Findmykids: Location Tracker

4.7 (13.7K)
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Findmykids: Location Tracker

4.74 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
3 weeks ago, sacr3manto
Did this for my kid.
We had a linked account, and I had this find my kids app to keep tabs on my kid whenever no spouse and I went on vacations. One morning, I woke up next to her on her iPhone with lots of love emojis scrolling on her messenger app, with a broad smile on her face which she tried to hide. We’ve been married for 7 years. I won’t feign total innocence, marriage is hard if you ask me. I wanted to know who she sent the love emojis to so I reached out to Dustin’s email seen from an advert on the AppStore. I wrote to his email at ‘Spytechguru @ GMAILCOM’. He notified me about the services that he offers. I had a pick of the services that I wanted and I carefully explained what I wanted to get done. Dustin assured me of full access to her phone so I proceeded to pay for his services. Eventually, I saw who she kept exchanging love emojis with on her Facebook messenger app. I went on to see more from other social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, iMessage, call history and all of the dating websites that she signed up on. She was actively in two relationships! It felt like I had her phone in my hand! Nothing’s quite as humbling as realizing that your significant other was unfaithful because of her high school crush! Believe me, I never in a million years would have found out about this. The scary part is that this was happening under my nose. Thank you Dustin for doing this.
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2 weeks ago, sim0nPatagonja
Super grateful for this..
This Find my kids app enables me to be able to monitor my child and my wife’s location. I suggested that she used it too but she refused. We had been dating for about nine months and had already said the 'I love you's.' We were at a friend's place, she was checking her emails as she had someone who wanted to purchase her guitar. I came up behind her in a loving embrace and glanced over her shoulder at her emails and I noticed an "OkCupid" message, then she quickly closed the app. Suspicious right?! This is something that had never happened before, not once. This propelled me to find the reason why she reacted that way. I saw an ad about a private investigator and decided to contact him on Spy Tech Guru @ gmail and told him about how suspicious my partner began acting. I also informed him that I wanted her phone cloned. I doubted his capabilities at first but after much hesitation, I went ahead to pay the fee because he had a money back guarantee clause just in case the service wasn’t satisfactory. Lo and behold, in few hours, I received access to her cellphone. I could see every single thing that was kept from my sight and reach. I discovered that she had been dating and meeting up with some guy from Okcupid! Using the services of dustin is the best decision I’ve made so far this year. I strongly advise that you write to him.
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2 years ago, MamaBear27938
So Far So Good
So far I have really appreciated this app. I paid the yearly fee and do not regret it as of now. I am able to see where my children are at at all times. If they leave where they are currently at, it notifies me that they are on the move and shows me where they are within yards. It also tells how fast the person is driving of who they are in a vehicle with. The feature of being able to listen to what’s around them is nice, but I don’t use that hardly ever. It does give you five minutes free and then you have to pay for more minutes. I wish it was a little cheaper with the prices on that. Nice feature though. It also tells me how much time they spend n certain websites, apps, and whatever else they are doing on their phone. It even tells me what music and artist they are listening too. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have Verizon family app that supposedly does the same and it’s not even close to what this app does and the accuracy. This is definitely worth the money! Thank you for making this app and the services provided and most of all the price. I feel more at ease with my children being out and about.
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1 year ago, Casper27292
Awesome apps
I have had apps like this before, and though a lot seem to have issues with being able to hear surroundings, it’s up to the parents to have self control and only use it when necessary, such as when they can’t get in touch or they disappear, don’t straight up spy on them, an app like this was able to allow me to save my 14 year old daughter from being abducted and possibly raped and addicted to drugs, this day is age, parents need to know, be a parent and not a friend, look at it this way, say your 13 or 14 year old went to school, and out of nowhere they disappeared, it happens, well a year goes by and still no word from them or police, with this app you could have possibly found them the same day and had them home, now all you have is regrets, think about it, this world is not the same as it was 30 years ago, and it’s getting worse by the day, be a parent and watch out for your babies, cause if you don’t, nobody else will
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12 months ago, mamabearrosie
I Love this app i rate it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️it’s a very much well deserved not 5 but 100⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s if I could rate it that because it gives me piece of mind U can’t go wrong absolutely parent approved 💯 must have kind of app trust me u will be just as happy as me right after u download get to know the app and see all the cool stuff u can do with it go check it out u won’t be disappointed and they actually let u try it free 7days just so u can check it out see how u like the app and well it’s actually already free either way but if u want the cool features they come with like the live audio recording or listening and monitoring your child’s device u have to pay small fee still worth it I was so glad I came across this and I know u would be to go check it out for ur self u will thank me later 🙏🏽👍🏽💪🏼❤️💯
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2 years ago, Lovepohfjgfjj
So far it’s going well.
So far I am definitely enjoying having this app. Gives me some release from the stress of what is happening in today’s world knowing my child is somewhere safe and okay. He got lucky and got a phone just for this. My only issue is I wish I would tell you all the time when they left home and when they are back home because sometimes there is a delay and you sit there wondering. Also I haven’t really looked in the app much but I’m hoping that there is or will be a feature to add safe addresses in which he can go to that will alert me. As well as being able to add unsafe addresses that you do not want your child to go to and if they are you are notified. Other than that I think it’s great thanks!
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1 year ago, Shidyn
It’s ok when it actually works, but very inconsistent
My 16yo is the only one in the family who doesn’t have an iPhone, and refuses to allow me to buy her one. She uses a Google Pixel 4, and I have a iPhone 13 Pro. So the issue I have with the app being inconsistent could possibly be due to the outdated phone she refuses to let go of. The tracking only works when in real time about 50% of the time, and the other 50% normally has a 20 min + delay, or just doesn’t work at all. The Sound Around my kid feature works about 10% of the! This I find the most frustrating because when there is a delay or a complete drop in her location, I can’t hear to see if she is ok. Even when her tracking is working in real time the audio rarely ever works!! It’s ok, but nothing compared to the ability I have to keep track of where my boys are on their iPhone using iOS in-app features!!
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2 years ago, Suziie79
Had to update
Went from 5 stars to 3 , so this app its not free at all and that’s fine if that’s what it takes so you can be at peace. But one of the reasons that i got it , it was because you could hear the surroundings around your child. I thought it was an amazing feature, but when there’s absolutely nothing like that in the app. I tried sending them an email and that was a week ago and I haven’t heard anything yet. I tried googling it and it says it does NOT work if you have an APPLE PHONE! i was speechless.. almost everyone has an apple phone lol.. i was so disappointed, so im only using it to see where my child is but i can already do that with my phone it self. I will not pay for this app just for this, very disappointed.. Hopefully they will change it and if they do I will gladly pay whatever they are asking because it ready is a very important feature.
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1 year ago, Anonymous 6475
Sound around
I’ve had this app for awhile now and the fact that it has been changed to where if the parent puts the sound on around the child because they can’t get in touch with them it alerts the child is rather bothersome. Okay I get that everyone is going to say that its invading their privacy. But seriously in the world we live in today they don’t need privacy they need supervision! Now what if my daughter was kidnapped and she put her phone on silent so they didn’t know she had a phone. As soon as I hit the button to listen for her surroundings she’ll be alerted whether her phone is on silent or not. So as far as I’m concerned that feature makes absolutely no sense in protecting our children from being harmed. It’s more like protecting them from getting caught doing things they probably shouldn’t if they need to be alerted that someone is listening because they are avoiding all calls & texts…
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1 year ago, Doee8181
This Is The Best And Cheapest Parents App Ever !! It Does So Many Options For One Low Price, I Have Had Many Different Apps Such As This One But They Never Deliver What Is Promised Also The Price Is Never Actually What Is First Stated Because It Always Ends Up That Each Different Option Is a Higher Price !!!!! BUT Not This Parents App, It Delivers What Is Promised For a Great Price!! Also It Seems To Be The Only App That Lets You Not Only Track And Get Alerts Regarding Your Childs Whereabouts, Arrivals And Departing Locations, BUT You Can Actually Either Take a Quick 20 Second Recording Or Directly Listen To Your Childs Surroundings !!!!! Which I Think Is Great Especially If Your Child Is Experiencing a Terrible Bulling Issues. If You Are a Parent You Have To Get This Fantastic App !! 😊
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9 months ago, Nia786
So far so good
I’m only giving five stars at the moment because I am using this for temporary to see if this was the app working for me and my child I live in the city of San Francisco and there’s some crazy stuff happening in the city. I need to know where my son is at all times and I’m hoping this app provides me what I need. Update!! So I’ve been using this app for almost 2 weeks now and I love it. I love the free features. I love that I can know where my son is all times and what’s going around him. You get about 5 mins of free time on the section where you can hear their surroundings but can get more minutes by rating the app. Maybe in the future they can ads to we can watch and get free mins.
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3 weeks ago, licksnkisses
Best APP Ever
This app has made my job as being a parent so much less stressful. Just being able to see my daughter location when she is away with school, on sleep overs with a friend or even walking around the block. It gives u such peace of mind know she is where she should be. The signal sending figure always comes in handy when she can’t find her phone and then also when she is not answering. I can listen in on things while she is at school. So when she was being bullied. I could hear the issue and help her resolve it. It’s just an amazing app all the way around. We love it. Thank u This app has made parenting a lot easier. Could not live with out it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 weeks ago, Candice mom
Find my kids app
it’s a pretty good app on the free side and just add in a minute so you can listen to your kids every few minutes if you want to those minutes last long time if you just listen for a few seconds or whatever it gives great location status and it shows you where they where they’re doing how they’re getting there wherever they’re goingonly thing I don’t like about it is when their microphone is off or whatever or the red button or whatever that’s supposed to do that SOS button to do my phone have to go on my phone because the app is already on there that would be awesome
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3 months ago, Keana Bass
App doesn’t give correct location / support is no help
I recently paid for a one year subscription for this App and I wish I had done a monthly subscription instead so I could cancel and not waste $50. The App does not work like it should, there is a huge delay in the location. The App will tell me my daughter is at home 10 to 15 minutes after she’s home and this morning my daughter left home walking to her school 20 minutes ago and the App is still saying she’s at home!! App support is also not helpful. The chat bot gives choices to choose from to give responses instead of letting you type in what you need or what the problem is and it doesn’t give you the option to talk to a person. I got this App to make sure my daughter is safe but the App is failing to deliver what was promised and there is a no refund policy. I’m very displeased and I wouldn’t recommend this App to anyone. This is a complete waste of money!!
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1 year ago, Cayman B.
Reliable App
This is a good app the features are all suitable for knowing where your child is, where they are going, and what they are doing. I would not recommend using this app to control your child it is more of a safety feature on your phone to spectate if they are in danger or not where they’re supposed to be. I have no doubts anymore about wether my child is in school or at home while i’m working. The only issue that was brought to my attention was the surround listening, there is no features on the app that allows me to listen to my child’s surroundings which would be very helpful to have in case they go out to unknown places with friends. I’m not sure if it’s only my app but I can’t find the feature anywhere otherwise this a good app.
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2 years ago, HVGom
Great features
I use this for my 12 year old and 10 year old. It has great features for the free version. You can listen in on them every now and then, which helps if your kid(s) walking home. It has an SOS button on their side in case they come across dangerous situations. It is pretty accurate when it is tracking them. The problems I have with it is that it tends to lag a bit. It has features to call/text them but you can only do that if their phone is connected to wifi or has cellular service. Which seems a bit pointless because if they have service you can just call/text their phones, and if it doesn’t, they won’t have wifi outside of the home, so you won’t be able to use those features regardless.
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10 months ago, jennifer f101
Luv this app
I luv this app. SOS button works great and the find ur kids fone signal to… only thing is location is on. So I recommend that u only have location on in the settings for this app and off on the other social media apps for Safty for ur kids or luved ones. I even have this on my husband fone (he is a driver for our company) it helps me with giving him instructions and accuracy for his location on delivery addresses to. Works great and up to date! When my kids r out to play I know where they r and it keeps me at ease. Definitely download the linked app for the kids fone pingo has great games for them to use and videos so worth it. Thank u
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12 months ago, bad cuolady
Great tracker
This app has been so wonderful. I’m not trying to helicopter my 12 year old but when she is not with me it’s a great sense of relief being able to simply look where she is. It even tells you how fast she is traveling whether walking or in a car. It literally shows a line of travel so you can view a whole trip on one screen. It has an SOS button if she needs to alert us and it will alert you regardless of the settings on your phone. She tends to use it for non emergency situations but nonetheless it is there if needed. It tells you your child’s phone battery percentage as well! Great app and I highly recommend it!
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9 months ago, koolgurlbuddi
Great app.
I downloaded this app because I needed to find out what my boyfriend was doing and where he was going when he wasn’t with me. I was really pleased with the accuracy of location and being about to hear who and what the surroundings were, was extremely helpful and I got the answers I needed. It was a great way to track him until he caught on to it. But it didn’t matter because it all worked out fine. I’m very happy with this app because it did what it said it would do. And got rid of all my doubts and set my thoughts straight. Good job guys!
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5 months ago, RobinHopp
Find My Kids app 5 stars for sure!!
This app is awesome! I also use Life360 but Find My Kids has it beat. I really love how accurate this app is with location. The feature that allows you to listen to your kids surroundings when you can’t get ahold of them is amazing and definitely piece of mind. Thank you for having a app like this. My son is a young teen now and he’s been allowed to have some freedom as he gets older and this app has been such a blessing for this over protective mother!!!
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8 months ago, NattyOfTheNile
Great when it works
Been using this app for at least a year or two. It seemed to be pretty consistent at notifying me when my son changed locations at school or when he got home (location approximate within about 3-8 yards I guess) but recently it hasn’t been tracking him at school and says he’s at home when he isn’t. It worked before but now isn’t. Help support just tells me my sons phone isn’t connected to the network at school but he says it is, and the app used to work just fine so that’s become annoying. I like the app but may cancel my account if it doesn’t start working again.
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4 months ago, maeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Some of the features are nice but the app don’t work very well
I really like some of the features. The loud noise feature comes in handy when the kids lose their phone or their ringer is off and I can’t reach them. The location piece is great so I can see where they are, and I can even see how fast the driver is going when they are with other people However, some features don’t work good at all. Their phones always say the geolocation is turned off. We’ve gone through the steps to remedy dozens of times and their phones appear to have geolocation turned on I considered paying the yearly fee for the app, however, since the geolocation piece won’t let me use all the features, I won’t pay for it
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1 year ago, Candygurl702
Review after a few months of use
I would say overall the app has good potential. But when it comes to my daughter that has a droid, I seem to run into problems vs my other daughter that has an iPhone. The droid doesn’t always update location and which apps she uses. I can see everything my other daughter does. Wish we got more than 5 free minutes to hear their surroundings before having to pay for that as well. But I still use this app for now unless something else develops that is user friends to all phones.
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6 months ago, Kait99
Love the idea
So I love the idea and the features. The thing I don’t like is that even when the phone is charged and on, the app won’t update their location like the FindMyFriends app. So I’ll see their location 24 hours ago with no success at the app telling me where they are, even when I have the phone in the same vicinity as me. It seems like I have to call the phone for it update their location even though their cell works with cellular service and WiFi.
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7 months ago, SonyaBlade8690
Mind calming
This app has been so precise with the where abouts of both of my kids. I love the fact that you can set up locations so that it can alert you as soon as they arrive or leave. Also like the fact that you can make their phone ring even if they have it in silent so that they can answer you if there is an emergency and you need to get ahold of them fast. And lastly…. My favorite—I can listen to their surroundings just to make sure they are not up to no good.
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12 months ago, Sphynx & Charms
Keeping my kid safe
This app is amazing it tells me when my child’s phone is on vibrate and the percentage it is at! It even tells me how fast he is going on his skateboard. It pin points location and place where he had went and is at! This app is perfect for those who have to work and need more of a confirmation of how safe their child or children are! I will recommend this to every patient of mine who have a child in their life they want to protect from afar!
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3 weeks ago, Jackster1993
So far not impressed
I purchased this app because it’s supposed to allow you to see what apps your child is using and how long they are on those apps for. Well literally every single time I try to view this information the app tells me that it needs a few hours to gather more information and it will inform you when it’s ready…. It’s never ready. I’ve never been able to make sure that my child isn’t on apps that they shouldn’t be during certain periods of time. It only gets a 3 star from me because the location service is pretty accurate.
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8 months ago, Jac0614
Great app just one problem
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I love the app. It’s a little delayed in bits tracking but I can deal with that. However the one day I really needed the app. It would not work at all. My son miss placed his phone one day. The app told us it was near by. We backtracked but it wasn’t there. I signaled for it even called it. No response. Finally about a half hour later the app and phone responded. I’m going to be honest and say it probably wasn’t all the app’s fault but after the situation I quite concerned about the delay in tracking and signaling now. SM
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2 years ago, disappointed momOf3
Paid for it but can’t use sound around and to see what apps my kid using
So I got this app since my 12 year old kid started middle school and I was happy because of the sound around and also I can monitor what apps he is going in too. I thought I have to pay to use those features and I did, after I paid I look around the app to find the sound around and to monitor the apps my kid using and I can’t find it. I mean those features are the only features I like but even I paid for it I can’t use it. Just a waste of money! The SOS is good too but I am just very disappointed that I paid but can’t use the other features. Sad!
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2 weeks ago, RibbedGiraffe
Was once good..
This app has continued to degrade with every update. When I first started with it, it was great, showed location and location history, how long at each place, etc. Unfortunately now after multiple updates it continues to fail me. Not only does the child need to have the app on their phone, they need to continue to leave the app open to send their location. Seems like a pretty big fail if you are worried about where your child may be, or where they have been. 2 stars until the functionality comes back. Currently looking for a suitable replacement.
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8 months ago, Bibi242729
A Must have!!!
This is a must have app for parents who have children that don’t always pick up their phones when called. Downloaded the app to keep track of my child while she goes off on band competitions. If she is unable to answer the phone, I at least can listen to her surroundings to make sure she is safe. and if her phone is on silent, I can also have her phone go off to where she notices and connects with me. 👍🏼 This is a keeper!!!
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7 months ago, AmandaKRF
Perfect Peace of mind for Parents
I have used this app for probably 4 or 5 years now. It is perfect for parents’ peace of mind. Kids forget to txt or call when they have arrived or left a location. I am notified when the app is not working correctly. It isn’t like 360, that can be manipulated by the child on their phone. Perfect for any parent that is managing a family and needs to know where kids are and where they’ve been.
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1 month ago, A parents dream
Best app for parents.
From I downloaded this app it tells me when my son gets to school and when he gets home and if he’s at a location to long it notifies you that the child is in a location unknown. I would recommend this app to any parent that want to make sure there kids are safe oh and one more thing I like it also let you listen to there areas when they don’t answer your calls.
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2 years ago, Mmom4321
Most features don’t work if you have iPhones!
Make sure to read the fine print - most of the cool features such as checking how long your kid has been on their apps and others aren’t available if your kid has an iPhone. All you can do is see where they are (when it’s working) and send them a loud signal if they don’t pick up your calls. So that part works ok when it’s not glitching, but they should really update this app to work with iPhones, or charge iPhone users a lot less since they can’t use half the features!
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2 years ago, Iamtired123
I Love This
I absolutely love this app I can always see where my child is and I can see if she is on her phone though the app it’s amazing and my child also enjoys the app cause I let her go out more cause I don’t worry as much because I can see where they is and if they is in trouble or in danger they can send a horribly loud alarm to your phone and you will know. I 100% recommend this app to anybody who is always worried about there kids
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8 months ago, Review19852015
Find my kids
I think this app is awesome! It’s very precise, and shows you exactly where your child is. Another feature that pulled me in is that you have the option to hear what is going on around your child. I have had a bit of trouble with this feature working though…but for the most part I give it a 5. One more thing, I’ve noticed it’s more precise than 360. Hope this helps
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2 years ago, Joya M
Won’t stay connected to my child’s location
I really like this app but think it has some issues and bugs to work out. I paid for a full year but I don’t think I will renew it after my year. My child leaves at the same time daily but sometimes her phone won’t let me know she left the house until she’s coming home from school and has been gone all day.. I downloaded this app to track my daughter and keep up with her at all times but how can I if I keep going on the app and it’s telling me that my “kid phone has not sent location in 30 mins-24 hours”? This is crazy fr
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7 months ago, HulkHoganSlamJam
I love this app! I simply click the icon and it shows me on an up to date map my daughter’s exact location. I also like that I can listen in on her. It’s not that I don’t trust her, but if she’s running late after she’s been at sports or something, I can listen in to make sure I hear that sound in the background, then I know she’s safe and just can’t answer the phone at that moment, and I remain calm!
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4 months ago, WendyS5317
This app was great! It showed where I my live and when my loved one left the house. I seen their route and it even showed me how much phone battery they had left on their phone and even what speed they were traveling at. I would recommend this to anyone that want to keep their loved ones near and know where they are at and what they are doing throughout their day. Thank you! Wendy Stanfill-Arizona ♥️
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2 years ago, alex 81 corona
Best app to get if you worry about your child 24/7
This app is the best because you can hear whats going on with your child with out them answering there phone and it has a precise ping of there location it tells you what apps they are using for how long it also sends out a loud alert to scare off and one trying to hurt them I love it I’m always checking on my child even at home😍😍
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9 months ago, Mamamary33
I’m not satisfied
The app is ok but, it definitely needs work. It has my children moving and in different places when they’re in fact in school or at home. I’ve come close to calling police because this app had my 8 year old in New Jersey when he was at home with his sister. It told me my daughter was downtown NYC when she was actually in school. When the app is fixed, I might get it again. As for now… I’m canceling my subscription and deleting the app before it causes me a panic attack or unnecessary 911 call 😡😤
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11 months ago, southern belle!!
Location of travel
Everyday I get the wrong location on my granddaughters phone… how do I keep her location up to date? Thank you for fixing this app. I’m getting correct locations and can even hear her conversations at school and on bus, thank you!!❤️❤️❤️Thsnk you for improving your app. Now I get correct location and alerts from her phone correctly! Great job improving the app
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4 months ago, Autistic Teenage Mother
Great tracking app
I love this app. This app has helped me keep my eye on my 14 year old daughter while she’s at school or outside. I can keep an ear and eye on her with out physically being there which allows her to maintain a sense of freedom and normalcy as a teenager. Although she may have autism she is still a teenager who feels like she needs her privacy a lot. Since I found this app I can give her just that.
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2 years ago, jaded emperor
The app worked well the first couple days
This app was a great idea. But unfortunately after a few days I kept getting notifications that my kids were off line while at school. There was nothing wrong but the app seems to drop my kids location for some unknown reason. Constant false alarms like this can not only be stressful but very dangerous. Not really worth the price tag but we’ll see how it goes for another month or two or until something better comes out
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2 years ago, Shawndelia
Drains iPhone Battery
I got this for both my kids. You can’t hear the surroundings if you have an iPhone because their policies. It would say they are home when they were a street over on their bus going to school. Also, sometimes it was very delayed in saying that they were leaving or got somewhere. It drained the battery of both my kids iPhones 13s so bad I can’t use it anymore. It also drained my battery, but not as bad as my children. I decided to delete it even though it already paid for your subscription. Trying to get a refund.
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10 months ago, MomMishka420
Better than family link
I was using google family link to track my son. I didnt know once they turn 13, that service is no longer offered. This app has a feature that you can listen in to your kids device. You can also signal them with a loud noise if their phone is on vibrate. Highly recommend.
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4 weeks ago, Simple Meditator
False Advertising
There are several features that are listed on the picture set in the App Store that are not presents in the app. Specifically being able to listen in is not available but is listed as a feature. This is false advertising. The app still has value yet I wish it didn’t lie on the posted features. I have brought this up with the support person and he says that they can’t give me a refund. I’d rather not leave a bad review, but that’s all that this vendor is allowing for Getting feedback into the system.
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2 years ago, Roadkill611
Could be better
Location of the kids phone is often laggy and not 100% accurate which is strange given it uses GPS and it should be instant and accurate. Also, when defining a place the bubble you have to create is rather large. Let’s hope they update with some better tracking, I won’t be shelling out the $$$ next year and will look at other tracking apps.
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2 years ago, yoyita84
Not worth it
I use 360 app but wanted to try this because it’s said you can hear surroundings I was interested in that cuz sometimes you wonder if they are in a safe place. But you can’t do this even if you pay so technically it’s the same as 360 I will said 360 it’s better in a way they don’t false advertising. You pay so they can tell message you that I mean you can text them no need for that or for them but Apple phone has that so no need for that so the only difference was going to be hear the surrounding but that’s a lie so don’t used it you will save money in my view if you just go to 360
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11 months ago, 1969KK
The app was hacked on my son’s phone
I’ve generally been pretty ok with the app for over a year. But last night as we were sitting and talking, I got a message on the app from my son’s Find My Kids app that said, “I’m at school”. I went from having 95% confidence to more like 45%. What was that? How can I be sure it won’t happen again? I tried to find a way to report this within the app and there was no “contact us”. The only HELP prompts were specific to user issues, not general messages or feedback, so I’m hoping somebody will read this review.
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