Fidget Spinner

4.3 (4.9K)
162.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Fidget Spinner

4.26 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
7 years ago, AAlbertson
An idea for developer...
I really really like this app, not only is it a great way to kill time, but it's super entertaining and fun for something so simple. Although there is one thing that would be a good addition to give the game a little more 'depth' to it; Instead of only showing the one single goal to achieve a new item after finishing your 5 spins (on the "COLLECT" screen in the dotted circle to the left), players should be able to click somewhere and see a list of 5-10 goals and each one rewards you an item, coins or even an upgrade upon completion. Some of these goals being more difficult than others and each time you complete one, a new one shows up on the list. This would give players the option to work towards these goals as they play, if they want to. This would add a bit more depth, without ruining the important simplicity of the game.
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3 years ago, i dont like it too much
I don’t like it that much
First of all there is a restore perchase thing in settings why did they not put an extra thing so that we don’t press restore perchase also it does not sound like a real fight I mean it’s satisfying but not that cool as a real one also I just think it could use a thing in it where there is at least some fights with abilities and a new style like one that would give you an extra spin or one that would be one time use then you buy it again but it gives you a high score no matter what those would make tha game better because there is just no figets that are special but mabye I just never saw the special ones but still I just don’t know the point of this game when we have real ones I guess mabye because your making it free for a figet?that makes no sence that you are making things that cost money free...if you can pleas can you fix these issues and I will rate it 5 stars also this was mostly about the restore purchases in settings I had to delete the game just to cancel it also plz don’t change the sound I like it popping it’s just so satisfying so pleas don’t change that one I was just saying what someone else said about the sound the rest was my opinions
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7 years ago, ChristRedeemedMommy
Seasoned player’s review
I like to play this is my spare time, and do enjoy it. I’ve played this for several months on and off, but I finally decided to grind and play it every spare moment to try to get the high score. The global high score right now is 1,000,000,000 I believe, and I just beat that this afternoon with mine. But yet, it’s not showing up. It’s like the leader board isn’t updating or something. I don’t understand it, or maybe it’s a glitch or whatever. It’s still saying I’m #1000 instead of #1. Overall, this is a fine game. I certainly played it for a while! Doesn’t force you to watch ads, and is pretty simple and straightforward gameplay. I’ve had it lag pretty often, crash a few times, but a quick restart of the app typically fixed it. I would recommend this to a friend
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3 years ago, aioqksbcbqkif
This game is super fun and I really enjoy playing it, I would definitely be playing it more if I didn’t see more ads then the game it’s self. I actually have a lot of fun playing this game, but most of the time I spent on the game is watching the ads, I know it’s how they make money but at this level it kinda ruins the game. I would rather know if I’m gonna beat my last high score, but I’m left with wondering am I gonna get an ad, it’s to the point we’re I tap the screen multiple times hoping that will give me luck or something and causing me not to get an ad, I would definitely reconsider playing this game a lot more if I could play and not have to be frustrated over seeing raid shadow legends pop up for the 100th time on an ad, is it really necessary that every time I spin an ONLINE FIDGET SPINNER I have to see “I can’t beat red” or “this game is IMPOSSIBLE” even sometimes “having back pain? We can help”. I think I would rather sit through a 5th grade gym class talking about puberty - it was nice knowing you - Love Bexster.
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6 years ago, Bossman1910e
Jack Y
So i technically beat the game. But even after that I kept the game on my phone I’m rating 4 star instead of 5 becouse of the lack of depth after gaining all of the spinners and the stickers along with getting to the highest ammount of spins possible I just kept the game too try and gain as must progress as possible my only complaint about the game is that it eventually gets boring and I really really liked this game I mean enough to keep it for up to 4-5 months all I’m saying is please add more challenges more spinners more things to do in game because I don’t want to see this game die it’s fun addicting and very intertanining to play PLZ MORE CHALLENGES AND TRICKSHOTS FOR YOU TO DO WITH THE SPINNERS
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7 years ago, Killer_Kiwi
Great but needs some fixes!!
I love this game but the new challenges in the latest update are kinda hard and should be made easier or at least add some other challenges. It starts off easy but then the challenge targets go from 25 to 50 to 100 and then 200 which are some big jumps and there should be targets in between. There should also be a way to skip the current challenge that you have to beat for a new pack. Mine is currently saying that I get a new sticker/spinner pack if I beat 21 K rpm and I can't seem to beat it so I can't earn any new stickers or spinners for my custom spinners. In the next update, I would like for both of these problems to be fixed but overall..... AWESOME GAME!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
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7 years ago, PRHTWEETYBIRD
Fidget Spinner
To The Developers: I Absolutely Love ❤️ This Game. After Downloading I Couldn't Stop Playing This. I Absolutely Highly Recommend This Game(Very Challenging, Great Award 🥇 Offered Nice Scoring System Always Credited On Spins Very Nice Differently Colored Shapes of Spinners)Nice Sharing Of Game&Totally Awesome 👏 That You Can Take Camera Pic Of Yr Scoring Success(This Is ABSOLUTELY The Best Game I Have Ever Downloaded That Has All The Extra Features&The Only Game I've Ever Downloaded&Couldn't Put Down. Time Goes By For Hours Before One Realizes Just How Long You've Been Playing)HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING THIS AWESOME GAME&Try This Well Thought 💭 Out Game👍Thanks To The Devs On Fidget Spinner~This Is The Only Game I Have Ever Played&Lost Track Of Time(WELL DONE on An EXCELLENT GAME👏)Sincerely, Pamela R. Hudnell😊
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7 years ago, Manfort
Need to update more
I do love this game a lot, but this needs to have an update. The first thing to do is to make the legendary items easier to get. It starts off easy with 25, 50, and 100, for each of the 3 but then it doubles each time and makes it much harder. Right now I'm at 100, 200, and 400 and it's pretty impossible to beat anymore. You should consider making that part easier. The next thing is that they need to make more mini games, having only 3 is kinda boring. Everything else is good though. Leveling up is pretty easy and so is buying upgrades. I am currently at 20m spins and growing exponentially.
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7 years ago, Joe Sewell
Simple fun, but needs a bug fixed
The spinning itself is quite fun. The challenges can be frustrating, but the rewards for the main game can be worth the effort, at least until you get so far away from the next goal that it's next to impossible to reach. My biggest gripe is that, on an iPad screen, sometimes it counts one swipe as two. Extremely painful to see. I think it needs some smarts to notice that two near-swipes are NOT two separate swipes. Yes, this could be an exploitable cheat, but right now it's a swipe thief.
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6 years ago, Hailee_bug
I love the game and it’s amazing for killing time but you should make more challenges! I’d love to see what you come up with! I love this game and it’s so cool for something so simple ! But...sadly it’s now 2018 and fidget spinners out running off the trend list! Ugh, why? I think they are still kinda cool but not a lot of people but I can understand. They are good to have if you need to focus, it helps !! I have one and it’s helped a lot. They weirdly help me sleep ! But anyways, and more challenging challenges and more fun additions and it would be even more fun! ❤️❤️ thanks so much!
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4 years ago, Bennnnnuy
Boring in my opinion.
First of all, the main thing is to swipe your finger five times, so you can just beat a record. It’s easy, because you can just upgrade. And you can customize your own spinner. When you unlock a new spinner, it does not have any perk, or upgrade. The ads come by almost every time after you spin the spinner. The spinners don’t sound like a real life one. I used to have this app, but I got to a point where the spinner took 2 full minutes to stop, and there are little minigames that gives this app something to do, but the color makes it even more boring. I’m glad that this game is not ‘pay to win’. But it’s just boring. I’ll give you 2/5, nice try.
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6 years ago, chrizv.
Awesome game, just 1 problem...
Really awesome game to pass time, only problem is that I purchased the no ads and the space at the bottom where the ads would show is still present so there’s just a purple space sitting at the bottom of the screen, not that big of deal but if this can be fixed, it would be appreciated.
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7 years ago, Tiger with stripes
At first, I played this "game" just to kill time and it was fun to just upgrade my spinner. It got boring after a few days and I would only open the app one a day to collect my rewards. Recently, they updated the game to add challenges and an immense variety of new spinners and stickers of different rarities to apply cool effect like "+10% Exp." or "+3% Max Spin Speed." I won't spoil to much of the game, but it has definitely come to be a fun game that keeps me coming back!
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4 years ago, Megan1234456
Super fun game 🤩
I think that this game is a really good game🤩 I don’t know why but it’s a really good game and Sometimes it could be hard but when you play you know someday you will get better at it and it also so good is cause it is not laggy well at least for me but and I used to play this game when I was younger and I loved the game and I was doing really good in it so over all I think it is a great game so I suggest U get this game
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7 years ago, ellabella😇😇
Add more make easyer
At first I saw this game and I didn't get it but the next day I was playing just that time then I stopped playing it. I saw the game a week later and at played it and I beat my high score and that was probably 125or something and I made some upgrades and I played non stop until I saw the lava game I played non stop to get to 25i couldn't so I quit playing the figet game but make the game easier and I will keep playing the game
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7 years ago, Rainbow_Legend🌈
Great But.....
I luv dis game. I Really do! Update: Omg. I got past 6000 spins. Then its starting to get boring. I don't know about this game. But its ok. Just please make lava mode more EASY! And change the target for mini game bounce and spikes to 75 after you complete 50!!! And another thing, there's a glitch were when your gonna spin it. You fake spin and cheat to get points. I really do not like that. Otherwise, this game is OK so keep up the OK work or change that to GOOD work!
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5 years ago, Jeff Geeenwood
Good Game...But
This game is fun but I want to add some things to it. I like the way that we can unlock spinners, but I want a mechanic where we pay coins and we get a random spinner. Also if we don’t like that spinner, we have 5 seconds to re-pick a spinner.(We can only re-pick once). That’s all. Other than that this is a great game. Keep up the great work!👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, RNI1101
Needs to have easier challenge
I think this game is a good way to kill time. I think the game will go on to be a really fantastic game. But the challenges are really hard. I think the gaps from 25 to 50 to 100 to 200 is to big of jumps in challenge. I think the jumps should be 25 to 40 to 65 to 80 to 95. But overall this game is a great game.
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7 years ago, Bloody penguin
2 spins in one??
Cool app. Also love the new mini games. However one major gripe I have on this is the fact that sometimes you'll spin and it'll use two of your spins instead of one. It's hard to beat high scores when half of the time I only get 3-4 spins per go instead of 5. Please fix this so it doesn't use up two spins at the same time.
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7 years ago, xZeroOnyx
It's fun...
Don't take me wrong, this is a fun app. Lately I've been enjoying the challenges, particularly the lava run. It's so addicting, but I do have one problem with it. I personally enjoy more of a fast paced game, but the lava is a little too fast. The lava speed is based on your speed, and this challenge basically encourages slow runs to meet the challenge goal.
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2 years ago, kdudnsis
Please read!
This game is kind of fun but the only thing you do is swipe your finger five times and it’s really boring so if I were you I probably wouldn’t download the game and the only reason I got it is because my brother said that he liked it a lot and now that he played it again he said that he hated it and I agree with him so not the best game don’t download it!
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6 years ago, Jlquezy
What about my music?
So all in all, it’s a fun app. Great way to inexpensively enjoy a stress relieving toy, but I only have one issue: I can’t play my music whilst in the app. I would enjoy being able to listen to my music and play the app at the same time, but I cannot. It would be a nice improvement to the app if that could be a feature.
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7 years ago, LMAR2013
Love it but...
I love this app!!! The only thing is that when you go on challenges scores are big. I was doing a challenge and then I got 24 witch on it I was almost done ✅ for a new sticker. But I noticed when I tried again I start at 0 again. Please make there some way I can continue from my score.
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7 years ago, Frisku❤️🎻❤️
Now, this is good!
I really do like this app! It is much better than the "Fidget spin" game that will waste your time. I mean, this app does too, but at least you can enjoy it! You can create your own spinner, and play with pre-made ones as well. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes fidget spinners.
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3 years ago, Micah Gariepy
My experience
I’ve been playing this game for years and I find it very fun! I love play it with friends over the phone and seeing how many spins we can get It’s one of the games I would recommend to a friend. It is one the best games I have on my phone
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7 years ago, Sdfxhdhcbd
Although i have real life fidget spinners, i'd have to say this game is some how more amusing. you get coins while offline, you earn a lot of coins, and i just love to unlock new spinners and get a lot of coins. i suggest getting this specific app if you don't have a fidget spinner!
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7 years ago, Bulldog187187
The game is awesome and entertaining but the challenges get so hard with the score you have to get. I think you should get at least 2 tries or watch a video to keep going from where you died.
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7 years ago, Nemneb
This is a fun game, but gets kinda dull after a while. The challenges are fun, but are incredibly difficult & are too hard to overcome. When you die in a challenge you have a painful 5 second wait before you can try again.
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7 years ago, Plz change
Challenges 😞
I love the fact that there's new challenges, but it's really hard.. Like I passed the first level of lava now it's REALLY hard!! When I need a breath to like understand where I'm going the lava gets me, it's too fast. Can you please make it a bit easier? That's if you have time. But I still REALLY LOVE THE GAME!!!😍😍
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7 years ago, salty jaden
The lava one is to hard, it's like I'll go to fast for it so it won't register and then I die, but if I go to slow the lava will catch me just make the spinner teleport instead of jumping around Also these mini games are pretty hard so can you please make it go from 50 to 75 to 100 to 150 to 200. Instead of it going 50 to 100 to 200
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5 years ago, RY😝
Great game
I think in my opinion this is a great game because it is a challenge and when I am stressed out I will go on to that game and play it and it calms me down and also if you download it on the challenges on lava the highest I have gotten to so far is 261
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7 years ago, Gilgamore
Challenged too hard
I love this game and its really fun. I LOVE the idea of new challenges. The one thing is that theyre super difficult to play. I enjoy playing them but after i beat the first "level" on each one (the first levels are even hard) it got really hard. I would love to see some more challenges that i can actually complete.
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7 years ago, Ed Jone
This ruined me
The day I downloaded this I couldn’t stop. I had to keep spinning. My wife left me and took the kids. I lost my job. I live in a runner down apartment. The police are knocking on the door as I type this. I had to keep spinning. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Eye8amoose
It’s a good game but
Hello! This is an amazing game. I enjoy it a lot it’s fun and it has so many fun game! But I do t really see why you get adds when you open. The game or after you play one of the miny games. It’s good I love it but the adds
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7 years ago, Haiaognebakxicnenw a
Everyday we stray further from god
I'm not sure what state of mind you have to be in to enjoy this, maybe you were starved of any kind of entertainment for years, and this is the first app you got in the phone you just bought, but this is quite the new "uninspired low" for Ketchapp. Do you know what a fidget spinner is? Have you played Cookie Clickers? Do you want a game that makes you say, "Everyday we stray further from god." before you even download it?
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7 years ago, Disney Princess💕
I loved it until this happened...
I didn't play the game for a while and I just started to want to play and when I entered the app I lost my fidget spinner that took me so long to get.I suggest that the creator(s) make an update so you can make an account and so you don't lose your progress. Until then I won't play the game.I will only go on to check notifications. I hope the creator(s) read this. If the creator(s) read this please make this update.
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6 years ago, ketchapps #1 fan
Lava Challenge is to hard😭
I love this game but the lava challenge is way to hard when it goes left right left or right left right I always click right or left and fail plz make lava challenge easier.
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7 years ago, Fredrick Levan
Just Adds
Whenever I open this app anymore it redirects me to the App Store for a completely unrelated app. I think that they've turned this game into a marketing scam. 0/10 would not recommend downloading this app as it has become obsolete. If Ketchapp would like to fix this issue, and return this app to its prior self, I'd give it an 8/10 for the fun and creative mini games that they've installed, but until that point, this app is trash.
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7 years ago, Axlrose12345
Surprisingly fun and then not.
I downloaded this game to kill time; surprisingly this game was very fun at first, the "challenges" were addictive at first. However, after couple days the app became repetitive, I don't judge it to harshly because I wasn't expecting anything brilliant from a "fidget spinner" game. Overall, it did its job, it wasted my time.
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7 years ago, IPhdzzz
I really enjoy this game. I have fun playing it. It kills time really good. And now with the new added challenges it adds more way to earn coins for upgrades to your spinner. Really great game. Do recommend playing. Jk
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5 years ago, Letter fun
I never knew my life was empty until I downloaded the fidget spinner app. I quit my job and dropped out of college just to spend my time on fidget spinner game, they shut off my power but I don’t care, i have fidget spinner app.
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6 years ago, mikey martin
Fidget spinner
This game is super fun, it has challenges and they are super fun, but it can lag at some points but still really fun if you read this then you should get because there’s lot of other fun stuff in this game. Mike Martin
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2 years ago, Teddy_42
Sound issue
Turning the sound off doesn’t actually turn it off. The spinner still makes the god awful herd of mosquitoes noise and it’s frustrating when trying to listen to music as well as play the game.
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3 years ago, Itz Clark
stupid minigames
the game is ok, to be honest, I wouldn't waste hours just to get cool fidget spinners but it's ok but the minigames are terrible some are rigged especially the one where you bounce back and forth just to get a cool looking custom fidget spinners to make the minigames easier and then the game would be awesome so get the game if you want to waste an hour or two
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7 years ago, noodles_the_1st
Could be better
The bounce challenge is almost way too hard. The spikes challenge is almost too easy. The lava challenge is perfect I think. The base game however, way too little rewards once you get into the game. I'm on x8 multiplier and challenges are the definite way to go for gold. Ads also spoil the fun. Overall it could be better.
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7 years ago, BartiMan911
Love this game but 1 problem
Sometimes in the new update with challanges the challange lava doesn't always count you click and it gets on my nerves. I would give this app a 4 in 1/2.
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3 years ago, ETHAN MCKEOUN
Make the games more fair
I love this except the challenges are HARD please add a revive system I would greatly appreciate it! and please make them at least 10% less harder. Thank you!
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7 years ago, JesusP37
Instead of making it so that you need to get the exact score on the challenges, you should make it so that the score that you got gets added to the other scores that you got to get the legendary spinners
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5 years ago, jfjrntjgeks
Get This Game
This is a amazing game it’s so fun but so simple you can upgrade to the limits and you can have fun with your friends I already played this for 900 hours please get this game and support the creators
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7 years ago, Ccchwrles
Need something
The spinner needs a fast forward button mY spinner is spinning for too long then I lose focus and do something else. Add a feature where you press a x2 button and it speeds it up.
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