Filteroff - Video Speed Dating

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Filter Off LLC
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User Reviews for Filteroff - Video Speed Dating

4.29 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Sugahsistah04
So far, I like it…
I just downloaded this app this week, and, so far, I like it. It’s very different from other apps. Other apps tend to turn into a never-ending swipe session. I typically don’t connect with people. The speed dating allows you to actually speak with someone, so it doesn’t feel like you’re completely wasting your time. The downfall is the profile requirements allow people to be extremely vague making it difficult to determine if you actually would like to speak with a match you receive. Also, since the app is new, I’ve found that most people are on the east coast (I’m in the US); however, I am not. I think once there are more people in the app, this will be a winner. To the developers, I know at some point you’re going to want to profit off of the app as it gains popularity, please don’t make it at the expense of the actual speed dating option. That’s what makes your app different. The random up charges are what have made other apps less appealing.
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4 years ago, itsmely
A Refreshing Twist to Dating Apps
I think most dating apps allow people to filter straight down to their exact type and I see my friends and myself get stuck in a cycle of dating people who are perfect to us on paper but are far from so in reality. But how else were we able to gauge who we’d get along with? There was a significant hole in dating apps that couldn’t replace the natural intricacies and delights of meeting someone in person — where you can be attracted to someone who can surprise you and be a better fit than your ideal mold of a person. I think Filter Off provides that bridge, where you can get the close to that magic of meeting of someone in person. Of course it’s a hit or a miss, and it can be frustrating not knowing if someone checks off your boxes, and the app itself can use some upgrades and has some ways to go, but I can totally see this app becoming the new frontier of dating in the future and perhaps replace the monotony and paradox of choice in the current leading dating apps. I’m excited to see where this app goes, and hope that it can help shift the current culture of casual dating that has needed a revolution since Tinder hit the markets.
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2 years ago, lost_meaning
Want to like it, but…
Overall, I really want to like this app. The concept is a great idea, and I like that it’s pushing you towards an actual video date. But…after only one week of use, the app is now sending me the same matches over and over so I’m seeing people I have already clicked pass on. I’m also not seeing a lot of variety in possible matches either. I’m white female, but I set my preferences to accept almost all ethnicities so I could meet a wide range of people. But I’m basically only seeing black and Indian guys on here. The app has specific communities one can join, like for example, Indians or Orthodox Jews, which is a good idea but the app needs to have more for there to be enough variety in users. I do like being able to match with people from around the world though, as this seems missing from other dating apps that are more location-based. Overall, I like the app but I wish I were getting more variety in the possible matches. So far no one has really interested me much.
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4 years ago, Awwthatstoobad
Registered for one of their virtual speed dating events a month ahead of time. Received tickets through Eventbrite by email. Did not receive any further communication about the process so assumed the night of the event, I would just log onto Eventbrite app and it would allow an option to join the event. Nope. Only after throughly looking through the info, it says to download the Filter Off app. Event is at 8:00pm, I’m realizing this 5 min to 8. I download the FO app and nothing on there says what I am supposed to do, after it took me more than 5 min to go through their required profile questions for setting up. If you’re going to host an event and you want people to register and RSVP, then email them specific instructions on how to join said event. It was so frustrating being taking the time to prepare to attend an event only to not have the information on how to attend. Especially for people that dating is difficult for - who prep themselves and have to really push themselves to get out there. And then they do and can’t even participate. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, KaylaBe123
Great dating app!
I love this app, it’s super easy to use and the people I’ve met through it are nice and genuine. The concept is unique and much needed— I haven’t seen any other video dating apps, and it’s refreshing to get to see someone’s face and actually talk to them instead of just messaging. I find that it’s a lot easier to get to know people through this app. The events are really cool too, I like that I can use them to target my interests and find people who will actually be compatible with me. It gives us a conversation topic right off the bat, since we already know we have something in common. Love Filter Off and would highly recommend!!
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3 years ago, KWarp
Quality App with Great Results
I found this app through a Facebook group, and have been delighted. The "video chat before swiping" premise is everything I have wanted in an online dating experience. I used to spend hours on OKCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel texting women, earnestly trying to get to a point where I could see their face and get a feel for their presence, only to feel it wasn't a match. The effort to evaluate compatibility was demoralizing. In contrast, my first experience on FilterOff ran me through 7 speed dating video chats in 28 minutes, and it felt amazing! What I experienced in minutes would take me hours on any other app! Highly recommend!
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6 months ago, vsco_therapy
Made by scammers
I have had very bad encounters with my rep at Filteroff when they made me work for them hinting I would earn money by working with a bar venue that serves drinks by earning drink fees. Now, they don’t do in person paid events. Probably because they don’t know how to make it work. Now, they offer a service of matchmaking for $999 per month for Matchmaker Pro. They describe you will get a personal matchmaker matched with AI, and they highlight only takes ten minutes the setup process with the matchmaker. So you pay almost $1000 a month when it only takes an actual person 10 minutes to setup. And the rest is handled by AI with the app. Besides my hands on experience, would you trust anyone offering a $1000 a month service to people desperate for dates. It is a $1000 a month AI service for consumers not enterprise!
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2 years ago, bunnieluv❤️
Can’t log on and unable to attend event
I had the same issue as another person who wrote a review. I purchased tickets on Eventbrite and was prompted to download the app and make an account with the same email. I did that, but the event was not RSVP’d. Today is suppose to be the event, and though I received a reminder yesterday from Filteroff, I did not get the one hour email to confirm my attendance. I logged off my account thinking it would help refresh everything but when I tried logging on I was not able to. I was just prompted to make another account. I can’t log back in when I try using the same email and the email is flagged as ‘already in use’. I’m not sure how to long back in or even get access to my account to delete it.
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2 years ago, Blippeder
Not worth the download
The app idea of virtual speed dating is great but unfortunately the app is not where it needs to be. I’ve used other dating apps before and this one is by far so bad that it can’t even count as a dating app. I had my preferences to be within 20 miles from the DC area. One of the people I got was from Canada some were in NyC some florida. The area range didn’t matter to the app neither did the age. You get only three profiles to view a day, they barely have any info and again don’t fit your preferences. And the speed dating feature is a fail it’s supposed to be an hour but I’ve had at most three at a time for like 3 minutes each that’s not an hour. And 90% of the guys didn’t speak English and weren’t near me. Overall most awful app for dating you can ever download
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3 years ago, TheodoreG99
Good app but it could use some changes
This app is a really good idea, but it does have some issues. The first issue is that people don’t show up for dates a lot of times. Most of the nights where I had a date lined up my date ended up cancelling on me. Sometimes I’ve even had multiple dates cancel on me in the same night. The other issue is that most of the people that you get matched with end up living too far away from you for you to ever meet them in real life. The last issue I would like to see changed is for there to be more events to go to. Overall this app is a good idea but it could use some changes.
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3 years ago, Chin Omeogu
Is an amazing concept but I guess this app is fresh that is the reason I am having issues
I give this app a 3/5. I love the fact that you can see people face to face on an app and you can decide if you’re attracted to them or not. But I have an issue, most people I end up meeting on this app on online videos live too far away. One of them lived as far as in Ontario, Canada. She almost forced the relationship but I was hugely turned off because she simply just lived too far away from me. The people you meet on this app are never close even when I adjusted my distance radius to 50 miles. I want to be able to see my girlfriend as I don’t like long distance relationships.
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5 years ago, MoMo876
Good app but could use some fine tuning
I really love this concept! You can literally have a speed dating session wherever you are. It’s a great way to get straight to the point in conversing and then decide whether you would like to continue with them or move on. Keep in mind - you aren’t given an opportunity to connect with other people every day. So far, I’ve been prompted every 2 days, which is good. Only two things I’d suggest however - 1) increase the time from 60 seconds to at least 2 mins. 2) allow for better options to search. For example, race, education level, relationship intent. Worth a try though!
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4 years ago, ajazzee
Perfect for finding your #CoronaCutie
I recently downloaded FilterOff for its partnership with MeetJew. And let me tell you, it’s perfect. I attended my first virtual speed dating event last night and talked to 4 different gentlemen in my community in a 20 minute time-span. It was well facilitated and seamless for the user. While 4-minutes doesn’t seem like a lot to connect with someone, it’s enough to know if you want to talk to someone again. Simply give them the 👍🏼 and you can connect anytime (if it’s mutual). Anyways, I just want to say “well done” FilterOff team. Way to make dating during quarantine, do-able and fun!
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4 years ago, Another Julie
Great concept
I love that this app gets people talking in a time where too many people spend their lives texting but never really connect. I am a busy professional and don’t like to spend days on end texting with someone I’ll probably never meet. I do think there are a couple things that would really improve this app: 1) Increasing the time for video chat from 60 seconds to two or three minutes. 2) Including more filters: what type of connection someone is seeking, certain lifestyle factors like diet (vegan/vegetarian), ability to filter for things like people who smoke or use drugs, etc. The app’s creator is very helpful and responsive. He created an event for me when I inquired as to whether one could be held. Overall, I’m pleased with this app and once more people know about it, I think it has the potential to be a game changer in today’s swipe happy culture.
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3 years ago, XtremeHappyF€€t
It’s foolish to think it’s just another app
Where has this been all my life? Finally there is a window to the outside world that is not full of creepers, fakes or scammers looking to play you. I get to see a real life person who just wants to feel if we vibe and have healthy and simple conversation that can be found at the park, holiday events and other places of that nature. I highly recommend this truthful gateway to reality and I will be telling all my friends to join as well. I admit that it’s astronomically impossible for me to be any happier.
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4 years ago, fenildedhia
Must have dating app!
This has totally changed my dating experience! I found it much better for vetting people with the 1 min convos instead of texting for days. After the 1 min video chat, if you both like each other you get matched and can continue chatting with video messages - great idea! I also like the variety of events hosted by the app creators. If you’re putting yourself out there, I definitely recommend having FilterOff under your belt. My only suggestion is that the match criteria doesn’t seem to work sometimes - please fix it!
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4 years ago, flygyrlchi
Good idea but not Sure It lands
The concept is great and the owner is willing to host private events, which is spectacular but not sure if this app is legit! Not sure if when you wish to be matched or not be matched with someone, it reads appropriately. I’m wondering if system is glitchy. 90 seconds isn’t long enough to decide on anything, especially not a date. All you can make is an impulsive decision. I never had any matches. I guess speed dating and online dating isn’t for me. Take care.
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1 year ago, candi7663
App has too few people.
What is crappy is you show up for virtual dates and people who sign up don’t follow through and cancel or not show up at all. You have therefore wasted your time as people are flakey. I would have never matched with any of the people they choose to have with me on a date if they did show up. The last guy was overweight and not even attractive and couldn’t have a decent conversation. I really tried but I would have preferred just select whom I wanted to talk to at the virtual event and go from there. You literally don’t see your dates until you start the event. Just no. I am pulling out from all the other events as it’s just a waste of time for me at this point.
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4 years ago, N_Marshall
Definitely worth trying!
A refreshing approach to dating apps! Seeing potential matches live on video is a much more interesting way to get a sense of someone’s vibe and authentic appearance. The fast paced speed dating event is a fun option to having a few ‘dates’ all on the same day. The 90 second dates can go quickly if you’re into someone but can also feel too long if you’re not. All in all, I’d say, that’s the perfect amount of time to see if it’s a match or pass. 😊 Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Merlock Holmes
Great idea, super fun
Where to begin? Ok, so first of all, this is not a scam. I didn’t have to pay anything. Signed up using my phone number and email areas. I tried it for the first time today and met 10 different guys on video dates. There were some no shows but the app can’t prevent people from flaking. I live on the east coast USA so I did have a lot of people near me, but I think as word gets out more people will join and other locations can have a better selection. One glitch: I signed up for back to back events and there was some overlap at the beginning of one and the end of the other. It’s been a rough year with covid and everything. This is an awesome solution to meeting new people in the comfort of your own home. And if you connect, you can arrange to meet in person. Definitely give it a try!
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3 years ago, Tree38404
I am so happy that I found this app through filter off. It is so great that people are sent to me and I can set up video dates with them-this cuts back on trying to get to know someone through texting and then coming to meet them and it’s not who you thought they were. No endless swiping either. I am optimistic and hopeful about this dating service. Thank you filter off !! I would give jt a higher rating but I just started !
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3 years ago, JazEHill
Great Concept with Lots of Potential
I discovered this app through Eventbrite. It’s a cool concept for online speed dating that’s timely for the pandemic and quarantine/social distancing. With more users, there will be more daters so I hope the app continues to grow with exposure. It’s very new, so there is room for improvement, but users have the opportunity reach out to the developers and creators with suggestions and get support for any tech difficulties and bugs. So support is there, which is great.
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4 years ago, #somegoodconvo
Filter Off is Perfect for Me!!!!
I really enjoyed Filter Off! The convos were 2 min - not too long and not too short. The convos were long enough to get the gist if there is an interest or not between us. Some of the platforms that I’ve been on had my matches and me talking for too long and silence happens all to often between us. Filter Off is simple with the alerts and countdown methods. I plan to stay with the app a little longer!🤩😎👍🏿
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4 years ago, sophiadiana11
A refreshing new take on online/ app dating!
A refreshing new take on online/ app dating! It’s exciting to be randomly matched and basically go speed dating. The dates are only 90 seconds; just enough time to get a first impression to really get the ball rolling— or not. I love that I’m actually able to see and speak to the person upfront instead of either of us hiding behind pictures. I definitely will start to recommend this app!
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9 months ago, Cmmajl27
Best dating experience yet!
I love this app because it’s not like the others at all! You can actually video chat with someone you like before meeting in person and the daily picks offered are always great. I’ve met so many awesome people and had a bunch of video dates that led to in-person dates! By far one of the best dating apps in my opinion and I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Kaaaaaathie
I never thought I would ever say Tinder is better. The app has a good concept but you only get 5 random picks of the day and then if you choose to do an event they give you 7 matches with blurred out faces. Once a match confirms the date you can get a better idea of if they are your type. None of my matches were remotely my type. My thought was how awkward would it have been to jump on a random video call with someone you aren’t interested in? Them imagine doing that 7 times in a row. After this experience I immediately went and re downloaded Tinder.
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2 years ago, MarTez bLade
Whole new spin
Love this idea you know for sure if the person is lagit from actually talking to the person. I like how responsive it is … kudos to the designer for the app- it doesnt look outdated. However ..i wish there were more detailed groups. For example: Black Christians in Michigan.. Or a specific University. This is a whole new spin on interacting.. I enjoy this whole new spin.
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3 years ago, @stacyn
Finally a real way to meet quality people. Filter Off has taken out that black hole of wasted time I used to spend on other dating apps with endless texting that led to Narnia. Filter Off is easy to use, feels as close to organic dating as possible and I think is attracting people who are serious about meeting people that desire and are capable of real human connection. I highly recommend signing up NOW!!! IT’s FREE!
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3 years ago, Skittlesman12
A Great Dating App Experience!
This is a great new dating app that brings something different than what all the other swipe apps have. They have community events you can attend where you can have virtual speed dates, get to know people close by or farther away and can filter it to what you are really looking for! Highly recommend downloading!
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5 years ago, Paul_978
Gives a real feel to online dating
Got vibe? Filter Off does. So why don’t you? Oh that’s right...It’s because you’ve just been swiping. Let’s change that. One of the most biggest questions when meeting a potential partner online is whether you’ll vibe with them - apps like Bumble and Tinder just have pictures & cheesy bios and that’s about it. The reason why I love Filter Off so much is because it really allows me to feel a person out via video before deciding if I want to meet with them. It also brings a level of spontaneity when you have the ability to actually speak with someone in-person. It makes my blood flow - it’s exciting. Filter Off really brings a whole new level to online dating.
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3 years ago, FOUR DAYS
Video dates are a refreshing change
I love this app because video dates ensure you are dealing with the person in the profile I like that video dates are short and you get to choose if you want to continue the conversation. There are a variety of events and you can choose which to attend and even create your own.
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2 years ago, Sidist
I don’t know how serious people are when they make their profile. The app wants 100%profile completion but there should be a word minimum for each section. The selection of men have very small entries that sounds like other profiles I.e “looking for someone that matched my values” without saying what their values are. Hardly anyone writes what hobbies or interests they have. Very generic profiles that make me think either scammer or not serious. Also when matching and meeting for a 4 minute date, the guy doesn’t talk. Very short one or two answer words. Not engaging.
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2 years ago, lasw1
Excellent - early to market
Smart concept. Timing/confirm/drop off features impressive. Nice work PMs and Devs! Now raise angel or Series A $ to spend on guerrilla and digital marketing to grow user base. Focus on cities with singles, tech centers, university towns, such as Boulder, Austin, Madison, Chapel Hill, where population smaller and CPU lower. NYC too large and expensive a market. Experiment with a charging nominal fee per round to incentivize participation. logasatx g m, Austin ,tx
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1 year ago, Mishmonster
Finally A Standout Dating App
What a refreshing concept - I get to interact with someone before I’m committed to 3 hours of my life and $100+ date that might go nowhere. I’ve met some really incredible people here and even better I’ve avoided huge wastes of time!! Everybody should video date before meeting in person. Also the events are super fun
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4 years ago, Christopher Barulich
No more catfish!
I love dating apps but half the time I’ve noticed women don’t look as good as there photos. This app is great because you get to see and hear your date right away so you know within 10 seconds if you’re interested or not and don’t have to worry about being catfishes. Finally a dating app where you know 100% who you are actually talking to!
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3 years ago, MelodyMiles
The app for anyone wanting more human connection in their dating life
This app is genuis. For years I’ve been frustrated with swiping and never actually making many human connections. This app takes away the swiping and gives you a chance to actually have a conversation. I can’t think of a better way to really get to know someone
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4 years ago, chaVivahh
Coolest new dating app
Discovered this app from a private event and saw there are weekly events hosted. This is a great way to meet people and see if you have some sort of connection right away. Feels a bit odd at first doing the video but definitely socially distanced! A few issues with audio at times but not enough to be too annoying. Definitely worth a try.
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3 years ago, abcdeex
A unique, new dating app!
I want to preface this with how different this app is from other dating apps out there, simply because of the video feature. Text conversations can die off, but it’s nice to be able to see a person and establish a connection face to face (albeit digitally). The events are fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this app will lead to.
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4 years ago, ashah1207
Love it !
Love this app ! I feel like I’m able to quickly get to know someone to see if it’s a good fit. Using other dating apps where I’m forced into a texting conversation doesn’t feel natural... with Filter Off you’re able to get the true authentic version of someone. No more spending hours trying to craft the perfect text.....just be you !
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2 years ago, Tez6789
Too Complicated
I signed up for an event through Eventbrite because it was a different dating experience. But, I missed the event because I was trying to set up my profile in order to confirm. Some people are not showing up because the process is too complicated. It does not have an easy flow. And, it is time-consuming. When people are introduced to a new idea, they don’t want to spend excessive time trying to figure out what to do and where to go.
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3 years ago, IdPay50centsforThisapp
Good idea bad execution
I genuinely like the idea of the app setting up dates with groups designed for specific interests and locales . However, like others mention, the app has a real flake problem. I’ve been on the app for about a month now and signed up for about 7 events with every match signing up and flaking on a date usually after the event has already started... or like 5 minutes before hand VERY FRUSTRATING ! . I wish the app would ban repeat flake offenders.
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4 years ago, Jofelty
Great concept; too few people
To be fair, this isn’t the app’s fault (it’s not buggy as far I‘ve seen). I was really excited about this idea in principle; the developer is onto something novel! However... there’s just too few people on here right now (I live in a city in Texas). I’d really like a lot more locals, not globals (tried dating long distance & didn’t like it). It’ll probably be several years before this changes in a big way. Hinge & Bumble just have too big a head start to even compare with it. The day more people come into this app, I’ll adjust my rating.
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1 year ago, Jennsing25
Finally, a decent dating app!
I’ve been on this app for about two months. It’s refreshing to actually be able to communicate with real conversations with REAL people. No 🍆 or 🐱 🐠 pics so far. The voice message option is a really nice addition to a dating app.
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5 years ago, Tova D
Test the waters before the date
Thankfully an app has come along where you do have to worry if the person in the profile will show up or someone who slightly resembles them!! No more cringing through dull dates. With Filter off you can tell if you have chemistry before accepting a date.
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5 years ago, Obark
Game changer
This app is amazing. It’s like going on 3 first dates in 3 minutes. If it’s good, you can keep talking to the person. If it’s bad, you don’t have to sit there for another hour and a half trying to come up with stuff to talk about. Highly recommend to anyone that’s getting sick and tired of the usual dating apps.
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4 years ago, sharksgirlforever
Innovative idea especially useful during a pandemic!
I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and it’s really cool! It’s a more personalized way to get to know someone rather than just texting! i’m looking forward to meeting up with some of the people i met on here after covid is past us!! :)
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1 year ago, Nicole_Badass
Waste of Time; too many glitches
App won’t let you manually update your location and their GPS system doesn’t accurately read your location, even without a VPN. “Tech support” said they would manually update my location for me but never did. When I refreshed the app and tried to use it again the screen froze and it became completely non-functional. So frustrating! Not worth it, even though it was marketed as having such potential.
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2 years ago, mike_innyc
Love the video dating focus
Glad a dating app is finally focusing on video-first - it’s about time. Very unique profiles and the gifs make everything seem more fun and light. Only gone to a few events and they were pretty cool, hoping they continue that
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4 years ago, stephp7
Most efficient way to date
The concept and usability etc is awesome it’s my preferred way to date now. Gets you in front of someone right away without weeks of missing pointless in app chats. Don’t have to give your number out either.
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1 year ago, Party war
Filteroff changed my life
Filter off is an extraordinary app. I love the fact that not only is it a dating app also brings people together with all the different extraordinary events. I highly recommend this app … try it it’s classy, hip, & with the times
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