Fifth Third: 53 Mobile Banking

4.7 (425.9K)
115.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
FifthThird Bank
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fifth Third: 53 Mobile Banking

4.74 out of 5
425.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Dolce Bambino
This version is HORRIBLE
I have used this app for yrs. It used to be very easy to navigate and do all my banking on. The latest update is HORRIBLE! The 'at a glance now' widget is gone. Quick transfer option removed. Past Balance, Pending Transactions, Current Balance either gone or no longer at top of screen. The color coded transactions (red for deductions, green for deposits) is now a uniform color. Much much harder to keep track of my banking and a huge hassle to pay my bills and move my funds between main/savings/etc bank accounts on the updated app. Other user reviews state that check numbers no longer available to view. So it's now harder to track individual payments if 2 or more checks happen to have the same amount. This is a problem. Login is buggy, but you must log in if you want to see your balance. However, new app layout is clunky, not as easy to navigate, less informative, and overall just an eyesore. Why fix what wasn't broken? Before this update the app was easy to use, keeping track of money going in and out was more user friendly, and also used to be much easier and faster to move money between accounts or pay bills. If I will be required to do my banking at the physical bank or must call a human to help me over the phone, why even have an app? Please please bring back the old app!! It was far superior in options, layout, accessibility and practically everything else to the Hot Mess that it is now.
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2 years ago, JWBonnie117
Best Website & Online Bank & In Person @ Branch
Have been w/53 for 22 yrs - rich & poorer. When we retired - we were very comfortable financially - however health issues arose beyond our control & MEDICARE has become a member of the Wall Street Club where it is “PROFIT” 1st - “PATIENT CARE” for SENIORS - Bare Minimum - when in the hospital - put on a symbolic conveyor belt & discharged ASAP; home healthcare LIMITED & patient has to pay for ALL medical equipment & supplies out of their pocket & some of the services along w/continuing rising premiums, co-pays & prescriptions. We have been FORCED into bankruptcy & it is SHAMEFUL to us as we always paid every debt in full. We do not live large or an opulent lifestyle. 5/3 has been good to us; and a bank is always wanting PROFIT & caters to those who have wealth - which we experienced. However 5/3 differs from other banks in that they will FLEX w/long-term customers who lost all their assets, savings, etc. , due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. 5/3 lives up to their reputation in customer service & their online banking is the BEST compared to others. It is easy to navigate & use. Will stick w/Fifth-Third forever as the have with us. We will recover financially in time & rebuild our financial reputation.
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2 years ago, nikname0707
Update is User UNfriendly Hot Mess!
I have used this app for yrs. It used to be very easy to navigate and do all my banking on. The latest update is HORRIBLE! The ‘at a glance now’ widget is gone. Quick transfer option removed. Past Balance, Pending Transactions, Current Balance either gone or no longer at top of screen. The color coded transactions (red for deductions, green for deposits) is now a uniform color. Much much harder to keep track of my banking and a huge hassle to pay my bills and move my funds between main/savings/etc bank accounts on the updated app. Other user reviews state that check numbers no longer available to view. So it’s now harder to track individual payments if 2 or more checks happen to have the same amount. This is a problem. Login is buggy, but you must log in if you want to see your balance. However, new app layout is clunky, not as easy to navigate, less informative, and overall just an eyesore. Why fix what wasn’t broken? Before this update the app was easy to use, keeping track of money going in and out was more user friendly, and also used to be much easier and faster to move money between accounts or pay bills. If I will be required to do my banking at the physical bank or must call a human to help me over the phone, why even have an app? Please please bring back the old app!! It was far superior in options, layout, accessibility and practically everything else to the Hot Mess that it is now.
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3 years ago, Godsbeauty
Almost the best bank but...
Fifth third needs to do away with overdraft fees or at least give you a chance to set your account straight before charges similar to what they offer at Huntington Bank who I’m strongly considering switching over too. It’s not right that you’re charged overdraft fees if the account is funded within minutes or seconds of a charge that might have come though at your unawares. It’s not right that working class citizens suffer to make the rich richer. At least give a fighting chance. All in all I’m definitely considering switching over to another bank where things are more fair and the scales are tipped in your favor. I wanted to live this bank but I keep having more issues than needed. For example, every time I need to cash a check I’m met with resistance and long waiting periods because of an old issue I had with chek systems or wherever it’s called now which is not ok that I’m put into a bracket with potential scammers etc...especially since I’ve been with this bank now for a little while. At least give me the benefit of doubt if you’ve had no issues with me other than overdrafts here or there. I’m tired of the banks making money off of my misfortunes. It’s like the system is set to nab overdrafts fees and every time you get one this bank goes cha- Ching! Anyway to rate the app. I give the actual app 3.7 out of 5 stars. It’s a very good structured app overall.
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2 years ago, Lore9876
Not Happy
I have used this app for yrs. It used to be very easy to navigate and do all my banking on. The latest update is HORRIBLE! The 'at a glance now' widget is gone. Quick transfer option removed. Past Balance, Pending Transactions, Current Balance either gone or no longer at top of screen. The color coded transactions (red for deductions, green for deposits) is now a uniform color. Much much harder to keep track of my banking and a huge hassle to pay my bills and move my funds between main/savings/etc bank accounts on the updated app. Before let you know available balance after ANY transaction… Login is buggy, but you must log in if you want to see your balance. However, new app is a bit more detailed that before.. but Why fix what wasn't broken? Before this update the app was easy to use, keeping track of money going in and out was more user friendly, and also used to be much easier and faster to move money between accounts or pay move money between accounts or pay bills. Please please bring back the old app!! It was much easier to navigate!!!
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1 year ago, LunaSisterMoon
Disappointing update
UPDATE: Nothing from my last review has been fixed, and now the balance and transactions are out of sync. It’s showing my balance as if my paycheck has been deposited, but my paycheck isn’t listed in transactions. Now I’m scared to ever trust my balance, which makes this app absolutely worthless. LATE 2022 REVIEW: This app has killed so much functionality. It used to show green for deposits and red for money spent, and now it’s all one color with nothing really to indicate what’s a deposit or expense at a quick glance. It no longer shows you the breakdown of previous balance, pending transactions and available balance. Not a fan of the giant font, either; now I can only see five transactions at a time where before I could see 10 or more. You also made the savings goals pointless. It’s still there, but no where does my savings balance show me the goals balance until I actually go in to transfer more money. My savings balance shows my total rather than my total minus what I have designated for something special. Overall, this is incredibly disappointing. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Thank you for this update! It's so much more helpful now that you can see WHO your debit card transactions went to, rather than just the fact that you had a debit card transaction. Overall much cleaner and easier to use.
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5 months ago, see... this app is a pain
Overall Satisfied
The first time I started using 5/3 was when they made banking and in person transactions available at times that I had free to consult and do business with them. Back then I was working two jobs and going to school. Only times that I had free were after or extended hours and some weekends. 5/3 was the only bank in the area that offered a service that alined with back then my current life situation. Years have passed now and although some of the locations have closed they still offer a large footprint in the area and remain that person to person relations always offering help and support. The digital world has changed many things and yet I think 5/3 has done well in navigating these seas by offering solid and user friendly cross platform apps along with keeping that traditional and most important part, the in person humanly approach available when needed. They must know how to hire too because in all my years I never met an employee who wasn’t kind and professional. Thank you guys. - Bryan
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1 year ago, Tayfset
New changes suggestion
I enjoy the new updated look of 5/3 checking account. However, I wonder why has it never crossed the developer’s minds to be able to let clients *create* different folders/tabs within the account for various spendings. For instance, the current layout shows how much balance is in my account and the spendings here and there in big box, but I wish there was an option to manage and make couple of new tabs to transfer some money into that folder to, perhaps, pay necessary bills. Second folder to allocate the money into the “emergency funds” and the third folder would be like spending on miscellaneous items. Of course, clients should be given freedom on how many tabs they want to create. This would be such a helpful addition to the checking account and a huge advantage overall to the clients. That way it wouldn’t be necessary to create external checking accounts for the stated reasons above. I am not even sure if this review will ever reach the whoever is responsible reading the reviews and further making changes based on them. Though hopefully it will reach somebody and that would be great.
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2 years ago, Southern_Sapphires
Do NOT recommend banking here!
I DO NOT recommend banking with this bank at all along with using this app. You will have an unreal amount of fraud hit your account at some point in time of banking with this godforsaken company and they will NOT do anything to help you in any sort of way when it happens other then continue to charge your account for things that wasn’t you nor put a stop to any transactions even when they’re in a different state and has proof on the app that this obviously isn’t me, they still will not help you or sort things out under any circumstances! Unless you have a ungodly amount of money in their bank they don’t want anything to do with you. I have been going around with this bank/app since 2020 to fix the fraud on my account which is a shame because I’ve been with this company since 2016 and over the last few years the bank and app hasn’t really gone down hill. It’s early 2022 and I still haven’t got nowhere on this app or with the company . They have caused my account such issues on this app it has messed up me getting my tax return for 2022 and so much more. No one will help you! And that goes for the chat on the app and calling them. This is a VERY mess bank and app. Save yourself the trouble and bank elsewhere. There is much better banks and banking apps out there.
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3 months ago, Henry K / So. Florida
It was the personal banker that made easy and engaging!
OK, so I received a postcard offer a day earlier with a really decent interest rate and decided to check out the local branch. Upon entering, they asked me “do I have an appointment?”, which I responded no and I asked, is that necessary? She said “oh absolutely not… within a minute was introduced to Ismael Pierre, a personal banker. What a breath of fresh air, we had a really engaging conversation, and I immediately decided to deposit I really decent amount of money into a money account he set up for me immediately, that gives me immediate access to my $$ as needed. NO Lock in period! I even had a question today and he took my call and resolved my problem in less than a minute! I could tell this is going to be a personal relationship I have with a banker, which very rarely happens any longer. Kudos to 5/3 for hiring such a qualified and personable banker!
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1 year ago, Aunt Ellie
Terrible service
This new & updated app is useless! The confirmation text has not worked for two weeks. When I get verification by phone it just goes to spinning wheels while it tries to sync. Have to use web site & get verification by phone. Then would not accept transfer of funds so had to do it by phone! What is the point of having this useless app! I am looking for a new bank that knows what they are doing. Customer service is useless as they try to convince me that my phone carrier is the problem. I get all other texts so I think not! My frustration has become overwhelming! Would not recommend under any circumstances! Too bad they don’t allow 1/4 stars just for existence! At this point I have decided to change banks. There is no point of banking with a facility that does not have a working app. The only way I can check my accounts is to use the web site & that requires a phone call every single time for identity verification!! If I use the app it allows me to verify my identity by phone, then goes into a spinning wheel mode of synching. The synching never stops! Way too much aggravation for me & way too long to continue to wait for a fix. I want to check my accounts daily & do not need to be upset on a daily basis!
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4 months ago, ThornTrek
“We’re a bank and not going to budge”
I’ve been with Fifth Third for 18 years with my small charity. When mobile deposit started some years ago, it was very helpful. Mobile deposit became even more helpful when I moved to Louisiana in 2020. I received an email in 2023 that I thought said that my daily limit had been raised to 15,000. When I open my mobile app the home page says I can deposit up to $15,000. When I attempted to deposit a $10,000 check, I was told that the total amount I could deposit was 7500 for the day and 15,000 for the month. I called and asked for a policy reason and basically was given the standard bank runaround of “we are a conservative bank with a risk reward valuation, blah blah blah’s, and we’re not going to budge “. So now I have to overnight this check and all the risk is mine and the organization that presented the check. I get the impression that if you’re not a local Kentucky blueblood, they really don’t care what you do. I always had good interactions with Fifth Third Bank personnel when I lived in Kentucky. That was a major reason I have been a customer for 18 years. It’s a hassle to get board approval and all signatures necessary for a new account, but I think we may need to do that moving forward.
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3 months ago, jabbitos
Terrible bank
I simply make a check deposit from my home owners insurance company (progressive) and had my existing money in my account blocked, my online access blocked, my debit card cancelled and letters stating my account will be closed the very next day after the deposit. I call to see what was wrong and got connected with someone from India that I could not understand. I was told that I had to prove the check was valid. How in the world do I prove that? How is that my responsibility to prove it’s a valid check? Doesnt that happen when the check is presented to the issuing institution? These issues have not been taken care of nine days later. I still cannot use my debit card. I have lost money and valuable time dealing with all of this and all I got was an apology. That doesn’t balance out the money I have lost with fees I have been charged etc. Also I have had cash deposits in atm’s taken without credit given not once but two times in the past year. The last time with a brand new atm machine. Both times finally got straight within a month but what a hassle. I have had my account for almost 20 years, I am 57 years old and I have never even heard of something like this happening. I’m still astonished.
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4 years ago, ChynaDoll_85
Zelle doesn’t work and keeps crashing! Horrible bank!
It has been very frustrating and I have been dealing with this for over a month now. I went into a branch thinking they can help me because I had accidentally sent money into my 5th 3rd account instead of another bank account. I had to manually withdraw the money to deposit it at my other bank. On top of that, the branch manager said that there was nothing they can do and that I need to call them next time it happens so he can see what’s going on. So basically he dismissed me. What kind of customer service do you call that!? I recently called the branch and a rep from another branch was helping that day and told me this should’ve been taken care of a month ago. She now escalated it to cooperate and they are trying to help me but still no resolution. I think this app needs to be fixed because it seems that I can use Zelle online, but not on the app. I have an iPhone XR and the iOS is up to date. Also after logging in the first time, I sent up Face ID in the security setting, but I have to constantly either type out my password or manually hit the “face ID” icon when logging in. This should happen automatically. Very very frustrating. This needs to be fixed ASAP!
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11 months ago, Dandy_Dan_
Avoid this bank like the plague
Do yourself a favor and avoid this bank at all costs. No one at any of their branches has any idea what’s going on and you have to go through countless customer service reps in the bank end to get any sort of information. They will hold your funds for an entire week and basically strip you naked for your private information to verify your funds, but they won’t tell you what documents they need until you breath down their neck every single day while you’re on the phone with them. Don’t even bother opening a business account with them either. They’ll hold those funds too, and then once the hold is lifted your funds are held AGAIN in a 30 day new account probationary period. So if you got people to pay, tell them they’ll have to wait a month and half to see any money because this bank of rotten roaches can’t seem to pull their heads out of their rears long enough to give you any information that’s actually important. The bank is worthless, their staff is lazy and worthless, and their higher ups are all just a bunch of worthless crooks. File as many complaints to the proper authorities to get this bank shut down as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, jehsewcool
Better now
This app is really very easy to use. My big issue was being stuck to drive to bigger town to deposit my second check of the month from NC because it was too large to deposit via app on my phone. When I opened the app to deposit a check two weeks ago I discovered I can now do both checks without going over the limit. Shortly after opening the account last year the small facility in the town my husband drives thru every day-CLOSED! That forced me to the larger town to make the deposit of the second check. Thanks for expanding the app deposit limit. During the whole pandemic-getting out in public is not something I can do easily-not for reasons you think-I am highly allergic to alcohol in hand sanitizer. So going into buildings around people using it-is not a risk I am always willing to take. I literally cannot breathe anywhere near the stuff when people are using or recently have used it. Thanks for expanding the deposit limit!
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3 years ago, Kai-Bae
Great bank, great App
I haven’t had any problems with the bank or the app and am happy with the service. When you go in the bankers are there to help and give informative advise. I’ve been with Fifth Third for 4 years. I am working part time, going to school, and have 2 kids. I love that they give you a few times to wave fees if you go into over draft by mistake and you don’t get charged fees if it’s less than $5. I also love the early access option if you’re in a bind and need to borrow some money, you can and they will automatically take the payment out of the next automatic checking. I am strict about having my bills paid off in time, in full so I can build my credit and I am very happy that the bank is there for you if you need the help! I definitely will be continuing with them for the long term future!
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1 year ago, JB 5/3
The latest version (4) is terrible.
I have been banking with 5/3 for over 20 years and have been using the mobile app for the past 12 years. The latest version of this app is a completely awful experience. There is less functionality and much longer load times than the previous versions. The quick transfer feature: gone. Check images: gone. Why? I just attempted a mobile deposit for the first time on this new version. When I tapped on the text box to enter the amount, the numeric key pad appeared in an elongated vertical format on the left side of the screen blocking the the actual text box. Rotating the device resulted in no change. The bugs didn’t stop there. Every keystroke I made, no matter which number I was trying to input, resulted in a zero. I very well cannot complete the deposit if all I can input for the amount is $0. Please get this abomination of an app fixed or revert back to the vastly superior older version. I have been patient, giving them time to work out the kinks but absolutely nothing has changed since version 4 was released.
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1 year ago, Jennnnnnleigh
Slow, doesn’t connect, very inconvenient app to use now
I’m not a fan of the updates of this app at all. Ever since it was updated it has been so much slower, takes forever to connect, log in, etc. I use the Every Dollar app to connect my account transactions and fifth thirds mobile app has by far been the most inconvenient and frustrating connecting to this. I also have a Chase account, and connecting this account literally took 10 seconds and I only had to do it one time. Fifth thirds app has 5 steps to go through that takes minutes between each because it takes for ever to load each prompt, and it disconnects EVERY DAY and therefore have to reconnect each time I log into the every dollar app in order to update my current transactions. I’m honestly so fed up with this mobile app that I’m considering leaving Fifth Third as a whole because it’s so inconvenient. Please make significant improvements to the speed and connectivity between other apps or you will see all your customers leaving for more user friendly and fast mobile checking apps.
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1 week ago, January's Child
No Conformation Numbers
Dear, Miss, Madam or Sir, When I use the website I always get a confirmation number on transactions. I was asked to try the mobile app on my phone many years ago, by a teller. I did, and it gave no confirmation numbers. The next time in the bank, I told her this, and said I would be deleting and not using the app again. She said she’d let “them” know about the issue/problem. Now many years later, I’ve tried the app again hoping for better results, but NOPE! The first thing I did was make a transfer between a couple of my accounts, surprise, no conformation number, even after all these years. Besides that slight, the app IS NOT as easy to use as the website either. I went back to the app to try and activate a new card. On the card it says go to the app. I could not find anywhere to activate a card. So back to the website, where it was absolutely simple to do. If card activation is on the app, it should not be difficult to find. It should be every bit as simple as the website. So please fix the app. Thank You, A Faithful Customer
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6 months ago, Champeta52
Confusing Mobil App
I thought I was done with my deposit when I deposited a check on December 22nd after pictures of both sides were successful. A notification came up that the funds would be available right away for a $10 fee or the next day free of charge. There were no instructions to make a selection so I thought my deposit was done. There was no prompt when I was leaving that my deposit had not been completed. Every day I am getting notices that my available balance is low and my check has not cleared my bank. I called today to follow up and was told that no deposit was made and that I should try it again. The rep said my pictures probably weren’t good. Why would I get a check mark that the pictures were successful. Your app needs to include some basic instructions like “please choose one of these options” instead of allowing me to assume that was just information for me to have. I wasted 6 days waiting only to find out that I didn’t finish making the deposit. This has been extremely stressful and frustrating.
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2 years ago, MikePaul77
**Fixed** Clunky And a bit frustrating
Clunky and a bit frustrating. I only use it for an auto loan since 5/3 doesn’t play well with the prism bill pay. When I go to pay, the due date of the loan is nowhere to be found without opening the statement. That’s kind of simple vital info that should be front and center. Just needs some polishing. Also, when going to pay, I have to remember the exact payment amount since it doesn’t auto fill the monthly payment amount or even show it on the screen where I type in the amount. These are simple but important things. Overall everything works but could use some refining for customer experience. UPDATE: It looks like a couple concerns have been addressed in an app update. When paying the loan, the due date now shows and there is an option to select regular monthly payment amount. Great job guys!
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4 years ago, nightnightowl
Take your chances
This is the first time ever I’ve felt like addressing and ongoing problem with this app. As far as banking with fifth third I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs as with any bank but this app is just unreliable at best. During the day time it works as it should, access to your bank account when necessary but during the night time, specifically during 3-4am you get the technical difficulties message and a number to call for customer service which isn’t a 24 hr accessible line to begin with and then between 4-5am you get the message banner with the spiel of the app being down due to routine maintenance which (pardon my ignorance) is such an inconvenience to those that work night shift and need to maybe make a transfer or just an update. For a bank that brags about how much more it does for its customers “166%” more is laughable. I’m not talking bad about the bank but this app’s reliability. You’re better off just using your phones browser rather than using up space since it’s literally the same just not as sophisticated.
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2 years ago, Tom/Chicago
New App. Launch Nov. 2022 not so good!
Got an email about the new app a few days ago. Downloaded the new app and was surprised to see that our 360 card account was not visible. Used the question prompt and got an answer right away! 360 card accounts are not available at this time! Now, I have to get on the computer to transfer money to it. Used to be as easy as going into savings or checking to put money on the 360 card when needed shopping. The function of seeing an actual check image is gone. Wish I can download the old app and scrap the new one. Someone had a great idea of making the app work faster, but didn’t take into consideration the features made it useful in the past. Hope the developers can get it together. Because I really like fifth third bank!
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1 year ago, Eveningmusk
New app terrible
I have been with fifth third bank for over 20 yrs. I love the bank. They have fantastic security for accounts and always catch if your account has been hacked for the bank itself I give above five stars. But for this new app I have to give it 1star. It does not keep track and up to date with your transactions. I am always getting over drawn messages and paying for over drawn fees. The old app I never had a problem I could trust what the app said I had in my account. Never overdrew or worried about it. This app it tells me I have a certain amount then two days later I’m over drawn!! I hate the new update they did, it dosent work and is not accurate!! I want the old app back at least it kept your account up to date. And you could trust what it said you had in it. I also don’t like how you can’t pull down from the corner of the app to see the amounts that your accounts have at a quick glance. I really wish fifth third would have left the old app alone. As the old saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!
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3 years ago, Chance propst
This app is terrible
I use this app to pay my auto loan. My first issue, there is no where obvious to see my loan’s payment due date. I have to go through several screens/steps to be able to view the due date. My second issue, once i submit a payment there is absolutely no confirmation that the payment went though. I don’t get a message on the screen saying “thank you for your payment” or “payment successful”, no confirmation email, no text, and nothing showing a pending payment transaction. So i basically have to wait 2 business days and check the balance to see if the payment went through. My third issue, there is nowhere to view any loan documents. I would like to be able to see me interest rate, remaining payments, total amount paid etc. There is a loan documents tab but when i click it nothing comes up. These are all basic things that all of my other loan apps have, and the payment process is very annoying having to hope the payment went through, someone really needs to look into this…
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2 years ago, Techwiz2100
Slow and confusing
App is pretty bad. Every action takes a solid 1-2 seconds of loading and you’re often met with some error about content not loaded or whatever when there’s nothing to be shown. For example, the transaction history page throws errors if you don’t have a checking/savings account because there’s no payee accounts. Also why is transaction history only available from the “Move Money” button on the home page but not the account overview page where you have a “Make a Payment” button? Makes no sense. The app also gives you zero indication if you already have a scheduled transfer anywhere on the “Make a Payment” screen. At least highlight the day on the calendar to show me when the due date is! You’re making zero effort in showing me the information you already have available to you, app. And don’t even get me started on the stupid limitation where you can’t do recurring payments from external accounts.
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2 years ago, Tallman110
New app issues
The functions of the app are still good. I like all the stuff I can do through the app. However, there are features I like that I now have to go on the website to view that the app doesn’t offer anymore. I like seeing my transactions in red and green so I can easily see deposits and withdraws. Everything is just black in the app now and it all blends together. If the transaction is a check the app simply says “check”. There is no check number even when you click on transaction details. Sometimes I write more than one check for the same amount to different people. I don’t know which check has cleared unless I go on the website. Another weird thing is that my paycheck is labeled wrong. I work for UPS and the website says United Parcel Payroll which is correct. The app says regular salary from the UPS Store. I don’t work for the UPS Store, that’s a separate franchise all together.
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2 years ago, Grampa & Gramma
Fairborn 5/3
Our local 5/3 bank is very nice. There is only one facility now for our town but the same folks work there. We transferred our mortgage to 5/3 years ago. When the grandchildren were born Grampa opened their accounts and weekly would make a deposit. When they were very young they would walk up to our neighborhood 5/3 and together they’d make deposits into their acct’s. Grampa withdrew monies to purchase our Grandson’s first car, at 16. Now, our Grandson is 18 and preparing to Graduate. Grampa will be passing that account over to him for his graduation gift. Our Granddaughter still has years to go to enjoy the same benefits of love from her Grandparents. We’ve been able to see a lot of the same people behind the counter for all of these years and that speaks volumes, right?!?
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6 months ago, cody1234455
Conjoining banks
I had a very hard time linking my fifth third account to a different bank so I didn’t have to go to separate apps to make payments. It took multiple days for them to send a few Pennies to my other account in order to verify authentication. After that I had to log back into original account and type in the exact amount they sent before a certain amount of time. Surely there is a better way of linking bank accounts together. It’s hard for people to remember to check their other account everyday for a small transaction of a few cents. Especially if you make multiple transactions on your card. After multiple days it’s easy to forget or just skip. Also, you should be able to see the money that’s being held for a transaction. I had a company hold $500 and never returned it but since it doesn’t show there’s no record and company’s know this so they don’t return this money.
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2 years ago, EG_1231
Update 4.0 is Horrible
Please bring back the older layout. The font sizes are too big and can’t be adjusted causing overlap of info on multiple lines (I tried adjusting via settings on phone but app font won’t change), the three balance views went away so I don’t know if my balance shown is with or without pending items (can’t track live spending this way) and scrolling of pending and processed items only shows a few lines and you have to click into a different screen (that doesn’t show the balances) to see beyond that. Before scrolling was more continuous. Updates are NOT user friendly. Not sure why there was a need to update an app that worked and looked fantastic pre 4.0. Very disappointed in the new version.
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3 days ago, LadyyyDee
New to Any Bank but I chose 53
I have to say they’ve been protecting me and my money for a long time. They’ve also sent me a letter where because I have a very high income at the moment people have been using my name to put fraudulent charges on my experience and they just flagged me for it and it’s because of fifth and third that I’m able to fight, I like the way that they bank I like their facility at the college park in Miramar Pembroke Pines Florida so far so good it’s been tedious but I do understand the protocols and the bureaucracy that goes on it protects other people and it protects me so I’m glad that they have those securities in place and I’m glad I’m able to see when use my name. I love their fraud prevention system. It works.
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2 years ago, zoro stars
I have tried to get a hold of somebody in this bank to help me get online . I had people saying I’m gonna put you on hold I’ll get right back to you I waited a half an hour and I phone hung up I called back got somebody else and they said they were gonna put me on hold and I went no no don’t put me on hold don’t put me on hold she’s well I have to put on hold to speak to a tech person they got back to me and said are you have to use a different browser I have an Apple laptop I use Safari that’s what I use they said nope you got to use Google us or something else I don’t use Google and I don’t know what else to use so I can’t get on my computer to Fifth Third Bank I said well try your phone I was able to get on with my phone today I gotA letter today saying I recently asked to change the pin on my genie card I I don’t even have a genie card I don’t know what that is I just tried to call the number on this paper and the phone doesn’t even ring!! Not happy
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1 year ago, Capt'n Obvious
Version 4 is a massive letdown
Version 4 introduced a newly designed modern ‘card’ UI to the app. However, version 4 is a giant step backwards in terms of performance and usability. The experience of using the native app is now immeasurably worse than versions prior to 4. Loading times take noticeably longer. Specific account information is now missing. Small details were apparently missed in the QA process (like static search bar text bleeding into the search icon). All in all it feels like the people in charge of the mobile app roadmap have no business being in that position. This is sad because using versions prior to 4 were truly a great user experience. We live in a mobile first world, and my hope is that the fifth third mobile app team can turn this around, but the sheer fact that version 4 was released into Production gives me little hope of the app getting any better. I will be using the mobile web version from now on. Do better fifth third.
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1 year ago, Warr1895
Was great not they ruined it..
This app up until the last few months when they did the total overhaul was a 5 star app! Since then they have taken away valuable features and have made finding info much harder in the name of a shiny new look. Before you were able to see every transaction you have ever made by scrolling and it would keep loading, now you need to say load more. A huge feature that is now missing it being able to see easily your current balance with everything pending subtracted or added to it, now I have no clue what the number is since they don’t say. You used to be able to see everything you needed on the Home Screen but now it’s clicks away. They also made transferring money from one account to another much more complicated. Please fix these items or release an original version for people to use, this new version is a major downgrade from what it was a few months ago.
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2 years ago, Reddragon1311
Update removed a great feature
This new update made the UI look cleaner, however there are two things I miss about the old version. Firstly, on the previous version it was a lot quicker and easier to transfer funds between multiple accounts. I believe the feature was referred to as “quick transfer” now you have to go through multiple tabs, I understand that this may help older people since it walks you through it and ask are you sure like 10 times, however if this was something you could enable in account settings so that it had to be turned on or something I would greatly appreciate it. Secondly, there is no dark mode option that I can find. The new UI is clean but I am a fan of dark mode options and the UI being white is extremely bright and kinda gives me a headache.
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2 years ago, anncie2
First time from a new mobile device
My husband was trying to deposit a check from his iPhone for the first time. After registering the phone we proceeded to take the pictures of the check and press submit. We got a message that there was a problem and a phone number to call. We tried doing it again just to be sure and then called the number. After a short wait and speaking to a rep we were told to just try it again that we were trying to make an immediate deposit and it wouldn’t allow it. We tried it again and got the same message we called again and this time was told why don’t we go to an ATM or try it again we refused and were connected to Internet support. The rep there said that we had a very high score on our account and wait for it to cool down for 24to 48 hrs.. Just to try it out I took my phone and made the deposit with no problem. I made this with my user ID. So what is the real answer?
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3 years ago, johnniel l
This site does not function well. Difficult to navigate and use. One would expect a Bank to represent the best th at technology has to offer. Not here.! 5th Third is not one of the giant National Banking concerns like Bank of America or Wells Fargo but it isn’t a small hometown bank either. Considering that fact their virtual presence should reflect the conservative, stable and well funded institution that it is. It has a deep history of service as a bank that cares about the community it serves. This platform with all its hidden features is truly amateur not only in accessibility but also in presentation, God help you if you need help after hours or on weekends. You will not find it. You can’t have a website for a financial business go down for hours or more very often. Well it does exactly that. With a message “Please try Your (action) later. Hey it.s my money get it together😀😅
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5 years ago, svtrayo
It has been twice now that I have deposited a check (only cause it’s after hours and cannot make it to the branch) and it places a hold on my account for 2 WEEKS. The only reason I use the mobile deposit is when I need my money sooner than waiting for the next day to go the branch and waiting for the following day for my funds to be available. I do not see the logic as to placing a hold on my money for 2 weeks when the mobile deposit’s purpose is to help you deposit when you can’t make it to the bank. I have been receiving the exact same amount of money from the same company every 2 weeks for a year now it should not be “suspicious activity” for me to deposit it my check from my phone. I will be going back to the branch on Monday to look at options or completely closing this account. I have kids and bills that aren’t going to wait 2 weeks for you to clear a check, if mobile depositing from the app is not safe THEN TAKE IT OFF THE APP.
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3 years ago, reesiekitty
Best online banking ap I’ve seen
I’ve banked at 5/3 for years and we began using their online banking and the app years ago as soon as they were available. I can honestly say it is the easiest, most user intuitive banking app I’ve seen. I have to use a different one for a work account and it’s very clunky and awkward compared to this. I help my mom with her online banking and her bank’s app is also less user friendly than this one. This is one of the few apps of ANY kind that I use regularly - every day- where every update has actually improved usability and made things like instant transfer between accounts easy and fast. Try 5/3 and use this app- I think you would be glad you did.
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1 year ago, ||homEsick
Horrible redesign no more Access Card
Echoing everyone else's sentiments - the new update makes me actively hate the experience. the quick balance glance & widget is gone, which i use(d) multiple times daily. the face id is wonky & automatically deactivates it after one failed attempt, which seems to happen extremely often now. it's not aesthetically pleasing, which isn't the biggest deal, but i went from absolutely loving this bank i've been working with to it literally lowering the quality of my daily life experience. edit: for those wondering why they can't see their Access card anymore - it's being discontinued early 2023. another slap in the face. it's a shame, bc otherwise ive had good experience with their bank. edit: face unlock glitch - after you unlock & get your green check, if you look away until the home page pops up, the facial recognition messes up & doesn't read it. horrible horrible
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6 years ago, prosthetiched
This thing is frustrating.
For an app that is meant to make banking easier and more convenient, it does quite the opposite for me. No exaggerations here: every other time I’m out and need to put money on my card in order to pay for something, I receive a message saying “We are currently experiencing technical issues. For assistance, call Customer Service”. I’ve grown so tired of seeing this message. This app is hardly functional for me and I’d love to know why. From a visual and interactive standpoint, the app is great, meaning that, if I can actually log in to USE the app, working with it is easy and intuitive. There’s good design here which deserves praise. It’s the back end that needs work, and needs it desperately. I find myself unable to access my funds so frequently that it has me considering other banks with more efficient tools like this one. Moral of the story: don’t rely on this thing as your only way to access your money.
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6 years ago, Aaron Caserta
Nice work!
The app is great. It’s ease of check deposits has made me literally switch from depositing to my Chase account to my 5/3 account. Suggestions: I’d like it if Face ID kicked in immediately when I open the app instead of having to tap the button. Also, I’d like to see interest info on loans under Summary. Apple Watch integration would be fancy. Also, maybe some photos included in the designs would spruce things up. The app is amazing as far as functionality goes, but leaves a bit to be desired on aesthetics. P.S. I am in the software development industry and understand how annoying it can be to receive trivial requests... but the app is honestly so solid that I can’t think of anything else to provide in my feedback. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Redman0324
Mixed emotions
Ever since this new look that the app got I haven’t been too happy with it. First of all I can’t get notifications sent to me. They only show up in the app. I have tried seeing if there is something different in the setting but everything seems fine. I even talked to someone at my local Fifth Third Bank and they said I need to talk to someone in I.T. Second I had an old account that I no longer use, and it can’t get removed which is more like an eye sore when I open the app up, I also brought that up to someone at the bank and said it will go away on it own (which obviously it hasn’t). Third the app keeps crashing and sometimes I can’t open the app up.
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1 year ago, Dis121
I’d give ZERO stars if I could. I share an account with my elderly mother but I am the one who tells her what’s going on with her account since she doesn’t understand online banking or new style of banking. With that said, all her bills are autopay but she does write checks. If it’s not an electronic check (eg grocery store) I have no idea now who she has written them to because the TERRIBLE UPDATES do not allow it on the app. When I asked customer service how to see this info like I could on the old version I was told I had to use computer. I politely said isn’t that defeating the purpose of having an app? The reply was you now need to look on your computer. Also when using the computer to look at these checks to keep her account balanced, I have to get a pin through text for each check I need to see, once again defeating streamline banking! This “new” version is by far the worse banking app I’ve ever used!
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5 years ago, dkinsrq
Security questions bug - white screen on iPhone
This application used to work quite well for me. I tried logging in yesterday and today and he asked me to update my security questions. As another reviewer had said, question one and question two go just fine, but after entering the answer for question two, the screen on my iPhone X goes blank and white, with no ability to bring back the questions or enter any more information. It’s essentially locked at that point and the only way to get out is to log off. When I logon after logging off, the same thing happens all over again. I have tried this with the phone vertically, the phone horizontally, and tried answering the questions in different orders, but the same thing always happens after answering a second question. Resetting the phone and the app don't help.
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1 year ago, OldAppBetter**
The old app was better
The update to a “more modern navigation and feel” is no improvement. The old interface was simple and straight forward. The total account balance, total pending transactions, and total available balance was always shown at the top of the page for the account you were viewing for clarity. Red/Green colors were used to easily differentiate between debits and credits to the account. Everything is larger and white-washed now so it more difficult to view information for all accounts on one screen. Viewing check numbers is now more difficult as you must tap, tap, tap, tap to finally see the image of the check. Logging in is clunky and slow. There is no longer a “quick view” for account balances either. I don’t know who pushed for a visual update but there was no improvement.
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2 years ago, 42M,usa
New November 2022 version is garbage!
I have been a loyal fifth third customer for years and a big fan of their app. I check it multiple times a day and have several accounts. This latest version is crap. There is reduced functionality and the white background literally hurts my eyes. The only redeeming quality is that it is so bad. There must be lots of complaints already and hopefully it will change soon. If it doesn’t, I will certainly change my accounts to a different bank with a better app. Quite frankly, every other banking app has got to be better than this one. Total fail, somebody should probably be fired for having suggested such a Garbage update at all.
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2 years ago, nimatprecious4
Can’t edit transaction description
I’ve been banking with chase and Bank of America for a very long time and there’s a way I like my transactions description looking like which I’ve been able to edit them. I eventually moved over to fifth third and to be able to edit the description isn’t an option. So I give them a call so they can do that from their end but they can’t as well. You guys can do better. Either you add that option to the online banking or you give that access to your customer service representative for them to do that on our request/ behalf, also there’s no settings option in the so called new version of the app, I even think the new version is worse than the old actually. And customer service are always dismissing any complaints I have without actually solving them.
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4 months ago, DillerRae
5/3 banking app
I find this app to be confusing and time consuming. It’s not streamlined enough and you have to go to too many pages and steps to accomplish your task. I don’t like that when sending payments, it’s not reflected in the account balance until transactions are completed on the other end which in some cases takes weeks. This can cause overdrafts and duplicate payments because it’s not shown on main page as pending. I use this app to manage my parents finances. I myself use a different bank and app for my own finances which is much more streamlined. My Daughter uses 5/3 as well for her finances and has overdrawn her account in the past because the balance on her checking shown as available didn’t reflect payments she had sent out . This gets to be especially frustrating when the person that are being sent payment to don’t cash on their end in a timely manner.
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