Fender Tune: Guitar Tuner App

4.8 (119K)
70.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fender Digital
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fender Tune: Guitar Tuner App

4.8 out of 5
119K Ratings
4 years ago, Neekolul
It’s fender quality for fender guitars
It does what it should do and more to help beginning guitar players get a feel for their new guitar. I’m assuming the reviewers finding problems with the auto tuner have bad mic quality in their phones, or are plucking the strings sloppily, coupled that with the finicky auto tuner feature with the app itself. A good tip for those using the auto tuner to save time: if the tuner is giving you weird and mixed responses, don’t continue to tighten or loosen up the strings or else you’ll accidentally break your string because the auto tuner is stuck on telling you your string is too flat. Check instead with the manual tuner to see where you’re at with tuning your guitar and then go back to the auto tuner. Hopefully this helps you keep your guitar in proper condition and save you the hassle of buying more strings. Waste more time being careful with the tuner instead of wasting money buying new strings.
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2 years ago, CoolioChicken123
kinda annoying
Hi, my name is Wren and I am ten years old. I have just started playing guitar and I needed a tuner. I got this one because it had top reviews. At first I thought that the app was not working because I didnt know how to use it, but now I realized it has some problems. First, it is annoying that you have to pay to have the good tuner. Like, you payed for the guitar so why have to pay for the app (or why would you have to pay for the good tuner). Second when you are using the tuner it is a pain on how you cant tell the app to tune one of the strings instead of it figuring it out (it dosnt even pick the right string). Third can I just say how unrealistic the chords are for this tuner than a real one. I once at home tuned it with the app then did a lesson and they had to fix the tuning( you might be thinking “dont you know it can go flat”. Yes I do know but it was the same pitches as when I tuned it at home). The app is not worth getting, just buy a real tuner. Im not trying to be rude to the creators I just want to warn people before they get the app. - Wren
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7 years ago, MercyB4Sacrifice
Quick and clean tune each time works for me!
Out of tune never works. I've never developed an ear for tuning just right. I have an old dreadnaught with medium gauge "oh-maybe-nylon wrapped with metal" strings or something -- I threw the package away -- all from before the dawn of time. I get an excellent tune in about 2 minutes with Fender-tune. I've little experience with the broad range of options out there. I'm too busy playing my guitar to look far right now. I'm so ashamed -- but not really -- this product works very well for now. What I mostly need is perhaps the ability to quickly tune to a better frequency -- but later -- for now I play for pleasure, and this product gives me more pleasure than any electronic tuner I've used. When well tuned, my guitar nearly plays itself.
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3 years ago, Hermes228.
Works mostly fine
I use this app to tune my guitar occasionally, and usually it works fine, but only when I do it using the manual. The auto tuner which is the tuner that tells you when you have the right note does not work very well. For example, say I tune my guitar down a half step then I want to go back to standard tuning, so I use the tuner and it says that I have the right note for each one, then I go back through each note and it says “tune up” or “tune down”. That being said, the manual tuner is a great tool. With the manual tuner you just press the string on the screen and then it will play the sound so then you would try to match your string to that sound. It is good because it is reliable and you just have to listen to it and figure out if you have the right note, which helps train your brain so eventually you won’t need a tuner anymore. So the automatic tuner doesn’t work very well, but the manual tuner is a great tool. Overall it’s a fine app.
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1 week ago, the person who has a guitar
To be honest
This app is pretty good, however it has it’s flaws. One of them is the auto tuner. It is good at giving you directions on what to do. However, it tries to figure the chord out itself. There is no option to pick a chord. Personally, I think it would be easier to have the player pick the chord they want to tune. It would be easier and more accurate that way. Why I add accurate, you may ask? Well, when it tried to figure the chord out itself, it figures out the wrong chord. For example, I played the D chord on my guitar. It went to A where it told me to tune up. I did that and it went to G, telling me to time down. It is a never ending cycle with no exact destination. It isn’t even on the correct chord. That is why it is more accurate if you could just pick the chord you want to tune. I don’t think it is that good, but I understand it is not the best. At least they tried.
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2 years ago, Airplanr Man
Overall a lot you can do, but ran into one issue
I love that this app has lots of different tuning options, e.g. open tunings, and half step down for my vintage instruments. Overall has worked pretty great for me. Recently had one semi-major unfortunate experience that set me back though. Somehow after updating the app everything was tuning roughly a half step too sharp on all strings. I discovered this after lots of frustration and trying to get tuned in key with my harmonica. It was so tough to figure out what was going wrong. I even bought a new harmonica thinking mine was out of key. I’m sure Fender will find this software bug and fix it soon. So 5 stars since it’s the only drawback after years with the app
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5 years ago, Jaredsw01
Outstandingly accurate
This app is incredible. I have two acoustic guitars and one has a built in tuner, but the other does not and I still have not purchased a tuner for it so I have been unable to play it. Well, thanks to this app, I was able to tune it nicely using the auto tune feature. I was quite surprised at how accurate the tune detection is and how it can recognize the difference between you plucking a string and any background noise around you (I was actively talking while tuning and even double checked that it tuned correctly and it did). This definitely deserves 5 stars. Of course it won’t be as accurate as a normal tuner, but it can definitely get pretty close!
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5 years ago, Dylan Christ Mark
Good But Please Fix This For Safety Of All Guitars
This is a great app. When tuning, you get it right every time with this app. However, I believe this one thing needs to be addressed because I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. I recently just got a Jackson Bass Guitar, and as of writing this post I had it for not even 3 hours. I used the app and the Rumble 25 amp that Fender also built to tune it. I was tuning my G string and it was saying it was still -49cts when out of no where, the guitar string just broke. Now I have to drive back 20 miles to get my brand new guitar restringed, and add to the near $800 bucks I’ve spent on it alone. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I do think that this needs to be addressed. Something needs to be done so Bass Guitars are easier to tune. Other than that, this app really is great.
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4 years ago, Cabematt911
Made me break a string!
This app was great! When it worked! It’s always broken, either it doesn’t detect noise at all, thinks you’re playing a strong your not playing, or makes you tune way beyond what it is! I tried to tune my guitar and it said the e string wasn’t low enough so tunes lower, still not good, ok so even lower then, still not good, I tune lower and the string breaks because the app mislead me! When it DID work which was rarely, it was great! This was just the final straw for me, I only ever used this app because it was free but I think the creators know that and know no matter how many times people complain they’ll still get downloads, and I’m not the first one to complain about this, it’s been complained about for a year now! Has it been fixed? Nope, until this is fixed I’m never coming back to this app nor will I change this review (like the developers care anyways) and I’m definitely warning my friends not to use this either.
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2 years ago, Amir808
Cool app, but…
This is is a nice app. I love the drum tracks and all the different resources available. I only wish the app was a bit more bass friendly. The only place you can choose the bass instrument is when tuning, and there’s only options for 4 string bass tuning. Obviously you don’t need this app to tune your bass to certain notes but, it would be nice if the options were available. When it comes to chords and scales, the bass is nowhere to be found. Bass chords and scales exist!! But other than the lack of bass utility in the app, which is the only drawback on this app, it is fantastic. I’ll definitely continue to use it, mainly for the drum tracks and metronome. Add some more bass utility!! 5 and 6 string included!
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1 year ago, Hughs02
Rapid tuning made easy
I’ve used many different tuners over the years from a wide range of companies and I find this simple “instant tuner” one of my favorites. It’s ease of use as well as the three different modes that are available made it a “go to” addition to my musical collection. Out of all my guitars Fender has always been the front runner for manufacturers, so now I have a complete Fender selection. From the guitars, amplifiers and now this…. it seems as though my collection is complete…..until this great company comes up with something new…..thanks fellas!
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5 years ago, GatorNation2019
App review
I downloaded the Fender App and I was satisfied at first When I downloaded the app so I could tune my guitar but later I had to retune it because I had put a new strings when I went to re-tune using this app the app could not tell me the difference between any of the cords or tunings following that it couldn’t tell me the correct cord for Each string. Being this app is from The fender music company I am very displeased at the apps performance I had no issues the first time the second time I had multiple issues I am not a pro Tuner-subscriber and I did not pay for that The microphone on my iPhone was on and it was close enough to the amplifier where it could pick up the sound and still no results again I am very displeased with this performance I will be sure to spread the word and heat warning of this app I will never utilize this app or download it again.
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3 years ago, Ebnebben
Something needs to be fixed
Every time I try to tune with this app now, if says it’s 49 cents flat. This causes me to question my tuning and tune up. I see that other people are having the same issue and even causing some to break strings. I used to not have any trouble with this app, it was great, and I paid the extra money for the advanced tuning. When it worked, it was great. If they fix this, then I will change my review, but for now, just know this app will not tune your guitar unless you like playing a half note sharp. (Also, I looked in all the settings to see if there was some option to tune like a half step down or half step up, there is not. Also, it shouldn’t matter when you use the chromatic tuner.
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5 months ago, stepphhho
Picked up my Ukulele finally !
I finally sat down and decided to play my Ukulele after it was sitting in its box, never to have seen the light of day. I was using it without toning it because I just wanted to get the feel of the chords. Once I got the chords down I went to the app store and downloaded this because I didn't want to pay for a tuner. It took me a second to get accustomed to it but I was not disappointed it sounds so nice and did I mention free? Don't get frustrated with the auto-tune just slow down and take it one string at a time. Love the app
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3 years ago, Scuba Gary
Great app with one annoying flaw
I love this app and use it daily. I use mostly the rhythm beats for practicing (much better than a boring metronome). One item I would like to see fixed is the bpm selector button. After selecting the speed you want you have to hit a small arrow which enters that speed and goes back to the playing screen. The arrow is very small and if you don’t hit it exactly on center it changes the bpm to the maximum of 400. Then you have to start all over again. Fender - Please make the arrow bigger. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Lost_Symphonies
It used to be better.
This app used to work really well for me, but over the past year or two, I’ve had problem after problem with it. So much of the time it won’t give me any info on where my tuning is. I’ll see the decibel meter working at the bottom, but nothing shows up to tell me how to tune. Other times it shows up, but it thinks I’m tuning high e, when I’m really tuning the A string. Then, and this happens 9 times out of 10, it gets stuck on the high e string and I have to close the app to get it to recognize other strings. I always make sure I have absolute silence when using this, so that it only hear the guitar, but even then it doesn’t always recognize what I’m playing.
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6 years ago, instaviewF*@kYou
0 stars
From a company as well known as Fender I would really expect their software/firmware be at the highest standard possible. I’ve tested this tuning app about 22 times now with other professional grade tuners at its side and have broken countless strings while conducting these experiments because the application would say I haven’t yet reached the desired note when other tuners have said I was way over. I have tested with numerous guitars that have come into the shop after getting complaint after complaint about the customers who use the app to tune their instruments. The app just cannot pick up the sound fast enough or at all sometimes. From a professional guitar tech in the field for 17 years I DO NOT recommend anyone download this app. Unless you like driving back and forth to the music shop to buy more strings.
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6 years ago, Rayme38
Thank You Fender !
It’s so nice to have a guitar tuner with me at all times. Seems to work just fine, i have found myself needing one every once in a while, when at camp, and when playing on other people’s instruments or any other instances. I always seem to have my phone with me so kudos to fender for keeping everyone in tune. No problems with pitch, and I like to tune 1/2 step down, and no problems setting it to do just that. When I open the app, I don’t have to reset the pitch every time I use it. VERY NICE TO HAVE FOR FREE! Thank You Fender
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2 years ago, room34
I question the accuracy of the tuner
Switched to this app after my favorite app (Guitar Toolkit) stopped working. It’s OK, but I’d like to have arrows in addition to the number of cents on the “pro tuner.” It’s just faster to register in my head than a minus sign or absence thereof. I also sometimes have trouble with it not registering when I’m tuning my bass. As for people who are breaking strings… are you plugging in and tuning silently? I hope so, because if you’re using the mic and tuning out loud, you should really work on developing your ear enough to know if the string is at least *close* to the correct pitch.
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2 years ago, Aguyontheinternet
Drifting flat when fading out
I like being able to whip out a phone to quickly tune something. However, in the app as notes die out when reference tuning, they suddenly go flat by about a quarter step, causing much confusion and inaccuracies. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. If this could be fixed, I’d be much happier with it, but as it stands I have to try to tune very quickly and stop the playback from the app in order to accurately tune. That said, this is more of a backup app when you’re already pretty close, I wouldn’t trust it (or any other tuner that’s based on a phone) to be my primary tuner.
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2 years ago, winnie the beast
Terrible for tuning
I used this because guitar tuna was down. Guitar tuna is my go to tuning app but hasn’t been working recently so I decided to download this app. When your trying to tune it never will get it right meaning if you were tuning a half step down it would never get there and if you went back to check if all the strings were tuned properly it would say too flat or too sharp. This app also seems to be hard of hearing, I use this app mostly with my electric and I always put it up to my amp for it to hear but even right there it doesn’t hear the guitar, no matter where i put the phone it doesn’t hear my guitar. This app has been horrible for me when it comes to tuning, please fix this.
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3 years ago, Eclipse Dowley
Works okay
I have been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and I'm trying this app out, but though I watched the tutorial and understand what I'm doing, plus I know my speaker and mic work just fine, I adjusted the settings and went to tune my guitar, but when I went to start with bottom E, I plucked my string, waited, and did that about 5 times but it never picked up on the app. Along with the fact that when I'm trying to tune a string it keeps changing from to flat or to sharp, so I never know what to do. If you could try to fix this it would be very appreciated, especially since this is the app compatible with my phone, thank you.
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2 years ago, PantherstarofSkyclan
Auto tuner worked, but doesn’t anymore
I have a bass and have been using the auto tuner on here for years after getting it. Today, I tried tuning my bass again, but it’s not tuning E or G. A and D are getting tuned perfectly fine, but on E and G, it always stays on one side of the circle in yellow saying ‘Too sharp, tune down’ or ‘Too flat, tune up’ which is what I’m doing but it just goes to the other side or stays in the same place. I know for a fact that my mic is fine and I’m plucking the strings correctly, so I have no idea why it isn’t working. Please fix it, and this review will DEFINITELY be five star. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Retoohs1
BS App
Thought because it was Fender that it would be cool. It isn’t. I checked it out for a little bit and then deleted it. The cool parts of the app needs to be purchased. With an acoustic/electric that has a built in tuner and a snark for my electrics, I don’t need the free part of the app. If you really want an excellent app get Tabs. Also there are many sites that offer free rhythm beats so you don’t need this app for that. As for lessons, I’ve found it difficult to follow especially on a phone as opposed to a live guitar teacher. You’ll spend more time going back to see something again, and hoping you don’t go too far back, in order to watch it again. All in all, very disappointed that I wasted my time with this but felt compelled to voice my opinion.
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6 months ago, YourMomsPantiez
Best phone Tuner out
This thing works amazing. I’ve tried many different apps and cannot get them to tune correctly. Maybe if you’re an acoustic player only but definitely not for an electric. I tune my electric guitar perfectly, and to drop D, and it’s perfect. It has many different tunes you can preselect, and the tuning set up is perfect. It just shows whatever pre-tune sound you set up and tells you which way to turn your knob. Very impressed with this.
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6 years ago, mrrockandroll
Accurate & User Friendly
Very accurate, user friendly, and lots of sweet features! The pro version is definitely worth the price and gives you lots of scales, different chord voicings for all the chords and a nice variety of usable drum rhythms. Keep in mind that if you place your mic/phone too close it might pick up the tones/vibrations of more than one string so placement is important (more of an issue with a 12-string than with a 6-string). The best features, imo, are the in app purchases, which are all great for the price.
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4 years ago, Jermjumper54
Garbage app
I don’t know what the deal was, maybe it was my phone but I doubt it because other tuning apps work fine. This thing cannot tune a guitar I’m better off doing it by ear and I can’t tune by ear. The custom setting does not work, it refuses to hear some of the notes you’re trying to and attempts to tune to a different string and changes the note automatically, and then it’s extremely inaccurate. I got frustrated, gave up, went back to standard tuning and switched over to a different app and just standard tuning was completely off. I wasted 2 hours of my precious day off trying to get this hot garbage to do the bare minimum, thank god I didn’t give you people any money.
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3 years ago, Winkdogg
A Legend of the 6 String , my secret weapon .
After countless Silver and Gold records the 1990’s finally brought Platinum to me and me mates that you all know an love ! Before the app we hid our tuners behind the curtains or strictly back stage . After all any half decent club act can tune up toot sweet right ?!? WRONG when your set is tight right and pucka it’s because the whole package comes together .. When one guitar is off even a {u#T hair it means unrecordable, unproduceable rubbish ! Eric C. J.Page a real review for real musicians .
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7 years ago, Rush91
Great little app for guitar players!
Handy to just be able to take out your phone and tune up the axe. Has settings for electric guitar and bass, as well as acoustic guitar. Has all the tunings a player needs from standard to drop d, 1/2 step down and so on. Works well and I have found it to be very accurate. Fender put their name on it, so one would expect nothing but quality from one of the best names in guitar! If you're a beginner, casual player, or seasoned vet, this app will be worth having.
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7 years ago, NeilMichael
Great tuner
Works excellent as a tuner. I wish it had some other features like a metronome and a practice timer. That would be really cool as an all around basic bare bones practice app. I always tune up first, then kick off the metronome (in another app) and set the iPhone timer for five minutes and practice scales. Then I practice chords for five minutes. Then I practice sight reading and sheet music. I don't know maybe there's more people like me that would use those other two features daily as well. But, nonetheless I understand this app is a tuner and it does that well.
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4 years ago, Actress105
This app is a shame to the fender brand. I had just got my bass guitar in the mail and was excited to start playing. I downloaded the tuner app as was suggested in their online tutorials. I became very frustrated when i first started using it. It kept telling me I was playing g when I was playing e and the same with other strings. When it finally said the right string it kept telling me it was too flat or too sharp. I kept following the apps instructions and continued to tighten it. Soon enough my string broke, just an hour after receiving the bass. I don’t suggest that anyone use this tuning app even though it’s the only free option. It’s obvious that this is a money grab for fender and they do not care about the quality.
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1 year ago, Hedgy>w<
Good for tuning and stuff.
This is probably one of the best tuning apps I’ve used so far for many reasons, but I will just say it’s many features and tuning options saved me money from buying a tuner, since I always lose mine. The only con I have against this is the need to have two separate apps for tuning and learning, Fender Tune and Fender Play and why they can’t just have all those features on one single app.
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2 years ago, chussa68
Very inconsistent
I play the bass and when using the live tuning i find that the tuner is extremely inconsistent and inaccurate. i’ll pluck a string and it’d say to tune up then i’d pluck again without making any changes and it’d say tune down. also it would say that i found perfect tune then id try with my attachment tuner and it’d still be off. i understand it can’t be spot on and it’s not the best option but i mean come on i don’t wanna spend 10 minutes tuning my bass because it keeps saying to tune up and down after saying it was already perfect. do not download if you want your guitar in tune.
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5 years ago, weirder things
Great especially for a beginner
I got an electric guitar this Christmas and I had all the basics, the guitar, the amp, and a few pics, but I didn’t have one of those clip on tuners to help me tune my new guitar. So when I found out that there was a free app to help tune my guitar, I was so happy. It’s great considering it’s free, it’s not the best though, but at least I could instantly tune my guitar on the spot, and it does a pretty good job, again considering it’s free. If your not sure about this app, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.
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2 years ago, L00$3r
Best tuner on the App Store
This guitar tuner is reliable for every iOS update, does way more than just help you tune the guitar and does it without annoying ad pop up’s. And it’s free. It really shows you Fenders commitment to the music and the musicians. I tried a few others in the past because of their place in App Store mainly but I always come back to this one. If you’re a beginner or a pro, this is a must have app.
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7 years ago, Grazpop
Remarkably easy to use
I tried four or five other tuning apps; they were either focused on extreme accuracy (meaning they wavered and never allowed you to stop getting the guitar in tune), or they were dumbed down to the point that you didn't really know what you were doing. This one hits it out of the park by showing a clear visual representation of whether you are close enough to make the guitar sound good or not, with no extraneous information. Bravo!
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1 year ago, SeismicSam56
Reliable tuning source…
Every time my clip on tuner battery dies I would have to buy a new tuner because the replacement battery is almost as much as a new tuner. My Fender tuner app has always been there on my phone and a reliable source for accurate tuning. I use the by ear manual tuner pretty often and I am surprised at how it has trained my ear. I’m not 100% accurate yet but usually within a half a turn.
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5 years ago, that one randome chik
Best ever
I know absolutely nothing about instruments let alone guitars, and I was able to tune my guitar in about 10 minutes. This app is easy to use and understand, but also fairly basic. All you have to to is pluck a string of your guitar, and it senses which string it is and if it’s in tune or how to make it tuned. My guitar came with a ‘tuner’ and I personally have no common sense and it was very hard for me to use, but this app is so simple and easy to understand. 😁
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3 years ago, sjirjapspspkdkdkskskdk
Amazing Tuning App
To begin with, this app is so amazing. I decided to download this app because I didn’t want to spend money on a tuner. So when I stumbled upon this app I said to myself “why don’t we give this a go.” So I downloaded it and I used it and it’s was the most simplest and efficient Tuning App. I really like this Tuning App. I sincerely recommend this app if you are a Bass, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele player. This App has all the need for Tuning. That’s why I’m giving this app 5 Stars.
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1 year ago, Free_21353
Good for beginners
I just started playing guitar and I didn’t know how to tune my guitar to what it needed it to be and this app does was very very helpful, it has everything you can have on a tuning app, all you have to do is pluck the string, you can chose wich tuning you wanna pick, standard and everything you can also make your own tuning, the app is very good and helpful for beginners I recommend it.
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4 years ago, SH - Febuary 27, 2017
I realized my regular tuner had a dead battery in the middle of the covid 19 quarantine. My guitar didn’t sound I turn and I wanted to play it, I was weary about a tuning app but I had no options and it worked wonderfully! I have since been able to get my other tuner a battery and I used it on my guitar the next time it needed it, and I have to say I prefer the free app over what I bought from the store! I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Floninjalo
Absolutely amazing!!!!!
There are plenty of apps out there; Tuners, chord/scale, and the like. This app is BY FAR a the best. You get access to the most things—for FREE!! It blows my mind how amazing this app is, honestly. If you’ve used other apps and you haven’t tried this one yet, you’re in for such a great surprise for the things it makes available for you, and again, it’s FREE. Thank you so so much, Fender!! 🙏🏼🙇🏻🙌🏼
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11 months ago, Chick This Out
Love it
I have a ukulele and just had the strings changed. New strings have to break in and stretch so I have to re-tune a lot. This app so awesome and correct. It coincides with my Snark tuner. This app shows how close you are to getting the note tuned by a circle that moves right or left indicating to tune up or tune Down. Once you hit it just right the circles come together. Try it you’ll like it
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3 years ago, MyReview4you_7675
Was a good app
I used to really like this app. I paid for it several months ago to get all of the features and now everything is locked but the tuner unless I sign in. Please don’t give me your canned response about being able to get everything for free. I shouldn’t have to give you my email to get spammed when I already paid for all of the features. You do realize you were false advertising now, right? I was told all I had to do was pay once and get all the features, which I did. I will never sign up to get full access when I already paid for full access.
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5 years ago, Celeste_yma
Broken Strings
I downloaded this app so I could finally tune my guitar that had been out of tune for a while. I saw this app and decided to give it a try even though I can tune with my ears. While I was tuning my G string on my acoustic guitar, it broke! It kept telling me to tune down and when I played it a couple seconds before it broke it said to tune down more. So I tuned it down again like it said and it just snapped! I was afraid it would happen to my other strings so I delete it immediately. You can get this app if you want but my experience with it was absolutely horrible!! Just please be careful if you do decide to get it. It’s not always right...
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9 months ago, NiNE=The=Poet
Fantastic App But…
I love all the tuning options and the ability to make your own. The chord and scale library also makes it the best guitar app on have. One problem is that there isn’t an option for extended range instruments like 7/8 string guitars or 5/6 string basses. Those would be great options considering that extended range instruments are getting more popular.
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6 years ago, Ggebhahagfcirjcej
Useful at times, mostly frustrating.
This tuner app is convenient when you don’t have a good tuner. My tuner only tunes to standard. This tuner can tune to anything you need, you can even add custom tuning. The accuracy, though, is something that needs to be worked on. It would also help a lot if I could select which string I’m tuning, because when I try to tune from standard to drop B, it always incorrectly guesses which string I’m picking, sometimes not even registering at all. But, despite it’s flaws, it’s better than nothing.
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2 years ago, shnozy
I love all the little tools
I love to go on this app and play with all the scales and chords. It is very awesome for listening to fun new little scales and learning the different patterns. Sometimes I will sit on here and just play around on the scales for long periods of time. I also love to see all the different ways I can play chords. And the metronome and rhythm sections are very helpful as well. The tuner is ok too I guess.
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4 years ago, .brandonj.
Works great except for 6th string (E)
Every string works immediately when played and as picks it up as it should until I get to the 6th string. Takes multiple tries for it to even pick up that I’m plucking it. Not my phones mic, this is a brand new phone. After a few tries it eventually gets it and I make an adjustment only for it to stop picking it up again. It eventually gets there but quite annoying
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4 years ago, Dr-John
What happened?
I loved this app on my iPhone 6. I used it every day and it was my favorite of the software and hardware tuners I had. Then I got an iPhone 8 and installed it. On my “new” phone the app, in the Pro part, can’t tell that I’m playing a note on ANY string. In the other parts it tells me I’m tuning the A string when I’m playing the low E, D when I’m on A, etc. I’m not a beginner and I have hardware tuners that tell me that each string is close to being in tune (that is, the G is in the G range - I’m not trying to tune the G to E). It still works correctly on my iPhone 6, which I no longer carry. What’s up? When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t it’s useless.
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