Firefight - WW2

4.2 (1.3K)
253.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sean O'Connor
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Firefight - WW2

4.24 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Studylover
Very good
Surprised that this game hasn’t gotten much attention, as it is a very detailed and accurate portrayal of WW2 strategy. But like in any other game there is plenty of room for growth and improvement. Some annoying problems are that somethings troops and tanks do not move back when ordered to when they are fired upon, and tanks may actually expose themselves despite the order to move back which results in their destruction. The Tiger I and II have very slow turret traverse, despite having electrical turret gear in reality. This has proved to be a major disadvantage in many missions involving close combat, as Fireflies can easily knock Tigers out before they can even turn their turrets. Other than that the game works pretty well. I think an Eastern and African campaign should be added, as well as more Western maps such as Bastogne and maybe even Normandy. More units would definitely be appreciated, such as the Sherman Jumbo, Sherman 105mm, M8 Greyhound, M16 MGMC, M26 Pershing, Matilda, Valentine, M10 with 17-pdr, A34 Comet, Dicker Max, Nashorn, StuH 42 G, Wirbelwind, and the Jagdtiger. For infantry units medics, US and British Paratroopers, British Commandos, US Rangers and such would be great additions. A mission editor would be pretty cool too. I also think that there should be different game modes, for example defending a certain point or capturing multiple points. Other then that this is a fantastic game, and I hope to see more updates in the coming future.
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2 years ago, Panther201717
A great game but…
I feel like there should be more units like support units: engineers, spotters etc, and for armored vehicles have: motorcycle carriage ( to possibly go with spotters/scouts), self propelled arty (artillery), have it so if your defending u could add bushes or sandbags to hide/ protect your units( to go with engineers/sappers) they would be for protecting mortars or any arty if they are close to the battle, for tanks so they don’t get spotted and insta killed, troops so they can hide better etc, more tanks from different countries would be nice but there are already a lot so that doesn’t really matter, have land mines for killing enemy tanks and troops, have more of a diversity of mortars like for Germans they could have nebelwerfers, or any kind of smaller arty, have the coliapie for the Americans (sorry I butchered that name) but minus all those, I feel like the game would be a little bit improved, i hope you guys take inspiration from my Ideas and thank you for your time, oh and also I feel like for custom mode you should be able to mix match tanks and parts and mess around with soldiers ranks bc there are more ranks than PVT, PFC, CPL, SGT, 1ST LT, 2ND LT, and that is all I have to say, it’s a great game.
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8 months ago, OgNotadouche
Pretty well put together but wildly inaccurate.
It’s a nice game, needs more maps. But mostly zero thought has been put into the armor and main gun values of tanks, or historical unit purchases. Stuart’s, ordinary Sherman’s and Churchill’s can penetrate a Jagdpanther’s frontal armor, while shrugging off multiple hits from it’s higher velocity 88. R35’s with their stubby 37 have the same penetrating power as a pzIII/35/38t. Churchills and Fireflies zipping across the battlefield killing everything like they’re an Abrams, or chasing off better armored tanks by just hitting them a few times. Infantry morale is consistently bad across the board, with little backbone unless it’s SS Grenadiers, who apparently are armed with modern small arms, night vision, etc. Turret traverse appears to be equal for all varieties regardless of whether they’re heavy, light, manually or mechanically operated. No tank was using APCR in 1940. Units are rarely damaged, when even a KV-1 that absorbs 30+ hits would lose a track. Lack of radios in early war tanks has been ignored, they all coordinate like it’s 1990. And suddenly the Japanese have the best tanks in the world in 1942, with a dozen showing up on what would have been Guadalcanal, where they had practically none. Artillery is basically useless unless it’s smoke or against infantry running in the open, or it’s the game’s artillery against a human player. Pretty game, mechanics seem to work, just not historically.
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1 year ago, Sap chase
Amazing Game
Every game has room for improvement including this game, but the features it has are still fun and fluid to play with. It’s a great game if you have free time and you want to play some semi-historical WW2 combat. The game has tanks like infamous Tiger, Soviet T-35, Sherman and many more. A widespread variety of infantry equipment including MGs, Rifles, Automatic Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, just about every weapon seen on the fields of WW2. I personally like games with the 2d art style like the one this game has because it has character. The game has a perfect historical balance making sure the strategy feels as real as possible. Weapons function as you’d expect and they get destroyed by the things you’d expect. The in depth detail while utilizing the 2d format is impeccable. Artillery making troops pinned down, fire fighting makes troops move to fight. Tanks retreat after taking a near destroying shell. Actual Functionality flaws I’ve encountered usually get fixed very fast now that the game is being updated regularly. I would love to see more features in this game. However the feature that I think would most improve this game is the ability to set the amount of funds you receive in custom games, and I mean set not choose a number that is predistinguished.
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8 years ago, GatorHater44
Really Good Game
A simple RTS on the surface with loads of depth and strategy underneath. I see reviews where people complain about tanks not being effective or them blaming unit AI for losing. Unfortunately for them, they just stink at the game. Would be fun to see defensive missions but let's be honest it will turn into an offensive on by the end of the map of your winning. It can be done though with some creative thinking and winning scenario parameters. I also wish that there was some form of squad info when you select it. I hear my squad members calling for ammo but it's tough to track down which squad is low and which is ready to go. Same with wounded and casualty info. One last thing, I wish the maps would have randomly generated unit placement. Doesn't have to be totally different, just move some units a few yards here and there and maybe one or two unit placements that differ in a big way to keep things interesting. Fun game. I can't put it down. It's perfect for a few minutes here and there. I've also found myself going hours at a time. Not many games are in the App Store that have made me do that. Highly recommended and I hope the developer keeps updating and improving. Oh and add the ability to download player created maps. I see that it's an option on PC version.
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4 years ago, lpmcmullen
The AI need work
Most of the time the AI don’t listen and it gets people killed if theirs one thing in war you need to know to stay alive is move when you in a open field being suppressed be two tanks not sit and be killed the tanks are borderline useless I was in one battle with all tanks I was on the American side I had 9 tanks and they were completely wiped by 3 tanks I had a Sherman and a Sherman 98mm I believe react to a scout Sherman that I sent to clear a field it got taken out by a panzer 4 so I send the tanks (the Sherman or tank 1 and the Sherman 98 tank 2) tank 2 cross a river and up a hill to engage the panzer looks at the panzer for 3 seconds does not shoot gets killed well tank 1 is running over sheep in the field behind then goes in the exact same spot and has the turret facing the wrong way as the panzer is killing tank 2s crew goes up on the crest of the hill does not rotate the turret and gets killed and that was the sway of forces I lost one more tank to get the panzer Ps a good game with lots of potential but the AI need to listen to you I wold hate to do a d-day because the AI wold not get off the beach they wold stay in the water and die even though you are telling them to move but I wold support development because this is like no other mobile game I have seen and another bit of advice look into men of war wold be a good game to base off of and a sandbox wold be a good mode
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2 years ago, HatfieldCreativeArts
Used to be great, but needs update
I’ve been playing this game for years and thoroughly enjoy it. Kudos on the addition of the Maus, and many other new items. The ability of heavy mortars to take out armor with a precision hit is great. Despite the many great updates, The eastern front addition has been a bit of a disappointment. The maps are fine, but the effectiveness of armor thickness is way off. The frontal armor of a King Tiger being penetrated by the very first shot of a Russian 76mm at long distances? Over and over again? At no point in WWII was the frontal armor of a King Tiger ever penetrated. I understand there needs to be a gameplay balance, but now even the thickest German armor doesn’t stand a chance against the lowliest Russian gun. It’s completely lopsided in the Russian’s favor - no matter what map or date that’s applied. The other big issue is that as soon as an enemy objective is taken, the game can end in a minute or 20 minutes. Simply rush armor up the flanks, circle behind the enemy flag, drive into it, and boom - the game is over almost instantly. Sometimes the enemy will rush back to its flag station to recapture, but most times they don’t. The lack of challenge when they don’t defend their flag kills the enjoyment. I’m hoping the developer reads this and can address these issues. Otherwise 5 stars easy.
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1 year ago, jjordyslice64
One of its kind game (few improvements)
Let me begin this with saying that this game is one of its kind in the mobile platform, I haven’t come across any (actually functioning) games that tackle the top down tactical wargame genre like this game does. This game had improved leaps and bounds from where it began, especially with the ai. I really enjoyed when the Russians were added, which added a whole new avenue of options. Which leads to this game’s Achilles heel, it’s replayability. You get to a point where every custom game is the same outcome of hunting down one ai infantry unit or just getting smoked from the gun. I highly suggest implementing either larger maps and custom modes or a map editor. Giving this game a map editor would kneecap its biggest problem by giving the players the tools to map an endless amount of scenarios. Do you want to make a steppe tank map? You can make it. Do you want a building to building infantry map? You can build it. Please please please add a map editor and I will play this game till my death. Cheers!
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4 years ago, Bridybunch
Pricey, yet fun
I love the way this game works- and I would love to see more missions for the french. And I would like to see the Italians and the Russians. Also, please add in supply trucks, the way they would work is. There is the unarmored supply truck which is much more vulnerable to enemy fire and artillery. And when hit it will send a load of shrapnel all over the map, once it runs out of supply’s it simply just goes off screen and 3min-5min later it will come back with more. Then there is the armored supply truck. (A half track with no mg) That is not so allergic to enemy gunfire, the armored would resupply slower. But be almost immune to enemy artillery. I’m asking for this because once a tank or halftrack runs out of ammo, it turns into a moving metal target. Infantry can also resupply from it, but it has very limited AT ammo. Also, can you make it so if a enemy tank or at gun runs out of ammo, that the enemy’s have one armored or unarmored resupply truck. The truck would move nearby and begin to resupply it. Please consider my idea, because I am a little tired of using infantry that is out of ammo as meat shields.
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3 years ago, Sightreader
Great Game, But Getting Shut Down?
Elegant, nifty little “Close Combat” implementation with a very clever touch interface that gives you excellent control over the movement, behavior and facing of units. Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug in the “prove you’re not a robot” question that bars you from entering into its discussion forums; as a result, there does not appear to have been any new discussion for at least a year and I do not know if this game is still being actively developed. Firefight’s interface (and sales) is based on maps. All 9 maps come with a free “tutorial” or demo mission that puts you up against an infantry and one or two AT units, thus giving you 9 free demo missions without charge. These little tutorials are fun games on their own that you can polish them off for quick stress relief in about 10 minutes. If you decide to purchase a map, the demo mission is removed and replaced with 8 quasi-historical scenarios plus the ability to use the map for “custom” scenarios where you “buy” your units. All maps represent wartime France with British, French, German and US units selectable by month ranging from 1940 to 1945.
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2 years ago, Why kill cats
Killer game, and some things I’d love to see
Just wanted to say that you’ve made a fantastic strategy game and I THOROUGHLY enjoy it all the time, and have been ecstatic to see continuous updates thus far. I have two bits of feedback that I think would add a new level of depth and spice up the environment: these being resupply vehicles and a Pacific theater. I would love to see supply trucks or the like that could give ammo to infantry units, maybe shells to tanks, and potentially repair them by dismounting engineers. Further, I think adding a breakdown to the existing feature of vehicle breakdowns would be awesome, such as track breaks, turret traverse, engine fires, etc. I’d so love to see a pacific theater with tons of bayoneted troops and Japanese tanks, and though you could probably get away with the wide variety of American tanks you already have made, maybe adding an LVT would be something to consider, paired with a Ka-mi and give them amphibious capabilities. Again, an amazing game and I implore you to keep working on this masterpiece whenever you can.
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1 year ago, spycakes fan
This game is very good but with the addition of Japan and it’s tanks being very out classed and same with the French which only get a Sherman and a Wolverine or something like that making those country’s unbalanced later on in custom battles. So I propose special abilities for countries and not abilities as in +10% speed for 5 seconds I mean abilities like the Americans can put sandbags on some of their tanks for more armor for maybe 1-5 extra credits, Japanese and Russian troops don’t surrender as easy as other troops, Japanese units can hide in trees for more range, german infantry are faster than normal ones because BLITZKRIEG but I can’t come up with any for the French and British but I also have another idea, debuffs such as german engines are more likely to break down, Russian tanks armor has a chance to not be built up to factor standard like in WW2. Also something that would be cool to see is the german remote control goliath or whatever it is called and also maybe later on down the road add a extension to the game to modern ages.
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5 months ago, SgtPepper711
Tank mechanics are horrendous
I love the strategic aspect of this game, but the tank AI is some of the worst I’ve ever seen BY FAR. Certain levels are solely tank focused, and are almost borderline impossible due to the fact that friendly tank AI will destroy a tank and then focus all of their attention toward finishing off the surviving enemy tank crew despite there still being enemy armor in the area. I had a situation in a game where I had taken the objective with 5 tanks, all facing the same direction with a secure perimeter. However a single injured enemy tank crewman found their way to my perimeter which then caused ALL of my tanks to switch to HE and turn their turrets ALL THE WAY AROUND just to shoot at a SINGLE harmless man just for them all to miss and allow a Panzer IV to advance in the area they were initially facing and for ALL FIVE TANKS to be taken out by a SINGLE panzer IV. All of my tanks ignored the “cease fire” command and chose to focus 100% of their attention on a singular person who posed no threat. There is absolutely no prioritization of targets and this is unacceptable. I paid 10$ for garbage mechanics such as this. Don’t waste your time on this game, you will not have fun. Your strategic mind will be insulted by poor game mechanics and AI that clearly has no amount of effort put into it.
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5 months ago, BigBasset
Really great game, but needs some improvements
I’ve been playing this game for many years now, but I wish they would add planes for paratroopers, or at least an airstrike. Maybe they would add mines and other static defenses and I hope they could make so artillery guns can fire farther and over hills. They could also possibly add a D-Day mission if they add boats and bunkers. I would also like them to add the ability to control units and for tanks maybe you can make the tank load a specific shell like HE or AP. And maybe they could make a game like this but with modern vehicles and weapons. They could also make different kinds of missions and game modes were you have to destroy a certain objective or push the enemy back. The game also could be like men of war and make the missions larger and you can now where enemies and their fortifications are. I also think they should add the Katyusha for the Soviets and the Nebelwerfer for the Germans.
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5 years ago, roro123455
Great but not at all
It’s a great game but a few small things ruin it completely. THE TROOPS MOVEMENT. First they won’t move after being fired at even if the people who shot at them have been suppressed by tanks. Also they just won’t listen to you. Secondly tanks visibility, one map there’s a tree that a tank hides under that can fire on your troops but you can’t see them even if you surround it. Here’s the scenario; I have a Sherman V on the front line who would be easily be able to see the tank I have another tank come up from a different angle also a Sherman V. And a piat troop move up next to the non spotted tank. But for some reason when they get there the sergeant just runs even though he hasn’t been shot at one in the mission. So the piat is useless and then all the sudden my 2nd tank exploded from the tank that I should be able to see. Now he’s firing on the tank crew and my piat runs right in front on where the tank was just firing and kills himself. Then my other tank who was just decided to run away behind a few trees blew up. As you can see if they have a full line of sight and are able to line up a shot I should at lease be able to see them with 3+ unit directly in front of them.
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2 years ago, Defcon106
Close but no cigar
It reminds me of the old Close Combat games, but just not as good. It’s pretty cool that your guys yell for a medic and it tells you when people die or get wounded, but the controls are weird. You can tell your units to go a certain place, but if they see an enemy, they will just ignore your commands and start shooting. If they take fire, they will just sit there like fresh targets and there is no pause button, so taking a view at the battle is impossible. Suddenly a tank will die and the crew will take cover in a nearby building and you for some reason can’t control them. It’s strange. A pause button would be great, especially for the beginning. Also, you can have an enemy firing at you, but not be visible or targetable. You can just target the building they are in and hope for the best. Plus the buildings in this version of Europe are the strongest. They can take at least 20 Sherman shells without ever falling down or killing a single unit inside. I kind of want to keep playing, but 10 bucks is a lot for a tutorial I was pretty unimpressed by.
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2 years ago, Panzerfaust136
Excellent game
I will start by saying that I love this game. The mechanics are great, the scaling is perfect, and the scenarios well rendered. For $10, it is highly recommended. There is a really great set of units for all factions, from tanks and SPGs to mechanized and leg infantry of all types. The recent updates have only improved the system and feel of the game. Replay capability is actually really high for a game of this model, with the custom scenario options. This game obviously has its flaws, as all do; some things that need fixing, and some that just haven’t been added yet. Defensive and man made emplacements should be awesome. My only actual complaint with the current gameplay is that the AI can be a little wacky when it comes to armor. I haven’t bought the Russian stuff yet, but I hope to. I really hope that the dev has plans to add eastern front stuff, because I would certainly chip in another 10 dollars for a Stalingrad map or too.
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1 year ago, Defaultplayer2o3
An Excellent WWII Strategy Game
I have been playing this game for years and have written a few reviews in past. The game is an excellent strategy game for those who enjoy WWII tech and some realism. The games last about 30 minutes which makes them it the perfect game to play when I have a bit of down time. There are a few small things I’d like to see added to the game such as infantry using smoke grenades and maybe even some new infantry formations aside from the typical line and single column formations. I’m not sure what formations were used in WWII, but a wedge formation or two columns formation would really help infantry units maneuver around the terrain. It would also be nice to see a T-44 added to the Soviets since we already have some late war tanks like the Pershing in the game. Regardless, I genuinely find myself playing this game nearly everyday because how easy it is to start a game and how much fun it is.
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5 months ago, BillionDollarBB
Great game, lots of potential.
First, make continuous updates that make the game more user engaged. Like an online platform that allows players to play with people not just locally. Or add new in game components to keep the game alive. I highly encourage to make more maps and make it more customizable. With customizing, make the custom mode able to restrict certain troops/vehicles/etc. Possibly bigger maps for more in depth and strategic battles. Add planes and/or ships. Include a higher max count for troop selection, smarter and harder AI, and the ability to have multiple AI with different or same country troops. I see a lot of potential, with good reviews and a big audience of strategic enthusiasts. This game could really make the big leagues, if done right, and if the game does not die out. Also, a modern version of this gameplay wouldn’t be a bad idea. Other than that, the game is simply brilliant. Well done.
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2 years ago, Bait_TheGlowToad
Only Mobile game of it’s kind,
Being a tabletop war gamer I was looking for something to do that wouldn’t be as massive as Memoir 44 and not as micromanaging overload like Men of War or others but something in between and fun to do, I must say I have beaten every level but something I experienced while playing is that one of these are true: A) The enemy AI are incompetent and don’t even stand a chance, B) The enemy AI finally are processing but at lighting speeds and I don’t stand a chance, or C) Both of the AI just stare at each other in their tanks like 50 meters apart. I do like how the shrapnel works but I feel that not all of it should have that much velocity as to launch across the map - I might be wrong about that, - and finally, over all a really good game. I hope to see a lot out of this guy, and think he will make or continue to update some really great stuff in the future and will be a pretty good dev, - keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, Ggggggggghsjisjendusj
I think that this game is good but it definitely isn't the best. He obviously hasn't seen men of war which is at least 10x more detailed and realistic. Men of war players would understand. But for mobile ( men of war came out only for pc) its very good EDIT VERY LONG PARAGRAPH Men of war is a computer game which is very detailed and realistic, how? you may ask. Well, men of war, just for tank V tank battles, depend on mm, range, armor, slope, and obstacles. A 88mm tiger shell could easily destroy a Sherman, not even destroy its gun, engine, or tracks like other tanks may, it'll just blow it up, but would the same shell do the same damage going through a brick house? No, it wouldn't. I know it seems a bit like I'm praising men of war, which I really am. But even though I barely played this game but played men of war a lot, I can tell this game has a lot of detail and TONS of potential, just keep updating the game and please make the missions free!
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1 year ago, Blagnoneedforname
Continuous improvement; some suggestions.
This game is getting a steady stream of updates and improvements, unlike a few years prior where it was almost abandoned. Good. Still a few things I hope get added. 1. Mortars aren’t fun, to use or especially to fight against. Realistic but not fun. You end up making giant flanks just to kill mortars before attacking the infantry. I say limit their ammo, like for artillery but make it 30 or 40 rounds, make it more useful for suppression and make it more likely to wound then kill. 2. Soldiers brutally murder wounded. Makes it less likely to take prisoners and you see them waste a 4th of their ammo filling some poor Frenchmen with lead. A few shots should be enough. 3. Soldiers will put themselves into harms way to heal the wounded, maybe add a new feature, where they move the wounded a few meters back for first aid. 4. After action free camera. Once you finish combat, let us exit out of the ending battle score card to see where the last few troops are or what our units look like after combat. 5. Infantry has no counter to tanks, i know I know, tanks need to support and we have anti tank troops but even then I think they need a bazooka or something attached. 6. Let mortars fire smoke, like artillery, maybe quicker and a bit smaller. Thanks for the great work.
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8 months ago, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeree
Very good but needs some more stuff
This game is one of the best WW2 strategy games i have seen but I give it 4 stars because you have to pay $10 for the campaigns and for custom we should be able to place down the enemy tanks and other because it will be better but other than that this game is very good, all so when a tank brakes down, like the IS-3, the crew should get out of the tank and fix it, and it will take them about 8-10 minutes to fix it and it will take about 30 seconds for them to start the tank when fixed. But all aside, this game is very good. Also, this world war 2 game is so good that i think you can maybe make a world war 1 game, the reason why is because your good at making a world war 2 game I think that you will make a very good world war 1 game. All in all, this game is very good and fun.
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4 years ago, DogofWar123
The best WWII strategy game on the App Store
I have had this game for a few years now and I am very impressed with how far this game has gone. This game is most definitely worth the $10 and is probably the best purchase I ever made on the App Store. This most recent update feels like Christmas with all the new freedom we have in picking units and other settings. However, I do think there are a few settings that could be added to it. For starters, there should be a way to change the amount of credits available even if it is on a fixed amount. As well as that we should be able to move where we want the objective to be to make a more dynamic battleground. The only other improvement I see would be the ability to choose the AIs units. All in all I this is a really solid game and I hope it stays worked on for years to come.
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5 years ago, Magizzle20
I hope the developers see this because his game could be incredible
For starters I am a huge fan of strategy based games, especially World War II. This reminds me very much of the command and conquer series. Which when I was younger was one of my favorite games, and stomach crossfire fight excited me, seeing as how I haven’t played the game style in years, and I have failed to find an emulator online. The Game however becomes unplayable after period of five. That is because the AI makes no sense. I have lost multiple I’ve powered vehicles to one tank, or one bazooka team. However when utilizing these same units, they run from tanks, even when they have the element of surprise and the better angle they still manage to be blown up before the end of the tank. I don’t understand the mechanics of this game. I find the fastest way to win is to just raise the flag and hold down with as many units for the enemy troops arrive, which totally takes away the purpose. If you improved the unit capabilities game would immediately improve.
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8 months ago, Jac_-_Jac
READDDD please :)
So I love love love this game and Iv come up with many scenarios in my head that keeps me playing for hours but there could be a lot more if yall added a feature where you can disable specific troops for a custom battle, like disable tanks so we can make infantry only fights or disable infantry and have only tanks, disable artillery, things such as that. I know that wouldn’t be extremely game changing but it would be an awesome feature to have as new scenarios can be made. Another thing would be to add more maps, for example more open maps or more urban maps, and another amazing thing would be to add winter and desert maps as there were many major battles fought in the snow and desert, plus it would be really awesome. Thank you and I hope yall read this :))
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6 years ago, MrReviewiOSGames
Read This | Important
This is easily one of the best WW2 games made out there, but like most games, has flaws. First thing first, add at least one or two more levels for the tutorial, so people get a better experience of the game. Some other problems I think you can fix are the effectiveness of the vehicles. A tank should not be instantly killed by AA guns and SS Grenadiers, and other tanks. I know not all tanks are (like the Tiger) but I feel like all tanks shouldn’t be one shot. Another thing would be the movement of men and vehicles (They seem to just stand still, even when they’re not in combat sometimes). The last thing is the AI. The enemy sees you before you see them (I know it’s a bot, but they should be able to “see” you when you see them). I can’t drive my tank around a corner without instantly getting destroyed by an AA gun. I do truly truly truly love this game and it can be VERY amazing. I just hope the owner actually cares about his buyers/fans.
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7 years ago, Ammoracked
Good, only 1 major problem
When I first saw this game, it was exactly what I was looking for. It had a large amount of tanks, troops and different tactics. I’ve played it for about a year now, and I still enjoy it. As I’ve seen that the developer has recently done an update, I’m going to write this to address, in my opinion, the biggest problem with this game. The tank AI. The tanks are ok themselves, but their AI is pretty bad. If you order them to a certain location, they will usually just sit around for a couple minutes before going to that location. Also when hit, even by a non penatrating shell, the retreat immediately and turn randomly and also don’t fire back, making them easy target for other tanks and AT guns. I think with a better tank AI and maybe direct controls, this game would easily be a 5 star one.
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2 years ago, jleusisgei
Good game
Definitely gotta add an option to make the icons go away so you can watch more of the battle Also there are a few problems with the infantry First I feel my infantry is very inaccurate, slow compared to the enemy but that could be because I play on hard and this isn’t from far away either I understand the stress of combat and getting shot at but sometimes these guys will waste all their ammo on an injured enemy from 10 feet away while my infantry gets absolutely destroyed from accurate fire other than that the infantry is pretty great. Maybe adding more ranks into the infantry instead of just E1, E4, E5 and o-1 (yes I know there’s a couple other ranks in the tank crews) this game is great I play this every day I would love for these things to be improved
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7 years ago, 😎Swagmaster2121😎
Great concept, bad controls
This game really looks like a pretty cool game. I enjoy the attention to each individual soldiers armament, as well as injuries, and even the tank crew can put up a fight somewhat after their vehicle is destroyed. However, it's hard to fully enjoy the game because the controls are REALLY confusing and also unresponsive. Troops may not move to where I tell them to and can't fire where I want them to fire. Tank are even worst as they expose themselves to enemies and rarely ever shoot the the enemy. I also think, to make things easier and more understandable, there should be completely different controls, rather than having to move around a little blue bar (that a loose track of half the time) you should be able to tap where you want your units to move and possibly a double tap so they can attack, I know this is long but I hope you read this, keep up the good work
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2 years ago, NavyQB12
Good Could be great
This game is for anyone who enjoyed the Close Combat series. It’s a bit stripped down, but fills the niche nicely. Tank movement AI is lacking, and the artillery/mortar needs either triple the ammunition, or a boost in accuracy. Wish the map flipped when defending. It’s awkward defending at the top of the screen. Line of sight needs to be visible during the deployment phase. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a perfectly placed AT gun that has zero LOS. Game is missing scouts/snipers and air support. This is probably the most enjoyable WW2 themed RTS available. The other RTS games out there turn into hectic tap-fests. The pace of this game is nearly perfect. The developer has a long history of frequently updating all of his apps, and I highly recommend this game in particular.
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5 months ago, jw-XL
Quirky and Inconsistent Experience
I’ve played through all scenarios twice, winning victories in all, and started a third play through which I won’t be finishing. I’m interested in military history, tactics, and strategy, and very much wanted this game to require authentic historical tactics for victory, but that is not the case. Many of the scenarios are poorly balanced, largely due to missing tools, such as close air support and accurate artillery which were key elements of various factions tactical doctrine. This game does not provide either, the artillery it does provide is pure RNG, and while tank armor and gun penetrations seem to be reasonable these missing tools mean victory for those factions must be cheesed. Increasing the scenario imbalance is the inability of infantry without purpose built anti-tank weapons to harm ANY tank, regardless of the amount of armor it carries or whether the infantry is in close contact. This is ahistorical, and makes some scenarios an instant fail due to a single vehicle loss.
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2 years ago, Welder of the great unknown
I love this game I’ve been waiting a ww2 Strategy game like this forever. I just wish you could pick the other teams troops as well when your playing the custom battles, and to have a few more maps in Germany such as in Berlin near the capital building. And just small things like that is what really Immerses me in the game. Maybe in the future you could do a Vietnam based game with the same mechanics as this one since the Vietnam war was more of a Guerrilla war. But I love this game because when you send in a squad to clear a house and you hear a gunshot then “medic” it really feels like you have lost a member of your squad and you learn better ways of doing it. You truly have a masterpiece here.
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7 years ago, Draco845
Great, but needs attention.
It's a beautiful game, extremely realistic, and overall great. There are a few problems I would like to address. First off, the AI. The AI works fine until it is under fire. Then, it becomes uncontrollable and breaks cover to attack head-on, which isn't good when facing a STUG. Second off, you could improve the turret traverse speed a little bit. The Wolverine didn't take full minutes to turn its turret around. It gets annoying when that tank is the last one, and then gets shot at by a Panzer. Also, a level editor would be great. Other than that stuff, this game is great. Good job! (Also, there are people below me that say that our complaints about turret traverse speed and AI problems are just us not knowing how to play. They are wrong.)
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7 years ago, Lord Thag
Close Combat, reimagined
If, like me, you have enjoyed the old Close Combat series, you will love this game. Unlike the current owners of the Close combat franchise (who charge you 40 bucks a pop for re-skinned, poorly implemented versions of twenty year old games), Firefight captures everything that made the old series fun, only much cheaper and with better AI. While it lacks a campaign, there are numerous (and huge) maps each with 10 missions. The AI puts up a much better defense than the old CC games did, though vehicle path-seeking remains slightly dodgy. The $10 IAP for everything will net you hundreds of hours of portable, CC-like fun. This is simple to play, tactically deep, and every bit as good as the old Close Combat games. Definitely worth the money.
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1 year ago, your average G.
One of the best
Have had the ability to watch this game grow over the years and become more and more fun with a dev who’s awesome to talk to he doesn’t leave you hanging and he’s pumping out consistently better updates, might have to join a discord for him or something this game is great and it keeps getting attention pulling me back into this even from the computer regulars I play. The creativity and custom battles your allowed to do really let your imagination run wild, definitely worth any price under 60$ 🤙🏻👌 Thank you For the hard work Sean please keep releasing content, yours is easily the best love the creativity in customs you let players have, it’s amazing thanks!.
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6 years ago, Peters824
Possible Updates
Had the game for a few years and love playing it still. I would like to see an update with expanding into the African campaign, eastern front, and pacific theater. It would also be nice to add some naval warfare into the game. A medical group would be nice to be able to add the wounded and have means to pull them off the front and back to a safer location in the bottom of the map. Would like to see a few more game modes like defense with the ability to dig into trenches and foxholes or capture multiple objectives and maybe also a build your own game mode. A battle of the bulge map would be nice to means it was a significant battle at the end of World War II. I feel those updates could expanded the game to a truly great level.
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3 years ago, 111@$)38);2:2
Well look what we have here!
This game is very well made I’ve spent more then 3 years looking for a proper WW2 strategy game I’ve looked on steam and this is the only one I found that was good enough to buy. It’s all by one developer to and the newer updates are amazing so all I can say after researching so much into WW2 is to buy the game. It lives up to the name, it’s probably more realistic then war on the sea which is a PC game so trust me and just get it then buy all the maps and you’ll never regret it really so I don’t why your still reading this because it should all ready be downloading in your library so to leave this off if you want another hyper realistic WW2 game then go get Pacific Fire on the app store. With I bid you ado.
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3 years ago, Jurassicson8
Love it! Some ideas?
I love this game! Love it even more now that I purchased the full version. I have a few ideas that might make the game a little better. I- mounting/dismounting Troops on half tracks. I played a pretty brutal USA vs USA set in 1939. All we had was basically half tracks and infantry. It was gorgeous. It was a multi front battle and I found myself wishing that I could mount my mortar team onto the half track and shuttle them over to where I’d like to shell a very annoying half track mowing down and pinning my infantry II- dedicated reconnaissance units I find it a little frustrating that there are no dedicated scouting units. At times, when I would usually like to sneak a team and find enemy positions and then send my main units to engage them. III- combat medics? perhaps a dedicated combat medic unit. Would love to see these guys tear across bullets and explosions to revive or stabilize soldiers. IV- Snipers Would be interesting to see how I would tactically think out a sniper ambush. I’d probably imagine the unit in a pair. One sniper and one spotter.
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2 years ago, Luciano J,Cianciulli
Very excited for the Russians
I was blown away when I saw the flag for the Russians when I was in custom battles. I play and enjoy this game a lot and mess around with it a lot in my down time as it’s a battle simulator for my phone and that‘a huge. The Soviet’s are no doubt an ambitious project with them right now only in a prototype phase as they don’t have their own unit models yet, there infantry are represented by GIs and most of their tanks by panthers. All the same I’m hyped for their inevitable true release and the maps that come with it. *Just a bug I noticed for the ba-64 car it tends to bug out, start spinning and freeze the game. Thank you and I respect the creator for making such a game on his own
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2 years ago, SlayerX1
First off, I rarely give game’s reviews. Your game is an exception. This is a game that make me feel like I’m directly controlling the battlefield. I would love to see added is the ability to add more than 16 units. The ability to increase the amount of credits you can work with. As well as the ability to add more rounds to artillery, even at the cost of additional credits. Also I would like to see a change in how the battle end. Like for instance instead of capturing the zone, you could have your enemies get killed or surrender. I feel as though these would bring more variations to custom battles. Thank you for the hard work you put into the game!
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11 months ago, jcrusherjay
AI problems and custom play
Firstly the AI is and acts absolutely stupid not listening when told to move, Going into a firefight when told to move somewhere else, sitting in a position and getting destroyed when already told to MOVE, and finally the AI shooting is near useless if you don’t focus fire manually. The Custom game should be unlimited money because it’s CUSTOM. If we wanted to have a game where we couldn’t actually play how we want we’d just play the missions which also need tons of work. Not to mention the game being a money trap all of the maps together cost well over 70+ dollars and you can’t even have an actual custom mode where you can use the units you want without a money block? Could’ve been such a great game sad the developers are too lazy to actually put in some work on it.
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1 year ago, Exexex1000
Love it
This game is so much fun to play because of its focus on different scenarios. It’s never boring and repetitive unless you make it that way. I love all the updates and how fast they are put out, especially for their content. I do have one question, I know before you were able to buy a SINGLE map but I see now that the function is gone, could that come back? Over the years I have bought the single maps and now I need only two more to complete the western front but I don’t want to pay $10 for 2 maps. Other than that, I love the game and I can’t wait to see more from the creator!!
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7 years ago, Goatman777
Plz read devs!
This game is absolutely amazing and I think you guys did a wonderful job on this game. But there is 1 issue that I have, the tanks do not listen, for instance this morning I was playing and I told my tank to go to cover but no, it literally went the opposite way and got destroyed by an enemy tank. This is very annoying since tanks do play a very important role in winning. Now here are a few things you guys should add- multiplayer(you don't have to be on the same wifi network) 2.a beach landing mission(d-day) 3.air support 4.being able to see the same "stats" of your units on iPhone as you can on the iPad version 5.transport trucks for transporting infantry 6.being able to tell infantry to throw a grenade in a specific location 7. A button to select all your units so you can give them 1 order as a whole 8. A Veitnam era version, there just isn't any good veitnam war games on the AppStore and if you guys made it how you did the ww2 version it would be amazing. UPDATE******* Ok, so I was just reading some of the other reviews and some were saying how men of assault squad is better.......YOU CANT COMPARE A GAME THAT A CONSOLE CANT SUPPORT TO A MOBILE GAME!
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2 months ago, Bernie Mcderp
My favorite IOS RTS Game
After having dropped the money on the campaigns and spending some time on attack and defense, I can absolutely say this is my favorite phone game in general, as it’s the only one I’ve had on my phone for more than a few years at a time. I love the top down concept, and I love how in depth the game can be despite its simple looks. Im really hoping to see more and varied campaign content in the future, and maybe even expanding to different wars! I’m not a programmer but it seems like this concept could be easily applied to different eras. Also the constant updates are very nice
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4 years ago, ELCID07
Tactics Tues(every)day
The new update has drastically improved a good mobile game to a GREAT mobile game. I had been looking for a simulator that easily allowed me to work through some tactical decision games and Firefight was the answer. It’s easy user interface and strong game algorithms ensures a great game. Plus, the May 2020 update now allows you to position your forces prior to the battle starting and even let’s you view detailed information of each unit so you know if they’ve reached a culminating point or ready to rush the hill. Worth the $10 to open every map which provides hours of hundreds of battles. Thank you for a great game!
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2 years ago, 鬼故事是这样
Ai needs to be smarter
This is a great wwii tactical game, but the AI needs to be smarter. There is couple of times when I used a tiger against some 1 or 2 Shermans, the tiger kept retreating after getting hit. Te Shermans can’t even pen the tiger, but my units just keep retreating. I know there might be a moral thing, but the tiger unit already known that the Sherman can’t pen him no matter what after a few tries. It simply just move forward, take a shot, not shoot, and come back with out listening to my orders. This especially happens during a town fight. Please get it fixed or improve it, as I already spent 9.99 dollars on the game.
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4 years ago, Ricool44
I absolutely love the feel of the game and how much detail you put into a phone game. Just a few ideas if you have the time: 1. Units being able to return to the field after they leave to heal up 2. The ability to get more ammo, I’m not sure if this is a feature or if the automatically get ammo but this would be a good feature. 3. A custom battle mode would be the absolute best thing to add to the game, allowing the player to customize the teams, the map they play on and the units they use along with the A.I 4. Have dedicated medics in every squad and allow the player to heal at his/her discretion, perhaps allowing units that were bleeding out to stay on the battlefield instead of retreating off the map to “Heal at base” But overall I love this game, I’ve been following it since it came out and I recently happened upon some cash so I decided to pay for the additional content and it was well worth it. Good job my friend, please continue to update this absolutely amazing gem of a game!
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3 years ago, rex12347578
Can you add more teams like for the axis
So first you should add more units like a medic and. more infantry units and add like Italy and the Soviet Union for the allies and more maps like the wester front and add trenches to the game or add new tanks like and a creative mode on all maps pls and add new ranks like staff sergeant or like captain and add a d day map plz and for USA please please add lots of more infantry like a commander and his jeep or add some elite troops like 101st para troopers with m1 carbines and just medics for add teams I love the game really do but need some more units and that’s it I hope you read this I would be happy if you responded to my comment for the game.
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3 years ago, gunmaster920
Great but still needs work
I’ve been playing for about a year and a half and I’ve bought 2 maps and plan to buy the rest soon. This game has great mechanics and it very fun to play and has a lot of potential, but it also has minor things that probably need to be fixed. Sometimes tanks will stop when moving somewhere and just start turning randomly. I also am having problems with custom button and network game button, whenever I click them nothing happens. Overall this is a very good game but like all games it has minor bugs that need some tweaking.
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