Farmers Dating Only - FarmersD

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Sugar Life Limited
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Farmers Dating Only - FarmersD

4.17 out of 5
14.4K Ratings
3 years ago, JeremyDeanNashville
Same circus, different app
Most of the hits are just girls looking for money. I have yet to find an app that actively reviews the profiles, because it’s all about the numbers. It makes it extremely difficult for those looking to have meaningful relationships to have to wade through the montage of fake or misleading profiles.
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5 months ago, Dirtbike88
Explain experience below
Firstly I’d like to say that yes I did have more luck actually finally getting to have an conversation with people, but that’s without the draw backs. First and foremost I had a lot of trouble…. The servers were inconsistent with them going down a good deal, then when they were back up they accidentally banned my ip which I did buy the one subscription which it wasted 2 weeks of constantly emailing back and forth to finally get the problem solved. Then getting back on I’m having a lot of trouble with fake people acting like humans when they are in fact bots. Which has me feeling a great deal of let down, I did find a person to have a great conversation with just to be let down when they didn’t let me aware of the things they can’t list like, can’t have kids, divorced etc. which I felt lied to. After losing 2 weeks of the month to being banned I don’t see myself using the app after my subscription expires. Not only that everyone I swipe are states and states away no one even close to being local
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2 years ago, mama_7827
I’m not sure if it’s the right app for me.
I have seen some good people and I don’t have anything that I see that stands out for me and my interests and a more personal custom profile with the categories of the people that I have capable vibes and specific things that I have in common with them and I am looking for a man who is country but old country who is more like colt bennet and beau bennet characters from the ranch on Netflix and love old country music and bluegrass music and I’m always seeing my likes are too young or not cowboy and the man who is capable of being involved in a commitment and has loyalty and kindness and respect and also a sense of humor and a real life partner and not just a relationship with a expiration date and a true gentleman who is always going to be able to be honest and faithful and I am not going to have anymore children ever and can’t even if I want to and I don’t know if I will be able to get a hold of my partner on this site or not but I will give it a chance for a few months and see
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4 years ago, WealchiSin
Cool app
I found this app when I searched farmers dating, it ranks at first so I thought it should be good as it has a huge amount of downloads and many reviews, most of them are positive. So I decided to give it a try. I used my phone number to sign up, for users who do not want to use phone number sign up, farmersdating provides Facebook login as well. The UI is great and there is no glitches, at least I did not find any bugs. There were around 30 profiles based on my filter and I got several matches on the same day. Users here are high quality, though I found a girl who's a scammer,I reported her to the support and they got her blocked as soon as possible. This is the first reason why I like this app, many app use bots or fake profiles to cheat but this app is working on providing us a safe and clean dating enviroment. I really love the verification feature, most of us who choose online dating are afraid to waste our time with fake people, with Farmers verification feature, I no longer need to worry about that anymore. I've spent some time with my matches and I found a girl who lives not very far from me and we decided to meet in my farm. It turns out that is the best decision I've made, we both like each other a lot and now we are going to get married soon. Thank you, Farmers!
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2 years ago, Missy197544
This app is full of fake profiles!
I verified over 50 people on this app as scammers. What a joke this app is! I also was on it for over 2 days and because I didn't pay for a subscription, I couldn't view any profiles after the first day. I didn't even get one like in a 48 hour period. That is highly unusual, since every other dating app that I'm on, I don't have that issue. Beware people! Lots of fake profiles here. And barely anyone is a real "farmer." Oh, and I got your response to my review. First of all, it's spelled got, not get. And it might not have been EXACTLY 50 fake profiles that I found, but it was pretty close! I have all the pics on my phone of the people from your app that I verified on spam websites. Where you came up with only 10 profiles that I looked at, is beyond me. I definitely know it was more than that because I can count them all on my phone! Just because you don't like my review, doesn't mean that you should come on here and answer with some snarky response. Makes you look bad!
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4 years ago, mtnrider808
Hopeful, but need updates
I was excited to try this app based on a good friends recommendation. However, just getting signed up was troublesome as the SMS option does not work correctly, and that should be the easiest “go-to” full proof option. I had to use WhatsApp to get registered, ugh. Then I was able to set some preferences and create a minimal profile, which worked well! However, this app immediately wanted me to upgrade when I tried to message a potential match, ugh. So I agreed to the 3 day trial and then the app just had all sorts of trouble understanding that I just agreed to upgrade already! So then I think my message was sent to potential match. But then I dont see it in the sent messages folder a couple mins later which is odd and very disappointing and discouraging. There is only minimal support for iOS13 dark mode in this app. It needs updating to fully support dark mode. The “write message” modal is the most critical portion of an app like this and you can barely see what you are typing in the “new message” window due to non-completeness. Overall, the app seems promising, but is languishing due to broken signup process and important features laying neglected or fallow. With minimal efforts on the app developers part, Farmers could easily deliver a five star iOS experience.
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4 years ago, elkelly93
Was excited
I was stoked to use this app with all the good things I have heard about it. Downloaded it and got my profile all set up. Started talking to this amazing guy and then the app kicked me off. I used the contact email to get some answers and after almost a week of trying to figure out where I went wrong I was told that I was banned due to asking for money from other app users even though that never happened. I talked with a friend of mine who has used and he said he was banned for the same thing even though he never did it. Been trying to get ahold of someone to fix this issue since I was starting to talk to an amazing guy but it takes forever for someone to email back and they aren’t willing to check my profile out. Lost a possible great connection because of an apps glitches. The total opposite of that is suppose to happen. Super disappointed that I’ll never be able to talk to that guy again.
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4 years ago, Jerpph
It is one of the best dating apps I have ever used.
This is not Farmers Only's dating app. It is just a dating app carters to farmers only. But I am glad to see there is a decent dating app for farmers and rural people. The dating app is more convenient than the website. The app is easy to use with a nice design. The signup is very easy and most of the features are free to use. You do not need to pay to read or send messages to your matches. All of you need is be patient. Of course, the dating app is not perfect - people in some area are not enough(compared with Tinder) and still has some fake. Oh, Just forget to mention that the customer service is pretty good. All in all, this dating app is not bad. It's worth giving it a shot.
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4 years ago, PhdFercy
To put it simple, I love how farmers help us to find the significant one. All we know it is pretty hard for us to find a date, let alone finding the one. I've spent around half year on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OKC, just to name some and it all ended with fake profiles or scammers who were trying to ask me to send money. I thought I'll never use any dating apps any more but a friend recommend this app to me. The user experience is overal great. Everything goes pretty well. I have several matches and have great time to chat with them. I also noticed that there are several negative reviews, I have to say that dating apps want more people to join in, there must be a reason or evidence for the app blocking you.
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4 years ago, NaijaCarat
Scammers galore
The only reason the app gets any stars is because the messaging is free, with that being said ladies please be careful! I’m actually interested in nature & have a small farm but I find that the majority of men on the site have no interest in anything but getting laid. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to ward of their advances & actually try to get to know them they just want to smash. Also be weary of the verification process. I was talking to a Nigerian “soldier” that was on a special tour & he gave me a sob story about how he didn’t bring any of his cards with him on deployment & that he couldn’t access his paycheck. He asked me to cashapp him $700 for a new phone & told me he loved me after just a few days of talking. The concept is good but it’s filled with scammers & creeps. Stay safe & always go with your gut!
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2 years ago, Huhhhyfdderrdisisjshehshsus
Read before you pay!!
I have never written a review in my life no matter how good or bad so consider that for a reference. I have been trying dating apps lately and this one has to be the worst Ive ever seen. There is no more profiles than the first group you get. The “preferences” you set, such as distance or age mean nothing. So basically you pay a ridiculous amount of money for an app that shows you 30 available woman from your entire state and then when you have gone through them, it never sends you more Potential matches. I went through my “matches” in a matter of minutes and the app has remained on the “ no more matches, change your preferences “ screen for 20+ days. waste of money!!!! Go to another site!!!
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6 years ago, Wwe VerHock
We've met
I tried this app after using Bumble for a couple weeks and only talking to one person briefly. The first person I talked to on CMB is now my fiancé, which I can’t believe. I was the fourth person she dated on the app even though she did have to weed through a few profiles. We both had low expectations and were completely surprised! Maybe our timing was just perfect, but at least this app was the vehicle that connect us together. Happy searching to all!
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9 months ago, Anon_AppUser
App DELETED My Account!
App DELETED my account with ZERO warning! I was having a conversation with a match when this happened. I got a message notification, so I opened the app again, only for everything to be completely GONE! I am extremely unhappy about all of this. I lost all of my matches and conversations! They probably think I ghosted them! And on top of that, when I was forced to make a new account, it said the Premium subscription was activated. HUH? I didn’t sign up for any of that, there wasn’t even a screen that had that on there. I swear, if they charge my card for something I DID NOT purchase, I am going to go ballistic! This is ridiculous!
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3 years ago, MeanBill297
Great for ladies - Aweful for guys
5 days in . I’ve had 3 matches. Two of them unmatched me immediately upon sending a message - no it wasn’t rude or vulgar. No responses from my other match. I even paid for a month of service. Made no difference. I have 6 pictures - all of which I’m actually in and some with friends- you know as opposed to none that show my face or multiple photos I’m not even in like nearly every other profile. Answered questions and actually filled out a bio that I put thought into. Didn’t matter. The dating world is a joke. I’m sure FarmersD knew that when they set the price of one month at $30. What an unbelievable moron I was .
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6 months ago, Chef Flay
Fake people who try to scam you
Horrible app. This app will try to scam you with women who claim to be well over mid 20’s but are not and are bots. And they ask for you phone number right away and check their social media to see if they are real. They have a Instagram or other media platforms but are most likely bots and not in the same state. And also are not really their age on their profile they claim to be. Don’t give out your information and report them. This app should not be recommended for people in outdoor life/country life. Hope the AppStore bans this app. Dating apps are not meant for dating but to try to scam you and do nasty things to you.
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6 years ago, oshushu_su
Everything goes well
I've used this dating app several days and want to share my reviews with others. it's always been basically functional and most issues are resolved quickly. Over the last days, I and everyone I know have had no issue with app. Everything goes well, if we have any questions, we can contact their support and their support replied very fast. Problem solved. 
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6 years ago, Nhasai~~HT
Find friends
Several days ago, I downloaded this app to look for someone to talk to. I wasn't really looking for hookup, one night stand or serious relationship, I just want friends. It turns out that I made the right decision to use this dating app. I found many friends and we have so many common interests. We all love our farm, love animals, plants and everything in the countryside. We are planning to have a party at my farm next week. 
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6 years ago, Jack.J.Taca>>
Has good potential
It’s a good app and I’d say you generally see higher-quality matches than you’d find on tinder etc. It has good potential, Offers an excellent user interface based on the profile you provide. With plenty of photos you can choose yourself. I don’t like that people put a picture of something else (mostly pets) Overall farmersdating is far better with meaningful matches than Tinder.
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4 months ago, Zack610
I thought I would try to see what dating sites are like again and it’s been eight years since I was last on a dating site. Turns out there worse now than they were eight years ago. hi call him pimp site now because we’re being pimped to find love out there by these dating sites that charge you for everything. They say sign up free yeah that’s true. But then they charge you for every little thing bunch of crooks scammers lowlife not talking about the people on the site. I’m talking to people that run the site. That’s what I think about your site. That’s why the one star ridiculous rip off.
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6 years ago, **SanTiCA**
No fake or scam
Well, online dating is hard, especially when you meet some fake or scams. This app is new, maybe that's why it dedicates to stop fake and scam or other bad profiles away. They want to get more users so they work really hard to improve the app. It turns out that they did a great job. Eveyone I met here are real, or maybe no scammers come to a dating app for farmers cuz we are "poor". I'm feeling safe here and keep doing this!
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1 year ago, irritated i payed
Meh so far
For where I live all these dating apps are a bust. The concept here is pretty good and the app is clean easy enough to navigate I just wish there was a way to know how recent the profiles have been on or even opened. After recognizing a friend who came up immediately in browse after contacting her off the app she said she didn’t even know the last time she was on and had deleted the app from her phone over a year ago.
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5 months ago, @dogloyalty
Finally a site for my type of women! 😍😍😍
I’ve tried other sites and it’s just the same old same old. A bunch of narcissists talking about this nonsense or that through caked on make up through botox’ed lips. This site is like Christmas morning, if I can’t find my next and final here I think I become a monk in Tibet. Love this site!
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2 years ago, alz gud
So far … No good!!!
I have just downloaded and am exploring the ap and cannot seem to find the people I'm interested in. I swiped ‘right’ on several profiles to go back later and review, learn more, etc. I can’t find them anywhere!!! I clicked on the tab which reads ‘Likes’ thinking I would find my ‘right swipes’ there however that folder is for people who like ME. So … why am I looking at pics and reading profiles? I could just make a profile and wait for people to contact me.
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4 years ago, TheGreaser
Total scam/tinder copy
A lot like tinder with swiping and no filter beyond age and distance.. you get maybe 25 likes a day your allowed to give but after 3 weeks I didn’t receive a single like back. If you want to send any of the fake accounts a message you need to pay 15 dollars a month. If you want to see anyone who likes you also 15 a month essentially it’s a subscription required. I’m guessing more then half the profiles are fake and you’d probably have better luck actually talking to someone on tinder.. don’t waste your time honestly
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6 years ago, Query_hitachi
The first and the best
This is the first and best dating app I've used. People all know that it is pretty hard for us farmbers to find a date, friend, serious relationship and more cuz these general dating apps don't know what we need, and some of the users there are so mean when they knew that I'm a farmer and they just left. What a shame, everyone's equal. This app if awesome without any prejudice. Thanks.
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2 years ago, SJ_TX
The application is horrible. The functionality offered to set up your profile is antiquated. The ability to find people you may be interested in doesn’t exist. Maybe they don’t have the user base to make it more dynamic, i cannot say. I’ve just been very disappointed. I’ve gone about two weeks without one profile suggestion from them for me to consider. I’ve paid for six months and feel it was a complete waste of money. I would not recommend it, or suggest it to friends or family.
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3 years ago, Dirkulees
Service was restored
After I wrote customer service my issue was taken care of. I wish the site would make it so the females had to reach out first. That way it would be much more satisfying and take the guess work out of choosing someone to write. I have not had even one date here. Everyone is 200 miles away. Not near enough choices. Mostly not my type. 95% are heavy set and or not good looking At ALL ! Out of 150 choices that are 200 mikes away I had maybe 5 , I would of went out with. I will not renew ! Go to bumble or Match.
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3 years ago, blackgreen82
Horrible app.
We can’t see who is online. You get limited swipes even if you pay for membership. I tried to browse and this app won’t let you till you upload minimum 3 pics even after doing that and getting verified it won’t simply let you browse. This app is not user friendly and not worth the money. Guys on here had good profiles but it’s no use if you can’t communicate with them. IT said they were working on these complaints but they still charge even when it’s not user friendly.
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6 years ago, Huard Ema
First time
This was my very first time trying a dating app - for what it is, it’s a great start to meeting people. The suggestions are hit or miss, but there aren’t very many criteria you’re allowed to specify. Either way, I met some pretty cool people and am now in a relationship with one. Good starter for folks looking to get their feet wet that don’t have many strict parameters on who they want to meet.
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6 years ago, city_hunter&&
Met someone
I have met and gone on dates. This app is fun and is a great place to make friends with farmers. I personally it should be for friends, dates or serious relationship cuz I'm not into hookup or something else. I'll keep using this app as long as I get to know and  get more friends. I love listening to what people have to say. I'm up for  new adventures and chapters. You rock.
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2 years ago, Uncomp
Mhm okay I guess
Not toToot my own horn but on other dating apps I got way more Responses, (I've had this a day and got 1message still waiting for a response, and no likes ) and this app started saying lift profile limit when swiping left. It does NOT tell you how many swipes you have left. Also when creating an account it would not work with the phone number had to use google account.
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3 years ago, Sebestyenmagyar
Great looking platform but not authentic connections.
I found the app to be catchy but as soon as your on it they try to get you to buy packages and promotions. I think we’re just all trying find an app we can organically connect and meet people. Seems like it’s algorithm based too. I liked the idea but I find it doesn’t compare to hinge and how easy you can get into a conversation on there. Still haven’t had one successful connect on here after updating my bio.
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3 years ago, Versia A.
Pretty good but
Decent app. I wish premium users at least could narrow down the search a bit more. Like what kind of farming they do so it’s easier to find someone with your passions or by any of the profile labels you let us have like dating type preferred, wants kids etc
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4 years ago, Jasteeee
Best dating app for rural people
I have been on Tinder for a long time but haven't found someone really interested in long term relationships. Finally, I found this awesome dating app. People here are down to earth and nice to talk with. I did not meet anyone offline yet. But I am talking to a girl and we are planning to meet offline soon. So far so good. I will update later
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6 years ago, rosickee_meet
I like this app because you match up a lot, and you can message people who you like, see their profiles and more, You can also just swipt left to those you don't like. If you found someone weired, you can also block them. I'm near a city so there are some great people to show in my area that seem cool. Like the app a bunch.
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1 year ago, mesuly
No real chance
You only get a few swipes of the pictures, then you’re on hold until you pay. I was under the impression that this site was different. I was wrong. There’s no chance to actually see if this site is for me, because I’m on hold(can’t do anything thing else) until I pay. I was only on it one day before the hold took place. It’s a shame.
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1 year ago, Maya & Nikki
What’s up with this site?
That’s freaking sites too hard years and never matches. Are you with your matches according to your profile settings I’m 54 I’m not interested in dating a 60 to 80 year old. If anybody knows how to Peru’s this site better just send me a note. Thanks.
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2 years ago, jmfunk81
Stupid location settings
Some people travel for a living. Only being able to use your current location to find matches is asinine. I’m not looking to match at people in random places around the United States I’m looking to match with people back home however every time I travel it updates my location and matches me to people halfway across the country - asinine! I should be able to set it at my home location and save it there unless I want to tell it to roam not the opposite.
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3 years ago, Captains piratess
So fun!
I’ve just joined but the app is super user friendly. I love that you can hide your profile anytime and they have a chat feature that is just like txting making it really easy to communicate with someone without giving your personal information
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6 years ago, Franklinnnn6^^
Try it now
After trying a few dating apps, a friend told me about farmersdating. This app was easy to use, had so many new people daily, everything's free, and so much more. Had more success on getting dates through this site. But most importantly, I found the love of my life on this app. I encourage every farmer to try this app!
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3 years ago, AlgKelly
Don’t do it
I was constantly getting alerts that someone wants to see more pics or checked out my profile etc. Finally I broke down to see who all these “potentials” were. None of them were worth a dime, let alone the whole $1. But here’s the kicker. During the trial period every day I would attempt to cancel. And it would give me an error. It’s during the holidays and I forget about it. But they didn’t! Still, I couldn’t cancel it. Finally sent email. Fingers crossed someone knows what they are doing and will cancel.
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6 years ago, Utata_yeuem
It is different than the other apps I have to get used to saying hello first, I have said hi a couple of times. I havent gotten a reply back. But the app I match with tend to be higher quality than on tinder and the girl messaging first, give me a high rate. Hope the app add new features and that it become more popular.
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6 years ago, PumIlczzzzz
5 Stars to support the developers
I meet a couple of nice guys through the app. Thanks for Farmers Dating app! I thought I should upgrade to the premium to support the developers. But the app does not offer any in-app purchase.  So, I come here to write 5 stars for this app.  I hope my review can help the app to gain more users. Then, I could meet more people?
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11 months ago, Porsch63
Most Useless Dating App Ever
Only met a couple of people on here, all hundreds of miles away from me. Accidentally deleted the app and when I reinstalled it, my sign in info couldn’t be found. Had to recreate my whole profile, and my purchased subscription was lost. Contacted tech support several times and they took days to respond. None of their solutions worked and they never responded to my last request. App was unusable for 4 of my 6-month subscription.
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2 years ago, TLJensen
Not recommended.
I am so disappointed. I haven’t received one message or connection. I have had this account for over 2 weeks. I keep getting the same men over and over. So sad to pay for something with no return at all. Not recommended. I had hoped to hear back m.. it is a week later from last review and still no response. Either I am not someone who anyone likes or there is something wrong with this app. I am sorry to say this is very very disheartening.
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4 years ago, HELLO.I.AM.ME.
You can set a distance in your preferences so it only shows you people within that distance, but it lets people that are like 300 miles away like you. Why is that distance even an option?! What kind of relationship are you gonna have with someone that far away? Not a successful one! So then you’re getting all these notifications for likes that are completely pointless, cause you’re not realistically going to ever be able to date someone that far away. It’s ridiculous!
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9 months ago, Pfannytard
Zero stars wasn’t an option.
I don’t like to be so negative but I can’t find anything good to say about this app. Normally I match with people quickly yet after two weeks not a single match here. As far as their membership is concerned it’s quite expensive in comparison to all the other dating apps out there. It would be nice if the free version implied there was a benefit to sign up. Stick to Bumble and/or Hinge. Those aren’t great but better than anything else out there.
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4 years ago, Jeepers daphne
I would 100% recommend this app to all of the people that go to the hoedowns on Saturday! This is where I found my honey boo bear and we’ve been together for a whole 3 weeks now. This app is incredible and if you are desperate for some love from the cowboys and cowgirls who know how to love you right, this is the only app for you
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4 years ago, countrymom1344
Are they real?
I have been on this dating app for the past month. I have interacted with many individuals and it seems that all of them are fake profiles. I have spoke to a few people and they all seem to be the same. It is obvious those who I have spoken to are not from the area or even this country. I have had multiple people ask me for money and other things. I have not found one true farmer or country person, weeding through all these fake profiles has made it so that I want to quit the application.
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6 years ago, Brown$ZEN
Download now
Awsome !!one of the very few apps ..that is free ,easy to use...and u even get some realy cool wallpapers to download to your phone....good filter system to narrow down your search, and meet your perfect match too!! great fun !! and awsome way to meet your match !! what ya waiting for download it NOOOW !! LOL what have ya got to lose ?!go on then !! you know you want to :)
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