Find the Difference 1000+

4.7 (25.1K)
50.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gamma Play Limited
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Find the Difference 1000+

4.68 out of 5
25.1K Ratings
4 years ago, 1stCeye
I have been playing...
....this FIND THE DIFFERENCES for almost a year! This game is the best I have played, despite my favorite brand of game...(I think the other guys ran out of games for me to play) I went screen shopping and decided to try this; ready to get out if it was another bad, cheap, find three know! These are great for the whole family. The photos are colorful and some are difficult, but there is NO TIMER lurking to ruin my fun! I can take my time, enlarge the photo and just get away from the worlds problems, including mine. I love these photos. I have to look hard for some, but it’s worth the time. When I FIND the difference, it gives me a good feeling because I did not quit! It’s just FUN! There are lots and lots of photos, too! Try it, if you don’t like it; the delete button is right over there ↘️! But try it. Make my tired fingers happy. They have worked hard to write this post.....😳😳 😉😉😉 🌸😁😁😁😁🌺👉🏻🖐🏼 🧤! ***I just read that you are ADDING LEVELS/ PHOTOS! Please and THANK YOU. I have been worried about running out of photos! Yay!
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3 years ago, JR 1of5
If your looking and can’t find boy is this the App for you
I was lucky to find this app yes it’s free. It’s relaxing and free the developer must have spent a long time on the music and the differences. You will want to tap the screen in different places to find them don’t do that, keep looking and enjoy the the app. The differences are there it’s just that they are so subtle sometimes it’s hard to find them. You can turn off the lights and listen to the music while you kick back in a recliner and look, which is what I like to do. You will want too relax and look on the largest screen you can but this works on a smaller screen also. FYI, I gave this a 4 star rating because there is always room for improvement. It really deserves a 5 I never give a 5. If you are like me you will enjoy this app. I have the thing turned on in settings that tells you how much time you spend on a app. I knew and said to myself that I had found a new number one in that ranking. The 1st time you find a special level is awesome it blew me away! You will look and look believe me the differences are there you just have too look for them. They are just subtle and rightly so. The music is great you can listen and listen over and over, I know I do. I have a lot of time to myself and its great to turn off the lights, this will cut the electric bill down also, it’s fun and frugal, too see how low you can get it, and play.
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3 years ago, Broken Bridge
Best of the mind apps
Update: I have played through all available scenes (1,550). As old as some of these photos are I doubt the developers will be adding any new scenes but I am hopeful. This app is very helpful to overcome the side effects of the meds I have to take as I mentioned below. Developers, please add more scenes. I have to take a great many meds and started looking for apps that would keep my mind and memory sharp. This app is the best at that. As soon as I started playing my scores in other apps started going up which surprised me. The “Special Level” portion of the game is definitely challenging but really sharpens you up. Have not run into parts of the game which try to entice me to spend real money. Highly recommend. Update: on one of the special level scenes, the pictures were misaligned which made this scene incredibly difficult. The special scenes are very difficult to begin with which is a good thing but having the photos misaligned went too far. There is no way to exit a scene. This would be a good fix for the developers. After a long time of staring at the misaligned photo, I just failed my way out of the scene which didn’t feel good. The misalignment just got to frustrating to look at. I hope it was a one time error.
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3 years ago, ArkansasDruid
Turned itself into a monster!
When this app first came into my little world it was fabulous. The images were the absolute best I’ve ever seen. But I guess greed or something has reared its ugly head. Because now the ads have gotten so many that the game doesn’t even run any longer. Now when you start the game it takes you straight to an ad and it just sits there, you, looking at a still image of the advertiser. And since there isn’t a close button, you’re stuck! Restart……same results. Restart…….same results. After 15 minutes or so trying to start actually playing the game, you’re still looking at an ad. I guess this is what success does……just makes ya greedy or something. So as much as I hate too, I’m deleting the app and posting this review. If in the future they decide to at least be sensible, I’ll come back. Because the interface and images are by far the best I’ve seen. But the never ending ads has ruined it…….
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2 years ago, rnxty
Great design, awful ads
Some of the scenes are easy, but finding the 5th difference is very challenging in many scenes. The game is very enjoyable. However…the ads are beyond ridiculous. Come on now, ads that last 60 seconds with no way to skip? And these repeated numerous times in any given playing session? And for really crappy, lowest-level kinds of games? It’s like going to a nice restaurant, getting a fine meal, and then the waiter sets a plate of dog crap in front of you. I don’t understand the rationale for that kind of marketing. Do they think players will suddenly say, “hey, l’ve watched this ad for an awful game 67 times, I think I’ll download it”? That is not going to happen. I don’t mind ads. Short ads. 15 or 20 seconds is enough for even a half-witted developer to usefully and cleverly present an ad that might entice a user.
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2 years ago, Vickarino
You CAN Pay For Ad-Free!!
I loved this app and thought I had a paid ad-free version. The best part about the app it the calming music and peaceful pictures. Ads are a complete contradiction. For some reason I started getting ads again over and over. There was no option to pay. Then a few days as I was planning to delete the app, I saw the icon of Ad with a strikeout. I clicked and it allowed me to pay for ad-free. I agreed, and I got the notice that I had already paid, and it reloaded my paid version. I love it again!
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3 years ago, MargoShelley
Best Spot the Difference App By a Mile!
I’ve tried so many of these apps and this is the best by far. Love that the photos are nearly full-screen and the scoring graphics don’t take up much space. Love that it uses real photos versus illustration. Love that you can pay a little to remove ads. In another highly rated app you can’t so you have to sit there for 30 sec every time you complete the puzzle. Love the puzzles! They’re challenging but not annoying. This is the best. Don’t waste your time with the rest!
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3 years ago, Just another green thumb
Missing hints!
Looking around for new game to try. So loaded this one. After only 2-3 puzzles was asked to rate game. Not enough time for me to rate it yet. So have been playing off and on for few days now. Now I feel a rating is due. Nice pictures enjoyed searching for difference. Completed search of several pictures and below (Job Well Done) was a Red Heart and what I believe to be a hint. Earned during puzzle win. When going to next puzzle either no hit or one shows up. The hints during game wins do not add up. So more ads to watch! Was considering purchasing the remove ads for $6.99. But does this purchase mean all ads removed or just a few?
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3 years ago, moneese
A big snake photo in level 448
This is really a amazing game. I was really enjoyed for last few weeks. But you all put “A big snake photo” for level 448. I am now so scare and couldn’t play it anymore. Have you all think about that “Ophidiophobia” (people who afraid of snake ) do exist on the earth???? I believe there would be many players who have sensitive sense about that uncomfortable picture (like frog, Clowns, Jokers, etc). I wish your team could take a time to consider to help that kind of players .
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3 years ago, tdccrn
Thank you
I enjoy this app more than the many differences apps because I don’t have to kill my eyes because I can zoom in. No other app I played similar to this one has that option which makes me nuts. You have pics that are easier and can do more difficult ones if you want them. So thank you for challenging me without me getting so frustrated that I delete the app. I would highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Dbzmaster1213
Very Professional
Very high quality images with many small details and good edits. Both pictures always seem completely real and genuine. Whoever made the changes on them did an excellent job. Looks like there are tons of levels so you won’t run out of images quickly. The ads are also pretty non-intrusive. Overall, a very well-made app that deserves 5 stars.
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2 years ago, jb dean
No challenge whatsoever! 🥺
I really wanted to like this game! The art is great and I like the variety of art styles but I am past level 50 and there’s just no challenge. I’ve only had to use my hint once and all the other times I have gone through the puzzles in a matter of under five seconds. I think this is an awesome game for beginners but I’ve been playing these types of games for well over 10 years and this one just simply has no challenge. I’m assuming that they will get harder as I progress but like I said, I’m already past level 50 so I’m not going to keep playing to find out. Sadly this game is being deleted after I post this review.
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3 years ago, LAMom@Tunes
Gun Related Ads? Really? Not O.K.!!!
So far most of the ads have been for gun products; particularly hardware that lets the gun owner keep a gun secretly hidden under a desk or ready to shoot when it’s next to the bed. This game is listed for players 4 years old and up. Decent parents don’t want their children exposed to inappropriate ads. Isn’t there enough violence and death in their poor little lives? The developer should be ashamed to market products like that to children. Either they make the game adults-only or they need to make sure the ads are age appropriate. I hope they respond to my comments. If they promise to make the ads more appropriate, I’ll revise my review.
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2 years ago, Loving it ,,,
Love this
This is the only game that I have ever played that I haven’t had to delete because of it getting to hard. Usually when a game becomes difficult you usually have to spend money for extra lives or othe items to get to another level.
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4 years ago, T C in Oklahoma
Great for us old folks!
This is my first time writing a review. I’m 63 and this is one game I truly enjoy! It’s not to hard to find the difference in both photos, but it’s fast paced and it keeps your mind sharp! You seniors that enjoy games, as this one, you’ll want to have this on any of your devices. I promise, you’ll enjoy it. Plus it’s just down right fun! TLC, Oklahoma
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2 months ago, Carlotta63x
Great Game!
This is one of if not the best Find the Difference game I’ve ever played. The pictures are really interesting, colorful, and some of the places I’d like to know where they were taken at. The game is challenging, but not so challenging that you feel defeated all the time. So get busy and scope out the differences.!
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2 months ago, 27crushmanZPBB
Best find the difference puzzle
Finally found the best FTD puzzle very challenging no nonsense play no need to earn badges or do mini puzzles or off stories to get to the next puzzle. Amazing real photos with differences - best part RELAXING 5 difference hunt and NO stressful time limit - dont mind the couple ads at all! Great job!
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1 month ago, FranchesKAweenieGIRL
Calm music
I love this game. I find the music so soothing and calm while looking for the differences. I also really appreciate that I can quickly move from puzzle to puzzle without long and ridiculous ads. Yeah for the hints when I am stuck. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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3 years ago, Lorrie Marie
Find the Difference
I love the game, however I haven’t been able to play it because it stopped playing. I’ve been waiting for months for it restart. It just keeps saying coming soon??!!
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3 years ago, palqmtz
Great until it wasn’t
Great AP up to level 1330 then all of a sudden I am hitting various puzzles that won’t allow you to pick found differences and sometimes I accidentally find “differences” that do not actually exist but the game will circle. Looks like they just got tired of proofing after 1330. I don’t have time for things that don’t work. AP Deleted.
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2 years ago, peyton routh
Find the different
Find the differents is good for your brain, not to mention it’s fun I’ll say the pictures are very pretty 🥰I love how they give you one heart ❤️ but, comes with more life’s ,you can use if you get it wrong, it’s so helpful 😀👍😍
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1 year ago, isd15223
Not my favorite
It’s not my favorite, but I would recommend it but if you don’t like puzzles, then I don’t recommend it for you, and it is decently hard not to hard but a bit but for starters at find the differences, I think this is pretty good for you then
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2 years ago, antieboyeli69
It’s Alr
It’s set up very good but it’s way too easy I have less than 1 1/2 hours played and I’m on level 220 I can beat this game in less than a day easily I wish there was way harder images
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10 months ago, Quietdreamer
Needs Update!!!
I’ve completed all pictures and the game says “More Coming Soon”….When? That was almost a year ago! I really enjoyed playing this game. Please update it!
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3 years ago, Imej01
Won’t let me play anymore
At first it was a really fun game but once I got to level 309 and I tap a difference it says that I’m wrong when there’s is clearly a difference and I can’t advance on any level. The problem is with the app because I’ve already restarted the app and my phone and it’s still happening. I hope they can fix it soon.
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3 years ago, cahjbh
Problem with game
I enjoy playing this game, however recently it has frozen or gone black screen instead of changing to a new game. This is very frustrating. Please fix this! I have completed the current levels and it says more are coming. When is that happening? I love the game but need more games. Please hurry with new games!!!!
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3 days ago, Randi Kalahachie
Played 3 levels and then all I got were ads! Deleted.
Seriously, I’m ok with an ad after every level, but I quit after 7 ads in a row. That is ridiculous. Bye.
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2 years ago, TANI LUV
Screen size
With the new update, the screen for spotting the difference has been made smaller. Can you please fix this issue? Thanks!!
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3 years ago, Foundmom98
Thoroughly enjoy this game!
The photos are high quality and whomever does your food styling is absolutely top notch! I enjoy the many locations in the photos as well. Great game!
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1 year ago, Cyc2u
Good game but also annoying
If you want to zoom in on the left side of a picture, you have to be very careful or it will play a ad and then take you back to the main menu. Its really frustrating. They have a back button on the screen so this is completely unnessessary.
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2 years ago, kc7co
I am deciding if I need to unload this app. It is a great game but between each screen there is an ad. Mostly for PayPal. Hit next and there is PayPal staring you in the face. Then you have to wait for the count of five to shut it off. Presenting an ad after several screens would be acceptable.
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12 months ago, nanam00n
Fun, but can’t get rid of ads!
Great relaxing games, but the ads are overwhelming. Information on this app states that you can pay to remove the ads. However, the pay icon in the app doesn’t work! If app support reads this, please tell me how to pay!!
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2 years ago, missfiona14
Names of places
My only complaint about this game is that the beautiful places aren’t identified. Would it be possible to put the names of the locations under the pictures?
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3 years ago, ovivo51
Find the difference
The first time I downloaded this game I played thru more then 1300 screens. Plus all the specials. I got up one morning and decided to play a game or two before work. It had taken me back to the very first game, #1. Never could get it to correct this error but started playing it again anyway. Then a few days later, bam, back to number one. Would I recommend this game to a friend....... NO.
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4 years ago, cmpv
I like the circle find indicators match the small medium or large find. Also the toot of picture is not interfered with by the empty top space on my iPhone X. Nice design - thank you
Show more
4 years ago, Nikky1999
Beautiful images
Selection and quality of images is superior compared to similar games.
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2 months ago, GGParker
Great fun!
I think that I have played every level ten times, but I keep coming back for more.
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3 years ago, zzzzzoooozzzzooo
Spot the difference is fun
I recommend this game it’s really fun and there is no time limit but if you get it wrong too many times you will lose but it is so fun and there is Hints If you like spot the difference this is the game for you.
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3 years ago, kebeh1234
I Likee is it help you to 2000 different stuff with your mind and it helps you to like be more smarter and think of this so I’m pretty good about it is like perfect
Show more
11 months ago, @2#3$4&5*6(7)8'o
When you can not find the last object how can you be shown
Show more
3 years ago, mdgannis
Very relaxing
The pictures are beautiful and the food pictures always make me hungry
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2 months ago, KathKim3
Find the Difference
Fun game, makes the time go faster than most other games…..
Show more
2 months ago, baileytipp
No rewards
I love this game, but I have watched three ads for a reward and haven’t gotten the reward. It’s says reward granted but there isn’t one there when I close the ad.
Show more
4 years ago, Sunny fun!
Fix bug
It’s a fun game can you please fix the bugs? In the 700 level? It doesn’t seem to recognize the difference. Thanks
Show more
8 months ago, HAEBH
Taken over by ads!
The game is fun but there is a constant Google ad at the bottom of the page as well as ads when you first sign on. It’s so annoying I’ve stopped playing. At least offer an ad free option.
Show more
1 month ago, Beauuuui
AI generated images. Use NextDNS for ad elimination
AI image generators still can’t seem to get hands completely right. A lot of other weird artifacts if you look closely. I would use NextDNS on your device to avoid the flood of ads.
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2 years ago, ytfcrdcvyigvryxibvyugcyu
4 stars 😀
It is a very awesome game you should get it but the resson I gave it 4 stars is because once you get one wrong the heart goes down but every level it regenerates to 100%
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2 years ago, jowanna777 syl
The game
I think over all this is a good learning game for both kids and adults
Show more
4 years ago, R Giles C
Look, I mean open the eyes but first the brain.... ok it’s not where you think it is just the opposite but it’s there..... then you tell yourself ‘you were looking right at.’ This game a an exercise in perception to sharpen the wits.
Show more
4 years ago, Me Casey
Good game except...
Love this game I play I’m pretty far into it now but only thing it says there are no ads. There is an add after every single level? Why so many? I can see after maybe 5 levels but every one.... it’s annoying!
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