Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

Photo & Video
4.7 (70.7K)
474.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shenzhen Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

4.67 out of 5
70.7K Ratings
1 week ago, Stardust’sab
Excited! Area of improvement
I am thrilled with the recent upgrades to your product—the quality genuinely stands out from the competition. Having invested nearly $1,500 in evaluating various products, I can confidently say yours excels in meeting the needs of consumers and content creators with its comprehensive and user-friendly features. However, I urge you to enhance the AI voice-over cloning capability. As a content creator, the ability to use a voice clone that authentically replicates my own voice—without any discrepancies like unintended accents—is crucial. Many competitors rush to market with subpar AI voice clones, focusing more on competing than on quality. This approach leads to products that fail to deliver, costing creators time and money without meeting their needs. Please prioritize the development of a superior voice cloning feature. Avoid rushing it; instead, engage dedicated beta testers from various linguistic backgrounds to provide honest feedback. This careful refinement will not only preserve your credibility but also position you to lead the market due to your product’s outstanding features and ease of use. I am optimistic that this feedback will guide your engineers towards perfecting this essential feature. Your commitment to excellence is evident, and with focused improvement, your AI voice cloner could become unbeatable.
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5 months ago, delvishgodz23
Awesome app
Filmora video editor is an exceptional app that has truly elevated my video editing experience. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a breeze to bring my creative vision to life. With an impressive array of features, from basic editing tools to advanced effects, Filmora caters to both novice and experienced editors. The collection of stunning filters, transitions, and overlays allows me to add a professional touch to my videos with ease. The built-in royalty-free music library is a game-changer, offering an extensive selection of tracks that perfectly complement my projects. The speed control and color grading tools are incredibly versatile, giving me the power to fine-tune every aspect of my videos. The seamless export options ensure that I can share my creations across various platforms without any hassle. Above all, Filmora's customer support is top-notch, providing quick and helpful assistance whenever I need it. This app has truly become an indispensable tool in my creative toolkit, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their video editing to the next level.
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4 years ago, Em9685743124609
Disappointed and Frustrated
I paid for the monthly pro version. I’ve been using this app for over a month and it was fine but recently it has been lagging and freezing. It is very frustrating. I edited a video and now when I open that project in the app the screen is frozen I cannot click on anything or make any edits or save my video. I spent so long editing it and it was a waste because I cannot access the video. I have closed the app and opened it multiple times and I waited hours in between trying to access the video (since I was hoping it would no longer be frozen) but it has been 8 hours and it is still not working. The home screen of the app works but when I click on the video I just edited I cannot edit it or save it or click on anything. I am very disappointed with this app. There are also not that many features included in the paid version. Another downside is that when you add text or picture in picture it does not stay where you want it in the video clip if you cut out any of the video before the text or picture in the timeline. You have to keep moving the pictures and text around unless you cut out everything or add every video clip completely first before adding the text and pictures on top of the video clips. (sometimes while editing I find another clip I want to add or want to cut out something but it’s so complicated to do because it will cause all of the text and picture in pictures to move). I do not recommend this app!
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1 year ago, heidpeetydeet
Lots of bugs
I really wanted to love this. I used it for adding titles to videos for my brand. First issue I encountered was after purchasing the pro version on my iPhone, even when signing in with the same email address and passcode, it would not open the purchase version on my computer. I wrote customer service more than twice about the issue and never heard back. I was losing time so I also purchased the pro version on my computer so I could make edit on my computer… after signing in and out on my phone, the app somehow lost my information and is saying even after trying to restore purchase, I am on the free plan. Very frustrating because I just wanted to operate this from my phone and computer, and paid TWICE and still only have access on one of my devices. Second issue I had: the desktop version was working fine, was able to get 2 videos done then all of a sudden I received an error message when trying to upload media for my video titles. All of a sudden I get error messages when trying to upload logos that just worked. SUPER FRUSTRATING, I paid over $100 and because of app malfunctions, I can’t get any work done. Disruptive work flow and no customer service to talk to. Id stay clear and not invest the money until they have these bugs resolved.
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3 years ago, gh be h
Best editing app ever!!!
I’m a pro with phones but a first timer with editing any type of videos. This app made it to where is was extremely easy to edit and with great results. And I didn’t even have to purchase a Pro package yet. The free edits were enough for me, but I believe in time those Pro features will be calling my name. The app is simple to use and the tools are easy to use and find. My 16yo son edits videos like he worked in a Hollywood studio his whole life. He’s just extremely skilled at it. I recommended this app to him, and I can’t wait to see what magic he works! The only issue I had was how I couldn’t export my music from ITunes when there was an option to do so. I’m guessing they haven’t fully got the permission from Apple yet. But it definitely shouldn’t be an options button to add music from your iTunes if the feature isn’t available yet. BUT I can say the option to export the sounds out of any of your personal videos it a plus! And made up for the iTunes issue for me. Great job creating this app!!!
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2 years ago, No.xxxxxx
By far BEST content editing tool out there!
FilmoraGo is hands down my favorite video editing tool I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot of them)! It is very easy & fun to use! I’m able to trim unlimited, unwanted sections from any where within my video(s). Import multiple videos to one project & create one cohesive motion picture! Set a fun action to an entire video or use the trim & splice feature to add actions to different parts of it. I do miss the preloaded music you use to could add on the free version, but still able to add any music downloaded on my phone to a video. I really love that I can extract bits of audio out instead of having to delete all it. It’s fun to play around with speeds throughout for dramatic effects also! Some other great features are ability to adjust contrast & brightness, crop, zoom in or out…etc. Import still photos & create a video project! All this is just on the free version too! Imagine the possibilities with a paid subscription! AAA++
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3 weeks ago, Obi-Wan Cannabinobi
AI captions have major issue
When running AI captions, it does most of it very well. But you have to just accept any word mistakes or bad highlights because if you try to edit, it takes the word you edited and joins it to the next word. And it won’t stop thinking it’s one word no matter how many spaces are between them. For example, let’s say you said “I am going to watch the Acolyte premier when it comes out.” 100% of the time, the AI will type out “I am going to watch the accolade premier when it comes out.” Editing “Accolade” suddenly makes the software think the sentence is “I am going to watch the Acolytepremierwhenit comes out.” Even if you put spaces in between the words, or extra spaces so that it actually shows up right, you can’t apply highlights and you can’t select the words individually. Also, if you add a word at the end, 9/10 times it’ll just not show the word. It’ll be there in the transcript, but it won’t appear on the video. Other than that huge issue (because captioned videos get more views so it’s important to do) the app works fine for extremely basic cutting and editing.
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2 years ago, Spicyy.Greed
Amazing app for editing and GREAT customer service
This app is amazing! It allows for a lot of easy editing with a simple to learn from design. As long as i've had this app they have been constantly updating and adding new things to edit with. And I have to say they are ON TOP of fixing bugs. Most times they fix them quick especially if you let them know about it through email. You can walk them through the problem so they understand and they'll fix it. They won't be afraid to let you know they aren't quite understanding the issue but once they get that it is in fact something that needs fixing they'll get on it AND tell you they will. Updating you along the way with, they're currently working on it and they'll let you know when you're problem has been fixed and let you know if the current update addresses it.
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10 months ago, FriedRibs
Great quality app, but with a deal breaker
This is a high quality app, that's easy to understand intuitively. It's well crafted and you can see a lot of work has gone into the design and function the app. Unfortunately, there is a deal-breaking bug (or at least what I would call a bug.). All of the transitions do not complete correctly. For example, if you use the dissolve transition between two clips, the first clip stops playing in the middle of the dissolve resulting in a very amateur look to the final video. (the same goes for all transitions where the two clips can be seen or partially seen throughout the transition. (and yes, I've trimmed the end of the first clip and the beginning of the second clip to provide enough footage for the transition.). I reported this to the company a year ago, but they still haven't fixed it. Note that Filmora on the PC handles transitions perfectly. Sorry to say, this app will remain just a toy until this basic functionality is fixed. (which again is a shame because of the otherwise high quality of the app)
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5 years ago, Tansimburke
Excellent App but it needs Improvement
I love this app mainly because it is free and I am able to add my music to my personal videos. I have given it four stars because I do not find it to be user friendly. The developers need to change the way photos and videos to be added to the user’s creation are displayed. The small round thumbnails are cute but impractical. If you don’t know what the video thumbnail you want to import looks like or you have multiple videos with the same image as the thumbnail you will end up just importing all the videos into the app in order to eliminate the ones you don’t want. Finding some of the features is also a tad too complicated. Apart from not being user friendly the app has not crashed on me since I have been using it so it is reliable. For a free app it offers a lot of features, enough features to enable you to complete your projects, unlike many other apps. Hopefully the developers will work on making the app more user friendly without taking away from what they already have.
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12 months ago, MimC111
Not very user friendly, lacking some really basic features
I use Filmora on my desktop for video editing and really enjoy the product, so I downloaded the mobile version to try and up the game of my video edits from my phone (was using a different much more basic editor on the phone). Personally I found the app to not be very user friendly, it’s taking lots of trial and error to figure out how to work the app. There are lots of really “advanced” features like Picture in Picture or special effects but a frustrating lack of some really basic features. For example, the inability to do what I would consider to be simple things such as add text with a background color so the text is visible against a busy background video (a feature that is easy to find on the desktop version) seems to not be an option on this mobile. If you are looking to add fun effects, filters and music to videos, this is probably great, but for making tutorials and text heavy videos, there are definitely simpler, easier to operate apps out there.
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5 years ago, IloveStrangerThings13
Amazing but they changed it
I love filmora go I edit with it all the time and the only editing app i use but it changed recently. So I haven’t used it in a couple weeks than all of a sudden I come back on there and it’s different and changed a lot i liked it before it changed now every time I try it and go on the app it works fine but then less than five minutes later it takes me off the app. I don’t want to give this app a bad review or anything but if they want more people to use it they need to put it back to the way it is. I’m a teen who loves editing and puts them on Instagram and I love editing stuff like stranger things,American Horror story, or Celebrities like Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby brown but now I can’t do that if filmora is acting like this so if the creator sees this please reply because my once loved app is acting up.
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3 years ago, ParentDC
Filmorago for IPhone great 👍 / for IPAD Horrible 😡
I love the Filmorago for IPhone and have been using it to edit my YT videos and give it 5 stars so I bought a new iPad to download filmorago for IPad Pro and ITs NOT THE SAME!! It’s horrible and don’t get it! I don’t even see the app for the iPad anymore in the App Store. So I guess they’ve discontinued it. Therefore couldn’t put a review directly for the iPad version of filmorago. I contacted the filmorago wondershare to complain about the iPad version of the app and no one responded for weeks. Finally I complained to the wondershare team for the iPhone and they responded right away. Unfortunately I was told that the two programs are different. So not the same app. I wish I knew because I bought a full subscription and spent $59 for the app version. And it seems I have to contact Apple to get the refund. Don’t download the filmorago for the iPad !! Waste of money. Filmorago for IPhone is great!
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3 years ago, Wine, books and Wednesday
Mostly it works.
The new banner ruins videos. What’s the point of offering a free version that destroys the videos you create. I know theres an option to buy the program but why even have a free one if wandershares advertising destroys the videos you create. I understood them wanting a watermark on their free platform and I was fine with advertising for them. At first the ad was there but it didn’t take up the whole screen. This new one is obnoxious and the videos you create are unusable. Now that I’m familiar with editing and am ready to purchase software this makes me rethink buying a program that does that to its costumers. As far as editing goes this is great but a lot of times the sound doesn’t work at all. I have to exit and reload it or start over to get any sound. Even the music included with the app doesn’t work. It will play but no sound comes out.
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2 years ago, MinecraftMasterOmg
Absolutely Great!! (Some improvements)
This app has almost everything you need to create an amazing video without a heavy editing software! Here are some improvements and feedback, first of all: 1. If I add enough clips the app gets sorta super laggy: this may be my fault because I like to film like tons of clips, but it would help if you could fix this because it can get annoying. 2. Can we please get more text features! It would be nice to be able to change the font or color in the same text, it would be nice to (kinda like speed curve) customize the text movement. Overall this app is the best and I love all the other aspects and new things, so please keep updating and this app will get even better!!
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3 years ago, JulianneWendt
Simply Advanced Video Creation!
Absolutely love this video editing Ap and wold recommend it as the #1 editor for anyone who wants a great, on-the-go video creation. I’ve been able to put together high quality shirt films for Instagram and Facebook immediately after taking the shot. My only wish is that the editor would allow you to overlay two videos on top of each other so You can add B-roll where you want it without interfering with the main footage. The workaround to this by splitting the A-roll where you want to put B-roll and inserting the b-roll in the split. If you want to keep the audio from the A-roll you will need to extract the audio separately and add it as music which may interfere with your ability to add other sounds. It’s a pretty complicated workaround on our end that I think the developers should look into fixing.
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2 years ago, macnchessefan
I like it! Would prefer more features, however.
I bought the premium version of this app and so far, I’m not disappointed! It is very easy to use and is quite convenient. I am a beginner when it comes to editing, and I definitely would recommend the premium version to other beginner editors. However, I believe it does need a couple of more features. I am aware that it is updated frequently so more stuff is available in FilmoraGo, but I have some suggestions to make regardless. One of my suggestions is that it would be great if we were able to do a Motion zoom in and out on imported videos/footage and that we can change the speed on how quick we want that zoom in/out (I’m not sure if images can do motion zoom in/out, but I don’t believe so). I would be very happy if you added this feature. :)
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4 years ago, mars maddie age8
GREAT but...
I love this app I have been Able to use it with a lot of things, but after a couple seconds after opening the app it has started to freeze. I had to completely exit out of the app and come back in and it won’t let me edit anything else about my video except save it, and sometimes when I save it, it only saves half the video. Another thing is when ever I try to download sticker packs, sound effects and, music it doesn’t take a certain about of seconds, or minutes, and not just even hours. Even if I start downloading it in the morning it won’t finish downloading until I fall asleep at night and wake up Again in the morning. I LOVE this app but all these problems make me mad. Please fix this, because I love using this app and would love to use it more but I don’t know if I can with all these problems. Thank you. 😊
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2 years ago, Kat luvs chocolate
So I figured out my previous issue. When I was trying to clear up storage I found these files connected to the app. I figured that were useless so I deleted them. I didn’t know those files contained all of my data on the app. All of my work is gone, and there’s no getting it back. Partially a mistake on my part. However, I do wonder why the app’s data relies on a hidden file that could easily be mistaken for random junk. Maybe, I don’t know, a warning beforehand would be helpful? I don’t know, it just seems kind of sketchy. Aside from that, the app is fairly laggy, and often I’d get randomly kicked out of the app in the middle of editing. This is a more minor issue compared to my previous argument, in which basically all of my work spread out through several months vanished in the blink of an eye because the data happens to be stored in some sketchy file. This is just my take, thank you for listening.
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2 years ago, The Cretaceous Brotherhood
Nearly Perfect!
I’m pretty good at editing but I’m still in my first few months of it and this is great for beginners and seasoned editors (who are still using a phone for some reason) if I had one complaint it would be that I can’t delete the watermark without the pro version but that’s relatively minor still an issue though. Oh wait I forgot something you can’t export videos without the subscription service! If your editing something you probably want to get it to your photo roll without paying money so that lowers it to three stars. If the developers are reading this it would be perfect if you let us export videos and remove the watermark without the premium version. So yeah this is great with just or two flaws and it would be pretty much perfect for me if you removed the watermark, export the video and added a slightly better asset store!
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8 months ago, Makermomof2
The Marketing does not do the program justice
The marketing and graphics used to display the possibilities of what this program can do read My Space 2011😂 but the actual program and what it can do are hands down my favorite video editing platform. It is incredibly user friendly with a wide variety of filters, stickers, transitions, and options. The 4 stars is because downloading music from my iPad into the program, or accessing videos from my files is not simple at all. I have to save videos in my photos rather than be able to pull them from my files or iCloud. The music can only be downloaded one file at a time. This is not the case with more expensive programs but I still prefer editing with Filmora even with these frustrations.
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2 years ago, Lochshf CV outreach d
Okay first of all y’all this app is beautiful you can make shorts you can make edits and it’s so easy and takes up no time but it does take up some space on your phone but you can always delete it after but you do need this in your life it makes everything so much easier and I’m just a kid but I’m still saying this I think any adult would be lucky enough to use this app and if you can’t pause videos on your phone you can always stop the video and then make it again if you need a pause and then edit it together it’s so easy and fun and you can get music and everything The only thing I don’t like about it is you have to pay to be able to use any stickers that are actually really cool but that’s just what I’m saying but I still love it
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6 years ago, Happy Hatp
Amazing!! 50th Birthday Video
I used this app to make a 9 minute video for a 50th birthday party - on my phone. Starting with a Star Wars crawl mp4 file I saved to my camera roll, I had tons of pictures with transitions, filters, overlays, subtitles, music, and more videos. I kept wondering when it would crash, because there was so much! It worked flawlessly, and was very easy to use. Towards the end of crafting the 9 minutes, it had trouble playing it back in app and would freeze. However, I could still work on it no problem. To view the video, I just saved it to my camera roll. Obviously, in the end the file was too large to email, so I just air dropped it to share. Super easy! Highly recommend!!
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5 years ago, dreetbigbandz
Just a few cons
The new update is pretty useful and I enjoy it a lot along with the effects (btw more transitions, effects, and filters would be A1) but one thing I don’t like is that you can’t hear any audio whatsoever while you’re editing. Can’t hear anything from the videos or the music and that’s, in my opinion, a big down fall because how can you edit if you can’t hear anything? I also noticed as you trim clips and edit it gets very glitchy and laggy when you try to play it back. Also certain effects such as the tv/retro like effect makes the video glitch and lag very badly. I tried to export the video to see how it would look with the effect but exporting was taking FOREVER. If these few things were fixed though, this app would be absolutely superb and a complete go to video editor. 3 stars for now until they fix those bugs.
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4 years ago, Joeysappreviews
I’m not completely satisfied with this app
When I first heard about this app I was hesitant to download it. But when I did I realized it wasn’t that bad. I have been using this app for two weeks now and just recently it started freezing and became increasingly more laggy. I also don’t like the fact that at the end of every video you make on this app it shows the FilmoraGo go symbol. I am okay with it showing the watermark at the bottom of the screen but I don’t like the fact that it shows that picture at the end of my videos. And what makes it even worse is that you can’t get rid of it unless you buy pro so if you don’t want an ad for this app at the end of your video and you don’t want to pay money to remove it then I suggest you find a different app to edit your videos with.
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4 years ago, Emmy loves kittnes
I would give it 5 stars but it’s not SUPER EASY TO PUT MUSIC IN just a little suggestion what about a files section where you can pick a sound or music there? It’s easier but I’ve been using power director but it isn’t much greater either I just want you guys to make it easier ‘cause I don’t like going on apple music and etc. but please add that I’ll get it again but that’s all I need I’ll use it once you added it I just wanted everyone to have a easier way like how PowerDirector has that section.. But it’s still a great app! It works very well! But if I had a computer I’d use Filmora9 because a lot of people like it I just wanted to give that suggestion! If you red this owners thank you for your time! Please add the feature I don’t know if it’s because I’m on iPad but it just doesn’t workout for me sorry!
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4 years ago, VHM-Reviews
Could be better
I love filmora and all, but I wish it had more to it and have the music or effects download faster. I also don’t like how long exporting takes. On another app, I exported a 30 minute video almost immediately and it took about 15 minutes here. Oh, and I’m not sure if this is a thing in Filmora yet, but I would really like it if you could trim in the middle of the video because I have had problems like that and would like that to happen. Overall, it could be better but it’s what I use for editing so I’ll keep it. Update: So my brother decided to go on my iPad and mess around with Filmora. He downloaded almost all the music and I forgot to mention this but it was a week or two ago. It’s still downloading and I’m getting impatient. Think you could help me with this?
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3 years ago, Cherise Mannly
This is amazing i love it!!
I enjoy the easy using, edit by my phone can improve my work faster, and give y’all a shout out every chance I get. The blending and editing power of Video Leap is just as good as Adobe if not better. I love editing on my phone now. One suggestion I have is maybe designing a feature to where the animation (blink and pulse) could go with music. I’ve had this idea for awhile and after using Beat Leap, it doesn’t seem unrealistic. It would be cool if it could auto detect with whatever song we choose. Another feature that would be nice, would be the ability to save a section of the project. In case you want to save a cool intro that happened to use part of your video. Keep up the great work
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7 years ago, Ovar9000
The best editing app ever!!!💖😍😃
The app itself is really great!I just started using just right now and there are no issues with the app and I really love this as my editing app it has alot of choices to pick from and its really fun to use it when I check out the fliters,overlays and all but overall this is a successful app and I have struggled with other editing apps some apps are just stressful and tiring and confusing to use but this app is easier to use instead of other app because you can use it easily and dont get tired with almost all editing apps has made you do and still has not do a right thing yet and you end up deleting the app and find another app but yeah I really enjoy this app iz le bezt😂😍💖😃🖤
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6 years ago, Person61937282873928
Great Overall. But...
I think this app is great. It’s very simple to understand and use and it’s a great app for editing videos, adding cool transitions, and trimming clips together. There are multiple times, actually most times where when i add multiple trimmed clips to “next” my clips dont even show and its just a blank edit. My clips are like not even there and i have to do it all over again. I had to try to delete and re-download the app. Even shut off my phone and turn it back on. I think this is a very problematic glitch but I dont know if anyone else has it. I also think that the aspects of this app is great. The filters have such a variety but i think you can add very cool and crazy transitions to just have fun with. But overall, this is a very cool app!
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7 years ago, Courtcourtrowe
I highly recommend!
This is a really great app! I make edits for me and my boyfriends anniversary’s and it adds so many great effects. It makes my edits one of a kind and I love this apps so much. It makes your videos look really professional and it’s so easy to learn how to use it. Normally other editing apps I have used before were so complicated. This one I got the hang of in no time. I don’t know if they have change the music. You used to have to download music or already have it on my phone, but I can’t buy my own music. So it would be nice if you would already have some in the app. It could be really helpful. Thanks other than that this is a really great app! Love love love it! Best editing app on the App Store!
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2 years ago, dimmoggio
Back rooms
If you don’t know what it is it’s a dimension where you fall through your house floor or any floor. Then you end up in a yellowish infinite rooms. Monsters lurk there and there are levels that are exits or secret doors located in the levels. That place would never wanna be entered in. Btw I’m making a movie about that but different. I use places like my grandmas back yard my house or the apartments. (Mabye even somewhere else) And also this app is so cool! I just wish I could afford the pro version tho. Still I’m a movie maker! So this app is a ten out of ten (can you add removing people filter because in the back rooms there’s no one) Ok bye!
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2 years ago, bunny punny funny
Amazing app for beginners!
After using this app for about a year now, I can still say it’s an Amazing app for starters! Customizable features ( transitions ,effects , etc) and lots of things to work with . Also it’s a good app for beginners looking into being a YouTuber, influencer, and for posting on any platform device ! Although I do have some recommendations! ( you don’t have to consider them ) please add more text and animation features, kinda like the text animations on the computer version of FilmoraGo! And also I’m not sure if you have this but, please add audio overlays! It would be very useful ( if you do have audio overlays please tell me where to find them) Aside from that, amazing app! Keep up the amazing work FilmoraGo! 🫶🎉💕☺️ P.s- sam
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6 years ago, Clayton's babe33
Transition Glitches??
I Love this app! it’s not like the desktop version, but for it to work this well on a phone is AMAZING! I’ve been having a problem with it today though. I haven’t used the app since maybe last week and today when i went to add transitions between my clips I tapped on the first one which was Box-ease and it basically just messed with the photo it was transitioning to and put a bunch of glitchy squares all over the screen then it went back to normal picture. it does this for almost all of them. i just updated the app a few minutes ago and tried to see if maybe that’s what it needed but the same thing happened again. I’m not sure if it’s just and IOS thing but i just started having this problem today.
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2 months ago, BroadwaydreamerNYC
Used to be Awesome
I actually absolutely loved this app. I used to use it all the time but now it freezes it doesn’t pull up my photos or videos and it’s very very frustrating because I don’t like the high definition version of the one they’ve come out with because it’s not user-friendly, I have subscriptions to both and nobody seems to care. I keep giving them feedback and they do not respond to my emails so I am wondering why did they even have the feedback button on this app? I’ve done literally thousands of videos with this app but now it’s become a bummer so I would recommend CapCut over this one even though I don’t like CapCut because it throws its watermark on the end even if you pay the monthly fee you gotta remove it I mean I don’t wanna promote that app. Sorry I’m doing my own thing my own creative genre here, so yeah, get with the program, do a better job.
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5 years ago, $implelife55
Good, but a few kinks
I believe this is a truly amazing app, just a few things. 1: When searching for a song on iOS, either the downloaded songs don’t show up or they do but don’t let me select a time to play. Sure the songs won’t show up from time to time but when they do, either they don’t play or let you select a time to play the song in your video, but don’t show up in the video. 2: Subtitles cut out. So when I go to put a subtitle in my video, the subtitle gets cut off by a little bit. Not a big fan of that. 3rd and lastly: Projects won’t save from time to time. This really gets on my nerves because I could spend seconds to hours of my time editing videos. I have seen other reviews talking all about this and we would love to have this fixed. Tl;dr Great app, Just a few kinks.
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8 months ago, kay.shay
Absolute Crap, Total Scam, False Advertising
I am incredibly angry. I bought the perpetual use version for $80. HUGE mistake. I understand that certain updates would require purchasing again or going for a yearly subscription. HOWEVER. The main reason I bought this was to not have a watermark. Well. I was able edit one video with my paid services and next one I go to edit, guess what! I have to pay $80 AGAIN to not have a watermark!!! It seems that nothing I paid for is available anymore which was NOT made clear. They make you believe that everything you already paid for will stay and you just have to pay if you want new stuff. This is a TOTAL lie. I am so angry at myself for falling for their lies, but even more angry at them for being a total scam. Do not buy or support any form of this company. Complete liars and scammers. I’m tempted to dispute the claim on my card.
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4 years ago, ThatGirl86
Updates aren't making it better
I got this app a while ago and I really liked it. It's easy to use and edit. I like that I can control the speed so much and that I can add transitions. It really is a good app. But the features being added just aren't helpful now. I can't move stuff where I want if it gets even close to a grid it snaps to it. If I film something even slightly off center I can't fix it because the app won't let me place stuff wherever I want. For some reason it's started zooming in on my videos and cutting stuff off. This I just noticed today. Like I can go through and manually fix the zoom, but that can be time consuming and tedious. I also don't understand the speed breakdowns? Like why are they 1, 1.3, 2.5, and 3.8? idk it's just getting less intuitive recently
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2 months ago, PureBlood718
Great Experience so far
I find Filmora to be a really user-friendly video editing software, especially for beginners like me. The interface is so easy to navigate, making the editing process a breeze. I love that there are plenty of templates and effects to choose from, which adds a professional touch to my videos. The timeline feature is fantastic as it allows me to easily cut and rearrange my clips to create the perfect sequence. And if I want to get creative, I can experiment with green screen effects and mix my audio. Once I'm done editing, I can export my videos in various formats and sizes. Overall, as someone new to video editing, Filmora has been a great tool for me to create amazing videos.
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2 years ago, 💟✡️💞
It’s a good app but…
A lot, and I mean A LOT of people seem to love this app. People don’t have any trouble with editing, but there’s just 2 things that annoyed me. 1st, it wont let me add an audio that I saved. I click on it many many times, but it didn’t work. I closed out of the app and opened it again, but it still wouldn’t budge. 2nd, I tried cropping an image and removing the green screen.. but it wouldn’t crop, nor would the green screen remove. It really annoyed me considering, I’ve tried many other apps that don’t work either. I know this isn’t that bad, but lots of YouTubers have said this app is amazing so I was really hoping that it would work. Other then that, this app is great.. If you read this, thank you for listening to what I have to say!
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8 months ago, BennyKayy
Trash refund policy
They make it incredibly difficult to cancel your subscription. I cancelled mine immediately after I signed up for the 7 day free trial, but apparently there was another hidden one (for bonus tools? No idea.) I called to ask about it immediately after I got an email from PayPal saying I had been charged. They said it was my fault I didn’t notice a second subscription, and that there was an email sent to me a day before that said I would be charged. Sorry my email automatically detects anything from Filmora as being spam and routes it to my spam folder? The app itself is fine, but make sure you check for every subscription under the sun or you’ll be out money. Update: they contacted me and asked that I reach out via their website to get help. That’s who I went through for help to begin with. Useless.
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4 years ago, AP_Fingervortex
Needs more stuff
God the app needs more stuff to compare with IMovie. It should probably go ahead and get stuff from IMovie (ability to look in files, changing pitches if speed is increased or decreased, etc) and it’s older brother, Filmora9. (green screen?) it really needs more stuff that isn’t locked behind filmoraGo pro. Speaking of that, make everything that is part of it also be able to be purchased separately, just like the watermark removal and 1080p resolution option. Those are separate purchases, do the same for the pro features! It’s not that hard. Let music be previewed, fix the lag when playing the video inside the app, and implement features from iMovie or Filmora9 that still doesn’t exist yet on FilmoraGo, without it being locked behind the pro version.
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4 years ago, FabioRiv
Best free video editor
It is so amazing and easy to use. It is straight forward and simple to navigate. I quickly learned all the features on my own in just under an hour. The app teaches you along the way so it makes it easier. It is also great quality and has amazing edits and features not found in other video editors. Using it for free does not take features away from you, so that’s good. The watermark isn’t annoyingly big or sit in the middle. It is small and in the corner, so if you are not paying then it won’t be too much of a problem. Overall I really like this app and I think it deserves to be called the best free video editor on mobile!!
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3 years ago, qwertymanofyokat
I am a new video editor but even I know this thing is AMAZING. I tried some others but this one is better by ten miles and a half! It has awesome effects, stickers, music and much much more! And even though you have to pay for premium to get some of the features, it’s not like “You can have 5 features without premium” it gives you a reasonable amount. And I get it: it’s a reasonable thing, that you have to pay to get a lot of the features, because 1, there are SO MANY of them, and 2, they are SO HIGH QUALITY. I really really love this app and I want to thank the developers for making this app.😄
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3 years ago, JustEplease
New Bugs
I’ve been using FilmoraGo for years now, even before I switched to iPhone and there was an entirely different UI and feature set and I’m still to this day mostly satisfied with the app. One of my only problems is that lately I’ve noticed that whenever I click an option that requires the app to open my gallery (new project, export audio, add video, etc), the app just kind of sits there, sometimes for upwards of 10 minutes, before it does anything even if I click the button multiple times. I’m not sure what’s going on but I would love to have that fixed so that I can continue using FilmoraGo for my film editing on the go. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Julia👍😍
This app is great but I’ve been having a problem
Ok so I’ve had this app for a long time and I really enjoy it and think it’s one of a kind but since today I started having a problem.... I had selected a bunch of photos and went to add transitions but my screen froze and I couldn’t add in any transitions or even try to make a new one. The app just froze so I reloaded the app and when I went to go back on it and edit that same video it I hit transitions and it froze again. So then I reloaded it again and instead this time I went to create a new video and add transitions and that froze too. So other than that this is a really great editing app! I just wish it would stop freezing when I’m trying to edit! Thanks, Julia P.S. Please try to fix this!
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4 years ago, KityQuake
i’ve been using this app for a while and i don’t have any promises with it for quite sometime but all of a sudden there’s been so many bugs and other thing, i just recently edited something and there’s a bug we’re it won’t play after about 2 seconds in. The biggest problem i have with this app is after about 30 minutes or less even, trying to upload a picture or video to filmorago but then it says downloading from icloud which never ends up loading so i have to delete that image or video and recover it just to upload it. Also when editing it can get really glitchy and buggy i know they may be because i’m doing all these different things and editing a lot but it’s really bad sometimes like unbearably bad. please fix all your bugs and stuff with this app!
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5 years ago, Seliscool
Terrible and a waste of time.
Let me start off by saying the creators had a great idea. The amount of things you can do with the this video editing app is untouched anywhere else amongst the free video editing apps. It’s simple to use and has countless features. Great idea. But the thing is, the app crashes or restarts every other second. Definitely not the app for hardworking editors who actually like their work to come out nice. Good work takes time and clearly this app was not made to work in the long run. You’ll spend hours working on a project just for the app to crash and hours or days of work to go down the drain. It’s not worth the hassle. Even when you save the video to the “my saved projects” section, the video will eventually delete unexpectedly. You might as well pay for a video editing app if the only good free one is just gonna waste your time.
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6 years ago, Girlygirl2.4
First of all, it’s a good app, the transitions are great but let me settle one thing. I CANT USE ANY PICTURES I GOT FROM THE INTERNET. I have pictures that I took on my gallery and they work fine but pictures I got from the internet won’t work??? Please fix this because I feel like most people who want to edit on this probably use pictures on the internet. This is petty, if you want better reviews it is advisable to let people use pictures from the internet. I only got to make one video of pictures from the internet but the second edit I try to make doesn’t work. And when I try to add the images it kicks me out. I prefer to use KineMaster or IMovie because it just better for 1, you don’t get kicked out of the flippin app. Fix this please
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5 years ago, djyabble
I really enjoy this app! It’s fun and easy to use and you can make professional looking edits easily. The main problem I have with it is that it is NOTHING like Filmora Wondershare! I wish you guys could please maybe consider making the app more similar to Filmora! I used to have a PC and used Filmora and I LOVED it! It made very professional looking edits and since I used Filmora pro it’s expensive but worth it! Filmora 9 is free and you can make pretty much the same stuff. I really don’t like how FilmoraGo is nothing like either app because I loved both of those apps before my PC (which had multiple viruses) crashed and stopped working. That’s the only major problem I have with FilmoraGo it’s great for beginners but it’s upsetting! I really would love if you guys could maybe consider PLEASE making FilmorGo like Filmora 9 and Pro! Thank you! - DJ
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