Firefly Music Festival

4.8 (2.2K)
146.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Firefly Music Festival, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Firefly Music Festival

4.83 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Bean1268
Why is there not a map of the camping sites? It would be easier not to have to go online to look at them.
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4 years ago, dmor1804
App works but firefly needs to read these comments.
Firefly! If you would read your reviews you would have fixed the #1 issue with your app. WHY DO YOU WAIT SO LONG TO UPDATE IT? Year over year you get hammered with the same complaint. This is simple guys! 1. Update your app with the new bands first and drive excitement. 2. Have a year long engagement tool for old fans that will share content drawing in new fans. 3. When the schedule comes up push it to your app first! Come on who do you have running marketing? The soup Nazi!
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4 years ago, Maria Kendi
Drop the App
I’ve attended Firefly for 5 years now and this is the first time I’ve had to download the phone app to register my wristband. Unfortunately, the user interface is not user-friendly or accessible to people with disabilities, and the activities/features within the app add nothing to enhance or improve the festival experience. To save money and everyone’s time, I recommend the organizers of Firefly drop the app completely in the future. I look forward to deleting the app from my phone June 23
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2 years ago, StarkillerTano
Mostly positive
The map is bigger than the one on the guide they gave me at the camping entrance, which is helpful. The playlist link is a nice touch. That said, it could benefit from more info on when food vendors are open, menus, and maybe walking etas between stages.
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2 years ago, big.dik.nik.polvs830
Awesome App
I have been going to this festival since 2018. I used this app every year, it makes your experience a lot easier!!
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4 years ago, EarnVern
Can you update soon for this year
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2 years ago, Z mannnnnm
Needs update
Please update the app for this year. The lineup had been out but still no update for this year. The app makes it easy to start gathering the bands together you want to see while at the festival.
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4 years ago, PaleKidinRed
Can’t re-sign in with wristband
I registered my wristband maybe a week before the festival—the app has since “logged me out.” This would be alright if I could re-sign in or get my personal details loaded in, but you’re only able to “register” wristbands and re-registering throws an error message. Unusable and really disappointing. ☹️👎
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2 years ago, Stuvel
Works great
Works great, seems a bit crude for a large event like this but it definitely gets the job done.
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2 years ago, Quis G.
First music festival
An amazing experience I’ll never forget
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2 years ago, bp1132021
Nice app very informative and I enjoyed having it
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2 years ago, 236517836
Crashes consistently
Crashes as soon as you try to open the schedule for Friday or Saturday. Tried to uninstall and reinstall with no luck. So absolutely useless to try to plan your schedule out.
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5 years ago, Mocoley
Where’s the campground and festival map? The app only gives a drop location, like I’m supposed to know where that is...
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5 years ago, Stannyboy500
I accidentally put my wristband on already
Whoops 😂
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1 year ago, AVAparent
Amaze balls
So much fun, only day 2! More to come!
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4 years ago, ben a u
I registered my wristband on the app, and now the app logged me out and says I need to register my wristband again but when I try it says my wrist band has already been registered and it won’t log me back in on the app. PLEASE HELP AND FIX
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8 years ago, Intuitive-wonder
I really love this app because it is specifically targeting the FFMF and it's super easy to figure out. It lists the line-up's, times, food, FAQ, and so much more in a convenient, alphabetical ordered space. My favorite part is the line-up section and the scheduling. You can easily pick and choose who you wish to see preform and then check which ones are preforming at the same time, which stage, etc. It also helps if two of your favorite bands are playing, and allows you to determine which one you wish to see and shows you ahead of time so you're not freaking out on fest. grounds deciding which way to go. It relieves the stress in a simple, cute app and I am more than pleased with it. It has answered all of my questions, allowed me to see my line-up and predetermine which bands I will see and what time, AND gives you a free radio station that helps you get a taste of what they'll be showing at the upcoming festival (which is great if you know a band is very good but haven't delve into the songs and lyrics). All I can say is I cannot wait for Firefly 2016!
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4 years ago, opanella
When will the app be updated for 2019?
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4 years ago, D1238392
Seriously it’s in two weeks update the app already
......Seriously it’s in two weeks update the app already
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1 year ago, jlmpharma
Day 1
No water in VIP bathroom, not enough stools in VIP seating areas, fewer stages/ venues but no discount on prices- rethinking next year
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2 years ago, jdiwodi
Please update!
The app works great but we are 3 weeks from festival and it is still the 2019 version! Please update for 2021!
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2 years ago, MusicalMastermind12
New version has major bug
The app quits anytime you try to go to the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday set list
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4 years ago, Cush20
Price slash!!!
Firefly, We did presale for $229 before the lineup was announced. You release an app 4 days before the festival and lower the price for GA weekend pass to $150!! We want a refund!!
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4 years ago, 10372027073
This app will be awesome once I invent my time machine
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4 years ago, aumander
2019 UPDATE??
Seriously. Where is it?
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4 years ago, liffahh
Update to 2019???
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8 years ago, BK3915
App will be updated once exact schedule is set
Great app! Very helpful for showing where everything is and for setting your personal schedule. For all those asking for an update to the 2016 event, please use your brain for like 5 seconds. The exact schedule and timing is not set yet. Once it is, I'm sure the app will be updated. I'm excited as anyone, but chill out.
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9 years ago, Cassie.....
App froze my phone so I had to delete it.
This is just a fair warning. The content of the app is great, I only had technical problems. Today a message popped up informing me that Firefly was using my location through GPS, and asking me if I'd like to continue to allow the app to do so. When I downloaded the app, I gave permission for the app to use my location, so that was no big deal. The problem was that a number key pad was brought up with the message (who knows why...), blocking me from selecting yes or no. So my phone was stuck like that. The only way for me to fix it was to delete Firefly via iTunes. If you're going to download, I'm guessing the best thing to do would be to not give permission for the app to use your location. But if you do, there's a simple fix.
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11 years ago, Jherbear
like the warped tour app but more thorough!
This app is great! festival hasn't even happened yet and I can tell you I'm going to use the heck outta this app (at least until I figure out where everything is at on my own) the news section is a nice touch as well. it keeps me up to date on what's happening before I get there! great job.
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9 years ago, Sararaa
The #1 firefly fan's #1 app
I've gone to firefly the past two years and will be attending this year and this app allows you to schedule out your concerts, see a map, check out what people are saying about the line up, along with important notifications. Must get app for all firefly fans 💗
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9 years ago, chm1
Very Cool
This is a pretty great app that seems like it is going to be very useful during the festival. It also currently shows the lineup. Another cool feature it has is the 'Firefly Radio', which pretty much just added a ton more songs to my music library.
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7 years ago, Selv
Very helpful!
Had to have it at the festival! So helpful! I hope next year the map is more intuitive/dynamic and has search/filter for specific locations like bathrooms and water.
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6 years ago, tonybaloney
Must have for the festival
I have it up the entire week to prepare before and to check during. Need an update for this year. Maybe add a scavenger hunt, some chances to win exclusive prizes, or some food and drink vouchers.
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9 years ago, theBjrd
Must-have for Firefly
Very useful app. Everything is very well organized and practical. Love the Firefly radio and camera features too. No bugs/crashes so far. See y'all at the woodlands!
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6 years ago, Gunnar Nemeth
Great App
Does everything it's supposed to do for a music festival app, very smooth and easy to get around, I would recommend it if your going to the festival
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11 years ago, hilariah4
Makes it really easy to see when/where everything is to plan who you want to see.
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11 years ago, nomaryanks
Like app design, but it crashes.
I love the layout of the app, but every time I click on News/Social Networking, it crashes. Bug fixes?
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10 years ago, ahaller9
Great app!!
I love this app! Having the ability to schedule your favorite bands is a great feature! Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because there's still no iPhone 5 screen support!! Common guys!
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7 years ago, AlanOvie
Great to connect with friends!
There's no worse feeling than losing your friends at the Fest. Now you don't have to worry at all.
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7 years ago, DC_GuY0587
Time for an update
Love this app during firefly 15'. I would hope an update comes out sooner than later for 17'
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11 years ago, Kd232345
Very well designed
I love that I can have the schedule easily accessible for when I'm at the festival and how interactive it is!
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10 years ago, Mixer808 3
Good idea but nothing works
Map of areas in festival centers you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Schedule has been posted on the website for weeks but a week before the festival it still has not made it to this app. Looks nice though, hopefully it works during the festival.
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10 years ago, Conservitive king
Great app
Can't wait for next update and new count down! Less than 100 days now!
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7 years ago, K_leal
No "my schedule" part
I don't like the 2016 update because you can't plan out your own schedule like last year, you can only search to see when people are playing, which isn't very organized.
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11 years ago, Eric Ed
I wish I had the ability to schedule my day for every music festival.
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9 years ago, Wkdgme
This app seems awesome and will make my firefly planning/navigating a breeze. Only downfall: it's not updated to 2014. Event is less than a month away!! Update please.
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10 years ago, mikecefalo
Needs updated for 2013!
We need to be able to schedule our days for this year and the App would make it much more convenient.
Show more
11 years ago, zhadymail
Nicely Done!
Would be really sweet if the RFID tags could track friends through the app!
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6 years ago, sayheynicole
Not yet updated for 2017
The festival is only a month away and has not yet been updated for this year. The packet that came with my wristbands even tells you to register them on the app! Get it together, Firefly.
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9 years ago, SirBentzen
So anyone know when the update for this app is coming?
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