Farmers Insurance Mobile

4.8 (13.9K)
67.2 MB
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Farmers Group Inc
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3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farmers Insurance Mobile

4.83 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Word1 Productions
They Know a Thing or Two…
What a Great App!!! I visited my local Farmers agent’s office to make some subtle changes to my auto insurance policy. While driving home I realized that I had neglected to ask for a new proof of insurance card reflecting the changes made to my account, so instead of calling the office I installed the app. Not only were things updated on my policy in the time it took to make the seven minute drive home, my new insurance ID card was available to print and/or capture in a screenshot on my mobile device for handy reference. For all I know, those changes were already reflected on the app before I even walked from the office to my car. After being a customer for several years I have yet to have an accident or require the services of my Farmers agent. If they are even halfway as easy and accurate to deal with as the app is, I’m sure it will be a positive experience in the end.
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1 year ago, Tigress Of The Jungle
Very RUDE Rep’s on phone at call center in Columbia
I requested to speak with a manager to explain my Farmers payment that got returned due to my gym membership making a mistake on an auto debit in the same bank account. I changed my payment method so this does not happen again, but your Rep was being rude and saying discriminate things toward me about my returned payment, and when I called her out about her demeaning words to me (a customer), she hung up the phone! When I called back, all I heard was laughing and saying their manager was on lunch after I was out on hold multiple times so I released the call. I am looking for another Insurance company for auto and renters insurance because I would never tolerate that kind of customer service, EVER! On my own, I finally got to sign up for paperless after I was told that your website had issues(never resolved) because it was not recognizing my email or that I was a member. I am supposed to get a discount for this option, but not sure if that was even corrected!! And, when trying to submit a review and picking very unique and unusual “nickname’s” that you have to choose before submitting say’s, “ this name is already taken” and won’t let my review go through… WOW!!!
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10 months ago, KAOS313
They fixed it- App is broken
Update- I left a very negative review as a day I needed this app to work something was wrong and i could not even log in. Anyways this has been fixed and the app is working smoothly. I have used this app to make a claim/ pay bills and 99% of the time it has been great. But there was this one time at band camp band and … So I am only doing this so a dev can see this and fix the app. Can't log in so the app is worthless right now. Every time I try and enter my user name when I click over to the password it clears my user name. And when I try and log in with a fingerprint it again puts no user name in. Can log in from my iphone browser just fine. Really want this app to get fixed because I love paperless. 5 star app when working!!!
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1 year ago, Deamari
Unusable app for MetLife customers
I downloaded this app recently because MetLife was acquired from Farmers and I wanted to see my coverage. I was hoping that I would be able to view my coverage, etc. but it seems that if you were a previous MetLife customer, you are a second-class customer because other reviewers I’ve read here that had MetLife have had the same issue as I am. When you try to log in, it gives you a “I’m sorry” error pop up and tells you to call them. Sorry but I’m not about to wait for an hour or so (took me that long to get my insurance coverage changed when I bought a new car recently so I doubt it would be different for this) to tell them something they should already have fixed if they are looking at their reviews here. The reviews are right here on the App Store for them to see, yet the issue continues. Do better Farmers, get the former MetLife customers updated so we can use the app. We former MetLifers are paying customers just like your native customers. Hoping for the fix soon but not holding my breath.
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3 months ago, BusySportsMom31
Farmers is great, unless you actually need to use them
Farmers has been a great insurance company to me for nearly 15 years. It is a great company, until you need to actually use your policy. I am a single mother and I was excited to buy my first home in June if 2020. Little did I know I would have 2 incidents nearly a year later so close to each other. One incident being a slow chronic water leak in my master bathroom (that apparently was missed at inspection) that caused the trap to allow cockroaches through, resulting in extensive work including frame work, drywall, tire repair and a new bathroom vanity. Second, water heater sprung a leak and water flooded all over my garage and into my home, resulting in more drywall repairs and needing to rebuild garage built in cabinets. So I get a notification that I am unable to renew my homeowners insurance through Farmers, here I am, a multiple policy holder and customer for nearly 15 years, why? Because I has to actually use my home insurance policy for incidences that were out of my control. I would say this is bad and unprofessional business.
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1 year ago, $21ja
Ruben Reyna
Mr. Reyna helped me with my renters insurance and I will soon be moving my auto policy over to his branch as well. This is the best customer service from an insurance agency by far. His leadership shows throughout his entire office, if he is on a call with a customer his staff is just as amazing and knowledgeable, very respectful and courteous if you’re thinking of making a switch it will be very worth it. Mr. Reyna and his staff goes above and beyond getting you the best quotes weather it be renters insurance, vehicle insurance, homeowners, life insurance, anything you’re in the market for basically he and his team will do absolutely all the can to get you what you’re looking for. I’m glad I made the switch. Thank you Ruben Reyna to you and your staff.
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4 years ago, ISUx2
Best App Ever
This app loads quickly, gives all the necessary information required in a near or full blown emergency, and allows for the status of account information. That’s all any app should be for. Quick, easy, oversight of information. Any further details about one’s policies like specific rider verbiage, etc has no place in any app. That kind of information should be and is fully available on the full blown website. Big time bonus is when you get pulled over for any reason and asked for proof of insurance. How many times have you lost or failed to update the card in your glove box? This app will show the officer you are fully covered faster than digging through the glove box. A definite nuisance ticket avoidance tool.
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2 months ago, Stricks_Girl
Spiro Farmers Office
Let me tell you every since my original office got shut down and everything got switched over to the Spiro office with Brian Brooks I actually have had a few issues because of the switch but Kaelynn(I probaly didn’t spell that right) she has knocked it out of the park she has went above and beyond to get things fixed and to make sure that I’m getting all discounts possible. She is awesome. If only every insurance agency had a few of her. And I have to give Brian credit he has been super helpful and professional and friendly and they are just good people there. So if you are getting insurance anywhere else you might want to give them a call.
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4 years ago, BCinDenver
Finally, an app worth using!
There is nothing earth shattering about the functions and features of the Farmers app and, honestly, that’s a breath of fresh air. It’s an app that does what it’s supposed to and provides access to your info in an easy to use format and isn’t full of ads or other cluttered features that you don’t really need. Of all the financial/life necessity apps I use regularly, this is one of the best and I often forget about it because it doesn’t feel like a process to use, it just fits in to my routines. The ID cards are the best! Easy to grab when you get pulled over...and I was able to clear out a filing cabinet full of old insurance forms because everything is in the app. Well done!
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7 months ago, L0NGTIME CUSTOMER 2
Happy Customer
I am now 62 years old and have been a Farmers customer since I got a hardship license to drive a car at just 15 years old. I have stayed with farmers due to their great customer service and their dedication to satisfactorily resolving my claims. I have experienced a couple of unusual claims in my lifetime (one auto and one homeowners insurance related) and, although difficult and challenging, both we’re resolved to my full satisfaction. I value having a personal agent to work with to ensure I am buying the right products and to assist me when I faced those challenging claims. In my personal experience, Farmers has been consistently first rate.
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2 years ago, HappyMotorist
Insurance policies, cards, payment reminders, auto-pay, questions and answers, road side assistance it’s all right there in the app! Help is just a click away! I sound like an advertisement for them. My agents ALWAYS answer promptly to calls or emails. I’ve actually tried never to ask a question on a Sunday BECAUSE HE ANSWERS! That is dedicated service! My car had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere... they found me within 30 minutes! Loaded up my car and took me to the nearest repair shop. In an hour I was back on the road! Whenever we have had a claim, they have always been 100% supportive. I have no complaints!
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5 months ago, Berebabee
Good app
Just wish I can add my Farmers ID insurance card to my apple wallet. The customer service I received was unprofessional and took extremely long to resolve anything regarding my Stolen vehicle. I was not kept up to date in the details of “the investigation” regarding my car being stolen. In the end the payout was $25,000 they only agreed to $21,000. I payed for gap insurance. According to the financial institution ALLY where I made my payments. Stated I needed to call the GAP insurance to make sure they were going To cover the rest. I have never experienced this many problems as I did with farmers and they’re adjusters and they’re adjusters supervisors. I will say Russell one of the main supervisor was very friendly and helpful with my case and help me move forward smoothly and effectively!!!
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6 months ago, hol183122
L Fox
Kacie Lee Kirkland is the best insurance agent we have ever had. Farmers is the best insurance we have ever had. You must compare apples to apples. Do not go by price. But even so, we were with another big name company for over 30 years, and when we switched to Kacie Lee Kirkland and Farmers Insurance we got way more coverage for the same price. Therefore, we were able to get some additional coverage for life’s unexpected emergencies. It is so important to have an agent that will review your policy and make sure you have the coverage you need. Get insurance before you need it. Not after it is too late.
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2 years ago, KarenatTenkiller
Farmers: my company for 6 years now.
Farmers has been my insurance company for six years, perhaps longer. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive either. I’m pleased with this company and with my agent Jennifer Yerton. I had a homeowners claim three years ago, and they took care of that wonderfully. I submitted receipts by their claim app and all was taken care of. I have had 2 automobile claims. Someone scraped my bumper in a parking lot and left, and I paid my deductible. They worked very well with Jim Norton Collision. Then recently someone backed into me; Farmers took care of the repair at my choice of shop quickly, secured the rental car, and is now getting their money back from the other insurer. My only out-of-pocket has been to insure collision protection for the rental, my decision. They respond immediately to claims, claims agents are very professional, answer any questions. I feel like they are working for me, their insured, as best they can. I highly recommend this company.
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5 months ago, Big Aw...
A miracle
I can honestly say that I made the best choice by choosing farmers insurance lost my home from electrical fire but with farmers insurance being by side had my back through it all especially for my first time experience this type of loss i can honestly can say that I am very honored that I have Farmers by my side especially for this being my first time with them making sure I was make sure that I have the housing I need they even had to time to listen to me vent then I truly can say y’all are the best. Thank you Famers
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1 month ago, weed and mow
Dump Farmers Bc Claims process is a joke.
The app estimate for collision will send you an offer for less than the parts. They hope you take the first offer. Don’t do it. Get your quotes as you normally do with any other insurance company. Their claims negotiators use negative connotations and buzz words that absolutely made me suspect of their greed. Should they have made a decent offer I would have taken the check BUT since they want to low ball I’m taking advantage of the whole process, body shop repairs and car rental for the duration of the repairs. I suggest you do the same if you just so happen to get into a wreck. I’ll shop a different company for insurance right when my deal is over and done. Farmers has a scam going and servicing their clients isn’t in their focus from my standpoint.
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3 months ago, kizziesings
Forced out
I’m just here to give as low scores as possible wherever I can for hiking up our bill, forcing us to pay for two months, leaving no options otherwise, thusly making it impossible financially to keep our insurance altogether. We get word that our premium is not only being raised (not because of any accidents or violations) just because, but also we are being required now to pay two months up front for renewal on our auto insurance. Something we simply cannot pay. We have to take the account off auto-draft, but doing so removes our ability to keep a monthly plan. Without auto-draft we are required to either pay for the full year or semi-annually which of course is far more money than the two months. On top of that, the premium would also be higher. Oh and they decide to do this right when I’m caring for a 4 month old. So no options. Been with Farmers for over a decade and nothing. No grace, no mercy, no heart or compassion. Just a machine and its wheels. Pitiful. Godless. And greedy. “Make vehicular insurance mandatory. Now make it impossible to afford.” = The American dream
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1 year ago, DryD28
Wonderful App!
It has a familiar interface that makes it easy to navigate and accomplish what ever you need concerning your insurance. All tasks and information are a simple click away. You have the capability of printing, texting or emailing vital documents. All billing, account information and policy information is easy to access. It is a well thought out design that’s very easy to understand and use. Such forethought by the Designers is very much appreciated, and makes it a painless experience to use.
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2 years ago, Eric Mann
By far one if the easiest to navigate apps I have…
Im not prone to effusive praise but somehow this app makes it easy to find everything to administer and review my insurance coverage. ID cards. payments. coverage. my agent. it oddly doesn’t integrate into the claims process. i wish it did. the current _online_ claims process is confusing and clunky. My overall claims experience (5+ stars) was driven by the high quality Farmers adjusters behind it honestly…. they were great. The online stuff didn’t support the process honestly.
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2 years ago, Cynthiandrews
One of the Best Apps!
Definitely at the top of digital experiences compared to other apps I use to manage my personal business. The app always works, easy to access the info I need (less than 2 clicks), and easy to share the info with those who need it. This app actually helps me manage my life better. No annoying access issues if/when I forget my password - easy reset. Can’t say enough great things about this app!! Kudos to the developers and team at Farmers!
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6 months ago, Mrs Maggie May
My Farmers Insurance
We are very glad to have Farmers Insurance on both our vehicles and our home. We have actually had to make a claim due to an accident and it went smoothly. We also didn’t see much changes to our new policy even after others were complaining about the rise in premiums. They have been there when we need them , always ready to assist with our questions or issues. Happy Customer
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2 years ago, Georgerino
Great insurance
I’ve been a loyal USAA customer for my whole life. I just bought a new home outside of town that USAA refused to insure. The farmers agent was the only one able to insure my home without using the California Fair Plan which is exorbitant rates. He has been amazing and the whole process was so easy. The app has been easy to use. I’m considering dropping USAA completely and moving all my insurance over to Farmers. I’ll see what the cost comparison is for bringing my 3 cars and rental property.
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3 years ago, GabbyG18
Farmers Mobile app
This app is great and super convenient! You can log in with Touch ID and have everything you need like ID Card page, policy info, who your agent is and phone number and can pay your bills at anytime! I took one star away only because it’s not like Geicos where you have the option to upgrade/edit your own policy which might be useful for some who know what they want and what they’re doing. Other than that, this is a great app. If you have farmers insurance GET this app I promise you, you’ll love it!
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5 months ago, FrankieG71
Very happy with Farmers
I had several claims with farmers these past years. They always make the process easy and are always very helpful. I would highly recommend them. I did my homework and alway continue to stay with them. Don’t be fouled by cheaper rates read the policy. I rather be safe than sorry. There rates I find less than others with the actual value of your house. I always been pleased with them…
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4 years ago, Happy Affirm Shopper!
Good, can have more features
I used to have Progressive. I could easily postpone a payment up to 10 days with just 2-3 clicks in the app and done, AND without a late fee. Farmers will take that money making late fee on late-day number one, so needless to say they don’t have a postponement feature. BUT, if you’re gonna collect a late fee anyway and people don’t really have a choice because their payment doesn’t align with their paydays, for example, then at least still give the postponement option with the disclosure that they will accept a late fee.
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2 years ago, Jallily.willy
Easy to use
Using This app helps take care of almost all my insurance needs. You can pay bills, call you agent, check all your statements in a PDF FORM and download them too. I can pay all my bills check my past due amounts if I forget. This app is so easy to navigate when we have clients. this is what we send them to use. And to sign in and log on for there ID cards and much more. Definitely recommend to download
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4 years ago, Dusty||Boots
Seamless Technology, Excellent Development
Intuition. Software engineered to reach what seems to have been clearly stated and intuitive goals. I hardly realise I am using an app. My agent is not in the same city, but I have every confidence I can reach out to him and get a response quickly. The app seems as personable as the conversations I have had with him and his team. My information is easily accessible anywhere anytime — all of it. A brilliant display of a competent, caring, and thoughtful team and management.
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5 years ago, dabigwing
Great app! Good insurance company.
I think this app is great! Never have problems using it when I need to, I don’t need to use it often but when I do it works, keep up the good work. I recommend farmers insurance to everyone, they aren’t the cheapest but they are better to deal with when you have a claim than most of the other insurance companies out there as long as you have there top coverage. I am a exterior contractor trust me I know because I deal with all the insurance companies.
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2 years ago, LMM 123!
Best in the Southwest
We have been very pleased with our agent and all the office has to provide. We are always treated like family. Being able to access our insurance by mobile phone is awesome. As a tag agent in our area, mobile insurance has been a life saver and time saver for our customers. Life has changed. We are a very electronic world now days! I applaud Farmers for making it easy and customer friendly!!!!
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1 year ago, RainyCalifornia
Easy to use
Being able to access my policy information quickly from anywhere is important to me so having an app that’s easy to use is wonderful. Being able to make payments from the app is convenient and I appreciate that as well. The app in my opinion is easier and better laid out than their website so I don’t even bother using the website anymore.
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1 year ago, kaitiura
From what I’ve seen, this app is excellent!
Policies at a glance anytime, insurance cards accessible by saying “Hey Siri, show my insurance cards” (you can choose your own phrase), all your insurance info right on your phone wherever you are! This seems to be one of the better apps available for specific pertinent information you might need at any moment where you otherwise may not have access to it. I’m very impressed!
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2 years ago, lweb7
Friendly and Efficient Service Handling a Claim
I recently had to submit a claim on my property. All the agents I worked with at Farmers and the adjuster were professional and friendly, and made a stressful situation easy to manage. The Hover and Farmers apps to submit a claim and pictures were not only simple to use, but also streamline the process to complete the steps needed timely and efficiently. Thank you for making a tough experience worry-free!
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11 months ago, Cerridwenscall
Absolutely tickled I chose to answer phone!!
Christy, local to Battle Creek, MI, called & I had dodged her for weeks. Had coverage already. I was at $148/month. Did I mention I have zero income. I have zero county/city/state aid either. Had no idea where to get $148 from. So, there was a major comp system/policy change over this past weekend. She re-ran my info, VERY SERIOUS when I say Jear Desus!!! I am only paying $78/mth now! Tytyty so much & many happy blessings to Christy.
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4 months ago, Wendyy13
Kim and her Team are Amazing
I have known Kim since 2009 when I moved from low service insurance company, Kim guide me since with new products and take care of my entire family and friends. Kim it’s like a close friend that always is there for me! I’m so grateful that one day she showed up at Milano offering rental insurance for my residents because I be came if of her clients. Her team always has been friendly and helpful! Love you guys 🧡
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2 years ago, irislanchellie
Very easy to use!
I used to call my agent to pay my bills and unfortunately only allowed to pay the full/ partial amount. But when i discover this app, i was able to pay small portions of it until the due date. For me it’s very important coz i need to budget our income for so many bills! And one more think! The policies are always handy because of the app. Thank you and keep it up!
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2 years ago, dawns hair salon
Jon hood age
I Can’t ride enough good things about John when I had my car accident he found some good cars economically and very safe cards for me to look at and he’s like help me get my drivers license when my wallet was stolen and you can’t get through to Dol whether you need to come in or you need to do what so Jon just says no I got it what’s your credit card number OK it’s been sent to your email new temporary license
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1 year ago, Turntallthawayup
Best Coverage I’ve Had in Awhile!
I appreciate the coverage and the customer service provided by Farmers. The app is easy to use and I’ve had no problems with it. I previously had Root and I was never satisfied with the difficulty of speaking with a live person to assist with issues. Plus, they kept raising my rate multiple times a year when my monitored driving habits were excellent.
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2 years ago, Oni A
Kathy Carmichael
I had need to change my insurance and I really dreaded the process. However, the minute I walked into Kelli James’ office I felt relief. I was met with a smile and after just a minute I felt I’ve know her forever! In record time Kelli had everything under control and she had all my vehicles insured and my homeowners insurance completed. It was a pleasant experience and I will be recommending Kelli James to family and friends.
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4 years ago, DaddioMN
Long time Farmers customer.... Greenfield, MN
The app is very helpful. I like having policy info at my fingertips. The opening UI is a bit clumsy. Not a fan of 5-6 open windows to scroll through. But it is navigable. BTW my agent is my first stop for any major questions, policy or coverage changes, and he is VERY responsive, smart and HELPFUL. He doesn’t just toss quick answers at me. He thinks, asks good questions, and gives wise advice. I trust him. The app is nice, it’s a simple fact that a good agent is way more important than an app... ;-)
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1 year ago, Danielle R Cox
Great Insurance company
I have renters insurance through Farmers insurance and also our car insurance and we’ve never had any issues or problems with them. Any time I’ve had to speak to someone they’ve always been very nice and helpful. Their rates are affordable for us which is nice since we are on a fixed income. We’re happy we chose Farmers to do business with.
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9 months ago, edhsjess
Great company!
My agent goes above and beyond to ensure I am getting the best rate for the coverage I need and never tries to oversell to me. He works fast and really helps me understand my policies and works quickly finding me as many discounts as I’m eligible for. Very knowledgeable and communicates through email, texts and phone calls whichever works for you and answers back quickly.
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3 years ago, DistressedDesign
Stay away from Farmers
After being pressured to take my truck to their “preferred” body shop, I’m still waiting and it’s been five weeks. A repair that should have taken one week, ten says at most, has dragged on for over a month with no end in sight. I wanted to take my vehicle to the local dealer, but the adjuster basically threatened me saying Farmers would not cover any costs they deemed unnecessary or above what they thought was warranted. So I reluctantly took my vehicle to their shop and have regretted it sine day one. The adjuster has been absolutely no help in trying to remedy situation. Farmers has lost my trust and will lose my business when my policy is up for renewal.
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11 months ago, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......
Was!! a good app until mandated agreements
I’ve used the Farmers Insurance mobile app for several years and loved it’s convenience, however after updating to newer app last I discovered that by agreeing (which is mandatory on initial opening) I was switching to paperless invoices and that I was agreeing to data & location tracking by Farmers. Their required acceptance prior to use seems unusual for Apple. In the recent past, I could opt out of data collection and location/GPS tracking. I have now deleted the app and would encourage Apple to look at what the developer company is forcing on users prior to use.
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5 years ago, Stephen024
Get this app.
I’m grateful how easy it is to open with my fingerprint and find what I need quickly every time (and the information sought varies). I can’t think of a way to make this app better except if they give insurance rate discounts for using it twice every six months! I like these colors especially, too, and thank you for the color cyber policy ID card. It’s easy to share by email and text.
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4 months ago, Aug1989!
Efficient and User-Friendly App (and company)
I have spent hours on the phone paying bills, frustrated, because other companies don’t have an easy app/website to use. I would prefer to just do everything on apps and websites. This app is golden. I appreciate Farmer’s so very much for their work on this app. It’s not clunky like some of the rest. 5 stars!
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2 years ago, miss.Cleos DAD
Everyone has been TOP Notch
From the first time the agent called me they were and are Five Stars the folks on the phone answer quickly if not in a reasonable amount of time, they have always have been able to resolve the problem or answer my questions the FiRST time I call, I can’t say enough about how good my agent is, and the folks in the office .
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1 year ago, Edburns
Updated app is great improvement
Our visit to the app to pay our bill revealed a significant improvement over the previous version I recall. It is set up much more like a bank/financial app with similar features letting you select the date a payment is processed and the account it is paid from. Very nice improvements.
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9 months ago, Executive Limo Bus
California Wildfire victim 2018
If it wasn’t for Farmers and our agent Wayne Miller I don’t know what would’ve happened. Our agent informed us about our area being in a high fire area it might be a good idea to get Loss of use, as everyone should know if your house is unlivable ALE will take over the frustration of finding living accommodations while life comes back to normal.
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4 years ago, Reloaderator
Best Insurance, Best Insurance App
Super happy I switched to farmers. Cheaper for the same coverage and they also insure in California. Which is hard to come by after the fires. Now to the app. The app is crazy easy to operate. Want to see your bill it’s right there in settings. Want to see your coverage for individual vehicles no problem. My favorite parts is being able to add ID cards to my Apple Wallet. Over all, great app.
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12 months ago, Nancy in Lees Summit
Satisfied client
I have been with Farmers Insurance now for 5-6 years and I am so happy with this company. Brad Seiner and his staff are the best. They truly care about their clients. Always very pleasant every time I talk to them. The Farmers Insurance mobile app is the easiest app to navigate and to pay your bill or look at your statement or view or print your insurance card. A happy client!!!!
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