Farm Heroes Saga

4.6 (91.6K)
284.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farm Heroes Saga

4.58 out of 5
91.6K Ratings
11 months ago, Jennifer Sanders
Relaxing and fun!
I love puzzle games and this one is great. As of today, I’m on Level 874. I don’t play to win, I play to play-I’m in no hurry to move forward and this game allows me to do this. Sometimes it takes me a couple weeks to pass a level, but I don’t play 24/7. I play around my work schedule and at night when I want to relax before I fall asleep. It’s perfect…very positive and challenging enough to keep me interested. Sometimes I purchase packages, especially if I really want to beat a more difficult level and I’ve run low on boosters or if I know I have time to play for awhile, I can purchase an Infinity booster which does allow me to advance a few levels. I’ll even go back to lower levels and get better scores and earn more rewards. I’ve been playing for several months and overall, I’m very happy with this game! I also really appreciate the high quality of the graphics. The characters are very cute 💕
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3 years ago, WelcomeHomeSW
Fading King Game… tired of the greed
As I learned how to play Farm Heroes better, I liked it more and more... it’s always been my favorite but it bothers me though how rigged it is. It seems there’s no oversight of the randomness and it’s definitely designed to make you pay for more gold bars at certain points inside the game. It’s not random. Clearly there’s no governmental oversight, I’m certain of it, and that’s discouraging. It just doesn’t seem right that casinos are regulated (their games have to have a random element to them they can’t be designed to win at certain times and lose at other times) but for these Internet games... it’s a free-for-all! Or PAY-for-all rather. Farm Heros Saga was one of my favorite King Games, and now that they made it a little bit easier to play with the “boosters” and I don’t have to buy gold bars quite as often as I used to… this time I was able to get to higher levels and enjoy the game more but the piggy bank fills up so quickly and they just keep wanting you to give them more money give them more money give them more money. I recently switched to Apple Arcade Games. I’d rather pay just one monthly fee and not spend so much on these stupid games. They are designed to be addictive and take your money, and I’ve had enough.
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3 years ago, Crown Collector
Love the game, but like any garden, you have bugs and kinks to work out! Two times already I came close to getting a hundred gold crowns in a row. But the screen went pink and the only way to clear it was to quit out of it. Finally, on my third attempt, I was able to get over two hundred and thirty something and then I used a tractor booster but before the cropseys even fell down, the board reshuffled and then made it impossible for me to match the last set of alligators even though I had plenty of moves and boosters left; but it would not drop any more alligators. So now, I feel robbed yet again, of my goal in getting a perfect game of at least 300 gold crowns without losing a single life! I feel that you should give me those gold crowns and fix the system to stop it from reshuffling until all the cropsies have fallen down or give the option of using a booster. Even though the booster would not have been able to give me the chance to get my alligators! But if you look you’ll see that I passed it with ease and had plenty of moves left. I’m seriously considering deleting this game from my devices. What started as a source of entertainment; has become a source of frustration.
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2 years ago, Msmom88
Doesn’t work as it says
Supposedly you get points for every match. If the fruit or vegetable has numbers than it counts as 1 plus the number on it. (Ex: you match 3 apples and the first has a 2, the second has a 4 and the third has a 6 it SHOULD give you 15 points) Sadly, it doesn’t give the full amount ESPECIALLY when you’re trying to beat Rancid the Raccoon! No matter how many you match regardless of numbers for each it counts as 1! So frustrating never knowing how many points you’ll actually get. You’re on your last move and need 5 points to win. You match 4 fruits each with a number of 1 or higher and you get 3 of the 5 points you needed. 🤬 There’s no way to win gold bars! The daily bonus has me collecting the bonus daily, but only playing a few times a month so I can accumulate enough boosters to pass a few levels. The worst thing about this game is in the beginning they give you 100 gold bars HOWEVER it’s set up so that when you “lose” a level the button to use the gold bars is where you would naturally touch to move on to try again, so you end up using the bars when you don’t intend to use them. This is NOT unintentional.
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3 years ago, schmoopieswife
So I love this game. It’s amazing and fun to play. However , I’ve have had a few times where I paid $20 in one round ... and still lost the round ! Lol. When I wrote customer service about it their response was that I should “go for a walk “”play a different game” and some other patronizing stuff and then explain how the games are proven to be beatable. I wasn’t questioning if I could beat the level , I was wanting to know why if I spent $20 in small increments (in one round !! ) and still didn’t pass the round.I mean, what is the point of paying for more moves or extra tools when it doesn’t do anything for you? I’m disappointed in customer service and the game. It is a great game to play , and I usually spend a decent amount of money on it too. I wasn’t angry, or freaking out so I don’t know why their advice to me was to meditate , calm down and play another game etc. Unfortunately I decided to delete the app. I feel like that taking money for a game that can be played for free , and not having some sort of algorithm to ensure ,after multiple purchases in one round , you will pass the level . I know they can do it. Anyways that’s my two cents. It’s a shame that such a popular game doesn’t have better ethics
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4 years ago, GarrettEsq
The game itself is fun but the technical support/ customer service is terrible - actually I should say it is non existent. There is no way to contact the company except to fill out a form in the game which does not give enough space to lay out your issue. Once you fill that out the only response you get is an automated email that told me to go to the community page and let other users help me .... my issue was not one that other users could fix. My game kept freezing I followed the instructions from the automated email I received and it still kept freezing- the last step was to uninstall the app and reinstall- I made sure my progress was saved first and then deleted the app and reinstalled- not only did that still not fix the freezing issue but when it reinstalled it did not reload all my boosters that I had earned and saved up - over 50 of each booster just gone- and I cannot get anyone to help restore them to my account because this company is useless. I tried filling out a ticket, I tried posting on Facebook I even tried sending a message on instagram and have gotten nothing but the stupid automated response tell me to log into the community page and talk to other users for help. I NEED SOMEONE TO RESTORE THE BOOSTERS
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2 years ago, Dimcguy
So much wrong and becoming worse!
First, telling CHILDREN: Play on, or you will lose is psychologically disturbing. Absolutely shameful. Second, Beans are useless-can't trade for prizes. Third, up to 8 or more pop ups just to play a game! Forth, you win prizes after a game and if you lose next game you lose all of stream prizes you earned!!! You can always tell how much these developers care by their lack of responses to these reviews. I like the game, but will NEVER EVER buy prizes because you NEVER EVER act on these reviews. Please keep in mind that the game is fun at the beginning, but you will be frustrated at the higher levels once you see how the game is rigged, how more and more time from popups and buy this sales eat away at your lives and daily prize times. Not to mention how much data they collect, share and sell to other company advertisers that you have no control over. Time to delete this app. It was fun up to level 1500, but at 1700 it is unbearable and now locked out because I don't think it's necessary for you to collect my personal information and make money off it, in exchange for playing your game! NEWBIES BEWARE. The game is meant to be addicting. At the beginning it's great. Don't spend money to win!
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2 weeks ago, TooOld4Games!
Great game. Only one BIG complaint
I have to admit that I have been playing this game for years now. Sometimes I’ll play every day for a while and sometimes I’ll go months without playing at all. I really love the game. I love that I can win boosters to help me along. I would prefer not to buy anything but I have been known to buy a booster here and there. Here’s my complaint. When playing for a while and finally passing a level, the prize you win is the best prize of all….INFINITE LIVES. I love that prize. Who doesn’t? Here’s the problem. When I finally do win the prize, sometimes it’s for an unbelievable 6 hours. But I can’t play for 6 hours at a time. I have other responsibilities. Why can’t I win the infinite lives and be able to actually enjoy the time I win? PLEASE consider making this change. It’s been the same for years. If I don’t sit up and play for a straight 6 hours, I lose the time I played so hard for to win! Please, please change this rule and make it more fair to the players. Thank you.
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3 years ago, caci2016
Overall great game just some suggestions to make it better - just noticed this but the bombs when you get a group of five and it gets rid of all the over veggies when they’re refilling the board and more veggies come down if they match and go away the bomb counts down even though your not making the move the game is doing itself kinda bad - when you have the chickens and make a move near it it hatches an egg well i think when you get all the chicks you need it should get rid of the chickens like it does the squirrels in farm hero super saga because then the chickens keep laying eggs and it becomes overpowering and makes it hard to get the other things you need to complete the level -same with the spiders i think when you get all the spiders the webs should disappear to because it becomes too hard to get the rest of the stuff you need -i have a bunch of beans i just use to beat rancid i think you should be able to buy the power ups with beans or other stuff with the beans so they aren’t useless -also the water buckets i think after you get all the water you need they should get rid of the buckets as well becomes over powering just like the webs and chickens as stated above I hope you read through these and consider them as i think it will help improve the game a little bit better
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9 months ago, Angie Plumley
Farm Hero
I love playing the game, however the ads are NOT AGE APPROPRIATE! I’m a 65 yr old grandmother, who plays with my grands & when the rating is 4+, I don’t expect to see repeated fb yoga; men cheating on their wives, then her going to work in a bar & cheating on him! I know children know a lot more than most of us did at 4, but it shouldn’t be crammed down our faces repeatedly during the same game with the same inappropriate ads, we don’t have a choice to watch? If your staff doesn’t know what is age appropriate for a 4 year old, maybe some staff meetings with a clergy should be held. (Not a psychologist who explains people “feelings” as right & wrong.) if someone says this statement addenda them, we’ll all the ads I’ve seen in the last week have really offended me! I like the game, in moderation, but please stop filling all of our littles & older people with inappropriate content. (I can only speak for these ages, but I’m sure if asked, more “Christian oriented families” would speak up!) Thank you for allowing us to review the games with includes whatever advertising is inc.
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4 years ago, cms2001
Good game, but could be better
All in all I really like this game. It is challenging without being ultra frustrating like some other games. My one complaint would be the beans. You earn beans a lot, but they are pointless. I have yet to find anything to use them on. I read that you can purchase shovels with them, but nope only gold bricks can buy anything. I thought I found where you could use them to buy gold bricks, which would be awesome. But nope, you can use gold bricks to purchase beans, which I inadvertently did...that was frustrating. Why would that even be an option if you can’t use the beans for anything. I feel like that is false advertising at the least. Anyway, although I still don’t understand the point of the beans, I still enjoy this game more than candy crush..which I have deleted. I would also agree with the complaint about the many pop-ups to get where you need to go, but I’m used to it now and don’t find it super frustrating, just time consuming.
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3 years ago, DCDBCM
This game is fun but frustrating on multiple levels. Got a new device and it won’t let me transfer the beans and quests so you lose all benefits. What’s the point of setting up an account? And when I reached out to support, they told me to “power through” levels on my old device but then due to a connection glitch, my new device didn’t recognize the levels I had completed on the old device so I had to play through them again. I don’t understand why a saved account doesn’t save your beans, seems like a cheap way to make you start all over again. I guess they just want you to spend money, which I refuse to do. This game is like a slot machine-no skill involved, you win when the game allows you to, as if you’ve played the set number of times. And it almost seems as if the game works against you, for instance when you do use the boosters, even when they’re supposed to be helping you, by adding more pieces, it always seems to land in the worst possible spot, so it doesn’t help but gets in the way. And what’s with the connection issue? Seems to be going on for weeks now.
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10 months ago, Saswin11
Update has removed feature I liked
I have been playing Farm Heroes for years, and I have enjoyed it. Last time I updated it, the feature of watching ads for more moves had been added, and I did make use of it. However, it’s beginning to be that ads take up more and more time. I’m tired of the ads’ finally ending and then putting up a timer for 5 more seconds. In this last update I did, you can no longer play the remaining moves you have at the end of the game, so the game ends up being shorter and you end up watching more ads before starting the next game. Now, watching ads isn’t required, but if you don’t watch them and don’t earn bonuses, some levels are just about impossible. Please, at least make the ads shorter so that I don’t have to spend far more time watching the ads than playing the game. I have a limit, and I will stop playing if the ad level stays at this level relative to the game-playing.
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5 years ago, ntherese413
Needs some tweaks
Great concept but it always takes clicking out of 50 different pop ups to get to the next window...not even ads just redirecting to challenges etc. You beat a level then out have to finish it out to “get more stars” even if you have like 15 moves left, it’s so time consuming...take notes from toon blast...they give you stars based on how many moves you have left. Also when you finally complete the level it takes forever to load out of it then you have to go to a window it to show you some power up thing then X out of that to get to the main page and another window pops up to redirect you to the weekly challenge every single time. It’s super annoying and time consuming just to get from level to level. I stray away from playing it unless I’m out of lives on toon blast and I’m really bored haha. The creators could take some hints from toon blast bc they have it set up on point...doesn’t take forever to get to the next level you don’t have to constantly deal w pop ups and it just gives you the power ups you earned when u start the level.
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5 years ago, Lilstariah
New Team stuff annoying and Booster Trail gone
First, King screwed up the Candy Crush Soda app taking away individual quests for team challenges which is in no way even in participation by all. I find myself winning for the team and getting everyone prizes who didn’t complete a single challenge. Prefer to have a non team option as before. Then I switched to Farm Heroes which was fine until once again they took away the individual rewards in exchange for teams. Yet again, I have like 268 points and the next closest in my team of five is 30. Again, should let player decide if they want to play in teams or by themselves. Next issue: WHERE did the BOOSTER TRAIL go? Like the game isn’t challenging enough with the boosters; strip them away in exchange for this team junk and forget about it. King is flat out being greedy now. I have also noticed that when I win boosters they are often not added for use. Today for example I received 3 add 5 moves which is rare. Naturally when I went to use one on a super hard level there was none there. If it is not changed soon I will be deleting all KING apps and they can sa goodbye to my hard earned cash!
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2 years ago, sam1998Gauth
This is garbage. Don’t download it.
Let me start by saying I wrote a review already, and it’s gone. The game itself is fun, but after a certain point you can’t win levels without spending money. Which, that in itself is bogus - I thought I was just having a hard time getting past certain levels but after reading other reviews I realize that I was right and it’s 100% rigged. After you spend said money, and after you use the gold for boosters or moves, the game crashes and takes the gold. There’s absolutely no customer service, either. It’s highway robbery, and it’s bull. I want my money back. How this game has a 4+ rating with all the other negative reviews I can see is beyond me - probably rigged that, too. Don’t waste the space on your phone, OR your money. Find something better. And probably stay away from other King games. I’ll be deleting all my king games after this and filing a complaint with apple, although I’m not sure what they can do for this instance, I still feel like it’s twisted that they feature games that are obviously rigged to get you to spend more and more money.
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3 years ago, TBK814
My FAV & ONLY game I play daily for years now!
I have downloaded & played A LOT of games (probably 1,000) over the years and this game is the only one I’ve kept on playing. Although I’m not near as far as others on levels but this game is one that you can continue to play without spending money. And when I have paid for anything, you get much more here for the money than with any of the other games I’ve tried. The prices are the best if you choose to buy special powers but you do not have to pay anything to keep playing. I LOVE FARM HEROES SAGA!!! And their technical support is NOT terrible. I’ve only had one issue with the game and they were AWESOME and quickly responded to fix it. They even gave me back my special powers that were lost and a few extra for the frustration. So I have nothing but good to say about this game and the technical support staff!
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2 years ago, FINNOMON
Improvements, shmimprovements
I've been playing Farm Heroes Saga almost since it's initial release date in 2013 and have become very unhappy with it. The so-called improvements are far from it. Being forced to use a companion when I don't want to and only having the choice between 2 instead of 3 like we used to is maddening. And sometimes, you don't even have a choice between 2... You have to use the only 1 they offer for certain levels. It needs to go back to the way it was years ago when you spent your beans on a companion, ONLY IF YOU WANTED TO. Most of the time, the companions are more of a hindrance than a help. It is sooooo much harder to pass levels now. I have to use ALL of my boosters if I want to pass and go on to the next after attempting the level 50 times. Then I'm left with none for when I really want to use them. But I know why they made these "improvements"... It's to try to make people make in-app purchases so they can continue playing the game. Well, guess what? This farmer won't fall prey to the wolf in sheep's clothing.
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6 years ago, The Right Power
Some of the negative reviews are laughable, but I think they’re dependent on the phone and phone service a person has. There’s no way I’m ever spending real life money on app games, and it’s proven I don’t need to. All levels are beatable without added boosts, so if you keep that in mind and keep playing the hard levels (and take as many breaks as you need) you’ll eventually progress. As of now, I have way too many beans that I can possibly spend. That’s good. And with the horse boosters, winning is not that difficult, tho it can be if you don’t beat the levels with them the first couple times. So it’s all strategy. Make the right moves and you’ll win. You don’t need to constantly buy boosters to progress. Take your time and all is well.
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2 years ago, bluerain161
Shady company.
I absolutely love this game and has been playing it religiously since the pandemic. I’ve paid for gold bars and lives and don’t mind doing so because I truly enjoy the game. But recently, the company/creators behind this game has showed they don’t care about people enjoying their game, they use shady methods to get your money. 1) They rolled out an update that got rid of all of my boosters. I had over 50 of each (took a long time to collect and save). I reached out to them and was told that was a mistake, and they gave me like 5 or 10 of each back. I let this go at the time but now, after more incidents, I’m not sure that was an actual mistake. 2) I paid for 25+ extra moves but they stop the game after I’ve collected enough to pass the level. They claimed this is because many players don’t want that many lives, they just want to pass the level so they implemented that. What about the rest of us? We paid for extra moves so we can get more stars and win more boosters! 3) When I don’t have any gold bars, it shows that I only need 5 gold bars to buy extra moves. I thought this was a recent change and appreciated that since 9 bars is a lot. However, immediately after I purchased more gold bars, it went back to costing 9 bars to buy more moves. What a shady way to get people’s money. I am done with this game. I would have kept playing and buying more from the game, but I am not happy with what I’ve been seeing. They won’t get another penny out of me.
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4 months ago, MadEagle8072
King loves micro transactions
I love the concept of this game when I had first heard about it from a friend back in 2014 but lately this game has gotten repetitive. It is almost impossible to pass certain missions without having to pay for boosters but you can earn them while playing daily which does help and is appreciated. Apparently you cannot empty your piggy bank without having to pay. What is the point of having it in the game? They recently just made a change with the hero mode and now it doesn’t make any sense. You cannot manually Finnish the mission because it automatically collects resources but not all of them by shooting lasers. Seriously? Customer support is also none existent because I had complained multiple times with the changes they recently made and they don’t seem to care at all. This game is not terrible and can be fun at times but hopefully something can be improved in this game.
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8 months ago, dawn500
Dropped another star
The higher I move up in this game, the worse it gets. It is almost impossible to win some of the rounds, without using up all your boosters and your gold bars. Balloon pop is a joke. It is constantly saying no ads found, yet there are ads for every round. So, it is difficult to get extra boosters to play with. The rounds to win companions, are almost impossible to get 2 or 3. Then you get to rounds where you have no companion at all, for help. You use all your lives, and then you cant play any more. I feel that is a push to get you to spend money, which I will not do. It started out extremely fun and I could spend hours at a time, playing. Now, not so much. I end up playing other games instead. I really like this one, but if you have no chance for boosters, what is the point in it. Beginning to be very disappointed in this game.
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5 years ago, MK70TN
Great game, but....
I like this game a lot more than Candy Crush, because there aren’t any timed levels. A lot of reviewers are complaining about the money they’ve spent, but I haven’t spent one cent, and I never will. Most of the levels I’ve played so far (I’m currently at level 1650) don’t require use of any boosters. However, I have two complaints: 1. Some levels are completely dependent on luck. For example, a drop of water from a filled bucket has to land in one specific square in order for the chicken to start jumping around the board and laying eggs. That’s completely unfair. 2. Every few weeks, the game freezes on the home screen. This seems to happen at least every other time a new version/update is released. Currently, I haven’t been able to play the game in almost two days. Other than those issues, it’s a fun game to play.
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5 years ago, Robint62
My Favorite Games.
This game is one of my favorites. My only negative is sometimes it gets stuck in a play and you lose your turn because you have to reboot although it is rare it happens although if you play it like I do then it’s frustrating when that happens. Reason why I gave it a 4 stars. The other issue I had with the game but I think they have fixed it is if you accidentally hit the button to buy more moves it takes it and not realizing you hit the button it takes your coins without giving you the other 5 moves because you’ve hit the other button to go on. All in all... this is my favorite game above all the games I’ve played. I love you also get the chance of playing for free games AND on Fridays in my time zone around 4:30 to 5:00 pm you get 2 hours of play for free. As mentioned, I love this game/app🥰
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2 years ago, niatiare
Sad. Was fun, now pay, pay, pay
I started playing near the beginning. Lost my progress, started over. I tried not to use beans for easy games. But constant notifications told me they would refill. Right. As long as you pay for them. Without beans, games are excruciatingly slow. And you will have no relevant moves, the Cropsies you need will not be on the board. Buy beans and it’s a whole new game! Cropsies appear, and you now have moves and a fair chance to win! Until you shortly run out of beans, and need to buy more. And more. I received a survey, and expected they were interested in customer satisfaction, and how to improve the game. A long 10 minutes into the survey it was clear. The only questions were if I be more likely to purchase this bundle or that. I quit. Pretty much all reviews are saying the same. But I haven’t seen a response from King. It’s now about Pay, not Play. It’s Sad.
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5 years ago, UT792
This is a cute little match three game that I find relaxing and mind numbing when I want to turn my brain down a few notches. I like it much better than farm heroes saga which unfortunately, has become a money grubber for king developers. My only complaint for both games is that it appears you have to be on Facebook to get extra lives from friends. I used to play this when it first came out and it attached you to a bunch of different players that you could swap lives with. Now, since I refuse to log in to Facebook there are no friends to give and get lives with. Most people may not find this annoying but, I do! I refuse to attach these games to a social media page. Since it’s my pet peeve I guess I’ll plug along without it or dump it all together. Unfortunate really, because I enjoy these little games.
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2 years ago, Smt29
I have been playing for many years. It’s quite an addictive game. However it seems the last few months have been extra buggy. When the option comes up to watch an ad for additional moves I frequently get the message ‘connection lost’. I just updated the game on both my iPhone and iPad and am experiencing the same problems on both. When starting a level and the companion option comes up there is no more ‘I’ on what each option includes. Once in the level the cropsie counter for companion is missing and I can collect 50 cropsies but no companion is invoked. I’d contact customer support but apparently king no longer provides this option. Furthermore it’s ridiculous that not all levels are available to all players. My old account has been sitting at level 3415 for over a year and a half. While my newer account is over 4400.
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5 years ago, Dis_Foo
Would have been five stars...
Your game has glitched on me a few times, so It’s only right that I give it 4. The game overall is fun and somewhat binge worthy, however you can’t have a game that supports in-app purchases that has glitches in it. That means that others, like myself may have paid for boosters but because of the glitch took the money from my account but did not award me what I paid for because of a “glitch” and I now have to contact your business... that kind of takes the fun out of the “game”. On another note, if you ask a player to give you reviews you should keep records of the player ID to know that a player already rated you. This is the 3rd time I have rated you. So YES! The game is fun, awesome, fantastic! But can you put more time into your system running smoothly? Best Regards
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5 years ago, Dirty_Nurse_Halo
Easy game
2575 levels complete, 7725 stars, $0.00 spent. I don't know how other reviewers complain about this being an expensive game, it's very easy to beat all the levels with how many free boosters and gold bars are available via mini games and the daily bonus. The treasure mill levels(now extremely rare) are usually easy and a free source of gold but even more importantly two of each booster. I love how in this game you receive beans from friends instead of useless lives like in other King games. The beans serve an important purpose at least. Unlike many others I experience no glitches on my I-Phone SE nor do I have a problem getting the last square on the daily bonus; the "day" changes at 6pm EST so if you play one day until 5:59 then sign on the next night at 6:01 you've in effect missed a day. I’ve noticed many reviewers lately mentioning coins, not only in this game but in the other three king games I play...I have no idea what these people are referring to as I have never seen these in this game nor any other. Is this a feature not available on the I-phone or PC, and how are they different from the gold bars?
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5 years ago, slzjdz
Ok but....
I like the aspects of actual game play- the different levels are fun and sometimes challenging, and the options for different pets allows you to decide what works for your style of game play for that level. What I do not like is that every time you finish a level you have to wait through several after screens to move on to the next level: there’s a how many stars and beans screen, a Bonnie’s trail screen, a number of honey pot(or other “special” item screen) to get through before you can play the next level. With no way to fast forward either by tapping the screen or exiting out of the game, those screens really detract from the speed of playing. At the very least there should be an option in the settings menu to turn them off so people who don’t like them don’t have to sit through them getting annoyed.
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3 years ago, Lisa.otc
Very enjoyable but needs work
Overall I really like this game. Like other reviewers, I enjoy it more than candy crush (which I ever play anymore). My only problem with it is that I rarely seem to get extra lives when I request them - even now that I’m a part of a team. The chat shows that someone gave me lives, but when I open my mail/rewards the extra lives aren’t there. In fact, I see someone gave me beans… which is fine, but useless if I’m out of lives. So, I close it and come back later. I’m not going to spend $6.99 to get 1 hour of play. Plus I don’t like how they have now gotten rid of watching adds to gain extra moves and tools. I guess everything moves you toward spending money or just playing less. So, I’ll play less.
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3 months ago, Silos76
Been playing this off and on for years. It’s my go-to for relaxation. I can’t remember if I had to buy the app or not, but there are no ads and that is a huge plus!!! I love the playful graphics and the the fact that they offer free items daily with opportunities to earn more through challenges. I also like that when I run out of lives in the main course, I can switch over to play the featured mini games. I feel like the developers are always improving and creating something new to make it fresh and challenging without reinventing. There are a lot of crappy games out there. Please keep doing what your doing with this one!!! It’s a 10!
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5 months ago, IcyhotNH
I always enjoyed this game, until they loaded it up with so many ads! There was 1 game which I had to watch a whopping 27 ads to finish the game! The ads should be NO LONGER than 15 secs!!! When I’m playing and I’ve had nine 30 second ads, I quit the game! And then there’s the countdown after the ad! 5 seconds for the X… then hit done, then another X!!! They made the games more difficult so you have to watch them! Also… I DO NOT like that they end the game for you when you have so many companions to use, it takes the fun away! Please go back to the way it was! And cut your 30 second ads! Update: They now have 60 SECOND ADS! After playing this game for years, I am slowly getting tired, when, watching the ads are longer than the level is!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!!
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5 years ago, Mosts wife
Fun and fair in its challenge
Of all the king games, this is my favorite. I like that you can earn (fairly easily) bonus moves and helper moves. I enjoy playing when they ‘gifts’ trail pops up and with the special ponies. The one thing that irritates me with this game is that you have to purchase the gold pieces (can’t earn them free) but you need these for extra moves on a level. I think you should earn say even 1 piece of gold per level and then could purchase the piggy bank if you wanted. I’ve played the other games by this creator and this is my favorite because you can play nearly any level without having to buy anything to pass it - and the challenge is enough to keep you interested, but not make you quit and delete it (like I’ve done with other games).
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3 years ago, KittinPAW
Good updates
I have been playing this game on/off for like 5 years and recently came back after looong break. It was really hard in past, but with updates now it gets easier, there are events that allows you to earn boosters, they also added option to watch ad for extra moves or booster, design looks better, it’s easier to jump from level to level so if you want to replay some old level you don’t have to scroll down, you can make and join alliance now, they are often adding new levels.. overall i am happy with how game looks now. i am lvl 900+ atm and i never payed any money to reach this far..
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4 years ago, jwlsngms
Hooked and enjoyable
Mindless entertainment that I enjoy. Although I used to play several of the other games King has I wasn't able to successfully work with customer service so I don't play the others anymore. Switching from iPad to iPhone seemed to be a problem. So I gave up going back and forth through emailing customer support. I spend too much $$ on this game as it is anyway. It will hook you and it is enjoyable. Update-I sure wish they notified you better when you fill your bank. It just skips you into the next game without giving you a chance to buy your gold bars. If you’re not watching closely you’ll leave your bank full until you notice. Wish they gave you a chance to decline to buy your bank. Still spend too much money $$$
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6 years ago, jdblifesaver
This games okay but the roadblocks are so stupid like no one wants to wait three days to play a game they’re pointless. Another thing is the levels where you unlock animals, I’ll unlock them all then in the levels that I play after where I can use the animals boosters I just unlocked it says I never unlocked them? Just plain frustrating to have to go back to the level I rightfully beat and have to do it again to maybe not beat, and end up wasting another life. Lastly the mini games or whatever are impossible to ever complete, for example, the treasure mill! Not to mention when I do get to play it, fail at beating it, and exit out of the app, I’ll go back and it’s disappeared. Ugh. This game isn’t TERRIBLE or hasn’t been for me and I haven’t had to spend money YET, but I’m on level 100 something so I guess we will see. Do better king games, these reviews are not looking good!
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3 years ago, m.1212010582
This app is lowkey harassing me to connect to Facebook to play with friends and I keep denying to connect. So now before I can even play it asks every single time I open the app if I want to connect. It’s been months and you’d think they’d catch a hint by now that the answer is NO! I’ve been playing this game for a decade and I’d appreciate some respect, especially with my wishes. But noo they constantly try to make me do something that I don’t want to do smh. And let’s talk about how every time I watch an ad my sound goes mute, I have to log out entirely just to get my sound back!!! Even if my phone goes to sleep and I open it back it’s mute. There’s always something with this app. I even thought about deleting it all together I’m so frustrated. Fix the issues please!
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4 years ago, GNina1030
Fun but costly....
I enjoy playing this game and have played for years but why doesn’t it ever give you FREE gold? I have millions of beans from winning games but to get more gold I have to pay. Beans don’t get you much and you can’t buy gold or helpful rewards with them. Other games I play will reward players with diamonds or coins that typically cost real money why not this game? Something to consider when super hard levels are passed? I realize that’s how the developers get rich but I refuse to keep throwing money at a silly game. I just wait until my helpers regenerate and play again. Sometimes it’s days later. I would play more if the rewards really meant something in advancing in the game. The beans are pointless. Was able to buy a shovel once but nothing since that time. Make the beans worth something, anything???
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1 year ago, Handbag Junkie
What do all the boosters do?
I love the game, play every day but I am wondering about all the features (boosters) that I could use in the course of the game but I don’t understand what everything does. For instance what are the dog prints for? I have several magic beans but don’t know what they’re for. Don’t know what the unicorn is or what it does?! Does it simply keep track of how many boosters you have? I have plenty of magic beans but only 5 gold bars. The number of gold bars seems never to change. Invariably if I fall short and use up all my moves, it always says I can “play on for just 9 gold bars.” But every time, I only have 5 bars and I don’t see any way in which to earn more. Can U guide me toward some help?
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1 year ago, LiLa LeeDs xo
Thanks Developers for helping me through Covid!
Kinda in love totally addicted in the good fun way! I wasn’t feeling well and started playing this game and I love it. The time flies and it is really fun. I recommend it to any age group as it is very user friendly and fun but still difficult enough to not be boring! They have races too that you can do as soon as you start and you can do them with friends or with other live players! As I said super fun and addicting and I’ll see you in a bit on the game! Shout out to all the app developers that helped make Farm Heroes what it is: a fun game for all! Game on y’all and stay safe and inside when possible! Peace Love and Light! 🦋
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4 years ago, Awfulydispoint
Not having fun!!!
Unless you pay to play you will find yourself stuck playing the same level for many days even weeks before the app will allow you to pass. It’s all designed to try your patience and frustrate you to the point of buying little icons that give you a brief short lived as advantage. And the app doesn’t care that it’s no longer fun. Or even desirable to keep repeating the same dead end game over and over. Until they think you will finally make a purchase. These games, most of them are rigged to get you to waste your money on them. They get rich and you get a silly moment of relief that you finally got through a mundane level that youv’e repeated 100’s of times. Until you finally pay to be permitted to make a move. It’s ridicules. No I am NOT HAVING FUN ANYMORE!!!! I have deleted 6 app games now for this same reason. It STOPS BEING FUN! CUZ ALL YOU WANT IS MONEY AND DON’T CARE IF WE ARE HAVING A ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE. WELL I QUIT! I AM NOT HAVING FUN!!!!!
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6 years ago, Wendy's bunnies
Can we trade in the gold coins💰🚀 to buy booster?
I greatly enjoy the game. I just wish I could buy the booster with those coins that I earned from winning games or with the stars I collected. I am not going to pay money to buy gold bars, but I would like to be able to use my winnings in order to get booster so I can get a through a difficult level. Possibly additional boosters that are similar to the ones from Saga “Pet Rescue”. Also, having to wait at the road blocks for 3 days, is sort of lame. It is at that time when I go try out a new games. You wouldn’t want to lose customers because they got board waiting to go up to the next level and forgot about Fram Hero Saga because they started playing another game Overall, I enjoy the game. Pinky🐷
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5 years ago, plum458
Great game, but got annoying.
I’ve played this game for years and I loved the puzzles in the game. I enjoyed each new level and played a lot. I even spent money to buy the coins and cash, something I rarely do. So why the low rating? First he amount of animation between the levels got annoying. I don’t care about watching the horse morph into a different horse between every level for the bonus trail. Just get to the game! And if you lose a level, you get to watch the horse morph back to the previous version. The final straw for me is they jacked up the prices for the special coins. While most games have the basic 99 cent packages, this game had $1.99. I never spent a lot, maybe twenty bucks a month. But now the same package is $3.99! It feels like a cash grab and that irritated me. I’m now looking for a new puzzle game that is similar to this one that isn’t as irritating. It’s sad because I’ve enjoyed this game for years!
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5 years ago, TeeJay
Constant Crasher
I play on an updated iPad that plays all sorts of games with no problems. From the moment I started playing this game it crashes constantly. The bad thing about that when it crashes in the middle of a game I lose my special bonuses for finishing the game on the first try. I also lose any boosters I may have used. There are quests to do to earn boosters for the game but the one that says win 2 hard levels does not work. You can swap it out for another, but that one is always very hard and takes days. They only let you have 2 quests unless you sign up for Facebook. Something I do not want to do especially with their involvement in undermining our elections. Every screen change they throw one of their games up on the screen to try to get you to try it. It is bad enough they leave one in the corner I hit by accident now and then. It may only take 30 sec to get back to the game but it is my 30 sec Things I like are that they have lots of side games and quests. For a match 3 there is some variety. I play for a quick change of pace. Wish it did not constantly crash. And that these "Free to Play" people were not so greedy. I have loved a lot of King games on my PC over the years, but just cannot recommend this.
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3 years ago, proverty
Farm Heros
It would be great if at some point they would give more boosters instead of so many beans. The prices keep going on when you run out of the 50 free gold coins. It would be nice when they say FREE they mean it but nothing is FREE!!! The Games made by King are not Free and they only offer the 50 Free which you stay on one level for along time until you just give up and delete the games. During the Pandemic the world has been facing they should offer more boosters at a cheaper price but instead they raise the prices. Shame on them who get the money for being greedy to ppl that can’t afford to purchase boosters. Your Greedy Business are more important now that you lost money and increase the prices so ppl like me can’t afford to buy boosters and enjoy the game!!!
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4 years ago, brwnsugr14
Icing on the cake!
Not only was I gifted the free 24 infinity life for a good 3-4 days which is a huge plus! But...before I got the 24 infinity life gifts, I was stuck on a level for weeks. Me thinking I have the perfect unlimited time to surpass this “Hard” level I can definitely level up! Uh...yeah, didn’t happen. I stayed on the same *bleep* level for those 3-4 unlimited days that was free. To only come back today (same level I’ve been stuck on) and see that the unlimited was gone. That’s fine. Again thank you for that, but I pass the *bleep* level with my 5 lives I’m only given! On the first try at that!!! I mean come on now! Now I’ve seen somethings that make me say to myself “okay they playing” but it wasn’t to the point I wanted to leave a review. Oh but today put the icing on the cake honey! That did it for me!
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4 years ago, Chef Anderson
Addictive but fun playing
I like playing this game even dough some levels are hard to pass and may take hours or even several days to pass because there are levels harder then others. Also occasionally but not to often the game will freeze and have to be shut down for a few hours. Now I’ve noticing this game can become very addicting. The best thing about this game is that it’s accessible with accessibility software for the disabled unlike a lot of games that aren’t and that’s very frustrating to upsetting for me being visually impaired = very low vision in the left eye / blind with a prosthetic in the right eye. I just love playing this game all the time.
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3 years ago, Isabelpup
Lost interest when freebies went awa
I enjoyed this game for many months, the tougher the level the more you have to think before your next move. It was easier to get to the next level when outa moves by watching a few boring dhort commercials snd earning extra moves. But then I got stuck on a level that was so difficult for weeks... With one move left to win the level and no moves left, I relented and made a purchase to finish that level. Finally the misery was over and I could move to the next level. But my joy was shortlived. Because I made that one time purchase, the game no longer gave you the opportunity to earn free moves. Passing levels became almost impossible and the game fell from my favor. I dumped the game.
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5 years ago, BlkLbl
It’s a game for gosh sakes people
I read that first negative review about not getting awards, not getting points, using up all your beans and boosters, so what. It’s a game to pass the time on your phone. You’re not obligated to spend money so don’t. If you get frustrated just remove it from your phone. It’s not like they’re giving you $100 as a reward or an award, It’s not like a slot machine at a casino you’re not paying money in to win money, quit Cryan and keep playing or deleted off your phone! As for me I love it ever comes time that I don’t have any boosters beans awards points or I’m stuck on a level I’ll just delete it off my phone and put something else on
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