Fashion Design Sketches: Style

4.2 (3K)
245.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pocket Art Studio
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fashion Design Sketches: Style

4.15 out of 5
3K Ratings
11 months ago, snakelover_09
Love it but I have something to say
This game is awesome it really unleashed my creativity but the price for premium is quite high a price Wich most people can’t afford it’s not realistic to do that and I know an app can be pricy to make and they need to make profit but it’s a really high price and if you don’t have premium Wich I don’t have you are limited to three or less clothing templates in each section and you can’t enter in a competition so other people will never see your incredible work I really do like the game besides the whole premium thing I do recommend downloading it cause you can still make great designs but this is just a heads up
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2 years ago, Alex kayte
Good but one thing
I think this app is very good. But one thing about it is that everything is almost premium only a few choices. Now don’t get me wrong the app is amazing and you get help by the lines but everything is almost premium. are you makes me a little mad and I don’t write long reviews but it’s a good app that’s why I’m ready to get five stars but if you can just maybe make less things premium so people will try your app more because if you have more premium things nobody would get the app not trying to be rude but everything is almost premium. I suggest this app is a good app I offered it to my friend and she loves it but she never got premium and she got mad over it but and then deleted the app. I told her it was just an app and it’s not her life but then she told me that the app is really bad and it never did anything it was all premium and it wasn’t so this app is very good. oh my friends loved it except that one but if you made more things not premium I would love it even more thank you for your time! <3
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5 months ago, LBH🌈💙💜👱🏼‍♀️🦄🦋
Not exactly the best
So I’ve been looking for art games that I can just get into and make art and I like to make dresses this one’s really cool I thought but it’s actually very terrible the pictures on there not actually good you have to pay for things there so many ads and you have to draw it all by yourself yes it does give you some of those things but it’s not the absolute best it’s not what I was looking for but yeah you can’t get everything you wish for and Yes the pictures look good on the thing but always read the comments and this comment might just help you because this is not the best best game for art it’s very hard to use and very glitchy thank you for hearing me and if the editor comes on please notify me tell me your sons things I get y’all have I yes the pictures look good on the thing but always read the comments and this comment might just help you because this is not the best best game for art it’s very hard to use and very glitchy thank you for hearing me and if the editor comes on please notify me tell me you some things I get y’all have to be paid and support your families but this takes a lot of money
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4 years ago, 🖍📐🖤🔏🧮📝🔗💚🔏🔗📝
I hate it🤬🤬🤬
One Immediately asked for you to get everything on Unlimited and then you have to wait at least three or two minutes just so you gonna hit start with the basics and the basics are it makes you pick a body female or male which I like but that’s the only thing I like I got into it for a millisecond and I already hated it for skirts there’s only five skirts and if you don’t get unlimited you only get one skirt and it makes you pick a color and there’s only three pallets you can choose from out of a ton that are NOT unlocked unless if you get the unlimited but that’s not my only complaint it was very slow when I got into it it took a while to load and I clicked on an ad to close it and asked me if I wanted to buy The unlimited once again and I tried leaving that so I can get a shirt and it completely closed out the app and also I tried getting one of the other items you can put on and it said element is not unlocked which kind of makes me mad because if you can’t wear anything else what’s the point you should get at least one no no at least two please fix this app maybe I will re-download it thank you have a nice day
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4 years ago, Frosty_blueberry
Don’t waste your time.
Honestly if I could give this app zero stars I would. Normally I don’t mind apps that you have to pay to unlock certain stuff even though I will NEVR play for an app, however, this app is super misleading. I need to design some clothes for a cosplay and I thought this app would be a good way to play around with different styles but I was wrong. First of all, you only get to chose between two genders which I guess is okay, it’s not transphobic but sometimes I’d like to design unisex clothing but it’s whatever. Second you only get ONE option for every piece of clothing. You get one shirt style, one skirt, one dress, etc. for literally everything else you have to pay way too much just to unlock some basic and boring shirt designs. I think I spent five minutes at the most on the app before I got sick of it. The concept is great but the execution is god awful, there could have been a lot more done with the app. You could have the option to watch ads to unlock certain things instead of having to pay a ridiculous amount for some digital clothes on an app you probably won’t use very much. TL;DR the app is mediocre at best. You’re better off making a collage of google images and going with that than this sad excuse of a “free” app.
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1 year ago, hucima
not fair but good
It’s not fair that those who have unlimited get more shares more things but the one who don’t have a limited cat I’m like only a little little bit of things I think it’s good but put the price down a little because that is too much and it is not fair that they want to get on them and get more space and more choices to do and the ones who don’t have unlimited and have everything unlocked is not fair show but I think the stores are good app so please update it like into Christmas New Year’s Valentine’s Day I like the updates too so thank you
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1 year ago, Sonja.Z.
This is a great deal! ⭐️
I love this app. It is easy to use, the drawing handles well even with your finger, every color you can imagine, and all of the essentials are free! You can draw whatever you want no problem. I know a lot of people aren’t thrilled about the premium subscription, but you have to pay anyway for subscriptions with other apps like Canva and Adobe, so when you think about it what you do get for free is really good! If I had one suggestion, I would say maybe make back facing figures, so you can draw the back of your designs as well. But yeah I LOVE this app!
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2 years ago, loves cat hemi
What is going on????
I love its sooooooooooo good but I just got it and I only made 4 drawings and I click on them again and it loads then my girl in the drawing just all go’s to the right and I can’t fix it and I did another one and the same thing happened again and why do we have to pay to show our art to inspire someone but we can’t and why is everything that is free is so little and it has Clothes built in for the drawing for it why do we need that why can’t we have all the clothes (free clothes not the premium) that’s all and can we get more colors not the ugly ones without buying premium whatever monthly thing Now that’s all
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3 years ago, Jenna Scott
Could be better
Right away, they immediately want to ask you to get the premium version which none of the 3 options are cheap. I’m not gunna pay $15 for 1 month of premium, that’s way too much. But the only way to actually enjoy the app is to get premium because everything is locked. I’m trying to make my own business and design my own clothes. This app would be VERY useful to me but you have to pay to to anything with the app. It’s just disappointing when the app could actually be nice.
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2 years ago, Adaminchicago
Expand the color palette…
This app has so much potential and I hope the developer(s) can see that and stay on top of trying to make this the go to for anyone interested in fashion design, sketching or illustration. A few things that should be addressed are: 1-Color palette is not good. There are lots of hues and tones missing, and for this kind of interest color is everything. 2-Allow all clothes to be used by model no matter gender. I noticed the male gender has clothes that I couldn’t fit onto a female bodice and that was disappointing. 3-Have a recently used color tab. Maybe there is one and I haven’t found it yet but I have found myself forgetting a certain hue that I used and unable to find it. Other than that I’ll continue to use the app and hope that it can grow because with the right team and dedication this app can really go far. 🤞🏼
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1 year ago, Gx Cori
Price too high for what you get
This app has so much potential. It could easily give Pret-a-template a run for its money, but the brushes, price and lack of croqueis really are too much money for too little. Palm recognition was causing all kinds of issues and no pressure sensitivity. I hope the developer can make some changes and lower the price. Update after developer response: Prêt-à-Template said the same when I first reviewed them. Then they made it free, or purchase some coquis or some brushes and several subscription options. I immediately bought a subscription in my price range. You coukd do the same. Your share designs gallery is brilliant…the cost is not. Consider it…
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2 years ago, nhowh
The developer please read
I understand everything can be free but straight up I’m a kid and I worked for my allowance I don’t want to just spend it all on an app because my parents would get mad at me but I understand that you have to make stuff expensive to make money off the app but can you at least like let people have fun with the app and having to pay $15 for premium to actually make dresses or fashion designs because I really enjoy making stuff like that but I can’t afford that because I am an 11-year-old and I can’t afford that but thank you for trying your best have a blessed day.
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4 years ago, fancy reviews
Don’t download this
I am very interested in the fashion industry and I aspire to become a fashion icon one day but if you do find this review this app is horrible and don’t download it. This is very disappointing because I was looking forward to this but it just flopped, first of all why not make everything free because there are only five items and not a big variety of colors. Two after you watch an add it literally decides to freeze for somewhat reason, I already shut down the app twice and it still freezes so work on that. Anyways if you guys don’t want any bad reviews just make sure to actually know what you are doing and don’t scam people, thank you for your service. I was gonna give this zero stars but I can’t apparently so I’ll give you guys one.
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1 year ago, ggxggxujs
Amazing app but started not to work??
I got this app a few days ago. I got it because I got a new Apple Pencil I couldn’t wait to try it. I tried it and it worked. Well I only got to do five drawings in total I am very annoyed. I pressed create a project and it took me to the thing where it said that you could get I think premium I press the X so I could leave that and I could start my project it didn’t work it just kept going back to the homepage but other than that it’s amazing. I’m trying to make it work. But thank you for reading this if you did hope you have a wonderful day bye-bye
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2 months ago, $adi3
This app is awesome!
Although if you decide not to purchase a plan when you first get this app, you still have access to enough things to show off your creativity. And if you don’t like any of the options it gives you, you can free draw as well. This app is perfect for you’ve designers like me and for more experienced designers as well, I totally recommend this app and I don’t think you even really need to pu.r chase anything on here.
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2 years ago, Nancyhartman
Can not cancel
Updated: I found the link on the phone( not the app) to cancel the subscription. Issue solved. I downloaded this app and then purchased the one month Premium which it says can be canceled before it’s renewal date on the app. However there is NO section on the app that allows you do this. I then sent them an email and have not heard back from them. There is no way of communicating with them via phone. This seems to be a scam! I will update if I hear back from them.
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3 years ago, hello 3837
To be honest it’s not bad💀✋🏼
I was looking for a place to add all of my fashion designs and i came across this app i saw a lot of bad reviews but i downloaded it cause why not but it was honestly easy to use the only problem is that there isn’t a variety of colors and i don’t know if it’s just me but i can only access two projects And i recommend adding more faces. But overall it’s not a bad app i recommend trying it! Please reply when you get the chance!
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2 years ago, claire846732
It’s so bad don’t download it!
Every time I try to zoom in and color it right away it zoomed out and when I zoom out it zooms in it’s so bad! I get so frustrated with it it’s so dumb and when I zoom in or zoom out it moves to the right! I can not stand one second playing this! I hope they update it if they don’t I hope they delete it forever. Please read this and all the other hate reviews cause they have a point. And if we all say hate comments and they delete it forever! I don’t want you to download this if you do your just wasting time. So please don’t download this it’s a waste of time. Thank you😊
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5 years ago, A good reveiwer
This is a Scam
First of all, the game asks you what kind of gender do you want to design for, the only genders are female and male. What if I want to design for a non-gender binary person? Am I supposed to just deal with it and cope with the fact that they are discrimination transgender, queer, and non binary people? I think not. Secondly, every 10 seconds they tell you that you can’t place anymore on your person/model and tell you to buy something for $10 so that you have unlimited clothes to put on the person/model, which I for one think is stupid. Lastly, this game has such a low rating (and I don’t know why I decided to download it) that it’s on the worst rated list, you can search it up on google, yahoo, etc.
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6 months ago, Anais Pozzi
Design what you want
This app is amazing because you can use stencils and than design it in the color you want. This would be wonderful if you are a fashion designer or you love design. You can design dogs cats or humans. You can also do cool trick with AI you can make it anime, 3d, fantasy, manga, Digital art. So pick this if your into designing or I want to compete in a design competition. Love it like it like I do with fashion design sketches!
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6 years ago, NorahMary
Too many ads!
This game does not have very many choices for your design. Also, when you get this app you don’t get the full version. So there is an ad that pops up every 2 minutes that asks you to buy the full version that costs $10! If you X out of it then an ad for another game pops up. SUPER FRUSTRATING! I would not recommend this app. It is a little fun for a while but not for long. I think you should be able to create your own design instead of just picking the different options they have for you which is limited and the color for your design. They do have a very wide and organized color option though. Again it was ok but not the best app. Too many adds!!
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5 years ago, jaycat_67
First of all when you first get on there and already ask if you want to do the full thing instead of only getting half of me being a smart person and not paying for a game that I’m probably not even going to keep for that long I just went for the limited when I got on there you could only pick from one shirt and one pair of pants one dress you get it one of everything you got to see you at the other options but you couldn’t click on them who wants to play a game or even just model a model or you can only pick the same thing every single time and might I just add there but all really ugly except for the pants like the dress is a freaking nightgown 🤦🏼‍♀️
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3 months ago, sofruizzzzzz
I love this game so much but whenever I use my iPad, this grain always come out and I’m not sure what it is but it always ruins my drawings and this happens when I press the undo button and sometimes it goes away but if I pre the undo button to much it’ll come back. I love this game but I’ll be doing and spending so much time on a model and my design but then this happens and it ruins it for me.
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3 years ago, Galaxygirl12098
I love this!!
You see a ton of poor reviews from years ago, but honestly I think this app is great! For what you get for free, you can still make plenty of unique outfits! There’s lots to choose from too, and the style of the brushes is so lovely. And even if you did pay, it’s not that much. Which makes this app even better! For an fashion designer in the making, it’s perfect.
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1 year ago, dreamgalaxy251
Unfair but good and needs a few more tools
This game is really unfair since their is a premium. We only get to choose a few tools and we don’t even have a paint bucket. You should also have a hair selection and a facial expression choice since it is really hard to draw that for most of the people drawing on this app. The premium mostly has everything but everything else is fine.
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2 years ago, JaxMermaid
I’ve read reviews and all of their developer responses. No, a three day trial period doesn’t make it any better tha you have to pay to unlock 80% of the app. Payment stuff for games is meant to unlock extra content, not to make it possible to enjoy. Developers clearly don’t understand that it needs to be enjoyable in the first place for people to want to pay for more. It’s extremely disappointing that I can only create up to 5 designs without paying ridiculous prices. “3 day free trial” isn’t an excuse for a crappy app
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10 months ago, Sugar Pumpkin
Some suggestions
My opinion is that premature is way too expense. Also there she be hair and faces u can put on the models. Also, so you can do the make up and color the hair. One more thing I think no premium members should be able to compete In the fashion competition. Other than that this is a great app.😉 Also why can’t I do more than 5 projects without having to do premium. Thank you.
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2 years ago, 😇😂😇😂😇😇😂
It’s good for the most part :)
It’s great expect when you do a free draw there’s a plus size woman but there’s no plus size woman in the templets option so I think there should be the same ppl in both options and I think there should be layers bc it would probably be a huge help to all of the people using this, but other than that I think it’s a amazing app 😊🙌
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10 months ago, teagan chin
This app is the best just one thing
Ive always had trouble sketching outfits and this app helped me so much but everytime i zoom in it zooms back out everytime i sketch out a outfit it zooms out i dont know if its me or something but its really annoying and if its the app please fix it it would be very well appreciated if you can fix the app.
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2 years ago, yessssssssssssszzzzzart
Please change
I was impressed by the quality but the fact a person must Buy two get certain items makes my blood boil. Why? Just to make money I know that the whole purpose of a game is to make money but maybe you can try add that if you want to have a different model than you can make money by adding money to models but other than that the game is amazing 8/10 not adding the complaint
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2 years ago, Designer/Creator🥳
Amazing review!!🥳
This app is amazing, it has everything and it’s so easy. I love it so much I have played it non stop. To go premium it’s a little expensive but even with out premium it’s awesome I recommend this to anyone who wants to design and create clothes. I am giving it a five star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ rating!! It’s definitely the best game I’ve ever used, I love it. ❤️😍
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2 years ago, Cookbook ;)
Great game!
It’s a good game but there’s a few difficulty’s 1 I feel like you should not be able to go out of line! And 2 maybe you should give us more options to decorate without having to spend thousand’s of money to get more things. This is not a bad app at all! I love it! But the way we have to get premium to get good things is outrageous! Overall this is a amazing app! And if you fix those problems it would be a 5 star!!
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3 years ago, Roblox meme or 21
What does app has made me become
This app makes me feel like I belong in a fashion studio, I love designing fashion four dolls and designing fashion for regular people as well so that’s what this app is made for, I like it but I really really want you to make it fully free, so that way we can create more of our projects without paying money
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1 year ago, Bvyjbdryhj
Awesome yet needs some changes
I love this app. I would recommend it to ages 6+! But I don’t think that you should need to pay for the outfits that have a zipper thing on it. It’s not fair! And same with entering the competition. I really want to, but I have to pay. PLEASE change this as soon as possible. I’m begging you. Please and thank you.
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3 years ago, Chowchowmaltipoo
Amazing app
I love it it’s amazing I don’t know why people give it a 1 STAR it already puts the body for you and then there are options for you to pick your outfit or your just sketch your own I love it but maybe add more options for the outfits BUT AMAZING APP I LUV IT I’m 1 want to be a fashion designer when I grow up and this app is really good and helpful!!!
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2 years ago, ♡✨🍍Sam✨🍓♡
This app is amazing!
I completely recommend this app! It’s so easy and fun. I figured out how to use the app in under 5 minutes. I haven’t found anything wrong with the app. I saw most of the views were 1 star didn't know if should download it. But I did and I do not regret it. It’s the best fashion app I’ve used.
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5 months ago, Maddie the baddie ❤️❤️
Very good game but one thing
Overall every Thing is chef’s kiss but there is one thing if you could move the competition button and the premium button. Every time i try to move i always press the competition button or premium button
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1 year ago, sloths for the win
It's okay, but...
This game is great and I don't have premium and it only let's me do 5 outfits without it. Also, the amount of options without premium is HORRID. Three skirts, three shirts, three shoes, three of anything. Its absolutely ridiculous. This would be so much better if you had more options. Also, EVERYTHING has premium... I love it and all, but please change this. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, fusisiehdh
I love this game buuuuut
I love this game it helps me come up with a lot of designs and makes me fell creative but the only thing that would be better if they added more body types. Like sure I would like to design a skinny girl but I also want to style a girl closer to my size or make taller or shorter people or skinny and thicker people but besides that it’s great
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3 years ago, Singel girl
Don’t download !!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬
So I downloaded this without looking at the reviews and I regret I thought that this was honing to be fun and free but there aren’t many things to choose from and I’m flexible so I went with it even though it kept saying get premium but it would kick you out of the app if you pressed the exit button. And after I did 2 designs it wouldn’t let me do another design without getting premium and that’s where lost it. I could go on and on about my complaints but I don’t have time I have to find a designing app that’s free and works!!!!
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3 years ago, i_am_a_banana_ha
of you’re looking for a review to tell you not to get this app you’ve found it. I’m in a fashion elective and was trying to find an easy to use app where I can plan out some designs. I enjoyed this app for 10 seconds when I had the choice to decide which model I wanted. However, it went downhill from there. You are given a very limited selection of design choices and colors if you don’t pay money. It is definitely not worth wasting your money on considering it is extremely overpriced. Do not download this entire app is a scam.
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2 years ago, The hate of this game
What the heck 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
When I want to use his app won’t let me every time or you go onto this app it asked me to use my credit card yeah I need to fix this app before before it gets banned what do you need to do is fix this because it’s really bad this app is horrible when I want to design a dress and won’t let me so what you need to do instead of counting your money exist app because this app is not working and that’s why you don’t have a lot of money because you’re gonna fix this app!
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8 months ago, TheExplorah
Make premium less expensive
This is a fine game, but after a while it stops you from doing anything because of the adds for premium. Premium costs almost $20! Premium gives you lots of different opportunities to make sketches you really like. So if I had one complaint, it would be to make premium less expensive.
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1 year ago, My Friends Call Me ET
Better off getting free templates off of google
I wanted to like this app, but it is impossible to use. I tried to make it work, but due to the lack of good brushes, ability to manipulate the brushes (change streamline), lack of layers, no pressure sensitivity, etc, it is unimaginably difficult to use. On top of that, it requires a subscription for what is an incredibly bare bones program. In my opinion, just get procreate, infinite painter, or sketchbook, and download free templates from online. That’s what I do instead of using this app.
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4 years ago, Hehvhwjckenvh
It’s pretty good
I like the app, but it would be nice if it had a free eraser option (for people like me who make a lot of mistakes 😉). It also kept zooming out for no reason while I was designing, that was kind of annoying. More free options would be awesome, I know the creatures need to make money but a couple more options probably wouldn’t hurt. All in all I’d say it’s a pretty good app.
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3 years ago, improffesionalyes
Overall, fine
1. There are only 5 poses total, and all of them were either front facing or slightly turned. More poses from more angles would be AMAZING. 2. Limited colors, although we get the ability to change the brightness of the colors and there are different palettes, I feel as though adding a color wheel for at least premium users would be a useful addition. 3. Limited tools, while we get more than one brush, that along with one eraser isn’t enough. Even if locked behind a paywall, a ruler, a blending or color-picking feature would be so helpful Other than that this app is very useful and easy to navigate. I enjoy using it and creating designs
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3 months ago, Fashionkilla16
Won’t let me create more sketches
When I first downloaded this fashion sketch app I was so happy I get to create a fashion design sketch and not struggle with the body sketch, but then when I was about to make another sketch it would not let me do so I kept restarting my iPad and closing out the app it still does the same I swear y’all need to do better with apps like this and in the future
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2 years ago, Khalie#Dog lover🥰😍😘❤️❤️
Please read
I love this app! There are so many cool designs to play with, and I am only 13! I wanted to be a fashion designer and I never found out where I could show off my talent, but this app changed that and now I am going to live my dream! So thank you for reading this. GET THIS APP 👗❤️🤩
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3 years ago, big chuie
What is a really good app until I get to design and it started acting up wouldn’t let me do anything and it cost a lot a lot of money to just do a whole entire year at $39 for a whole entire year so I’d give it a one it’s not that bad but it’s pretty boring too.😡
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3 years ago, Funtime Hoax
Marker is BROKEN!?
I was testing out the app because I wanted to make my own designs because I’m bored. I chose a skirt and I tapped the marker pen, thing, and then I tried to design it. Yes, it made a mark, BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CANVAS! It drew about three inches away from where my finger was. I scribbled around trying to see if it was just a small bug that can be fixed, but no. It didn’t do anything, I still see the potential if they fix the bug 🙂
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