FCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (17.1K)
107.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Florida Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for FCU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
17.1K Ratings
4 years ago, titanfather
Worst bank I’ve ever dealt with
The bank is a joke! The customer service is a joke! The app is an even bigger joke!! With this new update for the app every other week I’m locked out of my account and calling the customer service line is a pain. They’re only open business hours because they use the very teller in the banks to answer the customer service calls instead of using a call center like every other bank! The wait times are ridiculous and the calls are always mysteriously dropping. I’m going back to Bank of America witch I used to say was the worst bank ever, but now after seeing this circus, there’s a new title holder in that category.
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1 month ago, EW 11lake
Fla credit union is the best
Lost pay due to accident took 5 months to get insurance settlement. Wasn’t able to pay on loan so they restricted my account but once I got straight i settled in full with ease from them now I’m back up and running. deposits can hit and I can enjoy the easy secure friendly banking as always thank to the staff and Alicia hope I spelled it right lol👍
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2 years ago, Zacks apps
This bank is low tier garbage for Florida People.
This bank is god awful. The app is god awful. Constant bugs. Constantly down. Constantly under “maintenance” which doesn’t provide any quality of life like BOA or Wells Fargo. That’s the main issue I have. Their quality of life is that of a Dollar General T-Shirt. All the way around, from the app, to the RL locations, to the ATM’s. They’re constantly down, they’re not operationally the best, eating my money. Annoying unexpected errors/glitches. I’m in the middle of a hurricane for example and can’t login due to another weekly error on this god forsaken app. This bank as a whole doesn't invest in true quality for Floridians. They treat us and their brand like backstreet dumpster babies. Look at Bank Of America or Wells Fargo for excellent quality of life for your banking life. These guys a literal trash bag and continuously miss the mark for years.
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2 weeks ago, Paulk8012
Bill pay
Very difficult to set multiple payments with in the same monthfrom the same creditor There is no ledger with definitions for signs example “history in bill pay small red circle with 45 degree line ? Once a creditor name is set up to change or add payment date or amount is a hit or miss Schedule monthly payment date are not in order some multiple payment dates shown are listed multiple months mixed in single monthly pay dates payment dates should all be listed on the month payment is being made
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4 years ago, bdbdhhdbdv
This is ridiculous
I tried and tried to log into my accounts with my original login data but was denied access. I called and was put on hold for so long, I finally hung up. I went to the bank and spoke to a teller who told me I needed a new temporary password, which she gave me. Unknowlingly that I had to download a new app, I've been locked out of my account. I called back and by a recording I was told I had to go to the App Store and download a new and was told I would be able to speak to. A representative in the order that my call was received. I was caller number 72. Needless to say, I have hung up. I've been banking with FLCU for almost thirty years and now this.
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4 years ago, Bradchuck22
Another failure
I love FCU’s auto loan rates, but there is always an issue with set-up, no transaction detail of their Visa accounts are available on the app, they have reissued debit cards without informing us. And now their “upgrades” (that took online/mobile banking down for a week) has people locked out of their accounts altogether. I really want to love you guys, but you make it difficult.
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4 years ago, Gran-Ma12
FCU app
Still getting used to the new app. So far I like it. There are a couple of things that concerns me. However, that’s probably on my part. I will discuss the few things that kind of concerns m with FCU. My two questions that I have is probably perfectly fine it’s more than likely something that I don’t understand.
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5 months ago, Self Cut System
Work with this credit union has be a honor
I’ve worked with these guy for a year and they have been nothing but help to me and positioning my finances. I got a loan, a credit card and a line of credit with them. The even reduced my internet rate on my car loan when my credit score increased.
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4 years ago, FLiPRaYzin240$x
Who ever rolled this out needs to be fired
So they upgraded their online system and apps. But they didn’t fully load people’s information over into the new system. So your old logins doesn’t work anymore. Best part, they want you to call them to “verify” your account info. When you attempt to get access online, they have phone numbers listed for your 2 way authentication (cell phone number) as not YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!! So you automatically assume your account got hacked. So here I am on the phone, #50 in the phone cue. Yes, FIFTY, 50, 5-0...I couldn’t get a hold of anybody before this when id be #10 on cue so
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4 years ago, i'mwithJoe
Nice changes
It was difficult to set up initially but since I was able to do that I’m enjoying the new features. My son also had some initial problems setting it up, maybe because we were trying immediately after the launch and the system was overloaded??? It was quite easy to learn the new format and the added features are helpful.
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3 years ago, grammy qqq
New online app
This new app does not allow me to access my accounts. I have to go to the web page via internet to check my info. Also I find that your company is seriously lacking in customer service. I will be withdrawing all of my funds and switching to a more helpful appreciative bank
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9 months ago, moranbobbi
This new app is 100 percent more user friendly thanks for the changes keep up the great work. I love banking at FCU they offer so many different accounts needed by retired people .also they are so friendly and professional in every way every day. Thank you for being there for me . Barbara Moran Ocala, Fl
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5 months ago, A.Rivera352
The Florida credit Union mobile app is super easy to understand and use I have had very few issues with using it and when I did have a problem I was able to make a phone call and have it squared away without a hassle.
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4 years ago, Beast12365893
An upgrade for sure.
This app is definitely more user friendly and has so many more features. It might take a little time to get logged in for the first time but after that first time, it’s going to be better all around!
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4 years ago, ChocolateTeddie
New update
It is unbelievable how hard it is to enter information into this app to access it. Every time I have had to log into this app I have had an issue with the password I set. It keeps telling me it is not right, however when I try to reset it I have to tell my life history😡! OMG too much. I get off work late so it is a Hugh problem for me because the office is closed!🤦🏽‍♀️
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1 year ago, Upful
Great people and banking institution.
This bank and it’s employees always go above and beyond. They are always happy and playful and love there job which says alot to me about the company as a whole. They have always helped me with commercial and personal bank accounts and are very knowledgeable.
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4 years ago, Jamminalli
Missing something
I noticed with the latest update there is no longer the ability to see how many allowable savings transfers you have left for the month. This was very useful! I hope we can get this back in the next version. The app is good otherwise. It has come a long way over the years. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Sweetie Be
Always service with a smile! Quan is someone that helps you and don’t make you feel stupid because you don’t know the answer or understand what the process should have been. Now I love my online account.
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3 years ago, Kayak junkie
This app freezes constantly
There’s not one day that I’ve been on this app that it worked correctly it’s an extreme problem and FCU should get it corrected right away or they will be losing my business.
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3 months ago, JazzyRed73
When there’s a problem.. they has resolved it every time. There professionalism made me feel at ease. And problem solved. I love depositing on my app and checking my account when I want to. Thank you
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1 year ago, 300winmag freak
Excellent service they always look out for my best interest. Best interest rates in town. Don’t have anything to complain about Miss Brooke and Miss Megan have been particularly helpful and think they should get some recognition for that.
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4 years ago, P Priest
New app is very user friendly, BUT, have noticed when using iPhone mobile app, sometimes I can't log out! It's as if it's frozen! Also, disappointed that I cannot download app to my iPad; says it's not compatible.
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4 years ago, CUPCAKE !
I would give this app a zero if It were possible. I’ve been locked out of my accounts for a week and I’m unable to see my transactions. This was very stupid and an unnecessary change.
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1 year ago, Danielle Melony
I just would like to say that the credit union is great I never have any issues and they are willing to fix anything that may come up with my account which is very rare 😊
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4 years ago, May235tu
This is awesome app very easy to understand and physics works great and the extra tools to learn finances and how to buy sell stocks and bonds and family planning is awesome. Thanks FCU team keep up the good work and increase the tools and educate working strategies: finical investing.
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2 years ago, Dog Mom 12
Easy and Efficient
All of my banking information is in one spot and accessible at any time! The information is always correct and user friendly.
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9 months ago, Cat piano 2
Mobile deposit
Mobile deposit feature does not work. This is the third time I’ve had this problem, twice before I uninstalled/reinstalled the app and the feature worked, but this time it didn’t make any difference. If they’d fix that, the app would be ok.
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1 year ago, The Palace 386
The Best Credit Union
FCU was very helpful with everything. From opening my accounts refinancing my car & opening lines of credit! The staff is warm and very helpful the app is easy to use and amazing I am happy I chose FLORIDA CREDIT UNION
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2 years ago, Miiik Bram
Useless App
This app is in line with FCU performance. It never works, always crashes, no one answers the number when you’re asked to call because log in doesn’t work. They can’t even get the basics right. There is a hurricane touching down and people cannot even use their bank card or access accounts. Get your stuff together of you’re going to be out of business soon.
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4 years ago, overit1977
So mad!
Seriously there was nothing wrong with the last app and now you’re adding more work to everyone that’s already busy! None of my payers or on my bill pay now!! I don’t have access to the account numbers I need to pay today without having to sit on the phone for a long time to get the account numbers. You couldn’t find anything better to do with the money you make? What was the point in the new app????
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4 years ago, bzjbdjbehdb
Card controls
Would be cool if the app had cars controls it would be nice if the app would send a notification whenever your debit/credit card is used on a purchase
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1 year ago, Going Higher WIth God
Customer service representative
The customer service representatives at the Florida Credit Union are very patient understanding and professional. Anytime I had a concern regarding my account, they were always attentive.
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4 years ago, Sassy soy
Update doesn’t work!
I have tried several times today to access my account with the new “update”. It doesn’t work. If I could give no stars I would.
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3 years ago, aaaaaathena
What happen to the txt alerts??
That's the only thing that Im upset that they use to send me a text whenever my accounts went up or down but since the update it doesn't anymore which is lame... really wish they would bring it back!!!!!!
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4 years ago, SsjSiah
New app is terrible!!
I been with florida credit union for years! there was nothing wrong with the previous app so it was an unnecessary change in my opinion. now i have no access to my bank statements or anything. i’m currently struggling to get help to get my login information. Hopefully they revert the app back to the way it was, but until then i shall not be banking with them anymore.
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4 years ago, small engine 61
Need increase for mobile deposit amount
$200 is to low for immediate available balance
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2 years ago, BeastlyVegan
Smooth and Easy!
Everything that I need to take care of at the bank, I realize that I can do it from the app!
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12 months ago, Dandeelady
Long time customer
I’ve been banking with the over 20 years I can’t imagine banking any where else
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2 years ago, Cangriii
This is the best bank I have ever used to keep my money in. The protect my money as if it was theres. They take care of there customers and value us aswell I love my bank.
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2 years ago, Priscat
All Encompassing
FCU’s app is great! I can see all of my balances even from accounts in other institutions without signing in. Very convenient and a great idea. Thanks!
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4 years ago, PhylV
Two accounts
I have two accounts. With this new system, it automatically logs me into one with Face ID. I’d like the choice of which one to log into when I get on the app. Otherwise, it’s great!
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1 year ago, lyndetta
or deposit a check
Can’t see enough of information when u write or deposit a check
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2 years ago, oHscottdFl
Online access to FLCU
While the online service is excellent the in person contact is poor.
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1 year ago, BlyVikki
Amazing customer service and bank all around
Everything is awesome
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9 months ago, SandiB12345
Phone Deposit
I think the rule on phone deposits should be changed sometimes I don’t have time to goto the back. This is the first time I don’t have auto deposit. It’s a payroll check that gets deposited every Friday.
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2 years ago, SBUXLO
I do love the app. I continue to have to put my password in when I have already enable the touch.
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3 years ago, maridiggy
Great place
Love their service and their employees Best and fast place to bank. And they help to build your credit. Thanks for all you do!!!
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4 years ago, jtm1305
I tried doing everything the app said to login and nothing is working. I have bills due today and nothing is working!
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2 years ago, PJ Stang
Florida Credit Union phone app works great, and Florida credit Union always assist me with fixing my fraud issues on my debit or credit card. Thank you FLCU!!!!
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4 years ago, DavidDarden
So much worse
Doesn’t use password feature to let you sign in with saved passssord. When entering temp password not only doesn’t it allow you to fill automatically from the text but it doesn’t even take the temp password
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