Fetch Pet Insurance

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11.5.0 (616)
Fetch Inc.
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User Reviews for Fetch Pet Insurance

4.79 out of 5
12.7K Ratings
2 years ago, daniandsomecats
Nailing it. Great insurance and highly engaged tech team
Woah. PetPlan blew me away with their support in a recent app bug. I noted issues in a review and a tech-team/CX member called me and did a full UX walkthrough - then it was fully fixed within 24 hours. Seriously next level product management. With that fixed, PetPlan is now completely easy to use. Claims are processed rapidly and clearly. I can (now - yay!) handle everything in the app. And they text automatic updates on claim processing that are really helpful. Oooo ooo ok I also almost forgot… I dig the added feature of direct deposit for my insurance claim payments (instead of the prior mailed checks). Lots of ease has been added. Appreciate it all. —— PRIOR REVIEW (100% resolved w/in 24 hours): I can’t get the app to complete any of the core actions… most impactfully, I can’t submit claims on the app. Some sort of invisible/white modal covers 95% of the screen and the only way out is to close the app and lose all progress. I have to use the web version via my phone to submit anything. I really wish it would work.
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3 years ago, hurolope
Embarrassingly bad
I’m not sure who designed and approved this app, but they need to find a new career. It’s shockingly bad. It does function after the recent update, which is a good first step, but you can’t see enough info about your policies and claims. The billing tab makes no sense and the payments don’t match what actually comes out of my account. All you can see of your claims is the number, which means nothing to me when I track what invoices I’ve sent in, and the amount paid. You used to be able to see the EOB. Leo and the claim submission is awful, I don’t understand who thought that would be an improvement over clicking a few buttons and entering some basic info. It’s all so inefficient. You have to call to figure out anything about your policies, and the phone recording says “use our new app to check your claim status, update your payment information, etc”; it’s very strange that they’re pushing people to use the app when it’s not useful at all. And I’d love to use the app instead because I hate calling any company, but I can’t. Because the app is useless. Update - it’s gotten worse, if that was even possible, since I originally wrote this. Now I can only see 3 claims for each of my pets, still can’t see the EOBs, can’t load the documents I’ve uploaded for claims, keep getting an error message when I try to enter my direct deposit info and update the card on file. What is happening? Please take these comments seriously and fix the app.
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3 years ago, BBH1935
Most Infuriating & Annoying App I Have Dealt With
To be in a business that relies on time sensitive and crucial receipt of documents, to rely on an app of this nature is a total joke. You get no confirmation that claims are received, so you have no way to go back to look to see what date a claim was submitted. You get no verification veterinary records have been received. (BTW - Another irksome change with the company, is that they expect you to have all vet records to upload when you send the claim. What happen to the release where the company just requested them?). You cannot review the status of a claim. I have several pending over 30 days & all it says is reviewing. When a claim is paid, why no EOB in the record to review what has been paid. Forget trying to talk to customer service as you will get no one. I chose Pet Plan over many other companies over 10 years ago as they were rated excellent on their customer service. I found this to be true in all aspects until the last few years & it went down hill fast. If I could change companies I would & I will never be a repeat customer. This app alone is enough to make me change. Leo may be cute, but it is stupid for a professional app. Please spend your money on a real developer & leave cuteness for kiddie game apps. Do better or I will start e-mailing everything. The app is a pain.
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3 years ago, ks2dogs
Disappointed is an understatement
As a client for almost 10 years ensuring two pets, I have routinely referred even random strangers to Petplan due to the great Customer Service and ease of claims administration. The new app and website are AWFUL. I just filed first claim online, no confirmation, no claim number and doesn’t show in my history and the easy press to call customer service is no longer an option. In case it might have been isolated incident, I perused the other reviews to find sadly it is not. As someone who sells software, I am dumbfounded that this could get through QA or that ANYONE viewed this as a better UI. We are adults and don’t need a cartoon to walk us through each step to file a claim. And to top it off, as Leo takes you through each step, edit/back options are nonexistent. In my case, as I was nearing the end the question ‘do you have additional invoices popped up’. My keyboard is super sensitive and I inadvertently clicked yes. There was no way to change that reply so I was forced to cancel the entire claim only to redo the entire process again with Leo. The last app was so far superior to this one even though I encountered glitches on the page opened after submission...that small hassle would be welcomed compared to this app and website. Sure hoping big improvements as would hate to be forced to email all claims, extra burden for all.
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3 years ago, ThePubCG64
Dysfunctional as a Dingo in a Daycare
First time using the App, and I’ll admit I tried despite all the negative reviews because I looked at all the updates and thought, “why not?”. I learned something new today. Listen to what you read. Here is my experience. I went to the website and was redirected to the App once I logged in. So after reviewing the critical comments I thought nothing could be this bad...WRONG. I navigated to the first step in updating my account information and received verification text codes, all of which when entered returned an error message that they were invalid. Tried 3x without success. Tried to use the published link to the “Help Desk”, but it returned the message “Error:404 page not available”. I’m removing the App from my phone. Hopefully I can find a customer service agent in another way.
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2 years ago, Trista1234321
DO NOT use this insurance company!!
It’s unbelievable how terrible the service for this company is. If your pet is important to you whatsoever I would recommend not using Fetch, whatever you do. I set a plan up for my dog, but had issues with the email address. When I finally got through to someone on the phone they said they would fix the issue and I would be good to go in a few days. I called back a few days later after not hearing anything and found out that they had tried to “remake” my plan by cancelling the original one. However, they never finished remaking it, so I had a cancelled plan that had been abandoned. After explaining the situation to multiple people on many phone calls I was told that they could “try and fix it but it would take a lot of work.” I told them don’t worry about it, just go ahead and cancel it. They didn’t seem concerned that I was extremely unhappy with their service. Reading the other reviews, however, this seems pretty typical. I can’t imagine if I actually had to file a claim or deal with other logistics if something actually happened to my pet. If this is the headache just from setting up an account, an emergency situation would be a nightmare. Your pet deserves better.
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7 months ago, Mandymagnuson
It’s good insurance but I’ve had some problems also..
I like the insurance, the only part I don’t like is they switched company names and a lot changed, used to be petplan then to fetch. They changed my deductible and payout percentage and put a cap on my annual amount. They used to cover a allergy pill my dog was taking, for two years they covered it, then just stopped randomly and said it was “pre-existing” which they covered it two years prior? I disputed and nothing came about it just got the run around… also since they switched they were a lot slower on processing claims, at least two weeks of not more now which it was about a week or less turnaround before. I’ve had some problems with them denying some claims saying they were “pre-existing” and I proved they covered it a year ago and got it covered, so just double check your coverage and your claim history with any insurance, and do your research! Once you pick one you can never switch cause it’s all Pre-existing then. Keep that in mind.
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4 years ago, danielle aubrey murohy
Terrible app
I try to submit, it appears that it has but it didn’t. I spend more time on the phone with pet plan when I should be spending time with my dog while he still has time. It’s frustrating! Horrid app!! I’ve been a petplan client for a long long time and 7 dogs are covered. It’s just ridiculous having to keep following up!! The old app was so much better. I also agree with another user that the app is condescending. Go back to the old app !! It worked !! When you are dealing with be buried in thousands of dollars of debt during a pandemic so that you can have more quality time with your loved pet but you are spending so much time on the phone to get claims assigned so you can afford the next treatment.
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3 years ago, Gumpy3
Seriously?!?! You have been sending me emails daily asking for my business, and now that you have my money I can’t even access my account?!?! Not getting off to a very good start 🤬 UPDATE: After 4 days of desperately trying to talk to a person, being on hold for hours, transferred all over the place and never being able to access my account, I have officially DROPPED this pet insurance company. Funny how when I finally got a person in Customer Service she never asked why I was canceling. I asked her why she didn’t want to know and her response was “being transparent I am already aware of why.” I asked her how and apparently all my attempts to talk to a person for 4 days were somehow being logged, but never did anyone reach out to try to resolve these issues. She said our phone call was being recorded, so you bet I went to town and listed off all the many reasons I was cancelling my plan after only FOUR days! She was nice, but the worse customer service I have EVER experienced! Can you imagine what would happen if I had an actual claim to file 🤬 No thank you Petplan!
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1 year ago, xsxdxdxdxdx
Denial after denial
I Have had several dogs under this company. I haven’t received very little money back when I file claims. That was if they were approved. The money I received wasn’t even close to the percentage I was paying for. Just recently I Now I’m trying to reach somebody cause I took the quarterly payment out, and I told them to cancel. Now I can’t reach anybody have had several dogs under this company. I haven’t received very little money back when I file claims. That was if they were approved. The money I received wasn’t even close to the percentage I was paying for. Just recently I brought my dog in for seizures with a blood test and such, denied. Over and over again. Now I’m trying to reach somebody because I took the quarterly payment out, and I told them to cancel. Now I can’t reach anybody. They won’t pay a payment. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much money on this company. I’m going to stay with Trupanion. I filed with them and within a week I had a check for everything they said they would cover.
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4 years ago, Pigglette69
New App Horrific, Insurance Fantastic
New App is a joke. Loose the Leo interface, it annoying and usually covering something useful. Half the features don’t work, like updating your pet’s info. You can fill it in and pick a photo from your library, but it doesn’t load the photo or save the information. The original App worked just fine on a iPad even in landscape mode. The last Version wouldn’t work at all and the response was use a iPhone, computer, or phone. This one works somewhat, and if it somehow pops into landscape you can’t see the bottom. Like other reviews I give the application 1 star and PetPlan 10 stars. Update: Used the latest update and it was very improved. All the features worked to make my entry without issues. The only reason it’s not five stars, is it still doesn’t do landscape on iPad. Guess it’s my issue for not living on my phone.
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3 years ago, akharri
Customer for 7 years and this is the worst app yet.
I’ve loved and appreciated PetPlan for over seven years and the app and website used to be so easy. But now it’s very frustrating due to its very limited capabilities. Other reviewers are correct; you can’t view EOBs in app, you can’t view policy or any policy related documents in app, the automated chat (“Leo”) freezes or crashes half the time, and the app itself crashes often. Their new website interface isn’t much better either. Just to highlight my point, right now under my policy tab in the app, it even says I don’t currently have any pets with a PetPlan policy, which is very much incorrect. I even got an email in January saying to view my renewal letter in my account portal under “my policy documents” and it’s April and I still haven’t been able to ever see it through the app or the new website. Their new interface is so difficult to work with that I’m considering switching companies. They used to be very customer friendly and accessible...
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2 years ago, Jeanne5858
App is working much better
I got on the app to check it out about a year ago and found it impossible to use. I had an emergency with my dog last week and turned in my first claim. The app must have been improved because it was simple to use (even for someone as technically challenged as me) and after reading the info on submitting a claim I was able to have all the information they needed and turn in a claim within a few minutes. They sent me confirmation that they had received it and updated me of changes daily. I was surprised to have the payment in my bank account within a couple days. So far I’m very happy with the insurance and love the app
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2 years ago, HillarysCeramics
Fetch is the best!
I started with go PetPlan which recently became Fetch. I had the insurance on both of my boys since I got them 13 and 14 years ago. All insurance should be as easy to deal with as these guys! Unfortunately I just lost my older dog. Toughest decision I had to make, but it wasn’t about the money. I knew Fetch would cover his bills and they did. Not only that but I submitted on Thursday and got the notification that it was done and payout on its way on Monday! Thank you. I’m still grieving my baby but you made it so I have one less thing to worry about!
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3 years ago, SaraTeds
Horrible, Gets worse with each update
I’ve been with Petplan for almost a yet. I saw many negative reviews about the app but didn’t have too many issues at first. For a few months my claims were processed in a few days. Since the most recent update, I get emails saying the claims have been assigned. When I go in the app, they only say received. When I called to complain and make sure that they are visible in the system and said that my claims went from three days to God knows how long, the say they’ve been received and they’re “having trouble” with the app and it can take up to a month. Clearly, the app is not working as it should. Now the website is the same interface as the app. I would try submitting on the website to speed up the process, but I’m sure I will have the same issues.
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2 years ago, keeper5689
Give the option to cancel plan in the app!
I HATE when companies will not allow you to decrease or cancel your services without physically calling them. If I can setup a policy online/in-app, allow me to cancel it online/in-app. I don’t want to get a sales pitch or bounced between departments for a service I already know I want to cancel. Let me cancel it online! Edit: after reading that canned developer response, it’s clear they aren’t actually reading reviews. My whole review was about not having to physically call customer service and their literal response was call customer service 🤦🏻 P.S. I already did call customer service to cancel, and just as expected, I got the run-around by an employee who refused to honor my cancellation request without first making me listen to several minutes of him begging to keep my business. That’s exactly what I wanted to avoid.
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3 years ago, Jelleybean72688
My god, it actually got worse AGAIN
Thank goodness, Leo the Lion has been returned to his natural habitat, but now you can’t use photos to upload claims documents. They must be scanned. Which makes it impossible for me to upload medical records, because my vet keeps them handwritten. For years taking a photo was enough, now we have to “scan documents.” I don’t have my vet’s medical records at my house to scan! Update: In response to the developer’s reply—as you would know if you actually used your app, uploading a file isn’t an adequate workaround because the app is set up not to accept photos as files. I would have to put the file on my computer, convert it into a PDF, airdrop it back to my phone, and then upload it to Petplan. So at least 10 mins of effort to get the app to accept what used to take 2 seconds. PLEASE get someone who actually uses this app to work on it!
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1 year ago, photodliz
Company changed from petplan to Fetch. I was happier with the original company. I had been with them for about 12 years. Since they have changed to Fetch I have had more difficulty submitting claims. My vets are very stingy with their notes regarding description of visit. I know what the company requires and I tell the vet upfront but they continue to put one wird or a few words in the DX. Fetch requires more information and I wind up back and forth begging the vet to PLEASE add more information to the invoice. I wind up waiting months to be reimbursed. Between the vets who won’t comply and the Fetch requirements I find it very frustrating. In the end I’m usually probably reimbursed but it is often a challenge.
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2 years ago, NULLEATOR
Super High Premium, Lots of friction to file a claim, App is OK.
With a premium of $200 per month for a dog with no preexisting condition I expect some quality of service. Now that seemed a bit naive. File my first claim on New Year’s Day, took them over two weeks to come back to me and said I’m missing a document. Immediately uploaded. Then two more weeks they came back and say oh BTW you are missing another one. Immediately uploaded. That was end of Jan. Yesterday they came back and asked for another document which I pretty much already provided in the beginning. It almost seems they are trying to simply deny coverage or wear your patience thin so you withdraw your claim. I’m quite disappointed and thinking of canceling. As a matter of fact I may consider legal actions.
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2 years ago, Moi_bien
Horrible service and not worth the effort
This company will take money but will not give you specifics. Been months since I submitted a claim. Fetch claims they do not have all the information needed to process the claim. Have spoken with claims, member services and the vet to resolve the issue. Fetch cannot tell me what information is missing other than the check up notes. Will not work with you to solve the claim and pay out. Total rip off. Do not do business with this company if you avoid it. Try other pet insurance companies. They tell you they investigate and they will tell you the same thing over and over. No help from the claims department and their customer service will tell you the canned response of we need the medical records though all records I have have been provided. It’s just going in circles with them.
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3 years ago, SirZobarX
Don’t trust your pet to them
After 7 years of paying almost 65 a month on time, without missing one payment (about $5460), my dog got injured and I finally put in my first and only claim. I got all the paperwork from my vet that they requested and three weeks later they said that my paperwork is not complete and I must turn in all vet records starting in 2018 to present. Keep in mind, this is not a chronic condition, it’s a leg injury with up to date vet paperwork. If you love your pet to the point of spending money on insurance, don’t go with Petplan. Whatever security you think you have is nothing more than the illusion of false security and false hope. When you are desperate and your fur-baby needs you the most, Petplan will sacrifice your pet and shatter your soul to save a dollar.
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3 years ago, BMG998
Terrible App
I have tried on two occasions to file a claim. The first time the app wouldn’t load. I called customer service and they said they were having system issues to try back at a later time. The second time I tried, the app froze in the middle of submitting. I can’t tell if any of my documents were actually saved or not and I cannot get back to the claim upload place where I was when the app froze. I’m guessing my claim was never set up and I will have to resubmit all of my documents.
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9 months ago, Maize’s mom
Get this as soon as you get your pet baby!
Coverage has been executed exactly as promised with zero hassle and incredible customer support. I will never have a pet without Fetch pet insurance! Just fyi- you have to call to learn about any additional plans. For example, I had to call to get the plan for no annual cap, 90% coverage after $250 annual deductible- for my cat. It’s truly a fantastic plan and alleviates any money worries when all I’m able to worry about is my fur baby. The reimbursements are always timely!
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3 years ago, Gokuvsichigo
Much needed bug fix happened
For awhile I was completely unable to add medical history documents to cases that had been reviewed and deemed insufficient for lack of medical history. It looks like that was fixed so maybe now I have the possibility of being reimbursed for at least one of my claims(which has never happened for me in 9 months of having pet plan). However, although my experience with the app seems to be improving, my overall experience with this app and insurance has not been pleasant. If you’re still shopping for a pet insurance I’d say you can do better than this one.
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3 years ago, Lciaff
Update: after the app started to work submitting the claims was VERY easy no need to make a bunch of different claims. Leo does it all in one place which did make it easier. Therefore, I’m changing stars to a 4. Absolutely horrible app!!! It’s taking forever to submit a claim I’ve been trying for 30 minutes now and co stately says there’s a connection issue. Waiting for a response for Leo is dreadful!!! The old way was so much quicker and more practical. This wastes so much time!! Very disappointed!
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3 years ago, Federch
I’m Happy
I purchased this insurance after rescuing my current dog...really just for any catastrophic illness that might occur... and here we are five years later and my girlie developed pneumonia with upper respiratory infection. After three emergency visits to the vet and numerous antibiotics they found a tumor in her throat that was choking her slowly to death. Thanks to Petplan I was able to afford her treatment until I finally had to put her to sleep! Thanks Petplan for your help during this difficult time.
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3 years ago, oRoBoTo
This app is broken
I setup an account for my new puppy. Now all the app and website tells me is it can’t load anything. Very frustrating. I bought a plan now and I can’t even tell if it’s active. My account just says cont load data. I sat on hood waiting for account support for an hour. With them telling me how great the app is every 10 seconds. Funny thing getting ahold of some one to start a new account took one call. But they sent me to support which the mailbox was full on so I couldn’t even leave a message. This is abysmal. We should all be compensated for our lost time and ability to use something we paid for. Not a happy customer. Some one need to get back to me now and fix the service I have paid for.
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2 years ago, Jenny G1980
Worst App ever used
I’ve been locked out for 1 1/2 years! No one from IT can help me. My password won’t work and when I click for them to email me a link for a new password I NEVER get the email. I’ve talked to about 12 people at customer service, 3 of which were supervisors and no one can help me. They think it’s ok for me to just go on being locked out of the app. I don’t think it would take a technology genius to fix this problem. They said it’s happening to a lot of other people too yet it’s not a priority for them to fix the issue? They won’t let me talk directly with technical support. Everyone do yourselves a favor and don’t get involved with this pet insurance!!
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3 weeks ago, Grenuda4_ever
Peace of Mind
I have not needed to put in a claim at all since I’ve had this pet insurance for my four legged baby. Most people would thing that I’m just wasting my money having this insurance, but I look at is as a peace of mind knowing that if any thing happens to my little guy then we are covered, and if nothing happens and I don’t ever have to open a claim then I am still happy knowing that my little one is healthy and happy, which makes me happy. 😊
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2 years ago, J2ly
New app version non functional
My Fetch app worked fine until recently. With the new update I am unable to open the app. Deleting and re-opening did not work. Money is being removed from my bank account for auto pay and I can’t get into my account from the app. Why did they screw it up? Hours after posting the above review, the app updated and worked perfectly. Someone was listening. I love their app.
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1 year ago, Nick & Heather
Great Insurance; Great App
You hope you never have to use this insurance; but we did. Our puppy was very sick for months, and in the end we lost her. But Fetch did exactly what they said they’d do. The claims process was very easy through the app. We submitted the necessary documentation without hassle, and we got steady updates while we waited for the claim to process. We just now got our new puppy and a policy through Fetch was a no-brainer. Thank you!
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3 years ago, SkinnyMinieeeee
App and payment issues
I’ve been with PetPlan for 9 years and never had any issues with this company. Last month my payment kept being denied, I kept updating and updating and it wouldn’t accept my card. I called the company but they were closed for maintenance, I sent emails.. no response ever. Eventually I paid my account with a credit card because for some reason the app accepted that. Now here it is that time of the month where my payment is due. Still no withdrawal from my bank account- due date was the 15th. The app has been down for days. I’m beyond frustrated. Take your business elsewhere, there has to be a better company who cares about their customer’s experience
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4 years ago, Rose141414
Hate the new app
This review is just for the new app. I have been with Pet Plan for about 10 years and like the insurance but I hate the new app. I really liked the old app. It was super easy to upload documents on the spot and get the claims going. I can’t do anything on the new app. It takes forever to load anything and times out before I can get any information or submit any claims. Back to email submissions for me.
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11 months ago, saraetek
Scam. Money hungry liars
I tried to cancel the insurance and get a refund on the phone because that’s the only way they allow you to do so and they lady kept trying to make me keep the policy and ended up having me on the phone for an entire hour for no reason other than thinking I’ll give up on cancelling the policy. Then when they said the refund was processed and will be in my account within five days, I still did not receive my refund. Been a month and a half and still haven’t received it, then customer support takes about a week just to respond to my email. And they’re now claiming the money is not refundable.
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3 years ago, Bulk123
Doesn’t work
I tried the app last year, wasted lots of time trying to submit a claim, simply doesn’t work. Deleted the app. Reinstalled yesterday, despite so-called “bug fixes,” same story. App boasts it takes 30 seconds to submit a claim, try 30 minutes and you’re no further than when you started. So despite throwing at least an hour down the drain, I have not found a way to submit a claim via this app. Extremely inconvenient, and Petplan seems to push everybody to submit only via the app. I think you have to actually call them to find out other options. It makes me want to change insurance companies.
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3 years ago, xxzzyyccvv
Ap doesn’t work
The ap no longer recognizes that I am a customer even with trying all of my correct information. Clicking on the reset password button never sends an email and yes I check my spam and junk mail boxes. Been trying to get into the ap intermittently for 30 days so i can cancel my coverage and I cant even get a password email back.
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1 year ago, IDHAKN
BEWARE!!! Scam, rip-off, deceptive, dishonest
This company is a scam, paid for a year only to have coverage denied based on information that was not available during the sign up process, I know because I looked very hard for this specific information before signing up. Absolute waste of money, better to put your money in a savings for your pet then to trust these scam artists with your pets heath. If you want to cancel be prepared to jump through hoops to do so, I had to have my bank block all transactions from them because after repeatedly trying to cancel and getting no where I was left with no other option.
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3 years ago, Kcox676
App is Horrific
The app has not worked even one single day. There is no where to get in touch with anyone. The petplan call center doesnt seem interested in helping to fix the app. The support pages take you to predetermined questions and no where to talk to anyone or email and issue. The chat only allows two questions about getting a plan. The advertising says the app allows you to do everything. Neither me, nor my husband can do anything.
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3 years ago, Disgusted Also
Petplan is an expensive joke!
After nine years of paying high insurance fees for my dog. I finally put a claim in, everything on it should’ve been covered toward my high deductible. They continue to tell me they did not have the proper information from my vet, he wrote a Word for Word explanation for what he had done and what needed to be done in the near future. That’s still wasn’t good enough for them. So after nine years of paying $80 and $170 a month, I don’t have a dime. I would advise you to check out some of the newer insurances, Costco has one that they’re backing. I have canceled them and figure I’ve spent about $10,000 on Pet Insurance.
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2 years ago, Mcervantes294
Frustrating app
I am upset how Fetch calls me to fix the names and my mistake was to joint the accounts so I didn’t have to keep login into one then another. What a mistake that was… now I can’t even log in on any device. Anyway I have 1 week and counting with this one to resolve this and it just seems I am seen as a joke at this point. Very disappointed. [Update] finally after almost 2 weeks issue has been resolved ~phew*
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1 year ago, favoritemeal
Canelo care
Fetch has given my furry baby awesome care since day one I have been on the plan for almost 7 years and very satisfied with their reimbursement and their advices at times, courtesy and professional representatives knowledgeable and make me feel calm and not rush when I call I would recommend fetch for all your furry family. God bless you all.
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4 years ago, spanx111
Please Get Rid of Leo
I’m not sure who you think your target audience is with this new app, but it’s certainly not an adult. The overall look and tone is childish. Your old application was straight forward and easy to use. Forcing me to use Leo the Lion is the walkthrough no one asked for. It’s impossible to go back a step, requiring you to start a claim over since you have no idea what it’s going to ask you next. I implore you to go back to the old application, or at least provide the old way to submit claims so you don’t have to use Leo. My premiums went up 30% this year, and I certainly hope it wasn’t to help pay for this garbage to be developed.
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3 years ago, cupcakeguts
This app is awful and I’m so disappointed in the customer service from Petplan. I’ve sent an email and message through the app, both with no response. The information they have in my policy is incorrect and I’ve tried to make changes in the app without any success. I’ve only been a customer for a year and honestly, I’m thinking of changing to another pet insurance. When customers pay a high premium for a service we expect customer service reps to respond within the 48 hour window that you claim as well as a comprehensive app that doesn’t look like it was designed by a 5 year old. Not feeling it at all.
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2 months ago, CatnipJimmi
Is this actually a scam service?
I bought Fetch pet insurance for 2 pets and Fetch seems to have no problem taking the monthly payments yet I’m trying to log into my account and it doesn’t work. I try to reset password and it either the wheel keeps spinning and it’s stuck there, or it says an email is sent and there’s no email. I call customer service and regardless of what I press, the phone tree doesn’t have a live person and it hangs up on after a generic recording. Alarm bells are going off. I probably never should’ve switched from Nationwide Pet Insurance.
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3 years ago, Rev Hugh
Horrendous, infuriating and useless
They apparently spent all their efforts and budget on making something cutesy and juvenile rather than on making it functional or useful. It’s mind boggling that a financial app could be this terrible. The website also took a terrible turn for the worse. It used to be adequate and got the job done. Now you have to call in for nearly everything, but it’s a lot more difficult to reach a live agent. This is basically a pretend-app for kids that serves almost no purpose anymore.
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3 years ago, SeanB68
Cannot upload a claim.
3/8/21: I cannot upload a claim. I get an error message stating “Looks like we’re not able to receive data. You can come back and try again later.”. I attempted multiple times. I recently found out about my dogs heart which now requires medication for life and limiting her activity. It’s stressful enough knowing that our animals are not doing well. I find a bit of peace in knowing that I have insurance and having not to bear allot of the financial burden. An app is supposed to make things easier. Not being able to upload claims only makes it worse. Please fix this A.S.A.P.
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1 year ago, eadsrhs
So easy to use
We have maintained insurance on both of our dogs for years. I can honestly say that I have only submitted a few claims in over 20 years. However, when our dog needed ACL surgery, I needed to figure out how to use the policy. This app makes it so simple. I have no excuse not to submit the claims. The reimbursement is quick and easy.
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9 months ago, Bythebay58
Wonderful Pet Insurance and App
Fetch was wonderful about paying the claims when my dog was diagnosed with cancer. I had purchased pet insurance for just this type of scenario and I’m so thankful to Fetch during this stressful time. I don’t generally take the time to write reviews but the Fetch app made it so easy to submit claims and be paid directly to my bank account.
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4 years ago, Fishmonkey1979
Kill Leo
Leo is annoying and unnecessary. Also it feels so condescending— we’re adults, we have sick animals snd it’s just the wrong tone. Uploading documents does not work — and if the upload is tried, it is unsuccessful and then the app stops responding. Photos work but I am not photographing 20 pages of medical records! Also not practical for discharge summaries etc. I really like Petplan but not this app!
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3 years ago, xiziphobia
Feel like a scam company now
Filed claim couple weeks ago, the app is designed by person who don’t want you to file claim. The process is just as bad as others had reviewed. What is more egregious now is the claim after being filed a couple weeks is now disappeared. Mind you Petplan has specific requirements on what time frame you can file a claim after an event. If you are a new user or old customer try find news about this company since last year, there is nothing but terrible news. It is obvious there is no intention to make this better.
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