Find Child Care: Sittercity

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Find Child Care: Sittercity

4.71 out of 5
50.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Tasha2434
Issue with notification
Hi, I love the app BUT I keep getting notifications that my response rate is at risk, from Not responding. Then I go in and check and I have no new messages! It is really frustrating, because it’s telling me I’m not responding and implying something is at “risk” and when you log in. There is nothing new at all, there is not one message ever that I haven’t responded too. (When I get this notification , daily) I recommend fixing this or changing your messaging, so it’s optional and doesn’t make us sitters feel Something is at risk and waste valuable time, checking something that isn’t there. Either that or you have a bug on my app. Other than that it’s a solid app & great and easy to Use. Thanks! Update! They have reached out and are going to trouble shoot the issue🙌🏻 I hope they fix it because this is a perfect app otherwise.
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1 year ago, Lemon taffy
Unfair Rules & reviews- Banned go no reason given
Parents I work with describe me as responsible, detail-oriented, and creative. However, SitterCity has decided that I am banned from their site before even applying for a job, I was told and I am banned from ever signing up again. They will not tell me why, but will only rudely post their terms and agreements to me. I may have failed the background check, however, background checks have never been a problem for me before. I sadly see this app in a different light now. I’m not sure what their goal is, but it is not to support sitters and local families, because they have made me feel ostracized from the babysitting community for unknown reasons (and will not be refunded). No matter how I look at this experience, I feel that SitterCity was unfair to me. — I used this app previously, and one thing I remember that made me stop using it, was that I received a negative review from someone I hadn’t worked for. Reading through the reviews on the App Store, I see that it is a problem. There really needs to be some sort of question flowchart before someone reviews you to see if they are really in a position to give you a review. There is no way to remove these reviews, although they are clearly too easy to write (should be easier to remove if that’s the way it is). I will be reflecting on this for years to come; how did I get banned on baby sitting app? Feels like I did something horrible.
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2 years ago, Marvelous~
Vet families better and allow sitters to review them
The 1st job I accepted on this platform led to a 1-star review I discovered a month later. The family I babysat for had a two year old boy. Immediately, as I entered the house I noticed the strong smell of marijuana. The father was smoking marijuana in the garage, while I could see him through a glass door. There was no respect for my preferences to be around marijuana or not which is concerning because this was our first and only interaction in-person. After I left, the father sent me an even longer list of tasks that included things he did not mention beforehand. I told him I didn’t want to work for them anymore and he became outraged. He proceeded to send me screenshots of scam methods and told me he could’ve “blessed” me if I would’ve stayed long term. I called the mother and asked why did they leave the extremely negative review and she rudely talked over me and hung up the phone. The father messaged me shortly and “perceived” the phone call as inappropriate just as he “perceived” I had an attitude over text messages. This family was incompetent, unprofessional and rude. I reported them several times to Sitter city yet the review is still posted. There should be an option for sitters to post a review of their experience or at least respond to reviews that impact your profile. I will not use this app from here on out and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
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1 year ago, ShiningSun
Applied for a sitting job and sent copies of driver license and selfie for required verification. I have no criminal record and can easily pass a national security clearance. I’m also 60 years old and disabled. Sittercity ran my information through their third-party verification company, Berbix. Sittercity then had the audacity to remove me from their platform without any reason except that their Trust and Safety team made the final decision. However, NO reason whatsoever was given! Please don’t give this company any of your personal information. My information is now in the hands of who knows who, and I could now easily become a victim of identity theft. Companies like this need to be put out of business permanently. I will be pursuing legal action based on my appalling experience with this unsatisfactory service that calls themselves a company. Please stay far away from this company! ADDENDUM: The developer’s response is the same canned response I received over the telephone by two different representatives. When you are rejected with something as personal as this, I expect a specific reason, NOT a vague response. Again, stay far away from this company. They are completely untrustworthy!
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6 years ago, Mz J Washington 2290
I’ve gotten jobs but worst website and app.
On the website when you get a new message it scrambles in with your old messages there’s no way of knowing what’s new and what’s old so you have to read through every single message to figure it out. I get a lot of scammers and spam messages throughout the week. When you use the app and someone sends you a message you’re not able to click on their profile from the app so you have to go onto the website to click on and view their profile then go back to the app and reply if that’s the route you want to go. I don’t use the app since I don’t feel like having to click through my email to go online to the website. It’s extremely difficult to navigate and frustrating for yourself and the parents.
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4 years ago, Alexis B23
It’s Okay
I haven’t been using this for very long but the one thing i find incredibly frustrating is that on the app there’s no option for pet sitting. anywhere. Yet on the website you can search by pet care jobs. i don’t understand this? there’s no search bar in the app to just search “pet sitting” either. I’m a college student with a part time job and pet sitting is much easier to fit into my schedule than babysitting, but it’s annoying to have to use the website to look everytime. I have also applied to a handful of one-time babysitting jobs and haven’t heard a response, which i understand is not the apps fault but i do think users should be required to respond, even to reject you. it saves applicants some time so we aren’t just refreshing our messages everyday and missing out on other jobs. i also think there should be some variations in the account settings. some of the “yes or no” questions are not that black and white and can be elaborated on so parents don’t look over you.
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3 years ago, DustinWoggerman
Deceptive to say the least….
While searching for a nanny I downloaded this app and another, ultimately went with the other because of the quick responses so I did not go premium on this one and here are the deceptive and poor practices that this company does: 1. I went to delete my job posting on the app, there was no way to do this or cancel it. I logged on to the website but on there it shows no job posting under my login as I continue to get applications. I feel bad for people applying since this just feels like a tactic to keep their site populated. 2. I went to cancel/delete my account and you can’t simply do that, buried in their website is a form you have to fill out to get your account canceled. Not available on their app. Again, probably to keep their statistics high. 3. Fun fact, even if you cancel your account, there’s a nice disclaimer saying if you don’t cancel your subscription through Apple, they will keep charging you even without an account. I highly doubt this is an Apple issue.
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2 years ago, JBHol
Horrible app
While I don’t usually have problems with the desktop version, the app is the worst thing I have ever experienced and it’s been the same for at least the past year. The most frustrating thing is looking for open jobs to apply for and then noticing the date for the one-time jobs are old! Every post I click on is for a job from weeks ago. And then if I try to apply for a current job, there’s suddenly a character limit which doesn’t exist on the desktop version. Plus, it doesn’t save your intro messages to families so that you can easily apply to jobs. I have to either type up something new each time I apply for a job or copy and paste my intro message from my phone’s note app. Very frustrating. It takes up so much time. The one thing I will give the app, however, is that when families contact me, I am immediately notified on my phone and can easily respond back with no issues.
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4 years ago, heather101192
Great site, but the app needs serious work
I’ll start by saying that I love sittercity. I recently got my first nannying gig on here since I moved across states, and I couldn’t be happier. The site is easy to navigate and use. But the app is no good. First of all, searching on the app yields the same results everyday, but when I go on the website and do the same search, I get new listings, so I don’t know what’s going on there. Secondly, applying to the job on the app is not the same as the site. On the site, my bio pops up as my suggested application and I just click apply to job. On the app, my bio doesn’t pop up at all, and if I go to copy and paste it, it doesn’t allow because apparently my bio is too long on the app but not the site. That makes no sense to me. I only have the app so I can see when I get messages from jobs immediately. Overall I’ll give three stars, because Sittercity itself is great, but the app needs help.
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4 years ago, Sabby L.
I am a background checked, CPR certified and FIRST AID trained, well experienced college student with a clean driving record, a car, and AMAZING references due to my past jobs and my current job as an 'assistant teacher' at a schoolhouse. That being said, I've tried flyers, facebook job postings, other babysitting/nannying apps and nothing has surpassed Sittercity. Sittercity has brought me several jobs and I couldn't be happier! At first, it was definitely slow, but as I tweaked my bio and my profile picture and other preferences, jobs started to come in. A plus about Sittercity is that it's free unlike other websites! In LOVE with this app. I definitely give it a ten out of ten and would recommend to anyone trying to get their job postings out there. ☺️
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2 years ago, Glory Gloria
I whole heartedly recommend Sittercity.
I’ve used Sittercity almost from the beginning of it’s website. I’m talking many years back. The site has went above & beyond to make the site safe for both providers & parents who use the site. My advice to anyone using the site, you should always stay within the safety guidelines Sittercity had set in place for it’s users of the site you will not be disappointed in doing so, and please, please report any suspicious or questionable activities you encounter. It’s important for us to work together to keep everyone safe. I enjoy using Sittercity and the families I acquired through Sittercity had been a great experience for me. Sittercity is great about giving feedback & alerts to it’s users about any suspicious activity. I whole heartedly Recommend Sittercity as a great site to both providers & families.
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4 years ago, &dedggfggbfth gf rgthftgrgryf
Horrible customer service
I am searching for an afternoon caregiver for my 2 children, so I decided to try Sittercity. I downloaded the app, created a job posting, and paid for a 3-month subscription. A few hours later, I tried opening the app again but could not log on. I tried resetting my password numerous times, but still could not log on. Finally, I reached out to customer service via the Sittercity website. They responded that my account had been removed, but provided no explanation. I asked for a refund, but was told I had to go through Apple. So I submitted a request through Apple, but apparently have to wait another 48 hours for them to process the request. I still have no idea why my account was removed, or whether I will get a refund of my $71. And I’m no closer to finding a caregiver than I was 2 days ago, when I started this process. Thankfully there are other players in this space. Consider using them and spare yourself the frustration.
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6 years ago, Janeenessa
Hopeful and waiting
I signed up today and I’ve already gotten 2 people asking for a meeting!! Very fast results. Only short of one star because I haven’t exactly started. Communication is great but if I actually do get the job then I’d gladly change it to a 5 star and confirm the app works! I will say that uploading my photo was a bit of a problem. From my phone the file was too big and I had to use my schools computer to upload it. This app is better than care now as it didn’t require background checks to still look for us poor college students who can’t afford $60 for it. Thanks guys! Saved my pockets this summer! Edit: Just wanted to come back and say yes the app works! I got my first job already within a week!
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5 years ago, monk123456789
Needs some work
I decided to use an app for finding babysitters bc we move every two years or less and the search is exhausting. What I like about SitterCity: it will allow reviews to be posted, allows messaging, and the search feature is decent. What is eternally frustrating: very few people have background checks (for a paid service this should be required,) not being able to sort results based on distance, not being able to sort results based on reviews, ***not being able to “favorite” or “save” people*** if I am interested but it’s not a great time to message them or I don’t currently need a sitter. When I’ve created a search I can’t save the search or the results and if I come back to it in a few days often don’t remember which profiles I’ve clicked on and which I haven’t. This app has also crashed on me twice after sending lengthy introductory messages.
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3 years ago, Dissatisfied muser😪
Great App
I haven’t gotten accepted for any jobs and I signed up for like 10 lol. It’s not really a problem just wished that the parents of the app could tell us if they are not interested. What could also be nice is being able to text them more than once because I wanted to ask them if they were interested in taking me on but I couldn’t. In conclusion the problem is just being able to text them more than once. It would be nice. Also why aren’t people below 18+ allowed to be on this app/site? My little sister, she’s about to be 16, has been babysitting forever and doing a good job at it but she can’t sign up. Why is that?
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2 years ago, Hollan W.
I am a caregiver, and this app was absolutely impossible to navigate to set up a basic profile. Firstly, the identification feature was shoddy, so I went to frequently asked questions, the get in touch button, and help tab. All of which either circled me back to where I started, directed me to a completely unrelated page, or completely shut down the app before I was able to submit my message, question etc. I have heard good things about this app, I just wish I could experience it, because I could barely get the first step of my profile completed before the entire thing crashed around me multiple times. I am waiting to hear back from the message I was finally able to send, and hope my experience will improve from here. To be honest I kind of want to wash my hands and walk away from this entire app due to how impractical and infuriating just the first step has been.
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5 months ago, DayWalkerDANI
Doesn’t seem worth the money
Signed up for a one month subscription because I need a sitter so I can return to the work force. Despite putting my location in my listing, had people apply in other locations who either didn’t read the description or weren’t paying attention to the location, who were unwilling to drive to my location. Wasted my time. Also seemed that sitters I interviewed didn’t want to be interviewed, they were kind of rude when I called, as if they didn’t have time to be answering my questions, for a position THEY applied for! A few didn’t even reply after I answered their application, asking when a good time to schedule first interview was. Doesn’t seem to be many legit sitters on this app and for the price it charged just to be able to message sitters, it does not feel worth it. I would not recommend this app to parents searching for sitters.
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5 years ago, hickml
Great to find PT & Occasional Nanny Jobs
I have found 2 regular PT jobs via the App. My second regular PT job began as an occasional position and turned into a regular PT job as soon as the 1st job ended. Mom scooped me up before I could apply for another job. I also had an another occasional Nanny position to fill in for a couple who both worked Retail Management jobs when their regular Nanny was unavailable. The only complaint I have is the short length of time that the self-paid background checks. I think 6 months would be more fair. The App could include the date background check was run and allow the hiring family to repeat the background check if they preferred a more recent one.
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5 years ago, Goodface
Best Babysitting App!
This app is amazing- once you complete your background check, which isn’t required but I highly recommend ($15), you will have as many gigs as you’d like in no time. The day after I created my account I had already gotten 2 regular babysitting jobs at the hourly rate I desired. I started at a perfect time as everyone is looking for a back to school care taker for their children. I really have no recommendations for this app to improve. Although it shows I have never been “booked” even though I’ve already met with and taken care of two different families- i’m not sure how to make it official on the application. thanks sittercity for this awesome app!
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4 years ago, Maddihenderson
Needs Notifications!!
I think this app is great in design, but I have been losing opportunities daily due to the fact that there are no notifications. I constantly have to check the app to see if anyone has messaged me back, and it never alerts me of new postings. I have all notifications turned on for this app through my phone settings, so it’s clearly a problem with Sitter City itself. Typically, I might get a message back from a parent, but I may only end up seeing it hours later, and unfortunately miss my opportunity to work with that family. not to mention i’m constantly checking the app daily because it never alerts me of a new posting in my area. overall, the app would be perfect with notifications.
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9 months ago, Worst! App! EVER!
Worst babysitting app I’ve ever used!
I’m so frustrated with this app! First, they just closed my Sittercity account for no reason & without warning! And I’ve been trying to contact customer service, so I can get my Sittercity account back! And customer service takes forever to reply to my concerns! Also, they don’t take reports seriously. I reported someone on this app that I babysat for, because that individual refused to pay me for my babysitting service! And then that individual I babysat for wrote a dishonest review about me. I told Sittercity to remove that dishonest review, but they are refusing to remove the dishonest review! I’m shocked that Sittercity is refusing to help me with this issue, because that dishonest review is ruining any future babysitting jobs I get. I just closed my Sittercity account! I’m very frustrated with Sittercity, & I’m never using it again! I wish I could rate this app zero stars!
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12 months ago, BarunBouvia
Deleted account for no reason.
I have been using this app for legitimate reasons. I had a sitter who scheduled to sit for us and didn’t show up. I asked her if she had been getting my messages bc I can’t get in contact with her when she didn’t show. They deleted my account after this without any actual investigation or asking me for any additional information. I had no idea what had happened and when I reached out to customer service, they were extremely rude, non-empathetic and not willing to help at all. They said they just deleted my account. No information can be given. I have been using this for my baby boy. This is something I’ve never experienced from a website. I can’t believe this is how they treat their customers. They didn’t do any investigation of asking for information or anything. I am truly appalled by this app.
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2 years ago, Sixteen Steps Down Senior
Opening Messages
I have trouble opening messages. When I’m sent a message from a potential client, I like the security of having SitterCity protecting my privacy. But them when I try to respond it’s very cumbersome. I have to sign into SitterCity, then I can get to messages then I get stuck. I may not see the Open Button at the top right if it appears right away because I keep tapping the message and it doesn’t open. So it could be on on my phone, it’s small and I’m tech challenged.
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12 months ago, Nanny2345
Find a Job tab is so slow and frustrating
The tab for the nanny/babysitter to search for open jobs is not set up well with a button “show more” at the bottom. Every time you select a job to read more about and want to go back to the main search results, you have to scroll all the way down again. Mine glitches and doesn’t load in the same order so I’m constantly looking back and trying to figure out where I was in the search. Not very efficient. I would suggest pages of results instead of the “show more” button. The bio and preferences within the profile tab ask great, relevant questions. Wish the search could filter pay and amount of kids.
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3 years ago, Jos.PSB
Cancelled Account
We need to find a sitter for my daughter, and so I tried logging in for the first time in a while today. But, even after changing my password, I was unsuccessful and told to contact their customer service. The person I spoke to was nice enough, however, I was told that my account was cancelled for the possibility of three vague reasons. As per company policy, she was unable to explain what led them to cancelling my account, but reiterated it had to do with one of those reasons. So, I’ve been left in the dark with no explanation, or the chance to even explain any perceived misdeeds on my part. I could open another email account to register again, but this review is the last bit of effort I’m willing to give to this application. Which seems fitting, given the amount of effort they place on trying to keep customers.
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6 years ago, 30fty
If I could give no Stars I would! This website/application is horrible do not waste your time! Just for reference I have a very good profile on this site and I have years of sitting experience with references to back it up! I even paid for the background check! No Matter how many jobs you apply to or what you do. Good luck to you if you receive a response. Then on top of that when you do get a message it’s from a scammer that just minutes after they send you an email saying the user was removed from the site. I have been on this site for months almost reaching a year! And to this day I have never received a response from any of the jobs I apply to. And I was apply regularly. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME!!! You will be regretting it later! Trust me! And Sittercity you need to do better or completely get rid of your website if it’s not serving its purpose.
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5 years ago, peggystar223
Mixed feelings
I needed a job for the summer and found a fantastic family to work for through sittercity and it was an awesome experience. However, the app and company are difficult to work with. First of all, the app logs me out every 2 days so I am constantly having to re-enter my info in and log in again, which is annoying and a time waster. It should just keep my information logged in. Second of all, the background checks expire after just 3 months!! That’s insanity. I can’t spend $15 every 3 months. Background checks are supposed to last 1 year and i don’t know why Sittercity doesn’t allow that. Since mine expired last week I’ll be using a different cite to find nany jobs because this one has not been that impressive.
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2 years ago, the app master reviewer lol
Great but could use some major improvements
I’ve been using this app for about a month as a caregiver and it a great way to get in touch with people. The only problems I’ve had is with the way the app is set up. 1. There should be a way to deny jobs and not have them pop on your screen anymore 2. It’s really annoying applying for a job then being sent up all the way to the top of the list 3. I would have a way to in the message to click on the persons account to see what they posted to refresh your memory about what the posting 4. There should be able to add more filters for requirements so you don’t have to click on the posting and see you can’t complete a requirement they have • there’s still so many thing I would change to have the app work more efficiently but the overall quality is much better than the other apps that are available here I would love to see a update to the app to make it more user friendly
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1 year ago, Buckeyegirl863
I joined to be a sitter, I had a in-home child care of my own years ago, I have literally past federal background checks before so paying for the background check I was thinking no problem, well to my surprise I didn’t get a “badge” come to find out it was because of a speeding ticket I got 2 years ago, my first in 12 years and technically I it’s not even on my license as I took the class so i didn’t have any points and my insurance didn’t go up, I called customer service # and was told this is was only issue found on my background, this is ridiculous!! After reading a few of these reviews I’m not the only one they are denying based on this!! On ticket in 12 years which I have NO points on my license shouldn’t deny me a positive background!!
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3 years ago, expiredmintjuulpod
Great, but the search filters are not it
i love this app! it makes it easy and free to look for babysitting gigs. however, when i’m looking for jobs, i always end up going on the sittercity website because they have more filters to choose from, not just location and how often you want to babysit. if you’re looking to change the app in any way, i would definitely start by adding more filters to search and showing when the ad was posted, instead of having to click the ad and scroll all the way down.
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3 years ago, Sweet Cait
Can’t afford a background check
I like how this app is trying to make sure that you’re a legitimate babysitter and shows that the person looking for a background check is clearly a real parent but the frustrating thing is when you’re young and taking babysitting as your first time job it’s practically impossible to come up with 15 dollars to prove your not a drug attic or a criminal plus it won’t even let you look at your profile without completing it which is the thing I find dumb, basically if you haven’t payed for a background check all it will let you do is see the gigs from parents desperate for a babysitter or a nanny but that’s basically it
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6 years ago, JennaRoy
Customer service A+
I used the site for a while and upgraded to premium which does automatic renewal. I found a sitter and no longer used the app but since it renews every three months I forgot about it. Well I saw the money come out of my account to renew and I contacted them and asked for a refund since I am no longer using the app. They got back to me quickly and gave me a full refund and also automatically downgraded my service to the free basic service so I would no longer be charged! So awesome!!
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3 months ago, Jaaytee98
You have to pay to even use that app.
Overall seems like a decent app to hire baby sitters but it’s a little misleading at the beginning. I needed a babysitter for a few hours and I posted a job thinking that I could atleast hire someone without having premium but that wasnt the case. Last minute I found out that you need premium and had to pay $100 for 3 months that im mostly likely not going even need for the other 2 months. They should make this app a paid instead or atleast not let you post jobs until you have premium and make it clear you pretty much can’t do anything without premium. Also paying 1 month at a time would be nice too instead of just 3 months or a year
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5 years ago, Mikgooods
Great platform
I love the simplicity and ease of this app and find it very helpful and straightforward; I do have two suggestions that would greatly help though: 1) provide a box/option for parents to update their post if the position has been filled and/or is still looking for help. 2) On the caregiver side, include the option to “save” or flag a posting/ad to refer back to (avoids time spent going back and searching through all posts to find it later on). Aside from that, I recommend this app for all parents and sitters, it’s a great resource and has many features to aid both parties!
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1 year ago, IB_2TALL
Maybe single moms can’t pay for premium upfront
I’ve posted twice in this app and I had no issue with my posts and have had applicants respond with actual messages. I couldn’t message them so I put my email in the post for contact. Suddenly, my post was under review for hours which didn’t happen before. When it was finally posted, I saw my email was taken out of my post. There is nothing that says you can’t put your email in a post. If anything you guys should have a trial period. I just feel that it’s a little sneaky to do that, especially if someone may have to already pay 200 dollars for one day of babysitting. Great app, but that needs to be addressed.
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3 years ago, KylaGrace04
I love this website!
I think that this community is very warm and welcoming even if you don’t end up getting a position they are still very polite about it. This app has helped me to find dozens of amazing families so I definitely love it! I think that the app is also pretty easy to use, I was a little bit confused in the beginning just cuz there is a lot for your profile to set up but once I figured it all out it was great! Highly recommend
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1 year ago, mxnesbitt
Sitters beware
I used this app as a caregiver to pick up date night jobs while I’m in school full time. I was pleased the first several months of use until I was offered a motor vehicles background check. The background check picked up a minor traffic ticket. Unfortunately, this set off an irreversible ban from the app. They also sent a vague message to everybody that ever booked a job from me saying I was banned. This unfortunately removed a source of income from me and seriously threatened my reputation. Beware to any future sitters: if there is anything at all on any background check, no matter the magnitude, they will ban you. They also have terrible customer service. Do not recommend.
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2 years ago, Ncbeast
Do not use them!
I would give them 0 stars if that was possible. This company is a scam!! They take your money and don’t even have requirements for a person to sign up as a nanny or baby sitter. The most unqualified people are on this platform that you can’t trust with your child. In my area there are less than 10 people on the platform, I’ve sent almost all of them messages and none have responded. It’s been pointless and not helpful. Some people have even lied on their profiles!!The customer service was not helpful and would not refund my subscription money even though I was on the app for less than 2 weeks. DO NOT USE THEM! Save yourself the stress, time, and money.
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2 years ago, SamalaleeBee
Almost useless
This app seems like a great idea. But there is no way to use it for a small amount of time. You either pay $80 to actually get to access the “CONTACT” part of the application or you can just post a useless job listing. They edit out your contact information. For example, my family is traveling for a wedding. We have babysitters locally so we don’t need this app regularly. We need a weekend sitter for one occasion in another state. Paying $80 to use this app once is ludicrous. And then when I added my email address, they removed the information. They require that you pay them for any services or you essentially cannot utilize any part of the app.
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4 years ago, WazerCraze(r)
Needs Some Kinks Worked Out
This app is really wonderful, there are so many opportunities, however, there are a lot of kinks that need fixed within this app (such as the military questions, and then questions that have been corrected, still show up as if you have not changed or adjusted it) it does not save information when you update it, and there definitely needs to be more options, but I have tried numerous, and I mean numerous job apps, and so far this one is my favorite, but the kinks and bugs definitely need fixed!
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4 years ago, agarcia10
Discriminate against Male Sitters
I had a great experience doing personal babysitting through people I knew, but when I moved I had one I knew. So I decided to use this app. Well, they discriminated because I was a male. I simply asked for a reason why my account was suddenly deleted a day after I opened it and they gave me no explanation. This is sad. I did everything they asked for, sending my name with permanent address and even background check. I’m cleared because I currently work with youth at a real job so nothing on my background that would prevent me from working. This is sad. Disappointed!! EDIT: Worse thing about it. They only give me the same response everytime. The three reasons: same from their current response, below.
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2 years ago, Ralvarez21
Found a great sitter
I was hesitant to use an app to find a sitter at first. I posted a job listing and had multiple people apply. I finally saw a person that met my criteria and needs and we set up an interview. She turned out to be just the best baby sitter that I was needing. I highly recommend. Still need to do your own research on the person and background if they haven’t had one. The app is user friendly on the phone. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Maggy Gath
Useful Tool
This App is an awesome tool that helps to connect nannies with families, especially within the same or surrounding neighborhoods. I’ve been doing nanny work for the last 15 years and was introduced to Sittercity by a friend at church in 2010. I have met at least three wonderful families through Sittercity and worked short term for two of them, long term for one. All awesome families. I would certainly recommend it to qualified nannies and to the families who need their services.
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2 years ago, Closetmonsterr
iOS issues
Well the purchased service is pretty simple to use, allowing you to read Babysitter‘s profiles and message them. It’s the schedule of interview section that I have trouble with on the app. Example if I’m checking my messages on my lunch break at 10 PM in the evening and I go to schedule an interview it won’t allow me to schedule a time before 10 PM the next day. Also why am I not allowed to schedule an interview the same day? Always choosing the next day to interview. One more thing that would be nice is option to delete or hide messages from sitters that don’t fit your needs.
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5 years ago, Currently in traffic
Yall aint my pimp
This app wants me to limit my increase per charge to $2/charge. Honey, I increase $5/charge and you’re not my pimp so who are you to limit that? Also why are parents allowed to post ads at below minimum wage? THAT needs to be what the app focuses on, not telling providers what they can and can’t charge. This is an app, not an agency. I need to add that its insulting how many ads are posted waaaaaaay below market rates. $8/hr for 2 kids in my city is an actual joke and I see that all the time for nannying and babysitting. The bare market rate here is around $15/hr. Scrolling through the app is a lot less like a job search and more like reading a roast of caregivers that our time is not valuable and that our resources and experience are not valuable.
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9 months ago, SeeDub0627
App leaves much to be desired
I’m a sitter. The desktop version is okay, but the app is terrible. You can’t filter by number of children or ages of children like you can on the desktop version. There also needs to be a way to bookmark job postings to come back to and apply later. Also, on both desktop and app, they either need to remove irrelevant postings (such a people needing a one-time sitter on a date that was literally a month ago), or there should be an option to hide the postings that you’re not interested in. In 2023, these should really be basic features.
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5 years ago, MW00012
1. The app “Help” function is useless. There’s really no way to contact anyone with help within the app if it’s automated answers are of no help. 2. If you create 2 profiles, there’s really no way to pause one or disable one. So you will keep getting messages regarding a job that you’re no longer looking for. 3. As a sitter in my area at least, I had 0 jobs over a month span of actively searching and messaging families. Either the market is flooded with nannies or families aren’t using the app as much. I used other sitter apps and have had a steady stream of jobs. 4. Whenever I try to “update” my availability or profile, it never actually does. I tried to alter my profile and add a few more details of what type of job I’m looking for, and I’d “save” what I wrote, I go back and it was never updated. I thought maybe it needs approval so I’ll wait a bit. Week later, my new availability and profile edit was never changed. I’ve attempted this several times with no success. Overall, I say this app has been pretty useless. I will be deleting it.
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2 years ago, PodLover1978
They Do Not Have Background Checked Sitters
Their service only provided 5% of the applicants with a background check already performed. I had applicants from Canada and the UK for one time babysitter jobs in Los Angeles. I purchased a full year membership up front and posted three jobs with no qualified applicants actually being available. This is a COMPLETE waste of money and time and you are better off using HelpR. When I requested a refund I was flatly declined even though the service did not provide what they promised. Their app is not granular and they simply want to lure you into paying for add-ons to further qualify their pool of unprofessional and unqualified babysitters and nannies. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
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5 months ago, Laniii50
No leads in months
I have successfully found one family from this app but that was when I lived in California. It took months to get any leads even in San Diego. Now I’m living in Rockville Maryland and I have had zero leads for three months. The only messages I get are nanny agencies recruiting people. I fell into that trap twice, gave them references and information to never hear from them again. I have had this app installed for four years with very little success even after paying their fee for a background check and fee for being a part of the app. Uninstalling.
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2 years ago, Summer.Rosie
A waste and lack of background checks
I have wasted a lot of subscription fees to have several unreliable people canceling at short notice and many that go without a response. I have yet to get a babysitter on this website. It’s sad that I can’t get a refund for anything. It’s best that you screen applicants before posting them on the site because it seems a lot of people post and they’re afraid to present their ID or show up when you ask, and many without real experience want more than I get paid for a classroom of 26 students. Go figure what these applicant have to offer that a certified teacher doesn’t.
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