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Fidelity Investments
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User Reviews for Fidelity Investments

4.77 out of 5
2.4M Ratings
2 years ago, Rhino. 24
Updated review: Thanks for listening, Fidelity.
Old review: “Fidelity has always felt customer-oriented and professional. Unfortunately, this apps User Interface (UI) fails to live up to that standard. In an increasingly digital age where attention spans are minimal and trading is readily accessible, Fidelity needs something with a greater focus on an active retail investor. Recent events have proved without a shadow of a doubt that the retail investor plays a large role in the marketplace today. This is unlikely to change. Fidelity’s current UI caters to an individual with multiple, minimally active accounts (accounts that may even be managed by Fidelity itself). Though this isn’t inherently bad, an overabundance of information can negate a customer’s ease of use. I would love to see a cleaner, quicker UI with much better access to brokerage.” Update: Recent UI and options level improvements have caused me to revisit this old review. Fidelity’s mobile app has finally made a shift to a cleaner, quicker UI that is more in line with other broker’s offerings. Though I feel the charting could still be improved upon, this new app is far superior to what was, and proves that Fidelity is listening to user feedback.
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2 years ago, BakuTraders
Good but not great
Its one of the best I have come across so far but it has its flaws as well. First and most importantly theres no after-hours quoting on the app. Their IT department disregarded the most important feature? Anyways, also you have to sign a lot of paperwork to start trading normally. Any type of trade needs to be applied for and authorized pretty much. Many leveraged ETF's are not available. Pre-markets orders start from 7am whereas even a crappy online brokerage running from garage such as Webull allows 4am trading. Last but not least it would be nice of they gave credit in certain amount to start trading right away when you make a deposit. What I do like about Fidelity is that I know my money is safe with them and they have live customer service although sometimes you have to wait a lot to talk to a representatives. Still better than the crappy customer service Webull ( over-messaging ) or Ameritrade ( rude) or Interactive Brokers ( INDIA outsourced) provided. The app is great with customized news feed and detailed info of your stocks. The HEAT MAP is probably the best feature! I love it! The streaming is also smooth. Oh, I have to say the execution of the trades are FLAWLESS! The best trade executions I have seen so far. Like I said in the beginning one of the best brokerages out there.
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4 weeks ago, Indy711
UI upgrade is more of a downgrade
I lost many research options and stock information in the app’s new format that I was forced to use effective June 2024. I don’t have my notes in the stock profile anymore, missing detail analyst ratings with just an average rating given, app using a hyphen for delete action instead a garbage can or word delete. I find myself using the website more now for the information I need. Similar issues apply to my account portfolio viewing. The advanced chart is gone and current chart period in days or months can’t be viewed or segmented with new chart displaying month, YTD, 1 year, and 3 years. I can’t customize any of the viewing as previously allowed in Classic view, I’m being managed instead by Fidelity developers to see what they think I should see. Forced “Planning” tab for personal financial goals is more important than my “watch lists,” because apparently everyone needs Fidelity guidance in paying their bills rather focusing on investing. The new UI is now simply unhelpful and I haven’t found one positive thing yet in the new format. Such a disappointment in Fidelity’s decision to use this new UI format. I was 100% happy with the previous Classic UI format that had helpful investing and customization options. Unsure who was used in the testing this UI, but I hope it was actual customers that used the app regularly for investing.
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1 year ago, LSSR22
Now improving
I have investments with several brokerages (“don’t put all your eggs in one basket”) and so I have experience with apps from various companies. Right now Fidelity has the best app. It might seem a bit complex, but the organization is good and BEST OF ALL, the app doesn’t limit what transactions are possible. Too many brokerage apps provide limited information and functionality, which necessitates going to computer, browser-based access. Not so with Fidelity. So far I haven’t encountered any limits to what transactions I can do in the app compared to working on a computer. Thank you Fidelity. Nice job! Keep it up and I just might start shifting the larger chunk I have at another brokerage to Fidelity. One really big problem however. When you select an investment in an account to buy more, rather than the purchase defaulting to the account you’re working in, the purchase occurs in whichever account is listed first in your list of accounts. It’s frustrating. I’ve accidentally made purchases in the wrong account several times. The purchase should default to the account you were working in.
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3 years ago, bamjy
Be careful!
I signed up for Fidelity a few months ago. Everything seemed to be working well at first. Then, I realized that over $500 had been taken out of my account as I was trading, claiming that it was taxes that were being withheld. I have never had this happen on any of the other apps I use (Webull, Robinhood, Ameritrade, etc.). So I called Fidelity. The person whom I first spoke with said that I just needed to fill out a tax form and then the money would be placed back in my account. He then sent me the tax form. I filled it out and uploaded it to my account. After about 10 days of not seeing the money placed back in my account, I called again. This time, the representative said that the first person whom I spoke with was not correct. The money cannot be placed back in my account. And in order to get the money back, I would need to go through the work of retrieving it from the government when I do my taxes next time. So just to warn people, if you are going to use Fidelity, realize that if you download the mobile app and link it to your bank account, this may very well happen to you. And there is no warning or notification that you even need to fill out this tax form. So I would personally use one of the other well known apps, which all seem to be immune to this problem. Or, if you do create a Fidelity account, make sure to figure out how to get their tax form and upload it to avoid this mess.
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1 year ago, SaltedQuesorito
Too Obfuscated
Initial account setup and bank linking was a nightmare. I ended up with two locked accounts that could not be deleted or have banks linked to them. Chat support was excellent and resolved my issue by manually deleting one of the accounts and guiding me to a page where I needed to submit additional documents. Not only was this not immediately clear to find on the desktop site, I believe it is not even an option on the app. And even on the desktop site, that singular page is the only indication that my account is locked. Nowhere else is this information apparent. The process needs to be way simpler or at least clear about account restrictions and why they are in place. Rather than saying “account is ineligible to link a bank account. Please create an eligible account,” the app should have given me a prompt saying my account is locked and cannot be linked with a bank account until additional documents are received and approved. To which then I should have been able to submit those documents within the app and have the status of that be at the top of the main page considering I literally cannot do anything with my account until that is resolved. The fact that this isn’t even in the app whatsoever and insanely hidden on the desktop site is unacceptable.
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2 years ago, 1Disappointedcustomer
iPad Pro - Makes me rotate my screen to trade. Really?
I have been with fidelity for years. I am really surprised by this app. I don't use it mainly because when I trade, the beautiful full screen makes me rotate my iPad Pro 13” sideways to read the screen. When I have it connected to my keyboard, I have to read sideways to place a trade. Do the programmers realize how ridiculous this is? You’re a multi million dollar financial company and you write an app that make you rotate your screen because it turns into an iPhone to make a trade? I only use my phone becuase of the pain the iPad create. Who is in charge? IT leadership needs a new head. Also, making a trades could be easier. We need a quick trade now button. Like click your lot and say sell now. Something without all the keystrokes. Lastly, when making a limit order, put the time of trade before the limit price so you can only go back one screen to make a quick change to price before executing. Instead you have to go back 2 screens and forward 2 screens to change the price. Not well thought out. I also agree with everything Bakutraders said about general trading with fidelity. Not sure why there are no premarket quotes on the apps, premarket hours, trading premarket qqq, etc. Come on fidelity get with the times.
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2 years ago, Rose Sulistio
Have been with Fidelity for over forty years. We started investing when we had our first two thousand dollars to get started. We were very frugal and managed to get our savings increased until we have enough money to buy stocks. From then on, we patiently kept investing, spent less on material things and it still amazes us how we could have become this rich. Fidelity has been very good to us. All the personnel we dealt with were very knowledgeable, kind and treated us kindly even we never look like millionaires. I have recommended Fidelity time and time again to those who are willing to listen. I have always gone to your seminars. At one time I drove all the way to Dallas to listen to Mr Ned Johnson so I can meet him personally. Never got a chance to talk to him to let him know how I think highly of the campany. My husband and I are very blessed for having connected with Fidelity since we started investing. It was the best decision we ever did fur the family. Our children went to school using our lifelong savings, and set a trusts for them, and now we are doing the same thing for the grandchildren. Rosé Sulistio
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3 months ago, ChrisWN
Not Bad but with one annoyance
I used to use Schwabs ios app for trading because it was the most user friendly and had better latency with the market. Fidelitys ios app has improved in some respects, particularly in getting market info timely. I still have problems with logging in & it recognising face/touch id on my phone & ipad. I also wish it wouldnt give you a checkbox to "trust this device" every single time you log in. If I didn't check the box the first 100 times why would I now & it adds risk if someone should gain accss and then could change your preference. There is one thing that Fidelity added (which I've asked Schwab, Fidelity & Vanguard for) that others haven't: the ability to select individual lots to sell when placing an order on an iphone or ipad & for that reason deserves a better rating. You can also see a multitude of columns in a spreadsheet and switch between ranking the list by the different categories (ie. % of the account, overall $ change, daily % change etc.) which I find more helpful than a preselected set of limited criteria listed by alphabetical order that doesnt all fit into the screen like in Schwabs app.
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6 years ago, Chief Illiniwek Fan!
I can’t imagine a better financial service!😊
I have been a very happy Fidelity customer for 35 years. I tried the big brokerage companies that offer personal service. What did I find out? They grew rich and I barely broke even, even in booming markets. Fidelity gives me the tools and the information I need to make the best financial decisions. My money has grown exponentially so that I can withdraw funds to pay big bills and still see huge gains to my portfolio. It isn’t rocket science. Research the highest yielding funds over the long and short term at the risk level you are comfortable with. Fidelity’s research is sooo darn easy that I can find and print off the research in minutes. I rebalance my funds, drop the dogs, invest in some new winners. It really is that easy. Need money transferred to your bank account? Click, click, you are done. Fees are extremely low too. Need help? Call the 800 number and their very knowledgeable Representatives will assist you quickly and cheerfully. Now I am the one making the money, not my broker. I have taught all of my children to invest with Fidelity and they are light years ahead of their peers financially.
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3 years ago, cuger60
Fidelity Chart issue
Fidelity chart issue : I do like the fidelity IOS app, the Information is comprehensive and effective to an extent. However, when it comes to the deciphering chart on iOS fidelity app, it is frustrating and outright exasperating. Problem with the chart is , data, it is not spread out at a glance, it is slow, and needs to be colorful. For example when the stock is down amber color is preferred amongst stock traders, green when stock price is rising. Recommendation is Please update the chart section. In addition, FaceTime login also seems to be lagging comparable to the other platform (Robinhood). As a new young investors, iPhone apps is highly preferred and is always with us. Thus, making the fidelity app faster and easy to read chart highly recommended. Lastly, when transferring money to fidelity brokerage account, there is no way knowing when exactly the money will be available. Only expects indication is (2-4 days). Which often takes more days. Exact available date for transfer would be exceptional . It is annoying and having to check account weather the money has arrived or not . In the transfer section adding a status of transfer and exact available date update would be highly appreciated. Please fix aforementioned issues next update . Thanks .
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3 years ago, Len2689
Terrible customer support
I had a terrible experience with fidelity and their customer service. Long story short.. the New York State Child Support Department accidentally levied my account and sent notice to fidelity. I called fidelity and they notified that nothing was going to happen with my money after me asking multiple times for reassurance. 3 weeks later I get a notification that my positions were closed on my BEST stocks. I called again, dealt with people who tried to rush me of the phone to just be directed to their law and operations office, which I had to wait for a returned phone call. I received my return call and I spoke with an absurd and extremely rude representative by the name of Krissa. She told me “it was a courtesy that she was even calling me back and wasn’t obligated to do so.” She even told me that they didn’t even need to notify me that New York State was placing a levy!!! What??????!!! A courtesy?? After investing thousands with them it’s a courtesy that they call me about someone trying to take money out of my account when it’s their fiduciary responsibility to protect my assets and they failed to do so and now I’m waiting 3 weeks later for money still from New York State!!! I was just about to transfer $25,000 from Robinhood to them, but now I’m looking to cancel my account with fidelity and also report them to the Better Business Bureau.
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5 years ago, LuvinGOOGLEoffice
This app conveniently always fails right when the morning bell rings & the market is opening
Not only has it happened numerous times there’s always a delay when you want to purchase stock as soon as the bell rings. A lot of other times you buy stock and you literally typing a specific amount for a limit purchase yet without your permission you end up paying more!!! I don’t understand what the point is of putting in a limited purchase amount per share if it’s just gonna be disregarded!?!?!? Not everyone is an expert in trading so perhaps they should explain why they are allowed to do this instead of just doing it and expecting us to ask accept it with no explanation. There’s a lot of other times when it just fails and I simply can’t get log back in for 5 to 10 minutes most of the time but other times its inaccessible for 30 mins to an hour. One instance this year it was down for 3 days. Again it would’ve been nice had they sent an email out to their customers to let us know that their operating system was completely in operable instead no one sent any notification and we just had to wait and wait and wait. So I hope that never happens again because I know I received 3 good faith violations during that 3 day period resulting in a suspension of certain privileges...all because I couldn’t see any of my normal reminders or warnings!
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6 years ago, Tinohuggins
Every representative of Fidelity that I have ever had the privilege of being helped by has been very friendly, very willing to explain, help, and see to it that I understand the answer that is given me to the question I have asked. Bottom line, the Representatives of Fidelity are honorable, class act employees. Also, even though I read little of it, a library of helps for Fidelity clients is sent out several times a month. I am new at all of this and what I have written is likely very elementary to the Giants who regularly attend this field of knowledge. I'm just very thankful to have been advised to join what to me seems to be a solid and trustworthy business organization that believes that doing right makes right and ends right. Leadership, in my view is often the real difference between success and failure; leadership is most often the whole difference. So, there must be great leadership running Fidelity. Again, at least in my view, leadership is the difference. Especially when God is intentionally and purposefully at the Top in the hearts and minds of those at the helm! Hopefully, that's the case at Fidelity. God bless!!! Tino Huggins
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5 years ago, Jimmaywats
Slow response time! I have voice verification and they even can tell me who I am when I call, but the system didn’t recognize my apple phone update, so they locked out my account and made me physically drive to a branch office and present my ID, before they would unlock my mobile phone access spent 1/2 hour on the phone with two separate call centers then another our driving to and from their office presenting my drivers license to prove who I was. They didn’t accept my correctly answered security questions, I am a doctor and had to get this fixed during my busy day of patients. Not only this but it’s earnings season and I have over two million fully invested in the market with fidelity and took losses over $20,000 before they would simply unlock my access to trade. The totally absurd thing about their system is they said they would be happy to place a trade for me by telephone WITHOUT verifying my ID but would not unlock the phone I have been using for FOR weekly and daily trades over two years, in order to do the trades myself.
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2 years ago, Nicky rivers
Terrible new splash screen
I’ve been a Fidelity investor for years and I specifically arranged my screens so I could see the market indexes without having to log in. Now, the first thing I see is a childish animation and a forced login experience. Shame on you Fidelity for moving in this direction. I’ve already switched to a friendlier app so I can take a quick glance at the market overview without having to log into something. Fidelity, you moved the usability needle backwards with that update. [Update Dec 2022] While I know you can’t please everyone, it’s not hard to get the little things right. Respecting a user’s personalization settings is one of those areas. Although I have the market overview set as my default splash screen, the app is stuck showing my portfolio. I don’t want to see that as soon as the app clears the splash screen, and I ESPECIALLY don’t want anyone nearby to see it if they are shoulder surfing. I love Fidelity as an investment house, but please put better people in charge of curating the customer experience. For an institution with as much prestige as Fidelity, I can’t understand how the digital side of the house is allowed to continue offering a product that’s really amateur hour. I’ll change my review when the quality and customer experience rises to a par with your competitors.
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2 years ago, Yamvrs
Fidelity is where everyone should start.
Before opening a brokerage account and giving up your personal information, it’s important to do your research to find out what your looking for. Fidelity is a popular choice for 401Ks, IRAs, and other retirement accounts. And thus, their platform is suited for that. Fidelity is best for the long term investor: one who does fundamental and technical analysis, is in tune with current economic and political implications, and reads analyst reports. It’s for the investor who has the big picture. If you’re looking to be an active trader, choose a different platform. What I will say about trading, however, is that long-term investing will help you to be an amazing trader. Being able to hold your positions during corrections and recessions will build the stomach needed to become a successful trader. If you’re looking for a bank for a checking or savings account you’re better off at a regular bank like Chase, BOA, or TD. But if you’re interested in saving or investing for the long term, Fidelity is the answer.
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8 months ago, myhighways
Some suggestions
I think the Fidelity APP is increasingly improving. The last update unfortunately removed quite a few desirable features, such as daily balance as a total sum of cash available to a trailer. Now it seems you have added back some of these features. A few weeks ago, the APP could not support a buy to cover order, I had to go to the website version on my phone to get it down. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or something else. Hopefully you will continue to improve, to make it customer friendly. Another thing, I don’t understand why you put two tabs when you open an account, a simple page and detailed page. I think nobody with the care to look at the simple page, only detailed page is even useful. It’s true that a customer can choose, but why should it be necessary in the first place, because it’s useless and redundant. You can put it as option in case if anyone is interested in that. I doubt anybody would need it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Compulsive checker of commerce
Excellent platform
First and foremost I can easily buy and sell shares of stocks using the Fidelity platform and now there is no charge to trade . I also appreciate whatever money that is on hold waiting to be invested is automatically placed in an interest earning account that is significantly higher than what I can receive from my regular savings account in my bank . Everything has been very easy and clear from trading to moving money into my brokerage accounts with Fidelity. I use my Fidelity credit card frequently because 2% of that amount automatically goes right into my brokerage accounts at Fidelity per my instructions . There is always personal assistance I can speak to directly if I desire to do so . And lastly there are all kinds of webinars to further my knowledge about trading in general that I can take whenever I have the time to do so. I trust this platform and consider it excellent in executing my trades . I am really a beginner in my second year of trading myself and I love it .
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3 years ago, kcdblythe
Funds available in checking but not getting paid
Two months in a row I have waited for a check to clear my checking account. When my account shows the balance available, I pay my bills, only to get a flood of emails from Fidelity that these payments were not sent through due to insufficient funds in the account. Meanwhile, the funds are clearly showing in the account as available balance. It’s infuriating. I then have to keep track of each individual payment to watch and see whether the payee will resubmit the payment automatically after a couple of days. Some accounts do and some don’t. But I don’t dare pay again in case the auto re-submission is also pending. I am also charged fees on some account. I don’t know what the deal is with showing funds as available, then declining payments; but the programming needs to be adjusted to show checks in pending status until the are truly cleared (just like every other bank I work with. I have never had this problem with another bank. This literally causes me weeks of continual frustration before it is resolved. Please change something so whatever restriction on allowing funds to be used is clearly indicated to the account balance owner.
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3 years ago, Lovepetri
Wash sale for stock that has not been sold for years
Fidelity marked wash sale for a stock that I have not sold any for years but adding shares. There was no such sale in the automatic confirmation received after buy/sell activities. They did not response (supposed to be in 24-48 hours) my first inquiry until I sent a second one. However, they did not respond to the second inquiry asking whether it was because my shares was loaned to someone else and caused a sale with a record in my account. I sent a follow up a week ago pointing out the my record showed no such sale and whether it was mixed with someone else account (by reviewing their response). The wash sale sign (supposed to be made in Dec. as they claim) just appeared recently beside the stock position. Not only have they responded to any of the further inquiries, but also the inquiries have all disappeared from the communication center, and their only response could not be reviewed . It appears to be a dead end.
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4 months ago, no616293729
Account information is inaccurate
If you just want to make a quick trade out works fine. When you get into margin or looking at the amount of cash in your account vs your holdings or the amount available to trade the dollar values are inaccurate and take days to update. Example, yesterday I used cash to buy positions in about 15 companies. If I go to my positions the stock I bought is there, but nothing has been deducted from my SPAXX (cash, money market) position. If I go to account balances it shows the correct amount of available cash sometimes but not always. One time it told me I had $0 available to trade when I actually had over $4k. I called customer service and got the wrong info twice, on the third call the agent just said the money is there try to purchase something. So I did, and it went through, but I missed an 8% jump because the purchase was delayed by my having inaccurate info. Use the web site or a different broker. More recently it told me I had cash available, I made a purchase and there was actually no cash so I bought on margin unintentionally. It shouldn’t be this difficult to update the numbers in realtime.
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2 years ago, bsgrozier
Stop with the constant redesigns!
The new experience obscures everything users are accustomed to and makes it very difficult to simply look at positions within an account and track performance. Noboby needs “gamification” or robinhood style interfaces to track important assets; but apparently the robinhooders who only have $5 to spend on fractional shares seem to be the new target audience for all these redesigns. Fidelity is known for their technology, data and accessibility, but these constant changes to “modernize” an already extremely functional and easily usable app is getting to be too much. Please leave the “classic” experience, which is very user friendly, intuitive, and rich with easy to access data. Please stop with all the pop-ups, intro screens, and clutter…your customers want direct access to the important data regarding their securities and other holdings. We don’t want to navigate 5 screens deep, get the latest fads on UI design shoved down our throats, or hunt for the specific tap, click, or swipe to get to the information they need. I’m in my 30s and these constant changes and frustrations are making me feel geriatric…stop with the constant updates or you are going to drive your customers away!
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12 months ago, ChesterCee8
Worst treatment ever.
I had an investment account with Fidelity through my employer. After years, I opened checking and savings accounts. After that I cashed my unemployment check from the State of Pennsylvania. My account was immediately frozen on suspicion of fraud. I don’t understand why because the check had my name and clearly printed by PA. They then asked me to provide my details. First I faxed the documents but nothing was done for almost 3 weeks. Only to be told my documents are not in good order. I mailed the documents and delivered and signed for by one of Fidelity employees but they said they couldn’t locate them. At first they yelled at me and accused me of lying but I gave them the tracking which showed the signature of their agent. After that they requested me to fax again. I did as per their request but they said they can’t find the documents. Then a guy from fraud gave me a link to their Vault portal to upload the documents. I uploaded all the documents while I had him on the phone. All the documents were uploaded based on his request. The following day I was told the documents are not in good order I should mail them or fax them. This went on for a month and as of writing this I’m still struggling with them.
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12 months ago, nickwilsonmba
Disappointed in Fidelity
I think there is this false perception that because brokerages like Fidelity have been around for decades they’re great and that because brokerages like Robinhood are new they’re trash. In my experience that has not been the case. In the 3 years I had Robinhood I never once had to call them because everything went so smoothly. The app is fast, intuitive, everything is perfect. Somewhere along the way I bought into this story that Fidelity was better and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I full heartedly regret leaving Robinhood for Fidelity. This app is slow and clunky in comparison. Everything takes forever. I’ve been waiting two weeks to have my funds available to invest, meanwhile missing out on the growth the market has been having recently. I’ve had to call Fidelity 4 times already because of issues. Again, never had any issues with Robinhood. Ever. I gave Fidelity 2 stars because the customer service people are awesome. The app and the painfully slow transfer process on the other hand deserves 1 star. As soon as I have funds available I’m withdrawing, closing my account and never coming back.
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3 years ago, WhispryB
Getting Better - Improvements Can Be Made
As a young investor my first stock trading app was RH. After some fickle things happened earlier this year I made the swap to Fidelity. I do miss RH’s ease of navigating around, but Fidelity came out with their Beta app on iPhone, and it’s pretty good so far for basic buy/selling etc. I can’t say for certain about anything else because I don’t do anything else other than buy/hold/sell. Some things that I would love to see for iPhone is an increase in customizing widgets from Fidelity. I’m given the option to either watch the top market makers or my overall balance for an account . One thing that I enjoyed about RH is they have widgets to watch specific markers from your watchlist or positions that you specifically hold. It’d be nice to be able to casually glance to see how X position is doing without needing to open the entire app. To lastly echo sentiment i’ve heard from other people, an update in the charting to make it more mainstream would also be appreciated. Overall moving in a great direction!
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2 years ago, Cpdb
UX is Getting worst and worst with every new update.
I’ve been using the Fidelity IPad app and Desktop view for years. I use to use it without much frustration other than limited column sorting. However, lately it’s getting more and more frustrating to use. Many of the most important features are hidden while unimportant summaries are splashed all the place to the point I have to navigate around them like obstacles. The table listing all of my investments with the columns of performance metrics should be available on the front page and clearly labeled if it is going to be hidden. Instead it’s buried 3 pages down with no clear button or call to action. I have to poke around every time I visit this app, to find the most fundamental tools. The buy button use to work good. You press the buy button, and you get all the fields you need to find the ticker and set the parameters. Now it’s broken out in to separate screens and if you want to change something you have to go back and forth loosing choices you already made. Plus there are buy features that are now missing in the process. If they are not missing I can find them. There isn’t enough room to go into all of it here but I’m very unhappy with the direction Fidelity is going in regards to the user Experience. I’m Getting the sense the designers are all inexperienced interns. Now I need to open my computer and see if I can still make a simple trade.
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2 months ago, MyThirdNicknameTry
Terrible app
First time reviewing an app, will try to make it useful for people and devs. The app is frankly terrible. Do you want to short sell something? After choosing how many stocks/dollars, the sell button just does’t work. Do you want to modify the strike price of an active call sell order? It fails, because current bid/ask showed is for the underlying stock, not for the call, and it just prints operation failed error. Do you want to see current daily/1min stock price action? Chart gets stuck or delayed.. so you need to constantly change the timeframe to actually see what’s going on, which is a pita. Do you want to quickly place an order while seeing the chart? Imposible, you need to go to two different places to do it, process takes time, and you most probably will miss the entry. So, it would be nice if chart could get updated in real time in a reliable way. It would be great if 2 buttons could be added to set default actions, like buy and sell market order to make scalping possible in the app. Helpful to allow edit active option orders, so we don’t have to cancel and then place another one. And if giving the option to short sell, to actually make it usable.
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1 year ago, Utdkhth
A dumbed down version of the website
I want to like the app, since that is what Fidelity seems to push. However, before I can love it, it needs to be much better. On the website, with a click of a button, I can see all of the details of a security, from earnings to dividends to analyst rating and news. On the app, I need to hunt that information, and I can’t perform the same depth of research or at least not easily. Of course, then there is everything else: closed positions, tax forms, the exit strategy view, rich visualizations, etc. If they are here at all, they are laid out differently and buried. If this is THE app, then THE app needs to recognizably duplicate all of the features of the website for me to prefer its use. At the moment, I only see this as a dumbed down version of the website. It is such a missed opportunity, too. iOS should be more feature rich than a browser, not less. They could have designed something more real time that more closely resembles Active Trader Pro. Instead, they went to the opposite end of the spectrum and gave us a crippled app.
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5 years ago, Down and out 911
What’s the point!!!
I have been a customer for many years and am very close to changing to another firm. Every time the change there website I have to call customer service and spend an hour sorting out why it isn’t working. The last time was when I was using an app that did not work with my account anymore. They said the change had taken effect a year before but someone in IT decided to lock out all the non conforming accounts. They did not alert the users or the representatives that I called who waisted over an hour trying to log me in. Then today I was traveling and got on my iPad and was told that I needed change my password and that I could only do this on my desk top. I tried to call customer service and was informed that it be approximately 30 minutes to talk with someone. Have to catch my plane so I guess I will not accomplish what I need to today. Why don’t you leave what is working alone until you can get apps launched that actually work.
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6 years ago, bryan.y.yu
Good app for monitoring your IRA account
I just chose Fidelity to roll my 401k over from a previous employer and they made everything every easy. There’s even a Fidelity Banking center 10 minutes away from where I live so getting to them were easy. I currently am invested in their Fidelity GO option because I don’t have $25k for it to be managed by a broker. Their app is easy to use and they are just a phone call away. You can also deposit your funds into their account via their website or via banking center. I choose them because my some of my previous employers used them for a 401k account and they’ve always been very helpful. However, when it comes to the tools of day trading they lack in this area because they don’t provide you with a detailed chart like td ameritrade but that fine because I don’t say trade with fidelity. I haven’t found a flaw in the app yet and the results have been positive so I have nothing to complain about. Keep up the good job!
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8 months ago, scoggy13333333
Fidelity Trading Brokerage understands;-)
Investing capital using this platform, that is to say, using Fidelity’s brokerage firm to buy and sell securities, has been the single best financial decision I’ve made in my life. At least up to this point;-) I have complete confidence in this companies integrity and honor. My fund are safe here. Their customer service is second to none, period. I’ve rarely, if ever, been put on hold when I call with questions or concerns. It generally takes less than 30 seconds for me to be connected with an actual human being! Can you imagine!;-). Every single agent representing Fidelity is a testament to the fact that Fidelity understands what it takes to have long term success in the worlds of finance and business. The people that represent a business are vital. They should embody the principles and mission of the company that they represent. Fidelitys staff are polite, well spoken and knowledgeable. I can sense their genuine desire to help me. If the agent that takes my initial call, doesn’t have the experience or insight necessary to answer my questions, they will, very quickly, connect me with someone who does. Fidelity seems to do business the right way, at least the same way I do. With honesty , respect, kindness and dignity. Myself, and, in time, my son and daughter, as well as, I imagine:-), our future generations, will be loyal customers. Thank you Fidelity. Sincerely, Jebediah Scoggins.
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3 years ago, Carbonbreath
They get it!
Fidelity fully understood UI visual flow when building this application. For me it seems that their design team also figured in swipe movement [finger] to screen. Most other financial institutions who offer investment mobility focuses on desktop to keyboard similarity rather than small screen finger gestures. Why is this a problem: hassle work flow. What’s visually on the screen that’s important, swiping/scrolling trying get to what I/We need can cost us profits or make us money. I also like Fidelity makes explanation notes available on current screen rather taking me to URL which creates navigational confusion. Everything I wrote above keeps me interested coming back to this app rather using other apps which over simplifies and take tools away. So I am getting best of everything with Fidelity and I do like some separation with FidelityGo. Quick view conduct business and done. Again most important transactions are on screen with less need for constant finger play.
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4 years ago, NeuroImmunologist
Incorrect values
The app has worked fine for years. Now, numbers don’t match. For example, my daily change in summary says I am down a couple hundred bucks for the day, but the positions summary says I’m up for the day. Which daily gain/loss is correct? Some positions, with the same close value on the app versus desktop version, show different daily performance values. Which is correct? Desktop or app? I called support and they told me to just focus on current value to determine if my portfolio has increased or decreased. What is this 1982 and I need to keep a ledger of my positions? Really??? Don’t provide bells and whistles if the numbers are not correct? Don’t tell me it depends where there are pulling the information from. Pick one and stick with it. If I can’t trust a financial company to provide correct numbers, what good are they? Correct numbers is their job and telling me to do the math to track my portfolio is unacceptable in 2020.
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3 years ago, aallaasskkaa
Good bank, app needs improvement
I am satisfied with fidelity as a bank and the interface of the app is clean and navigable, but there are things that need to be changed. For one, I’m unable to see a single performance chart for any security. No matter the ticker or time horizon, I get the message “chart not available for this security” every single time without exception. This seems like a pretty glaring problem for an investment app where I’m curious about past performance. Right now I have to switch back and forth between fidelity and my Apple stocks app to find information which is a bit bothersome. Also, every time I exit out of a security’s page from the investments tab, the whole page reloads and brings me back up to the top. I assume this is to keep price information as current as possible, but it just makes navigation much slower if I want to check more than one security without scrolling through all my investments again. Again, I’m happy with the financial side of things, but these issues should be fixed.
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6 years ago, Mamaof2cuties
Deposits work 50% of the time
I loved this app. I only needed the deposit feature and being able to check my balance now and then. I deposited my checks twice a month. Now in the last few months it is hit and miss when I can get the deposit to go through. No different internet and no different phone. Same check look also. Something updated and now I have to attempt the checks to be updated at least a dozen times sometimes waiting till the next day because I don’t have the time to sit there. My checks are handwritten and the closest fidelity is not close. So I’m stuck begging it to not error on the picture and then go through and accept the deposit. Thankfully I only have to do this twice a month. I like the banking and the interest for my account which I’m not sure is worth the hassle of the deposits and no close bank to run it to when I don’t have the time to keep trying hoping it will accept it. :(
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1 week ago, The true GDK
Good app, but it plays big brother.
I love everything about this apps interface, and I feel its very easy to navigate the stock world using it. Buying and selling are not a problem and setting stop losses and buy in prices is also not much of a hassle. But if there’s one thing I really do not like, it’s that Fidelity plays big brother. If a certain stock is deemed risky for whatever reason, count on not being able to buy it and being able to do very little to change that very annoying fact. The potential to miss out on opportunities to make money due to this is incredibly high and that is the reason I take away two stars. It’s my money, please let me do what I want with it. I do not need Fidelity to mitigate risks for me. I do that personally when choosing stocks. Besides that though, the app is great. If you plan on trading higher end things away from smaller (penny) stocks, then this might be for you. Otherwise, you might want to take a closer look at other apps to see what they will and will not allow you to do.
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2 years ago, Ox215
Great Customer Service and very efficient App
I have dealt with other brokerages that I will not name that have been pretty difficult regarding Customer Service. Fidelity has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life and that includes for all businesses. I have called Customer Service many times with inquiries about trades and I have never once received a single employee that had a bad attitude and was hard to deal with, it’s actually been the opposite, Fidelity Customer Service employees go out of their way to help you understand whatever issue you have. On top of the Customer Service , the Fidelity app on my phone works great! I also enjoy the PC Fidelity website as well, both are very easy to navigate and make trading seamless. I utilize Fidelity active trader pro too, it works almost flawlessly and really helps me with my day treating. So grateful to be able to use this type of technology!
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4 years ago, Angelina M B
Financial research GIANT! LOVE the data!
I have tried many other Investment companies over the last 20 plus years for quality research information. I ALWAYS go back to Fidelity Investments for my research on companies, businesses and industries. Fidelity puts technology at the forefront in their business (I know from my own personal experiences with Fidelity over the years). Fidelity is ALWAYS “that” company to spearhead their business with the new advancing technologies. Funny side note...I remember working at Fidelity a LONG TIME AGO when they were one of the first companies using email for their customer accounts before any other investment companies had heard or thought of implementing that new technology. I completely trust the research information you can find on the website or with a customer service agent. I currently like to attend Fidelity’s financial webinars like socially responsible investing to options. The website is a massive resource for those who are looking...
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3 years ago, ireviewsthebest
Terrible UI that hasn't been updated!
I hate Robinhood but I wish Fidelity copied their app's user interface. This app looks like it was designed at least 10 years ago. It contains a lot of unnecessary/irrelevant information while leaving out vital features. For example, I trade a lot of options, and with options it's all about timing. But when you click on positions, you can't sort your options by expiration date. I mean come on! That's just wrong. Also, why not show your positions you already own when looking up a company? Placing orders on the Fidelity app is so clunky that it seems they must not have wanted you to do that. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to design it the way it is. Again, as awful as Robinhood is, they keep adding customers. You want to know why? It's because their app is very user friendly. You don't have to reinvent the wheel so please copy Robinhood's app design language. Fidelity app gets 1 star, everything else 5 stars, hence 3 stars rating. I will update my review if Fidelity redesigns the app.
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2 years ago, grumpy777
December 2022 version unbelievably awful.
Who the heck signed off on this? Clearly that person doesn’t use the app. New is not better. I can no longer see all of my money and securities in one place without selecting multiple options. Half of the screen is polluted with a useless graph at the top. Selecting a security goes from my current landscape view, to a portrait view making me rotate my iPad 90 degrees, then back! Same thing when I want to do a simple trade. What the #@$&? Your previous version was solid, I do not understand why companies obliterate success with a completely new and terrible interface. It is confusing and convoluted. New customers will give up very quickly. The whole thing, including the feedback page, seems outsourced abroad judging by the grammar. You have failed. Bring back the previous interface/app, or you will lose me too!
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3 years ago, FNizZzZ
Ok I guess
I decided to open an account and put $1k into it just to see how it is, because I feel more comfortable with a company like this as opposed to Webull for example. TD is merging with Schwaub so I decided not to get involved there for now. I don’t like the layout at all to be honest. It’s hard to navigate and it’s not intuitive or logical when compared to something like Webull. The charts are not good at all. I also can’t even find the quote book showing the bids and asks on the mobile app. Honestly I will probably continue using Webull, unless I decide to use the desktop version (I never do, I trade when I’m at work usually, on mobile) and it’s better. Perhaps I will keep some longer term stuff here eventually, maybe an IRA or something, but it’s doubtful since I don’t want to have multiple accounts tbh. I’ll keep playing around with it and see what I’m going to do next week when the market is open (also can’t check crypto prices on here afaik). I likely will just transfer the $1k back into my bank.
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2 years ago, Steigentoadster
Unwanted Alerts Continue
This has been a sporadic problem for a few months now. I have called a few times since, but no one has been able to solve the problem, which is interesting because for my two PMA accounts, none are enabled for alerts (the default setting), which makes sense because I don't need to know what your staff are doing on a play-by-play basis. Further, I also receive alerts the next trading day sometimes from the accounts I'm trading in. They tend to be alerts related to cancelled orders / replaced orders. I've been told this is / can be a latency issue, and that I can disable the push alerts feature. For that matter, I could not enable it on my phone to go through during the "Do Not Disturb" time, but if it were working properly I wouldn't mind a legitimate alert. I don't need to know I cancelled / replaced an order the day before, which is sometimes from a Friday (three days before). This occurred most recently this morning and yesterday morning at 5:20 am PDT
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1 year ago, BillXuFromMD
Can’t believe this is a 2023 app
My company uses fidelity to manage 401k, which encouraged me to open multiple saving and investing account here. No comment on their product and portfolio, but their online user portal is the worst among all financial institutes I’ve seen, both web portal and mobile app. To start with, the app always removes you Face ID setup every week or so, and requires you to re-enroll Face ID. The list of your portfolio looks horrible — I can’t even see the full name of the CD I purchased, no idea when it’s maturing or what interest rate it is. You can’t edit your CD ladder after purchasing. Fidelity GO never show you how your portfolio is performing — how much you’ve deposited, how much dividends you’ve got, how much fee you have paid, you have no idea of any of this basic info. Same thing applies to investment account and 401k account as well. The app doesn’t support lots of functions and you will have to visit the website, which is as horrible. The Spire app is slightly better. At least you can see more basic performance numbers and the full name of your CD. However, they’re abandoning that app.
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6 years ago, Marcstck
Terrible Choice for Active Traders
This release leaves much to be desired for the active trader. It's fine for those who hold long and strong, but for swing and daytraders it's functionality is rudimentary at best. Fidelity really needs to put out a mobile version of their desktop Active Trader Pro software, which in itself is quite cumbersome. This mobile app lacks any serious charting functions, and what they call "advanced charts" are extremely limited in any sort of analytic tools, and don't even update in real time. Anybody planning on using Fidelity's very stable platform for active trading is therefore forced to use third-party applications to do the actual charting and everyday work required of the successful trader. I personally use TD Ameritrade's Think or Swim mobile application for charting across multiple time frames, and use this app to execute trades. In addition, it is impossible to place conditional orders within this app, which is ridiculous. In other words, one cannot place both a stop loss and sell limit order on the same security/option. This severely limits the speed at which one can execute trades. Seems like most of the other online brokerage houses have apps much more sophisticated when it comes to charting and chart analysis. This app only allows one lower analysis tool at a time, and the choices of tools are EXTREMELY limited. IMO, fidelity is falling way behind in regards to the sophistication of their mobile applications.
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2 years ago, dTERM78
Not positive, but not bad.
I’ve been investing with Fidelity Go for a few years now. I’m in the process of buying rental property and wanted to pull funds from fidelity for this purpose. Not everything, but most of it. I planned on continuing to invest with them. Unfortunately, I hit a wall with the withdrawal and was told I couldn’t withdraw the amount I was requesting on the app, I had to call them. This is a huge nuisance for me, I work at sea and rarely have a cell signal. I rely on internet services for everything. Due to the fact that they will restrict what I do with my money, I called and closed my accounts. I’m afraid that that policy is just unacceptable. They’ll let me deposit any amount I want, but restrict withdrawals to the same account…no. I’m lucky that we’re close to a port still and I can get a cell signal for a few more hours, otherwise I might have been unable to use my funds when I need them. Bad decision Fidelity.
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2 years ago, McDanface
New App Experience is Bad
Your app has a 4.8 star rating. Why would you completely change the app experience? The new app overall is less intuitive and takes many more taps to do the same actions. For example, I especially don't like the multi-screen wizard style stock order process. The wizard process may be easier for absolute novice investors, but it is so much slower and harder to adjust stock purchase parameters on the fly in a fast moving market. It takes so many more taps to perform these operations than it used to! Please give us a single page stock purchase/sale option in the new app experience. Also bring the tabs in the account view back when you are viewing an account. You've doubled the taps needed to switch between app views. With the tabs I could jump between balance details and activities with one tap of the tabbed navigation. Now you've doubled the taps where I have to click to see Activities then click back to account overview then click into Balance details then back to account overview.
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3 years ago, NolaNYC1
Thoughtless App “Upgrade”
The bank is great and the app in general is robust, especially compared to others. However as is often typical of “upgrades” this latest ones seems to have been done by a team that doesn’t actually use the app. As someone who interacts with the app a few times a day, it’s a flaw that now only 2 columns can be seen at one time (versus it used to be 3). Makes a huge difference in an already tiny screen trying to maximize data. Also, it shouldn’t now take 3 taps to see account history. By the 3rd tap (after the unnecessary step of having already selected which account), the user is prompted to do so again but this time with rotary option—just present that option to begin with. But speaking of account history, lumping that in with “activities and orders” is not intuitive. Seeing a list of historic dividends and payouts is an obvious goal for investors—should be a stand-alone option not needing 3 clicks to access and more buried in a sub-menu of “transactions”. Tech teams seem obsessed with constantly tweaking websites and apps but mostly for sport (do they secretly compete to just tally up high counts of random changes??) and not necessarily with the end user in mind. Changes should be improvements and not just for the heck of it. They should maybe beta test changes with actual users and fans before broadly releasing. Otherwise the result is “upgrades” that are really downgrades in useability .
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2 years ago, elvickyo
So dissatisfied with the beta
As a previous fidelity intern, I first learned how to invest while working at the branches. I was so excited for my first real paychecks to be invested. I opened my first brokerage account and 401k with this company; and have been a credit card user since 2016. This app used to make investing and tracking my finances so easy until the most recent beta update. The interface has so much potential to simplify things, but some how makes it so inconvenient to do the basics like setting a trade on the close in my brokerage account. I can’t I’ve used this app so much less due to this inconvenience. If I am on my Roth 401k and want to check the balance detail, this instead shows a rollover 401k and each time I have to click on the drop down. I can’t click out of the credit card transactions without having to restart the app. I just switched back to classic and compare it to being on the desktop is how terrible this beta version is. The quote details alone, will make me stick with the classic for as long as I can.
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3 years ago, ned*kelly
been withFidelity for over30 years. called customer service because I have to restart all my devices multiple times a day because screens don’t load data properly and the differing apps across my connected devices for mac, ipad, iphone and watch all freeze up and don’t work. continually have to shut down and restart because their programming is so buggy. they don’t even have a ios compatible software. they layer it on top o another incompatible software making it very slow and error ridden. fidelity admitted to the problems. called customer no service and spent 2 days of my life on the phone with multiple holds and long wait times. last call was to specifically complain and was sent to 7 different people costing me at least 2 hours on one call. not treated well by some customer service people. rude and belligerent . bottom line they took my error logs and said they MAY call me back with a resolution. They didn’t even seem concerned when i said i will be leaving Fidelity Investments. I all ready worry about my money, and now I DON’T TRUST FIDELITY as a fiduciary.
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