great job at it.
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2 years ago, Weekshopping
I love it but a bad game
Well, if you don’t now earth simulator it’s bad, because when you play it there is a earth and a stick thingy that if you press it it goes up and your supposed to spam it. And it goes so down that you will mite, lose. And when you restart it it’s gonna, tell you “hm, hah you can’t restart everybody is gone’ I JUST HATE IT!!!!!!! BECAUSE IT MOSTLY CARES ABOUT THE PART THAT SAYS It! Whoever made it I just wish that they unpublish it. I don’t know why they made that game....
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4 years ago, MDS NURSE
10/10 game..
This is the game. This is that game that i’ve been waiting for my whole life, this game has everything endless levels, endless fun. If you’re reading this and you haven’t downloaded this yet, DOWNLOAD IT. It’s THE best game in existence and I’m not lying out here. Just get the game and stop reading already, go ahead and have some fun by downloading this game. 😊😊
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3 years ago, anonymouse293018
I love this game and it's a little hard to figure out how to make games but I still make some fun games! Plus the games on here run super smooth and look very nice. If you want to play my games my name is PizzaFox2000 and my first game is called "Dinner Time". You should definitely try this app because there's nothing bad about it!
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4 years ago, texjer
Insane amount of good games in this
I’m on World 38, and it just keeps on giving more good games. I bought the subscription after a couple days, and no regrets. There’s what at least 100 different mini games so far? A lot of classics, perfect for a retro nerd like me. Edit: it stops shortly after World 38, which is a shame because there are lots of good games in this that they could keep adding for more worlds.
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4 years ago, Winterwonders
People are bad at puzzles
So a lot of people are sad about not being able to beat the puzzles, and I just have to say that it’s not your fault, it’s the fact that they’re bad at them. Maybe there should be an age limit, so that little kids who don’t know how to do simple tasks can’t play it. No hints needed, it ruins the point of it. Not all puzzles need hints.
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4 years ago, Falser Guy
A breath of fresh air
Fancade in my opinion, is probably one of the best mobile games I’ve played in awhile. The game provides so much content for you to play, without micro transactions or recycled gameplay. There is still ads but even those are just 4-5 seconds long. If you haven’t played this game before I highly recommend you give it a go!
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4 years ago, JeepersCreepersPeepers
Easy quick Affordable fun
I am all for supporting the creators of a unique gaming experience, and a well crafted one at that. This game is a great challenge and is also very addicting. I haven’t found myself stuck on a particular puzzle for too long, my personal difficulties are with Longcat. *** One major tip for improving the game would be to add unique music soundtracks to each game.
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5 months ago, DaAverageNoob
I love this game! But question
There’s so many games and levels to play, and there isn’t a bajillion ads. There’s just one problem, how do I get out of the hints? I accidentally clicked hints and it wouldn’t let me press the X button for the ad, and now idk how to get the hint off my screen. Please help
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3 years ago, dnb91
Wonderful platform for playing tons of unique mini games. The developer’s games are great and I enjoy the “quest mode.” When I can’t solve the levels on a quest game, I just tap over to try my luck at the games created by other users! Highly entertaining and low stress. Love the pixelated visuals, too!
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4 years ago, its good but glitchy
Perfect but just one thing
So this game is really fun and they have pretty good s just there’s so many games I can never find the one I’m looking for cuz it’s so crowded and right now I’m trying to find man in pot kit 1 cuz I have a really good idea with that kit all I’m saying is that maybe and please could you put a search button and also please respond to this
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2 years ago, limerick's
Top good coding games
Dude this game is good bro, but it would be better if we had a bundle option for your games you have when your building them, just like put them all together so you can have more than 100 levels, that will be awesome. But what I’m trying to say is…THIS GAME GETS 5 stars
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3 years ago, |zyne
Nice Update
1.6.7 update fix the crash issue on the last version, thank u very much! I really love this game. The update optimized the game on my iPad 3 iOS 9.3.5, now it's running smooth but I think the UI before the update is a little better. But still a lovely app for me.
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3 years ago, space crunk
My thought on this game
I love this game soo much and how many different things there are. If you like puzzle games HIGHLY recommend this the only thing I don’t like ab it is that I miss how it looked when I played it awhile ago it was much more simple and nice but I still love this game
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1 month ago, I ply games
One of the best games I have ever played. It has so many mini games and so many new things to try. You can even make your own games. It also has its own story mode that you should try with a big variety of games. Download now!
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2 years ago, concernedmom7
A problem for me
Hi. I've been playing Fancade ever since it came out I liked playing but then one day... I tap on a game for example a game From a famous person but then it says "get a new update" and can you please fix this otherwise I might. Maybe... quit Fancade please update this game!
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9 months ago, Epcbos
Awesome and creative
This game is genuinely so good. It’s super fun and addictive. It’s probably the best mobile game I’ve played and it’s so creative. I mean I’ve played a few hours now and I’ve shared it with my friends. Whoever designed the loading bar mini game well done. It’s my favorite
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2 years ago, Random Dooge
Miss the old version
I appreciate the updates but its going kinda downhill, theres more and more people ####posting and tons of people simply reposting other content. Also I prefer the old music better, could you add it back?
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4 years ago, Mrs. H Clinton
When you put your phone in airplane mode to avoid the ads only to receive an ad about how these ads make it possible for the app. Please, I don’t need a reminder about it after every other level. It’s a cool game but not enough to purchase a 30 day subscription 🤡Plus you’re already making enough as it is with ads after every level ya greedy bastard.
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4 years ago, Eriq hacker
Great game
I can play this and enjoy every second. Rarely do I get ads unlike every other mobile game. There’s so many different games I never get bored. Right when I think I’m getting bored I unlock the next place and then find myself playing the new place for a long time
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2 months ago, Sayar Pay Tone
Greatest game
This game is so good to play and I will never get bored of it! My family also love it too! I make games so check it out! My game name is Rescueboy 1615 so search and play my games! Recoil is my favourite game so can you add Recoil 2 contain other items like angry viruses and NPCs too!
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3 years ago, School4babiesmama
Still crashing...
My son loves this app, but the app started crashing when he tried to open it. The update says it fixed this issue, but it is still crashing. The device has storage available so it should not be crashing. Please fix!
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3 years ago, scott stole my name
Fabulous Flavor
This here, is a keeper! Martin has a knack for allowing others to build what they see, which is clear in some of his other apps. This one surely retains that flavor and should definitely be more popular than it is.
Show more
4 years ago, GamePond
Just what I was looking for
This game is perfect, sometimes I just need some simple fun games to pass the time and this app is full of them. I love creating things and making games on here is so simple, fun, and quick. This app also takes up very little storage.
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1 year ago, miners mine
Good app, fun to play when bored
This app is really fun, and although it takes a while to unlock all the worlds, there are many to explore and they’re all really exciting and keeps me entertained when I am bored. Really fun game, would recommend.
Show more
4 years ago, mr.kcrakcedman
Tons of fun mini games
This game is SUPER fun! All of the games are short levels and continue throughout a large map, a perfect pandemic game. The only thing making this a 4 star is the premium adds, they pop up every three times you die/lose, but the game makes up for it.
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2 years ago, Carson lujan
Fix your physics engine.
Not much to be said here. The main culprit is Crawlers Balance. They keep wobbling and slipping by turning down the moving plank when really that’s not how physics works. You give them no grip, so once one starts to slowly ‘glitch’ downwards, there’s nothing you can do. Please fix your broken game.
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1 year ago, iugffh
Amazing but broken
I am very annoying with the removal of many things within the game MANY and the game deleting all my games I spent a while making (needs better saving) game feels bland now it makes me sad because I loved it so much but it’s broken now so what’s the point of playing the only other good game maker when it’s totally screwed.
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3 days ago, not 1 game a milliongames
Not just drive mad recoil also and a hole eats stuff
Playing the same game is boring but more than 1 million games by people who edit games and like them
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