Fifth Edition Character Sheet

4.5 (4K)
13.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Walter Kammerer
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fifth Edition Character Sheet

4.45 out of 5
4K Ratings
7 years ago, Il_Toscano
Great App with only a few tweaks needed
I’ll start with a brief praise for the app. It’s streamlined, it has a good UI, it’s intuitive and customizable. The app is great for creating a character and allows for the addition of homebrew to a large extent if you want. Now in terms of criticism I really only have 3 main points. Some useful additions would be the ability to copy a character. If you have a character and want to play around with leveling or other aspects you have to recreate that character entirely. It would be a lot easier if there was a way to simply copy the existing character. Some others have already stated that a database with the spells/abilities descriptions (or at least a page reference) would be helpful. Finally a way to sync devices data would be helpful. It may be just on my end, but my iPad version of the app doesn’t have the characters on my phone, nor does it recognize the paid app upgrade made on my iPhone. On the note of leveling down a character, I think a more intuitive approach would be helpful as well, but would like to point out that you can undo changes to a character through the restore option in top left hand folder.
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6 years ago, Trushot5
Great App with a lot of customization
Let me preface this by saying I paid for this not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I had been using this app for free for two months. It’s shocking that I can save more than one character, customize the build myself, and saves everything I input and does so much for free. I paid for this app, to because I was interested in the level up system, which is useful, or to get rid of apps, but I bought this app because I feel like it was quite well made. It’s simple and may require a bit of input on your end but it leaves room to customize and lay things out exactly how you want My ONLY gripes: when I’m inputting some text, the box won’t expand further down than where the text is it, and this does t happen everytime but only when add on text somewhere mid paragraph or something. Not a big deal, just got return to add a line and expand the box. Also when you’re at the character information section, my phone brings up the text over where I’m typing, making it a true guessing game if I’m spelling things right haha. Not the biggest deal because when you get it done, it’s done, but it would be nice if there was way to have the app jump up to just over the text keyboard. Overall, must have for all DnD players and you should pay this guy your $3. It’s totally worth it considering the apparent work out in and how much you can do without problem.
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4 years ago, Free upgrade all I care about
Dnd 5e
Alright let me start by saying I bought the premium edition and imma tell you don’t even download the app if your not willing to pay for it it’s 2.99 but I needed to get an app that would replace my already paid for app rpg scribe because rpg scribe was 3.5th edition and I wanted to learn 5th Iv been using this app for years now and it has taught me and helped me learn so much about dnd not only does it have everything in the book for 5e it has expansion races I didn’t even know about and expansion classes allowing you to learn the names gives you the ability to google their stats online and therefore this 2.99 app has saved me from buying every expansion dnd wants to come out with which ends up being $$$$$$$$ so yeah I’m really happy with this app love it to death only recommend not deleting it because the restore purchase option didn’t work for me but tbh I’m lazy and said screw it I like the app so much I’ll buy it again if it saves me from getting those books when I got it the second time I didn’t even realize he updated it with the expansions as well this man is like a saint for dnd players and dms especially if your new like I was years ago when I first got this app and started playing 5e
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6 years ago, ThundartheColberian
Great app, room for improvement
The App is easy to use and I have found a lot of errors in some of my group’s build when I was inputting them so it’s great at doing the math and figuring out the skills. I don’t like Google drive and find it annoying that there isn’t a Dropbox or iCloud option. I deleted a bunch of test characters from Google drive, but when export or import a character, they are all still listed and I can’t figure out how to delete them all outside of re-installing. One thing that would help a lot is if the app syncs to my other devices. I have a gaming iPad and a phone that also have the app and have to export from the iPad to Google Drive and then import it to my phone. Every time I have an update on one, it saves as another file and then I have all these confusing saves that do not exist on my drive but is still listed in my import/export list. That being said, I love this app. It streamlines my info for game play and lets me know the basics for the group. I like the spell tracking and HP and the ability to reset with short/long rests. I can’t wait to see what they add.
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6 years ago, Aikidad
Worth the upgrade! Best character app!
This is an extremely well designed app for character creation and management. You get full access to the expanded 5e races and classes for free so it is easy to experiment with rolling up all kinds of characters for fun. You can save as many as you want. You can also choose your method of character creation, input, point by, or dice rolling. Upgrading gives you the ability to level your character up, and change conditions due to long and short rests, and makes it a really handy app to use when you play. It even saves each level so you can restore to a lower level if you have a character you want to play but is too high level for a particular campaign. It could be a little smoother in how you enter or delete customizable text, but it works. It would also be cool if it had some basic text descriptions for races and classes, but that’s what the books are for. I'd like a little more explanation about how to import and export character sheets. It’s great as a free app and totally worth the price for the upgrade!
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7 years ago, Karasu_Tengu
Good, but needs improvement
I'd like to start this review by saying that, overall, this app is pretty solid. Clean and uncluttered interface, easy to use, and I haven't really had any major issues with it so far. That said, there are a couple improvements that could really make this app exponentially better. The biggest four changes I'd very much like to see are the ability to level down characters, a searchable database of spells/abilities and their descriptions, a dice roll function, and the ability to input user a user created simple stat point set. Being able to level down characters could be extremely helpful for instances where a user may have accidentally selected something other than their intended change(s) during a level up. The searchable database of spells/abilities and dice roll function could both eliminate the need for another app to provide the same function, thus keeping a game moving. The user created simple stat point set would make character creation faster for those who use a different set of starting stats.
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2 years ago, JackOfMN
A great app that needs an update
When it comes to character sheets for 5e D&D, this is one of the best. It tells you what your character can do, character creation is easy, and any features or abilities can be easily modified to fit with any homebrew. Sure, you need to pay to get higher leveled characters, but it’s a cheap one-time purchase that also gets rid of all ads. Sometimes, the rules text for abilities is hard to understand, but I just use dnd5ewikidot for the complete, free rules. Overall, the layout is great. The character creation options, however, get a bit iffy. Every character race, subclass, background or feature after Wild Beyond the Witchlight is not yet in-app. If you want to make a Strixhaven or Spelljammer character without meticulously editing every aspect of your sheet, you are out of luck. All of these complaints just need a simple update to be fixed, and hopefully one will come soon as it has been over a year. Until then, my review sits at four stars.
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4 years ago, Higwings89
Better than D&D Beyond and Fight Club 5e
I’ve been using this app for years. What makes this app so great is the creators continue to update the app and allow other users to add their own content to the app. Which makes this app single handily the most versatile character app out there. Sure you can’t upload your custom character picture or roll digital dice. You can use actually dice and use your imagination to picture what your character looks like. Where this app shines and excels at is it’s character creation set up. Ability Modifiers, Races, Sub Races, Race Variation, Classes, Sub Classes, Backgrounds, Feats, Skills, Leveling-Up, all organized neatly in one app, and saving you hours of work when making a character. This app is a real time saver and will save you a lot of stress. For the price this app is asking, in my opinion it’s worth it. Earlier versions of the app were great, but now I have issues with getting the correct AC for my character, it’s always the base 10 AC plus dex regardless of the class. Which can get annoying after awhile always having to change it. Earlier versions of the app was never like this. My final recommendation, I definitely recommend getting this app. It may not be flashy or have the coolest dice roll gimmicks, but it gets the job done, by helping you make a 5e Character in mins regardless of the lvl. The app is that good and well organized. 5 out of 5 stars for me, get and buy the app, you will not regret it.
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5 years ago, Reese.223
Very nice App
I’m submitting this review because the app support page won’t let me post anything. I have been having a problem with the app mysteriously shutting down. It hasn’t lost any data yet, but it is making me nervous. I use this as the main program to track my characters. I just got an update to it tonight, so I’m hoping that problem may be fixed. Second, why in the world, does this program not let you print your characters information? I can’t imagine that it would be hard to incorporate a print feature into this app. I would use that as a backup in case of IPad failure or app failure, and I would like to have a paper version of my character in case I don’t have my IPad with me when playing. I do realize you can back up your character data to Google drive, but I would much rather be able to print out my stats. Other than that, I really love this app. It has a couple glitches, but hasn’t failed yet, and I use it frequently. If it could print out my characters data, I would give it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, porkupine.exe
A couple of bugs
This app runs wonderfully for the most part and I’ve been using it off and on for the better part of two years, but recently I attempted to import a character that I had created using Myths Weavers but ended up stuck in a never ending cycle. After uploading the .json file I got from Myth Weavers (which is the file format that the app suggests uploading) I went in to the app and selected custom data. The app prompted me to provide a URL or to connect my Google Drive and download the file from there. This function seems to refuse to work, after about a half an hour or repeating the same steps only to be told that the file formate that I was using is incorrect or that the URL I had provided was wrong at the end of each attempt I have taken to the comments to ask for help. I would really love to be able to use this feature because I put a lot of work into making a homebrew PC and as of right now I can’t find any other way to implement this character in to this app Thanks
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6 years ago, Bonehive115
Love the app, but needs a small fix
The app is extremely useful, it helps me save all information I need for my characters instead of having it on papers. It also gives you the exact dice it has for certain items, for instance weapons; when you add a weapon and you choose a hammer, it will give you the exact damage dice roll it has. Now to the bug I keep encountering. I have a problem with the scaling of the app, I have trouble viewing some stats like “charisma and constitution”, on the main page where you can view your health, they cut into the bottom border and I can’t see the number stats. Another thing would be that when scrolling the different pages, sometimes they kinda clip into other pages, meaning that when I’m viewing my health, on the right border of my phone I see part of the next page cutting into it. And again I have the same problem that I can’t seem to see the number that’s for charisma and constitution on both pages. Please fix
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6 years ago, derekjeterss
Great, but needs a bit of updating
This app is truly incredible for what it is, but it does need some vital features that it currently lacks. First, the artificer and mystic class just aren’t options, which is means using this super helpful app is just out of the question for making either of those classes. Second, multi-classing, while functional, doesn’t always work. For example, if I’m playing a Sorcerer and decide to multi class into a level of Warlock, the spell slots won’t add up properly unless I manually switch to custom and update it, which albeit doesn’t take long, but is still annoying. Finally, It’s currently impossible to edit certain things about your character (like for example, changing a feat your didn’t intend to pick) without either restoring an older version of the character sheet, or completely remaking that character. Other then that, it’s a great app with tons of versatility.
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6 years ago, Logan-Name
Very Solid
I’m considering to ask everyone in my future campaigns to download this app just to have the convenience that this app carry’s. It makes the character setup that’s usually daunting to new players, seem very manageable with a little guidance. In the few suggestions I have, this app would be easier to navigate if it had a main menu where you can select settings, access a players menu, get help, and several general features that the menu could adapt from the file button in the top left. That’s only my personal preference though. It would also be really nice to have a formatted wall of characters for dm’s to look at, this would allow them to quickly look into a PC’s stats or an NPC’s stats at any needed time. These are just about my only suggestions besides adding descriptions to key words like Ideals and initiative. This could get annoying to people who already know so maybe add a setting to disable descriptions.
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5 years ago, Ferdprime
Don’t let the layout fool you
The formatting and layout looks slightly displeasing and less developed than some of the other character sheet apps, but that’s nothing compared to how thorough and useful this app is. This app is well developed and contains almost every option in the game. Keep in mind that you have to type in your own spells and adjust your caster level as you level up in your session in order for it to accurately track your spell slots. Other than the spells, the app is thorough with granting starting equipment and gold based on background, contains all races and subraces, and allows you to edit every field at will. Your info is categorized by pages to minimize scrolling or searching and encouraging an “at-a-glance” format which is much more useful than you’d expect. All in all, this is the best app out there for accurately keeping track of your characters.
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7 years ago, Pikachu88898
A good app, but slightly buggy
I love this app, and I don’t know what I’d do without it! It’s easy to use, rather simple to figure out, and fun to mess around with. That being said, however, this app does need some improvements. For instance, there is a slight bug with the spell sheet page where there will be a spell name section that just goes on forever when you first start the app up, and put some spells in. The keyboard will also cover over sections of the app that you are trying to type in sometimes, like when you’re trying to type in a description for the character’s personality traits or flaws. It’s also a bit disappointing that there are no selections for the Unearthed Arcana expansion PDF files for things like archetypes and classes at the current moment for the app, so you have to do it manually. Again though, this app is all the much worth it, and is essential for any D&D campaign held over discord or the like.
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1 year ago, 5e CS User!
Small problem, overall great
This app is great for 5e. It is worth the upgraded version. I bought it years ago and it has come incredibly handy all throughout, so if in doubt, purchase. One small problem that I seem to have personally is that it keeps crashing on me and I lose all my progress. It didn’t use to happen in my previous phone. I’m looking for a way to contact support but there seems to be no way to. I’m using an iPhone X Plus. To the developer(s); The in-app, the pages fit weird into the screen, like a little oversized. And when I swipe pages it sometimes overlaps and just as I can scroll from up to down in the features & equipment page I can also scroll from right to left. When I swipe pages or scroll from right to left it many times crashes and I lose all the last edits I did before the last hidden autosave or last time I closed and opened the app. -I appreciate the yearly maintenance but would further appreciate a fix for this. Perhaps iPhone X Plus is not specifically supported? Or may it be something from my side which I could change with certain settings? I have tried re-downloading and it does not fix this issue. I’ll be waiting for an answer, and thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, gijew
2 year review
So I’ve been using this app for maybe 2 years and decided to review due to the shortage of 5e related apps. Overall the app is very good acting as a character sheet. Values are easy to fill in and well defined, some minor updates needed for the auto fill for feats and class details. Recent improves in the various values fields have been a good improvement as well. Room for improvement lies in a couple of places. First as I mentioned previously some of the auto fill details on the miscellaneous, or class details page, either are missing, or have the description shortened. Which leads to not infrequent book checks to verify wording. Second would be the lack of customization for things like magic weapons and armor. You can’t add a description for what you are using in the relevant pages or fields, so you’re relegated to using the class details page to manually record everything. And In some cases the various value entry fields still aren’t quite detailed enough leading to either not being able to add certain scores or having to combine things into a single entry slot. Overall those issues are pretty minor and the app is very good Update: recent app update has added additional content. Looking forward to using the app to build some new characters with the new content.
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4 years ago, nat2066
Great but tedious for spell casters
This app is incredibly useful. It does nearly everything that other app do for free ( and the paid auto level up is absolutely worth it) In addition to this it has an insane amount of content and customizability. They have tons of different home brew and different edition races to use. Same goes for backgrounds and feats but not classes which is ok because it was designed for 5e. Which is great because most other apps give you access to only a few backgrounds and feats to use. The screen is easy to maneuver and equipment is simple and nearly automatic. The only real critique I have is that it doesn’t have access to spells so if your playing a spell caster you going to have to record your spell slots and spells on the app, but have to write down the spells definitions somewhere else.
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5 years ago, Bobby Mc. Donny
Excellent, with a fixable flaw
This app is more than exemplary when it comes to performing as a base character sheet in the free app. I initially believed that I wouldn’t buy the full app because its resources are all in the books, but I eventually decided to buy the full app because I got too many apple gift cards and had nothing else to spend the money on; the usefulness of that helped tremendously. The app is absolutely splendid at being a portable encyclopedia of alternate race, and class options that I do not even own the books for. However when I transitioned from a 5S to an Iphone 7, I found that there were issues with how the screen appeared and often information was cut off. It seems to be a bug/glitch/oversight so I still believe that the app is good content-wise and I look forward to giving it a full 5 stars once this issue has been fixed.
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5 years ago, Hunter X Chelsea
Love this app (support requested)
I’ve been using this app pretty much since I switched from pathfinder to 5th edition dnd. I love it so much. It makes the hard part of character creation and leveling up so easy. There are several apps I won’t spend money on or regret spending money on. This is not one of those. With how much I have used it, it’s so worth the money. The main issue I have is formatting. I’m using an iPhone 8 and for some reason the pages are too big so I am unable to see the stat bonuses for the skills in the right hand column. Also when I edit the ability features the page constantly jumps from the right to left. These bugs aren’t game-breaking but they do get on my nerves. Only putting this here because I couldn’t find where to submit a bug report. Thank you for the app!!
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6 years ago, Snake00011
Great app. Could be better. (Subject to change)
This is my first opinion so take it as you will. After making my first character sheet I found a hand full of little things I'd like to see fixed that would greatly improve the app. First adding a custom weapon. The option is there but I can't seem to do it as for as I've tried. Then there is the spell list which could us a little fine tuning. I wished it had a description of the spells or at least gave you the ability to add one to it. I'd love to see a equipment page that would list what you have equipped, big one being armor. The system in place for your armor is a little rough and could use an update. As well as a way to add any custom stats your armor or weapons may have without needing to add it to your spell list. Maybe even directly effecting your stats. The app is great for people new to making up a character sheet.
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5 months ago, The Mighty Marmot
Outstanding Digital character sheet
The best thing about this sheet is you don’t need to buy the digital players handbook or any of the digital supplemental books to have access to all the spells, etc. when building your character. I already have hardcopies of all those books and didn’t want to buy them a second time (in digital format) just so I can do a digital PC sheet. This character sheet includes options for all the expanded subclass. spells, feats, etc. And you can easily import / export your characters to Google Drive to send them to your DM, or simply move between your platforms. I am incredibly happy one of my fellow players recommended this to me, and I would recommend it for anyone else as well.
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4 years ago, D&Deities familia
Excellent App, but Needs Book Filters
First off, this is my go-to app for character creation. It makes character creation a breeze and automatically adds your bonuses, modifiers, etc. I paid for the full version so I can level up my characters and it was well worth it. I use it for all my characters these days. Some of the names are changed a little to avoid copyright stuff, which is totally reasonable. I do have two notes/suggestions though: 1. Armor is not being added upon character creation, might want to look into that. 2. With the addition of Eberron content (which is great), the race/background options in the creation menu are a little bloated. Might I suggest a filter for Ravnica and Eberron content? That way players can select those options if they’re playing in either of those realms or the DM lets them select any option, while Forgotten Realms players can select an elf without needing to find it between all the “Elephantine” and “Dream Touched,” then select the version they want without all the dragonmarked options. I don’t know how feasible that is, but it’s a suggestion I wanted to bring up. At any rate, great app for character creation and tracking!
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2 years ago, kfmc08
Simple yet powrful
I’ve been using this app for 4 years now. It’s incredibly useful for character creation. It constantly updates all the races, subraces, and subclass features as they come out. Again, I’ve been on this app for 4 years. So seeing all these new updates come out, and without being charged a dime for them. Amazing. I kinda feel guilty that all I spent on this is the dollar to access leveling up. This app is worth way more in my opinion. Also a big plus that internet connection is not required once you have the app. I sponsor a D&D club at a high school, and this is the app I recommend to my students, specially since we cannot access a lot of D&D websites through the school wifi.
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3 years ago, finnthehydra
Pretty great app, easy to use
As stated, it was easy to quickly pick up the interface. It’s not cluttered and you can rearrange the order of pages if you want to or subtract them as in the case of a non-caster not needing a spell page. One suggestion I have though is maybe add a feature that allows you to add feats to your characters outside of when you normally could. It would help in cases where DMs give enough downtime and allow you to train feats or in cases where they give every race a free feat at level 1 instead of just vhumans. It is possible to add the notes and add any stat bonuses/modifiers etc myself, it would just make it easier in cases like that. Still it’s a great app and I have no complaints!
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4 years ago, Ggggggrrrrreeeeeeeeeettttt
My Go To Creator, but not without it’s flaws
This app is very helpful for someone like me whose bad at making characters on my own. That said it often misses one or two things about classes, races, or the like and you do have to double check all information in the system. My biggest issue as a big role player is that it lacks a place to put your character’s backstory, as the note section doesn’t extend, you can only put as much as will fit in that box. This is a cause for anxiety, as if you play a character for a while, these boxes fill up quick, and though I haven’t had my inventory full, I’ve had the features section cut off as well. This is a major issue and though it doesn’t stop me from using or recommending this app, it could seriously use fixing.
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2 years ago, Kyalah
Great App But Not Without Issue
It keeps crashing. Sometimes, it lasts an hour or two. Sometimes seconds. I’ve lost paragraphs of character details because of this. I could not find a way to report the bug either. That said. This is a phenomenal app. It has an easy-to-look-at interface, it makes 5e character creation easier, leveling up has never been simpler, and it’s very intuitive as far as changing stats/hp/ac and otherwise. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone. Pay for the full version. I mean, you don’t have to. But do it anyway. It is absolutely worth it. I’ve never had any issues with this app before now, so I still think it’s a solid app worth the price.
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5 years ago, soon to delete the app
Great app, some bugginess and room for improvement
Overall a great app. I have noticed a few times there have been sessions where I haven’t had some items save after typing them into my inventory, so that’s just one glitch that I hope gets fixed. Another thing would be just better support for multiclassing such as adding the ability to have more than 4 spell slots if you multi class into Warlock, or giving you the ability to switch between counters for healing hands in paladin, or rage in barbarian, or ki points in monk, etc if you multiclass. As of right now you can only have one which can be a bit hard to keep track of. But other than the glitch these are more wish list items than something wrong with the app, really glad that this exists.
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7 years ago, Hnnnnnnngggggg
Nearly perfect
Best DnD character builder on the App Store. Minimizes a lot of the need for running over tables in the books, which IMO is the best mark of a good character app. Only bug I've encountered, which I was able to overcome with a button mashing, was that it can be a little finicky registering the Ability Score boost from the Resilience feat when adding more than one feat at a time i.e. when first creating a variant Human. One improvement I could ask for would be a spell system that shows you available spells just like it does for feats. The fact that it includes SCAG and VGTM races is also really nice. Gladly bought premium for less than the price of a cup of joe at Starb's, so that I could level easily. Even makes multi-classing simple! Really looking forward to a spell tab improvement.
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3 years ago, soot.pan
A (not so) small problem
So the reason why I’m giving this five stars is because I have used it in the past on another device. It was great, everything went off without a hitch and everyone was happy. But now that I’m installing it on a new device, it won’t seem to stop loading. What I mean is after the purchase, the app will not stop loading/installing. I have tried almost everything but it will not stop looping. The app isn’t on the home screen yet, so it’s only in the App Store. I have no clue why this is happening, if any one has an idea of how to fix this, please do share, until then I will have to find other ways to fill my character sheet.
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5 years ago, Burnt_Bacon_
Highly Recommend
Love that it’s free and accessible, but even it’s paid upgrade has enough content to justify the purchase tenfold. (It makes leveling up characters quick and for beginners it’s a life saver) I’ve created many an afternoon daydream character with this app, and you won’t regret downloading it if you’re any type of DnD fan. My one and only want with this app is some kind of way to tell what spells you could pick and a button that tells you it’s description. But it works just fine without something like that since there are other apps for picking spells, and there’s already a section to track spells and spell slots. Love the new UI changes and I’m glad to see the devs are still adding classes.
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6 years ago, EliasTheNatural
Simple, complete, excellent
This is everything you need. Has an updated character creator that walks you through options for characters that are in the newer books. All the races as well and automatically populated race modifiers and features. So great and cuts time drastically. Press the level up option and it automatically adds everything or walks you through any choices your class has. Multi class is always an option. The only thing you ever have to type in is your Name and your spells. Get a solid spell listing app and your whole game is in your pocket. Made one character and then purchased the full thing. Worth the price it’s at. I’d pay $15 for this because of the ease of access.
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4 years ago, BackRav3n
Over all this app is great. I’ve had it for.... I don’t know how long and loved it then and now that I have paid for premium it makes it a lot more fun because you dont have to take a half hour going back in forth references every time you level up. There are downfalls I have seen in the app. The most simple one is not being able to scroll all the way down so you can edit your notes without guessing if something is spelled correctly. The biggest problem I have though is that it doesn’t support homebrew all that well. There is a custom option for background but not one for race or class. After you go back and forth from google to fill in your stats you also have to do the same when you level up.
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5 years ago, Koolaid10101
Best character sheet
My favorite thing about this app is the character creation simplicity. You pick a race, class, background, boom. This app doesn’t have QUITE everything listed on the official website for D&D, but this app is not official, and you can tell while using it. The design of the app is incredibly easy to understand. I play the game with a lot of new players, and they thought looking at character sheet print outs were too complex, but this app is easy and separates different character categories by page. Leveling up in this app is amazing and fast. Everything is made clear and it’s really exciting getting to see all the different options. Plus being able to export and import characters through google is fantastic. BIGGEST complaint is lack of updates. I know this can’t make up things that D&D hasn’t made yet, but there are still certain class archetypes or races not put in the app yet; while it’s 100% possible to type the options in yourself, the convenience is a luxury I wish was there. TLDR: amazing, I’d pay more than $3 for it. Wish for more frequent and smaller updates
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5 years ago, AngryBrad
Love this app! I Recommend it to everyone!
I absolutely love this app! I learned all the technical aspects of character making, and it really brought me to my D&D obsession with it’s logic and workings. I’ve made a stupid amount of characters on it, probably over 70, and there’s no drawbacks! (Besides scrolling through the list). The limitless possibilities this app gives you are just amazing, endless characters? Heck yeah! Over time, you start understanding how the stats are determined, how certain stats affect other stats, and eventually bring you to become a better character maker yourself! My only suggestion is perhaps an option to also turn on unpublished material, such as unearthed arcana, wayfinder’s guide to Eberon, and so forth.
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3 years ago, Valpes
Great app, but….
This is a great app and the premium version as well worth a little bit of money that you’re going to have to pay for it. However the big problem I’ve ran into while using it is that sometimes it doesn’t save when you’re adding in things like personality and extra items to inventory. And that can be wildly annoying especially when you’ve spent hours updating that information only to have the app not save it. Have an in and ability to copy a character would also be nice considering I use basically the same character but other than that I think this app is very useful and well worth the money you will spend on it.
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3 years ago, SoundswordReviews
Bare bones, but intuitive
It has a vast understanding of the mechanics of 5e and making a character using the character creator is very easy, provided you know what general races and classes are. It can be a bit bare bones, but it is a good app. Improvements that could be made: most of the racial features on any character remain unnamed and only have the description of what they do. Not really a bad thing, it would be cool to have the names of the feats. The bigger improvement would be if spells had a database on the app. As of right now, you still have to look up spells in the books if you are a spellcaster. Neither of these things break the app for me, just a thought.
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4 years ago, One DM
Not bad maybe even Great
I use the for my campaign. I have 6 new players and this really helped with game 0 making characters and understanding aspects. Also due to the input system they can input any special object I give them. For free you can do all this, but lvling is made easier if you buy and honestly for the price I would recommend it. All my players use this and love it and all 6 have paid as a thank you for making their life easier. My only thing I would recommend is having a DM add on. Such as a campaign link or party link so that registered DM can view all their PC. One update: if you change your phone there is no login so you will have to pay again.
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2 years ago, cconnorss
Best D&D app ever!
I’ve been using this e-character sheet since 2018 at latest. I swear before then. I’ve noticed little additions here and there, keeping well up-to-date with the most current 5e books despite some major changes in some of these books. At $3 for the premium upgrade, it’s fairly priced for a game where the cheapest thing tends to be around $20. I love this streamlined approach and wish that he had the license so that he didn’t have to name things in like-terms. Though the creativity displayed in speaking around the copyright is sometimes entertaining in itself! 10/5 stars, would highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Romulus_2142
Misleading at best
While the app itself can be useful for quickly building a character it is atrocious for new players for one simple reason: it’s information is often wrong. The class abilities the app prefills for you is at best misinformed and poorly worded, and at worst absolutely wrong. Using this app often leads to my players misunderstanding how an ability works making them think they can pull off something they can’t do, and then the DM has to explain exactly how their class ability works in reality making the player (often) upset or embarrassed. To give an example the app lists the level 7 barbarian ability Feral Instinct like this: “You have advantage on initiative rolls (true). When your party is surprised, you can rage to not be surprised (false). What feral instinct actually does is: “ By 7th level, your instincts are so honed that you have advantage on initiative rolls. Additionally, if you are surprised at the beginning of combat and aren't incapacitated, you can act normally on your first turn, but only if you enter your rage before doing anything else on that turn.” Nearly every single class ability is paraphrased and contains wrong or misleading information.
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6 years ago, VictoriaPaige3
Get it! One of my most used D&D tools
Love this app! I use it for all of my characters and the intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer during a session. It is missing a few backgrounds (and variant backgrounds have to be manually changed) but the “custom” option lets you work around that. I only wish it had two tweaks...first is separate boxes for passive checks (for scenarios like the Observant feat). Second is the ability to add feats or other skills outside of the leveling up cycle. I know I can manually add the information myself, but since the app already has the information, it would be nice to add it without typing everything out.
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5 years ago, LocalMaple
Great for blind beginners and veterans
As somebody who wants to get into D&D, this is the best character creator app I’ve seen. It is fast, and order of how the character is built laid out well. For those who don’t know how they want their character to end, this is a great app. However, I have found some characters online that look fun to play as. These almost always have written out how you want to level up and what perks you should get at each. If this app was able to store every level and multiclass, future-proofed, then adjust according to the character’s level, this app would be perfect. A player could know what they want at each level, and won’t waste time setting up each level up.
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5 years ago, Amazing at making characters
Great character creator
This thing is great at the creation of characters. You say I want to make a character and it asks you some questions like class and race (etc.) and then you can choose, assign, or randomize your stats. You have loads of fun making your character, throw in a name and then it does all the hard stuff for you and then you got yourself a brand new person to play as. But this is where I stop using it, it’s amazing at making the characters and I plan to use it for a while but in my mind it’s good for that. I take those stats it gives me and copy onto paper and then use that. Basically, while I wouldn’t use this as my character sheet there isn’t a better way to make one.
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3 months ago, BetaKid1013
Great, but needs tweaking
The app is absolutely fantastic, however I’ve heard this is just an iPhone issue, the iPhone screens are too small I guess, and things like certain screens push into each other, and some are cut off in places, plus the scrolling on some screens doesn’t work properly. To see certain things you have to press and hold it just because it’s off the screen and can’t be seen otherwise. Other than that, it’s a great app, just add like, a size slider or smth so people can adjust the size of things so that you can see the entire page that you’re in instead of parts being cut out
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3 years ago, Deacon Ortiz
Great app, could use Importing tutorial
I downloaded this app a year ago to simplify the game for people in my game that don’t know how, or don’t want to fill out a character sheet. You get so much for the free version but the paid version is even better! You can level up your character all the way to level 20 and the app provides classes and races that are only in expansion books. (Along with Base 5e.) The only thing is that I’d like a tutorial on how to format documents to import different races and classes. Im running a homebrew game and it would make it easier and more accessible for my players. Other than that this app hits the top. I’ve recommended it To my friends and everyone that’s downloaded it has enjoyed it as well. Addition: I’d like the ability to add additional pages to the character sheets like an extra spell list for multiclassing into a class where the multi class spell slots don’t mix. Currently playing a warlock/cleric and it would be nice to keep track of them seprately.
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5 years ago, agudofeng
This is a Great app, but some simple changes could make into a much more excellent experience
The app is wonderful and has made creating a character super easy and playing the game a much smoother experience between tracking inventory leveling and so much more. I few recommendations that I have could make the app much more universal in terms of being the only app any Dnd player needs! For instance, an undo button for leveling would be super handy, a spell catalog with notes on what the spells do for when you’re in that section. New update has a bunch of glitches so I hope the developers see this and get on that soon.
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2 years ago, Vacant654152
Almost Perfect
Criticisms: Main one is spells. If this app had the spells loaded into it that could be selected - it would be perfect. Other criticisms are very minor, and would be to include copying character builds and down leveling. This is minor because the app does save previous levels of your build that you can restore, but it’s a bit cumbersome that way. Praises: Easy to use, has all (at least I think) character options, blows in information about added abilities on last page which you can edit further, customizable weapons. Seriously, if there were spells loaded into this, 5/5 perfect app.
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2 years ago, VengazaID
Kinda Sorta Great App
So to start, unfortunately this app isn’t work it unless you buy the premium version, which is $2.99. This will allow it to auto level you and have adds. This application does a lot for you honestly: controlling health, spells and spell list, and in the description area will record a lot of good info about your class abilities and race abilities. The one big thing it misses is any kind of home brew abilities, I can’t create any weapons to fit specifically what my DM has given us. This forces me to use some paper along with the app… but then there’s no point to use the app, might as well as use a character sheet. Another smaller thing is in the spell slots I feel like they could have pre determined options to slot into them instead having to type each one out. Example: after pressing 1st level spells a list of optional 1st level spells will pop up. Other than this, it’s a great app. Hopefully they can make a few small customization updates! Thanks
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3 years ago, just_me_not_you
Almost perfect, but still great.
The app is a great addition to add ultimate your dnd apps and it’s got a lot of customization to it. My only downside is that when you level up if you don’t have the book then you’ll be online looking for a reference to a lot of your abilities. My second complaint, and this is very first world, is that it doesn’t fit the on the iPhone 12 screen. It runs but you can’t see many of your numbers and scrolling through the pages is a little annoying now. Other than that it’s a great app and it’s been one of my fastest ways of making P.C.’s as well as in depth NPC’s.
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6 years ago, BrightonM
An Essential App for Any 5e Players
I can go on and on listing off all of the features that make this an amazing app for any D&D player, but it’s really something that you should check out for yourself. Shout outs to all the effort that the Developer is putting into this thing. The paid version is *absolutely* worth it—I’m running multiple campaigns (some of which I am playing more than one characters) and switching between and leveling up each character is a breeze. I highly recommend this app to any player who is having trouble managing their character, or simply wants to simplify their D&D experience.
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