Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

4.4 (55.8K)
66.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Feeld Ltd
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

4.44 out of 5
55.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Masochist for Tech Issues
The community/focus I’m looking for, but SO SO SO buggy
Update - April 2022: Since my original rating, it seems as though developers have fixed the bugs that were causing the app to crash frequently. As that was my main issue with the app, I’m giving them another star. Now, my only real complaint is the lack of ability to “go back” to a skipped profile. I’m not paying for premium, so I’m not sure if that’s a feature with paid plans. Other major dating apps that charge for this feature will at least display the button for all users, so you know it’s an option if you want it. — — — I first used Feeld about 3 years ago, and was really turned off by how buggy the app is. Constant crashes, frequent need to log back in using a link sent to my email, etc. These bugs annoyed me enough that I deleted my account. About a month ago I decided to join again, as it’s really difficult to use the typical dating apps to connect with others looking for the same things as I am. I thought, surely they had to have fixed these issues after all this time. Nope! Still a huge pain, and not much better than before. Yet here I am, a masochist enduring these frustrations for the hopes of meeting someone(s) special. Sigh. Please, Feeld, get better.
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1 year ago, derkafer
Still seems unpolished
The concept and amount of real users is phenomenal. Fake profiles are almost nonexistent which would almost be enough for a 5 star rating. If you’ve used pretty much any other “dating” app you know how annoying it is to cycle through 30 fakes to find one real human. Why I can give it 5 stars is because there’s still glitches in messaging and if you set your search by activity. With messaging: you open the app up and it often glitches to a message but shows the older messages. So if you have a new message you can overlook it and might not actually see that that person replied to you. If you have many messages it becomes more pronounced. What happens when you set the search settings by say active within a week. Yes it filters out someone that hasn’t been on in 3 months but you will only see people that are within 2-3 miles. The filter seems to completely disregard your distance perimeter. This means you can’t use it and have to flip through stale profiles. My only other suggestion would be an undo in case you accidentally hit a pass on someone. Happens a little too easily if you have the who likes you feature. When scrolling you can easily hit the minutes button.
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2 years ago, FM_M
Great app, needs curation
First, it’s better than most apps, particularly if you’re LGBTQ+, queer, neurodivergent, kinky, and/or poly. There’s more space here for different loving, and if you fall under that umbrella, it’s really refreshing. Their paid tier (“majestic”) gives you one free ping (a way to connect with other members) per day, and having that daily ping refresh and be available to use has, for me, been really spotty. They say they’re working on it, but it’s been a while and it’s still an issue. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed one of these days. The real problem is just how many not-real-people “professionals” there are on the app. Insanely hot well-endowed Instagram-models with no text in their profiles (why is an empty bio even allowed?), broken-English word soup about being open minded, or just straight-up snapchat addresses where they quote you their rates for sex. There are some great people on the app too, but they’re just getting drowned out by the “professionals”, and I wish the company would do a better job just doing a basic account review to make sure the accounts in the app are for people honestly looking to meet people, not hire them.
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3 days ago, Parker J. Williams
A decent app finally beset with scam profiles
As many recent reviews have mentioned, this is an otherwise fairly decent app that the scammer bots have finally discovered. Thankfully, they're easy to spot, because most are of the variety that don't seem to understand the nuances of the profiles on Feeld, instead treating their bios like any other dating app, with intentionally broken "I had a stroke" scammer-grammar in their bios, trying to coax you to go to their "Instaagraam"/"Snpcht" accounts, etc, and say a keyword to them. Unfortunately, if you don't report them, they take up valuable space in the deck of profiles you can swipe through, and limit your ability to see legitimate accounts. I just spent the past hour as of writing this review testing that (and reporting well over 20 bot profiles), closing and reopening the app, and discovering there are far more legitimate accounts beyond where the stack was topping out previously. I like recommending Feeld when I can, but honestly other than the scam-bot issue, given that Feeld is sort of a nexus between Tinder and FetLife, with seemingly a lot of couples dipping their toes in non-monogamy for the first time, I've started telling people to try either of those aforementioned resources over Feeld first—or at least not have it be the only tool in their utility belt for finding intimate connections of the nature that Feeld offers.
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3 months ago, leatherette heart
If it ain’t broke… well wait… it’s always been kinda broken…
This app has always been buggy and I always wondered why they’d attempt upgrades when the basics were barely working if all. then this new version comes along and unless you live in a big city you have no idea how close you are to a possible match. There was one day it was like hot dude central and then I notice…let’s just say I’m popular in Spain. And I ain’t mad at it. But. I live in London. It used to just state your matches’ distance in miles. But for the update, Feeld decided to list peoples locations by town etc. making people feel unsafe. So, now I sail on the sea of random location hookup roulette… I’d cancel but Feeld has been mostly fun and at least provided me some interesting stories for the last few years… But! I also miss knowing someone’s on/offline status. It was nice to know if someone was possibly on to something else or just not on Feeld at all 🤣🤣 and it was a feature for paying members. Now I pay just to know my matches which is why I pay, but I used to get more intel for my cash. The latest mystery surprise is if someone disconnects they just disappear…🪄 Yes I probably sound like I should maybe find a hobby but I can’t help it if naked fun is my version of crochet and cats. As they say, don’t hate the player hate the…change
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4 months ago, j_bella5
The update has a lot of bugs to fix
They just updated the whole app and it is a mess. The app freezes when scrolling through your likes and then it starts over at the beginning or in a place. If the information on the screen starts to shake and freeze, you can’t touch it or it will delete people for you. You can’t like or dislike anyone without the app freezing and taking you back to the beginning of the list. People I have already disliked pop back into the likes after the app unfreezes, then it freezes some more. Messages don’t show up or they take forever to arrive (this one directly affected a meet up). Message notifications also don’t come through, so you need to physically go into the app and check. If the app is busy, all symptoms are exacerbated. You can uninstall and redownload the app, but issues persist. I have been using the app for a while and the platform was pretty fun. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that people outside of your own search settings can swipe on you, but that wasn’t enough to write a review over. I actually like Feeld more than Tinder and Hinge, but the issues with the new app are a problem. I’ll change my ratings once the bugs are fixed and the cool things about the platform will get their chance to shine.
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4 months ago, FelipeDLH
Tech issues like bankruptcy — slowly, then all at once
The app has never worked well per se; in fact it’s been different flavors of glitchy mess for a while. I had, for months, an issue where profiles would just stop loading, and support’s response was basically ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Still, I gritted my teeth and kept it because it’s been one of the only places to find a certain kind of community. Then came this “update,” which was supposed to finally overhaul things. I guess you could say it achieved that goal, insofar as it threw the whole app overboard. I haven’t been able to log in for almost a week, and support responds only with chipper automated messages informing me there’s an update now (yes, I know, that is exactly the problem). I have never, ever heard of an app whose engineering team is so incompetent that it threw the app into two full days of downtime for an update that then completely broke it. The incompetence is rivaled maybe only by the customer support and comms teams, which have been completely unable to so much as articulate a response around what happened and when or if it’s going to be fixed. So that’s probably it for me. Unless this all gets resolved immediately, I can’t see how the app retains my trust or that of the community. It’s a shame, too, because it had facilitated some great connections. But enough is enough.
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4 months ago, David Joseph Ostrowski
Update is Worse
The app just got a massive update and now it is buggier than usual. Loading times are through the roof, regardless of how many bars I have or what kind of Wi-Fi I’m getting; app crashes are more frequent than ever; the app will log me out entirely in the middle of use, or if I don’t use it for more than like a day or so; in the chat area of the app where I could once see the content of my messages, now I only see the names of the people I’m messaging with, and every time I try to click on one of those messages to engage in a conversation (or just use the app the way it was supposedly designed to be used), the screen just goes completely black and it never brings up a message; even though I’ve been using the app for months now, every time I log on again (it should just let me stay logged in all the time but that’s a whole other issue), it acts as though I’ve never used the app before and explains to me every little thing that Feeld does with dialogue boxes that take forever to load and forever to dismiss; I often have to repeatedly press the same button over and over and over again to get it to respond, which is very annoying. These and several other issues plague the Feeld app and make it borderline unusable altogether. I hope they fix this soon. I’m starting to feel like deleting it.
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3 years ago, Film music enthusiast
Community blocking = presumption of guilt
All it takes is one person to report you- for any reason or no reason at all- and Feeld immediately blocks you. A legitimate app would have a human review any complaint/report before denying access to its service…not so with Feeld. The human review comes AFTER you have been automatically blocked - regardless of how petty or nonsensical the supposed “violation” may be - and that’s IF you are lucky. In order to have your account unblocked you have to be able to get someone in their customer service to read your request, and that often takes weeks or months. I know because their customer service chat shows you whether your message has been read. And paying for their Majestic membership does not help. I’m a current Majestic member and have been blocked for nearly three weeks without anyone reading my request to unblock my account. This is my second time making a Feeld account- the first one I had to abandon because I was blocked for months with no help. Guess what: I finally did get a response four months later, after I had started a new, paid Majestic account. My repeated pleas to Feeld to put human review before any block occurs have fallen on completely deaf ears. Spending money on this app is asking to be defrauded. Spending time on this app is asking for infinite frustration.
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4 months ago, GuyMannering
Good Community—buggy since update
Feeld has been great for finding like minded, interesting people. It’s a small community so it takes time—as a hetero guy, the majestic membership and a few “uplifts” here and there are worth the fairly low price compared to other apps. I also like that you can scroll through profiles without swiping one way or another, and that you can see which profiles are “majestic” (meaning they can see if you like them). Overall, hard to complain too much since I met someone I love here. I will say that like many apps, there seem to be dimishing returns after your first 6 months or so—but for me it’s definitely been the best (or least bad) of any dating app I’ve found. AND YET, since the update, the app as been pretty buggy. Specifically it has frequently stopped giving majestic members the free daily pings—which as my main daily engagement with the app has kind of made the membership worthless—I hope this gets fixed soon.
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3 months ago, Furrow31
App Safety Features Removed
When you rolled out the app redesign over a month ago, I sent you an email that the distance mileage that other matches are from me no longer displays below their photos. Within settings, there is still the setting to display the distance in “miles” or “kilometers” so nothing has changed there. But I can no longer see it on member’s profiles. This becomes a bit of a safety / security issue because if I’m in a border city like El Paso, I don’t want to match with people across the border in Mexico. If I’m in a relatively safe suburb of Chicago, I might not want to match with someone a given mileage from me in the dangerous South Suburbs of Chicago. And if I match with someone in my home city and think they’re local, I don’t want to waste my time chatting with them if the next day I see they are “1000 miles away” and perhaps just visiting or flying through. Please bring this feature back, it’s important to have. And it’s very frustrating that after over a month, nobody from Feeld has responded to my emails. I’m trying to help you here, offer constructive feedback, improve the app…why no courtesy of an email reply, much less getting the app glitch actually fixed?
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2 years ago, Kinky Nick
Fine, but room for improvement
My partner and I learned fast that unless you are paying for premium, this app leaves a lot to be desired. We bit the bullet and paid for a month subscription, but there is still one major function that is missing that would GREATLY improve the experience. That being: we would like to be able to see the list of people that we’ve given hearts to in the app. We live in rural VA where the kinky community is very limited. Within the first week of using the app, we’d given out a bunch of hearts to people we were interested in. Each time we give out a heart, that person vanished from our feed. We have no way of going back into that list and pinging people. By giving hearts to the people that were interested in, we’ve basically cut off contact with all of the couples that we might otherwise be connecting with. Bc our community is small, we don’t have a lot of new users to pick from, which means we’ve had to increase our search radius to beyond what would make sense for actually meeting up with people. Please fix this problem! It will make us much more likely to use it and to continue paying for a subscription.
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4 months ago, DanT25
NEWEST UPDATE, Slow and laggy
I’m sure the new updates are with good intentions but the newest over haul off the app that just happened has made it super slow to load anything up! The amount of time sitting on the screen just to load my matches is ridiculous. Rebooted the app several times to see if it just lagged out. Turned my WiFi off to see if it performed better on straight phone data, an same issues. Never had this issue with the app before. Always loaded instant. The new look is great but I think the over complicated animation gifs that appear when loading pages up just are slowing it down. Maybe the animation file sizes weren’t optimized in coding to load on the internet an are loading up at full file size. But if the app doesn’t start responding quicker. My love for the app is going to fade quickly. It’s already filled with high amount of bots also, so adding a slow load time just makes even more un-enjoyable. I also thought they might give some better option for switching your location. Such as a map you just set a pin anywhere and be in that area. Sadly just your current location and big city hubs like before
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2 years ago, Ky🌞
would benefit from more users and correct profiles
unfortunately so far it seems like there aren’t a lot of people on the app to begin with, and even fewer who are active. i havent really seen this app advertise itself anywhere and learned about it from queer friends. i feel like they should try more advertising since i ran out of F/F couples almost instantly and none have since shown up. additionally- it needs more policing of profiles for correctness. other apps have the same issue of M/F couples showing up under female settings however on feeld it doesnt make sense since theres options for them to show that they are a couple, yet people keep skipping that. there are SO MANY M/F couples that ill sometimes get multiple in a row, despite having no men allowed in my search settings. i always report it as not correct but not sure if those get reviewed. unfortunately it makes using the app frustrating because it feels like by the time i sift through all this theres not much left… positives though, i havent had any bugs and the user interface is pretty good. nice graphic design. good features. just needs to have the user base improved
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3 weeks ago, Love_to_Think
Not worth the $$
Only worth using because it’s the only kink friendly app (although now that’s it’s gotten more popular it’s watered down with people from other apps). This app has a long list of cons/problems. To name a few: 1. People can see/like you even if they’re not within your search settings. 2. If you X someone they don’t fall of of your “likes,” so you have to filter through them twice. 1&2 create a false and annoying amount of “likes” to sort through if you pay for the app. 3. You can’t block people. 4. If you unmatch someone, they just pop back up in the list- see point above. I’ve had people pop up numerous times even after X’ing them. 5. The app glitches- push notifications for messages only come through if the app is running in the background. 6. An exhaustive amount of couples profiles set to “single” so they aren’t filtered out. 7. If you have it set to “Men” and “Women” couples pop up in the search setting with linked profiles, even if you don’t have it set to “Men + Women,” “Women + Women,” etc. 8. If you pay for the app, aside from the above issues, you don’t get a ping a day as advertised. I was subscribed for 3 months, and the pings maxed out at 15.
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5 years ago, fascio2scrum
Love the idea, dislike the app
Feeld is a great idea for an app. I love that it’s meant to be a space to connect specifically with couples, people who want to join couples, and people who are more on the kinky side of the spectrum. No other app (even the gay hookup apps) offers that approach. That said, the app is plagued with usability issues, as many have noted. The like/dislike feature doesn’t always work, the search parameters don’t always stick, the messaging feature is basically useless, and of course, it’s not ideal that Facebook is required to sign up for an account. Everything useful is hidden behind a paywall: more profiles, more search options, knowing who has liked you, etc. The developers of the app have made it nearly impossible to use unless you pay for a membership, and I’m not paying $16 for this app. Additionally, there just isn’t a big enough pool of users in my area. That’s not the apps fault, of course, but it is a reason I don’t like using it. And, while the like/dislike feature is fun, it seems like most of the users just want to see how many matches they can get for a quick ego boost. It’s really frustrating to match with someone only to find that they’re not actually interested in talking or meeting.
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4 years ago, Two times noforn
Sounds awesome. Sadly, it is the opposite. Ugh. Really bad.
Creating a profile means navigating bizzare and ambiguous photo restrictions. You load normal, non dirty, photos: yoga pants, bare shoulders, me wearing a motorcycle helmet. Then, you get 'Inappropriate Content' warnings and strident messages to clean it up. You try other photos, each edging closer to that anti-hot one of yourself in a full body corduroy jump suit. You still get a message las though you were trying to advertise a human trafficking start up. But, infuriatingly, no indication of what, precisely, is 'inappropriate. They just keep sending you back to their policiy statement (which seems written by someone who ignored Freshman English teachings about making statements in the affirmative - i.e what is appropriate; not in the negative - i.e. what might not be, maybe. From my reading: a bikini is OK. Bikini underwear (so lower spandex content?) is offensive. The 'Help Center' is not helpful. Despite photos of three bearded lads (Josh, Brad ... ?) in flannels at the top of the page, it is just bots telling you to 'Help Yourself' with unrelated, drivel, reviewing the frustrated yowls of others who fell into the trap of their bad technology and poor execution of their service. The net effect is a boner crushing, vagina drying, wast of time. It makes one consider just dating whomever Mom thinks would be 'nice'. Ugh.
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2 years ago, Alex_trackerrater
Affirming experience
I haven’t used a dating app or website since OK Cupid back in the day, and I was in for a treat! I paid for the introductory premium membership (because why not?) and have found Feeld to be a place where super hot, smart, interesting, queer people are looking to communicate really honestly about meeting up and potentially having sex. I LOVE that when you swipe left or right, you can return to that person- otherwise you would blow through the entire dating pool with snap judgments. So I love that there’s no pressure to know right away whether you’re interested. With the Majestic membership, I don’t even swipe that much unless I’m curious or bored. I wait for people to “like” me first, and then decide whether I want to match and chat with them. I also love the broad gender and sexuality categories- it feels like this app could be used for anything, from a straight couple looking for a bi woman to have sex with (common enough) to an individual looking for someone else who has a similar experience as them to play with (eg bi for bi, trans for trans, really anything), to anyone looking for ski or activity buddies in a new city (the buddies would probably happen to be nonmonogamous). It took a couple of hours of being startled by the variety of people and interests for me to start getting my footing but once I did, I matched with a couple of different cute people, chatted openly and met up with them, had a great time with them. I really like this app!
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4 months ago, punkassjim
Overrun by ads for other apps, sex worker solicitation, scammers, catfish, and lookie-loo normies
Man, I’ve given this app the *real* long view, hoping someday it would grow into its promise, but it’s been deeply broken at every step along the way. From 3nder to Feeld, and now with this big rebranding/redesign, it’s always been an incredibly poorly-built app. And I’m pretty sure there are some deeply dishonest mechanisms going on in the background. When I’m not paying for membership, I’m told regularly that people are liking my profile. But as soon as I pay for three months, that goes away immediately. Membership runs out, and it immediately starts back up again, every time: you’ve been liked! Again and again! Pay us and we’ll show you who! Ohhh, thanks for the money, now we won’t show your profile to anyone. You get crickets for three months, sucker! Can’t believe you fell for that *again!* Anyway. Since the update, fully one half of the profiles I’m shown are ads for competing websites and solicitation for sex work. I’ve got no issue with sex work, but when you cannot trust that people are genuinely here for dating — or are even actual people at all — you’re using a bad app.
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4 months ago, Vvvvvvvv1111111
Unable to use since update
I will echo a lot of the problems people are having. I paid for a year long majestic membership in advance. Since the update I cannot access my account. Says deleted. People I have previously matched with have told me they can still see my account. I tried creating a new account and linking it with my majestic membership but it won’t let me because it says it is already linked to an account. Feeld publicly says they are working on all problems and have people available to assist but there is 0 response other than generic automated response saying they are working on it. I have tried messaging through instagram, the email link provided, the app help chat. Nothing. I have seen someone here post a similar experience and I saw a Feeld reply saying they are sorry and to contact them at the help email but I guarantee their issue has not been fixed because there is no one responding. An apple isn’t any better because they refuse to issue refunds so I am stuck paying for a year subscription to a service I cannot use. I get it, you can’t fix the problem but ignoring your paying customers is not the may to build brand loyalty.
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2 weeks ago, Jarvis89
Bottom line: it no longer works
I always found this app has limited utility to begin with. In the years I’ve been using it, I’ve only managed to exchange a handful of messages. But then they “upgraded” the app and it has become useless. I’ve been paying for Majestic (premium) membership for months after the update fiasco, but finally canceled. To name just a few problems: they removed distance/location info… so if you don’t live in one of the few big cities “feels cores”, you can end up matching with people hundred or even thousands of miles away, regardless of what you set your own distance preferences to. The message indicator is buggy- currently I have a red dot meaning a new message, and it is “my turn” to respond, however my inbox is empty. Finally the app developers aren’t very educated on kink, so for example, there is no MFM option, but there is a MMF option- which is not the same thing, but people use it as such since it is the only way to indicate a two male threesome, which can lead to really awkward situations. These are just a few examples. The bottom line, though is the lack of usability. Just today it tried to suggest people 5 states away to me.
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2 months ago, El Greazy
Disappointed + Frustrated
I moved over to this app from other dating apps because I liked the idea of more open minded people, and an opportunity for each person to openly type what they’re looking for. . Quite simply, this app has is broken. I have been patiently using it for over 8 months, and I was a paid member before the update and after. Since the update, the app has become more buggy: extremely long load times, blank pages, a massive influx of fake profiles, messages that weren’t going through, the inability to find folks unless you’re in a major metropolitan area, and matches that you can’t view. The product team focused on aesthetics over basic functionality. . The community is not much better. On the rare occasion that the product works and you have a match, you’ll find the people quite simply don’t even respond. There is absolutely no incentive to create a positive environment where people treat each other with civility. . I rarely leave bad feedback on a product because I know how hard it is to build one. This product is simply not good and I would hate for people to waste their time and hard earned money on it.
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9 months ago, NomadicPoet
Absolutely Terrible
I was a paid Majestic member. Had I clearly researched what I had paid for I wouldn’t of done it. There is absolutely zero benefit of paying for a membership. You get to do unlimited likes but who cares if no one responds to anything. Nonmembers do not see if a member likes them at all, unless you ping and when you run out it cost more $$$. Or they would of had to like you so you could see if you wanted to like them back. Aside from that it’s all sooooo random. Only perks is to see when the last time someone had logged on or to see who had liked you. Had two likes, one was from a real nonmember whom I had accidentally disliked with zero way of reaching back out and the other was a spam account. I live near an extremely populated metropolis, but in my local area there was only 4-5 people that shared interest while the rest were 55+miles away. If your a male stay away from this app, there were tons of real women profiles who hadn’t logged in in awhile. I’m am not that gross nor was my profile blank. I had multiple pictures and an in depth profile with nothing to show for but a ruined ego and out $20. Waste of time and thought on this app.
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4 months ago, brodifus
Huge privacy fail
My partner and I have used Feeld for a few years for play. This app has been glitchy since its inception, but its strength has always been an overwhelmingly strong community. New updates are always going to incur negative feedback but this one is much much different. My partner woke me up in the middle of the night freaking out. Her profile was now showing a scary precise location and broadcasting it to the entire community. Anyone could now see exactly to a pinpoint where she is at any current moment. Anyone in this lifestyle can tell you privacy and discretion is MOST IMPORTANT. Not a fancy new logo and design. This is a huge huge huge violation of trust. In an app that did so much to promote openness and trust it did the complete opposite and probably trashed and burned one of the coolest community experiences I’ve ever experienced. I can’t even begin to express my anger and sadness. It’s beyond anger. The location violation raises true deep concerns for safety of all of the users who have invested trust into technology in general. I do not doubt this will end with some kind of class action lawsuit. Check out some of the Reddit feeds on the issue…hard to sleep after that rabbit hole
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4 months ago, Risker34
It was fun while it lasted
Don’t bother with this app. It was a pretty fun and interesting dating app that had some unique ideas and features. It was a little buggy at times but never enough to make it literally unusable. Then came the big overhaul update which basically changed the color scheme from orange and white to black and white; while moving the app from a system where you would get a batch of profiles each day and be able to swipe on all of them to a system where you get about 20 free swipes before needing to buy more. Not 20 free swipes per day, 20 free swipes at all. Once you use them the app will give you a countdown of about 24 hours before you can use them again. This is a bold faced lie and the count down will reset as soon as it hits zero. I’ve spent almost a week waiting to get my refresh on swipes and I’m still “16 hours away” somehow. But don’t worry dear user, there is a simply fix to this “bug”, just spent money to become a premium user and avoid the swipe limit entirely! How convenient for the devs that there just so happens to be a bug that forces users to pay them $14 a month to continue using the app.
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7 months ago, VJ Franz K
Review 3 - App is still loaded with bugs and nothing fixed.
I saw a person on Feeld, I decided to send them a “ping“ (which is a message that is not allowed to even include a word of communication.) I bought another set of 10 pings for $11. I am going to send a ping to this person, but even though they have taken my money, the pings are not refilled! I close the app and reopen it. Now I have 10 pings. I look in the list of people for the person I intended to send a ping to - They are GONE, nowhere to be seen. I was for a while a subscribed member. I would get one free ping every day. (if you don’t use it, it disappears, you can’t save them up) also, this ping would not refill until the app was closed and opened again. similarly, reopening the app changes the people that are in your list, so the one you intended to message may be GONE. This will be your experience also if you decide to pay money to this company that will not fix their software! they need to figure out a way to refill the pings without requiring the app to restart, it’s not rocket science here. Even if you can tolerate the app itself, the people will barely even talk to you. Good luck with that.
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3 years ago, Wks laksa
Good—in theory
UPDATED: dropped a star because the app won’t even load today; just a loading wheel even after fully closing a few times. Too many bugs, too many false profiles or solicitors. Good when the app functions properly and one connects with some of the actual people here and there on Feeld (Chicago, so not like I’m in a low-population area and even still it’s a ton of fakes and people seeking payment). The app is good in concept. Seems glitchy with persistent in-app update/refresh problems. I often have to fully close the app and reopen to refresh messages and feeds. But the biggest hassle is that practically every profile I see is some bot or escort scam. There are some real folks out there; I met some. But the majority are false and scam profiles. Again, great in concept. And a necessary facet to the online dating realm. Just needs more development, more actual users, and better efforts at identifying and removing false and scam accounts.
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1 year ago, tebeau
Search is broken, please escalate
I’ve been using Feeld for about a month now. I should state that I’m a user experience designer. I noticed an issue with search almost immediately. The more types of people you search for, the fewer results you get. These aren’t filters, so why are my results decreasing when I’m trying to increase the types of people I’m interested in? When I use the paid features, things get even more screwed up. If I switch on recently active, my results are limited to within 3 miles of me. What does one have to do with the other? Even though my distance is set to 25 miles, I only see people within 3 miles of me. If I search by desire, it won’t actually return users with those same desires. If I turn it off, people with those desires will show up. I could go on and on about all the strange algorithm issues. I’ve never used such a broken search tool in my 15 years of app usage. I love the idea of the app and the people that use it, I just can’t stand using it. Please escalate this issue. I can’t be the only one experiencing broken search.
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3 months ago, prism🌈
Update had RUINED the app
I cannot express enough disappointment about how this app has now been completely destroyed. Everything was perfect before - the imagery was inviting, the logo was inclusive, the location accuracy was spot on. It’s like they WANTED to drive people away and ruin the app completely. The messaging feature (aka the main function of the app) no longer works; messages don’t send or receive or have to be sent multiple times. Don’t waste your time with this app anymore.. go back to tinder. Literally every other dating app in existence tells you the location/distance of other people, but for some reason Feeld thinks you need to pay for that information now which is utterly ridiculous, especially as someone who lives in a remote location. I would give a negative rating if I could which is terrible because this used to be my favorite dating app by far, but it is absolutely a complete waste of time now and I’m going to continue giving low ratings and complaining to support until someone acknowledges my concerns. Undo the entire update and restore this app to its former glory!!!
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2 years ago, Zaboomafoo123456
Seems like a cool concept, very frustrated with lack of helpfulness
I was on here for about an hour before my account got blocked and I could not log back in, seemingly for no reason. I reached out to support and they told me I’d need to take a picture holding a book and closing an eye. I understand needing to vet potential catfishes but blocking someone for no apparent reason and asking them to take a silly photo to prove themselves feels uncomfy to me. I asked if I could please know why I was blocked first and without being mean I shared my honest feedback that this felt a little sexist. Why in my hour on the app did I see tons of men blatantly going against guidelines but I’m being fully blocked seemingly just for existing? How many other women are being flagged as suspicious just “in case”? That felt kind of gross to me, especially from an app that is profiting off of apparent progressiveness. My message to support was shown as seen but I’ve gotten no response, even after another message that was seen. It’s been several days since it was first seen. This feels really unreasonable and not cool.
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4 months ago, Tickled&Pickled
Under represented and systematically flaud
It seems inconceivable after haven’t been on this app for over a year that I can no longer login. I’ve missed some really interesting people on the app. I’ve made some really good friends out of this and for some reason or another I’m no longer able to use the app, even while being paid user. I would implore everybody to reconsider this app unless you’re going to sell out money month and a month out just try to meet people from a developer standpoint seems to be the only way they can sustain us. Otherwise you don’t match with anybody nor can you have the opportunity to send messages or ping those folks that really peek your interest or your kinks sadly, I think this could’ve been a lot better for a lot of people and I’m sure there are some users out there that are really happy with their overall performance on this app, however, it’s really shame that all the money has spent and the relationships I’ve made, and been able to maintain through the app that I no longer have access the end.
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2 years ago, Manafount
Great ideas held back by poor execution
I don’t hate Feeld. I’ve used it on and off for years and actually made a few good friends. The app’s UI is uncluttered and pretty, they don’t shove monetization or ads down your throat every 30 seconds, and it meets the bar for “Minimum Viable Dating App”. Unfortunately, the good parts are weighed down with frequent bugs. For literally YEARS, every time I went a few days without logging in it would ask me to sign back up when I opened the app. Chats frequently failed to send in a reasonable time to the point where everyone I met was asking to switch to snap/kik/signal as soon as we matched. My latest issue with the app on iOS is just how glacially slow any kind of navigation is. Multiple seconds of load time when liking/disliking makes the app frustrating to use even when you’re not trying to frantically swipe through singles like it’s Tinder. The menu suffers from the same sluggishness. This is on a brand new iPhone on gigabit wifi. I used to dismiss what I thought were teething pains from a fresh dev team. But it’s been eight whole years now and Feeld still delivers a user experience that feels like a hack week project by some Facebook interns. There was obviously a lot of passion in Feeld’s creation, and that’s what makes this hard to write. It would be easier if this were another scam fringe dating app bombarding me with bots. I wish I could hate this app, but instead I’m just disappointed.
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3 years ago, geodibtlalrhk
Keep getting “blocked” from bunk reports
I understand that there’s a big critique that there are a lot of “bots” on this app but I keep getting blocked for no reason. Last time I was lucky enough to have gotten through but was blocked again 24 hours later after getting restored and verifying my photos are me. I know I’m an attractive woman, but I feel like I’m being punished because apparently if enough people report you the system automatically shuts down your account, without a human even reviewing it. It’s either that or I am being punished for unmatching people I am no longer interested in because the other party has an option to report you after you unmatch them. I think triggers some outbursts due to fragile masculinity. Last time it took a week to restore my account because that was when they responded, and I just got blocked again. I had a date this evening and now my plans are canceled because we hadn’t exchanged numbers. Huge disappointment and literally ruined my evening. I also paid for a 3 month membership!! 😡
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2 months ago, lena mau
Overall good app
Very clean app, it’s easy to navigate. It’s also east to update and view your own profile. I don’t have any issues finding matches in my area, but I live in a big metropolitan area. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because sometimes it is so slow. It won’t load sometimes and just shows two little balls dancing back and forth as the screen loads. Another bug i’ve noticed is sometimes it’ll switch up your matches names and picture when you’re in the chat. Like it’ll show another match you’re taking to, you go out to messages because you don’t want to message the wrong person, and find out that the app just put the wrong photo or name on the person you’re trying to talk to and you were talking to the right person the whole time. I hope that makes sense. Good app though, met some nice people, met some weirdos. Kinda like any app, just be careful!
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4 months ago, Playerdan69
Botched update STAY AWAY!
App is currently unusable and has been reported to Apple for privacy violations, failure to provide services paid for, security leaks, amongst other things. While they have updated the app from 7 to 7.0.3 (as of this writing) it has now been 8 days of lack of basic functionality. I have been experiencing intermittent forced log outs, and haven’t been able to access my DMs in a week. And I’m a paying member! Other people have reported precise to the apartment number location displays, http leaks providing bad actors access to your private info, profiles being deleted or banned for no reason, empty profiles, matches and likes disappearing, among other issues. Simply read the negative comments in the recent history and see the through line. These are also issues reported by NYT, Mashable, and slate, so they’re very real issues. Also be aware that support is nonexistent since it has been reported that their support team was let go three months ago, with their original development team having been let go on the lead up to this update. Find another app, this is not it.
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3 months ago, Honeybomb95
This app is unsafe
I’ve been on this app on and off for 2 ish years. I joined because it seemed to be this sex and queer positive app. I wanted explore my sexuality AND date. This recent update has further cemented how unsafe the community has increasingly become. With any online dating you have to be safe and about your wits. But you shouldn’t have to do so much labor to meet real people and pursue a sexual life with discretion. What I’m speaking to is 1. The increase of fake accounts, bots, and catfishes 2. People (read: straight, cis men) abusing the app and going to extreme lengths of manipulation/gaslighting really just to get some noods. This app has lost all integrity. It’s a side alley tinder, rather than an explorative, fun and connective online dating experience it aimed to be. I’m stopping my subscription and giving the app a break because I shouldn’t feel like I have to work so hard and have this much anxiety, feel taken advantage of by folks I connect with, furthermore this company. As a black queer person this app is so disappointing, unsafe, and hands down has brought some of the most worst dating moments into my life.
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5 months ago, ccollett
This app could be amazing, but…
Honestly, the concept behind this app is genius. The execution is lacking. It’s been buggy since day 1 of using, but lately it’s been horrific. It freezes with every tap of the screen, forces me to restart 3x in 2 minutes, sends messages multiple times in a row because of lag, hides the send button randomly, loads the wrong profile so you have to go back to the screen and most likely restart it to even get to who you want to message. Its a huge drain on phone battery. Also, the pings are a mess. It would be awesome if you could easily flip through them, but every time I delete one, it brings me back to the most recent ping and I lose my place in the order. If you could flip through pings like you do profiles in the browsing section, it would be great. I’m really hoping they make some fixes, because the potential is here, but even the masochist in me is losing my will to keep this app with every usage.
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4 years ago, pie445
I love this app and I would love to give it 5 stars, but I’m noticing a really bad bug with it. When the app logs you out it’s very unclear on how to get back in. There is no differentiation between logging in vs signing up for an account. In order to log back in you have to verify your account via email and anytime I click on my email to log in, the link just sends me back to the front page of Feeld where it asks if I’m 18+. This issue is very frustrating. Both me and my partner were logged out of our accounts and neither of us can get back in. Please let me know how to override this bug so that way we can get back into the app. Also, both me and my partner are software developers and we understand how much work goes into building and perfecting an app like this. Please continue updating the app and working on bug fixes. If there’s a shortage in team members, i would be more than happy to join the team to help resolve these problems. Please reach out and let us know what we can do to help!
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4 months ago, Reese0524
Nope nope nope
Absolutely HATE the “update.” It still freezes up and I can only scroll down to see 4-5 people who have liked me before it starts jumping around and going haywire. Loading takes even longer than it did previously, and I regularly have to close the app and reopen it again. I also hate that I can’t see how far away people are… I just traveled between MA & TX having a layover in different cities each way. Now I’m stuck scrolling through 4-5 profiles at a time (> 300 likes) having NO idea if they’re 5, 50, 500, or 5000 miles away. I’ve been a majestic member for years as I’m a traveling nurse and I’ve used the app to meet some amazing people as I’ve traveled across the U.S. I didn’t realize my subscription was due to renew this month until the subscription was already paid, otherwise I would have canceled. This update is crap and if it doesn’t improve significantly (and soon), I’ll cancel the quarterly subscription and not look back.
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4 months ago, tallguy3232
Paying member for years. Canceling now.
The app was great for years. Have been a paying (aka “majestic” member as it is called in the app). FeeldCo did an app update 7 days ago and I have not been able to see messages. The app freezes anytime you click on it. Majority functions on the app also do not work. However they are still happily collecting my money for being a majestic member. Embarrassing company. Embarrassing update and customer service. Hate to see it bc the concept of the app is great. The app was never perfect (felt low budget) but that was understandable bc they do not have the membership and revenue volume of a tinder or hinge so you accepted the quality would be a little be lower. However, the current scenario of the app not even working for over a week is pathetic. If they make this right with their paying customers and fixing the app, I would say this app is worth a download. Given how they have handled customer service the past week and the current functionality of the app, I would probably look elsewhere and avoid downloading feeld at this point.
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4 months ago, Hellothisiskyle
Paying for an App I can’t access
About a week ago I upgraded to the paid subscription and you’re supposed to receive a free ping for every day but the first day of my subscription it never showed up in my account. Yesterday when I went check the app it had logged me out of my account and when I attempted to log back in it consistently froze after accepting my credentials. I deleted the app and tried again to no avail. When I tried to contact support it said they were unavailable and that the app would be down for 12 hours while they updated. It has now been over 24 hours and I still have yet to hear back from their support team and I still can’t log in. I don’t usually buy the paid subscription things but I really liked using this app and I wanted to see the rest of the features. However now it seems as though I’m paying for an app I have no way of accessing. If someone from the support team is reading this please contact me back. I would like a refund or an extension for the time I paid and was unable to use the app.
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3 years ago, xXsaxasXx
Much Improved
So this actually my second review and I’ve increased my star rating. Earlier versions were definitely buggy but I felt the need to give the developers kudos for fixing most of these issues. Long messages can still get wiped out for some reason and that’s definitely frustrating. That said this is a great app, its priced fairly and the concept is so much better than most of the dating apps out there. One improvement would be to allow us to see a tab of people you have liked and then go back and ping them if desired. My preference is the ping people but sometimes I don’t have the cash at the time for the pings I need for everyone! Some folks may only need the app for a months so that feature may not be needed for them but as a multi-partner person I’m going to use the app for quite some time!
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6 days ago, Bop'n Bob
Issues with connecting/removing
Since the last update every time I go to remove a profile from my view, it still shows up the next time I log on, which also leads me to believe that I may be connecting with people, but bc the platform isn’t retaining my selections for/not-for, it’s likely not retaining any individuals who do actually connect, without a paid subscription. I understand wanting to wrangle money out of your customer base, but if done so intentionally to refrain from having anyone connected at all, then there’s no use for your app among the general population. Which in turn would reduce average person participation leading to less usage of your app overall as the people selection opportunities are minimal = failed (management of said) application. I recommend making the basic operations of the app, operational, and then creating incentivized features to lure those who chose to pay, to pay for those additional features outside of the general/basic use of the app.
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2 years ago, princess drip
Don’t pay for majestic
The worst bug I’ve come across, makes the app not worth using. I have 28 messages. I can only see 15-16 of them. As I match with new people and get new messages, the oldest messages disappear whether I’ve answered them or not. I can only see my messages from today. I didn’t get a chance to reply to a lady yesterday and now the messages are gone and I cannot contact her unless I put her in a group chat with someone else or she decided to double text me. There’s no way to delete messages without unmatching someone and no way to create a new message with just one person after the thread has glitched away. We already only get 15 swipes a day when your site claims to give 40. Now I can only talk to 15 people at a time too? We’re all here because there’s no other good options, not because the app is good. I wish you guys had some competition so you’d be forced to care about user experience and fixing bugs. Youll have more luck on adultfriendfinder or any other app that offers a free trial to their premium version.
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1 year ago, Photographer2300
Awful UI, decent app
I like the concept of a dating app for the sexually open-minded and have had some fun interactions. But it’s so hard for me to get past the terribleness of the app itself. Random crashes, needing to restart the app to load the convo when I match with someone. But worst of all, who decided to put the ❤️and ➖buttons on the bottom of the screen?? There’s a reason on tinder you swipe left and right instead of clicking something and can just click to see more photos. Creates a seamless. experience. In feeld I need to move my finger down every single time I wanna say yes or no to someone. It’s surprisingly annoying. The animation for someone’s profile going away when you like or dislike them takes too long as well. AND the like and dislike are next to the report profile button so sometimes I accidentally report someone. The buttons need to be way higher like right under the photos. It’s glaring enough that it seems whomever designed the app simply does not care.
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4 months ago, Ms_Kitten_Black
Complete Garbage Dec 2023
This app used to work fine, it was ok. The flaws of the app were worth dealing with for the people you could meet. This new version of the app is garbage and completely ruining the user experience. This version needs a lot more work and should have never been launched. Everything on it loads slowly, membership features that you pay for do not work or only work partially. It takes days to send and receive a couple of messages because everytime you try to do anything with the app it goes to a loading screen and has to load for anywhere from 2min to several hours. Usually closer to several hours. You can’t see more than 3 or 4 of the people who have liked you at a time and if you try to do anything with that list it disappears and says it’s loading. This app has been completely ruined. Its very frustrating and I wish that I couldn’t back up into the old version so that it would actually be usable. I’ll be canceling it and not using it anymore after this month.
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4 months ago, kibbydeaux13
All Good Things Must End
I’ve been using Feeld for a couple years now and it’s been a great community of poly people, lifestyle members, and other sex positive people looking to meet up & explore. This has by far has been the best dating app in terms of meeting people and being able to have genuine connections or just casual dating alike for me. They’ve also always had a paid version, but the free version didn’t hinder your experience like every other dating app. So up to this point it’s been great! However, in the most recent update killed this app. It’s been overrun by spam bots, it’s glitchy, and the color scheme redesign is (subjectively) worse. I haven’t noticed any change in the amount of likes/matches I’m getting, but sifting through the spam bots makes the experience seem tedious. What was once my favorite dating app is now starting to feel like one of the hundreds gimmicky, niche dating sites that work & only exist to sell your data. I really hope Feeld can course correct and get back to the things people like about the app.
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3 years ago, Junkpit
Glitchiest app ever….but good when it works
I remember several years ago downloading this app for my iPhone and running into constant glitches. Back then I stopped using it for different reasons but I recently downloaded it again and started using it again. The great thing is the quality of people, and the relative lack of obvious fake profiles. Head and shoulders above the quality of “people” on Tinder these days. My partner and I love that part. Unfortunately it is still the glitchiest app I have ever used, and that is saying a lot considering the many crappy apps out there. Constant “connection problems”…. Notifications of messages that don’t show up for some time in the actual app… Etc. The current problem that sparked me to write this review is that when I launch the app it just gives me a blank white screen with the logo in the top left and a spinning wheel that never stops spinning in the middle. I have force quit the app. Didn’t help. I have downloaded the app update. Didn’t help. Argh. (Did I mention that I PAID for this??) I have seen the developers post on other reviews how hard they work on fixing this app but I have to say, these are the same basic problems that at this point have been evident *for years* so it does not appear that they really are trying very hard. Bummer. Guess we will see if my app ever opens and runs again.
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4 months ago, Pelvic Pain
After the update
My wife and I used this app daily for the last month. Met a nice couple talked daily for a couple weeks then went on a date. Things were wonderful was having so much fun with the app, I would recommend it to people in forums on several occasions. The app did what was intend and the right amount of features to make it a genuinely good experience that the wife and I both paid for. And then the…. “Rebrand”…. happened… in a matter of 24hrs the app went down for what was supposed to be a few hours on November 30th. The hours came and passed. The few hour update turned into approximately 24 hours of the site being down. If the app improved I could live with that, but the evolution that occurred in those hours was horrendous. Out of the smoke and wreckage a new version of Feeld arose. This monstrous plague removed several beloved features. Distance away! Gone. Time stamps and read receipts on messages! Vanished. Notifications bubbles and sounds! No where to be seen. Are you a female that’s not interested in single guys and have them turned off in your filters. Don’t worry after the update you will have 52 new likes and if you purchase the membership to see who it is… you will be disappointed because they are all single guys that you were never on the feed of until the update. TLDR; A once perfect utopia of connecting and chatting now a bombed out shell of its former self.
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4 months ago, _Michl_
Disastrous update
Conceptually excellent and spiritually different from other dating apps, catering to those in or seeking alternative dating and relationships. Unfortunately, the execution has been poor since the very beginning, this latest update is all but unusable. Login difficulties, photos not loading, inability to see 'likes,' privacy issues, paid features not working, and a major influx of bots and fake accounts are just a few of the lowlights. It's hard to tell if anything on the app is actually working as it’s supposed to, frankly. On top of that, as a male it’s almost impossible to get matches, because the ratio of women to men is so overwhelmingly lopsided. One woman whose profile I saw recently said she had created her profile just after the update on December 1, 2023, and was unable to login for two weeks, and when she was finally able to log in, found that she had 2,700 ‘likes. It seems that the leadership at the company is in complete and utter turmoil and the product management is terrible. Two articles, one in Mashable, and one in the New York Times detailed the problems. as a customer and one that’s been around since the inception, it’s very disheartening. I hope they get their act together soon, but I don’t believe they will at this stage, because it has literally never been a good or stable app. I’ve met a few people from the app but not for quite a while since the ratio is so bad. It was fun while it lasted.
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