Farkle Dice!

3.9 (199)
41.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smart Box Design LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farkle Dice!

3.86 out of 5
199 Ratings
3 years ago, KJSunshineGirl
Board size is smaller than screen
With the last update the game play area does not fill the screen of an iPhone 12. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Kekur2000
Great game, but...
I really enjoy this game, but there is a glitch when you have four of a kind that isn’t a five or one. It will only allow you to get three of the four. I’ve reported this a number of times in the past few months, but no fix/ update. Also, the scores seem low, as four ‘ones’ should be more than just 400 points, as getting four of a kind is more difficult/ should be higher value. I’d buy the game if the four of a kind was fixed, but they don’t seem concerned with fixing glitches so I’m not going to invest in the game.
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4 years ago, ggpoppie
Back to rarely winning
I have decided that this game is back to its old ways of never letting anyone win. This happened a lot when I first started using it and I reviewed the game and gave same review - not fun when you never win - and I did hear back and for a couple of years it was good...but in the last six months it is awful. No fun when you RARELY have a chance to win. Going to try one of the other games
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3 years ago, Peabody 1968
Garage app. Garbage hyperlinked for support.
Don’t buy. Please don’t download and especially don’t buy. They took my money and literally have zero support. Hyperlink to support. Total joke. Embarrassing. I cannot connect to friends or anybody around me. Does not work. A month of trying to make this work on a regular basis. After paying for the app Totally cool guys. You made money and you launched a piece of crap. Father of four sons. All have launched apps. Embarrassed for you and whomever held you accountable to being an honest entrepreneur.
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2 years ago, JaelynnCA
Wins are rare if playing local game
Animation and everything is fine, but if you play against the computer, the odds are skewed too heavily against you. The computer will have roll after roll of over 1000 points, and if somehow you manage to get ahead, the computer will score two thousand plus points to take the lead again. It’s no fun if you always lose.
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9 months ago, WAZZUCOUG7
Why the heck is there black around the app? Every freaking game n app is full screen and optimized for modern day devices, except this one. I’ve played this for years, and every single time I play with 2 other people to pass-and-play, one of us ALWAYS gets horrible rolls or farkles all six dice the whole entire game while the other 2 players are getting constantly good or great rolls. It’s always unfun or not fair for one of us, I’m tired of it.
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3 years ago, emilyisabaddie
I love this game and have loved it since its release. I think the odds alternate so it’s pretty fair. If anything it just gives me something to look at when I’m bored. Once you get the gist, its chance not strategy. Much love ❤️
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1 month ago, Rachael Marie McCalley
Connection issues
Trying to play with a friend as we are sitting in the same room with solid WiFi connections and the 97% of the time the game won’t even load. When it does load it freezes and we have to quit the game 3 turns in. We tried using a data connection instead and none of the games ever loaded. We both tried sending invites and the same results.
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3 years ago, whdjd fhfjfjd
Dice rolls are unrealistic, especially for the computer
It’s just not realistic to believe that the computer will get three of the same number on just about every turn. Even the player’s turns can have an overabundance of lucky rolls, but not near as many as the computer. I deleted the game, what’s the point in playing if it’s really not fair play.
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8 years ago, JpCheapGasHunter
Great game
This is a fun simple game that has a nice western theme to it. It has game variations you can set, I would like to see more options but there are 90% of the scoring options I like. Great game, adds are not bothersome, I do recomend!
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3 years ago, DPettit
Newest update
The screen for the newest update is very small. How can I make it larger?
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4 months ago, VeganChristine
The best version of Farkle Dice
I’ve played with a few and I like this one the best because I can customize the scoring.
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4 years ago, None1.
Fun game
Entertaining game for one player. Multi player function lets you play anywhere. Great support with quick response time.
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3 years ago, eighthday42
Smaller size
With the new update the display size is much smaller and doesn’t utilize all of the screen space. Please change back to original size.
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5 years ago, Zieeklw
Dice in this game don’t seem to be fair.
No matter how far ahead I am in the game... the computer usually seems to win. This needs to be fixed so it’s fairer to the game player. Why play a game that it will never hardly ever let you win fairly. The random number generator for the dice really needs to be looked at very carefully, please. Thanks for listening.
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6 years ago, RocketRosie23
Farkle but I have yet to get an opponent that isn’t local. You can’t play other games while you wait for an opponent notification because it CLOSES the window. Also the 4 of a kind issue as stated above. Also ONLY Billy The Kid is local even though I’ve requested more players. I could go on and on. Feleting app choosing another.
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4 years ago, Badman Flux
Fun but has issues
When you play against the cpu the rolls are so fast there’s no way to see what the comp scored. There score just totals up at the bottom and it’s players roll again. Not fun.
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14 years ago, Weyrleader Zor
A great start
I gave this 4 stars because while the game isn't perfect and had has some scoring combo issues (and a few other relatively minor things), the developers have stated up-front it is basically in beta and being worked on constantly. The bugs aside, the game plays well, runs smoothly, and is very playable & enjoyable. The developers taking time to actually answer users messages about features and/or bugs is wonderful. I'm not talking about "canned" replies- they tale time to personally reply to feedback & actively engage with users. That assures that this game has a bright future ahead. Very worth the time to check out if your like Farkle.
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3 years ago, black_and_gray
No Network Multiplayer
The scoring isn’t accurate; I had four 2s and it gave me 400 points. There are other issues, but I downloaded this game to play with a friend across network, but the option is grayed out.
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7 years ago, FireRunt
Great Game. Needs scoring adjustment
If I roll 4 6’s it’s 1200...that’s correct....but if the 2 other dice are playable, like 2 5’s, the score drops to 750 instead of going to 1300.....then I can’t get the extra spin
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8 years ago, BaghdadK9
Lucky computer
If you play the computer, it tends to get very lucky. Especially if you beat the computer twice in a row, you will not win a third time. There are some games you just have to laugh at how lucky the computer is.
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8 years ago, Hi ya BRoski
It's good, but AI needs improvement
It's probably the best mobile Farkle game you can find, but the AI is way too "lucky". Sometimes, if your lucky, you can win, but the AI opponents get 3,000 point rolls regularly, and it gets annoying.
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4 years ago, Jim W10B
Fun but LOUD ads
I have enjoyed this app for years and have the sound muted. In the last year the ads are not muted and are VERY loud. Very embarrassing in public. Have stopped playing. Too bad.
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7 years ago, thorton710
Can’t play network
My husband and i are trying to play and i can’t play network. It doesnt give me the option.
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3 years ago, Farkle fighter
Great for socializing with people on airplanes
It’s great for breaking the ice at parties- “random airplane”
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6 years ago, Kayrakaye
Ones and fives
Ones and fives come up 80% of the time. Especially on first roll. Tiresome.
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14 years ago, rosece
Have the computer player go a little slower
I have always loved this game ever since my mother taught it to me under a different name using real dice. Then I had the game for my Palm. I have always wanted to be able to study just what the computer, Palm, or now the iPod Touch is doing, but that portion goes so fast that I cannot always see what it is "thinking". Would there be a way to slow it down if I wished? That should be an option but not a standard. Some folks would want to have the computer opponent go as fast as possible. I just downloaded the game and played just one game, and so far so good. I like the sounds that it makes.
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13 years ago, createnickname-SLK
Fun, now even better
I loved this game when I first found it but it got stale after awhile. But w the newest upgrades & challenges I'm back "in the saddle" again. There are so many great improvement suggestions for any good game out there. But these developers actually listen & continue to make this app more fun. I'm looking forward to the next updates, esp if it allows us to play others online. If u happen to actually be reading my review then try this game out. You will love it & continue to do so as it only gets better w each update.
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14 years ago, Antiduplicity
I have loved this game for years
I got this on my old palm pilot, then on a windows phone and now on my iphone. Thanks. Three stars: All the iphone players are the same name. In the palm and windows games I could choose from 5 or 6 players. There does not seem to be a way to turn off scoring help. There does not seem to be a way to register to get rid of the ads. I cannot set the "buy in score" or the winning score like I used to be able to. Also there are other settings missing like three pairs and other scoring options. I know this is under construction, so I give it three stars. Fix these two things and I'll give you five stars
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13 years ago, Dogstar68
Almost perfect Farkle game
I love this App, and appreciate it now recognizes more scoring combinations. My only real gripe is the final roll. Once someone has reached 10,000, the opponent has another roll. In other Farkle games, it's actually possible to win this way, but not here because the game forces you to keep rolling down to the last die ... even if you've already surpassed the opponent's score! This always ends in a bust, so what's the point? The score button should therefore remain open for use on last turn.
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12 years ago, FlyTheKite
I like that you don't have to pay to play with another human. And the cherry on top is that you can edit Player #2's name. The down side to this game is when you roll it lines the dice up for you in order from lowest to highest so it's easier to spot what you have right away. I like it better when you see them spread out on the table and have to think a for an extra half-second.
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12 years ago, PerlJunkie
Minnesota Momma
This game is so rigged in favor of the opponent, it's unbelievable. It's completely obvious too. I roll big - it rolls bigger. I get ahead - all of a sudden I Farkle multiple times (have Farkled as many as 4-5 times straight), or it nickel and dimes me until it catches up and usually wins. I just rolled 2350 out of the gate; it rolled 2950 and eventually won again using all the tactics above. That's when I said "I've had enough" and deleted it. This is probability game writing at its worst. At least make it subtle, but the dice for the opponent so clearly superior and mathematically improbable, it's not fun. You just feel ripped. This was the "best" of all the Farkles out there too. It's a real shame b/c every so often when I would get a run that I felt was equally weighted in terms of probability, this was and is actually a ton of fun. But the overt, out and out, completely OBVIOUS cheating by the game drives me nuts. Deleted. (I played over 150x before finally getting fed up, so you can rest assured, this is built in behavior.)
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13 years ago, babygirl925
Great Time Passer
My co-worker told me about this game being played with real dice. I look here in the app store and found several versions. After trying it out, I would have to say it's a great time passer. However, I've NEVER won! That gets annoying after awhile. It would be fun to play real people. Also, for those who don't like the arrows, that can be turned off in game settings (scoring pointers) Some people just never read...duh!
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12 years ago, Gammi G
Love It!
I love this game! We play it with real dice at home and call it "the dice game" or "10,000". I love the many ways they have set it to score more points. May have to incorporate these into our home game! The only thing I wish they could fix is so that I can play with and against my family on their devices in addition to the computer players. Then this game would be PERFECT!!!
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12 years ago, TomFromUtah
Odds against you!
I agree with several other reviewers. While this game is fun, it's clear that your computer opponent does not face the same odds as you. When rolling four dice, or even just three dice, the computer does not get Farkle nearly as often as statistics predict. The human player, on the other hand, rarely gets a break if he dares roll with fewer than five dice. It seems like I'll almost always see at least one or two six-dice Farkles per game, too, and the computer almost never gets a six-dice Farkle. Maybe you have to buy the pay version to get a fair game!
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14 years ago, bpbatch
Still buggy
This game was a lot of fun when I played it on my Palm years ago. Now, it's so buggy it's impossible to rate this anything higher than one star. After playing once, following the 1.0 update, I am now unable to select any dice. Also, there needs to be more options for scoring (10,000 can make for a long game) and additional AI players, as seen in the Palm version. I'm a bit disgusted that instead of Smart Box working out the kinks of the latest version themselves, those who downloaded the game as a gold master are beta testing software that's not ready for primetime.
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11 years ago, In The Wilderness
Rigged - Deleted It
This game is so rigged in favor of the opponent, it's unbelievable. So obvious too. I roll big - it rolls bigger. I get ahead - all of a sudden I Farkle multiple times (have Farkled as many as 4-5 times straight), or it nickel and dimes me until it catches up and usually wins. I just rolled 2350 out of the gate; it rolled 2950 and eventually won again using all the tactics above. That's when I said "I've had enough" and deleted it. This is game writing at its worst. At least make it subtle, but the dice for the opponent so clearly superior and mathematically improbable, it's not fun. You just feel ripped. This was the "best" of all the Farkles out there too. It's a real shame b/c every so often when I would get a run that I felt was equally weighted in terms of probability, this was and is actually a ton of fun. But the overt, out and out, completely OBVIOUS cheating by the game drives me nuts. Deleted.
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13 years ago, MBClar
Great game with a few weak points.
I really enjoy this game, but it's a little confusing that when you choose the option of a 200 point minimum score, everybody ignores it. The other peeve I have is that it is almost impossible to score very many points per roll unless you magically get 5 ones or several pairs in a row. Statistically with real dice you would roll more ones and fives.
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12 years ago, The Dr. 10K
farkle fanatic
I love this game! I don't feel like the computer is cheating. If you play yourself and your nickname you can win every time! Ha! Ha! My highest score is 11,500 that's what I keep trying to beat! This game is hours of fun if you're alone or with a friend. It's simple enough for the young or old as long as someone explains or read the directions to them. I give it five stars!
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14 years ago, Sangahm
Very nice latest release
I am updating my rating due to this last, very nice update (1.2). It brings some new options that make gameplay solid. Also, as for support, i contacted the company after the last release and he let me know that the updated fix was sent to apple aleady and just waiting on the approval process. Sure wish apple had a fast track option. My top request for the game would be a stats option. But as it stands now, this is now a solid game. ---------------------------- Old 1.1 Review: Latest update does not work for my itouch 3.12. I cannot do anything after rolling dice. Previous version worked fine.
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12 years ago, Nthoop25
Great game!
This is a very addictive game. The only issue I have is the stats. I paid for the ability to track my stats but for some reason when I either win or lose, the stats are not added up? They remain at 0?? I even cleared my record to start over but this still didnt fix issue? I will give app 5 stars once this bug is fixed.
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14 years ago, Likesfreeapps
Pretty good free app!
This is fun. I beat the computer more than it beats me. Needs to be able to let computer go first and human go last. Other farkle games I have played scores a little differently. if it was 1's then it would be 1000, then with 4 of a kind it would double 2000, then 5 of a kind would double and be 4000.
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12 years ago, CakesTroll
We played this game with some friends on New Years for the first time. Now my family of 3 are addicted. We came strait home and down loaded the app version. After looking and down loading several different Apps of this game we found this one being our favorite.
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13 years ago, infamousree
I used to play Farkle all the time via FB game. Addicted, would be a better word. Tried other Farkle apps, this one seems to "work" the best (i.e. no crashing). However, not having the option to turn off arrow help and dice thrown in numeric order are annoying. I end up not really "playing the game" as i simply choose the dice under the arrows. Scoring is also way off. Just kinda boring. Glad i didnt pay for this one.
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12 years ago, Mynickname0987
It's rigged
I've played this same app on my Droid phone with no frustration but for seine reason this version seems statistically impossible. After a week playing I've gotten more farkles with three and four dice rolled that it is obviously beyond what is mathematically possible. On the other hand, I've seen the computer get crazy hands time and time again. To me the game seems rigged. My advice, try another game because I'm uninstalling this one right now.
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12 years ago, David "The Other Piemaker" G.
Great game
This is a great iPad version of Farkle -- good interface and easy controls. Highly recommended. If you already like Farkle, this is THE app to have. If you don't know what Farkle is, I'd suggest downloading this free version and trying it out. It's highly addictive. One of the only games on my iPad that I play almost daily.
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11 years ago, Kbphotos
Great game
Wonderful game. My only complaint is that there are occasions where an alternate choice of scoring that would give more points. For example, full house vs. four 6s and two 3s scores 750 as a three pair scoring instead of allowing the option to choose the four of a kind and score the 1200 points instead.
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13 years ago, DR-CAM
Absolutely Superb that I Bought the Paid Version
I've had the free version for a few months and then saw there was a paid version with achievements. It appears that both version are very similar.
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12 years ago, PicassoPT
All around best game
Truly, this game is very well made. Pass and play farkle with friends, or play against the computer. It allows you to change the scoring depending on how you normally play. My kids and I love to play this whenever we have a couple of minutes.
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13 years ago, MrsCowboy
Great game!
My husband and I were looking for a pass and play Farkle app on a date once (we were waiting for the movie to start) and found this treasure!!! Love everything - music and sound effects, player options, game options and it's so easy and addictive!!!
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