Find Your Face Shape

3.8 (1.3K)
211.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gregorio Bello
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Find Your Face Shape

3.82 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, QueenB Foss
It could be a little more accurate on finding the shape of the face as in when looking into the camera screen the scanner or lines which is supposed to let you know where your face needs to be it seems a little off center or something and maybe that’s why it’s not as accurate at times when finding face shapes.I also think there should be more free options to choose from but other than that it works as it’s supposed to and it’s fun to see what I would look like with different hairstyles or cuts.
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4 years ago, Papria.Bhuiyan
Works but a little skeptical
I think it does a great job at detecting and is very consistent. However, when I do see the image again, it’s sort of narrower than my actual face which makes me wonder if it’s reading my face correctly or not. Other than that, pretty handy stuff
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4 years ago, kirstenyvonne15
I saw a lot of people say that it’s inaccurate but when I did it with the same angle in lighting I got the same results. Oval. Which was determined my esthetician also. Just make sure you have lighting enough to see your face and keep your face straight or it will get it wrong. And try to align your face with the lines the horizontal being your eyes and the line down your face have to spilt your nostrils as perfectly as possible.
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3 months ago, jojosiwa345786
so inaccurate
I got this app cause I have no idea what my face shape is and never have and i really wanted to know. So, I got the app and I took a picture and like half the face structure thing was under my chin. I took another photo same lighting and same angle and it said a different face shape but it was still way under my chin. I kept taking pictures and it kept changing face shapes and not around my face at all. This app doesn’t work at all, just go to one of those shops or smth to find out. This app just ain’t it. (Pls don’t mind my name i made this account like 5 years ago lol)
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4 years ago, Fiona Gilly
Would not recommend- inaccurate
I pulled my hair all the way back and it said I had an oval face shape. I know for a fact my face is not oval, I was trying to determine whether my face shape was square or diamond. After I took the photo, the picture seemed stretched out making my face look longer, I don’t know of this was what the system used to base my face measurements off of or if the app goes tries to go off the measurements of the actual picture snd then just produces a modified photo. Either way, the app was not accurate for me and seems generally very low quality- would not recommend.
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5 years ago, ElizabethEleanor713
Love this app!
My whole life I thought I had a round face shape. My friends keep trying to convince me my face shape is square. After using this app I confirmed my friends are right, I have a square face. Great app easy to use. I wish I could upload my own photos instead of using the front facing camera. Maybe with the next update the developer will include that feature.
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4 years ago, Me&mafriends
I got about three face shape options every time I took a picture. I mean, unless I have a square, diamond, and oval face all from the exact same angle, lighting, and hair pulled out of the way (no obstructions what so ever) I think the app may be whacked 😂. The hair options are weird and tough to use. There were also a lot of ads (pop-up-cover-the-whole-screen type of ads). I don’t care for this app very much, but some people do, so it depends on why you wanted it. I got it for experimental purposes and was disappointed. Sorry, guys.
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7 months ago, blueALEXunicorn
Not accurate👎🏽
When you take a picture of your face, it does not work. If you keep taking more pictures, it will not give you your accurate Face Shape maybe it will but it will keep changing when you try on the hairstyles they’re very cheap looking and when you zoom in they just don’t work they’re very cheap and when you try to color your hair, it does not work very well, I like the picture of quality is so blurry you can’t hardly see your face. I don’t recommend this app. 🤣
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2 years ago, Lily&lylahsmom
So far so good
So far so good. I’ve only opened the app and already been requested to rate and review, I haven’t even done face scan yet or put in any info. That’s a little annoying because the creator is asking me to rate something I can’t speak upon yet because I haven’t even begun to navigate the app yet I’m going to go give it a shot!!
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6 years ago, Tahrbaby33
Great App
This is the first app I’ve downloaded to check the shape of my face and I’m pretty pleased. I suspected I had an oval shape face and it confirmed it for me. I like the free hair style options and there were many options to choose from. Looking forward to seeing more from the purchase options. Enjoying it! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Sonic the hedgehogxx
It’s fun but like other reviewers I feel the lines are a little off. I enjoyed it but if they are going to show ads maybe allow the user to earn points to unlock other options
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6 years ago, Rinitycoom
Maybe it is accurate
So before I even did this I knew what my true head shape because I measured it. Which is an Oval. But I wanted to double check on an app. Some reviews said if you were slightly off you would get a different answer. That’s not true in my case. Maybe because my head is so obviously oval shape it couldn’t mess up. I took the picture 3 times from slightly different angels and still got oval shape. I’m giving it a 4 because of that ridiculous wig at the end. Conclusion: All in all it was accurate for me.
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3 years ago, DebBHrsLaD
Love this app.
I have had hairdressers tell me my face was oval and a few say it was round. I knew it wasn’t oval, but had no idea what the shape was. This app told me immediately it was square. Thanks to this app, I have the best haircut I have ever had. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, rodijae
This app is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Figuring out your face shape , to me , is so hard. I was happy to maybe find an app that helped with that and it does the job.
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3 years ago, joy364
Seems OFF!
I could clearly see the sides of my face were wider than the shape I was supposed to put my face in. And yet, it said that I have an oval face. And, I couldn’t get my face to fit inside of the outlined face. Maybe the meter is off!
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3 years ago, crescent moon reveiw studio
Review crescent moon review studio
Very good app if you want to find the right hair or beard style based on your face shape just take a picture and the app automatically tells you what your face shape is and what hair/beard style would suit you best
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3 years ago, QuikTripToTheBeach
Worth trying!
this app works great, best to do your own research and take your own measurements but it is pretty accurate, definitely worth trying! Plus you can test how hair styles look on you.
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3 years ago, TamChaRn
Helpful and easy
Struggled for years trying to figure out my face shape. App was simple and confirmed the face shape that other people had suggested. Plus I can see why !
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2 years ago, Adele Kaiya
This app is amazing
This app helped me, find out my perfect hair style. I quickly went to the salon the next day, got the haircut and I love it! I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Colleen Schanz
Helped me find the shape of my face
I wanted to know my face shape for looking up hair cuts. This app did that quickly. Unfortunately, non of the hair styles offered on the free portion of the app were ones I was interested in.
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4 years ago, lucky10..31
I was a bit skeptical when downloading, but after it gave me the same accurate results three times, I was satisfied. Great if you are unsure what your face shape is!
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4 years ago, tanyag1234567
Lots of ads and...
Lots of adds and your hairstyles may be locked and need money to unlock. I didn’t think it was worth unlocking for my features. But it’s up to you.
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2 years ago, LadyStretchW
Quick accurate and to the point
I like that this app actually has the guide to make sure ur face is properly positioned
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3 years ago, hayjaygirl
It was okay
I think it made my face look different which caused it to give me round face shape but I’ve always thought I have an oval face shape and I could be wrong. Also the hairstyles are really hard to work with and they just look kinda weird
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3 years ago, Blahblahineedausernamelol
Great App
Very nice app with a good selection of styles for your shape. After being told I had a oval shape I can confirm this all is telling the truth since a few said that in real life
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1 year ago, RKCW
Paid but still did not work/inaccurate
Paid 99¢ to remove ads. Ads still came…then paid to unlock hairstyles which should have removed ads as well but ads still played. Tried restoring purchases still didn’t remove ads. The app is inaccurate. My face is either square or oval according to app…how?
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3 years ago, Word Girl 27
Pretty good
This works to give you an instant answer. One star off because my results did change between two categories, which was lame, but I’m pretty sure the first one was correct.
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2 years ago, NursyKimJayne78
Great tool!
I never could figure out what my face shape was, but with this app I can try out different hairstyles and know how they will look.
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2 years ago, Deb Browns Apple Stuff
Works good enough
Wanting to figure out the face shape of my customers, it did the trick! I wish the app allowed the camera to flip around to use the back side camera
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2 years ago, itznotadri1111
this is a very cute app and it’s very easy to use!! i would recommend this if you are trying to find out your face shape
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5 years ago, Sylvanmom
Finally I know my face shape!
I like this app but sometimes you need to take your picture several times before it finally works right. Despite that I think this app is worth it.
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4 years ago, Franco2828
Great app
Easy to use, gets to the point. Have to make sure your face is exactly center or you’ll get other face shapes. But if you center the lines, you’ll get your true face shape.
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2 years ago, SwimmerKW
Fun App
I like this app. Its fun to use and I finally found out what my face shape is. The hairstyles are not the easiest to fit onto your picture, but still fun nonetheless.
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2 years ago, brlynn*
You only get the 30 styles that go with your face shape and it’s not very accurate. You gotta work with the styles to make them look right but it’s doable. It took me awhile to get how to change the color of the hair. Try it out.
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3 years ago, ohantonia
I think it’s a pretty cute app, depending on how close my face is, it changes what it says about the shape. Overall interesting.
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1 year ago, Angel2myk9deputy
Don’t waste your time
Camera isn’t accurate. Coloring of hairstyles (which only a few are free) are awful and do nothing to show you what a hairstyle would look like and the worst part is once it goes to an ad, you can’t skip the video or get out of it without closing the app and starting over.
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3 years ago, Lee.Z.
Great at detecting, narrows my face shape though
it’s amazing at choosing what face shape i have. but, when i look at the ending photo when it analyzes it- my face becomes narrow. which can make me confused sometimes
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4 years ago, Steph Byers
Still not sure
Accuracy seems to be still in question so far. It lengthens my face in the photo, and I’m wondering if the extra length is affecting the shape it says I am. Still fun to have, though.
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5 years ago, akuroma.
Great, but rather inconsistent
I follow the photo instructions (front facing photo, no smile) but I keep getting different results, either a square or oval face...So, I still don't know what my face shape is! Despite that, this app is a good concept, though. It helps solve the age old dilemma of finding out your face shape.
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5 years ago, abajwien
Favorite app
Before I used this app, I didn’t know my face shape and I often struggled with my faceshape, so now that I know I can see which hijab styles work best for me. All thanks to this app
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3 years ago, Punkybby
It works as expected as long as you are taking a photo from the front without any expression on your face.
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2 years ago, Seany mv
I think it works very well
Simple and fast, and works well. Depending on how I angle the camera: app says either oval ir round face, but it’s oval :)
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2 years ago, Codys 133
How fun
I never could quite figure out my face shape, but this was helpful. I haven’t used it past that yet.
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3 years ago, Sjbesing33
Could improve a few things
Just a few minor things bothered me
Show more
2 years ago, brinnlewski
Thought I had a heart shape but I guess I have oval! Useful info, thanks! Also I like the hair styles that available to try on my selfie for free.
Show more
2 years ago, Mjinjordans
All I had to do is write a review and I get the diamond packnof hairstyles unlocked, don’t have to pay at all so…………. 5 stars I guess.
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4 years ago, gjslqw
Colors are off but overall a fine free app
Colors are a little wonky- I was hoping for some more natural shades. The hair cuts are adjustable, great for someone looking to get a new style
Show more
3 years ago, Sparky1582
Helped a lot
Trying to find out what hair cut would be best for me. This helped me find my shape and a few hairstyles
Show more
4 years ago, txtrnsplnt
Not for me
I loaded app and 30 minutes later deleted app. I am looking to change hair length from below shoulders to short. The app took pic, indicated I have an oval shaped face and I purchased the Oval hairstyles. I was not impressed. Found nothing. I did like app has gray hair color! 😁
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3 years ago, AuntBunniejean
I really like the choices and being able to look up different options!! This lots of fun!!
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