Financial Resources FCU

4.7 (849)
10.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Financial Resources Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Financial Resources FCU

4.73 out of 5
849 Ratings
1 year ago, MLWN2
Good, but Needs an update
It’s been many months since this app was updated. Most things work, but I can’t print my statements and the links on the menu bar for bill pay and something else overlap each other.
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3 years ago, Crunner2009
Could be better
This App used to be more user friendly and was comparable to other (big) bank applications. However, a recent upgrade gave it a different look and feel…not as intuitive - although it has many good features, it’s harder to find them.
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6 years ago, NoNickname1964
Great App. Time to take to next level
If this sent you an instant notification, every time your debit card was used (like Amex does) it would be HUGE. otherwise, app is great.
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6 years ago, Mick Gator Fan
Lacks Many Features
The transaction search feature cannot filter by transaction type or date range. The online statement for savings account is a joke. It has ALL your activity from account opening to present, oldest first, and only shows the first page. It’s impossible to find recent transactions. And you can’t save it to iBooks, either. This is a huge problem because I turned off paper statements!
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5 years ago, Hetch2003
Mobile deposit buggy
Can’t seem to deposit the checks despite capturing the image within the margins, good contrast, good lights. Very frustrating
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7 years ago, Stewtie
Very Good App
I like the fact that it deducts as soon as i use my card even tho the status is pending... that way I’ll know how much I’m working with
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4 years ago, preciousone226
Exaclent app
Love it. Very easy. The only thing I am having an issue is depositing check
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1 year ago, Rmille7
Terrible policies make app worse
App used to be great, and really user friendly. Now because of bank policies, basic features are taken away. No Face ID, mobile deposit rejects constantly, useful information in the app taken away. So frustrated that I will likely close my accounts here!
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10 months ago, Xszlfhgtty
Bug fix creates bugs
I have used this app for well over 8 years. This latest version no longer functions with my password vault LastPass and dumped all of my trusted devices. Hopefully this will be corrected soon or I’ll be looking for another credit union.
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6 years ago, Nick Veras
Nick Veras
All work perfect, but if you guys add the credit card transaction to the app, that be great... Best regards
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5 years ago, Lmerlau
Would love to have the option to transfer money from one my other bank to this one to pay my Car loan.
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4 years ago, WargamerBob
Freezes after a while on iPhone
App works right after phone is turned on, but after <1 day - app freezes
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9 months ago, Flymom71657
The apps works great, keep up the good work!
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4 months ago, Swmahidbebsisb
Low rate
Every time that I try to open the statement It doesn't down low. I feel this app is too slow.
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5 years ago, chassiidy
Alexis vanderhall
I love this app and bank
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2 years ago, Kambit
Please test updates before….
Please test updates before implementation … all the biometrics on the updated app do not work… so what was the point of the update?
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4 years ago, loveyoutiktok22789
Customer Services
After latest updates I have so many problems with logging in with other Apple devices
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5 months ago, FRFRev
Transfer attempt
Have requested a larger transfer limit several times and rejected.
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4 months ago, TrentWK999
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3 years ago, NPRListener
Always very responsive
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12 years ago, gd420mj
FRFCU App - finally
Great app. Glad to finally have access via a dedicated app. Works well for me on iPhone 4.3.3. Don't see a need for improvement yet. Simple, basic, and works. Good interface. was at the right place right time when manager told mr app was coming May 1st. Thanks FRFCU. Now more inclined to put all my money here.
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11 years ago, L$square
Deposit feature has issues
I had successfully made 2 mobile deposits. The last 2 attempts this past week continuously kicked me out of the app when taking a picture of the check front. I logged in 5 times and each time it exited me out. Still haven't been able to make those mobile deposits. Other features like bill pay and transfer seemed to have worked without problems.
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11 years ago, Nbenedetto
Great mobile deposit- 10x better than PNC
This app, especially the mobile deposit app works flawlessly. I have a PNC account as well and their prized virtual wallet often makes me take a picture of the check 10+times.. This works 1st time, every time
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11 years ago, ChetBax
Deposit with a couple clicks
Now that we no longer have a credit union store front we needed another convenient way to bank. This app takes less time than the ATM!
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9 years ago, Jkhashab
User friendly and convenient
Love the features of this App-makes it so easy to transfer between accounts and absolutely LOVE the check deposit feature!
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11 years ago, CAEMom
Does everything I need it to do
Good financial app, has all my information up to date and easy for me to problems at all. Been using it for a while now.
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8 years ago, BonBonBonBon88888
Very easy
This app makes it so easy to check my account every day and to deposit checks since I no longer have a branch close by.
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10 years ago, maxandlucy
Convenient and easy to use.
Great app, use it all the time. Easy to transfer money between accounts. Good interface.
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10 years ago, SueTV
Easy to use. Very convenient!
I now use the app to pay all my bills. It is so easy to use that I have moved all my bills to the bill pay system and pay bills with the app while I'm on the train to work.
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12 years ago, Onofre's Arm
Ok, but missing features
This is fine as far as it goes but all it really does is put a pretty interface on a couple of features of the website. Can't pay bills, can't scan and deposit checks like other similar apps from other banks. Still, a step in the right direction.
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12 years ago, KaryElizabeth
This app is great. I get to see my money and transactions and everything I need just as I need it. Beats opening up my computer for a couple of numbers any day :)
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10 years ago, NJviaNY
It is just like using the PC version. I like that I can transfer money between accounts on my phone.
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8 years ago, Wella-mr
Mobile check deposit.
Easy peazy! Will use this again!
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12 years ago, JM144
Great app, easy to use, offers great functionality, can pretty much do everything you need to within the app.
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9 years ago, 08Lyssa
Almost 5 Stars...
Good app and love that they added the ability to use Touch ID rather than entering your password every time. I just wish they would add Apple Pay already!
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10 years ago, viiixi25
Can't Deposit Checks
Was pleased with this app but recently the app crashes whenever I try to deposit a check. Without a branch in my area, check deposit support is extremely critical.
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10 years ago, USA nj
Easy to use
Great app! Deposit check easier than ever! Easy on the go account access.
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8 years ago, Inhisimage1
Very Convenient
This app has come a long way. Very easy to use. Mobile deposit is fantastic. Can do pretty much everything on it.
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11 years ago, Powershortage
Wow...easy to set up!!!
Wish i would have discovered this a long time ago. Very easy and beats the dreaded trip to the branch office.
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11 years ago, llewis8700
Everything is a click away. Easy!
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8 years ago, Tmack8769
App is great!!! I love the ability to check my accounts, pay my loan, deposit my checks, and secure all these transactions with Touch ID! So what's missing...APPLE PAY WOULD BE GREAT 😩😢
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10 years ago, VempJuze
Very handy
This app is user friendly and convenient. Works like a charm.
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12 years ago, An amazing creature
Good app!!
Very helpful to finally be able to access accounts mobile. Does all functions without issue.
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11 years ago, 00Phont
Easy deposit
It was so easy to deposit a check, great to not go to a branch!
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11 years ago, !
Financial Resources
Love, love, love the app! Simple to use and so convenient, especially because I don't live close to my branch!
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10 years ago, shoresham
Great look and feel. Very User Friendly
I enjoy using the app.
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10 years ago, Carads
Working now
Yesterday it either wouldn't open or wouldn't log on. Today it's working ok.
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12 years ago, Marcos Almonte
Credit Union.
Excellent makes everyone's life so much easier.... Thank you!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Gragedanwyn
Great app!
Love the mobile deposit feature! Very useful.
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8 years ago, Cenation32
Weak app
Mobile deposit often messes up and deposits aren't made. Had to back track too many times to not trust the app anymore. Good for just checking balances.
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