Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

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Feeld Ltd
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

4.44 out of 5
55.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Masochist for Tech Issues
The community/focus I’m looking for, but SO SO SO buggy
Update - April 2022: Since my original rating, it seems as though developers have fixed the bugs that were causing the app to crash frequently. As that was my main issue with the app, I’m giving them another star. Now, my only real complaint is the lack of ability to “go back” to a skipped profile. I’m not paying for premium, so I’m not sure if that’s a feature with paid plans. Other major dating apps that charge for this feature will at least display the button for all users, so you know it’s an option if you want it. — — — I first used Feeld about 3 years ago, and was really turned off by how buggy the app is. Constant crashes, frequent need to log back in using a link sent to my email, etc. These bugs annoyed me enough that I deleted my account. About a month ago I decided to join again, as it’s really difficult to use the typical dating apps to connect with others looking for the same things as I am. I thought, surely they had to have fixed these issues after all this time. Nope! Still a huge pain, and not much better than before. Yet here I am, a masochist enduring these frustrations for the hopes of meeting someone(s) special. Sigh. Please, Feeld, get better.
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3 months ago, GoodFODI
For men seeking women, the Like button isn’t what you think
If you’re a man seeking women, and if you’re using Feeld in a Core or any other highly populated area, you need a paid account, and you have to BE CAREFUL with your Likes. Most women have free accounts, so they can’t see Likes at all. Even if they have paid accounts, they get inundated with Likes, so they still probably won’t see yours unless you get lucky and catch them while they’re in the app. And because men vastly outnumber women, they probably won’t find you organically unless they’re swiping like mad. Your only real hope is to buy a paid membership and Ping them – which you can’t do if you’ve already Liked them, because the app hides profiles you’ve already Liked, and there’s no way to withdraw your Likes. Once you’ve Liked them, you’ve lost them. It’s almost no better than a Dislike. If you see someone you’d like to connect with but don’t have a Ping available, the prudent thing to do is to swipe past so you can see them again later. Which of course builds up a backlog, so now every time you open the app you have to swipe through a huge number of profiles you’ve already seen and re-think your Ping allocation from scratch. If this was a conscious design choice by Feeld, they should explain it and help people understand how best to work with it.
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6 months ago, derkafer
Still seems unpolished
The concept and amount of real users is phenomenal. Fake profiles are almost nonexistent which would almost be enough for a 5 star rating. If you’ve used pretty much any other “dating” app you know how annoying it is to cycle through 30 fakes to find one real human. Why I can give it 5 stars is because there’s still glitches in messaging and if you set your search by activity. With messaging: you open the app up and it often glitches to a message but shows the older messages. So if you have a new message you can overlook it and might not actually see that that person replied to you. If you have many messages it becomes more pronounced. What happens when you set the search settings by say active within a week. Yes it filters out someone that hasn’t been on in 3 months but you will only see people that are within 2-3 miles. The filter seems to completely disregard your distance perimeter. This means you can’t use it and have to flip through stale profiles. My only other suggestion would be an undo in case you accidentally hit a pass on someone. Happens a little too easily if you have the who likes you feature. When scrolling you can easily hit the minutes button.
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2 years ago, FM_M
Great app, needs curation
First, it’s better than most apps, particularly if you’re LGBTQ+, queer, neurodivergent, kinky, and/or poly. There’s more space here for different loving, and if you fall under that umbrella, it’s really refreshing. Their paid tier (“majestic”) gives you one free ping (a way to connect with other members) per day, and having that daily ping refresh and be available to use has, for me, been really spotty. They say they’re working on it, but it’s been a while and it’s still an issue. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed one of these days. The real problem is just how many not-real-people “professionals” there are on the app. Insanely hot well-endowed Instagram-models with no text in their profiles (why is an empty bio even allowed?), broken-English word soup about being open minded, or just straight-up snapchat addresses where they quote you their rates for sex. There are some great people on the app too, but they’re just getting drowned out by the “professionals”, and I wish the company would do a better job just doing a basic account review to make sure the accounts in the app are for people honestly looking to meet people, not hire them.
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2 years ago, Film music enthusiast
Community blocking = presumption of guilt
All it takes is one person to report you- for any reason or no reason at all- and Feeld immediately blocks you. A legitimate app would have a human review any complaint/report before denying access to its service…not so with Feeld. The human review comes AFTER you have been automatically blocked - regardless of how petty or nonsensical the supposed “violation” may be - and that’s IF you are lucky. In order to have your account unblocked you have to be able to get someone in their customer service to read your request, and that often takes weeks or months. I know because their customer service chat shows you whether your message has been read. And paying for their Majestic membership does not help. I’m a current Majestic member and have been blocked for nearly three weeks without anyone reading my request to unblock my account. This is my second time making a Feeld account- the first one I had to abandon because I was blocked for months with no help. Guess what: I finally did get a response four months later, after I had started a new, paid Majestic account. My repeated pleas to Feeld to put human review before any block occurs have fallen on completely deaf ears. Spending money on this app is asking to be defrauded. Spending time on this app is asking for infinite frustration.
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2 years ago, Wks laksa
Good—in theory
UPDATED: dropped a star because the app won’t even load today; just a loading wheel even after fully closing a few times. Too many bugs, too many false profiles or solicitors. Good when the app functions properly and one connects with some of the actual people here and there on Feeld (Chicago, so not like I’m in a low-population area and even still it’s a ton of fakes and people seeking payment). The app is good in concept. Seems glitchy with persistent in-app update/refresh problems. I often have to fully close the app and reopen to refresh messages and feeds. But the biggest hassle is that practically every profile I see is some bot or escort scam. There are some real folks out there; I met some. But the majority are false and scam profiles. Again, great in concept. And a necessary facet to the online dating realm. Just needs more development, more actual users, and better efforts at identifying and removing false and scam accounts.
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1 year ago, Kinky Nick
Fine, but room for improvement
My partner and I learned fast that unless you are paying for premium, this app leaves a lot to be desired. We bit the bullet and paid for a month subscription, but there is still one major function that is missing that would GREATLY improve the experience. That being: we would like to be able to see the list of people that we’ve given hearts to in the app. We live in rural VA where the kinky community is very limited. Within the first week of using the app, we’d given out a bunch of hearts to people we were interested in. Each time we give out a heart, that person vanished from our feed. We have no way of going back into that list and pinging people. By giving hearts to the people that were interested in, we’ve basically cut off contact with all of the couples that we might otherwise be connecting with. Bc our community is small, we don’t have a lot of new users to pick from, which means we’ve had to increase our search radius to beyond what would make sense for actually meeting up with people. Please fix this problem! It will make us much more likely to use it and to continue paying for a subscription.
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12 months ago, Ky🌞
would benefit from more users and correct profiles
unfortunately so far it seems like there aren’t a lot of people on the app to begin with, and even fewer who are active. i havent really seen this app advertise itself anywhere and learned about it from queer friends. i feel like they should try more advertising since i ran out of F/F couples almost instantly and none have since shown up. additionally- it needs more policing of profiles for correctness. other apps have the same issue of M/F couples showing up under female settings however on feeld it doesnt make sense since theres options for them to show that they are a couple, yet people keep skipping that. there are SO MANY M/F couples that ill sometimes get multiple in a row, despite having no men allowed in my search settings. i always report it as not correct but not sure if those get reviewed. unfortunately it makes using the app frustrating because it feels like by the time i sift through all this theres not much left… positives though, i havent had any bugs and the user interface is pretty good. nice graphic design. good features. just needs to have the user base improved
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2 years ago, A.RoodAwakening
Good concept; buggy; no policing of the site.
I’ve been a paid member for quite some time and the quality of this app has slipped significantly. For over a year (of PAID membership!), I’ve been forced to look at two “This human has deactivated their account” messages in my Inbox with no way of removing them. I’ve opened formal tickets to Support and, while I’ve received a response from the developers, they’ve done nothing to address the problem. This has literally been a problem for OVER A YEAR and no resolution! But worse than the broken app is the number of SnapChat girls selling nudes and offering “Nuru massage” and other—ahem!—“adult services”; it’s skyrocketed. Not only are these profiles RUINING Feeld, the adult services they’re offering meet the legal definition of prostitution in just about every jurisdiction in the US aside from Las Vegas and a few others. The Terms of Service state members are not to post SnapChat and Instagram handles and I’d say an overwhelming majority of “matches” do just that. I report every one—dozens a week—and hear nothing back. Shame on the those who are running this app! You’ve clearly stopped caring about those of us who are paying you and it should be a source of embarrassment.
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4 years ago, fascio2scrum
Love the idea, dislike the app
Feeld is a great idea for an app. I love that it’s meant to be a space to connect specifically with couples, people who want to join couples, and people who are more on the kinky side of the spectrum. No other app (even the gay hookup apps) offers that approach. That said, the app is plagued with usability issues, as many have noted. The like/dislike feature doesn’t always work, the search parameters don’t always stick, the messaging feature is basically useless, and of course, it’s not ideal that Facebook is required to sign up for an account. Everything useful is hidden behind a paywall: more profiles, more search options, knowing who has liked you, etc. The developers of the app have made it nearly impossible to use unless you pay for a membership, and I’m not paying $16 for this app. Additionally, there just isn’t a big enough pool of users in my area. That’s not the apps fault, of course, but it is a reason I don’t like using it. And, while the like/dislike feature is fun, it seems like most of the users just want to see how many matches they can get for a quick ego boost. It’s really frustrating to match with someone only to find that they’re not actually interested in talking or meeting.
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3 years ago, Two times noforn
Sounds awesome. Sadly, it is the opposite. Ugh. Really bad.
Creating a profile means navigating bizzare and ambiguous photo restrictions. You load normal, non dirty, photos: yoga pants, bare shoulders, me wearing a motorcycle helmet. Then, you get 'Inappropriate Content' warnings and strident messages to clean it up. You try other photos, each edging closer to that anti-hot one of yourself in a full body corduroy jump suit. You still get a message las though you were trying to advertise a human trafficking start up. But, infuriatingly, no indication of what, precisely, is 'inappropriate. They just keep sending you back to their policiy statement (which seems written by someone who ignored Freshman English teachings about making statements in the affirmative - i.e what is appropriate; not in the negative - i.e. what might not be, maybe. From my reading: a bikini is OK. Bikini underwear (so lower spandex content?) is offensive. The 'Help Center' is not helpful. Despite photos of three bearded lads (Josh, Brad ... ?) in flannels at the top of the page, it is just bots telling you to 'Help Yourself' with unrelated, drivel, reviewing the frustrated yowls of others who fell into the trap of their bad technology and poor execution of their service. The net effect is a boner crushing, vagina drying, wast of time. It makes one consider just dating whomever Mom thinks would be 'nice'. Ugh.
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2 years ago, Alex_trackerrater
Affirming experience
I haven’t used a dating app or website since OK Cupid back in the day, and I was in for a treat! I paid for the introductory premium membership (because why not?) and have found Feeld to be a place where super hot, smart, interesting, queer people are looking to communicate really honestly about meeting up and potentially having sex. I LOVE that when you swipe left or right, you can return to that person- otherwise you would blow through the entire dating pool with snap judgments. So I love that there’s no pressure to know right away whether you’re interested. With the Majestic membership, I don’t even swipe that much unless I’m curious or bored. I wait for people to “like” me first, and then decide whether I want to match and chat with them. I also love the broad gender and sexuality categories- it feels like this app could be used for anything, from a straight couple looking for a bi woman to have sex with (common enough) to an individual looking for someone else who has a similar experience as them to play with (eg bi for bi, trans for trans, really anything), to anyone looking for ski or activity buddies in a new city (the buddies would probably happen to be nonmonogamous). It took a couple of hours of being startled by the variety of people and interests for me to start getting my footing but once I did, I matched with a couple of different cute people, chatted openly and met up with them, had a great time with them. I really like this app!
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3 weeks ago, beepayz
Fake & Scammer Profiles
Paid for a Majestic profile to get more matches. Which has happened in the 1st few weeks using the app. I live ina big city. But many of the matches so far are fake or are deactivated within a few days. One match was pretending to be an adult film star. (I screen all pics 1st on Google Lens). I called her out on it and the profile disappeared. At least 3 other matches so far are asking to move the chat to WhatsApp which tells me they are scammers or not who they say they are. I have others saying they are out of state or the country. But their profile says they were a few miles away a few minutes ago. Either the app is buggy or someone isn’t being honest. Something tells me the users of this app aren’t serious are just messing around. There is no screening or verification process so unless you video chat or meet IRL, there is no way to tell and you are just wasting time texting away (that applies on any dating app). I meet more people in real life, but looking for those who are more straightforward with their kinkiness and/or sexuality. So far, I’m not impressed with this app.
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2 months ago, NomadicPoet
Absolutely Terrible
I was a paid Majestic member. Had I clearly researched what I had paid for I wouldn’t of done it. There is absolutely zero benefit of paying for a membership. You get to do unlimited likes but who cares if no one responds to anything. Nonmembers do not see if a member likes them at all, unless you ping and when you run out it cost more $$$. Or they would of had to like you so you could see if you wanted to like them back. Aside from that it’s all sooooo random. Only perks is to see when the last time someone had logged on or to see who had liked you. Had two likes, one was from a real nonmember whom I had accidentally disliked with zero way of reaching back out and the other was a spam account. I live near an extremely populated metropolis, but in my local area there was only 4-5 people that shared interest while the rest were 55+miles away. If your a male stay away from this app, there were tons of real women profiles who hadn’t logged in in awhile. I’m am not that gross nor was my profile blank. I had multiple pictures and an in depth profile with nothing to show for but a ruined ego and out $20. Waste of time and thought on this app.
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3 weeks ago, VJ Franz K
Review 3 - App is still loaded with bugs and nothing fixed.
I saw a person on Feeld, I decided to send them a “ping“ (which is a message that is not allowed to even include a word of communication.) I bought another set of 10 pings for $11. I am going to send a ping to this person, but even though they have taken my money, the pings are not refilled! I close the app and reopen it. Now I have 10 pings. I look in the list of people for the person I intended to send a ping to - They are GONE, nowhere to be seen. I was for a while a subscribed member. I would get one free ping every day. (if you don’t use it, it disappears, you can’t save them up) also, this ping would not refill until the app was closed and opened again. similarly, reopening the app changes the people that are in your list, so the one you intended to message may be GONE. This will be your experience also if you decide to pay money to this company that will not fix their software! they need to figure out a way to refill the pings without requiring the app to restart, it’s not rocket science here. Even if you can tolerate the app itself, the people will barely even talk to you. Good luck with that.
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11 months ago, tebeau
Search is broken, please escalate
I’ve been using Feeld for about a month now. I should state that I’m a user experience designer. I noticed an issue with search almost immediately. The more types of people you search for, the fewer results you get. These aren’t filters, so why are my results decreasing when I’m trying to increase the types of people I’m interested in? When I use the paid features, things get even more screwed up. If I switch on recently active, my results are limited to within 3 miles of me. What does one have to do with the other? Even though my distance is set to 25 miles, I only see people within 3 miles of me. If I search by desire, it won’t actually return users with those same desires. If I turn it off, people with those desires will show up. I could go on and on about all the strange algorithm issues. I’ve never used such a broken search tool in my 15 years of app usage. I love the idea of the app and the people that use it, I just can’t stand using it. Please escalate this issue. I can’t be the only one experiencing broken search.
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1 year ago, Zaboomafoo123456
Seems like a cool concept, very frustrated with lack of helpfulness
I was on here for about an hour before my account got blocked and I could not log back in, seemingly for no reason. I reached out to support and they told me I’d need to take a picture holding a book and closing an eye. I understand needing to vet potential catfishes but blocking someone for no apparent reason and asking them to take a silly photo to prove themselves feels uncomfy to me. I asked if I could please know why I was blocked first and without being mean I shared my honest feedback that this felt a little sexist. Why in my hour on the app did I see tons of men blatantly going against guidelines but I’m being fully blocked seemingly just for existing? How many other women are being flagged as suspicious just “in case”? That felt kind of gross to me, especially from an app that is profiting off of apparent progressiveness. My message to support was shown as seen but I’ve gotten no response, even after another message that was seen. It’s been several days since it was first seen. This feels really unreasonable and not cool.
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2 years ago, geodibtlalrhk
Keep getting “blocked” from bunk reports
I understand that there’s a big critique that there are a lot of “bots” on this app but I keep getting blocked for no reason. Last time I was lucky enough to have gotten through but was blocked again 24 hours later after getting restored and verifying my photos are me. I know I’m an attractive woman, but I feel like I’m being punished because apparently if enough people report you the system automatically shuts down your account, without a human even reviewing it. It’s either that or I am being punished for unmatching people I am no longer interested in because the other party has an option to report you after you unmatch them. I think triggers some outbursts due to fragile masculinity. Last time it took a week to restore my account because that was when they responded, and I just got blocked again. I had a date this evening and now my plans are canceled because we hadn’t exchanged numbers. Huge disappointment and literally ruined my evening. I also paid for a 3 month membership!! 😡
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1 year ago, Manafount
Great ideas held back by poor execution
I don’t hate Feeld. I’ve used it on and off for years and actually made a few good friends. The app’s UI is uncluttered and pretty, they don’t shove monetization or ads down your throat every 30 seconds, and it meets the bar for “Minimum Viable Dating App”. Unfortunately, the good parts are weighed down with frequent bugs. For literally YEARS, every time I went a few days without logging in it would ask me to sign back up when I opened the app. Chats frequently failed to send in a reasonable time to the point where everyone I met was asking to switch to snap/kik/signal as soon as we matched. My latest issue with the app on iOS is just how glacially slow any kind of navigation is. Multiple seconds of load time when liking/disliking makes the app frustrating to use even when you’re not trying to frantically swipe through singles like it’s Tinder. The menu suffers from the same sluggishness. This is on a brand new iPhone on gigabit wifi. I used to dismiss what I thought were teething pains from a fresh dev team. But it’s been eight whole years now and Feeld still delivers a user experience that feels like a hack week project by some Facebook interns. There was obviously a lot of passion in Feeld’s creation, and that’s what makes this hard to write. It would be easier if this were another scam fringe dating app bombarding me with bots. I wish I could hate this app, but instead I’m just disappointed.
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10 months ago, cakeumms
Great People, Buggy App
Feeld is an LGBTQIA+, k!nk, and non-monogamy friendly app. I’ve made lots of connections on Feeld that have led to dates, friendships, and a long-term partner. I’ve only used it with a Majestic (paid) membership but from what I hear it’s worth the money over the free version. The new “Uplift” feature is not worth it. It’s supposed to show you sooner in the Discover feed for 24 hours. I’ve tried it twice and at $7.99/pop, you’d think it would deliver on making your profile more visible, but it hasn’t led to a single like. I’ve had hundreds of likes over the last year so that was disappointing. This feature should be offered at a much lower price point. The app is buggy, especially the new group chats feature, but I’m giving it 4 stars cause it’s light years better than any other I’ve tried.
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3 years ago, BendyDJ323
Excellent but glitchy
Fantastic app. I’ve met some wonderful, fun, and open minded people here. Can’t say enough about that. I actually like that the community is relatively small at this point. Because it makes people pay attention to each other, and not just “throw away” matches like they do on traditional dating apps (when there’s an unlimited amount of other potential matches available). Also, if you’re going to put yourself out there, you’re likely more intentional about actually communicating and meeting with new people. Only complaint is it’s glitchy — with the exact same issues happening for at least 6 months. It doesn’t seem to be a super complicated platform, so I’m guessing to just don’t put any effort into fixing them. Also in 6 months I haven’t seen an app update available (seems like those happen every month or so with almost every other kind of app).
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4 years ago, pie445
I love this app and I would love to give it 5 stars, but I’m noticing a really bad bug with it. When the app logs you out it’s very unclear on how to get back in. There is no differentiation between logging in vs signing up for an account. In order to log back in you have to verify your account via email and anytime I click on my email to log in, the link just sends me back to the front page of Feeld where it asks if I’m 18+. This issue is very frustrating. Both me and my partner were logged out of our accounts and neither of us can get back in. Please let me know how to override this bug so that way we can get back into the app. Also, both me and my partner are software developers and we understand how much work goes into building and perfecting an app like this. Please continue updating the app and working on bug fixes. If there’s a shortage in team members, i would be more than happy to join the team to help resolve these problems. Please reach out and let us know what we can do to help!
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1 year ago, princess drip
Don’t pay for majestic
The worst bug I’ve come across, makes the app not worth using. I have 28 messages. I can only see 15-16 of them. As I match with new people and get new messages, the oldest messages disappear whether I’ve answered them or not. I can only see my messages from today. I didn’t get a chance to reply to a lady yesterday and now the messages are gone and I cannot contact her unless I put her in a group chat with someone else or she decided to double text me. There’s no way to delete messages without unmatching someone and no way to create a new message with just one person after the thread has glitched away. We already only get 15 swipes a day when your site claims to give 40. Now I can only talk to 15 people at a time too? We’re all here because there’s no other good options, not because the app is good. I wish you guys had some competition so you’d be forced to care about user experience and fixing bugs. Youll have more luck on adultfriendfinder or any other app that offers a free trial to their premium version.
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6 months ago, Photographer2300
Awful UI, decent app
I like the concept of a dating app for the sexually open-minded and have had some fun interactions. But it’s so hard for me to get past the terribleness of the app itself. Random crashes, needing to restart the app to load the convo when I match with someone. But worst of all, who decided to put the ❤️and ➖buttons on the bottom of the screen?? There’s a reason on tinder you swipe left and right instead of clicking something and can just click to see more photos. Creates a seamless. experience. In feeld I need to move my finger down every single time I wanna say yes or no to someone. It’s surprisingly annoying. The animation for someone’s profile going away when you like or dislike them takes too long as well. AND the like and dislike are next to the report profile button so sometimes I accidentally report someone. The buttons need to be way higher like right under the photos. It’s glaring enough that it seems whomever designed the app simply does not care.
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2 years ago, Junkpit
Glitchiest app ever….but good when it works
I remember several years ago downloading this app for my iPhone and running into constant glitches. Back then I stopped using it for different reasons but I recently downloaded it again and started using it again. The great thing is the quality of people, and the relative lack of obvious fake profiles. Head and shoulders above the quality of “people” on Tinder these days. My partner and I love that part. Unfortunately it is still the glitchiest app I have ever used, and that is saying a lot considering the many crappy apps out there. Constant “connection problems”…. Notifications of messages that don’t show up for some time in the actual app… Etc. The current problem that sparked me to write this review is that when I launch the app it just gives me a blank white screen with the logo in the top left and a spinning wheel that never stops spinning in the middle. I have force quit the app. Didn’t help. I have downloaded the app update. Didn’t help. Argh. (Did I mention that I PAID for this??) I have seen the developers post on other reviews how hard they work on fixing this app but I have to say, these are the same basic problems that at this point have been evident *for years* so it does not appear that they really are trying very hard. Bummer. Guess we will see if my app ever opens and runs again.
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2 years ago, xXsaxasXx
Much Improved
So this actually my second review and I’ve increased my star rating. Earlier versions were definitely buggy but I felt the need to give the developers kudos for fixing most of these issues. Long messages can still get wiped out for some reason and that’s definitely frustrating. That said this is a great app, its priced fairly and the concept is so much better than most of the dating apps out there. One improvement would be to allow us to see a tab of people you have liked and then go back and ping them if desired. My preference is the ping people but sometimes I don’t have the cash at the time for the pings I need for everyone! Some folks may only need the app for a months so that feature may not be needed for them but as a multi-partner person I’m going to use the app for quite some time!
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2 years ago, ellie steller
I caved and bought the subscription ONLY because feeled claimed I had over 150 likes. Come to find out 75% of those likes had come from men. Despite me being queer and stating that on my profile and never ever having my search recommendations set on men in the settings. Not once. Meaning feeled is showing my profile to straight men still which is rather invasive. Meaning I bought a subscription to connect with people I was never ever going to connect with had never wanted to connect with in the first place. and I feel scammed. It’s disturbing that this app would push my profile to people I specifically did not want to meet then trick me into thinking all these likes are from legit people who would actually be a good match. And now the app tells me there is nobody in my area despite me living in one of the biggest cities in America. Would not recommend wasting your money especially if you’re a women looking to connect with other women and queer people.
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2 years ago, theoceanblue
Good but still somewhat glitchy
I’ve been on Feeld almost since the very beginning, when it was called 3rnder and have been a majestic (premium) bender for much of that time. On the upside the developers of the app seem to genuinely care about the community and the integrity of their app and giving like-minded folks a platform that’s accepting and good way to connect. On the downside, the app is glitchy. It’s gone through significant changes and is certainly much improved. There are some nagging bugs including one where terminated or deleted members remain in my list of contacts as ghosts and am unable to remove them. There are also a ton of couples advertising as female which is disingenuous, annoying and a waste of time. The developers need to crack down on that more and potentially make a couples profile type in order for everyone to either include or eliminate them in their search preferences. Couples should not be able to advertise as female. There are also a ton of fake profiles which I believe the developers work hard to clean out. They’re extremely easy to spot, few or professional looking pics, little or no profile information and in your core location. It’s definitely much better than it was, but still retains some glitchiness. Definitely worth a go, there’s really nothing else like it.
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6 months ago, Upptaget?
Honest attempt at what is advertised
This appears to be the only real player in terms of apps where people with alternative dating styles and desires can go and not just expect bots and scammers. However, I will say that this app is basically not usable without paying for majestic. Once you pay it changes quite significantly in terms of who is presented to you and what happens when you like someone. In fact I’m not quite sure like liking feature even works most of the time without it. Constantly see the same people pop up over and over again. Once I have majestic these issues seem to go away which is quite sad and gatekeeping. I think this really hurts growth. People who don’t sign up for majestic might get turned away before they do. Messaging is and has always been extremely buggy. You can tell by the number of profiles who mention not getting messages or apologizing in advance for not replying because of it. It’s also extremely common for people to ask to quickly move off app so they don’t lose the match. There are read receipts but they seem to be shown before a lot of people have read the message. As the title mentions I think this app is an honest attempt at what is advertised, but fails to deliver a very reliable app. A lot of it seems to come down to engineering.
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10 months ago, boolife369
App is overly buggy
When you can actually get it into the app it works great, but I’ve been locked out of accessing my profile for months now. The app won’t send me a “magic link” no matter how many times I try, and every time I’ve opened a chat with support it becomes inaccessible once I leave the app, even if for a moment. Even when giving support two different emails to contact, which I have done on two separate occasions, I have never been reached directly by them. My partner is on feeld and uses it regularly, so the only thing stopping us from fully enjoying it is the bugs. At this point, I just want to delete my profile and make a new one with a different email but even that is impossible when I can’t log in or ask support to help me. If I could use the app at all, it’d probably be 3/4 stars, but unfortunately, I’ve had it downloaded for six months and haven’t been able to use it in four.
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2 years ago, 4436?
Terrible support. Don’t provide service I paid for.
Several weeks ago I subscribed to this app and became a Majestic member. The big selling point to be majestic is that I get a free daily ping as long as I use that previous ping before midnight. I use my daily ping every day before midnight and it is never reset the next day. I have to reach out to tech-support every single day and they give me the runaround all day until evening time when sometimes I am given my daily ping. I have been told that this is being escalated. I have touched base with dozens of tech-support people and they continuously refuse to acknowledge this issue and fix it. It has been three days since I’ve received the daily ping than I paid for. This app is completely useless to me because they are not providing the service that they said they were going to. I strongly recommend that no one subscribe to this service and will absolutely be spreading that message to everyone I know. Save yourself the time. Go somewhere else.
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3 years ago, erik3266
Bots, Phishers, or Real, that is the question
UPDATED review: So my account was restored (to a new email account). For that I added a star. More stars could come if I actually meet someone on here. But like before, I have met no one after a month, nobody. Just ‘bots’/scammers/solicitors looking for a phone number. I wonder who has the time to make up these accounts, but I guess they can’t all be fake, right? I mean I can’t be that unattractive, right? Well I have patience. ORIGINAL review:After almost a month, Feeld App is dead. I don’t receive the Link to connect to my account, which I stupidly paid for a 3 month subscription for. The service department seems to have mentioned a fix, but they are very hard to communicate with (time zone issue???). I have had no luck anyway, so I may just count my loss and walk away. My advice to those wanting to use this app, well roll the dice, talk to your 8-ball or whatever helps you decide, but if you are smart, don’t get a membership, keep it free.
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4 years ago, Ugh23really
I hate the login through email process.
Had deleted this app a year ago. Thought I would give it a go again. I was excited to use my email instead of connecting through FB - but it’s a pain. It won’t just let you be on with a password or kept logged in such as Tinder or basically EVERY other app out there?!?!? WHY?!?!? Instead I have to enter my email and then get sent a link to my email to login EVERY TIME. God forbid I should put my phone down or answer a text because then I get to go through the entire process again. Also the birthday bug isn’t fixed. I saw my birthday had the incorrect day tried fixing didn’t work, but took away two age adjustments in the process. It’s just the day so not a big deal, but it’s annoying. It’s still incorrect. Honestly when on it before wasn’t treated very respectfully or kindly by the other members (actually worse than any of the apps) so to have to go through the login bs and then maybe have some terrible people on the other side seems less than worth it.
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2 years ago, dm589932
Lacking customer service
I was blocked from my account because I was reported as being a couple using a single account. I contacted customer service and was given a generic answer that they would unlock it after I verified myself and my wife.I explained that my wife is not part of the profile does not use the app because she was turned off by some very rude people when she first had her own account and that I am an individual only looking for myself.I was told they would have to have another customer service person take over, and after three days have had no response. So it would appear even though I paid for the more expensive membership I am now locked out of the account even though I did not actually violate any terms of use
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10 months ago, OferJ
Unusable (crashes on attempt to chat)
Started using the app in early October (or tried to start using it would be more accurate). Every time I click on the chat icon the app crashes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Which makes the app absolutely useless. I know I’ve received messages from other members, since I get notifications, but they probably think I’m ignoring them since I can’t access the chat/message section. I’ve reached out to the support team multiple times now and they keep telling me they’ll get back to me and that’s it. It’s been a couple of months now and I still can’t use the app. To add insult to injury, I keep getting marketing messages in the app trying to ask me to buy subscription to access all kinds of additional features. Why would I ever invest money in an app that doesn’t even work? If I could give zero stars I would. However, I would gladly change my rating to a more positive one if and when I actually receive some real support in resolving my issue.
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7 months ago, Fitzpatrick McFly
Logarithm based, Canceled
Majestic membership not worth it. It started okay, then the bugs started coming out like in other reviews. Search settings are a joke and they only show you a few local profiles per day, the rest are people who have been inactive for 2 months or more. I’m in the NYC metro and even increasing search radius to 100 miles it still showed me no one in my search settings. There was only requirement was of a women in 100 miles. 🤣 Right Feeld, right! Then 8 hours later I get 6 women in my area, but inactive. Uplift is a joke as well, don’t waste your money. App is filled with 90% of people who are looking for unicorns, so if you’re a unicorn go for it as this is for you. Gave it a full month, and cancelled my 3 month subscription. If this can’t work in NYC metropolitan area, then it won’t work anywhere. Especially if you’re in a small rural area. I’ll take my lesson learned and move on.
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2 years ago, Lost on the prarrie
I read some reviews for dating apps that were geared toward open/poly relationships and alternative lifestyles in the bedroom and this seemed quite promising. It wasn’t until I paid for the full access to all the features because I wanted to give it a try that I realized this app is very disappointing. I live in a very rural area that makes it difficult to meet people interested in polyamory and this app is super limiting to where you can search. It has a search radius of 200 miles but when you live in a rural place in MT that still doesn’t cover the most populated places in the state, and outside of that the search options are limited to NYC, LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Maybe Miami, I can’t remember. This basically makes the app worthless for me and makes it a huge disappointment after all the hype. Not to mention like every other dating app these days it’s filled with fake profiles. The app seems to have potential but sure leaves a lot to be desired.
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2 years ago, EIHansen
Needs Quality of Life Improvements
I’ve had a good experience on Feeld so far. Nothing has come of my time on the app, I believe mostly to due to the lack of users in my area. I have also had one highly negative experience with a scammer trying to get nudes. However, the over all experience has felt safe and welcoming. I find small things like not being able to look back at the people you have liked grow bigger the longer you use the app. By not being able to go back I’m no longer able to go back over someone’s profile, reconsider the like I sent out, or get other peoples opinions. It’s highly frustrating. This is currently my biggest gripe. For me, Feeld sits at somewhere around the 3.5 star range, but I’m willing to round up to 4.0.
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1 month ago, meg_s_777
Best dating app. Ever.
I’ve found most my best friends on this app as well as a partner I had for three years. He and I are still really close friends even though I’ve been dating his life long best friend for the past two years. The way this app is used encourages user to express exactly what they want. Sometimes it’s just s*x, sometimes it’s just friendship, and there is everything else in between. This app seems to be able to foster relationships no matter what they may be. Pretty much all my greatest relationships started here. And because of the open communication that tends to happen here, they will all be life long friends at the VERY least. To be honest, I found family from the connections I made on this app.
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4 months ago, kolesays
gender/sexuality feedback
I’ve been using feeld for a couple months. where i live it’s a great way to meet likeminded people - queer, trans, kinky, etc. i’m a queer, non-binary trans masc person. here’s my 2 cents for an app that caters to these audiences, I don’t understand the way sexuality and gender is handled. - don’t list man, woman, couples first, in a separate space before every other gender. why do this??? it just makes the rest of the genders seem “secondary” and imposes a false hierarchy. also, separating them out in the first place does not make sense. - also couples are made up of more than man and woman. hello … the long list of genders below. how about a different way of selecting that you’re into couples/groups? maybe just a way to select, yes… i’m into couples and then choose from your sexualities you’re into instead of gender. -let people select multiple genders. again- why limit to one? - there should be a way to filter by sexualities, instead of gender. for example, you can be into men and be gay or straight. but you can’t filter this way if you’re only sorting by gender. so queer people have to sort through straight people and vice versa. rendering the gender filters basically pointless. give us sexuality filters instead! makes way more sense…
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1 year ago, devmcn
Great community, buggy app
Feeld is the best dating app out there in terms of the community and culture on the app. I find people are way more responsive and respectful than on other dating apps. Unfortunately, the app has bugs like randomly logging you out, or occasionally the text entry box for messaging will disappear so you can’t message people, etc. But the final straw for me was a recent bug with Incognito Mode - a paid feature that makes your profile only able to be seen by people you have liked. This feature is the sole reason I paid for a premium subscription. I use this to ensure neighbors and colleagues don’t see my profile. Out of nowhere I started getting likes, meaning my profile was being seen by users I had not liked first. So I’m not getting what I paid for and I feel like my privacy was violated.
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1 year ago, Jwillis411
Premium isn’t worth it.
I paid for the premium app just to see, and I’ve been quite disappointed. The only perk to premium is that feature allows you to see who’s been recently active. I paid for “pings” and within 24 hrs 4 of those profiles were back in my feed for me to connect again. That’s absolutely not supposed to happen. As well, the app feed doesn’t accurately show my most recent local matches, i.e. a profile 5 miles from me didn’t show up until a few days after they used the app instead of the day they were active to increase the likelihood we connect. I’ve seen this quite often. If the developer knows there are tons of bots/fake profiles who “like” every single profile, then why not increase the ratios of non-fake profiles connecting so the app can get better ratings. There’s tons of bots, fake profiles, scammers, etc. Explore with caution.
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11 months ago, Albertfish
A lot of fake profiles. And getting worse.
The interface is pretty good. And I have tremendous respect for this developer’s corporate ethos. Unfortunately this app, like so many apps catering to those in the less than vanilla world, is riddled with escorts and catfish scams. I put the number at around 90% which to be fair is much better than the 100% of virtually ever other app Feeld competes with. (Looking at you Kinkoo. The crown of garbage apps) If you want to slough through the remaining legit 10% profiles, be prepared to deal with the aforementioned rubbish. Consequently, the legit profiles have such an onslaught of M to F numerical disproportion, these people often simply don’t respond even if you connect because they are inundated. Tip: if the profile says absolutely nothing they are a catfish or escort. If they have a SC barcode they are an escort. If they have a single photo, the profile is fake. If their profile states to follow them on IG they are either an escort or looking to pad their IG follower count.
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4 months ago, TStech
Good free features, low cost premium
All in all it’s a solid dating app that focuses on sex positivity, and a lot of effort is put into making sure profiles are real. Being able to message for free with matches and pass on profiles you’re not ready to swipe on are awesome features, and it has the only reasonably priced premium I’ve seen. That being said, it’s even more appearance-based than tindr, so if you‘re going to get fewer likes than any other app. The premium filters also don’t work, but again it’s not a super expensive premium so the unlimited swiping and daily ping are worth the price. All in all, the flaws are minor compared to every other dating app. If you’re not looking for your forever person, this app should be your #1.
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1 year ago, amlialo
Love the concept, really dislike the app itself
I’ve met a number of people on feeld and I love the community. But the app is pretty horrifically buggy. Profiles for users who have deactivated their accounts still float like dark ghosts in my queue. Messages don’t come through. Or people disappear without actually unmatching. And maybe this is the reason Feeld even puts “this human has unmatched from you” or “this human has left the chat”. So users will know for sure that someone doesn’t want them and can’t chalk it up to bugginess? I have very thick skin, am extremely confident etc but this feature does tend to activate my Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. Why do you have it there? Or why not just have a brief notification and then make the bio disappear?
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7 months ago, ShaneFKing
Only works for paid users
The way the app is set up, if you are a paid user, you can see who liked you & filter out inactive users, and if you are unpaid, you can’t. Easy enough, but there are so many spam or inactive users, that even if you have 10+ likes in the waiting, it will take several days before you come across even one of the people who liked you. And if you filter your results to only show local people, one of those 10+ likes you have in the waiting may have been someone who was visiting your city 3 weeks ago, and has long since left— but they will forever be in your queue, as there’s no way to Nope on users outside of randomly finding their profile. Which means that even if you pay, if you like a non-paid user’s profile, they are unlikely to ever see your profile organically. Apparently their business model is to make the scrolling unbearable, so that any user functionally needs to pay in order to make any connections, or even clear out their queue. And because they don’t filter inactive users, an unpaid user will see 10x more profiles than are actually active. Naturally, you won’t find out that the dating pool is 90% smaller until after you pay the monthly fee. The app itself is alright, no worse than any other. But that bait and switch is rather insulting.
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2 years ago, Israel Davila Junior
Great if your anything but a man
I was recommend this app by a friend, said it would be a great time for easy fun. The conversations go well but then once you meet everyone here on 250 miles there’s just nothing else to do. I’ve already exceeded the limit for people to me and it’s only been about three or four days less than a week for sure. There isn’t a whole of people, I’m located in SF and I’m surprised at how little time it took for me to “break” the app! I rarely said no to anybody and I still have 25 days left of my subscription. I’ve done the other cores that are similar to my area and nothing can compare. Feels lonely when it says the people are waiting out their somewhere. Overall yeah this is kinda a meh app I would only recommend it if your a women aka unicorn. My guys stay away from here it’s a nice place to look at but you’ll never be accepted, that’s my take on it hope to hear back from the devs.
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2 years ago, Mr Fresco
Fix the glitches and less email sign ins. This could be great
About a week now of having this and I want to like this app I REALLY DO. Of course pay to have more access is understandable but after only a few days of being on after committing to 90 days pay it gets super glitchy logs off after 10 minutes if waiting to get back on because of delays and glitches and then having to restart now with email verification? Thats alot of work for an app that remains to be seen as simple. Please invest in fixing the small details stopping users from committing to the app. We want an app like this to work well. Even after this new “update” we shouldn't be seeing so many glitches and have to do extra just to use this app for 10 minutes before we get logged off again.
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10 months ago, JoseA215
Some hidden gems but mostly scammers
I’ve had this app at least a year. I keep it because it fits my lifestyle, otherwise I would delete it. There are some “real” people on here but the amount of scammers is ridiculous. If I had to guess, I would say 6 of every 10 people on the app are scammers. When I say scammers I mean individuals attempting to blackmail you by asking for money. They blackmail you by using your personal information and pictures and threaten to send to your personal contacts. Scammers have a script and usually lead off with “what do you do” and “this app is buggy, can we go somewhere else to chat”. I believe Feeld could do a better job of screening people. Be very careful out there my friends. Also, Alaya is a scammer term to identify other scammers. If you see it in a chat be very cautious.
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3 years ago, Jennaych
“Left the chat”
This app tells you when someone has “left the chat” (your DMs). Like, it’s great that people have the option to leave a thread, but why do I have to know that they’re rejecting me? Just let me think they don’t check their phone often... Really hard to tell if this app just doesn’t have the user numbers (it’s not just my location, since I’ve tried the virtual global settings, or if people just aren’t looking during covid, or if my profile is terrible, or if a lot of profiles are fake or “professionals” or inactive, but I’ve matched with maybe 12 people over a 9-month period of swiping. Not a promising ratio. (For the record, I get lots of matches on other dating apps.) The cynic in me believes I’d have more success with the paid membership, but why should I think things would be different when I’ve barely seen this app work at the basic level.
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