Fireboy and Watergirl: Online

4.1 (10.5K)
91.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metin Yucel
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fireboy and Watergirl: Online

4.1 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
6 years ago, a random fella
Give me old design & etc
Hi developers, and fellow friends! This game has always been very addicting, and it still is. But recent came out the “new design” which I am not a big fan of. Which is just my opinion, but the eyes are too animated. The buttons and the stuff is a little hard to control. I would really like the old design back. This game also is really hard for some people, like me. If you’ve been reading other reviews. They’ve also stated it’s too hard! Well, not all the levels are hard some are easy. But when you do get to a hard level, and you’re just stuck! What can you do? There’s no hint at all, you have to figure out or literally give up! For the multiple player one, which I am a big fan of. But how do they communicate with each other on what to do? Maybe have a text for each other to message and argue how to pass the level. Most of the time, I disconnect or the other player disconnects. Which is pretty sad, since you have to wait so long for the next player. Which also is another problem. Since there’s very less players to play with.. maybe have a robot mode? A robot can play with a real player? That would be awesome! I love this game for the most, this isn’t by me hating on this game. I love giving suggestions, especially on my favorite games that I want it to be more awesome. Thank you for pulling out your time reading this! Good-bye little friends!
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6 years ago, Athena fr lyf
Love it.
About two Christmases ago, my two cousins were visiting. One was twenty, and he showed me this game. I played it for hours, and always asked to play it. But when they left, I couldn’t play it any more. I am SO addicted to Fireboy and Watergirl. I tried downloading it on my moms computer multiple times, but get this. U had to play it on a SPECIFIC COMPUTER! I couldn’t play it because my mom’s computer didn’t allow it. Now, I don’t know if this is the app or the computer, and if it’s the app, then 5 stars! Anyways, one day I was driving to Six Flags with my friend and we were playing on her iPhoneX, and she started playing Fire boy and Water girl! I was like,😱, cause I didn’t know u could play this on an iPad or phone. I told her the whole story, and she showed me how to play it without the keyboard. As soon as I got home, I begged my mom to download it, and she said yes! WWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤓😋😛😝😜🤪😚😙😗😘😍😌😉🙃🙂😇😅😂🤣☺️😊😆😁😄😃😀
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5 years ago, fffrune
Pretty good but needs work
The game concept is good (obviously, it’s been proven for years) but the gameplay is lacking in a couple of areas. 1. The mechanics of the game are rough, for example if you land right at the edge of a field of spikes then you aren’t harmed (even if the edge is against a wall and there is no way to rationalize that you actually landed on the safe ground next to the spikes). There are many examples of this and it is the biggest issue. Another is when I set one character on a button and change to another character, often the button is not properly activated and I have to switch back again. Also the beams hanging by chains behave wildly and never seem to calm down—perpetual motion machines? One last example is that the characters can pass almost entirely into the “solid” walls and ceilings. 2. The screen won’t flip upside down if the ipad is flipped—meaning that if I’m charging the device I have to be to the left of the outlet. Kinda silly, but little things make a difference. 3. When holding down the jump button it sounds like it sometimes plays the jumping groan sound effect twice. 4. The graphics are fairly polished but even then there are instances when the terrain blocks are not properly placed and there is a small gap under the ground (I’m not talking about the decorative holes intentionally placed around the perimeter of the caves).
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3 years ago, Kittywilkin
Great work but could be better.
I love fire boy and water girl. It is one of my favorite games. But it could be better. First off, the controls are hard to,well,control. Also the game doesn’t give a tutorial so people who are just finding out about the game will have a harder time than others. I don’t think this is necessary change but I would like it if you actually made it so that you can see fire boy and water girl go through the doors at the end of a level. The last but not least thing I would like to say is that I was playing and enjoying myself a lot but in the level I think it was number 6 or 7 there was a giant chamber of the little potion things that they collect and since I didn’t have a tutorial it was in reachable. It looked like you needed a double jump or something to get up there. I don’t know. But, what I do know is that I want to find out how to get those and I think many others do too. So, in conclusion, keep up the great work and please have an actual person read this and consider it. Thank you and best wishes through this pandemic! Also I am so sorry if you lost someone during Covid. 😞😞
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4 years ago, Skyler Stormer
New Update..?
I rlly like this game! Even during quarantine when I call friends I can play this game with them! There is only one problem, though. You should really add a friends list and a button where you could add people as friends, just in case you meet a really nice person! Another thing you could do is add a coin system, which you can get from completing levels in single player or multiplayer! Then you could use the coins to buy the skins instead of using really money, because I know a lot of people really want the skins, but just don’t want to pay! I really appreciate how you brought Fireboy and Watergirl to the AppStore, so everyone can play! Please at least do the friends update! I met this really nice person, which I play with everyday! Also, including with the friends thing, you could do an offline and online thingy to see if they are offline or online, also with a messaging system! Thank you!
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6 years ago, bubble_baby12
Impossible to pass the level!!!
Okay I am on level 29 and I am playing on single player. Fireboy has to save watergirl from the other side of the green water stuff. So when the level starts three grey balls start rolling down a hill coming in my direction at the bottom of the screen, so i have fireboy jump up on the steps because there’s a button up there that i thought could save watergirl. When i press on the button as fireboy, the bar thing watergirl is standing on started moving and she is supposed to be moving with it but she is not. She is floating in mid air then she slowly starts moving down into the green water stuff because the bar thing is not under her anymore it is all the way on the other side where she is supposed to be, safe. But she wasn’t. So when I would change to watergirl she would do that screaming thing and then die. And this would happen every time I try to save her and I cannot do anything about it. So you guys really need to fix your glitch problem cause apparently I’m not the only one who has had a glitch problem.!
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6 years ago, SNG63
Pretty fun but....
I love this game! My best friend introduced me to it and I have loved it ever since!! But there are a few things I don’t really like. 1. When I try playing with other people, it usually takes a really long time to find someone, or it doesn’t at all! I don’t know exactly how you could fix that, but I read another review that said maybe there could be a robot or something you could play with and I thought that was really good idea. 2. Sometimes when I am playing with other people the game glitches. Like sometimes when one of us holds down a button and a platform comes down and we get of the button it stays down. Then we have to start over even if we’re really far into a really hard level!!!!!! ( and I know the other person sees it too because sometimes they start jumping on the button trying to get it back up) 3. PLEEEEAAASEE go back to the old design!!! This ones really weird. I liked the old one because it was simple and nice but now the eyes are really weird and I just liked it way more before.
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4 years ago, blokrocker1
It’s good but they need to fix things....
When you’rePlaying with random people sometimes the barrel doesn’t mood on one screen and on the other persons screen it does move which confuses both players and you have to restart the game because in chat you cannot say the barrel is on the corner or somthingBut what I’m saying is it’s harder to tell the other people because the chat is so smallI love that there is options so we can be child friendly but I would like more options so you can tell the person that hates the barrel or you need to go back that way because it’s super hard to play with you you don’t know if the chat so little and I would like to be able to say sorry let’s see if you messed up or other things like maybe you could like give them options like it is or some like that because it’s been a lot nicer for the prayers and the experience will be like nicer Thanks! IT’S A Game over all
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6 years ago, Timxxy
What I recommend ⭕️〰⭕️
So what I recommend is that you should put a feature to talk to one another. Why? Because if you could talk to each other it would be easier play to pass levels. Because once I was at level one because I know that more people would be there in multiplayer mode. I went in and one of the players didn't know what to do. So I TRIED to help him but it didn't really work too much. I tried to explain to him why he can't go in my part of the liquid because I was water girl. So I jumped in my side and jumped on his so he knew what happened. So he did exactly what I did! He jumped on my side then on his side and he still didn't understand!!! I would recommend this but only to real life friends because with people you don't know you may have a struggle teaching them what to do.
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3 years ago, anilramdeen
Not really liking the new version..
Hey developers! Ive played Fireboy and Watergirl for a very long time now! Playing this was one of my childhood games. I’ve just recently remembered it and decided to download it on my phone. I was having trouble finding it though, mostly because of the new version of it. I’m going to be honest. I’m not a fan of the new version. The animation looks weird and it doesn’t look anything like the Fireboy and Watergirl that I remember. The homepage and..everything. It all looks so different..I don’t know how it looks on the computer though, because I don’t have one. But hopefully it looks like the version I remember it to be. I know you might not care but I remember when my older cousin showed me this game when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I just turned 13 a few weeks ago, so it’s been quite a while. But yeah. I just wanted to say that it looks..different. I guess that’s all I really wanted to say. Stay safe!! ~KimPlayz
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6 years ago, FlappyAwesomeness
This game is sooo fun! I remember last year at school me and my friend would always play it together any chance we got! You should really get this game! It may glitch a time or two but it still will never get old! And you can also play it single player and multiplayer! This is a good game to play with a friend especially when you wanna play on your device and your friend doesn’t have one. It’s soo fun and the only thing is that it glitches every once in a while. But as long as you have a good device, it’s so fun! I hope you trust my rating because this game is sooo fun and thee should be no reason why you shouldn’t like it. This is probably the best game I have on my device! Make sure you check out my other favorite games-Mucho Party (I think that’s how you spell it lol) , Roblox, and Covet Fashion!
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6 years ago, zotig
I love this game it is so fun!
Alright, first up, this game is amazing. It includes so many levels and when you get to level 20 something you look back and think, “How did I think level 1 was so hard?!” That’s what’s so great about this game. You improve level by level, step by step, gems by gems, and so on. If you want to by this game, but don’t fully know what it’s about, here’s the game: So there is a girl who is blue; a boy who is red. There is water that is blue and water that is red. Obviously the girl can only go through the BLUE water, and the boy can only go through the RED. Then, there are tiny little spaces where the female symbol is in blue, and the male symbol is in red. The point of the game is to get both of them to the one they belong in. The door in front of the little spaces will open when it is the right figure going into the right space. But it’s not as easy as it sounds: in between the water (by the way there is also green water that neither of them can go in) and the spaces, there are many obstacles, like getting gems, little logs that hang from tops and lower if you stand on them for to long, and of course, the other water(s) that you can’t go in. Anyways, I really suggest you by this game!
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1 year ago, nesydA
Future updates?
I like the game enough to play for a few hours at a time. I like that we can play with other people but I do have a few things that would make that a lot easier for the players. 1. Friend requests It would be great if we can friend people bc I found somebody who I connected with well and I’d like to play with them again. Also if you do add friends it would be cool if we can chat like “hi” and “let’s play” that would be fun. You can invite them to your game and see if they are playing or not. 2. More chat options I like that you guys added the chat bc it makes things easier but I wish there was more options and things to say. I felt like I need to say sorry a lot so sorry should definitely be one. Sorry, it’s okay, you’re welcome, goodbye/gotta go, come here, yes, no, help, are all things I found myself wishing I was able to say. That would make everything a lot more clear and easy instead of having to move odly or saying things that don’t make sense to try to get the other player to understand. So far those are all the suggestions I have in mind. Hope you guys can see this!
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5 years ago, Daisy Sofia Pazmino
My Opinion
This game is amazing! I love how you can play with friends and family. It’s very fun to see your friends die. The maps are very challenging which is great! There is one problem..there are way to many ads. Once a character dies, a ad pops up. Sometimes, when you beat a level, a ad shows. Plus, some of the ads are WAY to long. I would love this problem to be fixed. Sure there can still be ads, but don’t put so much. Another thing, I know this game is meant to be two player only, but, maybe more friends want to play. I would like to have an option to create a server and pick a number for how many players that can be in the game. Again, I would love if these things could happen. -Doki
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2 years ago, gabs 😎💙🇲🇽
Please add a tutorial
Dear developer of the game can you add a tutorial for te people who had just downloaded the game because everytime when I don't have anyone to play with I just press the quick join button and when I'm with someone in the game they don't do what they are supposed to do instead they don't jump over my liquid and they die like EVERYTIME I don't think they know what to do and I try to tell go up go down go left but instead they just say go down and I'm like bruh you so can you please add a tutorial for people who had just downloaded the game and make it mandatory you don't have to make it mandatory but it would make it way easier to play. Thank you
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5 years ago, Sassonastick
Decent game, minor issues.
This is a pretty decent game overall. The gameplay is nice, but it’s hard to get anything out of the multiplayer unless you have a friend playing online right beside you. A somewhat simple fix for this would be to advertise this game when your budget provides the means to do so. This would bring in more players, so multiplayer would be available to play more often, and it would make you more money in the long run. I have not gotten to try multiplayer on this game yet because of the lack of players, but I would love to once you have a sufficient crowd. I look forward to seeing the first Fireboy and Watergirl ad soon. Keep up the work on your game.
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7 years ago, JemJanie
I absolutely love F & W but MAJOR glitches. I was playing multiplayer and on level 35 the blocks started flying around and getting stuck in fireboys door. If we did get them onto the button in the pit is would fly out and just fling itself across the screen. The thing that made we stop the game was when it was almost a continuous cycle of starting the game. I was moving back and for about a brick space and fireboy was starting in the middle of the screen and going to his starting spot. Each cycle happened in 1/10 of a second. It was really bad. This happens often that there is a glitch to where a character is but it just does it once. This was the worst and I don't even know if I would recommend this since it is such bad quality 😕😕
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8 years ago, SmudgeTheCat
Fantastic Game
This game is awesome! My friend and I play it together all the time and it is very fun to figure out all the puzzles and try to get through all the levels. Every time we get stuck we continue to try or hardest and we don't stop until we finish the level we were confused on. Many people are stuck on level 29 but it isn't too hard. It's a little bit difficult but you will eventually get past it! Water girl has to stand on the platform and when fire boy is standing on the button water girl has to walk with the platform. It is a little bit Challenging but you'll get the hang of it! I love this game!
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6 years ago, the lavaman
Great game, but doesn’t save your game all the time.
I just started playing this game. It’s great! But you now how there’s an ad at the end of the level? Once that happened to me and I was done with level 10. I know its easy but after the ad my screen was loading and it restarted it’s self. And then i had to do the level again!👺👺😭. However, on one of the easy levels on multiplayer , people can be such losers. On one of those levels watergirl has to stay on the pressure plate and sometimes the other player will not stand on the pressure plate and me, fireboy can not do the level. And also, watergirl can’t go back up again. But otherwise, very fun game!
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7 years ago, MissMash88
Game is Great, App is...Not
If you just want to play Fire Boy and Water Girl, go on! You'll have tons of fun, in fact!!...just be sure you aren't easily annoyed by glitches. The game is a bit buggy. In multiplayer, the characters will sometimes spaz out or appear in the wrong places before getting bungee-corded back to his their position. This has only really affected me twice: once, when the game spawned me and a multiplayer friend not at the start, but stuck in a pit; and another time, same level, when we were totally unable to move. Other glitches involve the levels erroring out a lot when you try to search for other players. Besides fixing the bugs, there should totally be a better way of searching for players. Like, on the level select screen, there could be an indicator of whether there are currently people waiting to see if others will play the game with them! Little things like that would make a world of difference. It's a good game, but I really, really hope there are people out there willing to read the reviews because there are DEFINITELY things you guys have to fix.
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6 years ago, kanehoomali
Could be better
So I found this game a few months ago and I decided to play it. I didn’t know that it was on the phone until I did get it. So I starting playing and I realized that I was stuck on lvl 37. It’s impossible to beat. And whenever I try to do multiplayer it either takes so long that I quit the game or it takes forever to find someone to play against. I was also wondering if we could have a profile and stuff on this game so that we can search our friends and choose a lvl together or whatever. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you. Thank you for your time and have a good day.
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5 years ago, All the name are already took
My opinion
Playing multiplayer is really fun and I love it although if you are lonely and do single player it isn’t amazing but isn’t awful. If you’re playing multiplayer you need a friend that you will be ready to join the game otherwise you have to hope that there’s another person without a friend who will join your game. I wish it was a little more obvious on how to change your name but I guess it is still ok to figure out (go to settings and click on name). Over all I think it’s great game. Games are probably hard to make, so considering that this game is amazingly outstanding.
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4 years ago, cautiousplayer
Joining a room needs work
Hello, I am excited about this app but the ability to join a room my friend made is not working for me. I have no ability to enter a room name and password and join it... only to create one or to join one on the online game list which didn’t include my friends game.... so we weren’t able to play together. :( Update!!: I figured out how to do it!! It’s not very clear so it would be worth clarifying for new downloaders.... in settings change server to the same location as the person you want to play with... then you can find the room name and play! :)
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6 years ago, Derpyhamster
The good o’ll days
About 5 years ago me and my sister got home a house computer it was one of the new ones that weren’t all boxy so we were really happy now we went on a site were we didn’t have to buy games on and fire boy and lava girl was the first one there my sister teased me saying I should be the boy (I’m a girl) when we played for the first time are parents could get us off that whole year then we moved and the computer got lost in storage the my older sister got a laptop but we couldn’t play on that I haven’t heard of the game since I’m so happy that I can play it on my phone 5 years later
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4 years ago, mini pig lover! lol
It’s so hard! But that’s what makes it so addicting! I love this game. I just got to the last level today and i cant wait for them to have more! The multiplayer is awesome because they count that as you passed it, and the best part someone gets to help you. It may be a little frustrating but when your bored during the COVID-19 this is my go to game! You want a new game that’ll make you squeak when you’re so close but fail ( from experience ) but get so happy when you have accomplishment to another level? Fireboy&watergirl is the game for you!
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4 years ago, bootbarn
When I saw this game, I was like “Yes, they’ve improved my favorite childhood game!” I joined with a friend and all was well...until my friend said,”Hey, is your game glitching, too?” I’d noticed it before but didn’t think much about it, because every game has some type of bug. Then our screens looked as if the map was vibrating. It kind of freaked us out, and we decided to try again with a new private server. It still had a few little bugs such as glitching beneath the elevators and the game saying we died, only to take us to the next level. I’m not going to say the game was horrible, it was actually pretty decent, but it does need a little fixing up.
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6 years ago, I ♥️ 🐢
Pretty good
The game was really fun until I got to level 29. Fireboy is at one side of the green water and watergirl is at the other. Rocks come rolling down and I push them into the water. I realize I can stand on the rocks but it didn’t really help me get watergirl. I see a button and step on it to make the bar under watergirl move, but watergirl didn’t move with it. Then I had to restart the game. I tried having watergirl walk up farther and then have fireboy step on the button and then walk off the button but the bar moved back and watergirl fell in the green stuff. I think that part of the game needs to be fixed.😕
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5 years ago, TomWeebo
Nice, but some needs some sync fixes.
Finished the game with my girl & it was a pretty laid back game. Did get frustrated at times since there was game sync issues where you couldn't see your partner in real time when using the moving pads. When your partner uses the moving pad on there screen it looks normal and on yours it looks like that are humping the bottom of the pad or inside of it, which causes confusing when you have to time the switches that activate the moving pad. Overall solid 8/10, more levels & that sync issue would make it a solid 9/10 solid laid back game.
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8 years ago, Nemneb
Great game! Just a few kinks!
I really like this game, & love that you guys are read both positive & negative comments! When I play level 3/single player, You can move water girl unto the left vertical movement platform, while using fire boy to move on & off the button to the right, to replicate some bugs. Firstly she doesn't update unless I'm in control of her, meaning that she'll either just float at the top, or not grab gems going upward. Also level 4 multiplayer doesn't let fireboy stay on the first moving platforms, while watergirl stands on the first button. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, meepmeepitsajeep
IM IN LOVE❤️❤️❤️
This game is actually pretty fun. I started playing, and I was addicted immediately(in a good way). It’s really fun to use the multiplayer addition. You can play with someone else, and I personally find t more enjoyable to play with someone else, while being unable to actually see then. My only complaint is that I would like to be able to customize the chat feature. Other than that, I was completely satisfied with this game. I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, Jayla marie watson
Omg I love this game
I love this game sooooo much I just have some suggestions like where you can play multiplayer you only have some words you can say I would like some more words maybe like good job or sorry it would be awesome. I love your game sooo much I didn't even know you had an online game until I searched it up on my phone, u was just playing fire boy and water girl on my computer on cool math games but anyway I love this I just had a few suggestions.
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6 years ago, Mannuismynickname
Great game...before the new update
I love this game. My siblings and played it back when it was just a pc game. I love that its an app and I can play it on the go. Now, i just got onto level 16, and then...the app updated. General improvements?? Yeah right. I like the updated art work and the new option to see either the whole board or have the camera move along with the character. However, the jumps arent high enough to do anything. I cant get to the next plank. Please fix this. They were smoother before IMO and they worked. EDIT for reply: The jumps in the previous version were slightly longer in terms of how long the characters were in the air. Also, they went slightly higher as well. At least, that’s what it felt like to in my gameplay. The biggest difference was in LV16. In jumping platform to platform, i could get from the middle of one of the boards to the middle of the next board without too much trouble.
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7 years ago, Someone you'll never know
It's clearly not as good as the computer version but it's still fun. However it's really hard to pass some levels in the single player mode. In level 29 fireboy and water girl are suppose to carry out a task at the same time and it's hard to do that if you have to switch characters. That extra second can and will most likely kill you, forcing you to restart the level. I would play this level with someone else, but the server keeps searching and in the end can't find another player. This method only works if you have thousands of players.
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4 years ago, fnaf fb
Th is game is so fun me and my best friend are hooked on this game because it’s so cool and fun we play a level just so we can swing on those things and I was wondering if you could make a creative mode when you can invite your friends and make your own maps me and my friend would love that so much and I think you’d get more downloads just a question can you make some skins free like challenges unlock some new skins but other than that I would love a creative mode!
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6 years ago, TheThoughtfulBookWorm
This is a great and brain twisting game😁 However, on level 13 it is almost impossible to pass🤨 At the start of level 13, there’s this big puddle of lava and only FB can go through that😨 But you also need to get WG over it as well😰 So how do you get both of them over without WG dying or evaporating and ENDING. THE. GAME?😵 You can’t😱 That’s right! I wrote that you can’t get both FB and WG over the big puddle of lava at the beginning of level 13🤭 And therefore you cannot pass level 13🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😵😵😵!!!!!!! All I’m asking is that you make level 13 more passable😌 So please take my request into account. Or else😤 But you will make me very unhappy if you change the levels that are passable and challenge you thinking😭 As a reader thinking is one of the things that I love doing🤓🧐 But please make them easier for CHILDREN 👶🏻 Because some of them don’t like using strategy🤭 Anyway, over and out!!😘
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2 years ago, Likes anime and games
Hi I’m an 10 year old girl who likes to play this with my younger sister what I would like is for you to be able to earn the other characters that way it you would be more motivated to keep on playing, over all it’s a good game and I would recommend this if you wanna play with your siblings or friends. Thanks for taking the time to read this it means a lot. Developers pls respond
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3 years ago, Vipcolor
Game lags
I was on level 13 with my friend. I was the fire he was the water. We thought everyone was fine until... our game starting to lag. Basically out screens were showing different times. For example, I had to push out a barrel but for my friend, it wasn’t showing that I was pushing it out. We started a new game and it still wouldn’t work. Either level 13 is cursed or the game needs a fix. So let me know if anyone else had this problem and hopefully we beat level 13! Also this has never happened for any other levels
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5 years ago, Ima Lilith girl
Kinda hard...
I don’t really like the game, not trying to throw shade but it’s just not a great game. The levels are just too hard but if hard, challenging games are your thing, then this game should be perfect for you. The second thing that I personally think that is bad about it is the multiplayer part. The problem is that the whole reason I downloaded this is the fact that you could use multiplayer. But, I of course, I was wrong. I couldn’t even get to play multiplayer ONCE!? Like I said, if you like challenges and don’t mind not doing multiplayer, then you would probably like it. PEACE!!!!🙃 -Lilith
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5 years ago, girl_girl4
It’s a five star game but...
Hi me and my friend got this as a collaborative game to play with each other and we are having a hard time finding each others servers or games so, I was thinking maybe you could add a search for the servers kind of thing where you could hit a button and search. And farther as you go on the levels could they be a bit more challenging. Thank you, hope to see these updates
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1 year ago, Puppet04
Funny and great for long distance
There are very few multiplayer games for iPhone and when I found this,I was so excited because my boyfriend and I are long distance and we wanna play games together. I got both 1 and 2 fireboy and watergirl games! We had so much fun and made so many memories playing this game cause it’s a little glitchy so we laugh a lot. I love it! Love you E! Forever and always!💓
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7 years ago, 🖤LaurenCello🖤
Great Game!
I play this game almost every day and I love it, however, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that there should be a way to connect to friends near you during multiplayer instead of just getting a random player online. I also think that there should be a setting where you can turn off the music and sounds because I sometimes just want to listen to my own music while playing. Regardless, I think it's great game and awesome fun! Good concept!
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3 years ago, rtyddddd
Needs a little change
In 2019 my friends came over and they showed me this game I thought it was hard but it didn’t have ads but when I installed it So many. I love this game especially it makes me think more and focus but it has so many ads. Put less only 5 times a day not 24 HOURS! When I lose an ad when I win an ad when I unlock a level an ad SO MANY ADS! Please fix it.
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6 years ago, •🌹Maddie Rose🌹•
Impossible Level.
Okay so I am on level 29 which is impossible!!! Water girl always falls off the little bar even if I don’t touch her! I am not the only one with this problem because other reviews have mentioned this and all my friends have this same problem. Please check it out and fix it! It is very annoying and I’m thinking about deleting this game because I can’t pass the level and it is getting very annoying. I love challenging things but this is just crazy. Please fix!!😡
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6 years ago, Acid123abc
This Level Is so hard!!!
Ok I am on level 37 but it is impossible so FB or WG one of them gets on a bar and one of them steps on a button and the bar moves but by the time one of them Steps on the button when you switch back to the person on the bar Next thing you know I have fallen into either the acid or the acid blocks but so far The game is great and keep up the good work
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3 years ago, AlthaIos
It’s fun but....
This is a fun game for sure, it’s just that I can’t find any online games to join, it would be nice if you added more of those to be available, Maybe add a bot mode if it doesn’t take super long to make, the game itself is really fun but I’m looking forward to more online servers in the game, either way this game will always be a part of my childhood, and I hope the game development continues to be as great as always, best of luck 🍀
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3 years ago, jorge9416
Just like the classic
This game is very fun as long as you have somebody to play with, and if you’re familiar with fire boy and water girl from “coolmath games,” you know it’s the top game there! I recommend playing this, and although the characters and speed are different, the maps are the same. I hope you enjoy this game like I do! (The only annoying thing I find is the speed)
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6 years ago, hi hey hahhaha
Amazing and addictive
This game my friend showed me she said she needed me to download it it’s really fun by the title it didn’t seem boring I hated puzzle games I told her I did she said no it’s nothing like puzzle game, I’ve entered the game and can’t stop playing it. You never know what your going to get to the next level I first started off at 1 today and now I’m at 23 hehe I might have a problem! Really good game though
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2 years ago, toledo8916
Hello this game is really fun I’ve been bragging bragging about the level I’m at i’ve been addicted to this game go couple weeks ago I thought it was born a couple of years ago but then I looked on the App Store and then I saw the game I didn’t know why I deleted it and then I got it back and it was super fun and I love the game so I love the games that you guys make
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4 years ago, Kevin Hobbs
Fun but kind of boring/too easy
It is something fun to play with your friends online. You can host private games and they can join to play with you, which is hard to find in mobile gaming. However the levels are extremely straight forward and easy. My friend and I were joking about how easy the levels are while playing.
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3 years ago, LilyKB10
Very Fun game but I can’t get past
I LOVED this game when I first downloaded it, I played it so much that I finished 30 levels in almost 2 weeks! Until... I reached level 37. This level is soooooo hard. I couldn’t finish it. I tried everyday for a month. Finally I just lost interest in the game and I haven’t played in in 2 months. I just wish that level 37 was a little bit less hard and confusing. I hope you get past level 37 and maybe it’s just that I’m bad at it.
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