Fing - Network Scanner

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Fing Limited
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4 weeks ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Fing - Network Scanner

4.65 out of 5
106.2K Ratings
8 months ago, Stalkingvictimsspeak
Finally I can catch my hacker/stalker
I am a stay at home mom and know only the basics of computers but I have known for years my ex who specializes in online crimes identify theft impersonation etc has been spying on me for years I just didn’t know how to prove it. He has been running wild hacking into my computers crashing putting viruses threatening me and spying on me! He stole my passport when he ghosted me and ruined my credit with his shenanigans. I tried reporting him to the police years ago when he started and the local police told me that no one could hack into your network.! He tried to insinuate I was making it up! Friends had a hard time believing someone would do this for this long! Now I have the proof! It’s been awful knowing someone was watching me and no one believed me! There is a app also to find hidden cameras. I am so thankful for this app I finally will be able to have something proof he’s been using my network plus letting his friends to him try to ruin my life happiness and reputation
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5 years ago, What fkn Ever
Fing support
Well seems like fing is doing what he’s supposed to,I think, not sure... I contact tech support and all I seem to get back is an auto response saying I’ve opened a ticket then 2 days later I’ll get another auto response saying “How did we do” word to the wise, If the cable co comes to service your home or business REMOVE FING AND DONT MENTION IT” they came out to my place and I told them the problems I’ve been having and he was very curious on how I knew all this information. I asked if he knew about Fing Box, 3 different cable repair men said “ no, what’s that? I’ve never heard of it”! Well when they got upset due to me having a lot more information than him ( so I thought) they all on different days pull out their phones and I see the fing app on their phone! They couldn’t backpedal enough, throw out more lies and leave fast enough saying a supervisor would have to come out. Then they hooked a big box outside to my cable and fing went through all his colors, went off, turns back to white, which is a Reboot mode and it’s never been the same and fing support has not answered any thing I’ve asked sense. I WOULD LIKE TO GET AN EXCHANGE!!! But for now ..... nothing but auto response saying “ Hey, How did we do... would be nice to actually get a human response and a support phone number to contact a human being!!! Technology has passed humanity.. it’s sad ... Mark R.
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6 years ago, La Familia Vélez Gutíerrez
Five stars for the developer, 1 star for limitations
I’ve enjoyed Fing for quite sometime, I own two of them. One for the office and one for the home. Granular control over devices in real-time has been great for dealing teenagers and excessive internet use at home. In the office, it allows me to provide clients a level of access they need and that I feel comfortable providing. In this last update, I find the UI much more limited and far less useful. I get the feeling from reading about Apple’s security concerns for its services trumping the security interests of its users is forcing developers to cater to ensuring we (users) cannot peer behind the curtain and further, that we cannot interfere with those services by cutting off the data feed. If possible, fing, please look to the previous iteration of the app and either build some of those functions into the web app or place them back in the iOS app. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Aguazales
Removed 2 stars because they introduced ads you can’t turn off
EDIT: after the latest update, I don’t see obtrusive ads in the device list, so resetting to 5 stars again. I quite like Fingbox as a device, but I am removing two stars because the latest version puts ads the middle of this app. This app is the only way to use their hardware device that I already paid $75 for, so the fact that there are ads for random VPN services smack dab in the middle of the device list when you scroll through the app really annoys me. And they’re not even giving you the option to disable ads for like a one-time $1 purchase (which would still annoy me), they’re just there permanently. Quite distracting too since the Fingbox app has a very minimalistic design and color scheme, and the ads I’ve seen are all garish reds on black backgrounds.
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6 years ago, Gpod52
Very well maintained and clean user interface...thank you!
Adding a user avatar would be nice. Looks like a space is there but unusable (or I may be just old and thick headed!). Very minor, no worries. One thing that bugs me is number of devices. I have ten devices at most, yet I have to put in as 256 or all my devices don't show. What is better, use unspecified or use 256? If anyone can help this old guy out I'd appreciate it very much. Cheers! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Latest version FIXED almost immediately! WOW! Great customer support by FING engineers by fixing the immediate crashing with previous upgrade. I couldn't ask for better response time and daily email updates from their customer support staff. Back to 5 STARS! Thanks so much everyone.
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7 years ago, Hpint37
I paid for this due to actual security concerns within the confines of my home. I live with someone I do not feel is a person living on just one side of the law. I cannot leave yet but feel as if there’s someone or some entity that he must have tethered to our WiFi. I know this by running other checks and finding things that make no sense. The FING app was helping me keep track of what was connecting and what it was. As well as when etc. It was helping my peace of mind a little. Now .. I can’t see squat. By reading a previous review .. I see that this is not the developers fault but the company that produces my phone. So I give it 4 stars when it was allowed to do its job. Sometimes our security issues aren’t always strangers. This app was helping me keep track of the bad guy that lives here. I’m not tech smart with IP security and such. I wish I were. But this had helped a bit.
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5 days ago, Adamnobles2
Don’t get the subscription
I’m not to sure how the app was like 4 years ago but it sound loads better that what I’m paying for now. I originally paid for it to help me figure out who and what’s on my private network and it never really worked to well. I ended up just dropping the whole idea of a private network within my own home that I share with 7 other non family people and now I have to allow someone else to see what I do on my Internet service that everyone just uses because I change the passwords and in a few days they’re all on the same network when I had a private network it was easy but this app all of a sudden doesn’t let me see who is getting into my network or letting me block their access. I would very much enjoy the ability to at least boot someone from my personal network and keep them off would be amazing and also find out when I’m being spied on as well so helpful maybe I should get one of them boxes but I’m not sure
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3 years ago, jasondotnet
My go to app for my local network scans
So far used every feature and really like the monitoring feature as well. Personally only need that in trouble WAN(internet) situations when for example a particular ISP says that everything is top-notch or their not having problems with latency or DNS servers always rebooting or going offline for hours… it does come in handy I use multi tools usually like solar winds toolset. I’m a more tech user familiar with advanced network engineering… so I’m just a lil more fluent than most but tools like this make things easy I. My opinion for the norm individual to know some key concepts and basics. EZ in EZ out and KISS PRINCIPLE (keep it simple stupid)
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5 years ago, MusicMac
Revised Review
UPDATE: (** see “previous update” below”) Developer contacted me regarding my review. I STILL want my old version back! To add insult to injury - developer says they’re adding a paid ad-free version. WHAT?! But you’re still getting my data!!! My data is far more valuable to you than ads. So... no ads for paid version, but you still get valuable data for free! What a racket!! I better be able to opt out of sharing my data if I have to pay for what was use to be a free app with no ads. ========================= ** PREVIOUS UPDATE Latest update might of had some fixes but it also seems nice little annoying ads were added, too!?? So now - one star!! I signed up so now Fing is capable of gaining and analyzing EVEN more of our personal network and device data and I STILL have to have ads in the app?? What now - I have to purchase the device to get rid of advertisements? My data is worth more!! Boo!!! One star!! ========================= ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is Fing “limited”?? If this is what limited looks like to these guys then these developers ROCK! For general network analysis, to be able to see REAL names of items on your network this is more than enough power for the general user. I can’t imagine what power it brings to the pro user. I have other network tools, “Net Analyzer,” “LAN Scan” and all ‘em cripple even their already scaled down free version. Fing? It just works!
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1 year ago, Raptor Hawk
Used to be useful, now ads
I regret updating the app, which now includes links everywhere to upgrade to premium. It used to be a mediocre app for limited network testing. Now it’s just a less useful advertisement for upgrading to premium. Ads now!? And Devs say they have an ad free version now which expects you to pay a SUBSCRIPTION!? You want to offer an ad free product for a low one-time fee (i.e. $1-$2) then great. I don’t know of any mobile app that deserves ongoing charges. None that I’m willing to pay for ... Prior Review: This app used to be a useful tool. However since Apple apparently changed how MAC addresses can be used I do not find this app useful anymore. Its not the Dev’s fault, but it does render this app fairly useless for my purpose. Not being able to map unknown devices via their MACs is unfortunate. If the Devs can somehow update their app to provide this functionality I’d be willing to update my review.
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6 years ago, Obadelward
Would not like to live without
Yes, it loses icons where you've defined them sometimes.. But this app saves time.. Plenty of time. Also has functionality to test some ports.. Cannot recommend it stronger. There’s also the support! Post iOS 11 (when Apple masked MAC addresses, I realised that one of my old devices (an iPAD) couldn’t update beyond iOS 9 - anyhow, long story short is, on one of the Fing upgrades the iPAD was crashing whenever I ran Fing!! This apparently was not a problem common to all iOS 9 users. Marco at Fing support stuck with it until they found out what the problem was and fixed it. This is over about 6 weeks. I’m truly grateful.
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6 years ago, Lee2900
If you can stand back a little, you should get a perspective at what Fing offers overall,(free,purchased, or both)... here's how I research items purchased, be it Fing,book, or automobile.. First, the true intent of the developers, then measurable history, Quality in build (hardware)and performance (software),top reviews from those respected in the industry, Add to that real-time use, coupled with genuine positive reviews... going to be hard to lose here.. Keep in mind the Fing Brothers 🤝(that's what I call 'em) are definitely not your bait-and-switch kind of company.. I think they (any good company) would understand a few negative reviews might be caused by something out of their jurisdiction at that time..Some problems they can fix, some not at that moment. No need to fret. They'll get it fixed one way or another.. thing is they keep an eye on the prize, quality.. that's why I'm sticking with them. Don't even think I'm getting paid for this.. I just have a love for machines designed and built with a lot of thought put into it.
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7 years ago, Mac Medix
This Fing is Amazing !
Really nice network scanner with some innovative features. I bought a couple of Fingboxes (home & work) to go with it, and they make Fing even better. Now using Fingbox ($130) instead of a $20k Network Access Controller. Fing alerts me when anything joins the network (with option to block their wifi). You do not need to be in wifi range to use the Fingbox. Anywhere with internet will do. You must have wifi on the network to start, then not necessary. I mounted the Fingbox with its groovy pulsing circle facing front & center in the server room so visitors can see it featured among a sea of blinky lights as they pass by on plant tours.
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5 years ago, stephen.vandyke
Ad supported now :(
This used to be a 5 star app, now I have to bring it down to 3 specifically because they put in ad support in the latest version. From a business perspective I understand why they do it, but without also adding a paid version with no ad support it shows a real “we don’t care about the users”. No one likes ads and a lot of people will pay to get rid of them. Most people who use this tool are IT folks and adding in ads just cheapens the impression of the quality of the product. I love the tool and even have multiple Fingboxes so asking for a couple bucks a year for an ad free version is easy to get behind. Please please please make an ad free version otherwise a lot of people will start looking elsewhere.
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6 years ago, nms2008n
No Ethernet Adapter Support! Needs an Overhaul!
I have been a user of Fing for year and loved their app. However I recently got an iPad Pro and started using it in my workflow instead of my laptop. My workflow sometimes requires me to hard line inn and do a network scan. I connected the Ethernet adapter verified it was working did a lan scan with Fing and it wouldn’t find anything and said WiFi was off. I turned Wi-Fi on and it would only find devices on the WiFi network nothing on LAN. After that I paid for Network Analyzer Pro and stared using that it can discern between LAN and Wi-Fi and allows me to scan both networks!
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7 years ago, Kid Rock C
iOS 11 ... a few questions
After receiving the request for the petition by the maker of this app and companion hardware, I have a few questions that I feel need to be addressed. 1) Did the API calls that were used go away only in iOS 11.0.3 or were they already gone in iOS 11.0? 2) If iOS 11.0 caused the app to lose certain functions, why didn’t the developers realize this much earlier when previews of the OS had been made available? Was the functionality present until the golden master? Shouldn’t the users have been warned by the developers not to upgrade to iOS 11 if they relied on the app? 3) Were the API calls under IOS 10 officially documented? If so, I would agree that taking those away in 11 would be unfortunate, but remember my previous point about not knowing at this point how long the developers knew about this. If the developers used undocumented API calls, as some do (it’s a rather tempting thing to do when you come across a useful function call), they should not play victims now. Anyhow, I don’t think that we know the entire story of how this situation came to be and I wouldn’t put my name onto any petition until the above questions have been answered.
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4 years ago, SDcollegeguy
It’s free so no complaints
Honestly, it’s absurd what people expect when an app is free! Gets the job done and quickly helped me establish the issue with my slow internet. For starters, I had no idea just how many devices I had working off my router; including my surveillance cameras. In addition, it picked up my husbands IPad that he rarely uses but keeps connected to the the WiFi! After ruling out my neighbors stealing my WiFi lol... I got to work. Rebooted my router after God knows how long and then disconnected several devices from the WiFi that we rarely use. All in all it does what it claims.
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2 weeks ago, Freebird0310
Can’t even complete speed test…
Just installed this app today thinking this would help detect issues that might appear on my network but it won’t even run a basic speed test. I’m surprised this app has such a high rating when a basic function (speed test) doesn’t work. Detects ping speed, destination and provider but never displays a speed. Get two accordion type spinning circles that are gray and green but it never completes the test. Waited for more than five minutes, still nothing. Speed test is a basic function that should work. Also the basic network scan comes up with very little information on the devices it finds. My router provides more info. I’m certainly not paying money for something that provide less information than my home router.
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4 years ago, A anonymous gamer
Non-comprehensive account support
The Fing app is good for helping scan your network to see what devices are connected. If you decide to create an account with Fing, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that you use Sign In With Apple. Trying to get your account credentials deleted is like pulling teeth. Fing provides no account deletion button, and there is no comprehensive support for removing your account. I had to go to the Fing community, where I was told there was no way to delete your account until finally, someone gave me a link to someone that could help. Since I didn’t use my Fing account for much, I wanted to remove my account and use the Sign In With Apple feature, incase Fing ever had a data breach in the future, my real email might not be on their servers anymore. After what I had to go through to remove my account, I didn’t have any desire to create a new one; and for this reason, I can only give their app three stars. In summary: • This is a good app for seeing all your network devices. • Use Sign In With Apple unless you don’t mind your account details being on Fing servers permanently.
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8 months ago, Will Phettel
iOS version 15.7.9 (current v.15). (I reserve one star for the worst of the worst) The feature that discovers online devices, the core of the app, seems to have allot of latency. For example, if I turn on and enable a WiFi device on my network, it might display quickly, or it may take too long to be useful (5+ min), and in one case it's been 1/2 hour and the device doesn't display. Devises that are disabled won't de-populate from the "on line devices" display in any sort of timely manner. It displays extra "generic" devices on my network that I cannot reconcile. Are there intruders into my network ? Oh my, I'm so worried, I better upgrade. Well..., if it cannot display a known clean device that is connected, how can it be trusted when it displays unknown device(s), that those unknowns are real or just an artifact that wont update or refresh. If the free parts don't work reliably, why would I upgrade. Few responses to negative reviews. Months since the last update. The developers must be working remote from the pub. It's just a'nuter fak'n revinue generating frustrating app. Use the f/w and GUI thats built into your router. This app is unreliable.
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5 years ago, pyrosmiley
Really great utility
I got this years ago when I just needed to check for an IP address and I’ve kept it on every phone I’ve had since. It’s been really nice to see the team behind it work so hard to update and improve it to something way more than a simple network scanner. It IS a pity Apple won’t let them scan MAC addresses but that’s out of any app dev’s hands and I can understand the reasoning behind the policy. I’m currently using the free version standalone, but these guys’ work has made me want to get their dedicated hardware product when I’m able.
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2 years ago, Chubbie5
The app it’s excellent
I really like this app compare with others but the only thing I sign in my Mac and won’t let install but well buy the app see how it’s going to worked it’s excellent I know how many devices are connected and who it’s my network but the only issue it’s in my Mac I got in my iPad and also in my phone but thank you any for this app I will sign for the year unless they help me with the support that’s for the developer thank you
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6 years ago, will come back
Love the app, very useful, quick and easy to use, and keeps a history of different networks/locations scanned. Better than other LAN scanners I've used, and better than many PC lan scanners too. Top marks, and so useful, i have held back upgrading my ipad to iOS11 for just this app functionality. Request: add option to launch browser on identified device, default 80 but option to change port. Request2, get fing to read router Snmp table and ARP tables if iOS11 API no longer gives mac.
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2 years ago, AshleyWilham1
Cameras not detected.
I downloaded this app when staying in an airbnb just to feel reassured by whether or not the house had cameras. The scan said no cameras were detected. Which made me feel better BUT, I have 2 ring cameras at home and I decided to do a scan when I got back home. It also showed no hidden cameras found on my network.. That just tells me there very well could have been in that house that didn’t show up. The app will show connected devices but if you’re downloading to find hidden cameras, I probably wouldn’t trust it. Cameras are running on my WiFi, otherwise they wouldn’t work?
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4 years ago, KHelton4
Notifications in another language
Update to four stars: based on the feedback provided, I was able to update the language to English. Not sure why Spanish was the default language? Overall I enjoy the app and the fingbox and use it to get refunds from spectrum for the time when my internet is out. (At least 5 hours a month during work hours, which is insane) —————————— Been dealing with this issue after getting the Fingbox on Kickstarter many moons ago. Still no fix. Please!!! Make this an important issue to fix.
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6 years ago, dkessler
Better than Circle
I’ve been using Circle for awhile, and simply wanted to be notified when certain devices connected to my network. It only does this for new devices, not when known devices reconnect. Fingbox allows reconnection notifications and much more. For me, this is a better solution than Circle. By the way, for everyone complaining about MAC addresses not being listed, get the Fingbox. This was Apple’s change in iOS 11, beyond Fing’s control.
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6 years ago, puppy juggler
Nice UI, really useful -update
With the Fing device on my network this is a stellar way to track the state of devices on my network while at home and away. I don't do remote admin on multiple networks, I just wanted a tool to let me troubleshoot my home network. This is exactly what I need. I can tag items by which UPS they are on (or other things, like which user owns them), and get email/text status updates when items change state. I love these features
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6 years ago, tha app play
Hi I want you and my friend I just got off work and then I’ll text my phone when you leave and you could just take my shower I will let them in my car so you get paid really soon and I want my truck I want you back and you want you and my mom I want you want my hair done I just wanted my type and you just want my e you and I just want my kids and my friends and my in laws are you and e and I just in case used my life in my head just want my body in and
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6 years ago, TranceMist
Decent but limited functionality on iOS
Since iOS no longer allows MAC address discovery the functionality is rather limited and not that useful unless you have a Fingbox on your network. I bought a Fingbox and then discovery was much more useful. However, I recently upgraded to Google WiFi on my network and that has pretty much made the Fingbox obsolete for most of what I was using the Fingbox for. It’s a great product, but with the iOS limitations and duplication of (and in some cases better) functionality with Google WiFi, I don’t really use it that much anymore.
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4 years ago, waylo
Pretty good
Lots of great info here. I’m a new user and hope that the notifications will work. I tried multiple times to use the app to sign into the communities to pose a question and it never worked. It always wanted me to sign in. I did. Nonetheless, I was hoping that there would be a tracking feature for when my internet goes down. I’d love to be able to produce a list of dates and times when my internet was down to send to my provider. Any chance of getting that added in? Thanks
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6 years ago, Ex happy user of my data
Latest release is now nothing more than adware
Fing was a great tool. Now on some days it still. The rest of time it is only an ad screen for fing appliance and the corp demotz 30 days free. Even if you kill the apt, on next start fing is shown. Just a flash promising it is still in there, but the ad screen slides over with no way to remove. Wish the real fing would return but for stay away. Update. It getting worse and functionality but not readability. Micro fonts. Color light gray on white background. They need help to make it usable again. Over loading a single panel with small over top amount of hidden functionality.
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5 years ago, sedson
Easy to use and informative
Easy to use and software doesn’t crash. Free version is helpful to know what is on the network. I’ve purchased the hardware device and now get alerts on activity so I can follow what is happening. I live in town and can see that there is no device on my network that should not be there. It also gives me control to shut off a device from the network when the kids should stop
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4 years ago, commorancy
MAC addresses not shown for “generic” devices
To identify devices on a network, the MAC address is necessary. It’s not a perfect identification tool, but without this information, it’s impossible to identify a network device. If you can ping a device, you can see its MAC address. There’s no reason why the app isn’t showing MAC addresses for “found” devices. This app is mostly worthless for device discovery without showing the MAC address. I’m giving this one 2 stars only because its other functions seem to be fine. Since half of the app is devoted to network discovery, this part of the app needs a whole lot more work.
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5 years ago, blind Ruckus
Great application voiceover supported!
I have been a technician for over 15 years and I have used this application many times. I am also visually impaired to the point where I must use a voiceover for all interactions with my phone and devices, this application is fully supported with voiceover you can even use it without the screen enabled. I wish more networking applications and IT software paid as much attention to this as you have.
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5 years ago, Audiophilepaul
Great and handy App for Network Troubleshooting
Great for seeing what’s on your network in real time and keeps records of what’s been on the network in the past. Also, it now includes a network speed test too! Been using this for years and usually works and when it does works great! Only when there’s a iOS update is when it takes a bit for developers to update, to be expected... Great app!
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7 years ago, WickSmith
Not sure what I'm looking at
I'm reasonably technical, but I find this app a little difficult to follow. I also bought the Fingbox and I have been using it to determine which devices are active on my network and what they are. So far, I have not been able to make much progress. Some devices are identified only by Mac address, whereas others are identified only by their IP address. Some devices go on and off my network seemingly randomly, and I have yet to be able to identify them. I will study whatever documentation exists and revisit this review later.
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1 year ago, cantlikethat
New to Fling
I’m not sure this app is what I need. Need to know when and how long wi- fi is OUT. Been suggested that a signal jammer is being used and I’d like to find out if this is true. I’ve gone over the menu and don’t see anything I need that I can tell. Like Outages. Just want what pertains to my outages. Hate it for Africa, etc. but it doesn’t help me to know about their outages. Yes, I understand it “could “ affect me, but I want to know “has” it affected me and if so, when did it affect me?
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7 years ago, pegasus1787
Painful to Use
Due to IOS 11, this app is no longer allowed to detect the devices MAC address, which helps with identifying the device maker. As a result, more than 50% of devices show up as “generic”. The work around is for the user to manually enter the devices information, including host name. The problem is the manually entered info sometimes gets reset to “generic” every time you rescan the network, so what’s the point of manually entering the devices IDs? If there is an intruding device that you’re not aware of, it will show up as another generic device among a sea of generics. I’ve been in the networking business for 30 years, this is the worst IP mapping software I’ve seen.
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1 year ago, CharitinaChatterbox
Doesn’t detect devices. VPN cut
I have used the system over the past year without issue. These past few weeks it has not detected my devices, when it does the notifications are a day late in warning me or not at all. If using the mobile app in public the world is privy to my account and location for some reason and my VPN will constantly be disabled. I do not want my subscription renewed for the next year although I am 2 weeks into it and paid for the year. Ignored when asked for a refund. Maybe they can use the $ to get their sh*+ together if they wanna keep it that badly.
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4 years ago, SwankPeRFection
Developer Sold Out
This app has been turned from a useful network scanner that was private and didn’t look like a social network to one that now shares info about your use of it, keeps track of what scans and history of what you do on a per use basis in the Events section and pretty much looks like an invasion of privacy, social app now. 👎 Scanning networks without enabling permissions in the app to allow developer to sell the scanned data makes the app very laggy and also pretty much useless as it doesn’t scan for services or ports or give any manufacturer info on devices. This basically makes the app a useless piece of 💩.
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3 years ago, device noob
This app is a lie
I don’t know what’s wrong with my devices, but when I scanned to see who was on my network I found 12 devices witch I thought were a lot but too many. So I removed all devices to name them separately to keep track when I reconnect. Though all the devices kept reconnecting by themselves I thought I’ll just disconnect the device manually from the internet, when I did that the scan for all devices showed no difference and all 12 devices were still online. I knew then this was not an accurate scanning due to one device was offline but that device still showed online. Don’t trust this app.
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3 years ago, andiamo71
Really helps me
I use this to see the IP address of my Raspberry Pi. Makes it so much easier because I take it with me traveling as a portable Plex Server. Useful because the IP address of the Pi can change at any time. This way I can either SSH into it or pull up Plex in my web browser without problem. Helpful when running updates or adding content via Samba through Wi-Fi. Best of all, free!
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6 years ago, mrthomnas
The One App I Enjoy Using
I absolutely love this app. I’m addicted to information and this tool provides plenty of it. I honestly perform more network diagnostics on my phone (thanks to Fing) than on any of my many computers because of the ease of use and wonderful performance. Regarding my title: the reason this is the one app I enjoy using is it works; always. Without the hiccups that plague most of my other apps. Thanks devs, keep it up.
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2 years ago, K.W. Martin
Can’t Find Camera
I like the app and think it’s beneficial and the desktop is amazing and accurate I believe for the most part. But the developers boast about how many cameras they have been found, but every time I check, it says no camera. But I have a hidden camera on my network and it doesn’t even register it. i’ve had this app for a while so I’ve scanned my network many times and still no camera. That is a security issue hence the three stars.
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6 months ago, BRANDED ORIGINAL
I very seldom write reviews
This is a very good and legit app. It checked my network immediately. Never bombarded my with pop ups or ads and the main reason I’m leaving a review aside from the app actually doing as it promised is that it did have an annoying pop up asking me to leave the app a review! It just let me use the product in peace. For that…5 stars!
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6 years ago, Steeeeeev H
Very helpful app and device but....
Please make the default view as “technical”. Or make it easier to find this view in settings, and not just in display settings. Seeing IP address and MAC address is critical. Don’t you think people who use an app like this would probably not want anything dumbed down? I used this device for months until I found the setting buried in the app!
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2 months ago, zelda36874588
Perfect app for airbnbs and vrbos 👍
So last week I had to go to an Airbnb for vacation and I was worried about any hidden devices. This app SAVED ME. I scanned the wifi at the Airbnb and found two cameras disguised as smoke alarms on the ceiling in the bedroom and kitchen, connected to the wifi network. I took them down and reported them to airbnb. THANK YOU LANSWEEPER FOR MAKING THIS APP IT SAVED MY PRIVACY I WILL ALWAYS USE THIS WHEN I GO TO VACATION RENTALS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Five stars
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5 years ago, dmgr
Fing is maybe even better with Google
I wrote this review because people were putting a bunch a one star is on that I don’t understand. I just did the latest update and it still gives me also to wonderful information and still works fine slightly different organized but I can’t understand why people are complaining about.
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5 years ago, CCAM901
Can’t block cell phone
My Fing box has revealed a cell phone connected to my network that should not be there but there’s no way to block it since it’s deemed a personal device. I’ve managed to set a 24/7 schedule for it to be restricted from the internet but I’d feel better if I could block it altogether. Fing is on the right track for offering better network security and for that I am grateful. They’ve still got some more work to do & I’m looking forward to more advancements in the future.
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3 years ago, Leasha:-)
The app has barely worked. I canceled before my 24 he mark and I was still charged $7! I have continued to go in to the app after updating and restarting my phone and all that good stuff and the app still will only allow me to click RESTORE and does not give me the option to cancel. What a joke . I read the reviews… they looked good so I figured what the heck. I will give it a try. Only wanted to see if it was a legit camera in a store in the women’s bathroom. But the app was of really no help. I would love if some one could now refund my $6.99 that I have been charged TWICE!
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