Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements

3.5 (229)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oslo Albet
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements

3.51 out of 5
229 Ratings
3 years ago, 🥜🦔Pnut the hedgehog🦔🥜
Great game, very much recommend
This game is amazing. I used to always play it with my friend on the computer so I was very excited I could get it on my phone. I love how it stayed true to the original game unlike some other versions of it I’ve seen. It’s a really fun game and one of the few games I have where I get stuck on levels. To some people that may not be a good thing but I enjoy a challenge and I like that you don’t just complete all the levels super fast. I do wish that you were given more time to pass with green (for those of you who don’t play this green is basically three stars). I can almost never make it. I would really like it if (a) the one player controls had a separate jump button rather than having to hit both at once and (b) if other devices on the same wifi could connect to your game and play from their device. I play on a phone so it’s difficult to use the two player options. Also it occasionally freezes. It only does for a second or two but it’s still slightly annoying. Other than that, I love this game and would highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Unicornsrcoolandfun
Great game, few tweaks
We’re to start! This game is an original, I always used to play this with my friends on laptops, which is why I was really excited to get it on my phone. Although I wish there weren’t as many ads, because every time I click on a new place or finish a level it will show me the same ad over and over again. Then there is this thing on some levels that whenever you tap the screen, I zooms you in then zooms you out continuously, along with that the arrow buttons will disappear, they are still functioning but you can’t see them. Overall a great game but a check through on the coding would be great!
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3 years ago, PIZZA24PRO
This game is sort of good and is fun to play with my big sis since it has two player. Speaking of different elements, some of them are very hard and yea. The reason it’s four stars: too many ads but I love your game!
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12 months ago, Renai33
Too many ads and bugs and this is the worst game I’ve played
Your game is horrifyingly terrible because it has ads like every second and I don’t recommend it and if it’s gonna have ads it’s gotta at least have like 1 per 10 minutes or something. Also there’s waaaaaay too many bugs in the game such as zooming in when you don’t want to, the game freezing while the timer is still on, and the game swiping when you’re moving. Also when you’re playing multiplayer it’s impossible to see when the opponents fingers are on the screen. I would definitely recommend it on the computer or pc for better quality. This is probably one of the worst games ever.
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8 months ago, RSW02
I hope.
These games were really fun when I discovered them when I was in school. When I saw that they were on the App Store I immediately downloaded them to play them all over again but I was kinda sad that only 2/6 of them are on the App Store so I hope that sometime soon that the other 4 can be on the App Store and I don’t care that there’s an add after every single level.
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6 months ago, brhjtviygvfyi
Great game but please read before you get this app
This game is great and all but there is to much adds in this game like I am not talking about maybe 1 add after 1 level I am talking about like 2 long adds after you retry a level, after you complete a level, after you even get on to the app and when you tap on the level. it is just to much adds! And also randomly when I try to move the character it will randomly zoom in or out which leads me to restart the level and go threw all those adds again and I also still have not found away to get rid of the adds either
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2 years ago, Sea Otters Rule
The game is relatively similar to the one on Cool Math Games, but theres a few problems. One, ads. This app must be racking in thousands with the ads they’re promoting. Every time I press one button, an ad pops up. As soon as it ends, I press another, and another pops up. Two, I get to the end of a level, when the camera breaks. I press a button, and it zooms out or in, and i have no idea what im doing or why I am.
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9 months ago, +1 cool cookie
I’m giving this game 5 stars just for existing! I am in the age somewhere between 12-15 and I played this game In school during recess on the computers and I am so happy to get on my phone! All the kids LOVED it on the computer so I am just happy to get it on my phone!!!!
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3 years ago, Mastersponge
Not bad
I used to play this all the time when I was a kid, but I wish this was better! Maybe have the jump on both sides permanently, and have left and right always there? Really hard to make a simple small jump when you’re your jump button doesn’t show up unless your moving!
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3 months ago, 1Chance4Real😑
More Functional and Ads Balanced still have Minor Bugs
Once you complete 3 Levels of Forest Gate, the other levels won’t unlock despite perfecting the finish at 1:20 or less. To the Developers, might wanna double check the other gates/categories for any glitches similar.
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3 years ago, Um... Cats?
I really enjoy the computer version of this game. I always play on my mom’s laptop, but, I thought about IOS apps. I looked for Fireboy and Watergirl on the App Store and I found it!! This is very fun and there’s so much to do and unlock!! I will admit, the jump button is a bit confusing on single player. But that’s not a big problem, and after a while, you’ll get used to it. I definitely recommend this game!! Sincerely, A happy user
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3 years ago, Ash24313467865566
I love this game
I had this app on my computer at school and l played the game with me my friend’s every day. Now we are out of school for the summer so I am extremely excited to have it again.
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1 year ago, How2Blemmi
Timed buttons
Now, this game is really great but once trying it out on the computer, I realized that the characters are actually faster on the computer, which really stops me from passing some levels containing timed buttons. Other than that, great game but please fix
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3 years ago, jahfhrieosnfbroepqpang
Controls are terrible.
These are probably some of the worst controls i’ve ever used on a mobile game before. You can’t jump unless you’re running which makes it pretty hard to avoid the water/fire pits that are at every ledge.
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2 years ago, jayden robles
something wrong
The game is ok I used to play this on the computer with my friend But has any one else had this happen AND IM NOT JOKEING SOMEONE ELSE SAID THIS HAPPEND so uhh the song turned rather creepy and their voice said hup or soemthing devs if this is a glitch please fix this it makes me uneasy and probely makes others aswell
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3 years ago, stan stray kids 😈💯
i love this game and i’m so glad it was made into an app! the controls are fairly easy to get a hang of. but the reason i rated it 4/5 is because the screen zooms in and out a lot when you press the jump and move buttons. i’d rather have the screen be full at all times instead of it constantly zooming in and out. other than that, the game’s great!
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1 year ago, yampplol
Fun game
I had played this game before and I loved the levels and mechanics and overall it reminds of the fun times playing it.
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9 months ago, K2Power
I like this game series, but for some reason , anytime I try to get Fireboy to move on one of the water temple levels, the screen seems to zoom out. Would you be a dear and fix this , pretty please with sugar ?
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3 years ago, xXdamir_iceXx
I love this game!
This game is amazing! Usually i’d always play it with my sisters on the computer,but now on the app store? This is just like the real game 5/5. (Tysm for making this! <3)
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3 years ago, Rosenotfound
I love this Game so much
When I first saw this game I don’t Really know how to play but when I saw that Sapnap and Karl playing this game I rush into my room and download it
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1 year ago, ksocjejxngkspkvjdh
It can be really hard to control the game. When your trying to control them, the screen sometimes moves from large to small
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5 years ago, Meepmoopboop
Like it, but difficult
I really like playing the game, but in the fire temple, whenever I try to finish the 4th gem, I can NEVER get Fireboy onto any of the platforms. 😭
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11 months ago, moralest4
Be respectful
Idk why almost everyone is being rude there just not OG. like this game is just easy and not scary its a great game
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2 years ago, HeartsRabbit
The game turns scary after a while.
After a while, the music turns creepy and the sound they make when they jump turns creepy as well. Don’t download. (The one star is for the game being fun at the beginning, before it turns creepy)
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5 years ago, pwoeo
Please give more time on levels
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2 years ago, darknesslife🖤
Im in love
Nostalgia 10/10 game 10/9 Computer 10/10 fun 10/10 yelling 10/10 screaming 10/10 raging 10/10 I love it
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3 years ago, Ayqisop
A lot wrong with this game
Theres a lot wrong with this game, there are too many ads. The jump button is very confusing. And you have to pay money to play more levels. Not worth your time and money.
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1 year ago, #Accurate/Honest Reveiws
🔥💧I don’t know why but the screen is moving and zooming in so you can’t see the players or obstacles, also you can’t zoom it out again so you die EVERY TIME! Must fix along with all the ads, why SO MANY FOR DIFFERENT ADS!?!? I don’t understand why. FIX OR ELSE SUCKERS WHO MADE THIS GAME HORRIBLE!👿
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5 years ago, kkkaaatttyyyy
I played this game for a max of 5 minutes. Every time I would try to use the arrow in the bottom left corner it would always zoom in on the map so I couldn’t see where I was going. Super annoying. I have uninstalled the game. 🙄
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5 years ago, TeaTimee
It was a good game and it was fun!! Multiplayer with 2!! And also my friends like it too and it was on Coolmath
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1 year ago, Ahhdbskebd nx
VERY glitchy
Idk it might be my phone but this game glitches like crazy!!! It has so many adds. Don’t get me wrong it’s great when it’s working butDEFIANTLY frustrating when it doesn’t work
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3 years ago, knnjsunrj9ennf7ijwmkd9
Not worth it
Not only is this game hard to use and very laggy, but to open all levels you have to pay for them, you only get three, very easy levels.
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12 months ago, chucky 🛑
I love this game it favorite since my childhood I still to this day I Love it Love Love Love it ❤️
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9 months ago, 13g34m
Too many glitches and delays when trying to play. Super disappointing, deleted shortly after I downloaded it.
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2 years ago, 06082007BS
Bad Controls
Terrible controls and way too many ads.
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3 years ago, belly girl123456:
It’s fun on computer but on the phone the buttons to move zoom in or out of the screen
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5 years ago, kersteina
I don’t like this game
I don’t like this game because I can’t even get to level 3 and it is so annoying and I I’m usually really good at playing games like this I don’t recommend even trying the this game
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5 years ago, cloudgrl123456$
Rip off
It would not let me jump in the first level and was very confusing of how to move both of them I recommend that you don’t play this game at all trust me!!!!!!!!!
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11 months ago, A. Bella
Poor quality app
The app is so buggy and will frequently freeze up, not worth it
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2 years ago, Spaghetticake42
Great game, really laggy
I love this game, but for some reason the app gets really laggy and ruins the whole experience. 5/5 for game, 1/5 for the app.
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2 years ago, baconlover_0330
I don’t know how to play this🙁
Idk how☹️
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5 years ago, Vanya1027
To jump press the two arrows
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2 years ago, badgamr
It does not stop when you want it to stop
I give this review a 1 star because of it
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2 years ago, cherryムム
New found glitches 😕 Still okay
This game truly stands to its name. It's the same art style, the same levels, etc. There are a lot of ads but I don't blame the creator- they have to make money too y'know. However, the ads make gameplay laggy. Something I'd like to be improved are the controls. Especially to new players, movement can be quite confusing. It would be nice if the left/right controls were on one side, and the jump button was seperate. Oh, and another thing. The time. In single player, it takes forever to complete a level. The player is still punished even though they went as fast as possible. I got 48 seconds on a level, missed a single diamond, and the game gave me the purple gem rating. I understand it may be possible to go a lot faster, but at least lower the time grade for the first couple of levels. I appreciate the tutorial having a 10 minute time limit, but that's only for that single level. Regardless, this app is nearly perfect. I hope you implement my suggestions ☺️ Edit: After writing this review, I went to play a couple more levels. As soon as I started moving, the camera focused up above Fireboy and Watergirl. I couldn't see where I led them so that led to an eventual game over. Had to restart the app to fix it. When I loaded in a second time, the music was slightly pitched up(or sped up?) All the sound effects had the same issue. This also fixed with an app restart. On the topic of glitches, not sure if this is a glitch, but pressing long on the screen during gameplay shows the "Copy | Paste | Select All" options. Annoying, but not a big issue. Also it would be nice if this app could hook up to GameCenter, since I noticed deleting the app would restart the progress. The rest of my previous review still stands, so I'll leave that in. I'd appreciate if you fixed this stuff 🙂
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5 years ago, Jessica.Chuang
I like the game
It is very fun and challenging
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2 years ago, jennas orteg
So many ads
Literally there's like two ads Per gameplay it's stupid
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3 years ago, Kcamnlf
This is a terrible game do not download. Every button I press was an ad after it.
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3 years ago, hhs dhskdgrmsnf
Worst game
This game is always glitching and the controls are very confusing! Very disappointed!!
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3 years ago, kkkllkkkkkjkjj
Love it
Press the two🔴🔵 ok
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1 year ago, hihihi😞☹️😞
This is a cool concept
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