Farm Bureau Bank Mobile

4.3 (350)
22 MB
Age rating
Current version
Farm Bureau Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farm Bureau Bank Mobile

4.31 out of 5
350 Ratings
2 years ago, Mfibfuyb
It’s real easy to navigate and use.. Only time I had an issue is when I made the first payment on my loan and it did go through.. However it appeared to not go though and I tried it several times but in all actuality I made several payments all at once.. Yea it was 99% my fault but it showed me it wasn’t paying it
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3 years ago, A&BJ
Hasn’t been working
For the past 4 months every time I go to make a payment on my loan for my vehicle I can not. The payment option button does not work! I’ve been told repeatedly that this is happening to a few customers and it is being worked on….well, I’m about to try it for the 5th month in a row and odds are, the issue won’t be fixed. Therefore, needless to say I’m a bit disappointed in the app. It needs to operate correctly for ALL customers! Instead I’m having to be on hold forever until I get through to a customer service agent and then I have to repeat the same spill over again how the app isn’t working when I hit “make a payment”….it’s become a huge process and it’s very frustrating bc it’s not getting fixed!!!!
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2 years ago, balance glitch
Running total with final balance showing on last entry is not working
When you look at the account on this new app you have to find your final balance after all items have posted. This app needs to be fixed for that glitch. The posted items both deposits and withdrawals should be running from bottom (oldest) to top (newest) and the last entry on top line should show final ending balance Robbie c
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1 year ago, Cricket Bell
Decent app but is lacking
This app is ok but what is missing is the ability to turn your card on and off from the app. Anyone who has the capital one app knows what I am talking about. Update… FB has really done a nice job of updating their app. You can customize alerts, set spending limits and you now can turn your card on and off with just a toggle button.
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App great but needs some work
Like the app for most part but setting up alerts is confusing and I still can’t get them to work. I want to be able to see and get notified every time credit card is used. I also don’t understand why I can’t see current/past statements in app without having to sign up and get them emailed to me. Maybe a programmer can look at American Express app or capitol one app and get some ideas on how to make this app simpler and more user friendly.
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8 months ago, RobM from NC
Do Not Put Your Money or Time into this Bank
I have been a long time FB insurance customer and was looking for a bank that had better yields and returns than current bank. I did my research and found FB bank. Downloaded the app, opened an account and transferred money. Waited to get bank cards so we could start to move accounts. That was 6 months ago. I have messaged, through the app as directed, 6 times looking for any kind of contact or follow-up. Not even a AI generated “Thanks for contacting us” message. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. So I can only assume no humans work for this bank. I have no choice but to continue my search and find another institution. I will also be looking to move all of my insurance business as well. The app works well, except messaging, and is easy to use. That is why I gave it 2 stars. Good luck to you if you go with this app and bank.
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2 years ago, jamescoreygoble
Very un-user friendly
I have a CC account with Farm Bureau Bank, and their payment app is garbage. We have other CC accounts with Chase and their app is so much more user friendly. The FB Bank app is slow, takes a long time to show statement info, doesn’t update quickly enough, and doesn’t provide info on outstanding statement balances. We use our FB Mastercard exclusively for purchases and payoff monthly. We can never tell how much we actually owe because their statement doesn’t update quickly enough and there is always an outstanding balance. Do better FB Bank.
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1 year ago, RealClearGoof
Works great
Love ability to quickly review accounts, transfer funds or deposit checks with mobile deposit. Only frustration was for a while it asked me to confirm my device almost every time but that seems to be resolved.
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3 years ago, FBB Application
Thank you for updating application
There is only one thing that gets a little confusing and that’s how to accurately start/stop weekly money transfers but the customer service was fairly easy to work with when I had questions. It’s a decent application for what I use it for.
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1 year ago, CbrunIII
Wow! Nice app
Great app! No issues here! I also downloaded the card lock! Great feature too. I would definitely recommend anyone to get both app. I don’t under why people make such a big deal about downloading the card lock app, just follow instructions
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2 years ago, jakequez
Great app
Good app to use and manage your money and see your statements. The app could be a little faster, as the transitions from page to page are a little slow and choppy. However, still a great app and easy to use. Will recommend to anyone.
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1 year ago, Btown player
Terrible user interface
This app is extremely frustrating to use. It’s hard to make payments to the loan. It won’t let me input a form or payment without completely removing another. The balance still shows as due even after the payment is made. It won’t let me make split payments or any amount other than just 1 or 2 full payments. Using this app makes me wonder if the designer actually uses this bank for their banking activities.
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1 year ago, Frankh01
State of the art?
This app doesn’t really live up to my expectations. It is easy to login but then you just have a link to an external page for your account. Most “modern” apps have all of your account information on the landing page with convenient links for all of the most common activities like making a payment… Should check out the competition and do a serious update.
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11 months ago, Mister DW
Farm Bureau Bank
FBB is a unique bank and app is also unique. That it is good or bad I haven’t decided. I like the personal service when I call bank. App is user friendly though as I said unique. Don’t upgrade or improve. That usually just makes things harder to use. It’s not a video game that has to become more and more challenging. Keep it simple. Unique!
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6 months ago, JETDCDT
Easy to use. Love the app.
I like using the app. I had a little bit of an issue with the card controls app but I called customer service and a very helpful lady assisted me. Overall, very happy with the app.
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8 months ago, Hutto1234
Wish they had a pay my current bill button
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1 year ago, Stokes912
Rate and review
Everything is available right in one spot . I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this is m set up. It’s easy and very convenient 24/7
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1 year ago, AJack11
Functional Banking App
Great banking app. Has all the functionality I need for mobile banking. Payments, transferring funds, depositing a check capture, setting alerts and more.
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1 year ago, NonnaB123
Secure, sometimes a little difficult to find certain docs. Email links usually don’t work.
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1 year ago, 1ipadlady
Easy to use
Helped me sign in on a New Phone which is hard to set up a phone when you’re old phone died
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3 years ago, Lisa Dianne J
Great app!
This app is very easy to use. I love the convenience of having my car loan, checking info and credit card all at one glance. Deposits and transfers are a snap!
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1 year ago, Nate88_2004
Not a great app
Have had to re-register my device nearly every time I use the app, debit card controlled by separate app that doesn’t always want to connect, and hard to find account info. Definitely needs some tweaking.
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2 years ago, bankermm
This mobile app has excellent functionality!
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2 years ago, Andrew.Imperial
Very useful!
This app is built on the same platform that Trustmark National Bank uses. It's very easy to use; it makes managing multiple accounts very simple.
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2 years ago, cynliv
The application was user friendly which made it easy to use.
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2 years ago, 48juet
I find the app is very convenient and wary to use. I always find the information I need quickly.
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3 years ago, seatbos
Purchase alerts
I’m still not getting purchase alerts even after using 30 minutes of my time talking to customer service not counting all the time with the phone tree to get customer service. Your old system worked fine why change to a system that doesn’t work
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3 years ago, It's2021youcandobetter
Inconsistent. Hard to Access
The system never remembers username/password combo. You can click ‘remember me’ and it still won’t. Trying to reset the password is an act of Congress, and sometimes it will lock you out after one failed attempt. I’m trying to pay you, and you make it extremely difficult. No good.
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1 year ago, dlarblack
Needs work
Why in the world would you have 2 apps one to make your payment and another to set your card controls makes no since at all !
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2 years ago, L.miner
FB banking
Love the app I can do and see everything that goes on my account So easy to work with it
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1 month ago, jrfazz
The app reads the Face ID, is easy to navigate and can see friendly for business and personal use.
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1 year ago, dlc332
Easy and reliable
App is so easy to use on the go. Very reliable and does not let me down.
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1 year ago, BlueLabelsBoutique
Easy to use
Easy to use, secure, and love the Card Controls option.
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2 years ago, 82ndmedic
Not one problem to speak of just the way it should be
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3 years ago, Igvollmer
Simple , easy to work thru.
Much improved from earlier app.s Easy to work with . Simple to use.
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1 year ago, banana04hannah
Surprisingly good app
Easy to navigate and making payments a breeze. Haven’t ran into hiccups
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1 year ago, StephieDanner
Banking made easy. App has Face ID which is super helpful. Great service from their team.
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1 year ago, Forney TX
Great App
Live the ease and seamless flow of this app. The functionality is great and offers it all in a user-friendly platform! Love it.
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1 year ago, Ascending Images
Solid app, could use some clean up
Easy to use, but a bit of a headache to open one app, to open another page within the app
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10 months ago, Troyshadow
Easy to use
I feel safer using the app on the phone then public Wi-Fi.
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1 year ago, Light Lover 52
Great banking app
Easy to use! Very clear information.
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11 months ago, Payinthenote
Not easy to make an extra payment
Not easy to make an extra payment from a phone😕
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1 year ago, Willybob520
Very easy to use and well informed.
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6 months ago, Drewk256
Hard to work
I wish it was easier to find my credit card balance and make a payment.
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1 year ago, RunninHorse
Love the new look and added functionality!
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3 years ago, MAD-365
Everything seems good and In place.
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5 years ago, SKTwins
Mobile deposit
Super hard to do mobile deposit, you have to take several pictures before the app likes the picture. Never had such a hard time with mobile deposit with any other bank. They need to improve this.
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1 year ago, Nuclearmedtech
This app is a great improvement from the original.
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1 year ago, footballgirl717
This is not a user friendly app. Have problems every time I go to log in. Problems making payments and the payment should show right away and it takes 3-4 days to show.
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1 year ago, Brown Bible app is the best!
Not the best banking app
Love Farm Bureau. Love the Farm Bureau credit card and the points system they offer. The app is outdated and does not compare to other banking apps that I have used like Capital One. Has some room for improvement!
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