Fate/Grand Order (English)

4.5 (14.2K)
118.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aniplex Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fate/Grand Order (English)

4.46 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
6 years ago, BasilC555
Not your typical gacha
Fate/GO like its other gacha brethren has a ranking for its servants and craft essences in the for of a star ranking between 1 and 5. Now usually when it comes to a gacha game it's implied that the more stars tacked onto something the better it is. This is where Fate/GO alters from the rest of the gacha scene as a whole, in that just about any servant can be viable given team composition and craft essence attached to them. By far the best example of this comes in the form of 3 star lancer cú chulainn. While cú may have lower stats than 4 and 5 star units, his skills are what make him so amazing. With out going into depth on cú's skills I'll just summarize with that they essentially make him unkillable if you use them wisely. Cú is so good that he actually makes some 4 star units look bad in comparison. As for craft essences there are many that have similar effects with various levels of bonuses depending on rank, but there are still many unique craft essences in the 3-5 star range that can find use on just about any servant. The point of this long block of texts is just to say that stars don't define what is good or bad in this game. Don't be afraid to play around with low star units because some can potentially out class high star units if used to their fullest potential. With this in mind I hope if you're just now downloading Fate/GO that you keep this information in mind when you play and to have fun, I know I am.
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6 months ago, FL-EQBD
Account recovery
For anyone it concerns, you can reach out to customer support and they can help get you your account back, speaking from personal experience. Drop rates can be hit/miss so if that’s your only reason for playing, you probably won’t like it here. The story is pretty entertaining especially compared to other gachas that primarily aim to cultivate gambling addictions and you have to be into that in order to enjoy the game. Some fights can be pretty hard to get done, but aside from challenge quests(which I haven’t seen in a while) you can still get by with story servants and friend servants(it’ll still be painstaking). All in all, it’s a game for FATE fans. You gotta want to play it lol. I also would recommend not buying SQ’s unless it’s for one of the guaranteed summons(unless of course you have the money to spare). Now is a pretty good time to get into it because you don’t have to wait for the story to come out, most of it is already done, so you can just play through. It can be pretty grindy if you really want to max everyone out but it’s not mandatory, I only go to those lengths for my favorites. For the best cost:performance ratio get skills to level 6 and NP’s to no more than 2/3. Also take advantage of those low star units, they can be really good. Nearly every premium unit has a free low star version that’s a lot easier to max out, and usually has a much higher NP gain rate.
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4 years ago, Kizu Strife
Fun, addictive, but sketchy business practices
This game is fun. There’s no question I’ll continue to play this game for some time to come. I’m not even a fan of the fate series, but I enjoy collecting characters and drifting through the quests when I’m bored or at work. However, I almost deleted the app after discovering some very questionable business practices. I know this is par for the course concerning mobile games, but I’m still disappointed. There are occasional special events that would allow you collect 5 star (the highest) characters. Normally one would use the in game currency they’ve accrued to do so. However, the special events only accept purchased (with real money) in game currency to do so. Against my better judgement I was going to buy some. Here’s where it was over the top for me. You need 30 credits. However, you can only buy 25, 4, and 1 - or spend more for an amount over 25. All that said I will continue to play this game. It is very much a game you can succeed at and never spend a dime of real money. So why write this review? Because ... I’m just disappointed. I think the state of affairs of the gaming industry is really sad. It’s about making money first, and I hate seeing that. Don’t spend real money on this game.
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7 years ago, Mashu Kyrielite
NP Levels don’t really matter...
People here are complaining about how you “need multiple copies of the same 5 star servant to bring out its max potential”. That’s really a stretch. When you feed another 5 Star servant to your main copy, it levels up their Noble Phantasm and makes it a bit better. But I think you guys are misunderstanding the point of that mechanic. It doesn’t really do that much to warrant you spending money to NP Level 5 that servant. It’s there so that people who accidentally get that servant again in the Gacha don’t feel like they wasted too much of their money for nothing, since there’s no use for multiple copies of a servant aside from feeding it to your original copy and leveling its Noble Phantasm. Also, if you’re getting stuck on Okeanos, you’re just not playing the game correctly. When I was playing the Japanese version, my luck was pretty bad, so I only had one 4 Star from the guaranteed starting roll. (Whoever said they were lucky to get a 4 star servant by rerolling their account is a liar because you’re guarenteed a 4 star servant or higher on your first 10 roll) I heard Okeanos with a team of Siegfried(4Star), Medusa(3Star), Mashu(3Star), and Sasaki Kojiro(1Star). The game isn’t hard. And personally, for me, my waifu/favourite character in the game is Mashu, so I don’t need to spend a dime trying to get her because she’s the starter servant.
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3 years ago, LoyalFox13
Never seen something like this.
Out of all tue gatcha games i have played, this one makes me feel the best. Why? Obviously because: 1- i like the anime, unfortunatelly if you dont like the anime then you will soon be living the game because it makes you work too much for an anime you consider second or third. 2- the care given to every character is priceless, i mean 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 stars and even the one that has no stars. They all have something to unravel. 3- all characters have 3 skins, when you ascend one time, you see another skin, the third time, another, the fourth, a new card picture. I was so excited to see my favorite go and look cooler and cooler and know more about him. (Even more than the anime) this happens with all rarities compared to other games that only has content for high stars. 4- customizable, even if you reach max level, if you dont like the skin you can change it back to the previous ones. There is no other game like this in the gatcha mobile games, at leas i have never seen it myself. 5- as hard as it gets, you still have the chance to make your dreams come true, if your favorite is medusa, a three star, when you max level her, you can keep going and increase her level cap, even higher to that of a five star level cap.
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6 years ago, MeiaKirumi
Great game, also please stop complaining about the gacha
I really love this game and the characters! The gameplay is also really good and strategic too and it can even favour 1 Star - 3star Servants as there are plenty of videos where people clear challenge quests with only 1-3 star Servants. This is what makes Fgo really unique compared to other gacha games as even if the servant is not a 5star, it can still work really well and even better than 5stars! So stop complaining about the gacha! There are so many good Servants that are not 4 star or 5 star and they even give out really good welfare 4 stars like Chloe and Rider Kintoki. And you can even borrow your friends 5 star Servants. If you still can’t clear story or hard even maps you can use command spells, but lets be honest, it is all up to the player skill in the end so if you are complaining that the game is too hard and you need better Servants, just get better at the game, it’s that simple. Many “hard” stages of the story can be soloed by a single servant (I Euryale who is a 3 star soloed the hardest stage of Gawain and soloed lancetoria with a friend’s Okita. So in summary, get better at the game if you can’t pass it. 1-3 star Servants can carry you a long way. Besides, the average players luck shouldn’t be so abysmal that they can’t get a 4-5 star servant after playing for a while.
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6 years ago, NikeroVast
A great way to learn
I love the Fate series. I’ve used it as a way to teach my family and friends about history, religion, and culture. The game mechanics themselves are easy to understand and in the end are fun. The only real problems I have with the game is that connecting with the server takes time and a lot of rebooting of the app and even after you manage to get into the game it becomes incredibly difficult to keep it from crashing. Fix those things and add a few more characters you can posses and the game could become a massive hit. I myself would like to see characters from my own Mormon religion. Although hard to find a true source of information on the Mormon culture online you can simply go to the lds website and all the information is there. Besides that I have seen no characters from African culture or any characters from more recent history. People from world war 1 or 2 could be made into servants. While this is a game, I use it as a source for teaching and learning and even encouragement and more than anything I want to learn more about every culture I can find and the fate series is a great way to encourage me to do so. Thank you for such amazing manga, anime, and games that encourages my love for learning beyond anything else. 😊
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7 years ago, Sassy mango 100
Frustrated Fate Fan
First of all, I love Fate with all my heart and it's been my favorite series for 5 years now. I was so excited for the release of Fate G/O on English servers, only to have my spirits crushed upon playing. The gacha is absolute garbage. I have rerolled dozens of times on multiple devices to no avail. I'll be lucky if I get a 4 star servant on every other restarted account. It breaks my heart as a loyal fan to have to shell out funds for this game in the slim chance I might get a decent servant. Most reviews say the gacha rates aren't bad, but I know many who have gotten 5 star servants on their FIRST TRY. Second of all, the game is extremely difficult when you only have max leveled 4 star event servants. My Nero is max leveled and almost fully ascended, but yet she can get killed instantly by a Okeanos servant. I'm sick and tired of the repeated craft essences which have no effect on my servants whatsoever. I've played this game since it's release and it's infuriating to grind 10 hours and use 3 command seals just to get a quadruple copy of a craft essence that raises my wimpy noble phantasm by 2% in a 10 pull. I've given up hope on getting Arturia and any 5 star servant for that matter. Honestly, I'd rather give my money to Love Live, I could at least get an SR and save up stickers for a UR idolization. I'm holding out for Fate to make changes to their gacha, as I cannot keep relying on support servants just to clear a normal story level.
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2 years ago, MzMcDizzle
The things you need
This game had great combat mechanics. They are really fleshed out and once you understand them - looking up guides never hurt - you are straight rollin’. You want story? Great story the entire way. You want action? You can straight up skip the story and get right to it. You changed your mind and want to see the story? The game saves all story dialogue for you to view later. The creators of fate really know what the fans want. It’s a good game. Don’t get mad at the mechanics, they are kinda weird compared to many other games, but understand it and you’ll have a good time. The gacha is kinda… well I’m not a fan so I’ll say it’s stupid… but you can hide your time and do a good free to play run of the entire thing if you only roll rarely. I just get 2 of each character class in each ultimate type, and I’m good. Of course there is the farming aspect… but it’s a game you play for years… ok, that sounds daunting. If you play it right - an hour a day sounds stable - you will be in good hands. TL/DR: a good experience, don’t need to invest money. A great M O B I L E game. Again, as a mobile game it’s fantastic, as long as you don’t compare it to AAA games, you will have a fun time
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6 years ago, amberkin
Great but needs some fixes.
I really love this game, especially as a huge fan of the fate series and all the spin-offs I was super excited when I found this. I love seeing all the characters I’ve come to know in the anime series and visual novels, and the art, music and card style battle system all work together very nicely and has gotten me addicted. The one fault that really drives me absolutely nuts is if I don’t log in at the EXACT right time every day I don’t get my log in bonus. So while I’ve opened the game literally every day since I’ve downloaded it, I’ve only managed to get up to a 4 day streak because of the strict log in time in order to get the log in streak. This is really disheartening because it’s really one of the only way for the lower level new players to get a head start into summoning new heroes and getting materials. I very rarely leave reviews but since I love this game so much I’d really love to see this fixed. Please fix this devs! I’d hate to grow bored simply because there is no way for me to get ahead or incentive to even open the game every day when there is no bonus in it for me to do so even if I am having fun when I do play.
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6 years ago, Themazseraleggs
Stop complaining about the gacha rates
There’s so many reviews on this game about how it’s bad because the gacha rates are terrible and it takes tons of money just to get a decent servant. First of all, 5* and 4* aren’t the only worthwhile servants in this game. Tons of the servants from the FRIEND POINT GACHA are easy to get and super good, like Hans(who’s a top tier caster despite being a 2* servant). While the 5* in the game are generally better when it comes to stats, stats aren’t everything in this game like most others. Most servants worth’s come from their skills and not their attack or HP stat. Each servant has a unique skill set and while some are better than others, it gives the low star characters a chance to shine through. If levels are bothering you so much then just use the grails that the game gives you for just going through the story. They permanently raise a servant’s level to make them even better. Also, to the guy who was getting NERO(one of the most unkillable characters in the game) killed during Okeanos while she was at max level, you’re not playing the game correctly. The story quests really don’t get all that tough until Camelot so you’re doing something wrong.
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4 years ago, Stupendous whale
Overall, good (but with some issues)
As other people have said, the gameplay and character balancing in this game is/are done really well. Hence, I think people who accuse it of forcing players into a progression-based paywall are simply not strategizing enough to compensate for the lower stats of their servants. If you watch a few guides, and have a bit of skill, it’s quite possible to clear all the content without needing even a single four or five-star. However, while this aspect of the game’s design is commendable in isolation, I think a lot of gacha game fans are drawn to the character collection component in these games. This is where this game falls completely flat: if you want any four or five-star character and grind out the quartz try to summon for them, chances are you’ll just walk away with 4 or 5 craft essences, feeling like you wasted your time. A common practice among many popular gacha games nowadays is to give you at least one or two guaranteed high-tier characters, as a reward for summoning or playing enough (I.e. selectors in KOF Allstars, legendary shards in Raid, SP tickets in Dragon Ball legends). This game makes no such guarantees, meaning you can sink hours into it with virtually nothing to show for it. TLDR; if you play Gacha games for character collection, avoid. As it is it’s not worth your time.
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5 years ago, A Discarded Cardboard Box
Great game
I have always had a problem where I would get hooked to a single game for a couple weeks, then eventually get bored and go to another game, this game is different, FGO has an amazing narrative story, the gameplay is flawless, I haven't run into a single bug since I first installed. The difficulty does curve and certain points in the game (when you play, you will find out what I'm talking about). Also, you don’t need five or even four stars in your party to beat the game, I beat the entire game with a 1 star Berserker, Paul Bunyan, in my party. Sure, it may be nice to try and get your saberface waifu 5 star but the fact that every character is completely unique makes it that much more fun. No two servants are exactly alike, that can be HP, ATK, skills or tons of other factors. I also forgot to mention their most powerful moves, their Noble Phantasms, each are completely unique to the character and are beautifully animated. So, if you want a fun, story driven game where you can have Billy the Kid, The Roman empress Nero Claudius and a robot dragon girl fight skeletons and dragons, I would say pop in and give this game a try, you wont regret it.
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3 years ago, Cronogear
Garbage rates, outdated gameplay and visuals
With so many gacha games on the market, I really cannot fathom someone choosing to play Fate/Grand Order. First of all, the rates are garbage. Most gachas have rather low rates for rare units, but FGO takes this to such an extreme level that it’s downright ludicrous. I recently spent nearly 300 saint quartz, which equates to 100 summons, that I had saved over the course of 6 months on a single banner. I got zero 5 star characters, zero 4 star characters, and a metric ton of utterly worthless craft essences. There is no pity system in FGO, meaning no matter how many times you summon, you are never guaranteed to get what you’re going for. I’ve never seen such a gacha game with such an astonishing hatred of its players. You will never get a character you want to get unless you spend literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to do so. Period. Beyond the abysmal rates, the game is also horribly outdated. Remember when iPhone games were first becoming a thing in 2010 or so? That’s what this game feels like. FGO feels cheap. Animations and effects are mediocre, the UI is dreadful, characters have seemingly random art styles, and you still cannot link an account for backup if you lose, break, or buy a phone. There’s countless gachas out there with better art styles, more interesting gameplay, and more generous rewards. Do not waste your time with FGO.
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4 years ago, Whateverjustsayin'
Immersive Story
While not your typical Gacha game since the Stars don’t determine Servants values (which is super nice) the best thing about this game is the story and animation efforts into the battles. It’s very well done. It’s visual novel format is one of my favorites as the players decide what dialogue to choose from (it doesn’t matter which until later where you won’t be able to skip). You can choose between Gudako (Girl) or Gudao (Guy) but no matter what, your servants have an attraction to you- ESPECIALLY THE FEMALE CHARACTERS. It’s great. As a female player myself, this sets apart other games I’ve played since I can play as a girl but flirt with the other female characters too without having to be a male character. It’s GREAT. Like any Gacha game though, obviously it’s a gamble to get your waifu/husbando, so hf with that. Gaining SQ takes time and effort and a whole lot of patience for a f2p. Which is fine! I’m having a lot of fun and it determines me to be ready for whatever comes when pulling and hope the RNG God bless you or else we’ll just have salty tears- on the bright side, if you roll 10, you’re guaranteed a 4 star, so it’s really not that bad.
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7 years ago, Negi sensei
Want one of those sexy, shiny, 5 star characters that everyone wants? Want to play as your favorite character or waifu? Well too bad. Unless you get EXTREMELY lucky you will never get a 5 star character (rates at or below 1%). Oh and did I mention you need 5 copies of any one character to bring out its max potential? It would not be so bad if the in game currency was not so ridiculously scarce. Most games give tons of free in game currency (thank you DBZ Dokkan Battle) but this game gives little to none. So little in fact that it is completely negligible. This game is an example of a company trying to exploit fans of the enormously popular Fate series to make money. I love this series which is why it pains me that this company is so greedy as to lock all its premium characters behind an impossibly thick paywall. This puts free to play players, such as myself, at an immense disadvantage. Sure you can succeed with no 5 star characters to an extent but you will be put more and more at a disadvantage as the game gets progressively harder in the future. Nor will you ever play as your favorite characters which is a huge reason people get the game to begin with. Even 4 Star characters are ridiculously hard to get. Unfortunately this game is immensely popular in Japan and makes tons of money so the company has no incentive whatsoever to give free to play players a break.
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10 months ago, Will Maconeghy
A visual novel with gameplay elements attached
First off, let me be clear by saying that I had a love-hate relationship with this game for years; love the units and lore, hate the awful gacha system. Recently I took a break from Fgo for about a year, and came back because I’m an absolute Oberon simp. At this point, I realized that I wouldn’t get to appreciate Oberon’s third ascension and story as much without completing his Lostbelt, and so I begrudgingly finished Gotterdammerung. It was at that time that I realized that, honestly speaking, looking at this game as a gacha with a story was wrong; doing so spoiled my perception of the game and made me focus entirely on my poor rolls (which is made worse when you realize how few quartz you’re given by the game, so each poor pull stings more). Instead, I’ve started to look at FGO as a visual novel that had a tacked-on battle system and interactable servants. Suddenly, my enjoyment of the game shifted as I looked forward to the next chapter instead of the next pull, and my general relationship with the game has improved. TLDR; don’t expect a great gacha, expect a visual novel with a novel battle system.
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7 years ago, Ferdprime
Fate, what else?
As expected, the Fate crew take the player in an adventure with the most famous characters in human history. The stronger people (5 star servants) take some patience and time to get, as this is a gacha game. Prepare to test your luck, because this game will treat some generously while others get nothing. A simple trip to your nearest statistics book would confirm that the cure to “bad luck” is to just keep trying. Keep in mind that as a gambling system is in place, you always face addiction and its consequences. However, if you are present for the events, you’ll find that the game is actually quite rewarding. Events are the most fun yet easy way to earn the game’s rare materials. If you play this game only once a week, on the other hand, you’ll have a terrible, unrewarding experience. A lot of actions (leveling up, evolving, beating events) require grinding. If patience isn’t your strong point, you probably wouldn’t find enjoyment in this title. Also, as others have noted, the player can still progress through the challenges with weaker characters, just expect a more strategic approach.
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3 years ago, disneyfan20
It gets a lot right, but a few key things wrong
While FGO has an extremely balanced meta that allows you to make a viable team around any character on the roster - even the 1 and 2 star characters can be powerhouses. So after playing for a few months, you WILL have everything you need to handle anything that the game can throw at you. Welfare characters are extremely powerful for free gacha game characters. And the story and gameplay are very engaging. Unfortunately the terrible gacha rates (1% for a 5 star servant), awful implementation of replaying past events (not all events are eligible and you need to pull and sell 4 and 5 star characters to get the items to unlock them), and the worst pity system I’ve ever seen (you have to pull 10 extra copies of 5 star characters you’ve already pulled 5 copies of to choose a 5 star of your choice) make FGO far from perfect. Long story short is that the game has a (blessedly) few VERY bad points that are mostly balanced by the otherwise very well crafted game. If the devs fix the problems with the event and pity systems, I would give this game 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Komaedas
The game publishers are much more unkind than jp ver
The game rewards are constantly downplayed in comparison to their jp counterpart for no real reason, jp received 30 saint quartz for its anniversary event but na only gave 10 not enough for one roll, not to mention their insistence of not giving out the actually useful premium currency on login bonuses, its given very rarely while most games have a sign in 1 gem gain this game has a sign in and well give you some friend points and a useless tiny percent of a level up card, the gacha is also abysmally low rates for gachas and no guarantee of four star servants for a 30 quartz roll, good stories and chars but the thing is terribly run with errors almost always on events that dont recieve relevant repayment for the problems theyve caused Their campaigns on facebook and twitter give little rewards of useless qp which most users have millions of, it would be laughable if it wasnt a disgusting management practice. Please treat your users with some respect and kindness, actually give something worth hyping up and sharing on your platforms please i dont believe the game itself is bad but youre taking the fun out of it by trying to milk every last penny out of users, people have spent thousands and not even managed to get a four star they wanted and thats not even the highest servant rate!! Please fix!
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7 years ago, DS badger girl
I've been playing the English release since it came out, and as a rather large fan of the Nasuverse, I was very excited. I'm quite happy with the game design, though, as many other have mentioned, the gacha rates are a little imbalanced to say the least, and it's very fun to play, though once you finish what parts have been released in English so far, you come to a standstill. The Saint Quartz become rather tedious to get, there isn't nearly as many exciting things happening (but I suppose that's to be expected since you've pretty much finished all that's been released in the given time period), and once you max out your characters, there isn't much of a motivation to keep playing. Of course, now that the next Singularity is going to be released in English relatively soon, hopefully that will no longer be a concern and won't be for too long. And, this isn't completely related, but the recent update the game informs me I should be able to install has yet to show up in the AppStore for me - I'm aware it says that this may happen, but I've been waiting for a bit longer than I expected so I'm becoming slightly concerned. (And unfortunately Achilles seems to have yet to make an appearance, but that's just me and my favoritism I suppose.) The game itself has pretty much all I would expect of an RPG, and a bit more, so I definitely recommend it - but only if you're patient enough with the gacha to not get rather irritated by its stinginess.
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5 years ago, Terribly angry viking
Great in design, terrible in execution.
The game is really fun! Except the part where the gacha system is totally bad. The community has been courteous enough to provide us with farming statistics for materials and generators for servants, and when you look at them you realize that multiple hours must go into this game to make even a shard of progress. The guest servant system is nice and helps newcomers through almost half of the game, but eventually people will hit a wall (usually around the 5th or 6th singularity) in which they will have to spend hours upon hours grinding in hopes to get multiple items which already are rare enough as it is. Now this is just my suggestion, but I can only recommend they make a new rarity of enemy because the rng for certain materials at the same rarity ends up make the player’s sessions filled with remorse. I must also recommend that they separate the summoning of craft essences, and servants. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of people complain about how much they hate not getting new servants because the game duped them with ANOTHER craft essence. I would still play this game, but I can’t recommend spending any money on it. It’s just not worth the payout, not even close.
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3 years ago, Francisco aka Epicprotroll
Fix the rates and crashing p.s refund me 60 saint quarts
Been playing for a year and a half now game was decent but the rates to get characters is abysmal. After the recent most update to make the game more stable it actually made it less so causing crashes in the summon menu and when doing missions will start to slow until the game freezes. In addition to the crashes if you happen to summon and before the animation shows you the area where the orbs appear, The game will take all the spent money/saint quartz you spent like a broken vending machine without giving you any “characters” which it most likely isn’t considering the rates. Honestly this game should be removed from the App Store with how poor the rates are and how unwilling the developers are to fix obvious bugs that cause monetary loss. The most recent loss for me were 2 multi pulls of which is amounted by the games prices at $60 sadly even had it went through with a proper summon I doubt I would have gotten anything I wanted anyway. To any who are considering downloading this game, Until they fix the bug and add a pity system I do not recommend with how poorly both the maintenance and rates are. At this point I’m considering uninstalling.
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3 years ago, Barbeldwarf
Fun first Gacha Game
I had already seen some of the Fate anime before finding this game, and was unaware it was quite popular. I had tried Genshin a bit, but was overwhelmed by the currencies, materials, and general UI aspects. In contrast, FGO is comparatively straightforward. While you will need to eventually understand the different currencies and how you acquire them (Saint quartz, mana prisms, skill up materials and embers), they’re largely unlocked as you go. Quartz, the summoning item, is pretty easy to acquire in the early game, and there is a constant steady trickle once you’re caught up with the main plot. All the freely acquired servant are quite good, and some people make a point to only play with 3* or lower servants to show it’s possible. Probably most important to note, North America is ~2yrs behind Japan’s content, which means that you can actually plan ahead who you want to summon, or who you want to strength for a big event. It’s actually quite helpful to know once you’ve gotten a decent roster.
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7 years ago, AsianChalupa
Please Read
The game is fair. A lot of people are complaining that they don't get 5* because the rates are low, which is true to an extent. The game is designed that even 3*s even 1*s can be used to beat the game's content, it just takes a little more effort. They have said to max a 5* you need 4 copies of the same 5*, but that isn't even necessary. Having extra copies just increases their dmg of their ultimate atk by just a bit. It does not hinder you in any way for not having copies like being unable to evolve it. The rare materials needed for evolution is often given out during events to make the events worth grinding. The rates of rare materials dropping outside of events is to make the RARE materials...RARE. The rates are bad but that is what saving up your quartz are for. If you expect to get multiple 5* right off the bat then this game is definitely not for you. If you play the game expecting to get exactly what you want from the gacha you should prepare yourself to be disappointed. You should play to have fun.
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2 years ago, joromemsmith
Fun game & good mechanic’s but super super slow
First let me say I love this game, I always have to start from stretch sometimes because I lose my info but I never mind because I highly enjoy this game and I’m a diehard for the series. I know you’ll see the two stars and think what’s wrong with the game and let’s cut to it the game is super slow. It’s no way to speed up the battles or the talking via the cutscenes. It’s all so slow even some of the lower budget games have a way to either speed up the battles or at least speed up the cutscenes. Most modern games or even older titles upgraded to the times and enabled the option to speed stuff up or downright skip cutscenes. I’ll never skip a cutscenes but I would love to speed up dialogue and the battles. A battle that could truly be done in 2mins could take 3-5 mins because of long times and before anyone says anything I’m on the IPHONE 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Please do something to change this it’s annoying and I’ve viewed Reddit groups and Facebook communities I’m not the only who has asked for this form of change or better yet update.
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7 years ago, A Regular Guy Like You.
Fun Game, Can play for free
Disclaimer: I have spent 40 bucks on this game. There was an event a few weeks ago that gave you a guaranteed five star servant that I gave in to. So take this as you will. Gameplay is fun, I like taking 30 minutes or so before and after work to grind out whatever event is going on (which there always is except this one period in September), and you can clear the content just fine with the 1-3 star servants and like a Hercules, especially with other high level supports. Wouldn't recommend gambling on every banner, but saving and planning ahead until a cool servant you want comes out (we know the entire future because this game is further ahead in Japan). You still might not get it ( I didn't, tho I got a couple other five stars randomly), but like I said before, what really matters in clearing the game is just Team composition, and at this point in the game you can outlevel the content easy anyways. I would definitely give it a shot.
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1 year ago, WhyDevs?!
Great story telling in a mediocre game
When I first began to play FGO I did not get the appeal of the game at first. The story was mediocre (until Camelot), the mechanics were basic, and the dialogues were long and mundane. I was about to give up on the game, but pushed through up to Camelot. My GOD, Camelot was the best moment in FGO. The story had some few flaws, but overall it was one of the best story-telling in all the gacha games I have played. I understood finally that fans don’t play this visual novel for the gameplay, but the characters. After Camelot, however, it went back to being mediocre. Stopped halfway of Babylonia because it got boring. The gacha rates are horrendous and the “Screw You” mentality to new players is heinous. FGO lives not because of its gameplay, but because of the IP and characters. If this game did not have the FGO face slapped on the cover, it would have died 6 years ago. Overall, FGO is an enjoyable visual novel with outdated mechanics and leveling/ascension system. I say give it a try up to Camelot. If the story didn’t impress you find some other game.
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7 years ago, Gunslinger gk
Love the game
I love this game. From the battle system, to the gacha, to the servants you can obtain. While 5* servants are extremely hard to get you can get lucky sometimes. My only real complaint with the game is that all of the events that were really good have passed. For instance,I missed the Fate/Accel/Fate/Zero event, and it is an event I would really like to get the servants I missed, All of them and the irisviel dress of heaven servant. I can guarantee you that you will be gaining plenty of profits if you choose to bring back the WHOLE event, not just the gacha the main missions too. The gacha had many great servants to get too so you will get profit in return I’m positive. And since everyone liked Fate/Zero they will be instrested to try the gacha. Some will try more than others, give up and then pay for it. Please bring back this event and bring it back with the time length it originally had. Thank you. Please do this as soon as possible. And please localize is for the English version.
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5 years ago, Bluedragon869
Cool game, but…
I have a few issues with it. First of all, craft essences should not be items you can get in the non-friend point Gacha. Especially in this thanksgiving one recently, I pulled approximately 95% craft essences, which were at least 70% 3* pulls, with only a few units that were almost all 3* units. This is a major issue. Also, the unit pull rates are far too low for the better units. I have no problem with the 5* units being so rare, but when the 4* units are debatably even more rare, that’s where the problem lies. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could get every unit at select rarities, but when you can’t even get units you like without throwing tons of money at the game, it is inexcusable. This would be fine IF the game featured a player vs player arena, where these characters could be used COMPETITIVELY. That would make this pull style acceptable. However, this game features NO COMPETITIVE ASPECT. It is absolutely ridiculous that players cannot even get access to the cooler units unless they unload their wallets to do so. I get you are a business, but come on. Treat your consumers better.
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4 years ago, Gamemaster 9999
Unique but Harsh
This is not as bad as people may assume. Fgo plays out more like a single player jrpg with the best cast of playable characters for f2ps and whales. The weakest point of the game is indeed the gatcha but if you save intensely and level your low stars the game rewards you greatly. Each low star(outside of rare exceptions) is greatly useful and can carry low-high level teams in addition to low cost. Four-five star characters are worth their weight, and can tremendously change the power of an account. Despite being out for years, the game does not powercreep high rarity servants that badly and upgrades such servants with often great skills. The story is worth the grind because after the 4th section, the game picks up in difficulty and quality. Fate/go is harder than other mobile games but has great content and characters that manage to make up for some shortcomings. Fate/go lacks much account safety, has a lack of replayable boss fights, story locked servants, and limited servants that do not have a consistent banner. And due to its nature, some event servants that can boost an account’s power are gone(Rider Kintoki, Shiki, Jeanne Alter Lily, Santa Alter, and Ishtar Rider). Sadly, compared to other games there should be a way to enable new players to catch up on previous events to claim copies of useful 4 star servants. Overall the game is good, but needs to improve on post story content outside of farming and events.
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2 years ago, EveryNameIsTaken053273
Great Story that Suffers From Mobile Game-isms
In all honesty I play this game to read what happens next. In both the “I can’t wait to find out” way and the “there’s really no other reason to play it” way. The story is rather enjoyable and despite some slow moments and nonsense events, you’ll find yourself getting attached to the characters. The gameplay, though. You can get clever with skill usage and pull off some satisfying wins that way, but the gameplay desperately needs an auto battle feature for farming, and you’ll be gated by lack of level/upgrades/5* characters more often than challenged by tactical choices. (Not right away, though. You can get pretty far with 3*s and basic stuff.) Also, the drop rates for any given character are abysmal, so you’ll have to save up almost ALL your currency waiting for your favorite to come along if you really want them.
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7 years ago, 7jaws7
The ideal game to grind
When you first start this game you are automatically given the Mash and Cu (Caster) servants to start with. They are decent enough but are just a stepping stone to help you complete the Fuyuki City singularity. In addition to the Holy Grail you get (just one of 10 in the whole game, usually for completing a singularity) after that quest, you get to choose one of several 4 star servants to further help you in the next 7 singularities/campaigns. Getting a 5 star is difficult but not necessary, as 2 Holy Grails can essentially turn a 4 star into a 5 star. Leveling up servants is part of the fun, as is trying out different combinations of servants in your party. The more you level up, the more options you will have, and the more quests/daily activities you can complete for rewards. The events are where FGO is at its most time-consuming, but it’s worth it to get all the essentials you need to help max out your servants. There is no real end game, because it will take months before you can max out a single servant - and that’s just one class. My goal is to get at least one 4/5 star for all 7 classes to stay competitive for the more extreme enemies. It’s free to play but prepare your wallet if you are in this for the long haul, because if you don’t, you will be stuck for a long time and will eventually drop the game out of boredom.
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2 years ago, tatsumigakill
Fate grand order
I love the fate franchise it’s my all time favorite when I first saw this game I misjudged it but once I started playing I became addicted to it and have done so well that being said this game has potential there are many issues one is the materials it seems like instead of actually giving the materials you need to ascend your servants they just give you materials that you really don’t actually need. This needs to be fixed I thought I would bring this issue because I have servants that I can’t ascend because I either don’t have enough of the materials or because I don’t have any of the materials please please fix this the second issue is more of an idea instead of having a limited amount of quarts how about making it unlimited quarts that way we can roll for servants as much as we want and no matter how many times our servants die we can just bring them back without having to worry about running out of quarts
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6 years ago, TacoPirate
Customer Service is a joke
I had to do a factory reset on my phone and lost all my data as a result. After going back and forth with Customer Support for over a week, giving detailed information about my account, servants, and purchase history, they wouldn’t give me back my account. The fact that there’s no way to recover your data after everything is gone is a good reason to not download this game. I wasted 2 years on this game only to lose everything I put into this game. Save yourself the trouble and quit while you’re ahead. The game itself has little to offer. There is no auto feature so grinding for items is a huge pain. Saving up saint quartz for a year is the only way you’ll have enough to summon the servant you want (if you’re lucky enough. Otherwise..better luck next year). And you better not get a new phone or anything because if you do, you’re account is gone forever. Customer service won’t do a thing for you except waste your time. (If you’d like to give me my account now I’ll take down this review. Otherwise I’m going to leave it and spread this review as far as I can)
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5 years ago, Dead Yamcha
Great Story for Fate Fans
Fate/GO has issues... a lot of them have been pointed out and exaggerated in other reviews though. Yes the rates are terrible, but players can clear all the contents of the game with enough investment to the lower rarity servants. Something that I find to be rather unique to the game as often times in these kinds of games rarity has a direct correlation to how good a unit is. I myself have been playing for 2 years, of which most of my first year was spent with 1 SSR. I never had any noticeable difficulty with the main story quests though. The gameplay also has much to be desired and requires a lot of time to grind since this game lacks an auto play system. I’m not gonna say that it’s a mindless hack and slash though unlike other games on the market. It’s simple enough that anyone can pick up on it, but with just enough complexity that people need to build proper teams. I’d also like to add I do play on the iPhone XR and while the game is laggy, it is in no way unplayable from my experience. Now what is the main appeal of this game is the story. Though it takes a while to pick up, when it finally does get good. IT GETS GOOD. Enough that it even has an ongoing anime series and a set of movies coming out. It also goes deeper into the lore of Fate, which is nice for someone who joined the community after watching Zero and Ufotable’s UBW adaptation.
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4 years ago, Trymarti
This game takes unbeatable to an all new level. Just finished grinding through singularity F - 5 and spent all of the quartz I had earned up until then (if you choose to spend $$ over $200 worth) and drew a whooping 0 5 star servants and 3 four star servants. Now one would assume that during a “increased 5 star drop rate” in 20 draws you could get at minimum one. But not this money hungry game. As a die hard fate fan I want to support them but not if they are just going to continue scamming players and their supporters. In almost 6 months time playing this game I have not gotten but one decent card. And decent is pushing it even after ascension. The only chance new players have at even hoping to win past singularity 2 is either spend thousands and pray they give you ONE good card or find a supporter with a strong enough build. Will happily support anime but not this thieving scheme. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your storage!!!!! Also do not believe the crap review they paid someone and is advertised. The stats MATTER. A 3 star will never compare to a 4 or 5 star. Regardless of what skills, craft essence, or how they’re used.
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6 years ago, LeoneRulz
Really good game but one thing
I’ve only been playing this game for a few months now, it’s got a great story and really well done art. My only problem is getting 4 and 5 star servants and essences, I personally think there should be a few more ways to obtain them/higher drop chance 1. The first is have a very low chance of being able to obtain them from friendship summon that way there at least an even smaller chance of getting a 4 or 5 star then having to obtain 30 quartz constantly. 2. Make the drop chance a little higher for 4 and 5 stars and 30 quartz summon to in my opinion make slightly more fair chance of getting a 4 or 5 star slightly more likely. 3. This is one that I think could be ok but it whatever make getting a 4 star guaranteed from 10 pulls on 30 quartz summons so that way it’s not only 3 stars and the guaranteed 4 star essence. 4. This I could I really see being fair, make it so that if u do all the side missions in a story line u can get a 4 star servant related to that story line. 5. Finally this another ehhhh thing lower the amount of quartz needed for 10 pull to maybe like 20 idk this is whatever one. Anyways that’s just my opinion on making getting 4 and 5 stars a little more fair. But otherwise like I said I really like the game, I think it’s great and I hope to continue playing.
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2 months ago, DEANOSBRATS
Its decent ^^
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike this game. Fate is a franchise im pretty fond of and its nice getting the chance to pull characters i adore from said series but the way the game works doesn’t feel right especially for the fact it lacks a LOT of quality of life and organization or simply rather there are just far too many tabs to click. Instead of allowing you to just upgrade your character in the character menu youre forced to in the upgrade menu. Just makes you have to waste more time even if its a few more clicks away. Every pull you get looks like a card so its hard to know whether you got a hero or not till dialogue pops up and the majority of pulls are going to be artifacts which are the least of interesting and every campaign mission you need to complete 3 times to get its reward which is both tedious and annoying. Though, i got my mouse maid wives during an event after 25 pulls so im content.
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3 years ago, Lord gilgamesh
Stop crying snowflakes
First of all, this is a gacha game! Should there probably be a pity system? Yes, but in one year I have 11 five stars and 30 something 4 stars from all the quartz they give out for free (I’ve only spent money on the gssr which was totally worth it). You have plenty of fan favorites at lower rarity such as Medusa and Cu so stop whining about not being able to instantly get your favorite character, the whole point is to save up and wait for your favorite banner that’s what makes getting 5 stars exciting. There is also an occasional free five star ticket and free np5 welfare servants that are often better than np1 five stars due to increased np damage and recency (better hit counts and skill synergy). There is no reason to whine about not getting everything handed to you for free without working for it, that would not be remotely fun.
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1 year ago, bananaleaffan
Great game for long-time fans of the franchise and newbies alike
Always loved the big Fate franchise, including the original visual novel. FGO only enhanced my affection for already established characters and I love the brand new story and folks as well. Have been playing for a bit more than 4 years, and there were uncountable times I cried and laughed. Even it’s your first entry to Fate, you’ll surely fall I love with both the story and many characters. The gameplay is fairly simple except for challenge quests during the events or numerous Main Story battles. Some may find the farming part boring, I personally try to switch up my teams from time to time to diversify the process) Can’t complain about the gacha rates, because I play for free and get lucky most of the times. I log into the game for the story and beloved characters primarily.
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6 years ago, Millenium888
Great Game
Loving he game, especially hyped for J-alter in a few days. I can see why people say it’s horrible but it’s good, you’ve just got to have patience. And 5 stars don’t make the game... I’ve seen people solo the final boss of America with 1 maxed Cu and 2 Saint George’s which are 3 and 2 stars respectively plus you could get by on lower leveled servants. I’m going to use myself for an example. I’m completely f2p and have 2 five stars some four stars etc but I still use 3 star Medea cause she’s pretty good. Honestly only criticism I would give is make plz give a little more quarts on maintenance and after event stuff. Besides this is an amazing game. Oh and for those people who are like, oh this is stupid it’s super pay to win. Naw its really not. It’s more so pay to make sure you get a character. Before I forget even if you can’t get that waifu or husbando there are probably people out there with them as their support... just work with them...
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6 years ago, jp311202
Great Game, Small Problems.
Okay, so I’m starting this game as a HUGE fan of the Fate/ franchise, so of course I’m biased here. But even from the perspective of an outsider, this game is great. My friend and I got hooked on this game really quick and we love all the intricacies that come with the class system and various niches that different servants can fill. Really the only bad thing I can say about this game is that you need at least 5 of the same servant to have them at their fullest potential. Not much of a problem for lower rarities, (1-3 stars) but for a 4 star servant it’s a pain. Don’t even get me started on a 5 star servant. It’s near impossible to get one in the first place. Especially for a free to play guy like me. If 4 stars had a higher drop chance I’d give the game a 5 star rating, but it’s just too much of a pain to get a 4 star servant up to NP level 5. All-in-all, the game is great and I have no major qualms with it.
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4 years ago, Mortakie75
Don’t Pay, Just Play
Love the Fate franchise and have enjoyed this game as much as any other thing Fate related, but one thing bothers me to my core that I can’t give this game a 5 star rating. Most games like this one always feel like pay to win or pay to get the next new characters released. This game in particular though is not worth paying for, the drop rate feels so one sided that all you’re going to end up with is a surplus of craft essence cards that are supposed to help boost your team. Your top tier character card pulls are so few and far between it’s criminal. That being said the game itself is fun, it’s involved and it can be enjoyable as long as you don’t get too hopeful about getting all those great 5 star attackers. Enjoy the game and play for fun, but don’t waste your money while the developers drop rate is so low it’s criminal. Wish I could give it 5 star review, morally can’t with how rigged the summon pulls are.
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5 years ago, an anonymous gudako
Just like previous fates, excellent! Oh besides FA
Fate Grand Order, an excellent Mobile game from type-moon, under fate background, just like normal card games, you use your servants to defeat enemies and get higher ranking servants by the time. But one most unique and attractive part to me was the servants are all the characters from different culture and history, like King Arthur and Merlin from English literature, or Karna and Arjuna from India myth, from the oldest king Gilgamesh to Holmes, the various types of characters really let people to enjoy and help them to better understand the history because the background stories are all realistic. Another important part of Fate Grand Order’s successful is because of the outstanding plot, it’s complexity and creative make me feel surprise and exciting for that. One last thing, when do Dr. Roman come out as servant, I really miss him.
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4 years ago, Blasboise
One of a Kind
FGO is the best gacha game I have ever played. It has story, waifus, husbandos, and my favorite part: fate! Now I know that many people complain that the gacha rates are trash, but lets be honest: it’s so satisfying when you finally get that rare CE or servant. Another thing, you don’t even need rare servants or CEs to win, all you need is an understanding of how the game works. I personally have a maxed account in JP because I love playing it, and my NA account is for challenges like beating part 1 story mode with only 1-2 star servants, or using only free servants with no gacha. My only complaint, is that the game is too easy. Servants like Castoria in JP at the time of writing is easily sweeping the meta, but even then that helps players, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. No matter how you shape it, love it or hate it, it is a one of a kind gacha game. Thank you for making this!
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6 years ago, SaltMastersSalt
FGO you either hate it or you love it!
3rd attempt at writing this review :/ FGO the f2p game that allows you to attempt to collect your waifus and such! Love the game it is fun don't need a 5 star to enjoy the game! Lots of freebies (although they could be more generous I mean they do make like $982 million from this game as far as I know :/ .....) Good luck to all those who play this game brings a lot of salt and anger to everyone unless you p2p/p2w (supporting the creators that is nice but I'm f2p xp unfortunately/fortunately).This game is free and it is a game so have fun but to all of you good luck! :) **WARNING** This game brings you a lot of SALT & ANGER BEWAR AND BE WARNED! Overall have fun it is a game good luck to you all and quit if you deem it necessary or you aren't having fun anymore and you don't need to PAY TO WIN just play for fun and reroll if you experience salt or don't like ur servants and good luck to you all :)!
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6 years ago, Djdudvi
Whiners Everywhere
I’ve seen so many reviews whining about the drop rate of 5 star servants. 1.) I love this game. 2.) I’m f2p and have gotten 4 5 star servants from careful planning. It takes time. 3.) if you are a f2p player don’t complain about sq. Save and do research on who you want a chance at rolling for. We are 2 years behind the JP version and know when things will be released 2 years ahead of time. Again, save and plan. 4.) Even low star cards can be useful if you look up how to build good teams with them. Is it easier with 5 stars? Yes, but that doesn’t mean the game is impossible if you don’t have 5 stars and at least do a little research on team formation. This is coming from an f2p player. I’m really satisfied with this game and hope we get the sequel which is going to come out in Japan (or has it already come out?)
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7 years ago, Polariton
Pay to win?
Unlike what people have been saying, this game is not pay to win. I have dropped some money into it but all three times I rolled 5* servants (Rerolled during Gilgamesh banner), it’s been as free to play. Not to mention the game starts you out with at least one 4*, and more likely two if you got Saber Lily. If you were around in the beginning they even gave one for free. You can easily get Emiya or Heracles from the tutorial roll. These are very decent servants. If you want a waifu there’s also Martha. Not to mention there are many whales whom you can befriend and borrow their Waver. Also there are many good 3* servants like Cu Chulainn and Ushiwakamaru. So yeah, as long as you’re not jealous of your whale friends with 4 5* servants you REALLY don’t need to pay. Not in the least. I have other problems with the game, like the LOOONG down time we’ve been having, but this game is not, as many imply, pay to win. Don’t blame the casino if you can’t afford to gamble, that’s all.
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6 years ago, SegisX
My First Gacha Game
Fate/Grand Order introduces me to gacha type of games. At first it took me awhile to understand what gacha meant and then it took me awhile to get used to the functionalities of the game. I knew about the Japanese version but since I don’t read Japanese I waited for the NA release. I have been playing since Launch Day (Day 1) and it took me about 5 months to pull my first 5* servant. I was able to complete the singularities and events using bronze and silver servants. I only had like three gold servants but they weren’t full ascended because of lack of materials. I did spend some money trying to get my favorite servants, some with no luck, but when they actually appear, it’s like winning the lottery. Overall I think it’s a great way to pass the time, especially if you love RPGs. Just have to work with what you have.
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