FCB Banks – IL, MO

4.8 (2K)
169.6 MB
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Current version
FCB Banks
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FCB Banks – IL, MO

4.83 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, MTB1217
FCB app
The app in my opinion is terrible. Half the time I try and log in it says they are unable to verify info and then I have to call customer support to get into the app. They try and tell you how you can spend your money. I am constantly transferring money to my saving and checking account and if you do it to many times it prevents you from making transfers in or out of your saving account. I will be leaving FCB bank for this reason
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2 years ago, radtech0016
Great App
The app works great for everything I need it to do. Very user friendly and very easy to make deposits or transfer money in seconds. Customer service has always been very helpful when I have needed them.
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7 years ago, Wetgrind
Good App
App works well for checking balances, transfers, etc. It would be nice if we could get 2FA (two factor authentication) integrated into this app or desktop website. Fingers crossed.
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3 years ago, Luke S S
FCB app
It has been a little over a month the app for iPhone doesn’t work. All it does is stays blank, white screen for about 30 sec and disappears whenever I click on the app to open. I have re installed the app several times, i am updating the apps thru the App Store daily, I have reset/turned off my phone, I called the customer service help desk number and no help. Please fix, I am running iOS 14.5
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7 years ago, se12281947
Printed Statements
I wish they hadn’t taken the capability to print statements from new app. Before the update you could print your transactions as the month progressed or at the end of month statement.
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6 years ago, ttill04
App is crashing
The app is crashing. It won’t even open anymore. It recognizes Face ID, but then crashes instead of opening. An update is needed.
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5 years ago, jebediahjoe123
Best Bank Around
You guys are coming along with the app and the online products. Keep it up!!
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4 years ago, 2019compass!
Mobile deposit
Over the last couple months I have not been able to you my mobile deposit on checks over $100. I’m sure I can’t be the only one having this problem?? Please fit it!
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5 years ago, thulcer
Easy to navigate
I am very happy with FCB mobile app...Very clear & easy to get my business done.
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2 years ago, aka lotte
Member since 1990’s
Best hometown bank!!
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2 years ago, Stlcardsfan11
App is complete garbage.
App constantly logs me out for inactivity. Every month it logs me out and will no longer recognize my security settings. At this point I might as well go with a different bank that has a better IT department and app developer.
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9 months ago, olivia_buck
Mobile Deposit
Had multiple mobile deposits no go through and was not notified by the app or email
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12 months ago, Chris26c
Loan payments
Would be nice to make earlier payments on loans and it count towards the monthly amount due.
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3 years ago, invictus1777
Mobile Deposit
Horrible mobile deposit feature. Very antiquated online banking system. Looking for a new bank.
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7 years ago, Transbots
Remove Settings
The update removed all my existing information and settings.
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2 years ago, screen blanco
White screen
Can’t even get into app goes white screen then closes the app and repeat for iPhone pls help
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11 years ago, wisnasky
About time
I was beginning to think about switching banks because I wanted an app to use. Then I got a postcard about the app coming out! Thanks FCB for finally making an app! Now I will stay! The app is easy to use and can put my balances at my finger tips. I wish it had a description of what it takes to turn on the picture depositing.
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4 years ago, Bandrewboston
FCB mobile
Deadass terrible half the time I try to log in it can’t verify me and always sits their and won’t load .
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3 months ago, THE MISFITZ
There’s a lot of bugs
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2 years ago, Homeless husky
No app FCB ever makes will actually work.
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11 years ago, apstlkngn
No more searching through text messages
Really happy to finally get an app that does not require me to search through my text messages to find the link to log in. Layout is nice and user friendly.
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7 years ago, Mike03094
Only a couple of suggestions...
I would like touch-ID login. Also, I wish I could tap check transactions and see the image. Otherwise, great app. Simple. Easy. Reliable.
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11 years ago, sokker324
Great and easy
Very easy to navigate and perfect for keeping up to date with my balances. Excited to try out the mobile deposit!
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8 years ago, Puzzlinzin
New design is nice. Definitely an improvement. Functionality is good - does what I really need it to do easily. Adding check images (just recipient really) would be nice.
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11 years ago, MasonQQQ
Thanks! Finally
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9 years ago, Tjdejjddvv
Does not work
Will not allow you to log in. I've called customer support and my information is correct, this app just doesn't function. The concept would be helpful.
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10 years ago, Precious___gem
Thumbs down
Treat it as a you save it as a bookmark never gets the security questions right
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5 months ago, Notchangingcarriersnow
Constantly have to turn Face ID Back on
This app seriously has me considering leaving this bank just because it’s a constant hassle. Every 3rd time I log in it sauce it can’t identify my credentials and I have to reenter my password because it turns FaceID off. Then about every tenth time I have to wait for a phone call with an authorization code… while I’m trying to use the app on my phone. Just implement proper two factor identification that we’re allowed to opt in to if you want to make the app more secure, because the current security steps are absolutely worthless.
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5 years ago, itsbb8m8
Absolute Garbage App
This app lacks a ton of stuff and is pretty useless in all honesty. To start, you always have to know your password to even get into the app in the first place, which is incredibly annoying. If you use the autofill password feature through iOS, your password is not listed under fcbbanks.com as you would expect, instead it’s under some stupid “securebanking.com” name garbage. Then once you finally get into the app, there are practically no features. You can check your balance and that’s about it. It will not show you your full account number or routing number which you may need in a pinch (why I thought the app would be useful in the first place). A good app feature would be to get a notification when your card is charged, letting you know who charged it and how much was charged, for confirmation. But of course, that feature is not in the app. Don’t waste your time even downloading this app because it will be worthless if you need practically anything from it. Just go to the bank’s website. And even using the website, you still probably won’t be able to get the info you need (if it’s your full account number). FCB is a pretty terrible bank, and this is a pretty terrible app to go along with it.
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