Fidelity Charitable

2.8 (37)
50.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fidelity Investments
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fidelity Charitable

2.76 out of 5
37 Ratings
1 year ago, Evan Carter
Not able to log in
I have loved this app for years, but it has recently failed to stay up-to-date with iOS updates or something. Not only does it say that my face ID is not available but also I get stuck in the oh yeah, security credentials step with no ability to login. Please advise.
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5 years ago, Beryl the Flyers Fan
Now that the screw up in the last version has been fixed to restore login with facial recognition and to remember your login the app is great and furnishes all the features needed in an iPhone app. Although you can't contribute to your fund that is probably not a feature that would play well on a phone screen.
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4 years ago, teaperson
It does what it does
If you are a Fidelity Charitable donor, the app makes it quite simple to make grants and review your previous grants. It would be nice if you could see your history of donations to a charity within the app, but instead you just need to scroll back through the whole list.
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10 years ago, Murph3434
App is limited in how you can only make distributions and not contribute to your account. However, there is a major bug. When I try to schedule a future or recurring grant. The app freezes. The app works fine on grants sent "as soon as possible ".
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9 months ago, /r:b:
Feedback screen hangs
It shows “Loading…” forever. Last year it showed a blank screen. So, progress…? Apart from feedback not having worked for years, the app does what it’s supposed to; let’s you send donations.
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5 years ago, Marty1035
App NOT Working
When I try to use the app, it says to go to App Store to download latest version, but, when I do that, it says I have latest version and only thing at App Store is link to “Open” the app, but when I do that, it’s back to saying I need to download latest version. In other words, the app doesn’t work!
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3 years ago, John Sava
Update lost my password
I don’t like to remember a thousand of passwords so I saved password for this app. But when it does software update, it loses my password and requires me to re-enter the password to use it. I say forget it and remove it from my iPhone. It is useless.
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3 years ago, halby#1
Needs more work
It would be helpful to have the full website capability in the app, most importantly document manager (confirmations, statement and check images)
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1 year ago, N1cknaame
Can’t log in
First time trying to use this app, it tells me that FaceID isn’t working and to enter my login info manually, which is what I had been doing. I’ll be interested to actually use this app if I ever get logged in.
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3 years ago, sszturma
App errors out when retrieving accounts
I have an iPhone 11 with iOS 15.0.1. When I launch the app it authenticates and then throws an error retrieving the accounts and quits the app. Can someone investigate? I’ve never had a problem before.
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8 months ago, g8r deb
Crashes constantly
This app crashes everytine you try to set up a new grant. It’s kind of worthless for anything but viewing the account and existing grants.
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1 year ago, rcole62
App no longer working
I have used this app for years but now I can’t even log in let alone use faceID. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Koodaddy
Login prob
As others have mentioned, I keep getting error message when logging in. It’s been going on for the past 2-3 months. Please fix this problem.
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3 years ago, WAY-MD
App Stopped Working!
Though my account is fine, when I use the app I get a log in error. Please fix the app. It’s been like this for over 2 months now!!
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7 months ago, Utcigcugx
Same problem with login
This is a great tool and I hate to give a poor review, but unfortunately the app is unusable.
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3 years ago, hackman_fan
App doesn’t recognize login credentials
I can log in fine on my desktop browser, but the app doesn’t recognize my login credentials.
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4 years ago, Bruce JM
This app is so poorly built. It’s constantly forgets who I am. It’s next to impossible to sign in using my finger print. If the organization wasn’t so good, I’d look elsewhere. The computer login is way better.
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1 year ago, Tbone1985
Current version crashes
Each time I try to schedule a gift, the app will crash.
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1 year ago, L. Stein
Broken login
Come on… get it together. This is financial services you can’t have a broken login flow!
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3 years ago, hb unsatisfied
Does not work
Can not parse label, error:-1. Something like that. Completely unprofessional. Version 3.0 on iPhone 10.
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1 year ago, banana #2
Not able to log in
Bad app! Stopped working!
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3 years ago, chappg
App Hangs
The app always hangs on the User Agreement page and is unusable. Reinstalling doesn’t help.
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6 years ago, brucery
Touch ID enabling screen broken - FAIL!
When you try to enable Touch ID, you’re obviously asked for your name and password first. But when you try to enter your password, the iPad’s on-screen keyboard blocks the password field so that you can’t see what you’re typing and you can’t access the field to copy a password from your password manager. Since the page is short, you can’t scroll down to see the password field, you’re just screwed. So, for me, it’s totally unusable - I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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8 years ago, triciaandjerm
Add functions please
Good app but please add Touch ID support and ability to grant from a specific fund like you are able to do online.
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7 years ago, Exos2000
Simple and Intuitive.
Love an app that just works with simple interface. Quick and easy, just the way I like it.
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6 years ago, Mettur
Touch ID broken
This used to be a great app until I moved to new phone. Not sure if it’s iOS12 or IPhone XS Max - when I enter userID and password to enable touchID/FaceID, the app crashes I can still login by using password. But cannot use touchID/FaceID anymore 😩 My previous review: I was able to download and enable Touch ID and look at the balance, search for charities etc. I have not yet attempted to send money to the charity, will do shortly. So far I was able to find almost all of the charities I regularly donate. So far so good.
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8 years ago, Glc8
Awesome app
Love this app. So easy to use. I was able to make a contribution to the account and process a gift with ease.
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11 years ago, BillB123
Not ready for prime time - avoid
As a Fidelity customer, I'm disappointed in the quality of this app. I couldn't get past the User Agreement section without the app crashing. Usually Fidelity is so much better with technology, but not here. Something was missed. Avoid this app for now.
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8 years ago, WitnessTheFew
Login issues
Not sure what happened but I can't login to the app. It won't let me type in my whole password. Consequently the app is useless as it is.
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9 years ago, gillettorg
App crashes
Have it installed on two separate iPhone devices both with latest iOS. App won't consistently load and when it does it crashes after login attempt.
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12 years ago, Oxf0rd
Decent start
I would like to see the ability to contribute to my account from the app.
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8 years ago, Edesh121212
The app crashes consistently upon loading. I tried rebooting my phone, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it still does not work. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, RT...
Mostly Great
I cannot activate FaceID which is a feature enabled by the latest update. The screen used to activate FaceID will not accept my username and password as valid, the same username and password used to log into my account. Also the submit button in the Feedback section of the app did not seem to work so I’ve registered my FaceID feedback through this review. The rest of the app is really great and makes giving through my donor advised fund very easy.
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9 years ago, Tec923
Can't get past login screen; crashes immediately.
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8 years ago, cgreco16
Crashing on login
App loads to login page, but crashes when logging in.
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11 years ago, DRMRJ
Can't log in
It keeps changing my user ID and the keyboard will not disappear. Deleting it.
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11 years ago, jimb361
Can't log in
Stopped working with latest upgrade. No time for QA?
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11 years ago, wbl2745
The app won't accept my user id and password.
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7 years ago, DD and LLCJ
App crashing
Version 2.3 crashes after touchID login on iOS 10.3.1
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8 years ago, Imgritz
App blows up on login
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5 years ago, rockingangle
Nice app
Makes donations simple
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7 years ago, SnoopDogg1
Crashes on open
When I try to open the app using TouchID, the app crashes every time. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update 11/4/17: STILL crashes on open. Please fix!
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