3.4 (41)
55.8 MB
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Current version
FinFit Ops LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FinFit

3.39 out of 5
41 Ratings
7 months ago, D1n0211
Is anyone there
I have had the app and card that goes with it for about a year until I had a problem. There is no way to get in contact with a human!!! I had a situation that caused my card to be locked. I couldn’t find a way to get another card through chat, (referred me to phone number) phone (referred me back to chat). Both place you on hold for about half an hour before unceremoniously disconnecting me. After a few emails the phone number in the app was replaced with a toggle to lock & unlock my blocked VISA debit card. VISA customer service referred me to the bank that issued the debit card. If you didn’t know VISA uses out of country 3rd party support services. So to sum it up I didn’t have a problem until I did have a problem and couldn’t get human interaction for help which made the problem worse.
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3 weeks ago, @elitegraphxx (matt helton)
Their auto payment didn’t work now I have missed payment.
Well I loved this app at first then every time I look at the loan balance it’s higher than the time before in between payments. Like a dollar every two days. I have my payment set to automatically come out every paycheck and luckily I looked at the balance because they never deducted my payment. So how does that make any since they forget to deduct your payment then when you call them to let them know it’s not coming out they say oh we are so sorry we don’t know why that happened. Then they say I have a missed late payment on their screw up!! I’m not mad that I have to pay it I’m mad because their actually gonna say I have missed payment now. Then don’t even try to get in touch with this place it took me 4 days to get someone on the phone. Wich made my payment even more late. My god none of these companies stand behind their word anymore or take accountability for their own mistakes.
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1 year ago, Smalls669
I did love this app
It takes forever to load and you have to verify every time you click on something which is aggravating. I have to use the web browser most of the time because it won’t load I understand two step verification but if I go on the web browser it doesn’t do it for every little thing I click on like the app does.
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2 years ago, ashleylporter
Nothing but great things to say.
FinFit saved my life. I love FinFit. Truthfully they work with you on everything and provide means for you when it feels impossible with other institutions, the set up for it to pull out of your paycheck is amazing, the refinancing options, the leniency, the rewards… everything. It’s a true hidden gem.
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1 year ago, Tiyled
Love the idea. App doesn’t work well.
I love the idea of this, use it through my work. Down side is app hardly runs half the time, crashes like crazy, hardly loads half the time. Will change to 5 stars when app is running better!
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6 months ago, JebusCrisco
Once they have your information they will not let go of it. There is no account deletion. Any financial accounts you link to them will continue to spam you with 2FA codes constantly. Nobody at customer support is capable of helping. They are improperly trained or do not have enough autonomy. Use another service like Rocket Money, Credit Karma, etc. My credit card company provides the same services and doesn’t blow up my phone 24/7. This service is cancer.
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2 years ago, MelJoy757
Love it
This company has come thru for me a few times, not only when I needed cash for an emergency, but also their financial educational courses and other financial resources. Would highly recommend if your company offers them!!
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5 months ago, cgrrrl
Worst app ever
Got this app and card through my employer and made the mistake of changing my direct deposit to it now there is no way to transfer money out to my bank. The app is absolute garbage and keeps repeatedly asking for text codes that I don’t get or are so delayed the app times out. Wish I never did this. Just want my money back so I can delete this garbage app!
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1 year ago, Momma Izzy
The app constantly crushes especially on the days I want to play the game. I have to reload the app all the time. On days it works I love it. I love FinFit in general it is a great tool but the app needs a great deal of improvement for stability.
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2 years ago, BritYbarra
Horrible service from the app to support
I paid off my loan super early and what do ya know??? I had a wreck. So I thought I could come back and get another loan. Now the loan service hasn’t been working for 2 weeks. I wish I never paid it off early… or ever used it all. The only thing customer service says is that I have to wait for the message to go away. What?????
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8 months ago, Deana Jackson
My 2nd Loan Application is Pending Because They Won’t Verify My Employment Details
I paid my first loan off early by a month just for me to apply for a 2nd loan and for them to not be able to verify my employment details. My application got resubmitted now I have to wait again. I can only reach someone through chat- the phone call just hangs up when you call in.
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4 years ago, PearlMom20
The app has conveniently failed to work just as their weekly trivia game begins or has a hiccup in the middle so you are bumped out. They will text and email with no problem. They will promote their products frequently and with no problem. However when it comes to supporting their app when it does not involve a product to purchase they totally drop the ball.
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5 years ago, Zyxn
App is bad
App needs better UI
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3 years ago, KRMillerberry
Easy to navigate!
Great app, very easy to find the products and services I need.
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12 months ago, itsJaccob
No bi monthly?
I don’t understand why there is no bi monthly option for where it asks how often we’re paid. This isn’t accurate and I don’t want to put something that can affect my financial assessment
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3 years ago, Brucygirl
Horrible App
Always unresponsive, doesn’t load most of the time and when it does your logged out when trying to navigate through it
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4 years ago, PG7755
It’s on the right track
FinFit has added some nice features over the past couple years including personal financial software, financial coaching, rewards (amazon gift cards-nice!), prepaid cards and some pay advance feature that I haven’t tried yet... The personal financial software is solid. The education courses need work. Its definitely worth a look if your company offers the benefit.
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8 months ago, JodelleJot
Doesn’t Work
I cannot use this app on my iPhone 11. It signs me in and I can see the side bar when I click on the lines, but every time I click on anything, dashboard; loan history, ect. It takes me to the purple sign in page over and over again. I tried the app on my husbands old android phone and was able to get in and it works normally. I think this app needs updated. It’s painfully outdated and frustrating. Two thumbs down!
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1 year ago, Lex3189
Glitches, Errors, & More
For whatever reason; I’m having to do a code verification each time I login to check my account which is extremely annoying! The option to receive the 2-factor verification by text doesn’t work leaving the only option being e-mail! Furthermore; when doing the e-mail verification, it never loads the information now for any account details! It just stays stuck on a transparent black screen with no populated information! The app definitely needs full-blown upgrade!
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