Final Kick: Online football

4.4 (5.9K)
443.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ivanovich Games
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Final Kick: Online football

4.42 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
4 years ago, combo panda fan
Goal keeping could be better
I think the game is great. Easy controls for shooting and goal keeping. But it is really hard to stop balls rolling on the ground. When you shoot the ball every time it’s starts rolling on the ground it becomes really hard to stop. If you get lucky it could bounce off your feet and not go in, but over all this game is great!
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1 month ago, jbl1975
Dumbfounded ?
I was ready to give this game a four to five star review, because I’ve been playing it on and off for so long. Also, I always liked all the upgrades and the variety of options you had for each player, playing modes, etc. Although the mechanics were kinda showing it’s age, I guess the nostalgia of having played it this way and enjoying it, plus huge community and so on. Surprisingly, I don’t know if it’s due to the last update or what really happened but after the last clean reset I did on my phone (it was acting sluggish because I had it filled up to over 90 percent) I installed it like u have done before since my first I think iPhone 4, or 4S ( can’t remember on which model I began to play and this Game Center/Apple ID it’s not the same original one but it’s the one I’ve kept since iPhone 6 or 7 or so) and usually the game profile and saved data I’ve worked to get to always just syncs automatically, except this last time IT DID NOT, and no matter what I did or tried, including reaching out to the developer has worked. What a truly huge dissapointment, specially because I would never ever again download/install anything developed by them, and I WILL NOT, after these many years, start all over and lose what I worked pretty hard to reach/accumulate/achieve. Hopefully someone will get back to me at some point, but at this point I have barely any hope of rejoining this community so best of luck guys.
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6 years ago, 3RaZuR
Job Well Done
I like this game a lot. Simple, fun, and well built. I don’t have a problem paying to play the game at a quicker pace with less interruptions!! After all, could you imagine the quality of the iOS games if there was absolutely no potential for profit lol. Maybe like 15 crappy games to choose from. Money makes the world go round, like it or not. I think someone who works hard to put a quality game out should profit financially from it. Time is money. I think it’s generous to offer game at no cost up front! Keep up the good work Devs.
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3 years ago, random nickname55
Really good but,
I had this game on my Apple TV for a year or two, and I really enjoyed it. So when I realized that it was on phone I downloaded it! A few things that are kinda annoying is that sometimes the graphics kinda turn a little odd, and sometimes when you swipe, it doesn’t register all of it. But besides the few annoyances, it definitely lives up to the claim of being the best printout game!!! Definitely recommend for people who like shooting and blocking goals!!! 👍🏻
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6 years ago, CarsonReviewsBadGames
Pay to play
This is one of the worst games that I’ve played. Not because of the gameplay, (the game was actually very fun and cool to play) but because this game feels like it was only created to generate money for the creators. After you play one game, it takes 5 to 10 minutes until you can play again, unless you pay 10 dollars every month. Also, you can watch videos to get crates to open, so I watched 4 videos and only received 1 crate. I wasted a lot of time for nothing. I feel really bad because I enjoyed the gameplay very much, but it would have been a much better game if the developers cared about the game, and didn’t care fully about generating money. Thumbs down for the creators of this game.
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4 years ago, bIGDonuts5721
ONE TINY BIG problem
So this game is fun and all good times but there is one problem that I constantly have so the first time I downloaded it I play for like an hour then exited the game but then a few hours later when I wanted to play again every time I opened the app it got stuck on a black screen saying “updating” so if I wanna play I have to delete it and then download again just to play I hope they can fix this and overall this game is 5 stars
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6 years ago, kingsake gamer
This game is awesome
Me and my brother got it and instantly fell in love. We played echo their a lot and it is super satisfing for us. We both don’t pay the game and have fun and still have a huge chance of winning. The only problem for me is the adds so if I play my brother most of the time in the middle of a game I get a add that is longer than the offline countdown timer and he gets a free win. Other than that the game is awsome please die down those adds (: . Thanks for your coporation.
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6 years ago, Salemoto
Awesome Game
It can’t get any better, very entertaining and amazing animation i only wish it can include tutorial or guide cause some players do tick shots i have no idea how they did it. also i wish they can add “thank you” and “good luck “ in the predetermined text and finally i have to admit the only negative aspect is the annoying music... the commentators are awesome tho..all in all i gave five stars just because there are no more stars.... best ipad action game by far.. thank you
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9 months ago, nate🇨🇴😵‍💫
Had lots of fun playing
when i downloaded this i thought it would be one of those basic games that cant let you create your own team & players but it was the opposite. Amazing gameplay and online gameplay, also has offline mode. id recommend on long car trips or something like that. overall amazing game👏🏼
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6 years ago, Kyle Arante
First off, the terrible camera angle which make it extremely difficult to block the ball as goalie. Then there’s the fact that if I try to touch my screen for any other reason and the game thinks I’m moving my goalie, then he will just stand still meaning that I can’t move him anymore. Another fact is that it is also extremely pay to win, it is very difficult to train your players without money. This games irritates almost every player with its FPS, why play this when you could be playing any other penalty kick game. This one’s by far the worst penalty kick game I ever played.
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6 years ago, hlueck2
This game is very fun to play but I can never find anyone to play online. There are offline tournaments offered but eventually you have to watch an ad before every match or pay. And recently it told me they were out of ads so I have to wait 6 hrs to play an offline tournament but they have plenty of ads because when I click on anything inside the app I get an ad. It is clear they just want money out of me and that is very disappointing for a game with great potential.
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5 years ago, KevinT2002
This game is lovely, very addicting and has many interesting features. I would definitely recommend to someone if it weren’t for a lot of issues with the app though. At times there are too many ads, some that you’re not able to skip or close. On top of that, the app will constantly advertise their membership thing which is annoying and way too expensive.
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5 years ago, Meme123234
Whenever i get on Final Kick i always get the daily reward screen pop up and when i click the reward i don’t collect it it simply just closes the pop up and when i click something else the daily reward pop up comes up again it always happens so i hardly ever play the game because the pop up won’t let me collect the reward and it always comes back up
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3 years ago, NCSN0sta1g1a
Pretty Great Game Overall 😏
I’d say the only thing that’s bad about this game is just the ads and maybe the waiting time for your training points. Other than that, I really like the different aspects of the game like how cool you can perfect the shots and saves. Nice game, I suggest to buy it guys, it really is worth it!
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6 years ago, Royal Piggy
Good Game
It’s a pretty good game. I just wish players wouldn’t get tired. I don’t wanna pay money for everything! And, I normally get faced up against someone way worse than me or way better than me. I’m not complaining about me not having a good team but aside from those tiny issues, the game is fun.
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6 years ago, Papadunks
Great Game
This is the only game that fulfills my soccer game needs! It’s got good concepts great feature and easy controls. The UI is great as well giving all players a fun opportunity. Gives you a great adrenaline rush and is tons of fun. Offline mode is even more fun bringing out a competitive side of you you have never seen!
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5 years ago, uodjkdkk
Best app ever
I love this game because you have a great way of doing things and then it’s just that it has to be one more thing than usual when I’m playing with friends again or even if it’s free but not as long my progress will start on time soon
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6 years ago, Leo Messi #10
Too Many Ads
This app is good. I’ve been playing it almost since it came out. Before the update of Final Kick 2018, it was good. Then, in the 2018 update, there are way to many ads. When I click the play button, an add comes up. When I click almost anything, an add comes up. If you can fix this, this would be one of the best apps ever. Thanks!
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6 years ago, John the Savage
Horrible. Don’t Believe the good reviews.
This game is terrible. I played three shootouts and deleted it. The opponent’s goal keeper moves faster than humanly possible (including saving shots going to the top corner by diving after the ball has been kicked) meanwhile your keeper is basically a slow-reacting hologram. I had two shots go through my keeper. The game is designed for you to lose unless you pay extra. It’s not even fun for a quick distraction. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.
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5 years ago, Bay wolf
So much potential
This could be such a great game, however the poor touch game play makes the game a nightmare. I’ve tried using this on my Apple TV and forget about it - it’s a waste of time. A bit better on a phone device but either way = it’s extremely difficult to kick the ball exactly where you are aiming for. Everything cost money in this game , otherwise you will have to wait hour for players to recover and try to earn free coins. 1/ 10 stars
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6 years ago, sbingy
Cool game
This game has really great graphics and captures the excitement of penalty (and free) kicks very well. It’s a pity the developers didn’t create a complete 90 minutes football title... I’m sure that would have been really amazing. It would definitely give EA FIFA sports some competition. Hopefully that’s a work in progress!!!
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5 years ago, ItsHavoc_
Ads are all they care about
Ive played this game on and off for years now and the game was great before they played a 30 second ad that is not skipable after every game, and if you run out of coins you have to be lucky enough for the game to actually let you watch an ad for coins as it says that an ad isn’t available even though you may have watched a full 30 second unskipable ad for no reason right before that.
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6 years ago, Yeat j
Fun but buggy
Fun and addictive game, however all of a sudden i cannot play the game because it gives me the same connection error every time i hit play or team. My connection is fine, every other app is fine but final kick gives me a connection error. Tried waiting a couple of day, restarting nothing works.
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4 years ago, Berthaandaldo
I give it 4 stars
This game is amazing but there is way too many ads. It takes 3 hours to recover your energy. It also takes 1 hour to train your players. Why does it have to be hours?! But it is a really fun game. JUST WORK ON THE AD THING
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5 years ago, Insidescoop
Great Game
Great game, great graphics, great challenges and unfortunately every time you turn around they want more money (purchase of coins) they need to tone it down. Now with the update the dang program won't open! Way too much fun!
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6 months ago, matt .fred
Way too many ads and pay to win
There is too many ads and also pay to win because it gives free stuff making you stronger for a membership, and also it’s very hard to play for free and always advertises its membership. Please put less ads into the game and make it easier to play without buying a membership for 8 dollars monthly.
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3 years ago, ensnddnjsnfnsjxj
Game won’t load
My game doesn’t load. It gets stuck at the loading screen and never goes past. Please Help me figure out why
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6 years ago, Sniper heaven!!!!
Stop with the connection bs
I have incredible wifi, I'm pretty sure it's the best my provider offers. I'm sitting in the best spot in my house for getting a strong connection. I'm connected to my wifi with full connection, and everything else that requires wifi is running flawlessly. So for the love of God quit telling me my goddam connection has a problem. It's not me, it's you.
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6 years ago, yayfunguy
Great Game- Very Fun
But the issues with connection are terrible. Half the time it won’t connect and if it does it just spins and spins looking for an opponent. Once in a while restarting the game works but then I can only play one match before the connection issue returns. I wrote to the support desk Ivanovich games email but haven’t heard anything back. The game is great and I will change to a 5 star review if you can fix connection issues.
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4 years ago, joboeboe2
Amazing but 1 problem
I love this game to death but there is 1 problem, it’s the training wait time. An hour is too long and I think 15 minutes would be better
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5 years ago, pirateworld
They force you ro watch many commercials
Fun game but since you first log in they force you to watch 30sec long commercials that seem endless. And they force you to watch same commercials at the end of the games. Either make the commercial 10 or 15sec, or give the option to skip it after 3 sec like most other platforms do.
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6 years ago, devmsh
This is a great game but it needs to balance out because sometimes s I play people with 99 stats and it’s annoying because the just pay to win instead of playing
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2 months ago, lynxlover888888$$$$$!
Adds are awful!
The amount of adds playing this game is crazy. I understand that you need ads to make money on apps and I’m Okay with that. But literally every time I click I get an ad! And they are usually unskippable. Chill out with the ads please. Other then that the game is really fun.
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6 years ago, IAmNinjor
Simple but strangely fun
I'm not sure why this game is so fun. The gameplay consists of pretty much nothing at all - a simple but well-executed penalty shooter. But it's fun. A little slow getting started, but train up your players and it's quite enjoyable.
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4 years ago, u need to seatsddjs
Amazing game but bugs
This game tells me what to do and when I go to upgrade it skills upgrade it freezes and I can’t press cancel or start.
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4 years ago, mahdi178
The new version is bad
This new update let beginners to win the elite player easily with out paying time on it to improve players. They can get more money by wining every one easily . I think the last method was awsome and the players can win a match by them experience and skills but in this new method money is everything. please eliminate this method. And this game is sometimes crash on my iPhone 7 while I'm playing a match. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Wevlin69
Customize Jerseys
Next update should be, to where we can make are own jerseys for coins and stuff not to expensive tho.
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4 years ago, wizeson
Awesome game
I love the game the controls are really easy the only thing I don’t like is you can’t play I match against a team you can only do penalty’s and free kicks so ya over all it’s a great game
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6 years ago, Alphalemon24
It’s awesome
These graphics are just amazing and since there’s a lot of consoles that have better graphics this game is hands down the best mobile soccer game ever
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4 years ago, holy cheetos
Free kicks fix the gosling settings
The goalie settings are so slow it pisses me off everytime and you should take most of the ads off and there should be a “never show again” button because I don’t want to be member and honesty when I try to not curve the ball it curves like crazy and my player doesn’t have any effect power
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5 years ago, The FIFA Bros
Great game for football fans while in the car
Goalkeeper movements are too quick however and need to be nerfed
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1 year ago, The dude pro
Ready good but…
I played this game for 4 years I know that this game is not realistic but I give it a 3 rate because more bug fixes and more more more realistic please I hope that somebody read this :WARNING:
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6 years ago, s.s,
Overall Solid
Provides good entertainment. Pretty good gameplay. It is a little delayed as far as response time goes but still enjoyable. A little heavy on pushing you to spend money on it too, but most games are like that.
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3 years ago, DogerIsWeird
Good Gameplay, but BIG PROBLEM!
I really like this game, but the game is really poor on its play time. You have a specific amount of games (not a lot of them) and you have to wait a while for you to be able to continue.
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1 year ago, pelesoccer8282
The game was alright it just takes a long time to load when I join a game and it freezes a lot when I’m online but it’s pretty fun I just need y’all to fix that
Show more
1 year ago, znzhnskskdjdnnch
Just started playing the game, super fun I love it especially all the celebrations. Overall it is just a very fun game to play
Show more
3 years ago, ChCubs108
Good But Mostly Bad
Gameplay isn’t bad but the goalie mechanics are very janky and hard to control. The actual gameplay isn’t bad but it is tedious to train your players and pay to win. And everything you hit a button on the main menu you get an ad. Feels more like a get rich quick scheme than a functioning game
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6 years ago, KraussHaus
Amazing game
I love the way the game has different choices to play. Even though it only has penalty and free kick, the game is still really fun.
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5 years ago, forzafast
Fantastic Game
This is a fantastic game, and very additive. I could play this all day, Although they should shorten the time length of waiting for another Hot Match!
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6 months ago, Deezman88
This game is very offensive it says the n word multiple times
I say it too
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